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Last Updated: Friday, 20 May, 2005, 10:22 GMT 11:22 UK
What do you think of Man Utd bid?
Fans show their feelings towards Malcolm Glazer's renewed bid for Manchester
US sports tycoon Malcolm Glazer has secured the 75.7% stake in Manchester United he needed to be able to take full control of the club.

Exceeding the 75% figure enables Mr Glazer to take Manchester United private and delist its shares from the stock exchange.

Campaign group Shareholders United has urged supporters to stop buying club merchandise and have threatened to protest at Saturday's FA Cup Final in Cardiff.

What do you think of Malcolm Glazer's latest bid? What effect will it have on the club? Will ticket prices go up?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by Naill Wilson, Scotland
Does Malcolm Glazer's bid for Manchester United have any benefit whatsoever for the club and its supporters?

How can true fans and supporters on Man Utd turn their back on the club and deliberately try to see the club fail by boycotting matches, merchandise? Perhaps they were all just a bunch of glory hunters.
Tom, State of Qatar

I do not see what all the hullabaloo is all about with United fans other than the fact that Glazer is an American. United is a worldwide brand and sooner or later international investors like Glazer were bound to hop onto the bandwagon. I am a big fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where Glazer has enjoyed success and the NFL is as well managed a league as there is in the world. I am confident that Glazer, being the businessman he is, will want to see United succeed. That is why he is buying into it.
Ratimo Aduke, Kenyan student in Pocatello, USA

I think it's great - he ought to make them wear an American flag on their jerseys next year. He could sell the naming rights to McDonald's and rename the stadium Old McTrafford!
Pat Condreay, Chapel Hill, USA

Business is business, the club was public and the shares were there for Glazer to buy. If people didn't want to make money, then Glazer wouldn't own 75% of the club right now.
Jeremy, Leek, Staffs, England

The club is in the best possible hands
Brian, Vancouver, Canada
I'm sure that the club can handle a bit of extra debt, so what's the big deal? I can't think of any reason why Glazer would want to spend a lot of money only to see the club go bust. Calm down people. The club is in the best possible hands.
Brian, Vancouver, Canada

I think the takeover is great. With any luck it heralds the beginning of the end for the Premiership!
Bill Downer, Gloucester, England

Don't blame Malcolm Glazer, McManus or Magnier, they're openly professional sports businessmen, who are cashing in before a decline in on-field value.
Drew, Ontario, Canada

There was a way to stop this happening but I'm afraid too many of my fellow Man Utd fans didn't put their money where their mouth is. When news of the Glazer takeover grew, I bought 10,000 extra shares - maybe a few more people should have done the same.
Chris Kondoslowski, Salford Quays, Manchester

While I sympathize with the Man United fans I don't understand why I hear nothing of any protest towards the shareholders who have sold to Glazer. Its not as if there was a gun pointed at their heads.
Eric Younghans, Tampa, Fl. USA

The face of business versus that of a sport. Glazer is only following in the footsteps of many clubs and players, who have started a process that is now beyond their reach. As for the end - we shall have to wait see!
Derv Kaye, Amsterdam

If you play in big business don't be surprised when big business rules apply
C Taylor, Ayr, UK
If you play in big business don't be surprised when big business rules apply. Soccer is just a business and MU led this trend to making football more business and less game.
C Taylor, Ayr, UK

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Glazer bought the club for a reason. To make more money. Logically the only way he is going to do this is by making the team successful. Surely?
K M, London

If they don't want Mr Glazer at Man Utd, pass him over to us, we would welcome him with open arms at Nottingham Forest.
Chris Naylor, Nottingham, England

I do wonder if this controversy has more to do with the fact that Glazer is an American, rather than the takeover itself?
Kris, Ferndale, MI, USA

Manchester Red Sox does have a certain ring to it, looking forward to the half time monster trucks. Utd have been corporate for a long time anyway.
Matt, Cambs

If he has to borrow that amount of money to buy Man Utd then how can he invest in the clubs future? It should be simple, if you can't afford it you shouldn't buy it.
David, Bradford

Manchester United has been run like a business for years. It seems that this is more of a resistance to the US than to the club being bought out.
Maria, London, UK

Sports, like movies, music, and video games, is part of the entertainment industry
Nick, Dublin
I've read so much about getting back to the "Love of the Game" or the "Purity of the Game". Would any super-talented footballer in the UK give up the chance to earn millions for his "Love of the Game"? I think not. Sports, like movies, music, and video games, is part of the entertainment industry. Manchester United is a money making venture that provides entertainment for its clients (fans), just like a movie company produces films for movie watchers.
Nick, Dublin

Maybe they should concentrate on being a football club and not a brand?
Andy, West Chester, PA

In the good old days, a true Labour government wouldn't have allowed this to happen. They'd have nationalised Man U!
Reg Swinnerton, Frankston, Australia

I am totally and absolutely outraged by how one man can buy into Man Utd. A club that is home to fans from all around the world. A club that has a rich history that goes back years... A club built on love sold to the highest bidder. Is this how we value our most loved club Man Utd? Shame on all those who sold love for money.
Huzefa S. Rashid, Ottawa, Canada

Mr Glazer may know how to make money, but does he know how to appreciate, really appreciate this sport?
Michael , Edmonton, Canada
I have been a United fan since 1966 and have thoroughly enjoyed their games over the years. But unfortunately it has now come to this. Mr Glazer may know how to make money, but does he know how to appreciate, really appreciate this sport? I doubt that he even knows what is the size of a regulation football. United has always been a successful club and has already attracted a huge global following. There is nothing that Mr. Glazer can do for the club that it is not already doing. He is simply here for the ride.
Michael , Edmonton, Canada

While I'm not for big money takeovers and I'm wary of Glazer's takeover. You have to admit: he turned around a NFL team that had in dire financial straits for 20-plus years and made them champs and profitable in a very short time.
Jeff A., Gainesville, Florida, USA

Man Utd has exploited the free market to the maximum by selling shirts and the image of their club around the world. The free market has just allowed Glazer to buy the club. Don't be hypocrites - accept it and move on.
Tim McCarthy, Harrow

To listen to some of the opposing arguments you would think the club was presently being run like a subsidised social club just for the fans. I don't think so.
G P, Manchester, UK
Unlike many other fans, I think that Mr Glazer will improve the club immensely, and I don't think ticket prices will go up. Also to listen to some of the opposing arguments you would think the club was presently being run like a subsidised social club just for the fans. I don't think so. Football is a business like any other. As a shareholder I'm delighted and the only thing that I think will go up is the price of my shares. Mr Glazer I salute you for your courage and your indefatigability.
G P, Manchester, UK

I find it amazing that supporters are shocked. Get real boys. Football for directors is different than how fans feels. To them results mean profits, supporters mean profit, shirt sales mean profits. They know if a few hundred supporters boycott the seats will sell in minutes to the Johnny-come-latelies who will pay top-dollar to have a fashionable season ticket. Fans are a milk cow to directors, that's all.
Jim Kirk, Basildon UK

Manchester United has been for sale since the day they floated
Pauline Yates, England
"PLC" says it all. Manchester United put itself on the stock market - no one forced them. Manchester United has been for sale since the day they floated.
Pauline Yates, England

