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Pope John Paul II: Your reaction
Pope John Paul II
This is the second page of your comments on Pope John Paul II's health.

The second page of your comments:

He is such an inspiration to all, and has displayed such enormous courage and strength
Anne Frances White, UK
I was baptised in to the Roman Catholic faith on Easter Sunday. I am saddened that such an amazing man is so desperately ill. He is such an inspiration to all, and has displayed such enormous courage and strength. May God bless him and may he and his wonderful work never be forgotten.
Anne Frances White, Southampton, UK

A great loss to the world as this exceptional, humble man prepares to leave the world stage. Heaven will be a little brighter place soon, the world a little duller.
Brian D, England

A great man with love, compassion and dignity. May our Lord Jesus Christ be waiting to greet him with outstretched arms.
Margaret Fitzpatrick Nash, Marlow, Bucks England

I saw His Holiness in Perth many years ago. May God have mercy on his soul, and welcome him into the sanctuary of heaven, where he belongs.
Sally Docherty, Perth, Australia

History will remember him as John Paul the great.
Leon, Woodford Essex UK

He has impacted a lot of lives through his rugged conviction and optimism in the human race. It will indeed be the end of an era.
Paul Odey, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

I'm not a Catholic or indeed a religious man, but I would always find myself moved by this great man, the world will be a smaller place with his passing. God bless.
Ian Smith, Slough, UK

Pope John Paul's papacy will be a tough one to follow. He never spared himself and though many questioned his style and motives he remains one of the 'giants' of the century. May God grant him all the grace he needs.
Dorrie Galea, Guardamangia, Malta

I had the privilege of seeing John Paul in October 2004, it was the best moment of my life. Papa is the greatest intellectual of our time, full of compassion and integrity. He will be reunited with his Father and Jesus when they take him. Goodbye Papa, I will always love you.
Mary, London, UK

He has almost the full weight of the cross on him at the moment
Francis Lee, Solihull West Midlands
Pope John Paul the Great as we should probably now call him is weak and can hardly communicate. He has almost the full weight of the cross on him at the moment as the disease that makes your limbs feel like lead takes its toll. In his after life however, he will be stronger and greater than any of us and we will see his true strength and love for the world.
Francis Lee, Solihull West Midlands

The Pope is in charge as long as he can breathe! His mind is perfect. I would be suspicious of any "caretaker" Pope.
Jackie Clarke, Belfast, Ireland

As a Church of England Revd and Parish Priest I pray for God's love to shine down upon this holy man; one Bishop once said "death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun" I think it quite true - he shall greeted by his Maker and I'm sure sit with him in his temple. You will be forever in prayers Father.
Redfuss, Durham

It is time to say good-bye to a great man. He spread God's word as he was called to do. Let him meet the Lord God above where there is no more suffering for him.
Gretchen, Michigan, USA

Regardless of what religion I am, although I am happy to point out that I am Catholic, Pope John Paul is and will continue to be a very spiritual man in his life and beyond. The works and good deeds he has performed in the world will continue to be remembered even if he is gone. Although his passing will be very dramatic and upsetting, I am sure that all the people around the world will realize it to be for the better, because he will be in peace. I wish him a happy passing, and God Bless his soul.

His passing might allow the Church to emerge from its medieval attitudes to the modern world
Paul C, London
As a Catholic, I am saddened to see him suffer a prolonged and public death. As a human being, my hope is that his passing might allow the Church to emerge from its medieval attitudes to the modern world, and the issues which face us all in the 21st Century, such as HIV, overpopulation and poverty. My fear is that we will just more of the same.
Paul C, London

He is great amongst greats and has touched so many lives and cultures. If is truly sad to see him suffer.
Dwayne Chastain, West Jefferson, Ohio

There can be no doubt that this 'man' was the direct and worthy successor of St. Peter and God's faithful representative on Earth. God Grant Him Eternal Rest.
Timothy, Cork, Ireland

Our Father is calling you home, reach out to his hand and know all the love in the world goes with you. You have taught us all compassion for one another and a greater understanding of all faiths. God Bless!
Delia, Monaghan, Ireland

It is only fitting that he be given the Holy Viaticum or Last Rites. Being given the Holy Viaticum does not mean it is the last rites but it is also a prayer for speedy recovery.
Thom PeQuezon City, Philippines

