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Last Updated: Monday, 16 May, 2005, 16:36 GMT 17:36 UK
What should Blair's priorities be now?
Tony Blair
Tony Blair has said he wants to create a society in which people treat each other with respect.

The prime minister, speaking at the first news conference of Labour's third term in power, also pledged to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

He told journalists he had a bold programme to put before parliament which would reflect what voters had said during the election.

What do you think of the prime minister's priorities? Is there a need for greater respect? What should be in the Queen's Speech?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by John, London, UK
Will Blair survive as PM? Should he quit?

Blair's priority should (but won't) be electoral reform. The Conservatives won more votes than Labour in England, yet Labour came out of it with substantially more English seats. How can that be? That is not democracy - it's a stitch-up! It is little wonder that people are disillusioned with politics and politicians when they have obviously cheated their way back into power.
Paul, Bracknell

When you take on a job you should see it through. The country voted Blair in as PM - he must take the rough with the smooth. Handing over to Gordon would be a cop out.
Mark, Cardiff, Wales

I am pleased to see Labour back in office but Tony Blair needs to watch the cronyism which is undoubtedly a hallmark of his premiership. Andrew Adonis was a complete nightmare for Estelle Morris when she was Education Secretary and he may well prove to be the undoing of Ruth Kelly if she can't keep him under control rather than the other way round. A new leader, perhaps in a year or so, would have the opportunity to stop all the control freakery.
Chris, UK

Who in their right mind wants this man to stay as PM?
Mike Hall, Kingham, UK
Who in their right mind wants this man to stay as PM? 38% of the popular vote and he claims a mandate, the man is either stupid or dangerous and I go for the latter. He is not my PM. He wants people to have greater respect, well that needs to be earned by everyone and that includes him.
Mike Hall, Kingham, UK

Tony didn't even wait to draw breath before he had all his old cronies back in the Cabinet. He was also quick enough handing out a peerage to the very man that has overseen the destruction of our education system. Has Tony Blair learned anything from the election failure? I don't think so - his ego is astounding. I suppose he is still claiming a 'mandate', even though more people voted Conservative.
Chris, Telford, UK

If a Conservative PM lost 120 of their majority but retained power, the pressure to resign would be immense. Why should Blair and Labour be any different?
Jamie, Cheshire

Making good on previous promised priorities might be a good start - Labour have after all been in charge for the last eight years.
Bill Woodcock, Stavanger, Norway

Blair and Blair alone was the reason Labour was originally elected
Steve, London
I did not vote for Brown, I voted for Blair. Labour should remember their years in the political wilderness before acting too quickly. Blair and Blair alone was the reason Labour was originally elected - a modern figure to take a very backward thinking party into the future. Let the man finish the job he started.
Steve, London

Blair's always making commitments on the hoof as opposed to getting his people to work through all the policy issues and consequences first. Maybe this time he'll realise that straight forward support for teachers and the police (as opposed to the mindlessly complex ASBO approach) is what people want to see. Stop the pandering and blather, Tony!
David, Leicester, UK

I think Tony Blair has done this country proud and without him the Labour party would not be where they are now. Having won a successive victorious third term in parliament he should be allowed to stay the full term to see his policies through. Well done, Tony, keep up the good work.
Maureen Frost, Surrey

He needs to stop singing the same tune and show us action
George Williams, Manchester UK
It's amazing how much people do forget. Blair trumps on about crime, health and schools over and over. He needs to stop singing the same tune and show us action. Priority 1 - get the country moving. Improve transport as he has promised and failed to do, and I don't mean using juggled performance figures.
George Williams, Manchester UK

The comments on here from the Americans clearly demonstrate how they seem to be manipulated by their "freedom loving" media and President. The people in Britain deserve more than a man who completely ignores public opinion to follow a ramshackle Republican agenda. He was re-elected with a slashed majority, now he'll have no choice but to consider the opinions of others and he'll have to work harder to get his bills through Parliament.
Paul, Glasgow

I didn't vote for Blair but he has just gone up a few notches in my estimations. I've been saying for years that the anti-social problems in this country stem from bad parenting and now at last it seems to be high on the political agenda. I agree that he cannot legislate to change the way parents act (he's already been accused too often of creating the nanny state) but to open up discourse in this matter is a welcome move.
Matt, Tunbridge Wells, England

Blair's priority is to be true to his word. He has listened and learned and as a matter of priority he should translate those words into spelling out just what that means in terms of his programme as we now go headlong into economic gloom.
David Ball, Wokingham, UK

Blair should provide workable solutions to problems which we, the electorate, continually highlight - and not just pay lip service. There's no point suggesting that we should engender "respect" in our society if the processes required for change are unavailable making these promises hollow and meaningless.
Ian, Birmingham, UK

For me, an African, I think Blair should serve his full third term. Blair has Africa in his priorities, and so it's good for us if he is there.
Aikande Kwayu, Moshi, Tanzania