Some of the supporters of smaller clubs who are sniggering at what has happened to United have no shame. Whether you will admit it or not: what affects United affects all of football. Glazer's takeover has nothing to offer English football except debt and the end of a century's tradition. If 'Man U' truly become the corporate monster that Glazer would like it to then no one will gain - apart from him and his wallet.
Paul, Victoria Park, Manchester, UK

Why not get mad at the men who sold out to Glazer? It takes two to tango.
F. Kerr, Tampa, USA

Sadly, this is the result of football's mad dash for money. It's no longer a game - it's big business. There's an easy way for the true United fans to make their feelings felt - stop buying tickets, stop going to matches and most of all stop shelling out a fortune for merchandise!
Non football fan, Cheshire, England

I have no sympathy for the Manchester United fans who are complaining about this move. They were all happy enough to reap the benefits when the club became a PLC and they must have realised that by becoming a public company the club was open to offers from all, including successful American investors. They can't have it both ways.
Stuart, Exeter, England

I think that Manchester United fans are being conservative with their opinions about their club being controlled by a single individual. I would advise them to turn around and have a look at Chelsea FC. Chelsea is what it is today because of Roman Abramovich who has bought new players and changed the fortunes of the team. Please think positive!
Ayongwa Israel Ambe, Bamenda, Cameroon

I feel for the genuine fans
Scott Newton, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
I'm afraid Manchester United left themselves wide open to this when they floated on the stock market in order to raise funds. It's ok while the money's rolling in but this was always a possibility. I feel for the genuine fans and season ticket holders who are now going to be paying through the nose so Mr Glazier can pay off his loans.
Scott Newton, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

If you run with the hares, there's always a chance you'll be gobbled up by the hounds! I wonder if Wayne Rooney is beginning to rue the day he left Everton?
Gary, Liverpool, UK

This really is a black day for our great club. Glazer wants to use United purely as a money making tool and he won't stop until he bleeds us dry. This man has no interest in football nor respect for the traditions and history of Manchester United.
Mike, Salford

Whatever anybody says, he is not Roman. All this money is borrowed. Manchester United are fine, we don't need to be in debt due to this selfish man. I am hopefully receiving a season ticket for next year but I am actually worried how much I will have to pay now with this proposed takeover.
Sanjay Patel, Liverpool, UK

This is truly excellent news for the club. The uncertainty is over
Nick, Manchester UK

This man has no intention of improving the club, as Roman Abramovich has done with Chelsea. He will use the financial strength of the club, along with it's huge following, to sort out his own money problems. It wouldn't surprise me if this was the beginning of the end for Manchester United.
Aled Morris, Cardiff

I am not a Manchester Utd fan but it would be bad for English football if an American took over controlling interest in this fine English club. I feel that too many people like Glazer are only concerned with making money and don't really care about the game itself. So called "big business" is ruining what is an essential part of British culture. The fans will be the ones to suffer.
P. Leyland, Newmarket, Canada

People are going mad because Glazer knows nothing about football. Nor do half the people who sold their shares to him. The racehorse owners knew nothing either. They invested on Ferguson's say so. Stop whinging and remember what goes around comes around. United fans gloated at the success of United becoming a cash cow. Now you see the flip side.
Paul Kavanagh, Bournemouth

Fans of other plcs should learn the lesson - you need to get organised
Ken, Bournemouth, UK
Fans of other plcs should learn the lesson - you need to get organised and buy up a big enough stake to ward off any potential takeover. Man Utd fans didn't get their collective act together quickly enough, even though they had plenty of warning after the failed BSKYB bid all those years back.
Ken, Bournemouth UK

Glazer's takeover bid has got nothing to do with football and is solely about making money for himself; his track record for raising ticket prices at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proves this.
David Ryan, Moston, Manchester, England

As an Arsenal fan, I am in two minds about this; whilst a small part of me sniggers at seeing Man Utd fans ridden roughshod over with the same arrogance that they have displayed in recent years, I would also be furious to see this happen to my own club. I also can't help but feel that United's poor performance this year - particularly their recent failure to finish even second - may have strengthened Glazer's case. He has, I believe, promised 20 million to be spent on new players - which may be crucial for United, who apparently spent their entire summer's transfer fund on Wayne Rooney. If they are to strengthen and catch Chelsea, maybe Glazer can help. And if not, us Arsenal fans won't complain!
Gaz, York

Just written off cancelling my membership. I don't want to line his pockets with my money
Dave, Buckinghamshire

Football is a business, it has nothing to do with the fans, good luck to Glazer, I hope he makes lots of money.
Jon, Warrington, UK

Too much time is spent worrying about football. There are much more important things happening in the world.
William, UK

I'm personally suspicious of his long term intentions for Man U, however would like to make the following points: as a plc Man U are by definition up for sale. For every fan failing to renew their season ticket there will be a replacement waiting in the wings. Does anyone really believe Malcolm Glazer has tracked Man U for so long, and invested so heavily without knowing anything about what he was buying? I think not.
Andy Morrow, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I have zero sympathy. Our three team super-league of super-rich clubs is totally boring and has killed our leagues. They don't care for smaller clubs and will get no sympathy in return.
Tony, Cambridge, UK

It's just another perfectly legitimate deal done on a publicly listed company. How many employees have sat at their desks in dread of a takeover? The United fans may not like it but unless they launch a major shares offensive against Mr Glazer then they can do absolutely nothing about it.
Steve Cahill, Sandy, England

Another example of money controlling sport. The Man U board have worked so hard to get the club on a sound footing - as have the players and coaching staff - and all that's going to be undone by yet another American who believes the dollar rules all things on Earth. And I bet he can't explain the offside rule.
Mike Coombs, Maidstone, UK

Man Utd was the first to turn a football club into an international business and this is what happens in international business. They should have expected it. Anyway, Tampa Bay were nothing when Glazer took them over, they went on to win the Superbowl in 2003.
Steve, Bracknell, Berks

If he introduces the concept of cheerleaders to English soccer I'm all for it!
Alex, Aylesbury, UK

I'm a Stockport County fan, miserable with my clubs performance and envious of just about every other club in the north-west. And suddenly, for the first time in my life, I feel sorry for Manchester United. I can't but help feel it will damage English football as a whole.
Alastair, Stockport, UK

Irrespective of who owns the club the fans will still be queuing to buy their tickets
Roger, Denton, Manchester
Do you really think that this will change anything as far as Man United fans are concerned? Irrespective of who owns the club the fans will still be queuing to buy their tickets. A few voices of protest will be heard at first then it will soon be back to normal.
Roger, Denton, Manchester

Man United have benefited more than anyone from the commercialisation of football. Their PLC structure allowed them to become financially prosperous, and the whole "Not For Sale" campaign has been a farce in this context. Their fans will now reap what they have sown. They weren't complaining when the monopolistic practices of their club facilitated success on the field - that they have now suffered a takeover of this ilk is a lovely slice of irony.
Mike, London

This is a bad day for Manchester United but I'm afraid I feel little sympathy with them. The Premier League has sucked every penny out of the lower leagues, leaving many clubs scrapping to stay alive. So a Premier League club is worried about their long term future? Join the club! When did you listen to us?
Kevin, Bournemouth, UK

