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What do you think of Charles' press comments?
Princes Harry, Charles and William
Prince Charles has been caught voicing his dislike of the press at a photo call during the Royals' annual skiing holiday in Switzerland.

The prince muttered "Bloody people. I can't bear them" and "I hate doing this" as he posed with his two sons near the resort of Klosters.

The comments were picked up, unknown to Charles, on microphones resting in the snow in front of the royals as they answered questions.

Charles' communication secretary Paddy Harverson said he had not been looking forward to the photo call after images of William and a friend had been published in the British press.

What do you think of Charles' comments about the press?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Good on Charles for saying what he thought
Caroline, Plymouth, UK
Charles never asked to be the heir to the throne and the circus of celebrity media has now encompassed the Royal Family. I found the whole incident very funny and good on Charles for saying what he thought - maybe he should have said it louder. The best bit, however, had to be William's response to questions about his relationship with Kate Middleton.
Caroline, Plymouth, UK

Charles knew the microphones were there. He commented on them when they arrived. His comments demonstrated carelessness and lack of diplomacy. This was an organised photoshoot with a few simple questions. By contrast, William answered the questions, joked a little, and behaved much more like a future King (assuming Tom Parker Bowles doesn't acquire the title). I think it's time for Charles to step down.
Chris S, Glos, UK

If the Royal Family continues to believe that they are 'above us' just because they are rich with lots of land, then we must continue to treat them differently and hound them mercilessly until they go away. They are no better than us and we have to teach them to understand that.
Dave, Auckland, New Zealand

And we all know which photos the media are most likely to print - the one which shows Prince Charles in a bad light, with his sons smiling alongside.
Caren, England

A tablespoon of manners was all that was needed
Kim Righetti, Upland, Calif. USA
A tablespoon of manners was all that was needed. I'd be more concerned that two future Kings of England and heads of the Anglican Church are living with women before marriage. What kind of example does this set?
Kim Righetti, Upland, Calif. USA

Everyone hates posing for photographs, why should they be any different? Give the man peace.
J Stewart, UK

Like father like son. Charles and William? No, I meant Philip and Charles. Let's move into the 21st century and have a republic.
Dave, Gateshead

Why is this news?! Why do we care about what these people do?! I'm not referring to Charles' comments, but to the fact there are journalists there at all, taking photos of the Royal Family on holiday. Presumably the journalists are responding to a desire (perceived or real) on the part of readers/viewers to see the fascinating escapades of the Royal Family. There are plenty of us out here who could not care less that the Royals are skiing in Switzerland.
Paul, Canada

Royals are born into "celebrity" and have little choice. It's all very well saying "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" but in reality he can't. I am sure he would have saved his comments for later if he had known about the microphones - but at least it kept the two princes smiling throughout the proceedings!
Lynda Beck, Southampton, UK

If he hates it that much he can always renounce his title and get a job like the rest of us.
Suresh, London

Charles is entitled to a private life
Roger Sheriff, Devon
The Prince has been vilified by most of the press whenever it suits them. The press ignore their own self imposed constraints. Charles is entitled to a private life, even if he is our future king. The press are usually extremely two faced, being pleasant to Charles on one occasion and denigrating him the next. Bloody people is far too polite.
Roger Sheriff, Devon

Charles should be careful - he is becoming increasingly more irrelevant.
S Bristol, UK

Oh please, give the man a break. Everyone - even people you don't like for whatever selfish reason - have the right to be in a bad mood once in a while. I don't know of many people who would change places with the royals if they knew what life was really like for them - especially considering that they had no choice in the matter.
Lisa, Cambridge, UK

Celebrities or royalties, there is always a human side of us. Have hordes of press and paparazzi ever shown the princes any respect for their privacy? None. You harvest what you sow. Thank God, Charles is only human. And I am proud that his sons stand by him. No matter what the press want to present about Charles, William and Harry they are a family. Don't destroy their family as you would not want others to destroy yours.
Randy, KUL Malaysia

So the age of banal questions is not dead! This quality of journalistic interrogation belongs in the same category as the "yes, well never mind all that how did you enjoy the rest of your visit to Dallas, Mrs Kennedy?" What a complete farce this 'royal chasing' is. Can't blame you Charles - but as it happens I wasn't interested in a sensible answer anyway.
Colin Brown, Hythe, Hampshire

I think Charles should be ashamed of himself... his sons handled the situation much more maturely than he did. He seems to be taking after his father in leaps and bounds, whereas fortunately the boys are taking after their mother!
C Routledge, Monifieth

I am paying for his holiday. I pay for the clothes on his back. I pay for the alcohol his sons get drunk on and the entry tickets into the clubs. I pay for their schooling, and the petrol and the cars that get them around. I pay for the roofs over their heads and for the food that they eat. I pay for these "bloody people" and "I hate doing this".
Tom Franklin, London, UK