Blair's priorities? My biggest gripe with his style of leadership is that he tries to make everything a priority. For example, in today's news "cracking down on yobbish behaviour is central to government's mission". Yesterday it was tackling climate. No matter how laudable this might seem, you can't please all the people all the time - a few clear targets are infinitely better than many He need to focus big time!
Andrew, Cambridge, UK

At last a politician has stood up and criticised parents for their lack of responsibility when it comes to raising their children. If Tony Blair can tackle this issue of yobbish behaviour it will have a clear and positive effect on all areas of society particularly education. This is a major issue that everyone should be backing.
Jol Simpson, London

It is about time we started to get value for money for the crippling tax burden
Roger, Poole, UK
Number one priority should be to reduce the number of bureaucrats in this country by about 50% - starting with 100% of the spin doctors! It is about time we started to get value for money for the crippling tax burden. We might then find that call centres are not being off-shored, manufacturing may choose to stay in the UK, the state of the pension industry might improve, etc, etc.
Roger, Poole, UK

Tony is in power because he stole the middle ground from the Conservatives. Brown will push the party left so will open the door again. I don't care about the brand name he is a good PM and the main purpose of democracy is to kick them out when they are no good.
John G, Maidenhead, Berks

I voted Tory, because at least they would concentrate on the UK and not worry about other international agendas. If Blair wants to solidify his premiership I suggest he get on with bringing the UK out of its current problems and sacking all those who do not back him. Politics is about supporting your ideal and what you believe is right, and not worrying about the noise in the background.
Jay Patel, Harrow

I listened to his press conference a bit this morning and am interested in his ideas for "respect" (even though I am no Tony Blair fan). What I would like to hear him advocate though regarding kids at school showing "respect" is more about showing respect to all, regardless of race, colour, gender or religion. And, if he is going to mention school kids how about teachers? Sad to say I think a few need to show respect to the kids if they would like it back!
Lynn, Herts, UK

Electoral reform should be the priority for the government, but it should not be directed by the government (and that includes doing nothing). Blair and co should recognise that if they do nothing about electoral reform, ignoring their 1997 promise, then it will be clear that they put party above country. There should be a citizens' review of the voting system. A number of citizens should be chosen at random to examine the various proposals (including the status quo) and then make a recommendation which is put before the country.
Mark, Aldershot

Blair has fulfilled his true priorities already - achieving a record third Labour general election victory. His animus is simply achieving and enjoying power but apart from embroiling this country in an unpopular war it would be interesting to see a list of his concrete achievements. The best metaphor for Blair is that he is like a lighthouse focusing a beam on an issue for an instant but sweeping on, leaving nothing but darkness behind.
Alan Tayler, Wivelsfield

Look at the people who want Blair to resign, a couple of failed ministers and a failed actress. These are the same type of people who nearly destroyed the Labour Party in the 80s. So why should any Labour supporter take any notice of them.
Tony Murphy, Liverpool

I don't feel Mr Blair is listening to anyone anymore
Don Oddy, London, UK
I don't feel Mr Blair is listening to anyone anymore. His choice of ministers includes some who have had to resign office for wrong doing. This is unacceptable.
Don Oddy, London, UK

His first priority should be to keep the Tories out of office long enough for them to adopt policies the public can afford to live with.
Peter Nixon, Middlesbrough, UK

It was Mr Blair at the helm of the Labour Party that won the election, not Gordon Brown. Asking him to stand down right away is an insult to the general public - he should serve as much of the term as he can before handing down power.
Duncan Law, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Mr Blair tackling the yobs is music to the ears of the general British public, I was brought up to respect my elders yet for some reason this generation cannot respect themselves, never mind others. I'll be proud to call Mr Blair our PM if he can allow people the freedom to exist in their towns and cities without fear.
Niall Wilson, Linlithgow, Scotland

He doesn't have to travel home on public transport, I doubt if he uses the NHS and his children go to public school, half of Labour MPs collect rent benefits for houses they do not need, and all of this at whose expense? We will end up a third world communist state with crime rising and no end of immigrants, that's if this country doesn't sink first. Blair, out
Deb, London

I voted Labour and I am only too happy to see Mr Blair back in power. In my view his handling of Iraq was exemplary and I have full confidence in him running the country which I wouldn't have in any other of the leaders. I think some people need to realise the prime minister is not superman and give him credit for all the good he has done for this country so far and not be so quick to slate him.
Andrew Lynch, Romford, England

The people spoke when Blair was re-elected with a reduced majority. The message is clear, we want Blair to stay but show some restraint. Handing power to Gordon Brown is undemocratic - the Labour Party should not determine the mandate after the election but before, if they stood with Blair they're stuck with Blair.
Iain Forbes, London

He needs to concentrate now on domestic policy
Wendy, UK/NZ
I think Tony Blair has the potential to be a great PM and to effect the changes he promised to do. He needs to concentrate now on domestic policy if he is to regain any of our respect. Being George Bush's sidekick should be on the backburner.
Wendy, UK/NZ

