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Last Updated: Friday, 20 May, 2005, 10:23 GMT 11:23 UK
What do you think of the new look weather?
Alex Deakin with the new look BBC Weather map

BBC weather have launched a new look for its forecasts using virtual reality maps with 3-D landscapes.

The maps are the biggest change to the way the weather forecasts are presented since computer generated maps replaced magnetic symbols in 1985.

The Scottish National Party has claimed the new system gives a "distorted" view of Scotland and makes it more difficult to get an accurate forecast.

What do you think of the new look weather? Do you think it is an improvement on the old graphics?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by Tony Romain, Midlothian, UK
I'd like a debate on the appalling new weather graphics. The old format was easy to understand, but despite masses of research they have managed to make the new format unintelligible. Am I the only one to feel this way?

There must be something very wrong with me but it seems to make perfect sense and is very easy to understand. Of course, some people had difficulty managing fire and others are still trying to come to terms with the invention of the wheel - but give them time.
Richard, Liverpool

Having just seen it in the One O'clock bulletin, I am quite impressed. It looks cool!
Daniel, Kent, UK

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Bring back the old maps - there was absolutely nothing wrong with them in the first place.
Darren Burke, Doncaster

A huge gap in the new graphics is the complete lack of information on wind speed and direction. This information is vital to many sectors of the public, such as the farming community, sailors and cyclists. Bring back isobars!
Helen Simmons, UK

Prior to this week, I wonder how many people had contacted the BBC to say they didn't like the weather graphics and wanted something new? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Andrew Barton, East Wittering, Sussex

The graphics are fine, but why the need for the distorting angle?
Seumas, Edinburgh, Scotland
The graphics are fine, but why the need for the distorting angle? Do they think that we don't need to see the weather to the same detail in the north of the island?
Seumas, Edinburgh, Scotland

It may well rain every day in Glasgow but I'd still like the BBC to acknowledge that! For change to a weather broadcast to be motivated by the fact that the old forecast was 'dull' is a worrying sign.
Joe, Glasgow, United Kingdom

It looks dated and the forecast is just as vague and general as before, but the perspective is probably a good reflection of the the awareness and interest of most of Southern England of the rest of the British Isles.
James, Isle of Man

I'm not impressed with the new system. More modern it may be, but with the old style it used to be possible to merely glance at the map and tell from the symbols quite clearly what the weather was going to be like. This new system is much less informative, and the slanted map certainly makes weather data less helpful for those in the northern areas. There is less information (no isobars, wind speeds, and less cities noted) yet it takes longer to display the information in an unclear fashion.
Ted, Durham

It's overly complicated but to be honest everyone will get used to it in about a week and then complain next time you change it... After all, we are English.
Corin Freshwater - Turner, Durham

What was wrong with the old format of presenting? Wouldn't the money be better spent in getting better forecasts?
Ollie, Leeds, UK

We now have no idea of the wind at all
Gillian Thomson, Aberdeenshire
The forecast has always catered for England. As for the new forecast we can just see Aberdeen on the map - what use is that? To top it all off we now have no idea of the wind at all. My whole family are fishermen and rely on the forecast to decide on what happens for the week ahead. In our area also there are a lot of farmers who also would relay on this. We now have to use the Grampian forecast, we have no choice.
Gillian Thomson, Aberdeenshire

I've no objection to showing moving cloud as an addition to the old information, but if it's to replace isobars, wind speed information etc then it's less useful than the perfectly adequate previous system.
Richard, Faversham

Even though Ireland isn't really mentioned in the forecasts, they're definitely an excellent update. People against them just don't have a clue!
Bert, Ireland

Change for change's sake in my opinion. Looks slick and modern but presents less information and does so less clearly. On balance I preferred the old one.
Dan, Yateley, England

Perhaps I'm getting old and doddery, but I can't keep up with the swooping around the country that now takes place. I need to know what's happening not only in the Thames Eastuary, but also around the rest of the country, and the speed with which the view moves leaves me muddled and slightly nauseous. Please bring back the old system, or at least modify this one. Sorry, but I don't think this is an improvement.
Judith Howell, London UK

It's a weather free weather forecast. Too much reliance on fancy graphics and not much content.
Graham Sutherland, Cheshire, UK

Looks like globlal warming has occurred overnight and we now all live in the Middle East!
Sarah, Cardiff, Wales

There is too much information on the screen at once
Phil Withers, Essex
In one word: awful. I've always relied on the BBC to give a clear and concise weather forecast. But with the change in graphics it is incredibly difficult to see what the forecasters are trying to show. There is too much information on the screen at once, and the animations are ambiguous and unclear. Bring back the symbols that we know and love! (And my deepest sympathy goes to the people of Scotland, who have been the victims of 3D perspective!)
Phil Withers, Essex

The old weather maps had a clarity similar to that of the London Underground map and could be understood in an instant. Some of the new graphics now make the BBC forecast look like the poor quality services offered by the other channels and requires viewers to listen carefully to the weather man in order to understand what's going on. Bring back the little symbols we know and love!
Dave Rayment, London

There could have been aliens landing in the middle of London and it probably wouldn't have caused a stir as much as this! Typical Britishness - talking about the weather and complaining about something because it has changed or is different! As for the graphics, they are definitely an improvement. Do they tell me exactly what the weather is going to be like - no, but then again it's only a forecast not a guarantee.
Paul, Gourock, Scotland

Not impressed at all. I've always disliked Sky's representation of rain with drops on the map and now BBC has copied it. Please bring back the old symbols where a nice big yellow symbol signalled a good day ahead.
Pete Chapman, Reading, Berks, UK