Now we are left at the mercy of a money grabbing businessman who knows nothing about football and cares even less. Anyone who agrees with me can buy shares - we can still stop Glazer taking our club private and burdening it with debt. Until that time I will not be renewing my membership and will reject the club's offer of a League Match Ticket book - not one penny goes into Glazer's coffers.
Tricia Auty, Otley, UK

Manchester United has been more about shirt sales than football for years. And what goes around, comes around. Sorry, I can't find any sympathy for the team, I just feel sorry for the (few) real supporters.
Dave, Worcester, UK

This will probably give many fans of other clubs a good laugh but just be aware that it could also happen to your club too
Dave M, Sheffield, England
As a lifelong Utd fan who has been attending games for over 25 years I'm disgusted with the current events. I can't defend United in their pursuit of the "prawn sandwich" brigade in recent years and many would say that the club is getting its just rewards with the arrival of Glazer but this guy is going to ruin a world renown sporting institution with imported debt. This will probably give many fans of other clubs a good laugh but just be aware that it could also happen to your club too, if it can happen to the biggest club in the land what's to stop some other businessman doing the same to your team.
Dave M, Sheffield, England

United entered the public market some years ago to profit from it. That was a business decision and so is this. Greed breeds greed.
Kevin, Newport, Wales

As a long suffering Leeds fan, that lives in Manchester, this is the funniest thing I have heard in years. Come across the Pennines to a proper club, that only owe a few million!
Phil, Manchester, England

As an American and a diehard Man Utd fan, I feel like my favourite football club should not be in the hands of an American, as we're not rabid supporters of the sport. I shudder to think what will become of my beloved Reds. A dream of mine is to actually attend a match at Old Trafford, but will it still be around and played in by the Reds when I have the money to make the trip? I feel crushed, and sorry for all of the Reds fans everywhere.
Tom, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

At the end of the day, for the last 15 or so years fans, particularly United fans, have campaigned for more spending, on more players, to buy more success. The stock market was an obvious way to do this and now it seems the chickens have well and truly come home to roost. Well there you go. It seems a lot of people wanted to have their cake and eat it, but life doesn't work that way. Get used to it. Just remember, those who live by the sword die by the sword!
Ben, Manchester, England

This is a sad day for English football. As a lifelong Chelsea supporter I initially thought "fantastic!" - but after thinking about it for a while, this takeover weakens English football and therefore by association the English football team. A sad day.
Christopher Linthwaite, Beverley, England

This is a very sad day in the proud history of Man Utd. This is the day we become the new Leeds Utd and end up owing Millions to banks who will then strip us one by one of our prized assets. How can the club now hope to attract top playing talent when the books will always need to be balanced in the favour of the banks?
Darren, Ashford, UK

Why are fans so surprised that anyone would want to exploit the team's billion pound appeal?
Turlough, Derry N. Ireland
It's a commercial world (yes it's called business and you can do whatever you like when you have Glazer's capital) and United have resolutely and with ruthlessness comparable to Glazer, exploited their own appeal to the football masses. Therefore why are fans so surprised that anyone would want to exploit the team's billion pound appeal?
Turlough, Derry N. Ireland

A sad day for British Football but will anyone really see any difference - the rich clubs will just get richer, premier players will earn over 200 times the average UK salary and we still think it is beautiful game.
Mike Hall, Kingham, UK

Football long since stopped being a sport and just became a business. As such it is open to anyone to buy it if they have the money. I have never seen the point of supporting any team as they rarely have any local connection apart from where the ground is (and not even that now in many cases).
Roger, Stockport, England

Whilst I have no great love of Man U, I cannot see how forcing the richest club in the world, and one of the great institutions of British football into hundreds of millions of pounds worth of debt can be in any way beneficial to the sport. I feel sorry for Manchester United supporters - the already exorbitant ticket and shirt prices will rise, the best players will be sold, and I can't see Sir Alex hanging about for long when Glazer starts throwing his weight around - the man is so ignorant about football that he calls it soccer for goodness' sake.
Jon, WGC, Herts, UK

Tampa Bay used to have a soccer team but because they couldn't find a local investor it was closed down. Major League Soccer tried to interest Glazer but he didn't care - and that about sums up his attitude to soccer. If he was interested in the game rather than the money he would be there for soccer in his own country.
Neil, Swindon, Wilts

As a Liverpool fan, I should be laughing at this - and I do think Man U's greed has created the problems - but the implications for football are extremely sad. I think Fergie will take the opportunity to resign with honour and many players including Neville, Keane and possibly Scholes will show solidarity with the fans and quit. The club could collapse as fans just stay away.
Ted, London

I would think that very few fans understand the complexities of the deal. The protests are purely emotional. It beats me why Glazer thinks he can make money out of Man U and eventually unburden the club. But I doubt the performances on the field will be affected. After all, Arsenal are four hundred million in debt. Their fans are not protesting at that, and their performances are just fine.
Reece Porter, Florida USA

When Glazer took over Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they went on to win the NFL for the first time. Man United haven't won anything in a while, having been taken over by the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea - surely fans should be rejoicing at the prospect of winning again??
Sue, Manchester

I doubt he could tell you how any players there are in a team
Paula Trow, Stockport
Devastated, totally devastated. He doesn't know the first thing about the game or the love and history of this club. His passion is simply making money. I doubt he could tell you how any players there are in a team. This is a bad day for United and English football. He's not welcome and it will be made very clear by every supporter.
Paula Trow, Stockport

This has been coming for years. As a life long fan I have watched the money men move in to the club and turn it into a cash cow. Having nurtured it, fattened it and milked it they have now slaughtered it. Not only a bad day for United, a bad day for sport in this country. Where does my support go now?
Dave M, Halifax

If Glazer's bid goes through: Manchester United will be renamed "The Manchester Red Rockets", be relocated to London and we'll see ticket prices fall to $2... Well everything is cheaper in the US isn't it!
Gary Hepple, Cardiff, UK

The takeover bid by Glazer is to me, further proof that the world of football no longer revolves around the loyalty of the fans, the passion of the game or the spirit of football. It revolves around one thing: Making money.
Tom White, London

I welcome the plan. It should bring a fresher business approach to the game in general and MUFC in particular. Glazer will run this as a business. The fear of increased ticket prices is over-hyped. He still needs the gate money from fans as part of his revenue stream.
Gavin, Hull, UK

The reason he has taken over is two years of pathetic performance on the pitch because of Fergie. His substitutions are erratic, and better performance would have meant higher share prices and Glazer wouldn't have even been able to afford a takeover. Blame Ferguson for taking us backwards over the last two years. We need money for new recruits and Glazer will give it, lets hope it's not wasted on more Forlans and Smiths.
Amandeep Lehal, High Wycombe

Rip up tickets (the 20,000 fans it reports that will do this) and let the real fans go to the games. More chance for the real working man to get to watch the team they all love. Glazer will be the best thing that ever happens to United. In years to come you will all look back and see just how stupid you've all been!
Mike W, Manchester, England

Profit and greed have come off the bench and scored a hat-trick each
Colin Taylor, London, UK
This is the day when the naked truth of modern football is laid out for everyone to see. Profit and greed have come off the bench and scored a hat-trick each. Come on you Reds.
Colin Taylor, London, UK

What's the world coming too? It doesn't make sense to me for an American to buy a football club in UK. I can almost hear the groans! Keep British footy British. What next - somebody from Timbuktu buying the Yankees?
Doug, Dublin, Pennsylvania, USA