No he should not stand down early. He has fought and won the campaign. Give him time to create a legacy to be proud of. Ok we all disagree with the war but maybe now he knows how we feel he will work harder to do right by this country. Much as I don't like to say it, but I do have Iraqi friends who welcome having got rid of Saddam and being able to vote.
Sarah Walcott, London

It seems to me that Blair should now examine what is going on in the UK, and attempt to make his people proud to have him as their Prime Minister. Self-examination, and caring about what the people care about would be a good start. Too many politicians are in it for their own self-gratification. This is not a good mark of a public servant.
GG, Vancouver Wa. USA

However much I might dislike Mr Blair, I dislike even more the very real possibility of Gordon Brown taking over from him.
Sue, London, UK

Tony Blair has led the Labour Party to a magnificent third election victory. I cannot believe the level of criticism he is receiving, often from his own party. Previous Labour leaders would have given their right arm for this size of majority
John Draper, Barnsley, UK

Its all very well for people from other parts of the world to tell us to stop moaning about Tony, fine, he's a great world leader, but on the domestic front he's a nightmare. You lot don't have to put up with him, so mind your own business! Or better still offer him a place on your own governments..
Cris, London

He should NOT stand down. Why is BBC propagating this policy when majority of people wants him as leader - as election shows. Stop this stupid negativity and look for positives in your reporting.
Eric Houghton, Southport, Merseyside

Blair's priorities now need to be putting the era of fear behind us for good.
Jean Desjardins, Montreal, Canada

There's a vacancy in the Tory party for a new leader
Robert, Uxbridge, Middlesex
There's a vacancy in the Tory party for a new leader. Blair should cross the floor of the House and apply for it. He'd hardly need effect any policy changes, he's always been a closet Tory!
Robert, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Priority Number One: Resign.
Derek S, UK

Only in Britain. A politician leads his party to an unprecedented third national victory and within hours his own party is calling on him to resign. And to think you lot have the nerve to criticise the American electoral process!
Peter C. Kohler, Washington DC USA

He has an excellent, excellent record on human rights - the best the UK has ever had. He must now focus on crime. He has failed the UK on crime just as the Tories did. The UK is just too soft on crime and we are getting softer.
Glenn Lennox, Nottingham, UK

Tony Blair's priority is simple. Keep the Conservatives from power.
Gary Clark, Washington, Tyne & Wear

Tony Blair is a great man and one of the only world leaders I have ever looked up to, but in the end even as great a leader as Winston Churchill was pushed out of government. This prime minister will be too. I hope he is given the time to finish what he started in Iraq. His input and leadership can only help the situation.
Steve Mac, Boston MA USA

Reduce our stealth taxes and reform our political system
Guy Patteer, London
His priorities should be to improve public services, reduce our stealth taxes and reform our political system so that politicians actually work for a living.
Guy Patteer, London

I did not vote for any party as none of them worked hard enough to deserve my vote. Those who say that Blair was 'democratically' re-elected need their heads tested. 64% of the electorate wanted him out and it was only the fact that we have a weak opposition that he's still there, instead of being paid 2000 an hour for public speaking.
Mike Stern, London

I think many people get confused when they said people voted for Blair. I voted Labour indeed, but not for Blair, I voted for my MP, Ms Hoey. The voting system needs changing and the election of the prime minister separated form the election of MP's. As to whether he should go? Well, many Americans seem to want him, I am sure we could organise a one way ticket to Washington.
Anthony, London, UK

People who are praising Blair need to realise that Tory weaknesses ensured Labour won a third term despite Blair's leadership - not because of it. As for his priorities, Blair should resign and do something harmless for once, like write his memoirs: "Britain - My part in its downfall".
Chris B, Bedford, England

Instituting a fair electoral system should be every politician's priority now
Nigel Cubbage, Redhill, UK
Instituting a fair electoral system should be every politician's priority now - what else can you read from how the people have voted? Blair is a now a discredited leader of a party that is only still in power because of our outdated electoral system. Getting 36% of a vote is not a mandate from the people - Labour should merely be the largest single party, rather than in a continuing position of almost authoritarian supremacy.
Nigel Cubbage, Redhill, UK

As a business community we in the UK cannot stand up to the cost pressures against us when competing against countries such as India and China whose obvious bias is clear. We need to do something now as a country to stop this decline, and in fact work hard in the international community to reverse the process, even if it upsets the so-called emerging nations.
Rory Macgregor, Perth, Scotland

Mr Blair should stay as Prime Minister for the full third term as he has promised. The longer he stays the greater the Conservative vote at the next general election!
Angus Allan, Harwich

I see big trouble brewing in the UK economy and Blair knows this too well. All the more reason for him to bail out and see the iron chancellor pick up the pieces. The country is propped up by enormous debts and dirt cheap imports from China. The UK is always out of cycle with Europe and will remain so.
Alan, Warsaw, Poland