Death comes to us all. I only hope that when it is my turn I am not paraded in front of the clamouring masses with m ailments on show. I do not believe in any god but I do believe this good man should be left in peace to pass away and the media and Catholics of the world should respect that.
S, Rochdale

May the man's spirit bring us new order and change for the better in the world
Jay Patel, Harrow
In our day and age we seem to take things for granted until they are gone. I myself cannot relate to Pope John, but what I do know is that if one man can bring peace and integrity to the world through his unselfish work so can every individual who lives on this earth. May the man's spirit bring us new order and change for the better in the world. Amen.
Jay Patel, Harrow

This wonderful man has led the world with his quiet yet deeply spiritual manner. He has been a uniting figure who is universally praised by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Truly, his legacy to mankind is that peace and love of our fellow man can indeed overcome all other differences we have. He has clearly demonstrated that we have much more in common with the other peoples on this planet than those differences. He has truly lived a life of service and followed the most basic tenet of Christianity, "Love your neighbour as you love yourself".
Douglas, Louisiana, USA

The greatest man in the world, full of love, hope, passion even in this state. God. Thank you for John Paul II, don't let him pass away, not yet.
Damian Tarasek, Bobowa, Poland

The Pope has stood steadfast at the head of the Catholic Church for many years now and although not a Catholic myself, I believe he has done a tremendous job and with his Catholic beliefs should be allowed to not only die with dignity but also under the religious mantle that has been his life. May God bless him and keep him in his care.
Debbie, UK

He's had a good long life, let him go in peace. Let's hope the next Pope will have the guts to make changes that the Catholic Church is in desperate need of. John Paul II has been a bitter disappointment to me.
Ali, London

I hope his successor will bring the Catholic Church into the 21st century
Sinead, UK
I am very sad to hear of the Pope's failing health, people from around the world have taken great strength and comfort from him, but I cant help but wonder what impact his death will have on the Catholic Church, I hope his successor will bring the Catholic Church into the 21st century and to help deal with issues such as preventing the spread of Aids in Africa through the use of condoms, something that Pope John Paul II would never have allowed.
Sinead, UK

I am a 21-year-old Catholic Spaniard studying in the UK and this news has deeply saddened me. Religion has been comforting during my lonely years abroad and the Pope has always been like a father figure to me. Over the last years he has been frail and I prayed he would be spared from suffering. Now it is the time to say good bye. My heart aches with the sorrow felt when a family member leaves. My only regret is that I never got to see him.
Clara, Reading, UK

I met the Pope when I was 19 during a choir tour to Rome and had a short conversation with him. 15 years later it is still a talking point! Although not a Catholic, I am very sorry to hear of his suffering and hope that he will soon be at peace. He is a brave man and has been an inspiration to many.
Julie Bryant, London

I once met his holiness when I was a choirboy and was on pilgrimage in Rome. I was very moved by his love and respect for everyone he met. He is a great, great man and his tireless work even though his suffering is an inspiration to us all. I wish him the peace he has prayed for the world.
Ben Swann, Portsmouth

I have always wanted to see this wonderful man. I am not Catholic but this man is like a God on earth, the Holy Father and I hope that if his end is near, that it will be a peaceful one. God bless him.
Mari, Bournemouth, UK

His inspiration to all ages shows the selflessness and power of his personal beliefs
Anthony, London, UK
I was in the piazza the evening he was elected Pope in 1978 and it was a dramatic moment. Now after an amazingly long and powerful witness this extraordinarily holy priest is about to meet God. His inspiration to all ages shows the selflessness and power of his personal beliefs and how one person can make a difference.
Anthony, London, UK

I was part of the crowd that welcomed the Pope at Shannon Airport when he visited Ireland. A man of great charisma, intellect and compassion.
Pat Mackell, England

Will the Pope's passing really make a difference to ordinary people's lives? I think not! Another Pope will be elected and our mundane lives will go on. Leave him alone to get some peace in his final days.