Does anyone really want him as King?
Helen, Australia
If Charlie dislikes these "Bloody people" so much, why doesn't he just hand over to William? Does anyone really want him as King?
Helen, Australia

Well done, Charles! Time someone let the press know what we ALL think of them. Good luck for next Friday - we are all supporting you and Camilla!
Sandra, Vale of Evesham, England

It seems Charles has been taking lessons in tact and diplomacy from Prince Philip.
Jamie Reeves, Hounslow, UK

He should be more thankful to the 'bloody people' as we're the ones footing his holiday bills.
Jamie Samat, Northants, UK

Let him live his life with the woman of his choice
Alison Bevin, Aberdeen, Scotland
Give the man a break! He's being harassed beyond belief. Let him live his life with the woman of his choice in peace and stop all the negativity.
Alison Bevin, Aberdeen, Scotland

Why does Charles want to be king? He hates publicity and wants the law twisted to suit his desires. He would have made a great king 700 years ago, but will have a nasty shock if it should happen today.
Paul, Hereford, UK

Just remember who's paying for the holiday and his lifestyle in general. About time we got rid of the monarchy. Use the money for a more worthwhile cause.
Adam, Basingstoke

Yes, he is human but as a figurehead and future monarch, this kind of attitude is not acceptable under any circumstances
Dee, County Antrim

How many excuses can people come up with to explain this bad behaviour? Yes, he is human but as a figurehead and future monarch, this kind of attitude is not acceptable under any circumstances. This was an arranged photo shoot and interview session, plus, he knew the microphones were there. No, this was simply unacceptable and showed him up for what we already know he is - an arrogant, pampered man with a huge superiority complex. If they want the monarchy to continue they must accept that this is part of the job description and behave with dignity befitting their station in life!
Dee, County Antrim, N Ireland

Charles will know some of the members of the press that were in front of him at the time of the photo shoot, and he will be aware of the sort of bigoted and ignorant republican rubbish that these people were going to write alongside the photos that they were taking. I see many people have written similar rubbish on this web page. We have now established that the feeling is mutual: surprise me!
Oliver Adams, Godalming, UK

He came across as a decent bloke trying to have a holiday with his kids, getting rightfully irritated by irritating people.
Magnus, Leeds, UK

I support the monarchy but not Prince Charles. He should now 'consider his position'. Compare him to Mr Witchell who has worked hard for the last 25 years from the Falklands to Klosters, serving his country. He deserves respect not disdain. Time to step down Charles.
Jim Hoare, Brentwood, Essex

I am 100% behind the Prince's comments and was hugely warmed by his obvious close relationship with his sons. All the best for the wedding and a happy future.
Joanna Copp, Oxford, Oxon

Considering the treatment meted out to him recently by the media, Prince Charles is entitled to make very much stronger comments in my opinion.
Jim, Aylesbury, UK

Maybe Charles wanted to deflect the attention away from William's love affair? if so fair play to the old man!
Mark, London

Charles' only job is to be a figurehead for the country, a job that he performs appallingly badly
Laurence, London
Since we pay for this family and we the people have allowed them to continue reaping all of the wealth and privilege that their position entails. I cannot see that any of them have any right to display such disdain, disregard and arrogance to the press. Charles' only job is to be a figurehead for the country, a job that he performs appallingly badly. Does he want, wealth, palaces and servants all paid for while simultaneously leading a private life of leisure in anonymity?
Laurence, London

I think it's great that the Royals are sounding like real human beings. About time someone told the press what they thought of them.
Rebecca, Whitstable

I think Charles should have more respect than to make comments like he did. He should remember that he needs the press as much as they need him. He is in a privileged position and he should start acting like we expect a future king to act, not like an overpaid footballer.
Peter Smith, Netherlands

I think that the press should boycott the Royal wedding and let the Prince have his wish.
Alan Coxon, Newcastle upon Tyne

Charles has chosen the worst possible enemy! The British media (particularly the tabloids) are quite ruthless and they will now go for him in a determined way. Frankly he deserves it.
Paddy Briggs, Teddington, UK

Spot on Charles. The media is out of control and whether by design or shear frustration it pleases me that that there is at least one person in this world who is prepared to openly express his feelings. Best wishes and every happiness on your forthcoming marriage.
Tim Rollinson, Tonbridge, UK

It's about time Charles grew up. He has had years to learn how to do his 'job' which includes getting on with the media. He should have realised by now that we are no longer in the deferential nineteenth century. Charles should learn from his sons how to behave.
David Peevers, Buckingham, England

Nobody forces any of the Royal family to take part in their traditional role
Kenneth Ingle, Germany
Nobody forces any of the Royal family to take part in their traditional role. Those who continue to live from taxpayers money however, must realise that every job has its disadvantages. I was never asked if I wanted to do my National Service, but Charles has the choice to do something else if he feels he is not fit for his job.
Kenneth Ingle, Bielefeld, Germany

