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Royal wedding day: Did you get married?
Wedding rings
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were not the only couple to marry on Saturday 9 April.

The civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall was followed by a televised blessing in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle attended by about 750 guests including the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Mrs Parker Bowles is now known as HRH Duchess of Cornwall, which will change to the Princess Consort when Charles becomes King.

Did you get married or have a partnership ceremony on April 9th? If so we want to hear your story.

Whether it was a simple or grand occasion, tell us what you did. Where did the ceremony take place? What was your wedding outfit like? We'd also like to see a photo of your happy event.

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I think every marriage ceremony is a respectable event in people's lives, despite who are the newly weds; Prince and Duchess, or poor boy and poor girl.
Hadi Nili, Tehran, Iran

It will be a full-on white wedding with plenty of family and friends
Will Hargreaves, London, England
My Fiancée Kate, and I are getting married in Central London on 9th April. We were somewhat amused when we heard that Charles and Camilla had moved their wedding to the same day. However, the clash will provide some humorous material for my speech. Our wedding will be in a beautiful Church called St Mary's near Baker Street which is also our regular place of worship. It will be a full-on white wedding with plenty of family and friends.
Will Hargreaves, London, England

It's nice to know that they wanted to get married on the same day as us! Ours will be much nicer!
Giles and Hannah, London

We were scheduled to have our wedding on the 9th but now we are going to change it. I do not want to share my special day with Charles and Camilla.
Michelle, Manchester, UK

My wife and I to divorce this Saturday 9th April. Need I say any more?
Steve Rogers, England

The majority of the public are fed up of hearing about their wedding. When it goes ahead, Charles should sacrifice being King as most people don't want him to become our monarch. Who cares if you share a wedding day with them? You should be more grateful to share a wedding day with normal people.
Andy, Cheshire

May your marriages be as happy as ours is
We will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on 16th of April (married on 16/04/94). I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone getting married in the near future, plenty of health and happiness, and may your marriages be as happy as ours is!

It's nice to know that they wanted to get married on the same day as us! Ours will be much nicer!
Giles & Hannah, London

Like Judith and Paul, we too were married on 9/4/94. I remember it being Grand National Day and lots of portable radios being produced during our reception. We had snow, showers and sun, which I believe is meant to be a good omen for the marriage. Certainly working well so far!
Sally, Manchester, UK

From their very first photographs together Charles and Camilla looked the perfect couple, now in their later years they even look better, why the hell doesn't the press leave them alone and let them enjoy their moment in time.
Judy Sercombe, London England

Both myself and my husband-to-be are police officers. Now the couple have changed the date, a handful of our guests have to work, even though we booked well in advance to ensure it was a Rest Day so everyone could come. They are costing us money and upset!!

We will be celebrating 17 wonderful years together this Saturday
Karen Lamb, Gloucestershire
I married David on the 9th April 1988 at Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford, Cheshire. It snowed the night before and I was so worried that it would be a cold day. The next day the sun shone, the church looked beautiful with all the spring flowers out. We had a fabulous day and will be celebrating 17 wonderful years together this Saturday. Would like to wish Charles and Camilla all the best. Also wish Louise Raffo a good day as I note she too is getting married in Knutsford!
Karen Lamb, Gloucestershire

On the 9th April, it is my birthday, and to be truthful I am not a fan of Charles and Camilla - but hopefully will get the winning horse for the national!
Mrs M Williams, Leyland, Lancs

My fiancé Joe and I are getting married on the beach in Cancun, with 24 of our closest friends! Lots of sun, lots of fun and lots of tequila. Perfect!
Lisa, Los Angeles (London)

We were, on Friday, had hoped they would join us, if they could get a cheap flight - cos we're in Vegas!!!
Kevin and Diane, St Albans

We're not getting married on the same day but we got married at the same place and by the same registrar! It makes us feel quite special to have Charles and Camilla copy us!
Cath Deans, Hazlemere, Bucks

Sharing the day shouldn't be a problem here in the America's Mid-West.
Andrew John Mills and April Featherstone, Indianapolis, Indiana. USA