It is truly wonderful to read all these positive comments and tributes on your website, especially from non-Catholics. It just shows what a tremendous effect Pope John Paul II has had on our world. May God bless him.
Liz, England

I am a pagan and will happily admit that I have a lot of issues with official Catholic dogma. However, I believe the Pope is a good honest man who has worked hard to preach tolerance and peace, and it saddens me to hear that he is in discomfort. I hope his passing will be peaceful.
Meg, UK

Many fine people are dying all over the world, many of whom live in poverty brought about by overpopulation encouraged by the Catholic Church. May he rest in peace, but let's have decent family planning for all and an end to ignorance and superstition.
Colin, Plymouth

In answer to Colin's comments on poverty; I have to disagree strongly. The main causes of poverty are unfair trade rules, whereby European and US farmers are unfairly subsidised and debt repayments. Colin, do you always buy Fair trade products? Because if not, then you are as much to blame for poverty as anyone.
Sandra Robinson, Bedfordshire

The Pope's failing health over the past few years will perhaps give the Vatican food for thought as to how long one man should hold office. I hope the passing of this Pope will encourage the Catholic Church to change direction, alter its policy towards contraception and generally face up to the challenges of this century.
Philippe, France

I will always remember the Pope from World Youth Day in Toronto 2002. Pope John Paul II will always be the Pope of the youth, of the sick, of the needy. I'll always treasure my encounter with God through him. He'll be remembered as a one in a million man.
Oscar D'Cuire, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

As a Jew, I disagree with many of the Catholic Church's social policies. Yet John Paul II is, undeniably, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the modern era. He has led more than a sixth of the world's population through some difficult times. Throughout his papacy, he has stood up for those less fortunate, and consistently shown himself to be one of the greatest philosophical communicator of the 20th century. I wish him, with the greatest respect, a peaceful and painless journey.
David, London

I met the Pope in Rome as a teenager and he remembered the Youth Rally in Murrayfield! His presence felt extraordinary. Whilst hoping he would take a different stance on many issues, the giant contribution he has made, especially to recent European history, cannot be denied. A man unflinching in his belief and a life spent in service. I wish him peace.
Tom Brechney, Edinburgh, Scotland

I believe the Pope has always tried to do his best and live up to what he believed in
David, Dublin, Ireland
As a practising homosexual I have had my fair share of headaches with the RC church, and have long since stopped practising in that church. However, I believe the Pope has always tried to do his best and live up to what he believed in, which is admirable.
David, Dublin, Ireland

I'm not Catholic and I disagree with a lot of the Pope's politics. However I'm very sad at the current situation and I'm praying for him. He was a people loving Pope and for this, people loved him back. I hope he's not suffering at the moment.
Nikos, Athens

A charismatic person who strived for religious tolerance. Pray that God calls him without much suffering. He will always be remembered.
Jacob George, Bristol

I was in Saint Peter's Square when he was elected and had the great privilege of meeting him when he came to the Irish College in Rome where I was a student. He was so kind to my mother when she met him after an early morning mass at Castle Gandolfo.
Brendan Agnew, Hong Kong

I am Church of England but hold Pope John Paul in the highest respect. I can think of no other human who is so loved by all, yet remains so humble. The entire world will be in mourning. May God rest your soul and may you go in peace.
Adam, Preston, Lancs

I converted to the Catholic Church two years ago - John Paul II has been a living beacon to me.
Pierre, London, UK

He is supported by the prayers of all nations and creeds
Jennifer, Cambridge
This gentle man has united the world in admiration and love. He is supported by the prayers of all nations and creeds. May his passing be gentle and serene, as he has lived. He does not deserve to suffer.
Jennifer, Cambridge

I feel very sad about the Pope's grave health. As a Jewish person, I feel that he made really exceptional efforts to use his influence to build tolerance and respect for people of other faiths and beliefs. His apology on behalf of The Catholic Church for their part in the historical persecution of Jewish people was an incredible example of leadership and ownership.
Jude, London

Thank you John Paul II, Thank you very much for bringing so much good to humanity.
Simon Nangwala, Kampala, Uganda

I saw the Pope (from a long distance) as a child when he visited Ireland in 1979 and have strong memories of the powerful sense of expectancy and delight in the country at his visit. The Catholic Church and myself have long since gone our separate ways but it is not necessary to wholly agree with someone before you can respect the fact that they are principled and will back their principles with actions and steadfastness.
Kevin Morgan, Dublin, Ireland