The comments are well deserved. The media needs to go on a holiday. I hear Alaska is nice.
Cally, East Coast, US

He has every right to feel aggrieved with the press, considering the beating he has taken from them. To have to sit there smiling while they take photos and ask inane questions, its no surprise he feels the way he does. I hold no particular warmth for the royal family, but it is good to see Charles fight back for once. It shows he is human after all. More power to people like him who fight the "celebrity culture" in our society.
Peter, Brough, UK

The media has crucified and hounded him. So why wouldn't he not be fed up with the media. After all I'd be fed up having to turn up for a photo shoot in the middle of a holiday.
Martin, Bath, UK

Good on Charles. Nothing like an occasional bit of pay back aimed at the media in general who have hounded him for years. There is also an old saying which could be applied to the use of sensitive microphones, don't eavesdrop if you don't want to hear ill of yourself.
Bob Cotton, Christchurch, New Zealand

If he can't stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen
Joan, UK
Charles is an absolute disaster for the monarchy, if he can't stand the heat he should get out of the kitchen. Considering all the money he gets from the tax payers in this country is it too much to ask that he endures some inane questions from journalists who are only trying to do their jobs?
Joan, UK

From what I heard, the Prince wasn't criticising all reporters, just one particular reporter. Maybe its time the BBC changed its royal correspondent seeing as he has seriously annoyed the people he's supposed to be covering?
John R Smith, UK

I can only assume Prince Charles calculated that the contrast between his own boorish display and Prince William's graceful behaviour would confirm in the public's mind the impression that William would be eminently more suited than he to become king one day. Perhaps we should soon expect an announcement to the effect that he will be renouncing his right to succession to spend more time with his organic vegetables?
Ignace, Hoorn, Holland

I am afraid every time this self obsessed, over privileged insular little man opens his mouth, irrespective of the circumstances; I develop a greater desire to be a citizen within the Republic of Great Britain.
Alistair, Edinburgh, UK

I have never seen a better case made for the republican cause than the photo call today
AT, Hinckley UK
Ah; grace, good manners, kindness, an understanding of the role of leadership, things we associate with.... well not Prince Charles. I have never seen a better case made for the republican cause than the photo call today.
AT, Hinckley UK

It's about time the press in this country was exposed for rabble that it is. Therefore I entirely agree with the sentiment behind the reported comments.
Chris Day, Edinburgh, Scotland

The media really are sinking into triviality and bringing themselves into justified contempt. Given all that goes on in the world are the under-the-breath comments of Prince Charles really of such global importance that they merit such attention? I suggest you get off his back and off our nerves. We do not pay our licence fee for this sort of thing. Leave it to the tabloids!
Paul Johnston, Chessington, England

Imagine being scrutinised and examined for everything that you do
William Rizk, London
I can totally understand how he feels. Imagine being scrutinised and examined for everything that you do and having almost no privacy. The fact that we are all talking about something he was rightfully upset about on the 'Have Your Say' section further emphasises this point and will lead to him feeling even more upset as a result. Leave him and his family alone.
William Rizk, London, England

His Royal Highness is absolutely right to express his feelings about the self-serving mongrels that make up the media in this country and abroad. I hope he continues to champion the cause of the common man against these self-glorifying egocentric journalist morons. Good Luck to you, Sir!
Mike, Blackpool, UK

It isn't just the media that Charles Windsor has contempt for; it's also the rest of us peasants (it is because of us, by the way, that he can enjoy a life of unimaginable wealth, luxury and privilege).
Paul, England

If Prince Charles does not like the press, as he has stated, then do not invite them to his holiday locations, and make sure that his son's do nothing to encourage the media.
Simon, Jersey, CI

Contrary to the beliefs of some we do not own our monarchy and neither do the Press
Christine, Kent, UK
We all know this would NOT have been reported had it not been intended for the press to make yet more money out of a bad situation! I am not a fan of Prince Charles, but he should be entitled to some privacy and so should his sons. Contrary to the beliefs of some we do NOT own our monarchy and neither do the Press!
Christine, Kent, UK

The media take themselves far too seriously - the princes only have to tolerate the intrusion, not like it. Given similar circumstances with my two sons, I envisage we would be taking "the Michael" out of those in front of us in a similar manner!
Nigel Double, Ipswich, UK

Prince Charles is entitled to his opinion of the press. I happen to feel the same way about him. How long is that spoiled son of the Queen to be inflicted on us? Let him take his money and go, we don't need him.
Stephen Doyle, Forres, Scotland

I don't know which is worse, the fact that the Royal family feel they have to fake a happy press conference, or that we want to see it. Time for a republic.
A White, Leicester

