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Pope John Paul II: Your tributes
Pope John Paul II
The Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II has ended in Rome.

Tens of thousands of mourners and leaders from all over the world have gathered in St Peter's Square for the ceremony.

This is the third page of your tributes to Pope John Paul II.

Your tributes:

The young Catholics of this world will never forget John Paul II
Mark O'Rourke, UK
As a Catholic I am very sad to experience the first passing of a Pope in my lifetime. However, I have been inspired and touched by his work. Attending the open air Youth World Day Mass in 2002 with the Pope will live with me forever. The young Catholics of this world will never forget John Paul II. He was truly a man who understood the world in which he lived, respected any and every person believing so strongly in social justice and gave his message of life shown so amazingly by his own wonderful example.
Mark O'Rourke, UK

He may have been a man with whom one disagreed on many issues but one could not help but admire him for his truthfulness and steadfast conviction. He was a man whose impact on the world at large will now start to show.
Paul Robinson, New Zealand

Pope John Paul 11 will be remembered as one of the greatest Popes in history. He was the leader of not only the Catholics but a great leader who struggled to promote moral values that form the bedrock of human civilisation. He enjoyed esteem and respect in every country and in all religious communities. He was really an ambassador of peace and justice. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Professor Mukhtar Ali Naqvi, USA

On this day we celebrate a life and less we not forget the work this fine man has done
Brian Charls Fraser, Canada
As a non catholic I believe we have lost a true warrior for the real suffering and issues challenging this world. May a miracle be sent for someone to continue his fight for the suffering and issues. On this day we celebrate a life and less we not forget the work this fine man has done.
Brian Charls Fraser, Canada

No word could describe how sad we are that we have lost him. We remember him as a noble fighter for freedom and justice. May his soul rest in peace. It is not only a loss for Roman Catholics, it is a loss for mankind.
Bruce Liang Mingken, Malaysia

Thank you Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II. Thank you for speaking out against war, for your unconditional defence of human life, for your option for the poor, for truly being "the voice of those who cannot speak and those who are silenced." You gave meaning to the word 'solidarity'.
Hans Egil Offerdal, Mexico/Norway

There are millions more Catholics at the end of John Paul's papacy than at his beginning
John Jenkins, Wales, UK
I am deeply saddened by the passing of this great man. This great spiritual leader made a deeply complicated subject as theology seem so clear and make so much sense. The clear leadership that he provided allowed for the millions to understand clearly what the Catholic Church stood for and provide clear moral guidance on such complicated and sometimes controversial issues and for standing up for traditional values and not bowing to superficial fashion. This is probably why there are millions more Catholics at the end of John Paul's papacy than at his beginning and why his leadership has made me, someone who was previously sceptical of organised religion, be attracted to the faith and to the Church John Paul led with such distinction.
John Jenkins, Wales, UK

Today, it rained all day. It was as though Heaven and all the angels wept for the Holy Father. May you rest in peace; we will forever carry your light.
Robert Elliott, Canada

He was a true inspiration to mankind. The world could learn by excepting others in his manner.
Thomas Ellison, UK

I am saddened by the passing of Pope John Paul II, the only pope I have ever known. I would like to join all the people of the world in mourning and in prayer. He was indeed a great man. Let's all unite in prayer, thought and stand for all things right and continue the propagation of the message of peace to all mankind. We are all God's children and brothers and sisters, no matter what race, religion and ideology.
Dennise Romagos, Australia

Gods messenger completed his mission and returned back to his home.
Sivalenka, India

A great man has been called home to his creator this day. I am not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way, but this never stopped me from having a great respect and love for this man John Paul II. I am sorry he is gone, but I have been blessed by sharing in a time and place of history in which both his life and death happened
Desiree Jordan, USA

Pray for me Pope John Paul that I may be a better person and follow Jesus more closely
John McDonald, England
Pope John Paul the II has inspired me to live a better life again. His writings are so profound. Without doubt he is a saint. Long after his death his writings will continue to inspire people to live a life closely following in the footsteps of Christ. I am sad for myself but happy for him that he now is in heaven. Pray for me Pope John Paul that I may be a better person and follow Jesus more closely.
John McDonald, England