Best of luck to all those who are sharing this special day
Gemma Hale, Thames Ditton, England
I will be marrying Matthew Mustoe on 9th April at Wentworth golf club, not too far down the road from the royal wedding! Best of luck to all those who are sharing this special day.
Gemma Hale, Thames Ditton, England

My lovely sister Debbie is getting married on the 9th to David. They are having a civil wedding at Tunbridge Wells and then a blessing at a church in Sevenoaks. They got engaged after four weeks of knowing each other, but have now been together for just over a year now. They met at his mum's wedding!
Alison White, Sevenoaks, Kent

I am so pleased to hear about so many special weddings this weekend but let's not forget the lovely Ken and glamorous Deidre from Coronation Street who are getting married this Friday. Good luck to you both, you really deserve happiness at last!!
Claire Burton, Fulham, London

After a 2 year engagement, my wonderful sister, Karen Parfitt will be marrying my fantastic future brother-in-law, Darren Rawlings in Billericay, Essex on 9th April 2005. At least with Chaz and Cam deferring their wedding by a day the paparazzi will be off our backs, leaving us to enjoy the day with our own camcorders and digi-cams. With lots of love and all the very best of luck to you on Saturday (Good luck to Chaz, Cam and anyone else getting hitched at the weekend!). See you in Church!
Glenn Parfitt, Chafford Hundred, Essex

We're so pleased to be getting married on the same day as the Royals. It will truly be a memorable occasion.
Dan Good and Jo, Brentwood, UK

It has dire consequences for the speeches
Gareth Weir, London, UK
Two of my very good friends are to wed this Saturday in Wales and now C&C have rearranged, it has dire consequences for the speeches as the best men (and groom) were planning to lift all their gags from the inspirational life and words of Charles!
Gareth Weir, London, UK

I am getting married on the 9th April at 2 pm and would like to wish Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles all the very best for their special day. We must remember that as with all weddings, it is the day you will remember for the rest of your lives.
Lynne Callen, Grange over Sands, Cumbria

I have two sets of friends getting married this Saturday at Emmanuel and Queen's Churches in Wimbledon. Best wishes to Laura and Matthew and Rachel and Peter.
Harriet Greene, London, UK

Thank goodness we are only having 75 guests at our wedding on Saturday. Poor Prince Charles and Camilla must have spent the whole of last weekend writing out 700 place cards and wrapping up sugared almonds for the reception. Still, I expect the Queen helped.
Katharine, Leicester

Good luck and best wishes to everyone getting married
Amelia, Newcastle under Lyme, UK
I'm getting married to my wonderful partner Peter this Saturday. I can't wait to be able to introduce him to people as my husband. Good luck and best wishes to everyone getting married.
Amelia, Newcastle under Lyme, UK

They obviously aren't planning to go to Aintree for one of the biggest sporting events in the racing calendar. Are they going to postpone the Grand National because of their wedding?
Andy Williams, Hereford, UK

My wife (Susan)and I will have been married for 28 years on the 16th of April. I would just like to wish all those getting married this weekend the very best for the future.
Graham Jones, Bromley

My fiancée and I are rather upset that Prince Charles and Camilla are trying to upstage us on the 9th. We're getting married in Knutsford and then having our reception in Lymm. We invited them for drinks on their way to Balmoral but they declined. Nevertheless we wish them all the best for the future.
Louise Raffo, Knutsford, Cheshire

I hope that Charles and Camilla are very happy together. It surely is a concrete relationship to endure everything which they have had to at the hands of the media. Good luck to you both!
Huma Shabir, Cardiff

We are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on 9/4/05 (we married on 9/4/94). We hope that everyone getting married on Saturday is blessed with good health and happiness.
Judith and Paul Clark, Radstock, Somerset

I will be getting married on April 9th to Robbie Wright. The ceremony will take place at The Church of St John the Baptist in Cairo, Egypt, followed by a reception at our house in Giza. Dress will be formal. I'll be wearing a full length ivory gown with small train and embroidery detail on the bodice. I will have two bridesmaids and a page boy. Friends and family are flying in from three continents to celebrate the day.
Philippa Ruggier, Cairo, Egypt