The new forecast is difficult to follow
Andrew, London
The new forecast is difficult to follow, with too many things happening at once. If you watch the timescale at the bottom of the screen, you miss what's happening with the weather! Also difficult to see where it's going to be sunny. Bring back the old system.
Andrew, London

I was wondering if I was on the wrong channel when I first caught sight of this new forecast and expected better from the BBC. It is unclear and annoying to view from its new tilted angle. Is there a need for a clock counting the hours being a distraction in the bottom corner?? Can it please be replaced to its former glory?
T, Devon

What was this change meant to achieve? We no longer see the weather forming over the Atlantic, so we have no real idea what's going on. I used to be able to glance at the map and see the isobars to the west and make my preparations. Now it makes no sense! We are your customers and we don't like it - what are you going to do - tell us we'll 'get used to it'?
Andy, Cheshire, England

Old fuddy-duddy me. I am obviously behind the times because I liked the clear, simple, unambiguous graphics of old. The only change I would have liked would be to have graphics of the jet stream. This would help us understand why the current weather system is the way it is.
Graham, Leeds

Yes, I agree with many of my Scottish brethren. You can make it hi-tech and 3D without shrinking Scotland into the distance. Sort it out now!
Andrew Ball, Milton Keynes, UK

I seem to be the only person in the UK not obsessed with the weather
Peter Green, Sunderland, UK
I seem to be the only person in the UK not obsessed with the weather. I have only seen the new format forecast once, and then very briefly, but it looked OK to me. It was easy to see what the forecast was for where I live. I bet the objectors really want to go back to the old, old style presentation, with magnetic strips and inverted triangles, etc. I am unfortunately old enough to remember the similar outcry when they were replaced. Give it a few weeks and we will wonder what all the fuss was about.
Peter Green, Sunderland, UK

I prefer the old map as it was easier to visualise. The weather patterns on the new graphics aren't up to the usual BBC standard.
Richard, Waltham Abbey, Essex

The new format is a complete disaster. No isobars, no fronts, no wind speed, a distorted view of the country as a whole, with Scotland very difficult to make out, zooming queasy-making close-ups which change before one can take in what they are trying to tell us. Far less information than before, far less easy to assimilate. And why? Because 'the previous graphics were outdated'! I ask you!
Evelyn Stell, Bo'ness, Scotland

I'm sure that we'll all get used to it in time. This could be hastened by using a more neutral perspective e.g. East of Hull. This would allow us to watch the weather rushing towards us in full 3D. Seriously, the perspective issue must be addressed. Viewing the weather from the North or North East has significant merit given the prevailing winds. It would also go some way to negate the accusations of a Southern bias in the BBC.
G, Bucks

At least the Beeb are trying to drag their systems into the 21st Century
Neil W, Rochdale
At least the Beeb are trying to drag their systems into the 21st Century. Good luck to them. Haven't MP's got better things to do - like run the country - to moan about maps - get a life - govern.
Neil W, Rochdale

Dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of complaints. Come on, BBC, what will it take for you to admit that you are wrong and that these new graphics are a huge mistake? Stop congratulating yourselves for this travesty and call for a review!
Nick Wilcock, Witney, UK

It's virtually impossible to find Dundee accurately on the new map. Not only that but the flyover part only shows conditions at a certain time in the forecast, not all of it. Personally I'd rather to back to Francis Wilson forgetting his trousers than put up with these graphics.
Kevin, Dundee

The truth is you never have a clue what the weather will be like anyway. Forecasting is all kidology. Might as well go back to feeling cows' udders. It would be more entertaining.
Lordrah, London UK

I actually like the map, it did not take long to figure out. But with every change, there is always someone that's not going to like it. As the saying goes; "You can please some of the people, all of the time. You can please all of the people, some of the time. But you cannot please all of the people, all of the time".
Stuart, Camberley, UK

I'm Scottish and in no way supportive of the SNP, however I have to agree with them that the new look weather is absolutely dreadful. If you're in Plymouth and the south, no problem. But as the map moves north the wording and numbering get smaller and smaller and by the time you reach Manchester, let alone Aberdeen, you haven't a chance of reading what the map says. Shame on you BBC!
Joan Watkins, Glasgow, Scotland

I'm afraid I m not at all happy about England appearing 10x bigger than Scotland - but I think I could grow to love this new look if Paxman was the forecaster!
Stuart MacLennan, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sad, very sad and dull. Why show large areas of France and Norway? Would it not be better to show the map in a vertical no oblique plane. I can not make out sun or cloud on a black and white set. Please can we have better contrast and bring the isobars back?
John, Exeter, England

So the old forecast maps were dull? For goodness sake! The weather forecast is meant to be informative. The old maps were suited to their purpose. The new ones may look more dynamic, but do not do the job as well. Get the priorities right BBC.
Paul White, Essex UK

Perhaps they should try showing the map looking from north to south and see how many people in the south would then complain
Christopher Gray, Portmahomack, Ross-Shire

As someone who has just moved from the south coast of England to the north east of Scotland, I find the new map very difficult to see the weather in Ross-Shire. Perhaps they should try showing the map looking from north to south and see how many people in the south would then complain.
Christopher Gray, Portmahomack, Ross-Shire

The old graphics were probably badly received when they first came out. We'll get used to it!
Daniel, Kent, UK

Only somebody based in London could have come up with the distorted perspective of the UK where Scotland is almost invisible. And brown?
Duncan, Edinburgh, Scotland