A true catholic, true fighter, noble man and a great Pope. We miss you. Let us make his dream come true.
Joseph George, India

The most popular and well-liked man in the world. Pope John Paul II made the biggest contributions to the peoples of the world that we have ever seen.
Terence Gaffney, England & USA

I am a Catholic who never really understood the meaning of suffering for Christ. Pope John Paul has taught me how to embrace suffering as the true and surest way of following Christ. May the soul, of this our model, rest in peace. Goodbye Papa.
Vicky Mayanja, Canada

We have lost a Great Leader. Not like the leaders of falsification but a leader of Truth, Peace and Determination, a leader who led by examples. His legacy will continue to shine for generations for those who accept it. He truly was a man of God who stood still even amidst the greatest challenges of the new era and now I truly foresee the glorious reception among the divine for the Holy See as he enters the Kingdom of God.
Agostinho Gomes, USA

Although I am not a Catholic I am a practising Christian (Anglican) and I have to say I was prepared to add my weight to what others were saying about this beloved man, but having read all the tributes given to him so far, I feel that anything I say is going to be superfluous. Nevertheless I feel that I must encourage all those who feel saddened by his death to actually REJOICE in his passing into glory to be with our Lord. Because the one thing he stood for was the incontrovertible truth, that he always proclaimed (and it matters not what Christian denomination you are from because if you truly believe then you would have to agree with this) that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. So Karol Wojtyla rest safely in the arms of Jesus our Lord.
Alan Short, Basildon England

The Pope was a true liberalist
Imaobong Okafor, Nigeria
The Pope was a true liberalist, despite popular opinion of his being conservative. He reached out to other religions and showed the world that God's love has no bounds. His "traditional" stance on contraception, despite the worlds "progressive" thinking to the contrary, reflect a man who stands by his beliefs and his faith in the face of opposition and is a commendable trait that we all should imitate. I believe that he will be made a saint as he did live a life worthy of one.
Imaobong Okafor, Nigeria

I absolutely loved Karol Wojtyla. I am 20, so he is the only Pope I have ever known. I think that every person in the world would love to have such a full life, to have the faith of the Holy Father, his strength, his care for his brothers and sisters, and his awesome spirit of solidarity. I think that JPII was a real human person; someone we should all strive to imitate.
Mary Rose, USA

I am Polish. I remember the bells tolling when Karol Wojtyla was elected the pope in 1978 and I heard them tolling today. My happiness then is hard to put into words; neither can I describe my pain now. Even though I am not religious, John Paul II had a significant impact on my entire life. He made me better person, better mother and wife. I will never forget him and I will never let him down.
Maria, Warsaw, Poland

My parents went to see Pope John Paul during one of his visits to the US. It was an overcast day but my mother told me when he stood out there before the crowds a ray of sunshine appeared and seemed to cover him. That's exactly what he has been to all of us, a ray of sunshine in everyone's live, both Catholic and non Catholic alike. He will be sadly missed by all.
Maria Vosa, USA

His awesome presence during the open air mass and his towering effect on us
Anthony Leong, Singapore
I will forever remember Pope JP II whirlwind tour of Singapore in Nov 1986. His awesome presence during the open air mass and his towering effect on us. Thank you God for the gift of il papa to all of us. Amen.
Anthony Leong, Singapore

This man lived the words of Christ in the Gospel of John,"I came so that they might have life, and have it more abundantly". JPII we will always love you. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.
Mark, United States

Pope John Paul II has completed his great missions on earth for God and the world. Now he is resting in the house of God in heaven forever. There, he will always see us and hear our prayers. Let us pray to him!
Pau Ti, Sweden

We all lost the father we loved and admired. Truly great man, who's heart was full of love and courage. I'm not afraid any more Father, because I know that one day I'll meet you on the other side.
Marcin Czechowski, UK/Poland

