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Terri Schiavo death: Your reaction
Terri Schiavo
A political row has broken out in the US after the death of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged woman at the centre of a seven-year legal battle.

Senior Republican Tom DeLay, who leads the House of Representatives, condemned the US courts for allowing Mrs Schiavo to die, and promised continued support for Mrs Schiavo's parents.

Mrs Schiavo, 41, died in Florida on Thursday, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed.

What is your reaction to Terri Schiavo's death?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received so far:

I am thankful that Terri Schiavo's life and death have stimulated many to thoughtfully consider their own wishes concerning their care when incapacitated and to make those wishes known in writing. I do not believe that persons should be deprived of hydration and nutrition if their bodies are able to process it. None of us could survive being deprived of these basic necessities of life. As a nation, we need to clarify definitions that determine whether people will live or die and pass laws that protect those who have lost their ability to communicate their wishes. When making these laws, it seems wise to seriously consider testimony of people who have disabilties and those who have experienced a period of unresponsiveness.
Janice K. Goddard, United States

First and forth most, my wishes go out to her family and the husband. It is sad that she had to die the way she did - inmates get better treatment than that. For her husband to allow her to die the way she did was inhumane. Yes it was understandable that he felt she did not want to live on this way but I seriously doubt she wanted to die the way she did. With all the media and within the public eye. This should have been ended a long time ago if this is the way it was suppose to end.
Jennifer, Tennessee US

Finally, this poor woman has died after so much suffering. Now is the time for the self-righteous, hypocritical people on both sides of the issue to go home and leave the family, the only people that really cared about Mrs. Schiavo, to grieve in peace. Rest in peace, Terri Schiavo.
Andrew, USA

This has really been a painful process for Ms Schiavo's family and the whole country. I have read so many editorials, opinion columns, and activists on both sides go on and on about what they know to be the right thing for this woman. It makes me angry that any stranger would pretend to know what's best for her, and it makes me angrier that they would do this for political reasons. In the end, this is a personal and painful family issue - not a one for politicians or activists. We pray for peace for Terri and her family.
Sarah, North Carolina, US

I am a similar age to Terri, and I have a disability that will worsen as I grow older. If I'm ever in the same position as Terri, I hope my family will let me go, with dignity. I hope they would live with memories of happier times they'd spent with me and that they would go on living life to the fullest, having no regrets that I'm not with them. I hope too that my husband would not discount the fact that he might meet someone new. I recognise, however, that this is my personal view. It won't be the view of members of my own family, or other people necessarily. Rest in peace Terri. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Pennie Forthem, Uckfield, East Sussex, UK

I find it hypocritical that many of the same politicians and voters that claim to be on the side of life are the same people that vote to go to war and vote against universal healthcare.
Tristan, Seattle, WA

The manner of her death was cruel beyond description
Seamus, Ireland
I find it shocking that this poor woman was made to die of thirst and starvation. I have no objection to her being life being terminated, given her brain condition. But the manner of her death was cruel beyond description. Whatever the legal niceties, surely the humane thing to do would have been to end her life through lethal injection. A death row inmate is not made to endure Terry Schiavo's manner of death. Even a sick dog or horse is not deprived of food and water for two weeks but is put down humanely.
Seamus, Ireland

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for both Terri's husband and her parents and siblings. It is never easy to lose a loved one, but the truth is that the Terri they loved passed away 15 years ago. She had strong wishes about her future and entrusted them to her husband, a fact that seems to have been lost in the religious hysteria of the past weeks. I have always been frightened by the desire of a minority of religious figures to take away an individuals rights to choice, as exemplified by the debate over abortion, and the recent revelation that some pharmacists are refusing to dispense birth control medications on the basis of their beliefs. What terrifies me now is that these minorities have the power to exercise their will in a manner reminiscent of the puritan times, through the government of Bush.
Lina Coustan, Sydney, Australia

