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Will Xbox 360 lure gamers from rivals?
Xbox 360
Microsoft has unveiled its Xbox successor, the 360, designed to challenge Sony's lead in the video game console market.

The curved, white Xbox 360 offers high-definition graphics, as well as video and audio features that make it an entertainment hub for the home.

Microsoft is in a three-way tussle with Sony and Nintendo for a spot in living room, with all three planning their own next generation consoles. Sony and Nintendo have yet to reveal details about their machines.

Has Microsoft done enough with the 360 to lure gamers to the Xbox?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot releasing their next console so early
Nick Sullivan, Leicester, UK
Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot releasing their next console so early. The major selling point of the Xbox was its power advantage over the PS2, but rumours suggest that the PS3 will be at least three times as powerful as the Xbox 360. They will lose their major selling point. Coupled with the fact that they don't really have any good IPs except Halo, I think the Xbox will once again be lagging far behind the PlayStation.
Nick Sullivan, Leicester, UK

Never will Microsoft dominate the console market. Sony are the masters of gaming technology, they've been at it longer for starters, also this new Xbox represents Microsoft's desperate attempt to get back on top, it screams out Ipod all over it with the whites, now if apple brought out a console then we'd see some changes, but in the meantime Sony will defiantly pull out the goods.
Jacob, United Kingdom

The new Xbox 360 looks great and if it proves as good as Xbox 1, then I shall definitely buy one. Having tried all three consoles the Xbox 1 was by far the best console, beating the PS2 hands down. The PS1 was good, but I found the PS2 very unimpressive and I had no desire to own one.
Paul Timson, Norfolk, UK

I agree that developers should put more emphasis on the entertaining of the games. I actually find more fun in Tetris or Monopoly than some ultra-realistic-high-tech shoot 'em ups.
Jeri, Auckland, NZ

Everyone seems to be talking about Sony's unattainable position as king of the consoles. For those of you who remember a little company called Sega who for a while ruled the world with the Master System and MegaDrive. Things change and let's not forget that Microsoft rarely loses! I personally think it's an ok design, but games is where is counts and Microsoft will have a whole year to get established prior to PS3.
Allan Poole, Caerphilly, Wales

Xbox was a better console and lost out to PS2 because of marketing. Sony are good at it and will do it again. When the 360 comes out in November expect to hear a lot of near truths and lies from Sony. Don't be surprised to see a TV campaign before it even launches. It's always a fascinating marketing contest.
Adam Cable, Oxford, England

The problem with the Xbox is really to do with the looks but they have got it right this time
James Hawkins, London, UK
You need processing power to get good games. The problem with the Xbox is really to do with the looks but they have got it right this time. PlayStation are the main rivals because they have the better games than Nintendo and they are more established. Nintendo are out of it because they have lost the good developers and they aren't making games that appeal to the wider audience. Microsoft and PlayStation are because they are making games for the more mature gamer. My name will definitely be on the waiting list for this one.
James Hawkins, London, UK

Everyone will wait for PS3. The Japanese won't develop for the Xbox 360 just as they didn't for Xbox. Once again Microsoft is doomed.
KCJ, Southampton, UK

Great, more distractions for children and teenagers, thank you for another step in dumbing down the generation Microsoft.
Cristian Nyari, NYC, USA

Will I buy it? Certainly not! If it's anything like every other Microsoft product it'll start giving me problems. If Microsoft concentrated on getting their systems working properly, then perhaps I'd consider it.
Nigel, Prague, Czech Republic

I think the new design looks more like a updated PS3 than an Xbox
Dave, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
The design and lack of quality games compared to the PS2 let the original Xbox down for me. I think the new design looks more like a updated PS3 than an Xbox. I was going to buy the new Xbox until I found out that the control pad was wireless. Yes, this sounds like a great idea but how fed up will you be always having to change the batteries like on a wireless pc mouse?
Dave, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