I was born an Atheist and although I did not share his views about God and death, I did respect him. He earned respect from billions of people from around the World. He earned respect by doing what was right and touching people's hearts. He is one of the greatest men of the 20th Century and will be greatly missed.
Rodney Burns, Republic of Ireland

You transcended faith and taught us to love unconditionally
Arthur, Canada
Rest in peace venerable one. You transcended faith and taught us to love unconditionally even those who try to harm us. Will there ever be another Karol Wojtyla?
Arthur, Canada

Pope John Paul II donated his entire life to god, to us and our world. May our beloved Pope rest in peace and stay in heaven with God!
Peggy Hui, Hong Kong

I really don't know what to say. I'm not very religious person, I'm not even a Catholic, but when I saw the news about the Pope I couldn't help feeling shocked. And empty. I have always respected him very much and he truly was a holy man. There's now a silent void as he is gone. May his soul rest in peace!
Pelle, Finland

One of the great men of the world, a man who has spread the message of peace and freedom around the world. The world is a poorer place without this great man.
Alistair, England

I remember the night he was elected with that famous trouble with the papal smoke; grey? black? white? Did we have a Pope or not? I remember turning to my father and exclaiming that he had won his bet that the Pope had taken John-Paul as his Pontifical name in memory of poor Papa. Today, with his name as my own (I was named after John XXIII and Paul IV) I mourn and rejoice his passing and gives thanks for his ability to change the Vatican to be an outreaching centre of religion. He travelled well and he travelled far.
John Paul Craig, Ireland

I feel that all the people that inhabit this world have lost a father, a protector and an advocate of justice, no matter what religion or belief the might have!
Maria Cristina Sosa, Venezuela

A terrible and saddening loss to the world. A champion of peace and a shining example to the world to never give up and to keep on fighting, right to the very end. God bless you and may you rest in eternal peace.
Michal Zak, England

Pope John Paul II left in me a model of how to live Christianity. His courage and dedication for living each day fully and taking his message of love and peace everywhere will remain in everyone's mind.
Freddy Oropeza, USA

A courageous man of God has passed away. Rest in peace!
Fredrik Leijerstam, Sweden

This will touch all corners of the world no matter what the race or religion
Gary Holmes, UK
I don't class myself as being religious, and I don't come from a religious background, But as I heard earlier of Pope John Paul passing away I feel sad and sorry, I think this will touch all corners of the world no matter what the race or religion. My respect goes out to all those affected.
Gary Holmes, UK

A superb Human Being who dedicated his life towards making the world a better place than he found it, even us Muslims appreciated all his good deeds and pray that his soul rest in eternal peace as he prepares to meet his Creator
Naim M Hyder, UK

Yesterday, Saturday 2 April 2005, the Lord Our God called home one of His most faithful servants Pope John Paul II, may his soul rest in peace. This remarkable man was truly a 'Pope of all people' (not just Catholics). We pray; do not let his hard work be in vain, embrace his message and continue to strive for peace and understanding between all Faiths and all people of the world, for the unification of the Christian Church and for the continual fight against poverty. I leave you with the following thought that applies to all of humanity: "A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you...". God Bless.
Becky & Nat, UK

Thank You Holy Father for having embodied the moral principles, which you have so steadfastly promoted. Rest in Peace in the Kingdom you have now travelled to. Good Night John Paul II.
Barbara Boczkowska, Montreal, Canada

The Pope came to my town Trujillo in the northern of Peru in 1985. We all prepared for months for his arrival, the arrival of a marvellous man. Papa, we will always remember you.
Monica Corucera, La Libertad, Peru

The Holy Father will be missed greatly. He has been called home by God.
Joshua, USA

He spoke out against violence, poverty and death
Nick Layton, UK
A Great Leader and Guide to the Whole World John Paul II was a man who was not afraid to stand up for the rights of all those who live. He spoke out against violence, poverty and death. His suffering was an inspiration to many. I hope and pray that Lord welcomes him with open arms.
Nick Layton, UK