Hi, remember us? We're the city that used to be on the weather map. I don't mind the slanting, the zooming or the colour (although green was more pleasant) but I do dislike the fact that they fly up England, across to Northern Ireland, across the South of Scotland and then down to Wales. There are hundreds of thousands of people north of Glasgow and Edinburgh! Inverness, Aberdeen, Perth, Fort William, Skye, Shetland, Wick, Thurso, John O'Groats and Orkney. Put us back on the map as well as isobars and wind!
Mike, Inverness, UK

It was about time to have an upgrade to the outdated model and I welcome the change. 3-D model has been in use in Finland for years now and I quite missed it until this great change. Perhaps meters and grams are to follow?
Hanna Kinnunen, London, England

What's happened to Scotland, is the weather here not as important? The slanted view is terrible, the Shetland Isles are nearly invisible even on the zoom in. Bring back maps showing the country at a proper scale. The map colour is also very drab and depressing.
Stephen Reid, Giffnock, Scotland

Who cares? If you don't like the new look forecast, don't watch it. There's plenty of other stations that give reliable weather info. I personally like the new graphics, they're much clearer than the old symbols.
Alan G, Warrington, Cheshire

I've watched the new look forecast three times now and have absolutely no idea what the weather is going to be like over the next few days. It's far too fast moving, and those sinister brown shapes are more Doctor Who than weather forecast. I also agree with others that the map is too slanted towards the south of England - if I lived in Scotland I'd be furious. Stand up straight Great Britain!
Nicola Andrews, Royston, England

Pathetic. Show the whole of the UK in one shot, and in the same scale - not much to ask. I'll watch Sky from now on.
Dave, Cardiff

The map slopes to such an extent that you're struggling to see what weather is like anywhere north of Carlisle
Nick E J Vagg, Glasgow, Scotland
The new map is appalling! Another example of the South-East England/Home Counties bias expected from the BBC. The map slopes to such an extent that you're struggling to see what weather is like anywhere north of Carlisle. By all means use your shaded 3-D graphics, but let's go back to the old, overhead perspective of the UK as a whole. We all know the earth is round, we don't need a slanting map to tell us!
Nick E J Vagg, Glasgow, Scotland

The new maps are good except that the pressure maps give you no idea of either what the pressure is, because there are no numbers, or which direction the pressure gradient goes in because the field of view is too small to see where the high and low pressures are centred. Could we have some numbers included please so that we can interpret the pressure maps?
Peter Cockerill, Leeds

I am from Hertfordshire and I'm sure that when I'm home during the summer, watching the weather will be brilliant as the South East clearly has the best view. I can't even see St Andrews on the map now, I have no idea what the weather is going to be like when I'm at Uni. Surely something is going to be done?
Luke Baker, St Andrews, Scotland

God is allowed to mess around with the weather. The BBC shouldn't even try! Yours in despair
Captain Jack Ross, Edinburgh, Scotland

Two points: change the land colour to shades of green and change the view point to just north of Shetland looking south and the Londoners will see themselves as we are now placed!
Les Hamilton, Glasgow, Scotland

Changing something for the sake of change. The weather forecasts were easily readable, clear and concise. These new 3D graphics don't add any actual value to the forecasts, and they don't make it easier for the visually impaired either.
Heenesh Patel, Northolt, England

Excellent. Much clearer than the old symbols.
Sandy McCreery, London, England

What is so good about flying around - it's bewilderingly confusing
Kyle Sterry, Newcastle, UK
Our weather is influenced by what's happening over the Atlantic and with this new funky version - nice but not very useful, I can't work out what's going to happen next. The map looks depressingly like a flat wasteland. What is so good about flying around - it's bewilderingly confusing. There has to be a better way with the new technology?
Kyle Sterry, Newcastle, UK

A clear, tried-and-tested, easy-to-understand format and it's been ditched. It's very hard to get something like this right, but it's evidently even harder to prevent the money-obsessed management-types to leave something alone if it's been around a while, regardless of the fact that it worked.
Phillip M Jackson, England

The brown colour is used as it is much clearer for the graphics to show on this background than the green. Also the older of you will remember that the maps used to be brown anyway before they changed to green.
Lloyd, Yateley, Hants

Surely it's the content, not the graphics that count. Doesn't matter how good the graphics are if the forecast is incorrect.
Colin Wheeler, Ashley Green, England

Utterly colourless and pretty drab. New technology isn't always completely the way forward. The constant scrolling is not what I want to see when trying to work out the day's weather pattern for a specific area. Yellow shades should be introduced to show areas where sun is likely. The terrain images are a good thing though. Keeping that image fixed, with colour shading added and more cities listed would be much better for the human eye.
Marcus Stroud, Romsey, Hants, UK

Well, I hate to interrupt our beloved weather-humans from slapping themselves on the back, but Grampian TV, the most remote TV station in the country, has had a 3D weather map for years now.
Graeme Stewart, Dundee, UK

Where have the wind details gone? I cycle to work 11 miles and am always interested to know the speed and direction of the wind. This seems to have been dropped? Surely there are many people who need this info: farmers; people in boats; gliders and so on... Please bring back the wind! Thanks
Ray Mitchell, Bromley UK

The new technology is excellent because it gives you a bird's eye view of the weather all over Britain. Well done BBC!
Keanu Rune, London, UK

We've moved from professional weather reports to visuals that make you seasick
Alan Browning, Cambridge
This is the ultimate in dumbing-down. We've moved from professional weather reports to visuals that make you seasick. Without isobars and fronts shown the viewer cannot interpret the forecast properly. Not happy!
Alan Browning, Cambridge