I can't see the new Xbox being any more successful than the last one. Again it will have no original games, unlike Nintendo who put massive effort into creating something no one else has. When the Xbox came out, there was massive interest as it was supposed to be compatible with the PC and its accessories. It wasn't. Microsoft made everything non-standard to rip the customer off even further.
Dave, Slough, UK

I think Microsoft have missed a trick here. They're still playing to the game console market, marketing this as a game console firstly, and an entertainment hub second. I for one am rather bored of that gadget. I have consoles coming out my ears. Sony seem to have caught on early, once more, by offering the vision of a device to own the entire media in your home, rather than a box with three processors, wireless and lots of other boring tech specs.
Matt, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (ex UK)

Microsoft has to learn lessons from the first Xbox. They charged too much for it when their rivals were selling their machines for much less. Companies like Nintendo have a long history of video game success, Microsoft still has to win me over because of the prices they charge for their systems.
Barney Ambrose, Twickenham, UK

Developers need to spend more time and attention to the quality and creativity of the software
Jim Faulkner, Brighton, UK
Processing power is all very well, but developers need to spend more time and attention to the quality and creativity of the software. This has become less and less innovative/fun with each generation.
Jim Faulkner, Brighton, UK

It's a nice piece of hardware, but Microsoft still need to get the right game titles on the market to make this interesting. Microsoft definitely lacks brand cachet and most of the existing library of Xbox games are mono-dimensional and tedious, which means that the company will probably continue to notch up huge losses on this initiative.
Mike, London, UK

The sleek new design of the Xbox 360 is amazing. It looks fantastic and far sleeker than the original Xbox. It is the next benchmark in history. Xbox has made Sony and Nintendo look like children's play thing. This machine looks a lot better than the original Xbox, and will no doubt out perform the new PS3. But on the other hand however, don't underestimate Sony - they have bought out a scorcher with the PSP and may well do the same with the PS3. So I really can not make a judgement on which one will be superior. But I think Xbox may have the upper hand!
Zero-X3 Balke, Huntsville, Alabama

The amount of bugs that had to be ironed out last time, gamers would be well advised to wait a few months to see what turns up after the 360 hits the shelves, or even to wait to see what Sony come up with. Chances are it'll be all the 360 is and then some, or get both like me! As for the games we can probably expect more of the same except with better graphics and larger game-play. Since most titles are released on both the Xbox and PS, only Nintendo need worry as they seem forever stuck pumping out cuddly fluffy games.
Mocky, Cardiff

In my opinion the Xbox was a better console than the PS2, however Sony had (to start with) better games. If Microsoft can get the rights to some good games this will be my console of choice!
Mike, Wokingham, England

I will buy it only if it is backwards compatible
Nick, Limerick, Ireland
I will buy it only if it is backwards compatible. If it isn't I'll have to buy another Xbox. Currently my collection of games are unplayable thanks to the shoddy Thompson drives Microsoft used in the early Xboxes. If I have to buy another original Xbox that will be the last Microsoft console I will buy.
Nick, Limerick, Ireland

The original Xbox left the Sony PS2 in the dust performance-wise, and I reckon the 360 will do a similar trick. Can't wait.
Ian, Lancs, England

The first Xbox was a dismal failure in Asia, and unless the Xbox 360 can get a better foothold over there the console doesn't have much of a future. They need the support of Japanese game developers.
Stu, Baltimore, USA

With Xbox 360, I'm worried they rushed to market with this product. I believe that Microsoft has an advantage with online play and their media centre. But it would be insane to buy an Xbox 360 without waiting to see what the market leaders (Sony) puts out with PS3.
Christopher Borycheski, Toronto, Canada

There is room for at least two consoles to co-exist. The adults will buy the 360 and the teenagers will buy the PS3. I on the other hand will still be playing Zelda on my SNES saving hundreds in the process.
David Elliots, Slough, UK