The late Pope taught us how to forgive, and in a mighty way. He forgave the man who shot him. How many of us could do that? He led by example, not mere words.
Jane Rubino, US

The heaviness of my grief may reflect the weight of John Paul II's holiness. He truly was the rock of the church. I can feel it in my entire being and it confirms the true spiritual greatness and strength of this humble servant of God. Thank you John Paul II, you were a gift and blessing to the entire world. I will miss you greatly.
Jacqueline Rouda, America

The Popes bravery in his passing has strengthened my faith. His suffering makes me want to be a better person.
Tony, Ireland

I am not a catholic but I had deep respect for the Pope as a world leader in peace. He will be deeply missed. May he rest in peace in Gods holy kingdom.
Sarah Prince, UK

Great men live and great men die - but their memory is held forever in the heart of the world. God bless.
Amanda, UK

As a non-religious person I have great respect for this man who has given most of his life in service to others above himself. Rest in peace for you have left a mighty pair of shoes to fill.
G Brekke,

He was always true to his faith and what is more, never divisive in his teachings
Cameron Braidwood, Scotland
As a Christian, nominally off the Protestant faith I should like to praise Pope John Paul 11 for being truly God's man to the people. He was always true to his faith and what is more, never divisive in his teachings. God bless you and I know you will be reaping your blessings in Heaven right now.
Cameron Braidwood, Scotland

I think that John Paul II was the best Pope in history because of his courage and today, a great man has left our world. Everybody should take him as an example.
Matias Gimenez, Argentina

Pope John Paul II was an untiring champion of social justice and human rights for the whole World. God bless you.
Rudy, Canada

His Holiness Pope John Paul II was a beacon of light for the entire world to see. He was an extraordinary man full of compassion and love he would be greatly missed. May we as humans now continue his work down here on earth.
Darron Pickstock, Bahamas

This morning, in Asia, we all wake up to the news that the Pope, not only the father of the Catholic Church but also a father figure to many living in this turbulent world, has finally entered the gates of Heaven. He will be remembered for championing against oppression and injustice, and for upholding his moral values and personal dignity. Even though I am not a Catholic (I'm not even a baptized Christian), I would try and join a Mass today in remembrance of him. May he rest in peace.
William Fung, Hong Kong

People of all faiths will miss this great man
Michael D. Rubin, Great Neck, New York, USA
To all my Catholic friends,
Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your wonderful leader. He was a great man, a man of G-d, a man who celebrated and cherished life, all life, and who sought to bridge the gaps between all faiths. As a Jew, I can only say thank you to John Paul II for making incredible strides towards Middle East peace, and reconciliation between Jews and Catholics with regards to the Holocaust. People of all faiths will miss this great man. May G-d bless you all and Shalom to everyone.
Michael D. Rubin, Great Neck, New York, USA

Be at peace. We will never forget you. You'll stay in our hearts forever.
Maristelle Castro, Manila, Philippines

To our Beloved Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who has touched our lives, we thank you. Although we've never met in person, you've always been a father, a leader, a great apostle of inspiration to our Catholic beliefs.
Basil Chua, Singapore

I am not a Roman Catholic but I rate Pope John Paul II the man of his time. World Leaders, politicians and all those who wield power and influence in the world could do no better than to follow his example. I salute him and thank him for his time on earth.
Peter Perrin, United Kingdom [Essex]

The Holy Father was one of the greatest men who ever lived. He will be missed dearly. I hope that we as members of the Catholic family will have a new leader as good as the one we had to return to Christ. God bless you Holy Father.
T.A. Bell-Abercrombie, Dallas, Texas; USA

He identified himself with the little people, the powerless of the world
Paschal Kyoore, Ghana
Pope John Paul II had a great impact on our modern world. His commitment to social, economic, and political justice is something that should be emulated. Having had the chance to see him in my country, Ghana, I feel much closer to his ideals. I admire his courage and principled stance. He identified himself with the "little people", the powerless of the world. May He Rest in Eternal Peace!
Paschal Kyoore, Ghana

