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Is William right to join the army?
Prince Harry has already begun training at Sandhurst
What will the Army give our future King?

Prince William will join his younger brother Harry in the Army, Clarence House has confirmed.

Both princes will be training at the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

William will join Sandhurst next year following work experience at HSBC, managing land on a country estate, and time with a mountain rescue team.

Should the princes have jobs? Should the princes see active military service? What other jobs would you like to see a potential monarch do?

This debate is now closed. Please read a selection of your comments below.

The following comment reflect the balance of views received:

It's probably useful for him to get an idea of the Army from the bottom looking up
Jonathan Owen, Cannock, England
Prince William will one day be Commander-in-Chief of the British Army so it's probably useful for him to get an idea of the Army from the bottom looking up rather than starting at the top looking down. Good luck Prince William.
Jonathan Owen, Cannock, England

Maybe lead to some interesting brotherly relations given that Harry will have (at least initially) seniority over his elder brother.
Mike Sloan, Chinnor, Oxon

The fact that Prince William has joined the military is illustrative of what an anachronism the British Monarchy has become. The life of the future head of state will never be put in jeopardy by the Army, and is more of a hobby for the prince, rather than a career.
Alex Peacocke, New York City, USA

If the Royal Family is serious about adapting to the modern era, isn't it time that they dropped this historic facade? There is no way that Prince William will ever be sent to patrol the streets of Baghdad or anyway else where his personal safety may be compromised! It is, and always has been a publicity stunt to prove the Royals are 'doing their bit'. If they want to find something for him to do while he's marking time before becoming King, then wouldn't some sort of International Ambassador for good causes be better in this day and age? It would win him more admiration than appearing in a uniform at official events with medals for actions he didn't take part in!
Tom D, London, UK

My family and I are most pleased to hear that Prince William will be attending Sandhurst. A great honour for any of our family members to represent their country in this manner. Especially our heir to the throne. God bless Prince William in his endeavours.
Mrs. Dianna Thomas, Richmond BC Canada

That William is an English prince is a God given privilege; an accident of birth and not of human will. He also has the God given right of free choice. That freedom should be respected and he should be allowed to take his place along side all the other cadets without any second guessing or criticism or harassment by his fellow citizens. As for the rest of us who are not English citizens - it is really none of our business. Go William!
Roderic Howarth, Colorado Springs, USA

Absolutely! I just wish, though, that he and his brother had got there by ability, not position. For those who disagree, just try to get into Sandhurst with the A-level results Harry got!
Gordon, Gillingham, England

Should we care? As long as they have earned their place on merit it is not an issue. If they join the armed forces they should face the same dangers and have the same right of privacy from the vultures of the press.
John, UK

If he wants to go the whole way (as did Andrew) he should be allowed to. If something happens, we must just move down the line of succession. Good for you William.
Keith, Chepstow, Wales

Poor kid wants what he is brain-washed to want - but at least he will be spared the experience of being cannon fodder. There is no way he would ever be on the front line!
Alex Gordon, Croydon

Is this voluntary or has he been pressurised by his father?
Andrew, Lincoln

The Army! What's wrong the Royal Navy?
Steve Hyson, Portsmouth

Do royals serving in the Army get special treatment?
Zane Ritchie, Kyoto, Japan
Just one thing: What happens if he is sent to Iraq? Seriously, could that happen? Or do royals serving in the Army get special treatment?
Zane Ritchie, Kyoto, Japan

For what it's worth I think a monarch needs to have the kind of people skills that would inspire their people to follow them anywhere. Whether the Prince learns them in business or the military is a matter for him to decide (he is old enough to take decisions without the consensus of others). He must also accept the consequences of his decisions and if that means being sent into active service then so be it.
John B, UK

You just put these 'suck up to the Royals' headline articles in to annoy us don't you! Bring on the Republic!
Steve, Derby, UK

UID 4109403) Good for Prince William - all our young men and women should do such training - the discipline can only make our society a better place to live.
Sue Shaw, Morpeth, UK

If the US' most famous, beautiful, and wealthy individuals joined the armed forces, maybe we would think twice before sending them to war.
Whitney, Washington, DC United States

Is probably the best thing he can do...His family are all slated for the things that they do. They're either slated as scroungers, or slated for using their name & title in business. I do feel for them. If I was a royal, I'd probably join the Army too. Wise choice.
Paul Sealey, Cannock, England

Prince William's character is sufficiently good for him to get through the RCB
Graeme Phillips, Guildford, UK
I would question how Prince Harry got through the RCB. He has a history of alcohol abuse, he submitted written work for his Art A-level that contained English so poor that he would have failed on the essay writing part of the RCB, etc. Thankfully, it seems that Prince William's character is sufficiently good for him to get through the RCB without anyone having to pull strings for him.
Graeme Phillips, Guildford, UK

I think it's a good idea indeed. The Army can help him to realize the world from the other life side and may be it makes him stronger inside. I would like to see a potential monarch as a politic and business expert. Should the princes see active military service? - Yes.
Dmitriy, London, UK

What is the point of William joining the Army? If his unit is sent on operations he won't be allowed to go, thereby losing the respect of his men. His officer days would be over. Or do they give him a staff job, then every one will know his Army 'career' is just a hobby. He can't go into business, he can't train as a doctor or any other profession because of the danger of being sued for malpractice etc. He is condemned to a series of 'make jobs' and charity work until (if) he ascends the throne. What a life!
Brian, Newcastle, UK

I think we can safely say that he's a big boy now, and can probably make his mind up without the input of the correspondents on this website.
Rob H, UK

Having carried 13 years of military service myself, there is absolutely no reason why Prince William should not do this. He will learn self-discipline, will gain a healthy work ethic, and will mature as a person and as a leader. If he is to be a successful king, these qualities will be of paramount importance. It is a shame that more young people do not join up, as is evident by the manpower shortages suffered by all three arms of the services. Good luck sir, I hope that you enjoy your military service.
Adrian Jordan, Launceston, Cornwall

Yes, it is right that he should join the armed forces. He is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father and uncle Andrew who were all serving members. His grandfather was the first officer on HMS Kelvin part of the famous 'Kelly Flotilla' in the med. His father earned his green and red berets. And his uncle flew as a decoy in the Falklands against exocets. He is following a proud family tradition. More than some of the so-called 'republicans' can boast about. Well done William.
George, Boxgrove UK

It is excellent that William has decided to serve his country in this way. One question though, the article says the acceptance rate for the Regular Commissions Board is 60%, I just wonder what it is for members of the Royal Family?
Ian, Ashford


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