If you've ever worked in a hospital where you watch some patients on trachs and vents decline precipitously, living in agony - if not pain then an absolutely terrible quality of life - you wonder whether living in that fashion is worth it. But it's not the hospital worker's decision, no more than it is the court's or politician's. It's up to the patient and family, and we carry out their wishes. For your own sake, go to your solicitor (attorney) and make a living will and durable power of attorney.
Sean, USA

Like any other untimely death, this is tragic for family and friends, but it sickens me that she has been used as a pawn by the conservative 'Christian' right. Bush has not shown a fraction of this concern for the lives of those on Death Row, or civilians in Iraq.
Steve Roberts, London

It's none of my business, none of the international media's business and certainly none of the US congress' business
Steve, Cornwall, England
What is everybody's problem? This is a highly personal, emotional matter for those specific individuals who actually knew Terri Schiavo. It's none of my business, none of the international media's business and certainly none of the US congress' business. What kind of soulless group of people must they (congress) be to call an emergency vote over a family crisis, but are only too happy to have a holiday after revealing a record trade deficit. Get a life, let other people lead theirs & make their own decisions in peace!
Steve, Cornwall, England

The only difference in removing Terri's feeding tube and euthanasia is 13 days of cruelty. What we have here is a blatant display ethical relativity.
David Conner, New York City, US

I just don't understand persons who say they are pro life and against artificial ways of both conception and contraception... So, why would they advocate an artificial maintenance of life even when under inhumane or subhuman conditions? Aren't they the same who advocate war and death penalty? Incoherent, isn't it?
Jon Huhm, Sao Paulo, Brazil

At the age of 54, my mother collapsed in her home. That was 8 years ago. She is in the exact position that Terri Schiavo was. The only difference is that my mother is completely brain dead and Terri was brain damaged. I am terribly sorry and empathize for the family and friends who love and care for Terri. My mother always taught me that what ever life brings you, good and bad, you deal with it. I love my mother dearly and would not wish this kind of situation on anyone. I'm very sorry to hear that Terri has passed away. Micheal did not have the right to starve Terri. This is a very sad day, for the world. Terri, her family and friends have been in my prayers and will continue to be always.
Cherie, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My sympathies to Terri's family and husband on the difficult time and decisions that had to be made. Terri's condition must have been a great burden to many people, and perhaps to herself as well. By the standards of our western democratic society, she also had nothing of value to contribute to society, just like the homeless, hungry and AIDS sufferers, we see on our streets here in South Africa everyday. Should we also deny them the basic essentials of food, water, and ARV's? Let's spare a prayer for Terri, her family, and for our society, which sometimes seems to be failing in its goal to make the world a more loving place.
Graeme van der Walt, Roodepoort, South Africa

We must all feel deep sympathy for Mrs. Sciavo, her husband, children and parents. This is the worst dilemma for any family to face. There are no winners or losers - just a tragedy for all.
Kev, Indiana

I think that Terri is certainly better off freed from her earthly self. In addressing this, I have to let it be known that the people who were protesting the removal of her feeding tube need to realize something. My concept of God's will is this: If any of the major systems needed to survive needs mechanical intervention, then you are interfering with God's will. God didn't design the human race with modern medicine's life support system keeping us alive did he.
Manuel Mendoza, San Fernando, CA

Who is to contend that the terminally ill cannot die with dignity unless their lives are terminated (with or without their consent)?
Patrick McKay, Bedford, UK
It really annoys me to hear people like Michael Schiavo talk about 'dying with dignity' - as if deliberately ending someone's life is the only way to ensure that they 'die with dignity'. Who is to contend that the terminally ill cannot die with dignity unless their lives are terminated (with or without their consent)? What is 'dignified' about a slow and painful death caused by the withholding of nourishment and hydration?
Patrick McKay, Bedford, UK

My deepest sympathy is extended to Terri and to the grief stricken families. I can only imagine what's going to happen next. I would imagine the parents filing some wrongful death lawsuit at this point. Overall, it's unfortunate how far people will go when sides don't agree. In this case, there are no wrongs or rights. It just an unfortunate circumstance that could have been dealt with differently.
Steven Goodman, Washington D.C.