We mourn the loss of a great man and champion of humanity. We pray that he may be followed by a worthy successor who will also inspire and guide the world to peace on earth and goodwill towards men.
Gregory Baron, Western Australia

He has been not only a great pope but a great man. He has shown that, even through adversity, the human spirit can thrive. He will be sorely missed, not only by Catholics, but by all religion. May he rest in peace.
Alan Burnett, Auckland, New Zealand

Please accept my sincere condolences to people loving him in spite of their own religions or difference of religious policies. God loves him, his humanity, and his love for us.
Ritchie, Japan

I am glad that he can finally rest in peace
James Reeves, UK
I am only 30, and John Paul II is the only Pope I have ever known. He was a man who contributed so much of the world and gave all of his life in service to God. Although it is a sad loss for the world not to have him here anymore the last few years had obviously been tough on him, so I am glad that he can finally rest in peace.
James Reeves, UK

The 'freedom' discussed in the teachings of JPII goes far beyond the meaning of the term used in President Bush's tribute. Even those who would not agree fully with his teachings would dispute the inspirational example set by this remarkable Pope.
Michael Pugh, United Kingdom

A true, faithful Vicar of Christ. May he rest in peace.
Michele, Australia

As the son of a Jewish father and Catholic mother, I am forever indebted to the work Pope John Paul II did to bridge and heal the two religions. A man of great vision, his legacy of love and reconciliation will hopefully not end with him, but rather be taken up by those whose lives he touched. His courage will not be forgotten.
Adam, United States of America

He was our father, of humility and humanity. He has changed the shape of the world which his soul has left. Eternal light shine upon him and his impact be never forgotten.
Luke Francis Smith, England

I am not religious and disagree with some of the conservative views of the pope, but Pope John Paul II was a great ambassador of peace to the Polish people and the world and we will miss him dearly!
Teresa Biderman, Toronto, Canada

His life remains a timeless model of service and moral conviction that has earned him the respect and love of world leaders, religious heads and people across borders.
Raquel M Furtado, Kuwait

To the last moment of your life with us, you taught us not to fear suffering, but to embrace it with dignity as Simon of Cyrene did when he helped Christ carry his cross. I will always remember that.
Wolfgang Amado, Philippines

You'll be inspiring the world for a long time after your death, John Paul the Great
Andrei, Russia

Although I am not a Catholic, I feel saddened by the passing of a man who so obviously cared for all of humanity. His courage, throughout his life, and his dignity as his death approached, is an example to us all. Sleep peacefully John Paul.
Stephen Clarke, England

He was a GREAT MAN, a very, very charming one. I remember a trip to the city of Monterrey with my family when he visited México. We all were very excited. In these times technology and knowledge often challenged peoples' faith in God, he was a great force for the cause of the human beings and spirituality.
Armando, Mexico

He was a champion for the cause of human rights, and the dignity of the poor
Michael Hurd, US
He was a champion for the cause of human rights, and the dignity of the poor. In spite of doctrinal and ethical differences by a number of factions in the Church. He will be deeply and fondly remembered by his courage and example. I profoundly mourn his passing. Peace, and eternal joy to you John Paul II.
Michael Hurd, United States

Pope John Paul "the Great" was a charismatic man who served as an inspiration and leader to millions of people. There simply are no words to describe these moments. The world mourns his death and, yet, it should also celebrated the life of this extraordinary man who lived it to the fullest in the service of God and humanity.
Aileen A. Danguilan, Long Island, New York, USA

The world will be a sadder place with the loss of a great statesman and spiritual Leader. May His soul rest in peace. May his life be a beacon of light for the youth whom he loved so much. Eternal Rest Grant unto Him O Lord, and may your perpetual Light shine upon him.
Alison D'Silva, New Zealand

The passing of The Holy Father has brought me closer to my faith and made me want to be a better catholic in order to honour him. I am so happy that he is finally where he has worked his whole life to be.
Carol Fiorilla, United States of America

A rare gem, a zealous apostle, a great world leader and a custodian of the catholic faith. He was never cornered by the challenges of the present day society, rather he stood firm in what he believed in. May he rest in the Lord Jesus Christ whom he served so well on earth.
Chijioke Nwalozie, UK

We have lost a truly great man; of strong faith, tremendous courage and marvellous dedication to the Gospel. Rest in peace, dear Holy Father, thank you for being our shepherd for the last 26 years.
Martin Jenkins, Ireland.

