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Has Hurricane Wilma affected you?
Hurricane Wilma hitting Weston, Florida. Picture by reader David Eyley.

Are you in the areas affected, or do you know anybody who is?

Hurricane Wilma has swept over Florida, killing at least six people and leaving some three million homes and businesses without electricity.

The hurricane left Mexico's Gulf coast on Sunday after pounding the Yucatan peninsula.

At least 17 people have been killed across the Caribbean. Havana in Cuba has been flooded and police in Mexico are trying to control looting in the aftermath of the hurricane.

This debate is now closed. Thankyou for your comments.

Are you in the areas affected? Are you trying to contact friends or relatives? What preparations are you making? Send us your comments and experiences.

Do you have any images? If so, you can send photos and mobile phone footage to yourpics@bbc.co.uk or text them to 00447921648159

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

There is looting and the people are very frightened
Carol Whitehead, Hawrden
Our daughter who lives in London is stranded in the University of Cancun with 270 other people. They have not washed for a week, drinking water is running out, food is limited and there is excrement everywhere. They are sleeping like sardines on the stone floor and sharing blankets, there is looting and the people are very frightened. What can be done for these forgotten people, it would appear that the Florida story has taken over the news. Please help them they are all getting so desperate. Thankyou
Carol Whitehead, Hawrden

My daughter and her boyfriend are on holiday in Cancun. I know that they are in a shelter somewhere, don't know where, lost contact. I just want them back safe.
Helen, Berkshire

We have friends (paramedics from Norwich) who are currently in Cancun with a party of relatives and friends, along with their nine-month old baby, who are supposed to be getting married there on Monday. They have been planning it for months. Now they are in a shelter and don't know whether the wedding will take place.
Kath Ingram, March, England

Building structures are tough and can stand heavy winds. Also the Mexican government and the army are doing a great job by keeping us informed. Even in a bad situation like this one, you can feel the great Mexican hospitality.
Ricardo Seyffert, Cancun, QR

I want to pass on this message to anyone concerned for the 21 strong Shorten/Nicholas Wedding party - my brother, Robert Nicholas, finally got a text to me this morning (Tues). Said all safe but conditions not good. They are just waiting to come home.
Deborah Nicholas, UK

My mum and aunt and nan are out there in Miami I cant get through to the hotel they are staying in I just pray to god they are OK.
Rebecca, Thetford, UK

We arrived in South Beach about one week before Wilma. Our condo on Biscayne Bay overlooks Star Island and downtown Miami. The hurricane swept through the area rather quickly, but was stronger in force than most anticipated. Damage is widespread but seems to be mostly cosmetic. Many trees were knocked down blocking the main and side streets. Most of the windows in the South Shore Hospital are missing with debris flapping in the breeze. Ocean Drive and the opposite park are covered with sand. Some stores on Lincoln Road have had their display windows destroyed and debris is omnipresent. Two side streets between West Avenue and Biscayne Bay have some flooding. Yesterday afternoon many people walked along the beach and last night through the streets using flashlights.This morning the sights and sounds are that of cleanup.
David, Miami Beach, USA

Wilma moved very quickly through South Florida. Winds of 105mph were felt in downtown Ft. Lauderdale causing severe damage to high rises. I am without power and Florida Power and Light is saying 4 - 6 weeks before restoration. Running water should be restored in three days. There is heavy tree and power line damage. A 7pm to 7am curfew has been put in place.
Mark Lopez, Fort Lauderdale, USA

I grew up in Mid Wales and have endured some of my homelands more precocious bad weather including gale force winds and hill top storms. I moved here to Florida from Wales in 97 to get married and have been here ever since. In that time I have experienced four hurricanes, but this was the first hurricane that actually made me fearful. Like many others here in Garden Lakes, I didn't think that it was going to be "too bad" given that the previous storms had caused some damage but nothing that had made the wife or I consider boarding up. After all, we are nestled into the end of a little cul de sac and previous winds have not really intruded in to our little sanctuary - well, yesterday they did with a vengeance. I don't want to go through that again. We watched in high anxiety as our glass doors bowed in and out noisily, just like the house was drawing breath! It was like having several jet engines shoot water and debris onto the house.
Rich Meredith, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Waiting to hear from my other half...He was supposed to be traveling back to Miami on the 23rd. Haven't heard from him, don't know where he might be. Waiting anxiously.
Ss, UK

My best friend Sue Whiting went to the Isle of Cozumel on 17th October with her husband Ian and her mum and dad Kath and Richard Simm. I hoping they are OK and were evacuated to somewhere safe. Has anyone seen them?
Micheall Hearson, Nottingham, England

There is flooding in some streets in Havana, but we were let off lightly. Everyone here is fine, and flights were only delayed for 1.5 days. We were very well looked after by the Cubans, and impressed with the level of information and communication provided.
Shoen Payne, Edinburgh, Scotland

I finally made contact with my family in Pompano Beach, FL. From what they have said, they missed the eye by mere miles and got the eyewall instead. As well, the entirety of the concrete slab roof of their house has broken away in chunks. And from the damage they have seen it seems that the rest of their neighbourhood fared little better. A prayer for all those affected in the many countries this storm touched.
David, Stone Mountain, GA