500 young in our military killed in contrived war and we obsess endlessly on 15 year brain dead person in a permanent vegetative condition.
Wayne Wall, Longboat Key FL USA

This should have been a personal matter that really did not need people world-wide to put in their two cents on the issue. How much time and effort was wasted due to everyone trying to interfere with what should have been a private family matter? Worst of all in my mind is that huge sums of cash were offered as bribe money to Mr. Schiavo in an effort to buy his morals and feelings. I am proud of Mr. Schiavo for staying true to his feelings and beliefs in a world where money is apparently the ultimate solution.
Chase, Portland, OR, USA

I feel sorry for all parties involved. This has gotten totally out of control. Her family should have had counselling years ago to help understand and accept this. Also Terri had an eating disorder that bought this on. Where was the family on this? She was starving herself before. People should make their last wishes known and in writing to save there loved ones the stress.
Cheryl Borgens, Wisconson, USA

I don't believe Terri should have been starved to death, but I believe her husband probably knew her best and what he felt she would want should be taken into account before everything else.
Jess, UK

We were not put on this earth to suffer as Terri was
Margaret, North Lincolnshire, UK
We were not put on this earth to suffer as Terri was, that is not God's intention. The decision was the right one for her and her family. They will realise this with time.
Margaret, North Lincolnshire, UK

The president and legislature overreached their power according to the constitution. And, according to Christian doctrine, the husband and wife are in charge of each other's life and death wishes. I believe no one should have interfered.
CM Baker, Tulsa OK USA

As much as my sympathies go out to all Terri's family members, I do especially hope that her husband will be allowed to continue his life without hate and justice surrounding him. He had to make a decision that most of us could not even comprehend, and he has to live with that alone. Peace be with you now Michael, we don't all hate you.
Helen, England

She's been gone for years; her body simply didn't know it. There's more to a person than simple biological life.
Dave Weingart, LI, NY, USA

This is a sad day for humanity
Asif Khan, Pakistan
This is a sad day for humanity and it shows that man made law is superior than humanity
Asif Khan, Pakistan

I hope that the media circus surrounding this poor woman will now die off. It's sick that politicians and pressure groups have used this sad case as a springboard for their own political gains.
Steve, London, UK

She is with god and at peace.
Vicki, Sodus, NY

Had God willed; she would have recovered. Instead of blaming Mr. Schiavo of being 'heartless', the fight to keep a badly brain damaged woman in a vegetative state with no life and barely a soul is no less than being cruel. May her soul rest in peace.
Ayesha Khan, Karachi, Pakistan

As a nurse for the past 30 years, our perspective of what death should be has changed. However, whatever happened to the idea that none of us would live forever? Terri's timely death brings that back strongly to the forefront. The field of medicine was never intended to prolong life in an inhumane way. Had Terri collapsed prior to the age of ventilators and other means of life support, she would have died a natural death and no-one would have thought a thing of it. Now we have lost sight of when is what we do, too much. I support Terri's husband in his decision to allow Terri dignity in dying. Many will not agree with me, but I feel that choice is and should always be in the hands of the legal next of kin. Families often don't agree deep in their hearts, and I am sorry for Terri's parents, but Terri's death was the right thing to be allowed to happen.
Donna, Las Vegas, NV, USA

She had the right to die and rest in peace
Sebastian Paz, Caracas, Venezuela
She had the right to die and rest in peace. To live with tubes is not life. I would prefer to die instead of a very long life of suffering.
Sebastian Paz, Caracas, Venezuela

I wonder - would American public opinion have been so pro "right to die" if it had been Terri who was well with a new partner while Michael was brain damaged and on a feeding tube?
Jennie Jonasson, Kopavogur, Iceland