Come on now, Xbox just isn't cool. For a start it's linked to the woefully grown up Microsoft - all suit, no jeans. It looks diabolical - as a graphics designer myself, I have to say that this new design, if anything, is worse than the last, as tacky and rubbish as that looked. Xbox is going to have to wait a few more years before it can take on the daddy of gaming. It simply doesn't have the legacy of Sony. Let's face it, when it comes to gaming, within reason, it's the games that bring the bucks. Have we forgotten the Dreamcast? I'm one gamer that will be staying Sony, and I severely doubt there'll be many Sony's heading over to Microsoft.
J Breddell, Reading

You have to ask yourself, why has Microsoft delivered early? Is it the fear that their console is no match for Sony's? And considering it takes at least 18 months to develop games, I am sure there are a lot of developers who are cutting corners right now, just to get their game out in time for Christmas. I sense a poor start to the life of this console and with the PS3 out in 2006 that could spell disaster for Microsoft.
Tony, Surrey

Will this just be Microsoft following up their terrible PC software packages with a terrible games console ? Personally I will wait for Apple to bring out the daddy of all games consoles.
Chris, Telford UK

The Xbox 360 will become the benchmark for an entertainment system
Matthew Stringer, Leeds, UK
The Xbox expanded what a games console was capable of by including a hard drive and superior CPU and graphics power - Sony and Nintendo have been playing catch up ever since. By modifying the console it was simple to create a full multimedia centre with more power than anything else available on the market. Microsoft have realised their missed opportunity and have added these features as standard coupled with graphics and CPU power far beyond the current generation of PC's and consoles I think the Xbox 360 will become the benchmark for an entertainment system. I can't wait for its release.
Matthew Stringer, Leeds, UK

It'll just be more of the same rubbish. Nintendo are the only company that consistently produces good, original, fun games, with an appeal that transcends gender and age. Sony and Microsoft serve a useful purpose by providing endlessly rehashed football and driving games to keep the sheep happy.
Anthony Jones, Leeds, UK

By deliberately aiming at the adult market (both the box features as well as the games on offer) Microsoft is very shrewd. Like many others I'm an affluent 20 something and our demographic has the most money to burn. Whether I'll burn my money on it depends on how good the games are.
Alex, Aylesbury, UK

Console looks great, tech specs look great and the overall package looks great. I'll definitely be buying one, but I don't think it'll wipe the floor with the PS3, which is rumoured to be three times as fast, but at the end of the day, the 360 isn't just a games console, it's a multimedia centre that doesn't appeal to just gamers, but to anyone who's looking for the next tech step forward and will sell by the bucket-load !
Pearse, Dublin

The real test is when Sony and Nintendo launch their machines
Joe, London
If Microsoft launch their new state of the art machine first, then they will get the first new generation console buyers. The real test is when Sony and Nintendo launch their machines. Sony have been the market leaders the last 10 years, it will be hard for Microsoft to become market leaders.
Joe, London

Admittedly, little information has been released about PS3, but what little there has been seem to indicate that specs-wise it will still be superior to Xbox. If PS3 is compatible with PS2 games, and Xbox is not backward compatible, I would say Xbox will face an uphill struggle. I for one will wait to see what Sony has to offer on E3.
JT, Tokyo

Yes I will probably be buying an Xbox 360. However, don't underestimate Sony - they have bought out a scorcher with the PSP and may well do the same with the PS3.
Richard, Bath, UK

You can have the best hardware, but if there isn't excellent software to accompany it, you'll go the way of Sega and be driven out of the console market. Hopefully Microsoft and their game publishers will realize that while a beautiful presentation (graphics) can attract attention, it's ultimately the game-play and variety of games that will determine the success of their sales. Part of Sony's success came from the vast offerings of games, and willingness to take on oddball games and riskier game ideas.
James, Toronto Canada