Terrifying, worst yet! Our community looks like a war zone. Tree fell on new Jaguar - now destroyed. Shingles ripped off roof, water streaming through garage ceiling. French doors almost sucked out, (despite storm shutters) house shook for hours, groaning, it felt it would be ripped from the foundation. Spa lid secured but tie downs violently ripped away depositing lid 6' x 7' into neighbour's back garden. Tree almost two hundred feet tall ripped out of ground and knocked down to block community entrance. 125mph winds raged from 3.00am - 12.00 noon. Electricity out since 7.00am till who knows when. Several homes in community (all less than 5-yrs old destroyed by tree damage). Worse than Katrina, and Frances last year. It felt the whole earth was groaning! It was a category three when it arrived. Widespread flooding and we live in a no flood zone!
P. A. Livingston, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

Grew up on Island of Jersey and thought I knew what storms were; until this morning when my entire patio was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. In Florida, we have aluminum screen cages covered in netting to keep insects away. These cages are as big as the house in many cases. Mine was buckled like you would break a pencil. That's the first time in my life I have been truly scared!
M Edge, Naples, Florida

Many people in the Bay area prepared for the worst
Tyler, Tampa, Florida
The storm up here is virtually non existent. Many people in the Bay area prepared for the worst, but our afternoon thunder showers are worse than this. It's now 1:30 PM, the sun actually broke through the clouds about 20 minutes ago...hopefully this one didn't pound south Florida too bad.
Tyler, Tampa, Florida

The worst thing about going through these storms, as we've seen on the Gulf Coast, is the aftermath. It takes so long for rebuilding to be completed and lives to get back to normal. We still haven't gotten back to normal here so the last thing we need is to go through another one.
Ted Crawford, Melbourne, FL(USA)

I'm looking for my parents. My Mom and Dad have been in Cancun since last Sunday and on Wednesday they were evacuated to a university 20 miles inland and that is the last we have heard from them. As the news talks about the lack of food and water, the more I worry for my parents. Our hopes and prayers are with them.
Jennifer Perez, Deptford, NJ USA

My sister Hayley and her boyfriend Barry are in Mexico somewhere. Last we heard they were on the bathroom floor with no provisions. How upsetting is this? I know she will be frightened and there is nothing I can do. This was supposed to be their dream holiday. They were supposed to come home yesterday!! I just want them home.
Emma Taylor, Dartford, Kent

My daughter, Kelly from Venice California made contact with me from the Grand Mayan Hotel, Cancun on Thurs Oct 20th. She was being shipped to an unknown shelter and I, nor her family or friends have not heard from her since. She was alone after her travel companion got out on an earlier flight. I feel frightened especially since there seems to be no way to reach her and so little information about the stranded tourists. Please if anyone knows anything or how to contact them e-mail or call me. All of the stranded tourists and their families are in my prayers.
Sharon Boyer, USA, Mi

My parents live in Pembroke Pines, FL (between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale). My mom phoned today after the hurricane had passed them. She said that this is the worst damage they have ever had in their neighbourhood. Roofs are intact, but nearly all of the trees are down. It seems that all of the reporters are in Fort Myers, where things don't look so bad.
Christine Bianco, Canterbury, UK

The eye of the hurricane is over us now. It is really eerie. The trees on the golf course are either broken or completely bent. We have no power but do have telephone. The rest of the hurricane will strike soon.
Alexander Silver, Palm Beach Gardens

My mother just called with a message from my sister, Clare Sweet and family. They live on Sugarloaf Key near Key West. Ocean surge is 4 ft inside the ground floor of their house. They live on the second floor, and are debating whether to get in a boat to escape. Good Lord, I have no idea which is safer, and feel completely helpless. I wish they hadn't moved there last year, I truly do.
Lawrence, West Point, VA

When Wilma passed Jamaica it was a storm developing it kept us out of school and we are flooded right to the roof of our house. Right now we are living with friends.
milynda, Clarendon , Jamaica

My sister and brother in law are in the shelter of a Mexican infant school after having been moved from a sports hall that had its roof blown off. We understand they are safe but not very comfortable. They are now waiting to get home but have lost all the possessions that they took on holiday. They will leave with just the clothes that they stand up in. The wedding which was the reason for their visit has been cancelled. Anyone wanting information about the Princes from Leeds should now that they are safe and well.
Clare, Leeds, UK

Trying to contact my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin - Paula, Rob and Matthew Cooper on holiday in Cancun, all family worried as we have had no contact since they left home. They are due home on Thursday 27th and would be greatful for any information. Many Thanks, Sarah Short
Sarah Short, Bournemouth Dorset

I last spoke to my sister (who is on holiday in Cancun) on Friday evening, she said that she had been put into a school hall with other British tourist. She said that the storm was due to hit within the next hour. I had a text message from her half hour later saying that the roof of the school was starting to come off and that she was being moved to safer accommodation. I have not her from her since. We are really concerned now.
Paul Adams, Bristol

My Son and his Mexican girlfriend live in downtown Cancun. We have not heard from him since Thursday evening. We have tried to call but the lines must be down. Desperately trying to contact them. We hope and pray that they are safe.
Denis Robinson, Heywood, Greater Manchester

