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Friday, January 9, 1998 Published at 18:13 GMT

Talking Point

Should drinking and driving be banned?

The British government's Christmas campaign against drink-driving, spearheaded by the slogan 'Have none for the road', seems to have failed.

Drink-drive figures for the period show that a "hard core" of offenders still flout the law.

Metropolitan Police Asst Commissioner Paul Manning {1'41'')
The government is considering propsals to lower the current limit from 80 to 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood - and further for drivers under 21. But the Portman Group say lowering the limit, or a total ban, would be unenforceable and that only increased powers for the police will reduce drink-drive accidents.

Would a ban work? What happens where you are? Is the limit fine as it is?

Should drink-driving be banned?

Your thoughts so far

If I want to ride my bike drunk out of my head, then that's my business!
Nick Andrews, England

If Nick Andrews actually does this, then it is the business of everyone. What is the point of a law that allows us to drink enough to probably not care if we go over the limit?
Bill O'Sullivan, UK

A total ban doesn't take long to get used to as anyone who stays for a time in Sweden soon discovers.You wonder why you ever even risked it in the past...
O.Turner, Sweden

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