As with the seemingly unstoppable assault of pointless moving graphics all over the BBC (News24, Wimbledon and so on), we have another example of clear, simple, concise presentation of information being 'enhanced' by something confusing, distracting, less efficient and offering less information.
Tom, London, England

"If it ain't broke don't fix it." The presentation of the weather on the BBC has always been a cut above the commercial television stations, unfortunately this is no longer the case as the BBC have opted for the pointless 3D graphics of a typical ITV weather forecast.
Matthew Bristow, Bristol, England

Why did they not keep the symbols - which were clear, instead of trying to create virtual clouds...or is that fog...or is that frost? I cannot tell the difference, and having to have someone verbally explain - "this misty bit here is frost" doesn't help at all. A complete waste of our licence fee. I am all for technological improvements - but improvements they must be. This is a backward step.
Tony, London

I think the new graphics are really good, they provide a more accurate view of the weather forecast and they bring the BBC weather forecast in line with other stations.
Ian, Grantham England

Unlike many people, I didn't find it confusing at all
Jamie, Reading, UK
Well, I saw the new weather for the first time tonight and unlike many people, I didn't find it confusing at all. The symbols are still clear and I enjoyed having a bit of movement in the maps. Maybe some people would prefer we still had plastic symbols that fell off randomly!
Jamie, Reading, UK

What happened to the clear, understandable and logical format of the weather?! There's a time and a place for technological advances and this one really wasn't necessary - please, please, resort back to old techniques and admit defeat on this one! Invest the money wisely next time!
Katie, Cardiff, Wales

Quirky, gimmicky, self-conscious, precious and distracting. A BBC tour-de-force in trying to show off the capabilities of its graphics resources rather than telling me, in a simple and straightforward manner, whether or not it's worth hanging out the washing before I go to work tomorrow. Another massive and unwarranted ego trip at licence-payers' expense.
John Bagnall, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Come on guys lets not be so pessimistic and give it a chance. It really hasn't changed that much and I think its about time for a change. I think with a few touch-ups on the colours it will soon be generally accepted. Why is everyone so quick to complain at change?
Stuart Taylor, Leeds

What happened?! Where am I? I seem to have turned onto some rubbishy Sky channel using a 3D gimmick... oh no wait it's the BBC. Oh dear.
David, Motherwell, North Lanarkshire

The new weather graphics are very confusing. With all the zipping about over the map, you don't really get much of a chance to see your local area. I used to be able to just have a quick glance at the weather and know what the day was going to hold, I now have to wait until the end of the report when they finally show the whole map. Did the BBC do any user surveys before bringing this out?
Paul Gregson-Allcott, Sheffield, UK

I love the new graphics. You can actually see where the cloud is rather than having to deal with those vague cloud symbols. Give the BBC a break! It's a new system for them too. They'll soon be able to show the wind and the isobars and pollen counts that everyone is ranting about. So what if Britain isn't green on the map? It's a greeny/brown colour so that we can see contrast better. We as viewers need time to adjust too. In a few weeks time we will wonder how we've ever survived without it.
Jane, Leamington Spa

If it ain't broke then don't fix it. The old forecast was clear, simple and tells you exactly what you want to know. I saw the forecast on the news, and if the presenter hadn't told us the weather forecast, I wouldn't have known. It would of course be too sensible to revert back to the old system, so I guess we're stuck with this.
Gareth Johnston, Cardiff, Wales

Modernisation is great but only when it improves on the previous system
Jim, Glasgow, UK
Appalling. What an absolute mess. Even my 11 year-old daughter thought it was awful and she loves weather programmes. Modernisation is great but only when it improves on the previous system and this is patently worse.
Jim, Glasgow, UK

I think people are being a little quick to criticise here. As with any new piece of technology, this new-look weather will take a bit of getting used to, but I think that given time and a few tweaks here and there, it will improve and people will become more familiar with it and the way it works.
Matthew, Gateshead, UK

When the BBC says they did research, who did they ask exactly? The new graphics may be funky but it's not so clear. Bring back the good old magnetic symbols!
Alex, 16, Shrewsbury, UK

Are weather forecasters such control freaks that we have to wait to where they decide to take us before we see the forecast in our area? Bonkers.
James, England

I saw the new weather map for the first time and realised that as per usual, people have replaced content with snazzy graphics. I suggest you revert to the old format, it was easier to understand at a glance, and for us in the north we didn't used to have to wait until it zooms in on the NE area to see what's going on because the south east takes up 95% of the screen.
Tom, Middlesborough

So much for making the BBC and governmental services accessible. Has anyone actually thought of the visually impaired for whom the previous maps, symbols and image stability were so much more useful?
Lorraine O'Mahoney, Milton Keynes, England

The 3D view makes the north look smaller and the south look larger than they both are in reality. Parts of the north could be difficult to see clearly. My guess is that the design was selected by a bunch of Londonites who think everywhere up there is simply 'up north' and not really of any importance!
Darren, Bristol, UK

Dreadful! What audience research suggested the old graphics where outdated, not anyone who takes a serious interest in the weather I suggest. Bring back the previous, clear and unambiguous graphics. Not to include the wind speed and direction is nonsense, this is supposed to be a maritime nation. Hang your heads in shame BBC!
Mark Thomson, Southampton, UK

Not very impressed. The colour brown is very depressing. My husband who suffers from vertigo found the constant movement made him feel quite dizzy.
Ann Walker, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire

Contrary to what your 'advisers' might think, the majority of viewers are quite comfortable with isobars, warm fronts etc - and like their country to stay still! Change for changes sake - much preferred the old format.
David, London, UK

I'd much rather look out of the window to find out what the weather's like, than looking at this waste of money.
Doug, Aberdeen, UK

Our 'green and pleasant land' has become muddy brown
Anne, London, UK
It's early days and hopefully some tweaks can be done but there seems to be a lack of colour logic going here. Our 'green and pleasant land' has become muddy brown, what we normally associate as sky blue is now rain, which would be better grey, it's all a bit of a mix up. It's a good idea but doesn't really resonate with our associations of good old Blighty and the familiar connotations we have of the weather. Also, some cities and a bit more info please?
Anne, London, UK

Sorry, I don't like it - I want clear concise information. What on earth is the point of doing pseudo 3D maps? If the weather was 3D I'd understand it but I'm not a pilot - I have my feet firmly placed at ground level. 2D is just fine, very clear and very concise. Another example of technological madness.
Stuart Quick, Manchester

Finally the BBC weather has caught up with the times! Wahoo!
David Charles, Cambridgeshire

I saw the one o'clock news today and caught both national weather and regional (Look East) weather forecasts. Both used the same technology, but the national one used zooming all over the place because they could, rather than because it added anything to the forecast. The regional one was presented much better, wind and all (though alas still brown).
Ed Loach, Clacton, UK

The old symbols were clear and well understood by everyone (including the visually impaired) - now, this smudgy fudgey mess makes it hard to work out what is going on, and the motion around the country is sick-making.
Stuart, Edinburgh, Scotland

Sorry but I don't like the new graphics one bit and its not just because they have changed and they may take some getting used to. Its all shadows and puddles.
Ryan Corby, Manchester, England

I watched the new forecast this morning and by the end of it had no clue as to what the weather was going to be
Simon, Glasgow
I watched the new forecast this morning and by the end of it had no clue as to what the weather was going to be! I'll be better off checking the weather the old fashioned way from now on by looking out the window!
Simon, Glasgow

What's happened to Britain being a lush green island? The drab brown is very unappealing and makes the cloud cover (...a darker brown) almost indistinguishable! Why fix something that isn't broken?!
Kieran, Manchester

Saw it first thing this morning and not impressed! Who on earth chose brown as the colour for the UK - it's just nasty!
Steve T, London, UK

Are the symbols on the BBC Weather website going too? It seems a shame to lose the consistency and clear understanding.
Mark, Bristol

The weather forecast needs to go back to being simpler. Remember the magnetic stick on days? You had one map and it had all the info you needed, temp, cloud cover, likelihood of rain etc. That's all we need to know, we don't need five versions of the map to get to that point nor do we need to know about the weather in a country most of us have never heard of. Keep it simple, one map with a sign for each major area which includes temp, sun or clouds/rain, and wind. Then have the map update three times, morning, afternoon and evening. Simple. Still it can't be as bad as the weather forecasters in Phoenix Arizona they spend 10 minutes on the evening news talking about the weather for the day that has just gone!
Anna Charlton, London

What a disaster - is it a "drop-out" from the ITV version - at least theirs shows a green and pleasant land. If the BBC insists that it will continue to use this - please remember that quite a few viewers have a deeper interest in meteorology and would like to see a wider view of the northern hemisphere with isobars to enable them to make their own assessment of what weather is on its way. If the BBC is attempting to reduce costs, how much money has been wasted on this?
Colin Stevens, Worksop - UK

Yes guys its brown - once you get past that its fantastic - I can actually tell what the weather will be like now rather than guessing by which little cloud drawing I'm closest to!
Michael Blakeney, Stockport

Surely the BBC did run these graphics through a few focus groups before launching the new system. If so, where are all those people - seems everybody on this site hates the new look weather!
Rod, Swansea, UK

If the new graphics can help to illustrate the weather to anyone not bright enough to differentiate between a cloud symbol and a sun symbol, then well done BBC. For the rest of us who like to make up their own minds about the weather, can we have the isobars and weather fronts back please?
Bill, Peterborough UK

Not enough detail. We need the isobars, wind speed and direction, warm fronts, cold fronts, temperature max and mins, strength of rain, sunshine index, pollen count, etc. We're not fools we like the detail and a lot of us need it for our work and leisure activities. Agree with the 'colour' comments. When did the UK become a chocolate blancmange? Put some colour in there!
Sue, Farnborough

I think the new graphics reflect the new technology which has become available, and they are very good. However, please can you bring back the green!
James Armitage, Folkestone, UK

I don't understand the need for the graphics to be 3 dimensional since nobody really cares what height the clouds are above the land! It just distorts the shape of the UK, reinforcing the view of most southerners that there's not much of interest north of the Watford gap.
Mark, Blackburn, Lancashire

Its reminds me of many computer games, fancy graphics but nothing to back it up. Try upgrading the forecasting skills instead. The five day forecasts are as accurate as a fake Rolex.
Vince, Northants

Change for change's sake? Dumbing down to the lowest common denominator? All very pretty to look at but if I want pretty graphics I can create my own. I come to the BBC for information, presentation should always be a secondary consideration. Bring back the old.
Bill, Gloucester

Like most new ideas it has its faults. The colour needs improving and a little bit more information would a welcomed but the general idea is good.
Diarmuid, UK