I'm looking for news of my family. I have not heard from them since 3am Friday morning. Emma and Darren Jackson. Grandchildren Farrah and Houston Stephenson they were staying in the Crown Paradise hotel in Cancum but later moved to safety in a university
Anne Dyson, hull uk

My best friend went to Florida with her family on the 13th October, she texted me a week last Saturday to say she was having a great time and I have heard nothing since. I've texted her a few times but there hasn't been a reply and I'm really worried about her. Her name is Laura, she's 15 and from Coventry. She's with her parents and sister. Laura, if you or your family are reading this please, please email or text me and let me know you're ok, we're all worried about you.
Rebecca, Derby, UK

We spent Saturday and Sunday putting up the hurricane shutters - although at the time it was predicted to be a category two hurricane well north of us, because of its unpredictable path we had a bad feeling about it, so we went for safety, thank God. This is the worst hurricane we have been through here. Storm shutters have been ripped from the windows, a cast iron bench on our patio has been moved, I see 5 or 6 downed trees from the window, and every house has some damage. If it hadn't been for the updated building standards after hurricane Andrew, I don't think this house would be here.
David Eyley, Weston, Florida, USA

We're on the very edges of the storm here in Deltona and Volusia county. We've had non stop torrential rain since around 5am, and the wind is starting to howl, but not hurricane strength. The biggest threat to us here at the moment is tornados - there have been two or three touch down in Brevard county just south of here this morning already. One managed to turn over a house, according to local news reports.
Pete Wright, Deltona, Florida

Wilma has truly thundered her way into Florida. Sleeping was a virtually infeasible feat: the sonorous resonance of the fierce, rapid win perpetually pounded at the windows, convulsing the protective shutters. In my neighbourhood, trees have been halved by the forces of nature and others have fallen, losing the battle with the wind. The fence that encircles our garden, too, has capitulated beneath the weight of the fury. A few roof tiles may be strewing the ground after having been plucked from the top of our house. Power temporarily vanished for approximately thirty minutes, but has since been restored. Television cable reception has shut down. However, these luxuries are of minimal importance. I feel very fortunate.
Alejandro, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Just had an update via text from my parents who are in Naples: "Wow big storm waves coming down main street, trees down everywhere gusting 100mph, our road is a river.
Lizzy, Essex, UK

My Cousin and her family live in Fort Lauderdale, she has just called me on the satellite phone to tell me things are really scary out there, they've experienced a few hurricanes but this one is bad. They've had giant trees ripped out of the ground and can hear damage being done around them but haven't ventured outside yet. The eye is about to pass over them so they are looking forward to a bit of a breather before the next stage hits them.
Sarah Reynolds, Birmingham UK

It feels like the gates of hell have swung off their hinges. Four very scared people right now. In God we trust.
Phil Thompson, Florida

We are on the top floor in a condo on Ft. Myers Bch, the winds were terrifying, and a lot of rain, it came through our hurricane shutters and through the sliding doors and onto the carpets, the windows were bowing, not a nice experience, the golf course behind us is flooded and there are lot of Palm Fronds on the ground as well as debris, but we are OK.
Tony Dowling, Ft Myers Beach FL

It is not too bad here. Very wet, some high winds, no damage to my house. It is expected too get worse later today. Not a good day to go to the theme parks. The worse thing is what I call the "hurricane hangover", a head ache and general feeling of unease. I am not sure if it sudden change in pressure or the stress but everyone seems to be feeling moody and "under the weather".
Anthony, Daytona Beach (Near Orlando) Fl

My son lives in downtown Cancun with his Mexican girlfriend. We have not heard from them since Thursday and are very worried. We have tried to telephone but the lines are down. We hope and pray for there safety.
Denis Robinson, Heywood, Greater Manchester

My parents are in Cancun and they have been evacuated from their hotel into a school. Last night we received a broken telephone message from my dad saying that British people are not receiving any help. We are extremely worried.
Louise Hill, Colchester, Essex

I have some friends who live in Tavernier a small town in the Keys, I have tried to contact them by phone with no success, so I was just wondering how cloe Wilma is to them
Paul Morris, London

My brother and his wife are on honeymoon in Cancun staying at the Moon Palace Hotel. Not spoken to them since Thursday. There is no information that I can source from anywhere providing any indication as to when they will return to their hotel if at all, when the airport will be up and running, no emergency contact numbers anywhere. The hotels website has no mention of anything so there is no of locating anyone.
Indi Johal, Wolverhampton

My mam and brother are in Cancum in holiday and I've not heard anything from them since Friday night.
Gail Angus, Hartlepool, Durham

My brother, sister-in Law and two nephews one aged 3 the other is 17 months are in a shelter in Cancun, the last we heard from them was Saturday night and they were both pretty hysterical by that point. They didn't seem to have a lot of food or water left, the conditions were pretty poor, and the baby had no nappies left. We watched the BBC News 24 station this morning and couldn't believe it, as someone was getting interviewed we saw my brother and the baby in the background. It's certainly made us feel a lot better, but we just want to know when we are going to get them all back safe and sound in Glasgow.
Caroline McFarlane, Glasgow, Scotland

After 3 direct hits last year here in Orlando we are getting tropical storm conditions from Wilma right now, the worst of it is south of us, so we are a little more fortunate this time.
Tony Dominik, Orlando, Florida, USA