There are two possible outcomes of this take-over. The first is that Glazer has some master-plan that nobody knows about that involves strengthening Man Utd, investing in the team now and in the future and keeping the fans on-side by not increasing the ticket price etc. The other is that he transfers the debt onto the club, sells players to generate quick cash, ups the ticket price and generally looks to asset strip as much as possible. One of these outcomes is a fairytale. I know which one my money is on.
Ian, Manchester

I have followed Man Utd since before the days of the Busby Bears and today is one of the blackest days in the club's history. I feel as down today as I did when we signed Ralph Milne.
Bill Stitt, Edinburgh

I just hope that he brings the club down to size, I'm fed up with hearing nothing but Man U all the time, this season has shown that they are not so invincible as their lemming like fans believe.
Michael Mciver, Hastings, England

This is a very dark day for United. At a time when the club desperately needs investment in new players, we are now faced with 300m debt.
Rod Park, Manchester, UK

If you feel strongly enough, stop going to matches and paying for Sky
Iain Mackenzie, Fressingfield, England
Nobody's forcing you to buy tickets. If you feel strongly enough, stop going to matches and paying for Sky. Glazer will go bust and you can buy back at half price.
Iain Mackenzie, Fressingfield, England

Some of these moaning fans should remind themselves that since Manchester United listed on the stock exchange, it is run as a business. It's not in Glazer's interest to let the club go to the wall or saddle it with too much debt. If the club suffers a spectacular fall from grace he has more to lose than any fan. Glazer isn't an idiot and doesn't get the financial backing he has without having clear and well defined plans and strategies.
Matt, Redditch, UK

I can't see that he can negotiate Man U's TV rights separately without other clubs willingness. All the other clubs have to say is 'you negotiate separately and we won't play you'. It could even be that the premiership would expel United if they take that course. If United have no one to play who is going to watch?
Geoff, London

This man really is no Abramovich - he's interested in nothing other than the bottom line. Fair enough it was a risk we took when we went public, but no one who knows or cares a thing about football can think that this is anything but dreadful.
David, Sale, Greater Manchester

Just look at what Chelsea has achieved with some cash injection, I feel it is a positive event for MUFC, maybe some of the fans can't see past their noses.
David, Brighton, UK

Get over it! You are a plc, not a football club, even the over priced merchandise you buy doesn't say football club on it. You live and die by the stock market. If you really cared, you would have become a trust, like Stockport County, owned by the fans, for the fans, not for profit, for football.
Greg, Stockport, England

The sheer stupidity of some of these supporters is staggering. If they can seriously affect the turnover of the club what do they think the result will be? Are they so stupid that they would drive the club they claim to support to financial ruin just to stop Malcolm Glazer and preserve their over-inflated sense of self importance? Talk about cutting off you nose to spite your face!
John, UK

Why is this headline news? Surely there are more important issues to discuss than this. Another example of football hysteria!
Julian, Sully, Wales

I am a lifelong United fan and a reluctant exile. I deeply resent my club being the target of a hostile takeover bid from someone who doesn't understand the game and is seeking to leverage the club's true collateral, its support. He will not have mine and I fervently hope that if this bid succeeds that the fans turn Old Trafford into a wasteland!
Tony, East Sussex, UK (Mancunian exile)

Sadly a public company is always open to this type of smash and grab take over
Sean, UK
Sadly a public company is always open to this type of smash and grab take over. However, what confuses me is the talk of fans boycotting games. Would you not agree that this will only assist in the clubs eventual demise? What a great day for football!
Sean, UK

Fans didn't seem to mind when the club turned into a plc and dropped the 'football club' part of its badge and this takeover is simply a result of that move....the chickens have come home to roost!
Geoff, London

Personally I wish Dick Cheney had bought Man United and really get you lot going. British football squads are filled with foreign players, Chelsea is owned by a Russian for heaven's sake. But I do enjoy when Brits talk about the only thing that's really important to them. Maybe Glazer will introduce you to the charming American saying, Get a Life.
Peter C Kohler, Washington DC, USA

It's about time football fans realised that when your club is a plc its reason for existing is to make money for its shareholders. It runs as a business model not a sporting ideal in the same way companies such as British Airways do. Don't be duped into thinking as fans you are important to the club other than a source of some of its income.
Mark, Southport, UK

Stop complaining, like MUFC hasn't been a big corporate enterprise for years. You sad sap fans who all buy the replica kit and tacky souvenirs have been contributing to the development of the 'brand' and lining the pockets of the shareholders. Didn't take long for the flag vendors to pitch up with their 'not for sale' flags. It hasn't been about the sport for a long time.
Joanne, Glasgow, UK

The final step for what Man United started themselves by turning a club into a stock market traded business. This shouldn't be a shock to the fans - once the shares are out there, anyone can buy them.
Gavin, Boston, USA (ex-pat)

Man United fans created this money-making monster
Dave, Leeds
Good. It serves you all right for paying over-inflated prices for tickets and merchandise. You have far too many prima donnas and you are daft enough to buy shirts each season, or during a season. Man United fans created this money-making monster. It was only a matter of time before an American bought it, because that is what they always do. Glazer will screw Man United because Americans hate to see non American companies succeed.
Dave, Leeds

Don't start crying when Glazer renegotiates the TV deals and pulls out of the combined FA deal - the rest of the football clubs will suffer and many will go to the wall.
Darren Lancaster, Warrington, Cheshire

Could somebody explain to the Man U fans that as a plc their club is a listed business and as such has always been for sale!
Neil, London

Does it matter who owns the club? It's the results that matter, not who's in charge.
Simon Bolton, Bolton, UK

Tearing up your season tickets and membership won't make a bit of difference. The corporate sponsorship alone will keep the club afloat as long as they keep winning, well coming third at least.
Jim, Manchester

Manchester United is a business, true it's a football club as well, but primarily it's a business. Man United were one of the first clubs to recognise the importance of this and maximise their income streams through global advertising. Glazer is a successful businessman and has bought the club to succeed financially - to do this it is in his interests to invest well to ensure the team do well in the league and cup competitions.
Hannah, England

I don't understand why everyone is up in arms even before he's had a chance to explain what he wants to do with the club. The 300m debt won't sit on Man U's books although their profits will be used to pay it. But the club could potentially become a much bigger and better team as a result of this. Wait and see - you don't even know what you're complaining about yet.
Peter, Glasgow

What matters is how the team does on the pitch
Graham, Leeds, UK
Let's get real. Most fans don't give two hoots who owns the club. What matters is how the team does on the pitch. Are any Chelsea fans still upset that Abramovich took over? Of course not. And lets not have any bad results blamed on Glazer. The current team and manager are not up to the job. Ferguson got the youth policy right but is tactically inept in European matches. We need a new boss.
Graham, Leeds, UK

The remaining shareholders should realise that those who have sold their shares (ie the Irish duo) were only investors, not fans, just the same as Glazer. The true fans that still hold shares have, in their own minds, donated to the club and do not want their money back. However, their money went to previous investors, not the club.
Philip Scott, Tolpuddle Dorset

Would you be so concerned if Mr Glazer had taken over Marks and Spencer? They're just public limited companies and the same rules of business apply to them all. If Man U fans don't like Mr Glazer, it's simple - don't buy the tickets or the merchandise. Find another club to follow. Just as you'd boycott a shop whose management you disliked.
Maurice, Northampton