The BBC has no reason to lick its wounds and cry foul play over this one
James, Essex
It is unfortunate for the Prince that his microphone picked his comments up, but it is hardly surprising that he felt the way he did, especially after such a dull question. How do people expect the man feels? Would one really have to ask any other person how they feel when they are engaged to be married? The BBC has no reason to lick its wounds and cry foul play over this one.
James, Essex

Simple solution Charles, Hand over the Duchy to William and the financial gains with it and retire to the country. I'm sure you and Camilla will have enough money to live a quiet country life without press intrusion. How dare you as an immensely privileged man who has never known real hardship, object to a photo call which gives those of your countrymen who believe in the monarchy and support you with their taxes, pleasure? Shame on you.
Jane, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Charles did nothing wrong and I for one will be watching the wedding. Good luck to him.
Jan, UK

The immense wealth, influence and privilege that Prince Charles enjoys comes with a price. He should pay that price with rather better grace than he presently appears able to.
Oliver Tickell, Oxford, UK

If the petulant prince hates having his privacy invaded so much then why doesn't he just renounce his claim to the throne and retire into private life with the new Mrs Windsor and let the rest of the UK move on as a democracy in the 21st Century.
Lesley Tutty, Guildford, England

Is it any wonder that the Prince of Wales responds the way he does?
Iain Bailey, Brighton, UK
Considering the spiteful and vitriolic press the Prince and Mrs Parker Bowles have had to endure during the past few weeks, is it any wonder that the Prince of Wales responds the way he does? Good luck to him and there ARE some of us who are actually happy for them and wish them every happiness in the future both in their married life and public life together!
Iain Bailey, Brighton, UK

Charles is an extremely privileged man who has benefited from the best education that money can buy. In spite of this he behaves gracelessly and portrays himself as a spoiled bore. I am ashamed that he is the future of the monarchy in this country and hope that he has the sense to abdicate before he causes the monarchy more embarrassment.
Catherine King, Manchester, UK

What a great situation. We can't stand the Royals, the Royals can't stand the press and the press have no respect for anyone.
Colin, Wolves

If I have my photo taken with a group I tend to say "I hate doing this", why should it be any different for the royals? They don't choose to be royalty, give them a break.

As an ex-pat, who thinks of herself as a royalist, I am getting very tired of the whining and poor me attitude!!!! Get on with the job at hand or move over!! Maybe it is time for William to be the next king
Eileen Vincent, Grimesland, USA

If he does not like the media then he should renounce the throne and become a private individual. As long he is a royal and is heir to the throne the media will be interested in him. He should stop whining.
Adrian Cannon, Edinburgh, Scotland

I do feel that it is inappropriate to expect the Royal Family to accept such constant press intrusions
Kate, London
I am not a royalist but I do feel that it is inappropriate to expect the Royal Family to accept such constant press intrusions into their private lives just because they are members of the Royal Family. Given their limited role in modern society their romantic lives are entirely irrelevant and I can't blame Charles at all for his comments.
Kate, London

If Prince Charles hasn't reconciled himself to media interest by now, it's surely time to abdicate.
Graham Figg, Hatfield, United Kingdom

It was a photo call - not an interview. The comments should not have been recorded - it was an invasion of privacy. I think we can all sympathise with Prince Charles' comments, which were obviously said with a sense of humour but he would not be human if there was not a grain of truth in them. There is bound to be friction between a future monarch and a republican press.
Nick Davies, Bedford

I can't say I blame him. I can't imagine what life must be like, when constantly lived in the spotlight, having your every move analysed by people who have no qualifications to do so. If our tabloid media weren't quite so obsessed with "celebrity", then the prince may be more inclined to speak/do photo shoots, when the time is appropriate, but given the way they circle like vultures just waiting for something to happen - I can completely understand his distain of the media in general.

Doesn't exactly inspire us to respect and admire him as our future king
I think it's disgusting that he mutters these kinds of comments, when there is every chance he will be heard. Doesn't exactly inspire us to respect and admire him as our future king. If only it could jump straight to William. How much better off we would be. Face it Charles you will always be in the public eye so get used to it!

So what? I'd hate having to do photo calls as an incentive for the press not to otherwise hound me. I admire Prince Charles' careful choice of words, mine would have been far more coloured to say the least!
Tracey, Bristol, UK

Good on him. Just a shame he didn't actually say it to their faces. He has a right to dislike the press, ok you may say he is royalty so he has to put up with it as that's part of his role. The fact is he does but it doesn't mean he has to like the press. I mean lets face it, who does?
Lianne, Cannock, UK

Who cares - the Royals and paparazzi are welcome to irritate each other for eternity.
Matthew, Exeter, UK

I fully agree with him, but the ones to blame are the people who buy the trashy papers in the first place!
Paul Weaver, Berkshire, UK


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