On Saturday I will be marrying the fittest boy in all the world, David Orpet. We have been planning our day for two years since he took me to my favourite garden ever in Seville to ask me. We are having a church wedding and then the reception in a manor house locally. In Russia it is lucky to have it rain on your wedding day, but I'd rather have sun. Good luck to everyone getting married on Saturday.
Sarah Louise Williams, Altrincham, Cheshire

Actually, I am wedding my long-time companion in a gay civil ceremony. As you know, this is now legal in Canada, and hopefully soon in other parts of the world. And for what it's worth, when I make a toast, I will wish the Royal couple our best from this side of the Commonwealth.
Billy, Toronto, Canada

Wishing everybody getting married on the 9th fab weather and a great day
Sarah, Tunbridge Wells, UK
My Sister and her fiancée are getting married on Saturday, They are having the same as Charles and Camilla, civil ceremony followed by a blessing in our local church, as my sister's fiancée was married before. Wishing everybody getting married on the 9th fab weather and a great day!
Sarah, Tunbridge Wells, UK

My boyfriend and I are to marry on Saturday 9th. I love him very much and cannot wait to be his wife and its quite nice there is a royal wedding on the same day.
Sarah Gartside, York

Alex and I are getting married on Saturday in a civil ceremony in a hotel in Newbury. We are having the whole affair there, including chocolate fountain, and casino! We have been to dance lessons, so can impress our guests with the first dance too! We are both 31 and very excited about the day. We have two young bridesmaids - Ruby and Elsie and Naomi, the Matron of Honour who is 5 months pregnant, and looking great. The best man, Nigel is a long standing friend of Alex, and my brother Scott is giving me away. Naomi has made my dress so it is very special and makes me feel glamorous. On Monday we are off to Barcelona for our honeymoon. I just want to say thanks to Alex for proposing and making me the happiest girl ever - I won't let you down.
Jean Hearn, Newbury, Berkshire

We are getting married in a simple service with family and friends in Rapid City, South Dakota. We believe our faith and commitment should play a major role in the ceremony.
Christopher Colegrove & Laura Kildahl, Marquette, Michigan, USA

Alan and I are getting married at Leatherhead registry office (also known as the Mansion) and it will be a second marriage for both of us and our similar ages to Charles and Camilla 61 and 57. We are having our reception at Burhill Golf Club which has a very impressive grand club house. I will be wearing a long evening dress and an organza jacket in periwinkle blue and Alan is in dinner suit and bow tie. The two bridesmaids (his granddaughters aged 6 and 10 will be wearing white dresses with organza overskirts and periwinkle sashes and jackets trimmed with blue flowers and white organza wraps that I have made.
Christine Holliday, Walton, Surrey, UK

Best wishes for all those getting married on Saturday.
Sohail Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan

I will be marrying my beloved Dorothy on Saturday on the grounds of our farm, The Haze, in Somerset. I just want her to know that through all the troubled times of her baffled heart, that I always have been and always will be there for her. She is my angel and my heart will go on for her. Let's hope we get some sunshine on this day. All the best to the Royal couple as well.
Joseph Deacon, Somerset, England

Good luck to Charles and Camilla - my marriage plans were beset by many problems including my Dad thinking it would never work. We eventually got married in a registry office and celebrate 30 years of marriage this August.
Joan, Southampton

Once again, I think the media greatly over-estimate the extent to which the general public really care about the royal family (marriages notwithstanding). The diversionary tale of B-list celebrity. Nothing more.
James Allan, Norwich, UK

My mum and dad celebrate their 33rd (amethyst, I believe) wedding anniversary on 8th April. I think Mum's quietly rather thankful she doesn't have to share the day with Charles and Camilla - somewhat unfairly in my opinion, she's not a massive fan!
S, Cambridge

Our wedding has been booked for April 8th since last October. Now that we don't have any competition perhaps I could buy up some Charles and Camilla 8th April mugs and re-brand them to Chris and Ness.
Chris Staite, Malvern, UK

I am so pleased Charles and Camilla are getting married on Saturday. I can now enjoy watching the event. I hope they will be very happy.
Christina Toal, Sheffield

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