Man U fans are lucky that it was not me who had the 790m. I would put all the players on a free transfer to Man City and turn Man U into a rugby league team.
JB, London, UK

Fans should hear what Glazer says before condemning their own club to hardship by boycott
David , Horsham, Sussex
Fans should hear what Glazer says before condemning their own club to hardship by boycott. If he was looking to dump debt he would've bought Rover, not one of the biggest sporting franchises in the world. Give the bloke a chance!
David , Horsham, Sussex

One Word. Gutted. This spells disaster for not only Manu United but for British football. We could now be seeing the start of the demise and destruction of the world's most famous club. It's a very sad day.
Michael Brown, London

This is a dark day for our club. Here is a man who knows nothing about football never mind the history and tradition of Manchester United. He will not care what goes on the pitch. He will be solely concerned with making more money out of Utd. This therefore would mean ticket price increase which before we didn't need to do. He would be a brave man to show his face at Old Trafford.
John Potts, Denton, Manchester

This is not just about Manchester United; it has serious consequences for British football for years to come. Nobody wins -- it doesn't matter who you claim to follow. Man Utd has invested in grass-roots support and players since the 1950s. This will go immediately -- the last time we will see this in the UK -- along with the most successful manager in history, key players, fair ticket prices, national TV rights, you name it. Welcome to football's post-modernity: who cares any more about football's history, values, culture, the way the game is played, in Glazer's world? Utd's present is the future of every big Premiership club. RIP 1878-2005.
Macca, Leeds, UK

Perhaps the way he's planning to increase revenue is by moving the club to it's true heartland - Guildford
M.L., Milton Keynes

Manchester United is a public company. This means anyone has the capabilities of being able to buy them. If they did not want this to happen, the fans should have bought the shares, or Man United should not have become a PLC.
Gary, Watford (but a Northerner by birth)

Cowboy boots, Stetson hat, Old Trafford's a block of flats.
Wilson Parker, London

It's very depressing that the fans of other clubs gloating over what's happened can't see beyond their own self interest to the wider consequences of this. If Man U withdraws from the collective approach to TV rights, the game in this country will be changed beyond recognition - and not for the better. Grow up, put your petty jealousies aside and think about the game as a whole.
Lucy, Salisbury, UK

If the team doesn't mind buying in foreign players, it shouldn't mind being bought out by a foreign owner. Football is a business that makes players and managers very rich. Gone are the days of home-grown football talent and local supporters.
Daniel, London

An absolute disaster. Something I have invested so much of my life in, and was a part of me, has just been taken away from me. RIP United.
Jason, Birmingham UK

Am I the only one who is horrified at the priority the BBC placed on the news story about Manchester United and Malcolm Glazer? You have a story about hundreds of African boys going missing in London, but this seems to be of minor importance. You should be shouting this from the rooftops. All children deserve to be protected and cherished. We owe them a duty of care. The BBC has a responsibility to raise the profile of this story and to pander less to those whose vision extends no further than the next football match.
Angela Pelloni, UK

When I was 17-years-old I was Inter-railing round Europe. I had a conversation with some Greek lad who spoke two words of English. Manchester United. This was 23 years ago. Love them or loath them they're an English Icon. As Spurs supporter I would like to express my solidarity with all those opposed to this takeover. A very sad day for English football.
Mark, Ex-pat Switzerland

Man Utd have had it too good for far too long and I laughed out loud when I heard the news yesterday. The knock on effects of this deal will be far reaching and have a huge effect on the Premiership, for example Man U may decide to take themselves out of the group negotiations for the rights to show games on television in a bid to get themselves a much better deal, very bad news for Premiership clubs and the (non Man Utd) fans. Thanks a lot Man Utd.
Emma Furlong Hems, London

I feel troubled by the comments suggesting that Man Utd fans should be happy that they "have their own Abramovich." Buying success on the field when your opponents are unable to spend at your level leaves any successes achieved somewhat tainted. Man Utd fans do not want success bought for them, they want to earn it as they always have, with the spirit and determination which has always been the hallmark of this great football club. A sad day.
James Molloy, Glasgow

The question is - if Glazer turns out to be unstoppable, will the fans have the convictions to actually form a breakaway club? AFC Wimbledon have proved that it can be done. Look what they have achieved. A new club owned by the fans. That and two successive promotions.
Marcus, London, England

The fans should show their disgust by not buying the tickets and merchandise
N McCabe, Middlesbrough
I am not a Man U fan but feel deeply sorry for their fans. The fans should show their disgust by not buying the tickets and merchandise. Hopefully businessmen, especially people like Glazer who have no interest in the game, will realise clubs are nothing without their supporters.
N McCabe, Middlesbrough

Will Glazer repeat the Leeds experience at Old Trafford? Probably - the huge debt mountain will just be the start. Over confident, under-funded and over here - how long before he gets the Reds into administration, relegation? Tip for ex-Reds fans - get down to Man City quick - there is going to be a rush for season tickets.
John, Peterborough, UK

This is an outrage, how can the FA allow anyone to buy a club which is clear of debt; and then immediately transfer millions of debt to the same. The man is a pound hunter and should be shunned by all!
Simon, Manchester England

Man United is already the Premiership equivalent of an American Sports 'franchise'. A global brand, supporters with no ties to the area the club is based and the pursuit of marketing over more ethical considerations (how many kits a season?). This whining is too late; the horse has already bolted years ago. The Man Utd fans have only just begun to realise what the rest of us know, this club is truly soulless.
Alex Young, Chester

A sad day for the club. This man knows nothing of the history and heritage of Manchester United and is only out to get rich at the club and fans expense.

I am a Man Utd fan for all my life and I don't want to see the greatest club in the world destroyed by this American who doesn't care about the club but only cares about making money. If there's any way to stop it we have to, before we become the new Leeds.
Joe O'Neill, Naas, Ireland

Who cares? I remember when football was played by local boys, not overpaid foreigners, so what's the difference if one owns the club...
Dave, UK

Honestly! Every time I see news about this story, with these grown-up men moaning on about the ownership of Manchester United. Talking about legal and militant action, I just cannot fathom the incredulity of it all. It's no more credible then those Star Trek Fans trying to raise $30m to bring back the show. There are about a gazillion far more important and worthwhile things to get worked up about in life than this.
Abid Hussain, Manchester, UK

A golden opportunity for Man Utd to prove that their success isn't purely based on their cheque book. (Or otherwise as the case may be)
Kelly Mouser, Upminster, Essex

A very sad day in the history of this great club
Nilay, England
A very sad day in the history of this great club. The past and present players, coaches, and us fans have always been passionate about Manchester United. It hurts to see a man take control who has no love for the club.
Nilay, England

As an American over here, I cannot believe the overt anti-American sentiments in many of the emails. How do you know that Glazer will not do for United what he did for Tampa Bay? Losers to winners in just a few seasons. How do you know that Glazer will milk the club? He is buying a brand and no decent businessman will see his brand devalued, in fact I believe he will invest big time. So United moaners you could just have got yourselves an Abramovich, despite the propaganda. As a Leeds fan I wish he'd bought our club and ousted Ken Bates. You don't know how lucky you are!
Allan Howarth, Reading England