What amazes me most is how many people still ignored the warnings and the calls to prepare.
Trish, Melbourne
I just drove into the hospital where I work, it was like driving through a ghost town, all schools and most business are closed. The worst has not arrived yet, jut relentless driving rain and it's as dark as night at 8 am. I spoke to my husband's cousin in Fort Lauderdale, who said they had several feet of standing water in their river front home. What amazes me most, is how after what we went through last year that many people still ignored the warnings and the calls to prepare.
Trish( Yorkshire lass living in Florida), Melbourne

Sitting here in the bathroom - no power since 6:30 - wondering why they didn't evacuate the beach. The whole building is swaying and all windows are pulsating. Really need coffee...
Tom, Miami Beach

The latest information from my friend staying just north of Naples: 6:45 am, quick note..power on and off... Rain is pelting down; winds are rattling hurricane shutters. Wilma came in 55 miles south of Naples; but local reporting indicates collier county without power at least we got to have am coffee. They say next two hrs will be bad as winds are shifting direction again too early to be relieved, But we escaped a direct hit and major tornadic activity.
Jennifer Henley, London, UK

My niece and husband moved to St Petersburg to start a business and we worry in case they are in the path of the storm and have been unable to contact them Rowland Genney
RW Genney, Spain

My daughter & her husband are in Cancun on honeymoon. We are all very concerned.
Sue , Bournemouth

My mum and dad(Kevin and Carole Davies) and their friends(Fran and Dave Pierce)were staying at the Riu Yucatan Hotel in Playacar. We just want to know that they are safe and well.
Helen Gibbons, Prescot, England

My uncle, aunt and 10 year old cousin Becky from Fleetwood were staying in Cancun. They made a quick phone call to say they had been evacuated to a school on wednesday, but we have heard nothing since. We would just like to know they are safe and well.
Zoe, Blackpool, UK

My parents are in Playacar which is 45 miles away from Cancun, It is an awful feeling of helplessness I have managed to get hold of them and they are ok which is the main thing but food is rarely available its quite worrying that they have been without substantial food an water for 4 days! It would be nice for someone to give me information I ring all the help lines and the tour operator who keep telling me they do not know anything I am going out of my mind with worry!
Nicola, Buckinghamshire, England

Our friends Craig and Jenny Smith and their daughters Keleigh, Chloe and Georgia went to Cancun last Monday. We have heard no news from them. We are desperate to hear from them. Any news on their welfare would help us.
Maxine and Karl Pugh , South Wigston Leicester

My sister and her husband are amongst 1,000 British tourists that have been abandoned by their travel companies, and are currently in a car park somewhere in Cancun. These people have no running water, no toilets, no food, no clean clothes, and have no idea what is happening to them, and when they are going to be able to come home. What is being done to help them?
Adam Norris, Chichester

I am trying to get hold of my sister who was staying at the secrets capri hotel in playa de carman I know she was evacuated to a school a couple of miles away she is with friends one is Rodger Jenkins ex world power boat champion his wife and two other friends I just worry that she does not have enough medication with here as she was due to fly home today 23/10/05/if anyone knows about her tell her are thoughts and love is with her and the rest of them.
David Bestwick, Cardiff Uk

My family are in Florida in Orlando they only went Friday so they aren't coming back for two weeks I have not heard off them so all I can do is sit by the phone and hope I get phone call and pray it doesn't hit them.
Rachael Chilton, Haleswen/Bimingham England

My son Damien Galvin and his girlfriend Paula Burke flew out to Cancun on Tuesday 18th October for a 2 week holiday, they phoned home on Tuesday night and I have not heard from them since. Their tour operators have been absolutely of no help at all. They have no emergency contact No for me to find out where they are or where they have been moved to. What really baffles me is the fact that the tour operators let this tour go ahead and most have known that Hurricane Wilma was going to hit. Let's hope we get them both home safe and well. If anyone read this and have spoken to them please contact me is possible God bless and look after them all.
Bridie Galvin, N Ireland

Have not heard from my mother Anita Chadkirk and her partner David Rookes since Thursday. They were staying at hotel Catalona in Cancun, Mexico. Have phoned telephone number on teletext and they said they all got evacuated from that hotel on Thursday/Friday. They were due home on Saturday afternoon.
Mrs Carol Lynch, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Our daughter and son in law are stuck as far as we know at the Gran Buhia Principe Akumal in Talum we heard from them on Thursday but are now seriously concerned, they are Karen and Pete Biram we would welcome any news Jean and Ted Bennett.
Ted Bennett, Caloundra, QLD, Australia

My Mom, Dad and sister have lived in Florida for about 15 years now. They have dealt with many hurricanes but I got a call from them this morning and they are worried. They have been lucky so far and not lost thier home. My prayers go out to everyone there.
S MacBeth, Mansfield, Notts, UK

The hurricane has just hit the coast.. the TV has gone... its sounds like theres a monster outside.. the trees are bending to the ground..
Jon L, Naples Florida