I am a Labour Party member through choice, I joined them when Blair took over the leadership and I voted for him and his party this time, if he is forced to stand down, then we should have another election to decide who runs the country and I'm sure the result would be different, there would definitely be one less as I shouldn't vote for them. Stand by your guns Tony and turf these backstabbers out we don't need them, half of them would not be there only for Blair in the first place.
Ken, Draycott

Can we have a real Labour politician leading the Labour Party please?
Jennifer Hynes, Plymouth, UK
Can we have a real Labour politician leading the Labour Party please? And can Blair please retire at the earliest opportunity to allow real Labour politicians to develop real Labour policies and get rid of the stagnating Thatcherism that is destroying the Labour Party.
Jennifer Hynes, Plymouth, UK

Mr Blair has done great job for the UK in past years. He is elected because he is more qualified than any other person, so he should stay until end of term.
Nijat, Xinjiang Uighur, China

I feel that now is the time for Mr Blair to leave the position as leader of the party. I feel that after this year's election the Labour Party could do with a new leader and a change. I would like to see him hand over the reigns to another member of the party. I feel that John Prescott matches all the criteria required to do the job and he deserves to be considered
Alexander Hood, West Kingsdown

He should not resign. He's one of the world's most influential leaders. I actually can't believe this is an issue in the UK. If you don't want him, send him to the US, please. We have much respect for him here.
Bridget, Chicago, USA

I am no Blair fan, but I do think that he should stay until the next election is called. He did, after all, tell the nation that he would serve a full term. It is not beyond the wit of Labour party supremos to make special arrangements and conduct the election of a replacement in advance of Blair's departure. This would be the right thing to do as it would allow both Labour activists and, far more importantly, the electorate, to know who they would be voting for come election day.
Michael Lakey, Newcastle

Didn't the British public vote for Labour and by that vote for Tony Blair to be prime minister? Do you honestly think that if Gordon Brown was prime minister we wouldn't have gone to war, or banned hunting? How naive.
James, Aberdeen

Asking him to stand down verges on stupidity
S Ravi, UK

I would re-phrase your question and ask "Why should he stand down?" He has just won a historic victory. He is very intelligent and perhaps one of the most able politicians in the world. Asking him to stand down verges on stupidity.
S Ravi, UK

I'd give him about a year and a half. The Labour Party doesn't want to look like it's in crisis, especially with the still considerable majority it has in Parliament. Also, if I were his successor, I wouldn't be too interested in taking over at this stage of the Iraq war. Let Blair clean up his own mess, and let someone else take over with a clean slate.
Chris, USA

It seems strange to me that a large number of people seem to think that ousting Blair from the top-spot will mean a great change in Labour's policies. Do you think one man made the decision to go to war? If someone like Brown took over you would barely notice, apart from having a Scot as a premier instead. I supported Labour this election, and will continue to support them regardless of the leader, as long as I largely agree with the policies.
Nick, Watford

How sad. England finally has a PM that fought, rather than appeased a lunatic dictator, and now so many people want him removed. Have you Brits learned nothing from your WWII history books?
Brian Clark Jr, New York City USA

It's important to remember that without Tony Blair the Labour party is nothing more than anti-war activists and trade unionists. Blair is the one the middle classes voted for. Blair will stay in power until he is ready to hand over to Gordon Brown in about two years. Deal with it. Get over it. There is nobody else with a mandate to lead.
Iain Howe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Blair just broke the historic record for a third term, if his backbenchers cannot support their leader, they should leave the party themselves. Frank Dobson should have retired 10 years ago.
Winnie, London

I first wrote to my MP calling for her to organise Tony Blair's removal as PM nine months before we invaded Iraq, when it was clear that he intended to join the US led annexation, regardless of its legality or morality. She was too much of a party loyalist to see the writing on the wall, and as a result she lost her own job last week. Sooner or later, Tony Blair will face justice, it would be a shame to see the Labour party destroyed in the process.
Ralph Williams, Cambridge, UK

Why worry? This is going to be another Thatcher style demise. Just like the Tories, we're seeing a reduced majority in the house and just like Thatcher, Blair will hold on for dear life until even his allies realise he has to go, then he'll be out and just another footnote in history. Say your goodbyes now and leave with dignity Blair.
Paul Whiting, London, UK

The more interesting question is why are the media leading a campaign against Blair? The right-wingers in the media seem to have formed an unholy alliance with the anti-war crowd to oust him. The media should respect the will of the people, a majority of whom voted for Blair despite attempts by the left and right to make the election a referendum on Blair's conduct in the war.
Mark, London, UK

Blair's policies in his first two terms have ensured that they will come back to haunt him
Darryl LeCount, Germany
People, people, people, calm down and stop the sniping. Blair's policies in his first two terms have ensured that they will come back to haunt him so much this time around that No 10 could be considered a haunted house. Threats of legal action, a sharply reduced majority in the commons, a backbench revolt - things are certainly going to get interesting for him. Just wait and see what it all brings.
Darryl LeCount, Paderborn, Germany