It is very good that Terry has gone to be with her maker. Some Republican law makers, especially Tom Delay, who thinks he holds this country in his hands, had wanted to use this woman to score some political points undermining the judiciary. But thank God our judges stood their ground.
Festus Iyare, Boston USA

Whilst I am more-or-less anti-abortion, I am definitely pro-euthanasia as keeping Mrs Schiavo alive does no-one any good. Her family has had to go through the trauma of the whole event and doctors are being condemned as Nazis for ending all of this. Keeping her alive also places a burden on the health service to keep her maintained, and for what, so she can live longer in this world and be delayed into the afterlife?
Tony, Tyneside, UK

This poor woman was caught in a fight between her husband and her father, over money. Yes, it was very sad that this was in the media's eyes. But before you blame either side, investigate both sides, and remember that she was married to her husband. I feel more sorrow for him than I do for her family. Tom DeLay has used this to keep everybody's mind off his own ethical problems.
Allen, Vancouver, USA

All the fuss about euthanasia is responsible for Terri's uncomfortable death. In 1952 my father, suffering from lung cancer developed a brain tumour. Our doctor came, remarked "I think he has had enough", gave him an injection and he died quietly in a short time. Now a doctor would be struck off for this mercy killing.
Kathleen, Welwyn, UK

Who knows what Terri would have wanted, we will never know for sure. The only thing that is known is that now she is not suffering. Who could imagine the inner turmoil of someone who one day is fit and full of life, and then a terrible accident changes everything? She must have been aware of the change, and what a terrible thing it must have been for her.
Laura, England

Some commentators cite biblical principles in the belief that these should apply in such cases. In biblical times the technology did not exist to feed people by artificial means and Terri would have died 10 years ago when it was her time to die.
Gordon Greenall, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

It is medical technology gone mad to keep a person alive in her condition for so long
Neil Gregson, Bolton, England
My wife has been in a persistent vegetative state for 19 months following a brain haemorrhage. She would not have wished to continue as she is but we can't even get the case to court. My sympathies go out to all Terri Schiavo's relatives, but I believe her parents were wrong to want her life prolonging. It is medical technology gone mad to keep a person alive in her condition for so long. There must be a better way to end life without the starvation and dehydration. We treat pets better than we treat human beings.
Neil Gregson, Bolton, England

I think it's a shocking reminder of everything that's wrong in America that Terri Schiavo was allowed to starve to death, but their condemned criminals are given a lethal injection.
Kate, Bristol, UK

Hope she died peacefully, I hope that her death will encourage more people to set up living wills. But ultimately I fear it will encourage more people to turn away from politics amid the disgusting attempts to profit politically from this poor family.
Gavin, Hayle, UK

I am not saying I am happy that Terri died, but I am happy that her husband was allowed to make that decision for her, instead of her parents or Jeb Bush, as these types of decisions should fall to the next of kin and changing that would set a chilling precedent.
Joshua Hopkins, Whitesboro, NY, USA

What a horrible way to go - starved of food and water, and possibly conscious of what was happening. Is this the humanity fans of euthanasia desire?
Andrew, Cardiff

Everyone talks about "what she would have wanted." I doubt she would have wanted to die as a media spectacle, but that is what her family has done. These are intensely personal issues, that should remain that way.
Scott Cassel, Indianapolis, US

Now she is free to rest in peace
Karen Audet, Edmonton, Canada
My deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to Terri's parents and siblings as well as her husband. Terri was and is an Angel of God and for 15 years that angel lived in a gilded cage. Now she is free to rest in peace. Those who mourn her death should also celebrate her life.
Karen Audet, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A sad event, but at least it puts an end the machinations of the parents and the US government.
David Hyatt, Charleston, SC, USA

The irony is that while President Bush says he wants a culture of life, the Republican Party has a culture of pro-gun and pro-death penalty! What a hypocrite.
Ian Bishop, Upland, USA

I am grateful that Terri has made her transition, with her husband's blessing. In spite of all outside pressure. I think he did what Terri wanted, to end her life, so that she can go on to far greater things, in her spiritual growth.
Kamara Le, White Rock, Canada