We have been reading the BBC web site from the university complex art Merida where we have been sheltering from the hurricane since Thursday. I have seen a comment posted by my sister in law Ann Timmins and want to let them know tat we are all OK. We are being fed and well looked after even if we are sharing a classroom with 36 other people. Hopefully we will all meet up again soon and we hope to be home in the next few days. The staff from the El Dorado Royale who came with us on Thursday have been excellent. There are still over 30 of them here and many of them have not been able to contact their own families or loved ones. See you all soon.
Wendy Oliver, Sutton Coldfield, UK

I cannot explain what torture it is to watch these hurricanes barrelling toward your home and/or the homes of people you care about for days...whether it hits or it doesn't... on the positive side, it reminds you that nothing is permanent so we should make the best out of every minute we have, while on the flip side...the anticipation of possibly losing everything is unbearable.
Becca, Palm Bay, FL

It isn't certain where Wilma will hit in Florida - residents up and down the gulf coast are preparing - gas stations are crowded, stores are selling out of water and tinned goods. I am east of Tampa Bay and the atmosphere on the streets and in the stores is tense.........
Derry Wilson, Tampa, Florida (British citizen living in FL)

My friends Nade and Ian are currently on holiday in Riviera De Maya. I am concerned for their safety and want to know that they are safe.
Helen, Staff,UK

My wife Carrie Arthur is in Cancun, she was evacuated to a shelter at Senor San Jose Ruega Por Nosotros a primary school yesterday. I am able to speak to her and text her keeping both of use close to reality. Below is last text message received: "Wow have been fed for the first real food in 8hrs ,amazing how a cheese sarnie tastes like heaven!! its turning even wetter and wilder out there and the sound is like 10 harrier jump jets all taking off at once. It's so good we've already re-booked same time next year. Please keep in touch we need the reality."
Carrie Arthur, Bristol

My sister and her boyfriend are on holiday in Cancun. She rang home yesterday to say they were being evacuated to some kind of underground bunker.
Vicky Hudson, Yorkshire

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were moved inland by their hotel on Thursday
Ann Timmins, Dudley, England
My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were moved inland by their hotel on Thursday. They have managed to ring us, reversing the charge to say they are ok and they have food and water, but have had no contact with the travel company or the British Consulate. They have the minimum of clothes and are desperate to come home.
Ann Timmins, Dudley, England

My Mum, Vicki, age 49, and sister Kimberley McIntosh, age 16, from London went on holiday to Mexico earlier this week. I am very worried as I haven't heard from them. They are both black British. Kim is tall with dreadlocks and Vicki usually wears glasses and around 5'6.
Shantelle Blake, Birmingham, England

My father Ron Stikeleather is stranded in Cancun in a school shelter. Last contact we had was via cell phone Thursday.
Pam Stikeleather, Wentzville, MO USA

My girlfriend and her family have gone on holiday this weekend. I'm very worried about them all. I haven't heard from her at all. Lets just hope they get home safe.
Marc Fulcher, Ipswich

My mum Maxine and dad Richard got moved to a shelter in Cancun on Wednesday and haven't heard anything since Friday. I just wish there was a way that I knew they were safe. I miss them both very much and just wish they would get in touch.
Kayleigh, Leeds, England

My daughter Shelby is stranded in Cancun. I haven't heard from her since Thursday. Any information would help me, thank you.
Diana Batt, Lowell, Michigan

My son and his girlfriend are staying at Ibeibero Star Tucan, Playa de Carmen, and nobody has evacuated them from the hotel, when I last heard from them my son said he was told to go to his bathroom and spend the night there. He was on the floor with his girlfriend and very frightened. It was a long night, without lights, the building was in a bad state, and the two of them thought it was the end, not knowing what to do. He had put the beds up to the windows to help stop the windows smashing in, his girlfriend has been crying because there is no food, plenty of water, the staff do their best but there is nobody to ask anything because there isn't a rep anywhere. I have been phoning Mexico myself on a landline, and at the moment the airports are closed until Tuesday, the flight my family are due back on is today Sunday. This is not going to happen. I need to phone them to tell them information about what is going on in Mexico. This makes us so cross why aren't there reps helping them, I know it's hard but this is the time when the reps should be around. I wish my family a safe return.
Sheila Dempsey, Kent

My mum Julie is emailing me from her refuge shelter in Mexico
Becky, Hertfordshire, England
My mum Julie is emailing me from her refuge shelter in Mexico. She said that people are having to sleep on tables and it is all obviously very distressing. She does not know when she will be back she has been in there for four days.
Becky, Hertfordshire, England

My daughter and son-in-law are in a school somewhere in Cancun, with their little square of concrete and a towel (their words). Got a text yesterday saying they were ok but were begging for info on when they could come home. Spoke to the airline and was told the airport will be opened on Tuesday but they have 3000 to bring home so some will have to be put up in a hotel until the end of the week. Trying to get through to the government helpline but it is constantly engaged. They were due to come home tomorrow and they have been in the school since Thursday evening.
Lynda Sansom, Mansfield, Notts

My brother and his fiancé went to Mexico with their friends for their holiday and cannot get home due to the hurricane. The last time we heard from them, they were boarded up in their hotel with another English couple. This was on Thursday.
Steph, Hertfordshire Stevenage