My grandfather was Polish and belonged to same the parish church as the Pope. My grandfather was a devout Catholic and a great admirer of John Paul II. I am not Catholic myself but have great admiration for the Pope. He is a truly kind and great man. I hope his final journey is one of peace. He will always be remembered and highly regarded among people of all faiths.
Karen Bywalec, Aberdeen, Scotland

I had the honour of seeing the Holy Father at Southwark Cathedral in 1982 during his papal visit. As a 15 year old I was amazed at the way he was able to talk to a large crowd and still made me feel as if we were there on a one to one basis. My thoughts and prayers are with him at this time.
Brian Power, London

As a Muslim I remember him as a man of strength and integrity and my prayers are with him through this difficult time.
Kazim, Ankara, Turkey

He is an inspiration for all of us
Agnieszka Idzik, Krakow, Poland
As a Polish citizen I have always been proud of the Pope, as we all have. He is an inspiration for all of us, an example to follow. And we indeed will follow his lead, he will always be our Father of the Nation - no matter what happens.
Agnieszka Idzik, Krakow, Poland

Even as a committed atheist, I have to pay respect to this venerable old chap. He's a brave man who's given his all for what he believes in.
John, Liverpool

I remember when John Paul II became Pope. I was at a Catholic primary school then so it was a very big occasion. I also remember his visit to England in the early 80's. I pray that he does not suffer and that whoever is the next Pope continues his great work and has the same compassion as this lovely man.

My greatest memory of our wonderful Pope John Paul II is a visit to the Vatican on my birthday some years ago. I attended mass that day and felt like he was speaking to me personally and felt an overwhelming warmth. It is comforting to know that there are others who also feel sad at the inevitable passing of this great man and leader of our faith. Let us all hope that when the time comes he rests in peace with God forever.
Karen, Nottingham

I was in the Papal Guard of Honour when the Pope visited Murrayfield in 1982. The deterioration in health of this once vigorous man is sad to behold. As a man of faith, it is seen as a natural transition as, faith tells us that life is changed, not ended. As Catholics, we worry and pray for him at this time.
Mike Russell, Edinburgh, Scotland

His life of struggle and forgiveness has been an inspiration to me
Alastair McPhee, Bishopbriggs, Scotland
Like so many of your contributors I am not a Roman Catholic. I do, however, clearly remember the election of this Pope and the sense of hope for reconciliation that he brought to millions of people around the world. His visit to Scotland as to many other parts of the world ensured that people put an even greater effort into interdenominational collaboration. While disagreeing with his views in certain areas, his life of struggle and forgiveness has been an inspiration to me.
Alastair McPhee, Bishopbriggs, Scotland

I'm not Roman Catholic and I dislike much of their doctrine but as a child I saw the Pope when he visited London. My memory is of a vibrant and energetic man. It's shame that his failing health has had to played out in public. I hope the RC Church will accord their next leader more dignity.
Martin Hoscik, London

As a leader of genuine wisdom, intelligence and fortitude, I hope his suffering is short-lived and pain is quick to pass. I know he is in many people's prayers, and hopefully these will comfort him in his time of need.
Gerard, Thailand

Being brought up in a Catholic household I recall the excitement in the house when the Pontiff visited York, addressing his people from the Knavesmire. On a visit to the Vatican I had the honour of attending a blessing, something I will always remember.
Catharine, Calverley, West Yorkshire

This godly man has given much hope to this world
The Crow Family, England
This godly man has given much hope to this world - to Catholics and all Christians, and now deserves the prayers of everyone for peace and divine fulfilment of his papal reign.
The Crow Family, North Lincolnshire, England

The pontiff has dedicated his life to us and has had humanities problems such as world peace amongst his top concerns and agendas! As he is in the horizon of his life, I feel all of mankind should acknowledge his contributions to us and pray for him.
Kapasa Chanda, Gaborone Botswana

We can only pray that his suffering will end soon. I was 12 when he was elected Pope and have the greatest admiration for him both as the leader of my religion and also as a humanitarian. He has spoken out against war and oppression all his reign and has led the church in this difficult time. He will be in mine and my children's prayers. God Bless you Father and give you eternal rest
Desiree, Reading