My own memory of the Pope was him kissing the ground as he arrived in Ireland. Although I am not very religious it moved me. In the time since I have learnt he was a man of deep integrity and great courage. I have been most impressed with his serenity over the last few days. He has gone in peace.
Ken, Ireland

Goodbye Dear Holy Father. I'm Bosnian and Croat and I wish to thank you for your prayers for peace in Croatia and Bosnia, thank you for being so strong in this confusing world. Thank you and goodbye
Vibor Cipan, Croatia

One does not need to be a Catholic to see a greatness of this man
Piotr Luc, New York
The Pope was a great intelligent man who was able to overcome many obstacles to promote the peace and prosperity among people all over the world. One does not need to be a Catholic to see a greatness of this man. May he Rest In Peace now.
Piotr Luc, New York, US (Polish)

God welcome our Pope into heaven with all those gone before us in Love Eternal. May all those who experienced difficulties with some of his stances be reconciled in the hope of future healing and understanding with all people.
Fr Xavier Smith, Sydney, Australia

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"
Stephen, United States

May God in his benevolence receive the soul of this great man, Pope John Paul II. It was indeed an undeniable loss not only for Catholics, but to the entire world.
Anon, Brazil

The Holy Father lived a life worthy of emulation. His unwavering stand on issues of abortion, birth control and euthanasia will forever be remembered. Mankind has lost one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. May his soul rest in peace.
Chike Ochieze, Nigeria

Indeed he was a great man of faith. May we all learn and gain something from his death. Rest in peace holy Father and as Jesus promised we will see you again.
Abang, Canada

I was born a Catholic and John Paul II made me proud of that fact. My teenage children and I have rejoiced today, not mourned, because his faith has strengthened ours and we know he is with God now. A beacon to a damaged world, warrior against the siren song of mindless consumerism, we are all enriched my his life amongst us.
Myfanwy Alexander, Cymru/Wales

God has a friend by his side tonight
Diane Ward, Indiana
The Gates of Heaven will be open wide tonight and a man, tall and strong again, will walk tall and be welcomed by loving arms. There are no tears in Heaven. They are here on Earth tonight, flowing through all religious divides, filling in the cracks. God has a friend by his side tonight.
Diane Ward, Indiana

Thoughts and prayers go out to the priests at the Vatican and around the world as we have lost a true friend. Sleep sweet John Paul the second. You touched us all.
Bernice Harding, Nanaimo B. C. Canada

I am an Anglican, but I always respected the Bishop of Rome. He help fight communism and brought freedom to millions. He was a great man. May he be with Jesus tonight.
Roy Eappen, Canada

One of my strongest childhood memories is of seeing the Pope in Liverpool when he visited the UK. I remember his words still, and how, at a difficult time he exhibited such understanding and gave real encouragement. I feel his most important message was one of hope. May he rest in peace.
Maria, Brisbane, Aus

The world is never going to be the same. However whatever faith we have we need to find strength in ourselves to continue his Peace and Human Rights legacy. A truly Holy Man - Goodbye.
Kasia, UK

He has returned to his maker, and giant footsteps are left behind.
Linda, Netherlands

He has never been afraid to speak the truth
Owen Pape, UK
I am glad he has died peacefully and with dignity - he deserved as much. He is a great man (let us not forget he is still with us) because he has never been afraid to speak the truth. It has made him unpopular and has upset many people and I believe it must have been very hard for him at times - no one likes to upset people. But he said what needed to be said. For that he should be commended if nothing else.
Owen Pape, UK