It's not just the high-profile cases that deserve sympathy
Allison, Boston, USA
I find it ironic that those people who claimed to have such respect for life spent weeks disrupting the day to day workings of a hospice. How many other families were in that hospice dealing with the illness or death of a loved one? Their tragedies were compounded by the presence of an uninvited mob that continually tried to break into the building, necessitating police lock-downs. People need to learn to channel their pity into more appropriate channels - maybe volunteer at a local hospital - and leave people to endure their own family tragedies in peace. It's not just the high-profile cases that deserve sympathy.
Allison, Boston, USA

I wish that all those who have read the media coverage no matter of race or religion say a prayer for this courageous young woman. The argument is flawed on both sides but I now that I would not want to be kept alive artificially for so long
Tom Bligh, Brussels

Hopefully now this poor woman can rest in peace. The people on all sides who have turned her life and death into an opportunity for a media and political circus ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Melani, Richmond, VA, USA

My heart goes to all her relatives and to all who loved her and knew her much better than us
Tatiana, USA
As a Christian, I pray that her soul will be rested with saints and angels, "where is no pain, no sadness, no crying". She was a believer, and has received last Communion shortly before the end. My heart goes to all her relatives - husband, parents, and siblings, to all who loved her and knew her much better than us. I am not here to judge anyone.
Tatiana, USA

The very fact that I have watched, considered and am commenting on Terri Schiavo's death has robbed her of the quiet dignity that her husband fought so hard for.
Phil B-C, Maidenhead

Very sad, but glad it's over for her. I still don't understand why she was allowed to die a lingering death when she could so easily have been 'put to sleep' with an injection. I found Bush's sudden concern for the sanctity of life absolutely nauseating.
Clive, Alberta, Canada

This is a merciful relief, and is clearly what she wanted. In situations like this her wishes are the only ones which should be taken into account, not those of her parents, Christian leaders, or George W Bush.
Larry, Leeds

Her death has shown the people that one should make their wishes known to everyone
Brittany, Pinellas Park , Florida
I hope some resolution goes to her family and friends, including her husband Michael. What was a personal family case turned into an international frenzy. Her death has shown the people that one should make their wishes known to everyone.
Brittany, Pinellas Park , Florida

I would like to know how this new law is going to affect Living Wills. I would not like to be kept alive like Terri was at all.
Harry W. Barron, Sheffield, IL

Let's please get real. The Schiavo case is about one thing only: a chance for shameless American political hacks to milk one family's tragedy for their own personal political gain. It's a sad day for democracy.
Buck, West Virginia, USA

I am sick to death of religion. No matter what faith it is only ever seen to be responsible for death and suffering and yet again we see someone made to suffer for a so called "gods will". When I look at the picture of Terri I see a person not a pawn in some Christian fundamentalist's games. I see pain not gods love. Wake up America and smell the coffee your god has deserted you make humanity your god.
Gary, Bournemouth UK

Surely life must be more valuable than death?
Cristina Newton, Alton, Hants
Can I ask that before anybody else writes about 'poor Terri' or 'at least she's now free' they check out the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation web-site and watch some of the video evidence? This was a woman with a life to live and family who wanted to share that life with her. Surely life must be more valuable than death?
Cristina Newton, Alton, Hants

I think this was a horrible way for anyone to die. She did not deserve this and those responsible for letting her die will be held accountable. I am deeply saddened by this.
Phil, Vernon, Wilbarger CO

The US is the only country which seems to waste a lot of time and energy over what should have been a private affair. Instead of expending precious resources on the inevitable death of Terri, if the same energy can be spent on addressing core issues that plague the average "living" American, surely the States will be a better place to live in!
Nivedita Nadkarni, Madison, USA

At least now she can rest in peace, whether or not it was the right decision it doesn't matter anymore. If she was understand things going on around her she no longer as to endure the bickering of her husband and parents. RIP
Gwe, Wellingborough