A shining example to all the world. I hope he gets some peace.
Mohammed, Pakistan

The Pope has been a great spiritual leader, and a very holy man. I am gay and I have disagreed with his teachings on gays. But I am saddened he is in so much discomfort, when I seen him on the TV recently it was so sad. I hope he gets better or is released from his suffering and gets his reward in Heaven. God Bless you Pope John Paul.
Ian O'Brien, London Ealing

The amazing support the Pope is getting from people of every faith around the world is a testament of his greatness
Carolina, Italian, living in UK
Although I may not agree entirely with everything the Catholic Church says, the amazing support the Pope is getting from people of every faith around the world is a testament of his greatness as a man and a leader of our times. He will long remembered and missed.
Carolina, Italian, living in UK

Holy Father, your reward is close at hand, not death but truly living and about to meet The Lord. You have been an example and inspiration to all. God Bless.
Catherine Grogan, Merseyside

I feel so upset for him, he was such a good and kind and compassionate man. It's so sad to see him nearing death, May I wish him all my thoughts and to tell him that my heart is thinking of him and going out to him.
Emma, Dublin, Ireland

The last rites, or the Sacrament of the Sick, is a sacrament for the living. Those who receive it may be near the end of their lives, but it is very much there to be a source of strength. God doesn't impose things on us we can't cope with. Pope John Paul is a brave man and my heart goes out to him.
Mark Coley, Holmes Chapel, UK.

I admire his steadfast reliance on principle
Ryan Timoney
Regardless of religious belief or background, Pope John Paul II is a person to be admired and should be a model for our global society. His ability and willingness to communicate in multiple languages and across religious and political divides is particularly important at this time in our history. As a young Catholic, there are times when I find it difficult to agree with his point of view. However, in a world that seems increasingly willing to follow every new fad and fashion, I admire his steadfast reliance on principle and his courage to speak out against what is wrong.
Ryan Timoney

I think that the Pope is a lovely man and God bless him and look after him
Bethan Durham age 12 and Levi Caviell age 10

I am not a religious man but even I can see that Pope John Paul II is a charismatic man whose tireless work for the Church has touched millions.
Matt, Manchester

While I disagree with many of his policies regarding contraception and abortion, I am very saddened by this news. I hope his death comes without pain.
Dorothy Rothschild, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Pope has given me great inspiration as a young man
Aaron de Giorgio, Hamrun, Malta
The Pope has given me great inspiration as a young man. He fought for his beliefs like a warrior and served the world (not just Catholics) through his high and (potentially) privileged position. May God comfort His faithful Servant during these last hours. You have been true, Pope John Paul.
Aaron de Giorgio, Hamrun, Malta

The Pope is giving us a great example of serenity in the middle of his sufferings. Human suffering can be carried out with great dignity and I think this is a big teaching to our society that is afraid of death and of anything that involves pain and suffering.
Rosa Maria Todera, Valencia, Spain

I'm not bothered in the slightest. The Vatican is one of the most secretive and powerful organisations ever known. There are countless people all over the world whom dedicate their lives to others - without the splendour and recognition that the Pope receives. Where are the tributes to them?
Ryan, UK

He implored the world to strive to resolve its long struggle to reconcile peace, justice, and liberty
Will McElgin, Chicago USA
More than anything, John Paul always seemed to be advocating the uncompromising path, the best of the good fight. He implored the world to strive to resolve its long struggle to reconcile peace, justice, and liberty, not through artful half-measures, but through victory on all fronts.
Will McElgin, Chicago USA

I am not a Catholic, and disagree completely with much of what this pope and the Catholic Church have done, especially in Africa. I do, however, hope that he is not in pain and pray that his last days and hours will be used to bring people together.
James Snowsill, Woodford, UK

Pope John Paul II is indeed a 'Good Man' -in every sense of the word. His love for humanity and his strong faith and leadership is and has been an inspiration, not only to Catholics but to people of all faiths. He has touched the hearts and minds of so many and we are all so much better people for that. Love radiates from him and in turn our love for him is so deep and filled with gratitude. God Bless you Your Holiness, a special place in heaven awaits you.
Irma Kennedy, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