This is a cynical move by someone who has no genuine interest or love of football. Sadly, to me this encapsulates what football has become - exploitation of fans who have a real love of their club by people concerned with personal profit. This turns me off football completely. I think fans should turn to supporting local teams out to enjoy the game as it is and with no financial aims.
Katherine, Oxford

Wonderful, stop winging Manchester fans , you've never had it so good. What goes around comes around, you never gave smaller clubs a thought when you along with the other "big" clubs voted to keep all the home gate receipts.
Noel Eckton, Preston Lancs

Manchester United has been happy enough to take shareholders money when it suits them. Now they have to face up to the shareholder democracy that goes with it and accept the majority of shareholders views.
Richard, London, UK

I don't really have any interest in football, but I am sick and tired of everything British being sold off bit by bit.
Tim, Walsall

Let's reclaim real football
David, Birmingham
First Chelsea, now United. What next? Premiership football is on its knees. Come and support your local football league or non-league teams. Let's reclaim real football.
David, Birmingham

I am very disappointed with what is happening. I will be cancelling my direct debit for my membership tonight. I have been a Man U supporter for 20 years. I am tempted to put all my treble memorabilia on EBay.
Karen Dodd, England

Most football fans seem to have no problems with clubs being run like a business and buying and selling players for millions instead of using local talent. Therefore why should they be upset when business style takeovers occur?
David, UK

We should just wait and see how all this pans out instead of jumping to conclusions
Jon, Kent, UK
What's the big deal? He's taken control of Tampa Bay in the US and transformed it into a huge franchise with global appeal. Manchester United have always been anxious to spread their image, especially in the Far East - Glazer is quite possible the man to help them achieve that goal. He doesn't have the money of Abramovich, but who does? I think we should just wait and see how all this pans out instead of jumping to conclusions.
Jon, Kent, UK

I fear for Man U. What love does Glazer have for them. Will they be burdened with millions of dollars of his debt? This could be a disaster for the club and its followers.
Alastair, Edinburgh

The decadence of this great club and our unhappiness will be more evident for each day Malcolm owns it. So it would be better both for him and us if he definitely withdrew from our fantastic club. It's with so much sadness I'm going to stop giving money for the club until the end of this Manchester United with Malcolm.
Danny, Portugal

I can see Man U now going bankrupt. Glazer simply wanted the club so he can transfer his debts to it and then sell it off for perhaps 1. A shrewd business move for him but a total disaster for the club. I'll give Man U a life span of about 18 months before they will have to go into administration.
Mike, UK

It's a sad day for Red Devils fans all around the world, A football club should always have the fans interest at heart because its the fans who pour in all the money in to the club. Lets hope Glazer does not take Man Utd backwards, this club has a very rich history and lets hope it will get better.
Kazam Raza, Southall, Middx

I seriously doubt that these events will have any effect on the pitch and fans in 10 years time will be chanting Glazer's name.
J Stephens, Cambridge, UK

Gutted, but the rot set in when we became a plc, it was all about the money from that point on. If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.
Midz, London (ex-pat Manc)

I have no sympathy for United. They have enjoyed the advantages of being a plc by spending hundreds of millions of pounds on players over the last decade so now they should play by the rules - why should they be treated differently from any other company. Glazer is well within his rights. Also, how many of the fans will really decide not to renew their season tickets knowing that they will go to the back of the waiting list if they ever change their minds?
David R, London

We should give him time and see in which direction he wants to take the club
Jeremy Crossland, Sterling, MA, USA
The Glazer deal seems to be a bad thing; but we should give him time and see in which direction he wants to take the club. No one, least of all a businessman, would spend so much to just allow the club to fail.
Jeremy Crossland, Sterling, MA, USA (ex UK)

I've been a Manchester United fan all my life, and I am devastated by this. How can the club sell us out like this. I've bought three replica shirts a year every year, and even went to a game a few years back, although it took me a long time to find the ground. And with city possibly in Europe, and Liverpool in the Champions League final, this is terrible.
Jon, Milton Keynes

Well this was eventually going to happen. But to be sold to a person who has to use the club to repay all the debt. Why didn't the government do anything like it did to stop Sky's bid? I know the circumstances were different but if a board don't want to sell and say that there is huge debt involved surely someone should be able to stop a hostile bid. Somehow I think the main reason why they stopped Sky's bid was to stop Man Utd becoming too rich - well watch out now. The new owner is going to hold the Premiership TV rights to ransom. Welcome to the American sports world of seat licensing and PPV TV.
Motif Saqi, UK

Football is global, how many Man Utd fans live outside the Trafford borough area and how many of those have been to Old Trafford? Man U fans should have bought shares in their bucket loads years ago. Stop moaning you'll sound like Liverpool fans if you are not careful!
Andy, Leeds Yorkshire

This is a backward step for the biggest club in the world
Emil Young, Poole, UK
Will be cancelling my membership to Manchester United and as a share holder I am concerned on the future of the club. Hopefully a new club will be formed with support of Shareholders United similar to Wimbledon. I will be watching Utd at away grounds only. This is a backward step for the biggest club in the world. I am deeply sad. Roll on Newton Heath!
Emil Young, Poole, UK

I think it's bad news for United as a whole, he has bought the company on borrowed debt and will not invest in the club. What annoys me most is the fact that JP MacManus and John Magnier who have never shown any interest in the club have sold lock, stock and barrel to Glazer. What a crazy world we live in!
Rod Jones, Stockport

How can Glazer borrow money to buy shares and then make the debt part of the club? This seems like buying the club with nothing. Is it legal?
Chris Vaughan, Derby, UK

Look at all these Manchester united fans from practically everywhere but Manchester. If you don't like commercialized football why don't you try supporting your local amateur team - I'm sure they'd be more than grateful if you paid them 50 every week to watch their games.
Gigi, London

Manchester United fans should all go over to Manchester City. That would wipe the silly smile off Glazer's face.
Paul T Smith, Eastbourne UK

Why do people care so passionately about a football team being sold, but not about the sale/closure of the UK's manufacturing base? Surely that is more important?
Richard Boesch, Xativa, Spain (ex UK)

Man U is a listed company and has been for a long time. I think it is very hypocritical of Man U fans to complain now that someone has taken over the club. I think they only care that he isn't bringing them money.
Mathew Black, Leighton Buzzard, UK

You reap what you sow. United have ventured along the path of commercialization a long while back and by going to the matches you've showed your support. Good or bad, this is just the natural extension of that.
Peter Brophy, California, US (ex UK)

Where is Glazer going to get the money to service the debts he has accumulated for this takeover?
David Boyes, Manchester, England
Where is Glazer going to get the money to service the debts he has accumulated for this takeover? He cannot milk the fans/customers any more than the present board have already done. The only way it seems is to dump the collective TV rights and go our own way. Without these collective rights a lot of clubs will Struggle. Try and remember its not just our fight its for every football fan.
David Boyes, Manchester, England

This is absurd! I am a Utd fan and although I don't like Glazer or the take over these things can happen when its on the stock exchange. All those that say they are going to rip up season tickets and start a new club are over reacting. I support Manchester United and whether they be owned by Glazer or someone else I will stand by my club regardless of how well they do or who owns them.
Ray, UK