My boyfriend and his family are in a shelter in Mexico and they went there for a wedding. He is very afraid and I have next to nothing amount of contact with him. All I can do is look on the internet and ring up his granddad for updates. I found out that he has no food or water, he only has his family and the clothes he is wearing.
Lorna, March, England

Our daughter and her new husband are on honeymoon in Cancun
David, Lancashire, England
Our daughter and her new husband are on honeymoon in Cancun. They left GB Tuesday 18.10.05. We last had a text from her saying being moved inland and would keep in touch. We have heard nothing in the last 36 hours we don't know where they have been taken to. Rang tour operator who could only say that as a result of the ongoing hurricane they are out of touch with their reps. How can a BBC correspondent give us an update from a Cancun hotel and relay pictures of the storm on TV yet the travel operator be completely out of touch with their reps?
David, Lancashire, England

My family and I were supposed to travel to Cancun tomorrow for a luxury two week holiday, however Wilma has paid for that and we are now heading to Tunisia where the weather is a little calmer. Our thoughts go out to the many stranded tourist and locals around the Yucatan Peninsula.
Tony Asquith, Croydon

We were staying at El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya until we were evacuated on Thursday afternoon to a shelter 200 miles inland. All the hotel guests are at the Maya University in Merida. We are all safe and sitting out the storm. Staff are providing us with food and drink and keeping us entertained. We are very grateful to the hotel for providing us with a shelter so quickly as we know they would like to be with their loved ones.
Mark Gascoyne and Claire Flavell, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Our parents only flew at 9am Wednesday. The last we heard was 10pm Thursday when they reached a shelter in a college. The travel company they went with are not at all helpful, but agents they booked with said they heard from Thomsons on Thursday that all staff and tourists were safe.
Sarah Woodruff, Sheffield, UK

Myself, my husband and sister and brother-in-law are supposed to meet at the Bahia Principe, Tulum on November 1st. We have no idea how much this area has been affected by the hurricane. Although, from what I can see of images I have seen in Playa Del Carmen it doesn't look good at all.
Glenda Rubia, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm sure any tourists there will be safe and being looked after as best as the locals can
Hayley Forsyth, Hartlepool, UK
My Mexican boyfriend flew back after spending a month here on holiday with my family. I've not heard from him since an hour before Wilma struck Saturday around 4pm Cancun time. The Mexican people are such warm caring people. I'm sure any tourists there will be safe and being looked after as best as the locals can. He lives on Calle, the Chale Ibarra family should anyone hear of their safety please email me. Regards and best wishes to all in Cancun.
Hayley Forsyth, Hartlepool, UK

My fiancée Julie and I must start by giving best wishes to all in Cancun who have been caught in this hurricane especially all those who are honeymooning or getting married as we are to do so when we leave on October 30. We are staying in the Riu Cancun and hope it's still ok. Best wishes.
Barry Gyford, Bedford, England

My parents are holidaying in the resort of Cancun, and things are now very worrying, particularly since my father managed to get through to me and say that things were very bad indeed out there - he wants me to try and get him home, but I fear that this will be an impossible task for the moment.
Julian Andrew Lennon, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

My parents Tim and Jacky Yabsley are in Cancun on holiday and were staying at the Gran Costa Real Resort and Spa (First Choice). I last heard from them on Thursday 20th and they said that they were being evacuated to a cinema in a shopping mall. I haven't heard from them since then and not sure whether they are still in the mall or have been moved. I just want to know that they are safe and well and if anyone has any information or have heard from someone that was staying at the same hotel or evacuated to the same place to post details on this site.
Julie Yabsley, Newton Abbot, England

My niece Caroline and her husband Chris Bryant from Washington, Tyne and Wear, were returning from their honeymoon in Cancun when they were evacuated from the airport on Thursday. They phoned from the airport, but that was the last we heard from them. My sister-in-law is absolutely desperate for news and we are all concerned about them both. If anyone, anywhere receives a call or a message from the area, please post something on this site, it is all we have. Our hopes and prayers are with you all out there.
Kim Thorpe, Hereford, UK

I am with 738 other tourists in the Western Yucatan town of Merida, sheltering in the University of Mayab
Bob Muller, Northampton
I am with 738 other tourists in the Western Yucatan town of Merida, sheltering in the University of Mayab. We were evacuated on Thursday 20th from our hotel near Playa Del Carmen. Thankfully we are now safe and sheltered from the worst effects of Wilma thanks to the local staff of the El Dorada Royale, our hotel, many of whom came with us and have cared for us even before their own families. These people have been wonderful and it is a humbling experience. I hope we can help them rebuild their lives in some small way. We have seen their country at its most beautiful before this storm and the destruction and devastation is heartbreaking. We owe them a lot.
Bob Muller, Northampton, England

My mother is stranded in Cancun, or so I guess, we haven't heard from her since Thursday. My father is in Indiana and my brother is in San Diego and I'm in Georgia so it's starting to get stressful and I'm glued to any information I can get.
Mat Gould, Savannah, Ga USA

I am in a Florida City hostel and should be in Key West; because of the hurricane I am travelling back to Miami, which is likely to put us closer to the centre of the hurricane cone. Everyone here is predicting the hurricane to die down before it hits the USA. There is a great amount of sympathy for the Yucatan Peninsula.
Simon Green, Worcester, England