The Xbox was the wildcard in the last generation of consoles. It started out shakily with complaints about the controllers and the price, but the platform was genuinely better than the competition if the games could exploit that. The past three years have seen Microsoft slowly improving every aspect of the Xbox and the Xbox 360 looks as if it has been designed to continue this trend. The only question is whether Nintendo and Sony have caught on to what set the Xbox apart.
Dan, Chichester, UK

Nintendo is the only company actually still producing 'games consoles'. Sony and Microsoft have gone for trendy 'home entertainment hubs' where the emphasis is taken away from games onto DVDs and CDs, and unless these are truly amazing machines, which they won't be, a normal hi-fi or DVD player would be far better than a poorly designed hybrid.
S Murray, Chester, UK

Microsoft are clearly taking a leaf from the Sony Rule Book with the exclusive first-look at Xbox 360 on a popular cable music channel; aiming at the trendy teens/20-somethings, something that Sony did with the original PlayStation. Consumers seem less concerned with the Microsoft name being behind the system this time around and launching first to market for the new "next-gen" can only give it the springboard necessary to beat Sony this time around. Nintendo lost fans with the lacklustre GameCube and the Revolution looks like it will be a marketing nightmare.
Bob, Brighton, UK

Forget Sony and Nintendo unless you're under 10-years-old
Grant Miller, Edinburgh, Scotland
Just look at the specs, and they're going wireless from the off. Of course I'll be buying the new Xbox and any limited editions that come out. Forget Sony and Nintendo unless you're under 10-years-old.
Grant Miller, Edinburgh, Scotland

What with the number of platform-specific titles out there, avid gamers who can afford to will buy as many different consoles as they feel the need to.
Matt, Loughborough, UK

The new Xbox looks great, it's going to look great just sitting next to TV. I will be getting one for sure.
Paul, Bournemouth

As always, it will depend on the games. Make good ones - it will sell. Sony have been good with that.
Si, Chichester

Xbox will never beat Sony PlayStation at this game, PlayStation have always and will always triumph with customers like myself being loyal to what they know and love come one PS3, where are you? Nintendo are in, in my opinion, a different league, maybe Sunday league compared to Premiership with Xbox and PlayStation.
Damian Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

I think Microsoft has made a good console which will not only compete Sony, but beat it.
Javaid, Nottingham

My advice - wait to see the competition at E3
Phill C, Sheffield, UK
Given that it may not even play original Xbox games and that it is not much better in terms of specs than the current Sony PS2 I don't think it will. Also a number of console games on the old Xbox were very buggy and almost unplayable on release so that you had to subscribe to Xbox live to download an update patch to fix the problems. Nintendo will always be the leader of the hand-held Gameboy style games with franchises such as Castlevania, whereas the latest final fantasy(s) will always be on Sony first. Halo was good for the Xbox and many people bought this oversized door stopper because of this one game, but there have not been enough good title releases and problems and limitations with the Xbox live are far too many for a so called wannabe market leader to have. My advice - wait to see the competition at E3.
Phill C, Sheffield, UK

When the Xbox first came out I was sceptical, however I was lured over to its superior graphics and faster loading times, eventually I have all but forgotten about my PS2. Microsoft have the more distinct, cutting edge, original games and they are not afraid to experiment. As long as the Xbox has been out I know many games fans that have been trading in their PS2 for this option. With the head-start, a superior previous console and a growing fan base, I feel that the 360 will shoot in to the lead, the PS3 a close second and Nintendo's effort blown out of the water.
Victoria Williams, Leicester

This thing will take over the world. Goodbye PlayStation 3
Mark, London

I don't think serious gamers will drop the PlayStation. I have a PS2 and Xbox and several PCs as well as games on several mobile phones that I use. I don't really see market share changing too much, especially since MS and Sony have both bought up developers who will only make games for their specific console.
Vish, UK

This machine looks a lot better than the original Xbox, and will no doubt out perform the new PS3. However, I, like a lot of people, have grown up with the PlayStation so there is really only ever one choice.
Marc, Mormoss, Lancashire

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