I see this as a blessing to a very long and hard battle. It is just a shame that you could not have gone with respect earlier. I'm sorry for all your families who are suffering. May you know rest in peace Terri.
Louise, Cardiff, Wales

A genuinely heart-rending sequence of events - the right to life and death played out in the media
Adam, Hampshire, UK
A genuinely heart-rending sequence of events - the right to life and death played out in the media and the courts while a woman slowly starves and dehydrates, unable to put her own opinions across. Convicted murderers are afforded a quicker and more humane end to their lives than this. The parents can rest knowing that they took their battle as far as they could; they did as much of their duty to their daughter as the law would allow. Ms Schiavo is not the first and I doubt she will be the last to be caught in this situation, but hopefully the courts will re-examine how the whole drama unfolded, and will be able to put checks and controls in place to try to ensure it never happens again.
Adam, Hampshire, UK

To the parents of Terri Schiavo - my deepest sympathy. God bless you both and to your family as well.
Betty Leusink, Regina Sask. Canada

At last! Now her husband can grieve her passing of over a decade ago.
Rufus, UK

Terri was basically euthanized in a very inhumane way I would say. The issue in my mind is whether society will allow/condone/accept euthanasia and, if so, under what circumstances.
Bucky Montano, USA

This has been a travesty of Terri's civil and constitutional rights
Nate, Michigan, USA
My heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Terri and her family. I think this has been a travesty of Terri's civil and constitutional rights.
Donna, Plano, USA

We execute criminals by lethal injection, yet we starve people who have done nothing wrong. We are one screwed up nation.
Nate, Michigan, USA

Terri Schiavo is in a much better place, if the strong religious convictions her parents says she lived by are indeed true. Her husband was and still is in a difficult position, but he must be admired for sticking to his decision and respecting what he believes were her wishes.
S. Eduardo Rolle, Sheffield

I hope that the media circus surrounding this poor woman will now die off. It's sick that politicians and pressure-groups have used this sad case as a spring-board for their own political gains.
Steve, London, UK

Whether the decision was right or wrong, they should have found a more humane way to end her life rather than starving the poor woman to death. They should have the guts to end her life quickly
Elias Kostopoulos, Athens, Greece

I think, eventually, even her parents will see that this was best for Terri and everyone involved.
Ryan Healy, Tucson, Arizona

For all of you in the USA who do not have health care proxies and living wills, use this case as a wake up call
Kenneth Paulsen, Malden, USA
This poor woman should have allowed to die years ago. She's been gone for years, but had been kept alive artificially. For all of you in the USA who do not have health care proxies and living wills, use this case as a wake up call, otherwise you may find the government determining if and when you die. The religious right in this country has no respect for privacy and wished to impose it's views on all of us. The Schiavo case is a clear example.
Kenneth S. Paulsen, Malden, Mass, USA

Terri's tube should never be removed. By so doing, the parties who supported it must be answerable to the law and most important to God and the girl's parents. It is very sad indeed.
Philip Lau, Singapore.

May she rest in peace, and hopefully both families can begin to heal.
Kirt Niedrist, Pennsylvania, USA

Terri Schiavo was killed by the judges of the USA. She was not on life support only a feeding tube.
Marvin, Newport USA

She had suffered enough; it's time for her to be free. May her soul go in peace.
April Bui, Houston, United States

Thank goodness her ordeal is over, and she can have some dignity at last. Those people who want to impose their values on her are misguided in their beliefs, and should have allowed her to end her unequal struggle in life.
John Wynford, Dorchester, Dorset

Even criminals are not starved to death in the United States
James, Berks
Why could she not, assuming that she would have wanted to die in the first place, be allowed to die humanely? Even criminals are not starved to death in the United States. Surely this is inhumane and unwarranted suffering for someone lacking a voice of their own?
James, Berks