I believe that Mr Blair intends to stay in 'power' as long as possible which is why he is building a buffer/fire wall of 'yes' ministers around him to fall on their swords when required to protect Mr Blair's 'place in history'. Time to sell up and get out.
Ron Milligan, Gosport, England

Tony Blair is a great Prime Minister and a great world leader. He sets an example of leadership few others can equal. At this time in history the UK and the world need him more than ever. Petty local politics should not shorten his time in office. Therefore, I believe he should serve a full third term.
Raymond D Cotton, Washington, DC, USA

Tony should remain PM until the end of his term. He is where he is because he won. The Conservatives and Liberals are where they are because they lost.
Ben, Hong Kong

It is amazing that so soon after Blair announces that he has listened to the people after losing so much of his majority, he brings back 'friends' such as Blunkett forced to resign less than six months ago! Perhaps Mr Blair underestimates our memories!
Al, Bristol

I hope he stays and his backbenchers give him a hard time
George Hinton, Middlesex
I hope he stays and his backbenchers give him a hard time, he deserves it for his mendacious activities. Hopefully we will get a return to old style Labour wrangling and they will implode as a party, thus allowing the people of this country another election.
George Hinton, Twickenham, Middlesex

Though I did not vote for Labour at the election, I do believe that Blair is one of the most effective prime ministers we have had since Macmillan. Calls for him to stand down are irresponsible and premature. The electorate have returned a Labour party with Mr Blair in charge, and it would be wrong to short-change the voters.
Simon Flinn, Edinburgh

When should Blair stand down? Ask the 70+ Labour rebel MPs. They are the ones that have the power to force him out. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. I'm fed up with the UK getting flak around the world for being America's lapdog. The bad feeling that Bush has built up for himself around the world is rubbing off on Tony so expect to see our exports stagnate just like America's. You can't alienate 80% of the world's population and still expect them to buy your goods and services.
John Farmer, Henley-on-Thames, UK

Those MP's calling for him to quit should be thrown out of the Labour Party now not later
Raphael, Nottingham
I cannot believe some MPs want to see the back of Tony Blair, he is the best thing that has ever happened to Labour after the Thatcher era. And this is how you thank a hard working leader. Those MP's calling for him to quit should be thrown out of the Labour Party now not later. Tony's incredible achievement speaks for us all.
Raphael, Nottingham, UK

Tony Blair has quite simply lost his grip on reality, just as Thatcher did in her last days. Personally I think the nature of the job causes this, and there is only so long any PM should serve. Time for a change now, not for the good of Labour, but for the good of Britain.
Ian, Edinburgh, UK

Tony Blair is a man we should admire, we need a leader who understands world politics, not only politics at home, people may have disagreed with the decision of war, but what real choice did we have? What would Bush have done if Blair had not been there to add Britain's voice, where would the world be now?
Saf, Hastings

36% of the electorate voted for him condemning us all to yet more stealth tax and National Insurance contributions (sorry Tony but that is just another tax) and I have to wonder how I, as a parent will ever meet his demands for my money. Tony in his ivory tower with a household income of over ten times mine and a guaranteed pension needs something to give him a reality check! Proportional representation would have dealt a blow to Labour's wasteful ways. Get out Tony. Now!
Dave, Chatham, Kent, UK

They say a change is as good as a rest. People are obviously beginning to feel that Blair is approaching his "use by" date so let's hope the Labour government make a change and not take a rest from government at the next election.
Dave, Dublin, Ireland

One should not lose any sleep over criticisms from backbenchers and former cabinet ministers whose grudge is borne out of envy. These are men lacking in party discipline and scruples. The UK needs a great 'can do' leader or have you forgotten your history so soon?
Ernest Opara, Lagos, Nigeria

Tony Blair should resign as quickly as possible. He isn't wanted and doesn't deserve the job of PM especially when only 36% voted for the Labour Party. He should move to Texas and become the new governor....
Martin McCormick, Bradford, UK

Mr Blair is a leader who has led the party to a majority Labour government in spite of all the problems
Satish Desai, South Croydon
Mr Blair has defeated his enemies and he now should deal properly with his "honourable" friends, and then retire with honour at the time of his choice. The people calling for his departure are the typical ones whose fingers tend to wander on to "self-destruct" buttons and who know not what they are doing! Mr Blair is a leader who has led the party to a majority Labour government in spite of all the problems. His colleagues must acknowledge this. May God save Mr Blair from his friends!
Satish Desai, South Croydon, UK

Now. Remember education, education, causes of crime etc, etc, etc. Must we have more cronyism, stealth taxes, do as I say not as I do politics.
Bob Mackay, Aberdeen