I am prepared to give it a chance and expect a few tweaks to the system before too long
Clint Wallage, West Midlands
I really struggle to understand this! I totally agree with what Ken in London says that deciphering two different shades of the same colour is not an easy task - and yes let's see Birmingham, Nottingham or some more central cities on the map for those of us who live outside London or Manchester! In saying that I am prepared to give it a chance and expect a few tweaks to the system before too long. Keep listening to your viewers BBC!
Clint Wallage, West Midlands

Will people stop moaning? The new system is obviously highly sophisticated and can adapt to any permutations. It was the first day using a brand new piece of technology, give them a few days. The system can show any graphic you want to see, and I'm sure they could change the colour of the land to bright pink if they wanted to.
Jamie, Benfleet, Essex

Despite all their technology and fancy graphics, weather forecasters still have problems getting it right - particularly a few days in advance. I'd prefer the BBC to revert to wider area maps displaying isobars and temperatures only.
Bruce Reid, Reading Berkshire

The new graphics are certainly visually appealing, but vastly inferior to the old format in so many ways. Difficult to understand, unnecessarily complicated and a blatant copy of other channels. I honestly don't understand this fascination with 3D graphics, especially in a domain where simplicity is paramount. I'm relatively young and don't understand it one bit. I dread to think how the elderly must be feeling...
Faraz, UK

Brilliant! I love them
Mark Riley, London
Brilliant! I love them. Well done the BBC. It is awesome to soar like an eagle over the 3D graphics. Brilliant animation and far more accurate. Wicked. Ignore the die-hards who fear change. There should be champagne corks forecast over Shepherds Bush. P.S Who cares about Scotland? It is always raining there anyway.
Mark Riley, London

Those wondering why it's brown: apparently brown shows the other features (cloud, rain) better than green. I would ask for a second opinion on that personally, but otherwise I like the style; more modern and more accurate than a symbol that covers many square miles in reality.
Chris, West Sussex

We may be the land that only got electricity last week, but I can assure you that, in spite what the weather forecast implies, we are not a desert.
Steve, Scotland

It's been changed because the old system was 'boring' - but isn't the point forecast's to tell you what the weather is going to be? It's not meant to be about ratings. The new graphics are unclear and confusing - everything keeps moving, so it's hard to actually see what's coming at any given point. Stop dumbing down the Beeb!
James, Bristol

The new graphics make it hard for most people to work out what the weather is going to be like. In the past one just looked for the rain/cloud/sun near to where you were and you planned accordingly. Now, you need to process far more information to get to the same conclusion. A nice idea poorly implemented- sack the management idiots that let this departure from common sense occur.
Richard, Birmingham, UK

I have to say I'm not that impressed. It's all very pretty but it's not as easy to understand as the old format. Having just the two shades of brown (why brown?) to indicate whether you're in sun or under cloud isn't much use. I preferred it when you could see how much sun you were likely to get and how hot it would be by the different colours ie yellow for hot blue for cold. Two different browns doesn't tell me anything. Also stop angling toward London, you can't see what's going on in the North if you do that.
Ken, London

I think once we have got used to the new graphics, they do seem more informative. But where is Birmingham on the map? London and Manchester are clearly visible, but poor old Birmingham is not to be seen!
Martin Roebuck, West Bromwich, West Midlands

And how much of our license fee money did it cost to degrade the service. The weather map now on the BBC website is terrible. Unclear and difficult to use. I will be looking for another website that does the weather.
P Bowden, Worthing, Sussex

It's a great concept but why make the UK brown?! The UK is renowned for being a green island - please change the UK to different shades of green and keep the rest of the system.
Flavio, London

I don't think the graphics are up to the BBC's usual high standard. It seems to copy the commercial channels' rather juvenile and too literal presentation. If I was deaf or perhaps didn't speak English, I would find it useful - at least for temperature and sun and rain. Are we never again to see an isobar or a pressure chart, or wind speed and direction? Do we have to continually cater for the intellectually challenged?
Jamie May, Ticehurst, East Sussex

I think they are very good and clear and much more up to date - on a par with the other satellite weather reports. Also much better when Alex Deakin is presenting!
Jane, Thetford, Norfolk

Winds speeds and directions please! Many of us have livelihoods and/or leisure time activities that are very much dependant on the wind.
Mike, Eastleigh, Hampshire

The constant zooming around makes me feel seasick
Ian Kirk, Poole, UK
Sorry but the constant zooming around makes me feel seasick and leaves little time to digest what is going on in any one region before zooming off somewhere else. On BBC South today the presenter was chopped in half and only her arms appeared waving off screen. The old system was great, please ditch this new one for one that doesn't make me feel queasy.
Ian Kirk, Poole, UK

Coming from Scotland, I am obviously very disappointed in the slanting map which gives England and Wales precedence. Moreover, I find the graphics difficult to understand and gloomy to look at.
Danny Vallance, Ayr, Scotland

After going to the expense and effort of obtaining satellite photos for the old forecasts, showing our green and pleasant land, it seems a real shame to see browns taking their place. A quick glance at the old national charts told you whether it would rain or not, along with temperatures and wind - whereas now you have to wait for the camera to pan over your area of the country. Wind information seems to have vanished entirely... Oh, and whoever came up with that daft projection of the UK obviously wasn't a Scot!
Darren, Leysdown, UK

I live in the second city, and on both the national and local weather forecasts using the new map, I hadn't a clue as to where to look... It's ok to make the maps seem "super accurate" if you can give people an idea of where they live!
Paul Kerton, Birmingham, UK

I saw the new style forecast for the first time on Breakfast News this morning. How drab and dull Britain looked. Just brown and boring with a bit of rain here and there. No obvious signs of any sunshine anywhere. Not a place you would want to visit as a tourist! I shall now watch someone else's weather forecast where the sun still obviously shines. So much more cheerful.
John Evans, Penarth, Wales