Your work here is done and you suffer no more, God bless you. Rest in eternal peace.
Sue, UK

Pope John Paul II lived a life of service to God and to people. He will be canonized someday into the family of saints. What a gift he was to us, regardless of our creed or nationality. God has called him home. "Well done you - you good and faithful servant."
Joanne Kennedy, united States

The Holy Father inspired ordinary people to persevere in the face of modern day hardships and brought a refreshing return to Christian values in everyday issues. His legacy will continue to inspire millions the world over.
Bunmi Idowu-Kuola, UK

Your legacy will live forever. God bless you.
Germán Mesuno, Argentina

Don't be saddened as he is now resting in peace. I'm sure that there is a big celebration going on in heaven.
Francesca, St.Venera, Malta

John Paul II will be remembered as the Pope who brought Communism to its end. He was one of the greatest Popes in history of Roman Catholic Church, even if many people can't agree with his traditional views on life's questions. Now he will rest in Peace.
Paul Derycke, Belgium

When I heard that The Pope had passed away, I was in deep shock. The world has lost a true champion. May he Rest In Peace.
Kenneth McKellar, Scotland

His modern and luminous pontificate have opened the church's dusty windows to the world
Nuno António, Lisbon, Portugal
The Man - Karol Wojtyla is dead. A champion of just causes, he fought tirelessly against hunger and poverty whilst promoting dialogue and reconciliation between people. He challenged the liberals and kept a conservative stance in family issues but his modern and luminous pontificate have opened the church's dusty windows to the world with his message of peace. An intelligent man, he warned about the fallacies of consumerism and recognized the excesses committed by his beloved religion. A man of principles, Pope John Paul II was a continuous defender of freedom. Until the end. May he rest in peace.
Nuno António, Lisbon, Portugal

I am an American Muslim. Pope John Paul II impressed me because of his efforts on behalf of peace and reconciliation. He opened my heart and inspired me to forgive the wrong doers whom remain in the past and those who know not what they do in the present. May his soul rest in heaven with all the great spiritual leaders from day's gone bye.
Zainab McCoy, Norway

I was there in St Peter's Square on that memorable night in 1978 when Cardinal Wojtyla was elected Pope. Like most of us, he did many things well, and there were many chances for good that he missed. May he rest in peace.
Paul Quinn, Wales

I am sure that he is in heaven praying for us
Lorianne, St.Venera, Malta
Despite feeling sad for the loss of such a great pope, I am sure that he is in heaven praying for us. He has shown the world that one can still live peacefully despite going through immense suffering. The pope accepted God's will and was never afraid to voice his beliefs. For that I admire him a lot!
Lorianne, St.Venera, Malta

What a pity our mealy mouthed politicians never learned anything from this man. He accomplished on his own what hundreds of so called statesmen could not. Shame on them, the world will be a sorrier and sadder place at the loss of this Pope.
Charlie, Scotland

Today world has lost one of its most revered citizen's, a man who was the voice of convictions. The world today is without a leader who commanded universal respect and love, which most of today's leaders lack. He was a person who leaves behind a legacy of tolerance, understanding, compassion and mutual respect. If this is one lesson that can be learnt of him, his memory would truly be honoured. We should be glad to have witnessed him and his life, and may we all learn from it.
Muhammad, Canada

He brought so many used-to-be Catholics back to the church, by the messages he has sent and examples that he set.
Dorothy Tesch, USA

You have done an extraordinary job
N Gillespie, Canada
May peace be with you Pope John Paul II. You have done an extraordinary job, and your legacy shall never be forgotten. Thank you for all that you have done for humanity.
N Gillespie, Canada

Huge loss for the mankind, but a huge example for humanity. Great ambassador of peace.
Zoran Obradovic, United States of America

His loss is not just a loss to Catholics and Christians. The death of John Paul The Great is a loss to the entire world. A great human being has passed into history and the world is a greater place for having known him. In our hearts he will live forever.
Randy, Los Angeles CA, USA