He is man of strength and integrity and my prayers are with him
Chima Odoemena, Imo State, Nigeria
As a Catholic I remember Pope John Paul II for he has done so much good and set such a fine example, led Christianity (including non-Catholics by example). He is man of strength and integrity and my prayers are with him, and I hope that when the time comes that the God he serves will seat him close to his right hand.
Chima Odoemena, Imo State, Nigeria

I really do not remember any other Pope and have come to admire him as a great communicator and leader of our Church. He has always been so kind and gentle and true to his values - which some may not approve but the fact that he has stood by them is an example of strength. I pray that this, his last journey, will take him with his Lord and be a comfortable and dignified one.
Claudia, Monterrey, Mexico

I am Church of Scotland and I have been a harsh critic of the Catholic Church in the past. However, there is no doubting the humanity of this great man. May he rest in peace, you are in my prayers John Paul, God bless you.
Allan Mackintosh, Scotland

Regardless of one's religion and belief, Pope John Paul has travelled the world and spread peace. It is now time to go and rest but before so doing, bless us all. You have enjoyed a glorious life and lead by example. Thank you for all you did and may you rest in peace. We will all remember you in our prayers.
Vince Abela, Malta

May your final hours be peaceful and may God greet you with open arms
Tony O'Donovan, London, England
Whilst I do not agree with everything that John Paul II has done, I believe him to be a man of great integrity. He changed the face of the Catholic Church and will always be remembered as a great statesman and man of peace. May your final hours be peaceful and may God greet you with open arms.
Tony O'Donovan, London, England

Irrespective of one's religious convictions, John Paul II 's courage and conviction in the face of personal suffering should be an inspiration to all.
Andy D, Oxford, UK

While I do not agree with some of the teachings of the Catholic Church, I respect the Pope because he has shown enormous strength and courage, particularly over the last few months. I heard somewhere that he was given the option to retire a few years ago but decided not to. He is obviously a man with great determination, commitment and faith and my prayers are with him today.
Mandy, Bristol

For us, for Poles these are difficult days. We are praying for the best Pole in history
Jaroslaw, Kety, Poland

My family, being both Catholic and Polish, have always had a "soft spot" for Pope John Paul II. I wish him Godspeed in his journey on from this life to the next. He has conducted himself with dignity and courage as his health has deteriorated, and I hope that he will be spared too much more suffering. God Bless, Father.
Amanda, Surrey, UK

This man has witnessed all the major events of the past century and has always sought to define the message of God in each and every one. He has been the most dramatic display of faith in Jesus, in a world that is constantly proposing new Gods. Soon he will carry his cross into Eternity and we will have to study hard the footprints he has left. God Bless you Karol.
David Power, Tipperary, Ireland

He has remained as strong-willed as ever throughout his illness
Agatha Jordan, Armagh, N.I
He has remained as strong-willed as ever throughout his illness; his evident spiritual and intellectual resistance towards his bodily decline is deeply moving and inspirational, both to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I was stunned to hear his Holiness has been given the Last Rites. Whatever happens now, God Bless you, Holy Father. We will pray for you.
Laura, Liverpool, UK

When the Pope came to Drogheda in 1979 I was there with the Cathedral Choir from the Ecclesiastical Capital of Armagh. I will never forget the atmosphere and I was so lucky that I got to shake his hand. I will never forget him.
Agatha Jordan, Armagh, N.I.

Regardless of one's creed, whether Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or any other, regardless of people even being agnostic or atheist, people can not help but admire this man for what he has done and for his bravery in speaking up against the common sway of things.
Lucille Hill, Brisbane, Australia

I am not a religious man and if I were I would not be Catholic, but I would like to say that the Pope has been a great ambassador for his church. Should he die his familiar face will be missed by millions who are not adherents to his religion. He has worked hard for many years and earned the respect of the world.
Angus Gulliver, Luton, UK

I will always remember the Pope as a man who reached out to people of all faiths. I do not think we will see another Pope with as much integrity or compassion.
Michael Doyle, Liverpool

Pope John Paul II has been a father to the Catholic world for his 26-year papacy. His life and his work have brought inspiration and reform to millions of Catholics across the globe, a man that will never and should never be forgotten. He will be remembered in our prayers at this a very poignant time in his glorious life.
Anthony Day, Hartlepool