Blair should stay as PM, as already said, I dread the day Gordon Brown becomes PM! I just think some party members have become jealous in one way or another in the reshuffle and thus asking for his resignation. Blair won this election, who better to lead the party than him, he has experience! If not Tony Blair then a total new younger face should be introduced!
Martin Coughlan, London, UK

Tony should stay a full term. That way, when the country falls down the "black hole" created by Labour mis-management of the economy he won't be able to stand on the side-lines and say "not my fault - draw a line under it and move on". If Blair leaves you'll know its all about to fall apart - I give it two years maximum.
Kev, Chester

I find it truly amazing that despite all the mud and dirt the Tories threw at Tony Blair he won another term in office with a majority above the average for the twentieth century. It is more than significant that he has won three consecutive terms and has now seen off four conservative leaders. Some of his own MPs are hypocrites as they stood in an election last week with Blair at the top of the ticket and are now pulling out the long knives for him.
Brian Lauterpatch, Preston, England

Better the devil you know, God help us when Brown takes over. I've started looking for a job abroad - where they are interested in engineering companies not just service industries, lawyers and themselves!
Andrew, Lincoln

Blair is to be commended for his leadership. We had slipped back into a second rate country in the international field until he brought us to the forefront and we gained recognition and respect. As to the war, it has always been the decision of the leader, and didn't Winston Churchill get called a warmonger? Yet he's now honoured and revered by all. Leave Tony Blair alone!
M Hetherington, London

Tony Blair is a millstone around the party's neck
Jack Doyle, Portsmouth
Tony Blair is a millstone around the party's neck. He's a worse liability for Labour that Thatcher was for the Tories in 1992.
Jack Doyle, Portsmouth, UK

Here we go again Labour doing well, so they press the self-destruct button. Remember the winter of discontent? Conservatives never win, Labour always hands it to them on a platter.
John Powell, Wiganer, New Zealand

The sooner he goes the better. A political Party doesn't lose around 100 seats and win on the lowest share of the popular vote since 1832 because people don't like the management of the NHS, or speed cameras or whatever; and it can't have been immigration, or the Tories would have done better. No, it has to be Blair himself, the issue of his own honesty with us, and possibly the 'poodle factor' of the UK's relationship with the US. As for the new team, it doesn't seem too different from the old one so far as the Cabinet goes. So what's new about it? Recycling is all very well, but when it applies to Ministers who've previously been forced to resign there must be a shortage of talent somewhere.
Andrew, London

The only reason Labour is electable is Tony Blair. Without him, Labour is a backward, socialist dinosaur offering little to a modern electorate. If Labour wants to stay in power, Blair should stay in No. 10.
Mark, London

ASAP. First, the country needs to regain belief in itself and in the people who run it. Second, the Labour party needs to regain belief in itself, having sold out. Gordon Brown can help with both of those crucial psychological needs, and bring at least a little integrity back into government.
Jonathan, Leatherhead, Britain

Viva Tony. This man has worked so hard for his country he should get a medal, not insults. He will resign when the time is right, just let him get on with his vision. Stop whingeing! Great Britain leads the world, don't go back to the Old Labour style, he deserves his third term. Look to the future not the past, and work as a team.
Jill Jeffs, Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

Give Blair some credit for his victory and let him carry on as PM
Evan, Sydney
What an ungrateful lot most of you are! Give Blair some credit for his victory and let him carry on as PM! Gordon Brown will be in the top job eventually, so what's your hurry?
Evan, Sydney, Australia

Funny, I didn't hear all these Labour MPs calling for Tony Blair's resignation before the election. If they believe he was not the right person to lead the party and the government then they should have made their stand beforehand. The electorate have made their decision, to change the leader now would be deceitful.
Ian, Melton, Leics

Unless you live in Sedgefield, you can't say you voted for Tony Blair. You voted for your local MP. They have every right to say if he should go.
Rob, London

Some Labour MPs seem to have short memories. It was not so long ago I wondered if Labour were ever going to win an election again and here they are with three thumping victories and the Tories with fewer seats than Labour had in 1983. It took Labour three more elections to recover from that debacle and it could take the Tories even longer as they are less likely to change. Give the man some credit for goodness sake!
George, Chessington, Surrey

Tomorrow will be a day too late. There are at least 100,000 reasons why he should go!
Steve, Harlow, UK

So a leader delivers you a third term in office with a good majority and you want to dump him. MPs who want him out should remember he handed them 2 previous landslides and jobs for the last 8 years. Even the Tories let John Major carry on with a tiny majority, so don't come down to their level please. You decide Tony, no-one else.
Brian Welsh, Aberdeen, Scotland

I'm sure they'd love a new leader
Lizzie, Nottingham
It seems rather telling that the main MPs calling for Tony Blair's resignation are those who have something to gain by his leaving. After all, many are former cabinet ministers who burnt their bridges over Iraq. I'm sure they'd love a new leader - until Blair goes, they're stuck on the back benches (and probably wondering if they made the right choice). If the electorate wanted rid of Blair they'd have voted for it. I don't think his unpopularity caused a low majority, but all their back-biting might have!
Lizzie, Nottingham