Ghastly! The UK now looks like the inside of a baked kettle. Oh Albion, oh Jerusalem, where is thy green and pleasant land?!
Matt, London, UK

Looks like appearance over content has ruled (although the appearance isn't that great anyway). The 3D effect is completely pointless, and far less clear than a proper map, and the colour is awful. The forecast BBC weather site has also taken a nosedive, with a pressure chart only covering the UK (too small an area to tell anything), and a really awful looking wind chart. I was against BBC job cuts, but whoever came up with this needs to go.
Simon, Manchester, UK

The light/dark desert sand colour is more reminiscent of the campaign maps during the Iraq invasion, are they using the same software?
Anon, Oxford

More pretty pictures, less information
Peter Knight, Fareham, Hants
More pretty pictures, less information. The comment this morning of 'wind will be shown when it matters' shows a lack of understanding for the variety of users to whom it matters all the time. It seems to be the use of technology for the sake of it.
Peter Knight, Fareham, Hants

It looks worse than it did before - very depressing to look at. And as for seeing what's going on it Scotland - please can we go back to a flat map as those in the north can't see what's happening and shouldn't have to wait till they 'zoom in'. If things don't go back to the way they were I'll be watching the weather forecast on another TV network.
AJ, Edinburgh, Scotland

Nice graphics, shame about the colour. Since when was the UK a desert?
Gary, Egham, UK

As a sailor and microlighter, I would like to see wind speeds. Also the brown is so ugly!
Tony Morgan, Nottingham

How much has all this cost? We're all paying for it through ever increasing licence fees, so we have a right to know how the BBC is spending our funding!
Paul, London

I simply can't understand why it is brown! Surely if the land was shown in green, it would be far easier to differentiate the shadows from the relief of the land?
Daniel, Warrington

What happened to Scottish weather?? Also it looks really dull with brown and not green!
Philippa, UK Nottingham

The UK looks like a section of the desert and not a green and pleasant land. The cloudy areas are like more like wet stains and the rain graphics are like a child using a watering can in their sand pit. There has to be a better way.
Anon, UK

I preferred the old style and I'm a technology geek! I know predicting the weather isn't accurate - the problem is these fancy maps will give the impression it is. I wish the BBC spent the money on more bandwidth as I have a 2mb/s link and the video didn't stream very well.
Chris Davies, Chippenham, Wilts, UK

Working as I do in the video games industry, I know all too well that the quest for better graphics often comes at the cost of quality content. I fear it is the same with this new weather map.
Rob, Bath, UK

It looks cheap and tacky!
Nick, Leeds, UK

Moving weather maps? That is just silly. Until the day people own TVs to display that image fully on their screen at a decent size then nothing should change.
Soong, Brighton, England

You have already destroyed the news by leaving out intelligent analysis, and now we have the weather dumbed down to a sound bite. I am left in the dark on a brown splodge. Goodness knows what people in the Shetlands think of it. Not much I'll wager.
Brian, Surrey, UK

I have to agree with most of your other viewer's comments; I don't really like the new look. It doesn't make it clear where the sunny spells are. It's not a case of not wanting change, it's just that other channels have used - or still use - this format and the BBC always stood out for that reason. To suggest that most people don't understand isobars is also wrong. I would think that most people who bother to sit and watch the whether, have been doing so for a while and fully understand the concept. In footballing terms, this is an own goal by the BBC.
Steve, Droylsden, Manchester.

I've just watched the new weather forecast Mon - Thurs (News 24 1100). The word 'wind! was not mentioned once. Is there a 'wind' symbol? BBC weather has never been good at wind. Has it now been abandoned completely? Please think of the sailors, walkers, gardeners, anglers and folk who want to understand what the weather's actually doing and tell us about the force that drives the weather.
Jim Keenan, Inverness, Scotland

It is difficult to get a feel for what is actually taking place
Megan, Cheshire UK
The graphics are very pretty but they do not give a good indication of overall weather patterns, just an 'instant' impression of what is predicted for each location. Without seeing the full flow of what is going on in the atmosphere it is difficult to get a feel for what is actually taking place. Please bring back the satellite photos, which provided this!
Megan, Cheshire UK

The previous format showed us exactly where's where and what's what. This fancy stuff looks nice but doesn't quite achieve that.
David Ball, Wokingham, UK

Why are the land masses a horrid brownish colour? Please, please turn them green!
Michael, Guildford, UK

The map distorts the proportions of the British Isles making the south of England look vastly larger than it actually is. Modern weather forecasts should use isobar lines, fronts and a proportional map to allow the viewer to make their own predictions about the weather. The flyby thingy looks like a gimmick taken from TV-AM
Robbie, Glasgow

I like it. In the short slot it had during breakfast it efficiently conveyed how things were going to be (I packed my brolly, as usual).
Rex Lester, Chessington UK

I don't think people are terribly concerned with the aesthetics of the presentation, they are more concerned with accuracy or the actual forecast
Pauline Fothergill, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Graphics are fine but is there any way of improving the accuracy of forecasts, which has been pretty dire lately?
Anna, London

I work in digital design and involved in a lot of 3D projects. I have to say that the use 3D graphics does not mean a clearer picture for the viewer. 3D graphics have been used on websites to try to make navigation easier, but they confused the user, made navigation more laborious etc. In this case the perspective view confuses the observer's geographical location, the rain animation is virtually invisible against the brown background. There are so many graphical design errors on the map that I haven't got time to go into. Basically bring back symbols and 2D maps. And remember keep it simple!
Paul Davies, Nottingham, UK

The new format is a great step forward
David, Winchester, UK
I think that the new format is a great step forward, enabling the viewer easily to judge the weather outcome in his locality. It is a shame that the graphic is only given two thirds of the screen, however, with the unnecessary presence of the presenter taking up the rest. More time could be devoted to the graphic. Why can we not also include Northern France and the Channel Islands in the detail view? I suspect that more people would be interested in this than the Shetland Islands, which are included.
David, Winchester, UK

To be honest all I want to know is whether it is going to be raining, and the temperature in the area where I live - and I think that either landscape maps told me that equally just as well.
Candice Taylor, Merseyside, U.K.