This Pope has shown great dignity and humanity
Jim, Southampton, England
I am an atheist and strongly disagree with some of the actions of the Catholic Church, especially in S. America. However I believe that this Pope has shown great dignity and humanity in coping with his health.
Jim, Southampton, England

Great leader of the Catholic Church who has done much in his life to help inter-religious relations. His work may not be over, but it's time he got some rest. He will be missed by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
Mohamed, Birmingham, UK

Pope John Paul II is very much loved and not just by Roman Catholics and he is a great Statesman. I am Anglo Irish and am a lapsed Catholic and pray that he will be spared further suffering. I think it is obvious he only has a short time. God Bless You John Paul.
Angie, Herts, UK

This Pope has done so much good and set such a fine example, led Christianity (including non-Catholics by example) so well over so many years. He has said the truth, which is not always easy nor what we want to hear. He has my prayers, respect and I hope that when the time comes our God will seat him close to his right hand. A saint if ever there was one.
Jeremy Blatchford, Bristol, UK

I am really very saddened by this news. The hope that he's going to get better has now diminished. All we can do now is pray for him. Thank you Karol Wojtyla for everything you have done for us. My prayers are with you.
Miriam Salip Ahmad, Davao City, Philippines

If the Pope can do God's work despite such huge suffering, it shows how much more easily we, who suffer much less, can do His work. The Pope's final rest will be well earned.
Scott Latham, Redhill, England

After seeing the Pope when I was in Rome last year it was an exciting experience after being brought up a Catholic and I am deeply saddened and I pray that he goes peacefully. God bless him.
Odette Harris, London

I'm not a Catholic but this man has my utmost respect. The way he has conducted himself and led his people over the years should be an inspiration to us all.
Terry, Epsom, Surrey, England

An inspiration and moral leader for much of the world
Dave, Manchester, UK
Pope John Paul II has been the only Pope I've known, and as been mentioned before, he is like a grandfather. He is not only the leader of the Catholic Church, he is also an inspiration and moral leader for much of the world.
Dave, Manchester, UK

I am not a Catholic, and so can only judge John Paul II on a personal rather than professional level. I pray that his path, whatever and however long that may be, is peaceful.
Nicola Rippon, Derby, UK

What he needs now is our prayers, my prayers for him at the Holy Land. May the Almighty God reward him with abundant Grace and Mercy.
Charles, Cameroonian, living in Israel

I am not even a Christian, let alone a Roman Catholic and I disagree with a great many things that the Church as whole stands for. Yet nobody can underestimate the comfort and happiness that the Church brings to so many people the world over. There are far, far worse in this world and I hope that this Pope feels in his last moments that he has done his best and brought hope and happiness to those without it. We all know that he has.
Jack, Milton, UK

Well done, thou good and faithful servant
Julian Evans, Surrey, London
I offer my prayers that His Holiness will be free from his suffering. He has been a good Pope and it is a sad day both for the Holy See and the world. "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".
Julian Evans, Surrey, London

The death of Pope John Paul II will be a loss to the Church, but I am happy for Karol Wojtyla, who will shortly leave behind his suffering to be with his Lord.
Terry English, Wimbledon, England

I'd just like to know, are the people around him the ones giving him the pressure to appear in public the last month, or is he the one who is admirably putting up a brave front for the Church? If it is the former, I would like to see the Holy Father left to live out these last hours peacefully.
Z.Y. Lee, Sheffield, UK

It's our duty of everyone of us, to pray for him in his last days. I request all the believers to come forward and pray for his peaceful rest and he may rest with God.
Antony, Bangalore, India

It is very sad to hear this news, but it also brings to the spotlight of modern medicine prolonging the suffering of the patient.
Bumble, Dartford, UK

May his multi-facetted contribution not be lost under concentration on his teaching of sexual ethics alone
Jerry Gordon, London
This man has spoken out fearlessly against war, oppression, injustice and unjust economic systems. The world is losing a giant. May his multi-facetted contribution not be lost under concentration on his teaching of sexual ethics alone. May his last hours be peaceful and brave.
Jerry Gordon, London