It was Tony Blair whose leadership changed the Labour Party into the credible entity it is today. Why on earth should he be sent on his way? He continues to positively advance the policies of New Labour in an able fashion. Why change horses when you are in front? It does not make sense. New Labour should simply continue supporting the best leader they have ever had.
Keith Alexander, Penysarn, Anglesey

Blair should stand down now. His lack of attendance in Moscow for the 60th anniversary of VE Day, just reiterates his contempt for this nation and his own over-inflated self importance.
Mike, Ashford, England

Maybe Blair should consider standing for the leadership of the Tory party. He supports the right wing policies of Bush so, as they say, birds of a feather flock together.
Thomas Lowry, Leeds, UK

Labour has been elected to do a job of government
Stephen, London
For Labour MPs to suggest that Blair should resign now is absurd. Labour has just won an unprecedented third consecutive victory with a healthy, if reduced, majority. By showing Labour at its most divisive it is also politically highly dangerous. Why give the Tories reason to hope when they have just suffered a third humiliating defeat? Labour has been elected to do a job of government, not to break into internecine warfare via the media. If in doubt, Blair's Labour critics should remember the unedifying spectacle of the Major years and prepare for a long period in opposition.
Stephen, London, UK

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you... It would serve the critics right if Blair called another election tomorrow, then resigned. We would soon see how big the majority would be without him.
Chris, Newbury, UK

It is clear that Labour won the election in spite of Tony Blair rather than because of. The electorate will neither forget nor forgive the deceits and blunders which led Britain into war with the consequent loss of life to British soldiers. In my view, Tony Blair should accept that he misled the British people and go now!
Robin Graft, Southampton, UK

A reduced majority is no bad thing
MG, Manchester
A reduced majority is no bad thing and allows for greater controls over policy choices. Tony was elected in a fair and democratic election, by the British public so give it a rest and let him do his job.
MG, Manchester

Mr Blair was elected as the head of the Labour party on a significant majority. He promised to serve a third term and many Labour supporters voted for the labour party with him at the helm. He should serve 3-4 years before standing down. If his party cannot get behind him and run a successful government then the electorate should have a second vote to choose a government interested in the country and not the leadership.
Iain Macrae, Stalybridge, Cheshire

I am a Conservative party member and am astonished by all this from the Labour party. Have they not heeded the lessons that the Tories learnt about not jettisoning successful leaders? No matter what Blair did in the second term he could never have won a third successive landslide so to win a large working majority is a tribute to him. I dislike his politics and his methods but the country have voted for him. He must stay. I suggest Labour MPs who want him to go are kidding themselves if they think Gordon Brown will back all those seats they lost. It's matter of simple psephology: a government will always lose seats the longer it is in power. Time for the parliamentary party to grow up I think.
George, London, UK

Blair should stay a full term and do the hard work that remains. Many voters originally switched to Blair and New Labour because they believed New Labour was best placed to get the public sector productive - and the public sector is half of the economy. The electorate has punished Blair for his position over Iraq, but both sides want him to face the modernising challenge. It's his own rebels who do not want change, they must be realistic and help get the job done.
Peter Prentis, Brighton, Sussex

It would be wonderful to know how many of the snipers on here are actually true Labour voters or merely whingeing Tories looking for some crumbs of solace. If Michael Howard had returned with a 67-seat majority, would the media be baying for his blood? Tony Blair's achievement is historical, he's the electorate's choice, and he says he's listened to the key issues. Accept it: this is our democratic system, not Big Brother.
Simon Hacker, Wotton-under-Edge, Glos

The interests of the country should come before the party, and that favours a smooth transition before the end of the term. But indecent haste would also be putting some backbenchers self-interest first, and they should for now respect the fact that the election did just go to a Blair led Labour.
Rory, London, England

Tony Blair turned the Labour party around from an unelectable opposition to the government it is today. Half the Labour MPs calling for his resignation wouldn't have jobs if it wasn't for him. OK he's not perfect, and I hated our part in the war as much as anyone but he is a strong leader and despite comments to the contrary on here, he is highly respected abroad. Who really wants to return to the dark days of factional Labour infighting and Conservative rule? It is well known that British people love to complain.. well if Mr Blair's 'character' is all they have to complain about, then we are in a very healthy political state.
Alan Wood, Brighton

In reply to Alan Wood - me! I would like to return to the days of factional Labour infighting and Conservative rule. We are in anything but a healthy political state. Lies, deceit, broken promises, heavy regulation, abdication of political accountability to Europe and unelected statutory bodies, interference in more and more aspects of people's lives ... to me it smacks of a seriously diseased political state.
Thomas Murphy, England

When he and Bush can find a nice vacant island, so they can tell one another how great they are.
Janet, Fort Lauderdale