If I was Sir Alex I'd quit at the top, it wouldn't take long to find an alternative job if I wanted one.
Alex, Aylesbury, UK

I think it's tragic that this guy now has a stake in the club. The continuing American method of corporate culture and business is going to continue to invade this country, and its tragic.
David, Henley

Man Utd should have known that this scenario was always a possibility when they chose to become a plc. They were happy to take the extra money from this choice so now have to accept this unpopular outcome.
Minceberry, Reading

An absolute disgrace. We do not need Glazer's money and we were doing fine before he ever showed. He's going to put his debts up against the clubs success, meaning if we fail in the European Cup one season, we will have to sell our assets, including Old Trafford and the name rights to it. It's Leeds happening all over again.
Dave, Manchester

Ever since United decided to list themselves on the stock exchange, this has always been a possibility. If a club wants the benefits that having shareholders brings it, that club must be prepared to accept the potential cost too. Arguably this is a simple business transaction and unworthy of much attention. Any angry United fans should focus their attention not on Mr Glazer bazer but on the people at the club who decided to make it available to asset-strippers in the first place.
James Nash, London

It's a very bad day for United. He's bringing debt to a club that doesn't have it or need it. We don't want him, and I for one certainly won't be putting another penny into the club I love while the club is in the hands of that man - who is only interested in squeezing as much money out of us as possible to pay off the interest on his huge loans.
Kieran, Manchester, UK

He will ruin the club and milk out all the money he can with it
Matthew, Javea, Spain
I have never been so angry about anything in all my life. I may be only 16 but I have the intelligence to realise that he will ruin the club and milk out all the money he can with it. When Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea, they were on the verge of bankruptcy and he has done nothing but good for them. In United's case, we are a stable club which can gain no benefit from an American gaining control of the club.
Matthew, Javea, Spain (I'm English though)

Hasn't Manchester United been a classic example of a Premiership profit making machine for some time as it is? What's going to change under Glazer in all honesty?
Dan, UK

Glazer still needs 75% to finance this bid, at that stage he can park his debts in the club accounts. We will fight to make sure he doesn't get what he needs. Forget about your club allegiances, any genuine football supporter reading this will recognise this for what it is, the potential destruction of a great football institution. Ordinary supporters, the backbone of the game, are being harassed out of the game by moneymen. But we'll ruin his plans for profit, we are not 'customers' and football supporters don't behave according to any business or economic model.
Liam Evans, Brighton

Again we get the 'no-one complained when United was made a Plc' claims. Not true - the fans did complain, but it was out of their hands. I didn't want United to become a Plc and I don't want this man in control. He is bad for the club and bad for the game.
Floyd, Manchester, UK

After selling Old Trafford and his best players to maximize his bottom line, I expect it will take two seasons after the Glazer takeover for Man U to face relegation.
Matt White, Irvine, CA, USA

All the media reports following this story have been negative. Does this really spell disaster for United. Former United director Greg Dyke predicts a Leeds United ending but didn't Glazer bring unprecedented success to Tampa Bay? Would he not provide the manager with substantial funds that are otherwise unavailable due to the signing of Wayne Rooney? And if Glazer can promote the Man U brand in the US effectively, surely this would significantly boost revenues? I suspect there might be some serendipity after all.
Tony Fleming, N10

It's been a long time in coming, ever since Martin Edwards sold us down the road and floated the club. I don't care about the 50m Glazer throws into the pot for transfers. I care about the 300m debt that we will have to service. I care about him selling or renaming our ground that we built with our money. I care about him pricing out the origins of our support. I care about the effect on the rest of the league besides Arsenal and Chelsea who will receive barely anything in TV money once he renegotiates the Collective TV agreement. I care about the traditions of my football club being sold to someone who has no comprehension of what they mean. I won't be giving this guy a penny of my money and I urge every other united fan to do the same. Those who think this is a good thing, wake up and smell the coffee. RIP Manchester United Football club - thanks for the memories.
Paul, Manchester, UK

As a listed company, Man Utd is at the mercy of these events. Being on the stock exchange has served them well in the past and the fans he fans need to remember this. It is a case of live by the sword, die by the sword; in any case who is to say that Glazer's involvement might not benefit a moribund team?
Gareth Steel, London

This is a sad day for football, I fear this man will achieve what no football team could do - destroy the legacy that is Manchester United. Something needs to be done to ensure he does not turn the world's greatest club into the world's greatest tragedy.
Alan, UK

As a Leeds fan I think it's wonderful. Can't wait to play them in the Championship!
Richard, Belfast

I don't see how anyone can view this as anything but bad news
Justin Cleator, Luxembourg
I don't see how anyone can view this as anything but bad news, but it is the nature of publicly listed companies - anyone with enough money/backing can buy them. It won't be long now until the Budweiser ad comes true and we have the Manchester Red Shirts frantically trying to score in the FA Cup Extra Time Multi-Ball Shoot Out. I can't wait. This is shocking.
Justin Cleator, Luxembourg

Clearly Glazer knows nothing about football, because if he'd seen Man U's performance against Chelsea the other night he would have steered well clear.
A Clay, Chelsea, London

These people should not be allowed in football, it is a game of the people. These tycoons see it as a way to exploit peoples' feelings for profit. On the other hand, if it was going s going to happen to anyone then a lot of football fans, myself included, would rather see it happen to Manchester United.
John Mayo, Bargoed, Wales

Well that's it. 34 years as a Manchester United fan are now over with my 'club' membership being cancelled on hearing the news. I don't suppose anyone at MUPLC will miss me, after all I'm only a football fan.
Carl, Manchester

As a "gooner" this highlights the risks of chasing silverware by spending money. The only reason that MUFC are stock market listed is to better exploit the finances available to purchase players, to win more trophies, to garner more support, to earn more money, to purchase players. And so the wheel turns. The MUFC fans forget that the original stock market listing is the issue. Not the fact that an American tycoon wishes to exploit their love for the club. Wake up, in the 21st century football is about the money! Glazer has no desire for the club, just the business beneess benefit owning it can bring.
Karlos, London

This is a fair price, judging by the initial up in the price of the shares. Fans may not like it but they have to realise that they are supporting a rich business that grossly overpays its employees. They are no longer in the world of sport but in the world of international business, and that means things are done very differently to a sports club.
Paul, England

I am a life-long Man U fan and I am deeply saddened by this news. If I could believe that Glazer has the same financial clout as Roman Abramovich, which would allow him to do to United what he did with Tampa Bay then I may support the takeover. It appears, however, that he will have to use the club and its supporters to finance his takeover. This can only hurt the real fans, many of whom do not have the amount of money that the "prawn cocktail brigade" do, and the club. Glazer has promised 20m of transfer money, but that is nothing in today's market and is a pittance in comparison with Abramovich's spending power. I wish I could be more optimistic, but I fear it is a bad day for the club I love.
James Holden, Oxford

Oh come on people! Do you all complain when Man United hike their ticket prices every year? Every timEvery time they build a new part of the stadium? No! So why now? What do the board do now? Increase prices, sell merchandise, it's a business end of for many people! Get used to the fact that football is not what you think it is anymore!!
Richard MacGregor, Edinburgh, UK