I am stranded in a refuge in a hotel in Playa del Carmen. There were around 250 of us in a conference room for the last three nights, including 18 Britons. Roof leaked last night so now rather soggy but spirits remaining reasonably high. Went outside to look around, trees down everywhere and roofs badly damaged. Knee-deep in water, but just managed to scrounge some red wine which has warmed us all up.
Fiona, Edinburgh

My brother and his girlfriend are stuck in a shelter in Cancun somewhere, they say it is packed and supplies of food and water are almost exhausted. I am having to text updates on storm etc as there seems to be little or no information going their way.
Robert turner, Ilfracombe, UK

My boyfriend back in Britain was the one who warned us about the hurricane
Kate Smith, Henley-on-Thames
I´m travelling with my friend Elanna Bainbridge in Mexico at the moment, my boyfriend back in Britain was the one who warned us about the hurricane and how serious it was. We left Isla Mujeres on Wednesday afternoon, and by then we were told to leave the island by the owners of the hostel we were staying in. If we hadn't left till the next day which was our plan we would have been stuck on the island as the ferries stopped running at 11pm. We got on a 17 hour bus to Chiapas and we feel really lucky. Our thoughts are with all the wonderful local people we met on the island, it is truly horrifc.
Kate Smith, Henley-on-Thames, Britain

My son has texted me from the evacuation shelter at the university in Cancun. He has said that food and water are very short and they need help. That text was sent 9.15pm Saturday (UK time). I telephoned the British Embassy, but there was no advice to give him. They have been at the shelter since Thursday. Earlier text says it is very hot inside the windowless building.
Mrs Garner, Weston-super-Mare

I am patiently waiting to hear that my daughter Melanine Higgins and the wedding party she is with are safe and well. They are staying at the Bahia Principe in Cozomal. There has been no communication for more than two days now and the lack of information from tour operators is a disgrace. I am a very worried mother at this point and pray that she is safe and well.
Angela McGinty, Alexandria, Scotland

I last spoke to my friend Lynn on Thursday who is with her husband Kevin and their five-year-old son, Ryan in Cancun. They were being moved to a shelter only two miles inland. I am very worried about them and especially hope little Ryan is ok and has enough food and water. I won't be happy until I hear from them which I sincerely hope will be very soon
Caron, Luton, UK

My family have been moved from the Catalonia to the Copacabana beach resort near Playa del Carmen. There are 45 of them, including my 10-year-old son, Reiss, my mum and dad, my sister who is supposed to be getting married next week. They are from Liverpool; their surnames are Thoday, Parry, Hall, Matthews and Powell. If anyone reading this is at the Copacabana, and you hear a scouse accent, could you please ask if they are part of Clare and Ste's wedding party, if at all possible could they email me to let me know they are safe and well. Many, many thanks, we pray for you all, God bless.
Amanda Williams, Liverpool, England

Currently in Merida sheltering from Wilma. Many travellers we have met in Merida have all come from the coast, some from small cabanas on the coast where they had no idea that Wilma was coming. The internet and BBC website has been a godsend. We left Playa Del Carmen on Thursday on a very full bus. We bought the tickets on the Wednesday. Merida is closing a lot of it's stores and alcohol is only for sale in restaurants. We're on a year trip around the world so the delay isn't so bad but a lot of travellers are leaving Monday from Cancun and the airport is shut. Rooms in Merida are hard to come by, we were lucky. Preparation and information was the key. Our hearts go out to all the people suffering due to Wilma, especially the local people.
Cari, Merida, Mexico

In the thick of it now, it sounds like we are in the engines of a jumbo jet
Eduardo Paris, London
My sister and her husband are in Cancun. Luckily they are in the city with friends who live there in their shelter. We managed to speak to them around 1am Saturday morning but have not been able to contact them since but this is to be expected. They were all well. We have not heard anything since she sent me this text about an hour before I spoke to her: In the thick of it now, it sounds like we are in the engines of a jumbo jet. The air is hot and sticky, the humidity is unbearable and water is falling like someone is chucking buckets. We are lucky as were we are staying is solid and we are all well.
Eduardo Paris, London

I have a girlfriend in Sarasota and friends over there as well, and they are taking it lightly - none I know of have considered evacuating. My only hope is though, that it passes and nobody gets hurt.
Lucas Weatherby, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Lots being mentioned about Brits in hurricane shelters, but we have relatives stuck on the top floor of their hotel in Playa del Carmen, all telephone contact was lost last night and they were given enough food for one day. But what now? Has anyone checked they are ok or have all the staff taken cover elsewhere? The windows were pouring in water and part of the roof had flown off on Friday 7pm (GMT). I feel we could be more informed. All we hear is about Florida or people that were lucky enough to be evacuated.
Jade Legg, Chippenham, England

To anyone worried about their loved ones in Cancun I can assure them that the Mexican authorities are doing everything possible to help them. All the hotels in Merida are full and many tourists have been bussed from Cancun and Cozumel as the airport here is working normally. I would also like to remind those people visiting the luxury resort of Cancun that the government's priority must be the many thousands of poor people who have need of safe houses and food. Mexico has an excellent record of very few deaths caused by hurricanes.
Joan Preston, Merida, Mexico