Blair has done what his time expected of him; he made the Labour party appear credible once again. Now that's done he should go. I'm not sure though why people think Brown should take over; the only strength in our economy over recent years has been because of people spending the increase in the value of their homes. The next three years will show a very different tale!
Kram Ertus, London, UK

I am sure these MPs were quite happy to hang on to his coat-tails when he was riding high
J Ballantyne, Milton Keynes
Labour was voted into power with Tony Blair as leader. Those of us who voted for Labour knew what we were going to get. I resent very much these disloyal members who think they know better than Labour supporters what we want. Have they forgotten the years in opposition which were only brought to an end by Tony Blair who had the courage to get rid of outdated ideas and dogma. I am sure these MPs were quite happy to hang on to his coat-tails when he was riding high. They should show some gratitude and loyalty now.
J Ballantyne, Milton Keynes

He should have stood down six months ago and ensured a larger Labour majority at the election.
Keith Cocker, Lancashire UK

After listening to the commentators and MPs in the last few days it would appear that there is some sort of campaign by the media and a few MPs. This should stop and remember that 36% of the population voted for Tony Blair and Labour to carry on, not start trying to oust the Prime minister to sell newspapers and news space on the TV and let him serve his full term.
Tom Pickett, Formby, England

Blair should go now, and the Labour party should beg Robin Cook to become leader. Robin Cook is intelligent, clear thinking and has been proved to have been right on the Iraq fiasco, with Robin Cook as PM I am sure we would see some progress on Palestine.
Dave, Frimley

He has achieved something few Labour politicians have achieved previously
Clare Leonard, London
I wish Tony Blair every success in his third term - however long he chooses to make his stay. He has achieved something few Labour politicians have achieved previously, and even if the way is not clear, he deserves a chance to negotiate the new path.
Clare Leonard, London, UK

Oh no, not another media-led campaign to get rid of poor old Tony. What a bunch of sore losers. Surely it's the people who lose an election that resign. Please remind yourselves that Mr Blair won this election, annoying for you as that may be! And please stop saying that a majority of the people in this country were against the war on the day it started - check the opinion polls.
Al, UK

All the calling for a new leader echoes the woes of the Tories over the past eight years. All the Labour MPs calling for Blair to resign should think again. If it wasn't for Tony Blair, Labour would not have had the two previous landslides.
Andrew Law, Ellesmere Port, UK

So why did I bother to vote? I voted for Tony Blair and if he doesn't stay as PM for at least two years it means one more non-voter in this country.
Mark, Southend on Sea

Tony Blair is beginning to sound like Mrs Thatcher during the final months of her premiership. With another war 'off the agenda,' he's about to attack the sick and disabled in order to make himself look tough. He should put country before self and go.
James, Littleborough, UK

Why should he stand down, so someone else in the Labour Party can continue to screw things up? It might as well be him since he has won the elections. Give the electorate what they want and if Tony Blair is their choice so be it. We call this democracy, don't we?
Richard, London, UK

Not too soon I hope. I'd hate for Gordon Brown to be able to put the blame for what is about to happen to our economy on his successor. I'd like to see him and Blair held accountable.
Stuart, Nottingham

Mr Blair should stand down when he wants. So people are calling for him to stand down because of the Iraq war? So what? Saddam Hussein needed to be removed from power. And he was part of Mr Blair's decision to go to war. Margaret Thatcher's popularity soared when she went to war with Argentina over the Falklands.
Michael, Bucks

His leadership is a threat to everyone on the political spectrum
Alex, London
Tony Blair must stand down as soon as possible. He does not represent the values of the Labour Party - simply his own agenda. His leadership is a threat to everyone on the political spectrum.
Alex, London, UK

He should resign as quickly as possible. The rest of Europe's leaders have no respect for him following the WMD issue. He is seen internationally as an untrustworthy leader and that is not what this country needs.
Terry, Epsom, Surrey, England

Stay the full term Mr Blair, get rid of Dobson and Cook. We do not want Brown in charge either!
Mr RG Hill, Selby, UK

Now. I hear he's already pursuing his 'I know best' dictatorship in his third term, planning to threaten Labour MPs who disagree with anything he says.
Paul, Basingstoke, UK

The country gave Tony Blair and the Labour Party a mandate in the election. Wisely Blair put himself at the front of the campaign - why are his party members looking for him to stand down? If we had been voting for Gordon Brown it would have been a totally different result - the guy is unelectable!
Glenn, Mansfield

Whoever takes over will be the one to take hold of a poison chalice. If Gordon Brown has got any sense he will hold back and let someone else be the fall guy for the next election.
Bumble, Dartford, Kent

The people voted for Mr Blair, not the moronic outdated views of the backbenches. Yes his majority was severely reduced but he still made it, do you really think Gordon Brown or any hard-line Labour candidate would have succeeded. I think not.
Keith, Sunderland, UK

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