I am not a Catholic or Christian. I am a Buddhist. But the dignity of you has never been seen from our religious leaders. You were the only bridge between west and east. You were the only man who had strong ability to convert war towards peace without any Nobel price.
Shanaka, Sri Lanka

You came to Ireland in the midst of our conflict, bringing your message of peace and love
Marie, N. Ireland
Rest in the eternal peace you have certainly earned. You came to Ireland in the midst of our conflict, bringing your message of peace and love. Our greatest tribute to you would be to continue to strive for that peace that you wished for our country and for the world. God bless you.
Marie, N. Ireland

A man of grace and kindness. Even if you were not Catholic, as I am, whenever I saw him on TV or in the paper it gave me a sense of calmness and relief, that life was good. He will greatly be missed by millions of all ages.
Joanne, Canada

A great leader of my faith whose strength in the most terrible times is an inspiration to all of us. For me, none more so than when face to face with his would-be assassin, he chose to forgive as Christ would have done.
Weenson Oo, United Kingdom

Writing as a Catholic, there is no doubt he was a true shepherd of his flock, a great inspiration, a charismatic leader. His concern was for all peoples, from the womb to the tomb, the greatest defender of the sanctity of life, and it was he who coined the supremacy of the 'culture of life' over the 'culture of death'. A living saint now set to enter the 'kingdom' offered to us all by the Lord of life!
Peter Sawyer, England

He was my childhood and my youth. Pride and national identity of us Poles. To be missed by the world.
Beata, Poland

I am not a Catholic, but a Presbyterian, But I admired a man Karol Wojtyla who against all odds became one of the most powerful figure of all times. He changed and bridged the gap between faiths and religion. Pop John Paul II had no boundaries. He became a symbol of the Roman Catholics and that image will stay for a long time to come. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
William Tangwan, Edinburgh, UK

John Paul II The Great; that's how we will honour him. You are resting now.
Derek Butcher, England

Tonight, the news that the Catholic Community has braced itself for, the death of their leader, Pope John Paul II. Despite a peaceful passing, it does come with great sadness this his legacy as a Pope has come to such a rapid end. I am sure that, with the rest of the world as this news breaks, that my condolences go to his staff at the Vatican and to the Catholic community on this sudden departure. Rest in Peace.
Ben Lord, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England

A sad day for us all as we learn of the passing of a great man.
Joe McGivern, Ireland

It wasn't "our" Pope. He belonged to the world. Now the whole Catholic world is in grief.
Amp, Poland

Pope John Paul II will be truly missed. The world has lost a great man. May his soul rest in peace.
Sanjeev Vijayan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

John Paul II won the world through the Youth, the Children, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. His death was a witness to his life that was full of commitment and love.
George Mathew, India

A brave man who maintained his dignity to the last
Alex, London, England
A brave man who maintained his dignity to the last and stood up for values that while sometimes controversial will be missed without a continuation of his style of moral leadership. May he rest in peace.
Alex, London, England

So many lives have been touched by this man. May he now RIP. God Bless
James Lynes, Looe, Cornwall UK

A truly warm, genuine human being, whatever one's faith may be. He will be missed.
Tony Lee, UK

I don't need to be a Catholic, nor do I need to need to agree with everything he stood for, to respect him greatly for his humility, his strength, his greatness, his holiness. And most of all, for his love of mankind, his devotion to reconciliation, world peace, and harmony. Rest in Peace, Karol Wojtyla.
Paul Chen, California, USA

I don't know much about John Paul II, or the system at the Vatican, but I know that he seemed like a good, Godly man, and he will be missed by many, myself included. Rest in peace, Karol.
Tim Leeson, England

A truly remarkable servant of God. May God Welcome Him to his household.
Christine, Kenya

Rest in Peace...
Alison, Manchester, UK

Earth is a poorer place without him but heaven is richer.
Richard, UK

Thank you Pope JP for everything you gave to the whole world. I am proud of you.
Katherine, Chile

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