Love the new style forecasts and presentations, but where are the cities in the Midlands? We in Sheffield are only just mentioned on the maps previous. We never appear in the area columns. The nearest shown is Leeds, Birmingham or Manchester and though quite near geographically, the weather is often very different here to what is given for them. Coastal area's named are not much help.
Lynda Burns, Sheffield

Why has a system been designed to forecast the weather that doesn't include isobars to indicate the wind strength and direction? People like to see if an area of high pressure is approaching or indeed if a low pressure is heading our way, so please find a way of including that in your forecasts. Overall I think that there is less detail in the new way of forecasting the weather.
David Wheldrake, Goole

Er what should I be looking at during the weather sequence, where I think I am on the map (difficult to tell with the stupid viewing angle of the country and lack of place names) to see the weather or the clock in the corner that indicates the time the weather will be like that? Because I cannot do both at the same time? What is today's weather? Also, since when did Britain become a barren desert? Bring back the old weather forecasts!
Dave, A barren desert apparently

Scottish people have a right to be upset especially those in the North where the map is anything but clearer! The UK map should revert to be flat instead of following the curvature of the earth. Imagine if the BBC produced roadmaps based like their new weather maps!
Jon , London

I've not seen the new graphics yet, but if they are anything like the '3D' maps used on GMTV, I will hate them - 'flying' over the bit of the country the weather presenter chooses to concentrate on does not give one the opportunity to see the symbols for the weather in one's own, neglected, region. I will reserve judgement, but as the picture in your item header shows a map with Manchester shown on the coast, I'm not hopeful!
Jill Cockerham, Leeds, UK

Never mind the new map - what about the quality of the forecasting. All week we had been told to expect dreadful weather in the London area this last weekend, and we had gorgeous weather.
Susan O'Neill, London

Who's clever idea was it to change the colour of the map from green to brown? We may be in the throes of global warming but the UK is not yet a featureless brown desert. And just how much did it cost at a time when the BBC are planning to make thousands redundant 'to save costs'? And more importantly, will it result in more accurate forecasts or simply present the current inaccurate ones in a more high-tech fashion?
Trevor, Cambs, UK

I suppose technology is there to help present more accurate maps, however it would be nice if they got the weather forecasts right regularly!
Richard, London, UK

All I want is clear, concise forecasting information
Jan, Guildford, UK
What a waste of time. I saw the so-called "forecast" on BBC1 this morning, and it seemed to completely omit the stuff I'm interested in - temperatures, wind direction etc. The brown on brown is difficult to differentiate, and the focusing on different parts of the country means you don't seem to get an overall view any more. If you miss the bit for your own area you are stymied. Exactly how much of the licence fee did they waste on this rubbish? All I want is clear, concise forecasting information - don't tell me what happened yesterday, don't tell me what's happening now (I can see that by looking out the window) - tell me what's happening in the future!
Jan, Guildford, UK

I'm all for the use of new technology to improve things but I can't help thinking that the presenters themselves are the most important part of the whole experience. I have enjoyed the weather forecasts for more than 30 years and will always feel that Michael Fish brought 'sunshine' to my living room everyday (whatever the weather) with his masterful performances in front of the map. He demonstrated an understated wisdom and subtle sense of humour all too lacking in modern forecasters.
Richard I Stone, Lowestoft, UK

What happened to all the green? We don't live on the equator! Why, oh why has the BBC done without green?! It looks awful, moody and out of date already!
Andrew Karczewski, Leeds

New graphics excellent- a big step forward for the average viewer, but what about wind direction and speed?
Capt. Alan Pound, Bristol England

The rain was really hard to see, and I've got good eye-sight! You certainly have to concentrate a lot more to understand what's going on. Maybe with a bit more explanation over the next couple of weeks we might be able to work out what's happening.
Dan, UK

The new map looks like a post-nuclear wasteland
Anon, Oxford UK
BBC, what have you done? The new map looks like a post-nuclear wasteland with dark menacing shadows creeping across the country. Awful, awful, awful. Can we have a discount on the licence fee, as will now be getting forecast from elsewhere.
Anon, Oxford UK

I have just watched the new style weather for the first time and I was not impressed. There was no temperature indicator for the entire East Midlands and I could barely make out what was going on in Scotland. There are certainly some circumstances when better technology does not improve the end product, this is one of them!
Joe, Cambridge

Why the obsession? We have had this endlessly trailed on every News programme. It's a bit of technology, not a cure for cancer. Just get over it please
Barry, London UK

It looks great and sophisticated - but then again of course it is only giving us the same information we've always had. I'm a bit cynical particularly when it comes to accuracy, though.
Mike, London, UK

Licence fees must be too high if the BBC can waste money on ridiculous graphics displays for the weather. The old stuff was sufficient wasn't it?
Stewart, UK


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