I am 41 years old and although I remember Paul VI, John Paul II has brought a very different style and hope for our church. As is near to pass away, I pray God to receive him in heaven because he deserves it.
Leonid M. Irenge, Brussels, Belgium

I'm not religious at all, but the Pope has my thoughts at this difficult time in his life. He has made a massive impact on the world during his Papalship and I wish him well whatever happens.
Richard Price, Chippenham, UK

We await a miracle. May the grace of god bless and guide the Holy Father.
David Warburton, UK

I don't believe in God, but maybe those that do should take this as a sign that their god wants him to finally have some peace, be it in life or death.
Darryl LeCount, Paderborn, Germany

He has been part of our lives for so long and we wish him well at this difficult time.
Jules, London

The first thing I did when I heard of the news was pray
Roger, Lancaster
I'm not a Catholic whatsoever, and in fact have heavily criticised the Pope for many years. However, he is a human being who has struggled for a number of years with illness. The first thing I did when I heard of the news was pray... God bless this poor old man.
Roger, Lancaster

One of the great holy fathers of all time. His support of the Solidarity union in Poland helped start the destruction Communism and the liberation of Eastern Europe.
Gerod Wattier, Carnation, WA, USA

Though it comes as no surprise, there are no words that can really express what his loss will mean, not only to the Catholic Church, but to the entire world itself. He was the first Pope who made you feel as if he was your personal pastor. Like you counted as an individual person and not just as a member of the church. Bless you on your final journey home Your Holiness. It has been an honour and a blessing to be a Catholic and a human being during your reign. Amen.
Randy, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I am 30 years old and can't remember a time before John Paul II. While I don't agree with all the decisions he's made for the church, losing him will be like losing a grandfather. I hope he will be remembered for his role in defeating communism, and for his efforts to improve Catholicism's relations with other religions and to atone for the Church's past intolerance.
Laura Brown, London

He needs our prayers - he has mine
JW, Gloucestershire

Pope John Paul II, has been the Pope for my entire life and being Catholic I am saddened to hear such news that he has been given the last rites. I pray that God takes him peacefully.
Sarah Wright, Woodland, California, USA

Even though I am not Roman Catholic - I believe he is a truly good and courageous man. My thoughts and prayers are with him.
Julie, London, UK

May the beloved father have no further suffering. He will be cherished as a Pope who reigned over some of the most difficult times this world has encountered yet managed to give guidance and peace to many distressed pilgrims.
Sue Kinsey, London, England

As a Catholic I remember this man as a man of strength and integrity and my prayers are with him through this difficult time. If this is his time then let him pass in peace with our love and respect. He has been here throughout most of my life and will be remembered as a true man of peace.
Nicola Powell, Belgium (usually UK)

As a Christian (CoE) I wish him a peaceful and painless end of life and thank him for his tireless work. God bless.
David, England

I am not surprised by this news but it is sad to hear that the Pope appears to be finishing his "final lap" in his life.
John Elfed Hughes, Llanrwst area, Conwy, UK

I had the very great priviledge of meeting the pope in the late 70's at a huge youth rally in Rome. Many Thousands of us gathered together, singing joyous songs. Pope John Paul II was moved to see so many young persons. I kissed Pope John Paul's hand and received his blessing. My prayers and thoughts are with Pope John Paul II at this very sad time.
Carole Middleton, Cambridge UK

I'm so sad for what is imminent. I'm afraid of a world without him, his wisdom, guidance, integrity and compassion. He is the Church's rock. How could anyone fill his role? At the same time, I'm uplifted by the knowledge that Pope John Paul II will have a great and honoured place in Heaven; he is surely a great saint.

And "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." Without a doubt, he is dearly beloved by our Lord and Mary and all of heaven.
Therese Kim, Austin, TX; USA

I am a Muslim, and still feel very sad for him and think that Pope John Paul II is the best person in the world and whole world should learn from him. May Allah bless him. The world will miss him a lot.
Dr Muzharul Mannan, London, UK

He is a wonderful man. I have never met him, but he has helped me realise my calling in life and has helped my faith. He deserves his enternal reward. He is a living example to all.
Lindsay McGouran, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Pope John Paul II united a faith and counless nations, now let us pray the faith unites him with the Lord.
Nick Trueman, Swindon, United Kingdom


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