Terri sleep well! Finally you were allowed to find the peace. Shame on everybody who tried to abuse Terri's case for a religious, political, ideological and greed purposes!
Tibor, Washington, D.C., USA

If George W Bush, the Republicans and their Christian fundamentalist allies are really so keen on preserving life, then why don't they introduce a national health service in the USA? I find it hard to believe that they would be so outraged if Terry Schiavo had lived in a trailer park and hadn't been able to afford expensive medical insurance.
Steve Cooke, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

It seems a very cruel way to be kind, starving someone to death.
Martin, London UK

It is a complicated case. She was a daughter before she became a wife, so the parent's decision should have had priority.
Jorge Supelano, Caracas, Venezuela

I thank God that this family's ordeal has finally ended. I sympathize with both the parents and husband. However, were I to be in Ms. Schiavo's position I would make perfectly clear to all concerned that I have no intention to go on living in that state. Just because I am alive does not mean I am living.
Dave, Chicago, IL

This is a personal, family matter that has only become a public affair through the interference of religious lunatics
Paul, Norwich, UK
The main item on your news page - after leading with your dramatic 'BREAKING NEWS' banner. Why? This is a personal, family matter that has only become a public affair through the interference of religious lunatics and self-appointed busybodies. It is not a matter for the state nor for public discussion. I think the BBC has acted irresponsibly - not to mention sensationally - by adding fuel to the fire. Leave the family to deal with their personal, family matter and tell us about real news that we have a right to be a party to.
Paul, Norwich, UK

May there be a God that takes you in his arms and holds you tightly.
Jose Fernandez, Barcelona

I am so sorry and my heart goes out to her parents. I was sickened when I learned what was being done to Terry. The courts should have put her into her parents care due to the lack of written permission from Terri herself.
Di Rayburn, Bracknell Berks

It was not like at any time she would just snap out of it to any sort of enjoyable life is it? I think the husband as the next of kin (and what people tend to forget, the closest to her) rightly should have made the call on this one. It is just a shame that the lady's family couldn't see things with such clarity as the husband. It would have been selfish to keep this pale reflection of the daughter they knew alive.
Paul Dewhirst, Dewsbury

Only God should take a person's life
Catherine, Suffolk, UK
Only God should take a person's life. There is a time to be born and a time to die. In such hard emotive cases it is good to have absolute Biblical principles to apply; otherwise who are we to decide such matters on behalf of another person? Main feeling is sympathy to everyone involved.
Catherine, Suffolk, UK

Appalling. It took her 13 days to die. I thought we were always taught that people would die in 3-4 days without water. Sounds to me that she was in much better health than given credit for or she had a strong will to live.
Brad, Atlanta, USA

I hope everyone now knows the importance of letting family know your wishes. Tell them today. RIP Terri.
Jessica, Texas, USA

This woman died 15 years ago. It was only through artificial means that her body was kept marginally functioning. I am saddened by the fact that she has passed, but I am more saddened by the grandstanding that some in my country have engaged in for political gain at her expense.
Damien, Nashville

Imagine being trapped in your own body, unable to move, eat or express your own wishes. It is understandable that those who care for you would want to keep you alive but what would you have to look forward to? Decades of lying in a bed, unimaginable boredom, with the occasional visitor trying to work out whether anything is going on inside your head but unable to do anything for you. We need disinterested third parties to make difficult decisions for us rather than the keep alive at all costs activists who would have condemned this poor woman to a lifetime of misery assuming she was even aware of her condition.
Juris, London

Rest in peace, Terri. I'm sorry your last days were a media circus and political theatre played out in front of the world.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

Now she can rest peacefully without the world watching
James D, Birmingham, UK
Now she can rest peacefully without the world watching and giving their two cent nonsense.
Ray, Boston, USA

May God Bless her soul and deepest sympathy to her family. The decision to remove the feeding tube was, in my opinion, a correct one.
James D, Birmingham, UK

God rest her soul, and I hope she has found peace at last. There's nothing more to say.
Jon Perrin, Lincoln, UK


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