MUFC have got exactly what they deserve. They have reaped rewards as a result of shareholders' 'dirty' city money for years. If the supporters didn't want 'their' club to be subject to a hostile takeover they should have got their act together and formed a supporters' trust years ago. The warning signs were there when Edwards almost sold out to Knighton. But no - they were too busy revelling in the glory of their ill-gotten titles.
Dan, Bedford

Let's look on the positive side this could be a chance for us to build a new club
Ray, Maidenhead, UK
For people like me, the Premiership and football lost its soul many years ago. This is just an extension of that process. I hope all United fans like me now move on and get behind a new 'United' club led by Ole and Cantona. Imagine what a match day experience would be like in the lower divisions compared to what they are in the premiership. Let's look on the positive side this could be a chance for us to build a new club, built on the core traditions and values of United. They can't take our history and our songs away from us! FC United.
Ray, Maidenhead, UK

As a City fan, I couldn't be happier. I wonder how many so-called United fans will still support their team in ten years time when the club routinely finishes outside the top five once King Glazer has his wicked way. Just a thought.
R McWeadle, Manchester

Doesn't he even realise that nobody wants him here other than his two sons? We don't need him, his sons or the debt he is going to get us into almost straight away! Plus I personally don't want to see an American in charge of a great club like Man Utd, stay were you are Glazer and leave us be!
Gav, Wolverhampton

Not a Man U fan so easy for me to say, but look what Glazer did to Tampa Bay American football team. They went from fading hopes to Super Bowl winners after he took over. It may not be all that bad for United.
Stephen, Birmingham

Sooner or later, these United fans who are against the takeover will realise that football is a business. When a business floats on the stock market, it becomes open to takeover bids. Why are United fans protesting against this? No idea. I didn't hear any of them complaining when the club was floated initially and they got a lot of money for new signings. Did you? If they want to give their season tickets up as a protest, there's thousands of people who will gladly take them off their hands.
Matt, Witham, Essex

The prices for next year went up by about 20% to help prevent this bid. Will they now go up even higher? It is a sad day for United which has always been owned by the fans.
Melvyn Rosenthal, Manchester

This is what you get if you raise money by being listed on the stock exchange
Lil Shepherd, London
This is what you get if you raise money by being listed on the stock exchange - just like any other business. After the way they have been treated, it is hardly surprising that MacManus ancManus and Magnier have taken the money and run. I think they are very wise.
Lil Shepherd, London

The over-reaction of Manchester United PLC fans is absurd. Just as football teams can win or lose, plcs can be bought or sold - that's the sad reality of football as part of the entertainment industry. Anyway, the Tampa Bay team won the Superbowl with Glazer in charge so it might not be that bad.
Cathal Tanner, Cork, Ireland

I hope he turns Old Trafford into a bingo hall - I have dreamt of doing that for years!
BW, Marlow, UK

If you list yourself on the market, you run the risk of a takeover. I have no sympathy for Shareholders United.
Miles Underwood, Oxford, UK

I am very sceptical as to what the outcome of this incident will be, at first it looks very bad, but who knows, we might just come out of it better off.
A Belim, Manchester, England

This is a black day for Manchester United. The fact that the club has allowed itself to be saddled with another's debt is astounding to say the least. We will be the next Leeds Utd, a spectacular fall from grace due to pecuniary difficulties sustained by a party not in tune with the fans or spirit of this football club. Our money will pay this man's interest; I know I am not alone in saying that I will not pay a penny of this man's debts.
Paul Madill, Coventry

Man U is listed on stock exchange anyone can buy shares - live with it and stop whingeing.
Colin, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Things are just going from bad to worse for us. He's borrowing 300m to buy us which will ruin both himself and the club. He clearly hasn't a clue about football - Manchester United the product has done well based on the performance of the team over the last 10he last 10 years, but those days are now gone and with the retirement of Keane and Scholes in the next few years, we'll end up right down the table where we were in the 80s. The team needs investment - but where's the money for that going to come from? JP Morgan? Forget it. I just hope we don't become another Leeds.
Ruairi, London

Man Utd fans must accept these takeovers are the dangers of going public. They were happy to take money from strangers before, it is just a little hypocritical to start complaining now.
Neil Trodden, Middlesbrough

I have always been a keen supporter of Man U. If there is one thing I can't stand though, it's American sports. This cannot help Man U at all. As if they didn't have enough problems!
Terry, Hersham, UK

Fantastic! Lets hope he moves them to the States or Japan or somewhere else!
Anon, London

The bigger danger is that he looks he looks to withdraw the club from the collective negotiations on TV rights
Ian, Rainham, England
United fans seem to be assuming that Glazer is going to get his money back by jacking up ticket prices. To me the bigger danger is that he looks to withdraw the club from the collective negotiations on TV rights. It won't be the United fans paying for the takeover then, it will be every other Premiership club.
Ian, Rainham, England

The only people who benefit from this deal are MacManus and Magnier, certainly not the fans, club or football in Manchester or the UK will benefit from plundering the biggest footballing name in the world.
Ben, Swansea, UK

Fans of other clubs laughing at the take over would do well to pause and think of the repercussions. The only way he can increase profits (which he will need to do to service his debts) is to increase ticket prices. Fair enough you don't care about that. Two, he will rename Old Trafford. Again most of you will laugh. Three - and this is what you should be worried about - he will try to negotiate a solo TV deal. I doubt Sky will pay millions for a TV deal which United are not part of eh?
Eric, Salford

People need to understand this is not just bad news for United but for English football. Glazer will scrap the TV deal and sell United's rights individually. Who are the smaller clubs going to sell their TV rights to? This is bad news for everyone, not just United.
Martin, Manchester, UK

How can this be a good thing for Manchester United Football Club - we have a history, a tradition and a pride he knows nothing about. Not to mention the club is now 300m in debt when an hour ago the figure was zero. Glazer must understand he is not wanted.
KD, Manchester, England

I am a Luton Town fan but for the first time in my life I have to say how sorry I feel for the United fans.
Jim, Luton

This is yet another nail in football's coffin
Robert Alexander
I personally think this is yet another nail in football's coffin. The game has been spiralling downwards across Europe as some clubs have pursued any avenue to make more money at the expense of others - unfortunately for fans of Manchester Utd, this pursuit, which led to them going public, has now been their downfall as Glazier has convinced the other money men in the club to hand over control - a sad day for all of football!
Robert Alexander

Man U have benefited significantly from the corporate/commercial aspect of football. This is the inevitable outcome of playing that game, someone else wants a share of it! Stop complaining, you got what you deserved.
John Sunter, Chester

The club is an institution not a hamburger to be sold and marketed to the chosen few, in short this is a disgrace.
T A Winters, London

Today is a sad day for Manchester United
Phil Garrett, Manchester, UK

It's shocking but of no surprise that this guy has taken over United, money talks now, whilst normal fans like me struggle to go to at least five games, because of the vast prices they charge, god help United.
Mark, Manchester

I have supported Man Utd from birth, but my membership will not be renewed for next season. I can't believe the way this whole situation has been handled and, although I desperately hope it doesn't happen, I can see us going the same way as Leeds if the results next season are the same as this. The money won't be coming in to the club, prices will rise, and less people will go. It's a very sad day.

What a wonderful day, Stuart Pearce named as Man City manager, Malcolm Glazer takes over at Man U - this could be the final nail in the coffin for Man U (hopefully).
Nige, Manchester, England


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