My sister Maxine and my brother-in-law Richard are in one of the hurricane shelters
Mel Eddie and family, Leeds
My sister Maxine and my brother-in-law Richard are in one of the hurricane shelters and last spoke to them on Thursday. We are now trying to find out if their flight is still scheduled for Tuesday - not looking very hopeful.
Mel Eddie and family, Leeds

My mum and dad travelled to Cancun for a two week dream holiday. They were evacuated from their hotel on Wednesday. The last we heard was on Friday evening to say they were in a school and safe. However they are due to fly home today (23/10/05). Unfortunately we don't think they will be able to make contact today or possibly for the next few days - which is hard, not knowing when they will be able to fly out. We love and miss them both very much and just pray that they return home safely very soon.
Michelle Horridge, Cancun, Mexico

My wife and three children were supposed to have gone to Cancun on Friday to attend her friend's wedding but the holiday company cancelled. Her friend is supposed to be getting married this Monday in Cancun, she is already there with 40 friends and family.
Tony Malloy, Barnsley, England

My mum and dad and their best friends were at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, they were due home Friday morning. We last received a text from them on Friday morning saying they were safe, warm and being fed. Since then we have heard nothing. The waiting is unbearable. We have no idea where they are or when communications will be up again. Now the hurricane appears to be moving I am praying for a text or phone call just to say they are safe. I have tried to find an emergency phone number to ring but cannot find one. If there is such a number please can you display it.
Kellie Relf, Reading

Our daughter, Hannah Brierley, aged 13, together with a school friend Eadon Greenwood with sister Polly and their mum Gina flew to Bahia Principe Tulum and+ Akumal in Mexico on Tuesday last week and we've heard nothing.
Mark Brierley, Earby, Lancashire

My mother Alicia Margarita Pelayo (Mexican national but US retired citizen) arrived in Cancun on Saturday 15 October and was to depart on Saturday (today) 22 October. By Monday she could not leave the hotel and by this Friday she was in a cinema shelter a block away from the alligator- infested lagoon. She said "Don't worry we are being provided with water and food and directed by hotel personnel". Since then I have not heard from her. I would like to praise those individuals, hotel workers or not, who showed the courage to protect fragile individuals such as the children and the elderly such as my mother. I told her to cancel her trip but she did not listen. All I could do is pray for her and the rest. I hope to see you again Mom. I love you.
Pablo Gabriel Pelayo, Sylmar (Los Angeles) CA USA

We were staying at the El Dorado Royale Spa resort on the Riviera Maya. The staff at this hotel have been wonderful and we have to go to a University campus in Merida along with a large contingency of hotel staff. We are being fed kept safe and dry. Despite the terrible events that are happening to these people's families they have been excellent in all that they are doing for us. We have lost all of our luggage but in the face of what these people have lost it all pales into insignificance. My only wish now is to get home to my loved ones.
Gill Robinson, Royston, Herts, UK

My daughter Gina and her husband Steven have just gone to Mexico on honeymoon
Marie Morley, Liverpool, England
My daughter Gina and her husband Steven have just gone to Mexico on honeymoon, they went on Monday 17/10/05. We are extremely worried about them, they text my son on Thursday to say they had been evacuated but have not been in touch since. I know at least that my son in law will do all he can to look after Gina, he is so loving and caring but we all miss them both so much and just wish they would get in touch.
Marie Morley, Liverpool, England

I want to echo Steve Whittaker's comments about the tour operators slow and possibly inadequate evacuation efforts. The tour operator told us on Thursday afternoon that everybody had been evacuated but we were in contact with my sister at that time who was still stuck at the hotel waiting to be evacuated. As with Steve's relative's, my sister and her boyfriend were eventually moved last thing on Thursday to a school only 10 miles inland. We lost touch with them on Friday morning and now can only hope to goodness that when Wilma has passed we will get a call to say they are both safe and well. The down grading to category three is such good news but the wait is torturous.
Caroline, St Albans, UK

My mum, dad, and 2 sisters are in Cancun. We haven't had communications from them in 48 hours. The travel company will not tell us were they have been moved to, but just keep palming us of. All we want to know is are they safe.
Chrissy Woodward, Douglas, Isle of Man

My mother and father are both in Cancun, we heard from them last night to say there were safe but they don't know when they will be due home. The most worrying thing is that my dad is diabetic and has only enough insulin to last until Wednesday.
Ria Bamsey, Port Talbot, South Wales

My brother called from (0630) Cancun, which is where he lives. The rain and the winds have decreased, and he wanted me to check on the internet if the calm they are experiencing is due to the storm having passed or was it the eye. He says the reports on the Mexican radio are a little confusing. We warned him it was the eye and not to go outdoors yet. The newscast last night on the main local TV station are that the sea has joined the lagoon in the hotel zone in Cancun and the water level has reached up to the third floor of some hotels in certain areas.
Lucy Cetina, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

My husband and I live in the Republic of Panama - our daughter lives in Cozumel. We have been trying to contact her via land-line phone and cell but obviously the land lines are down and there is no signal for cell phones. The only news I have of Cozumel is as mentioned on the BBC website, all other news media is concentrating on Cancun. Thank you for the little information I read, even though it's not very encouraging. Pray for my daughter and all the people of Cozumel who cannot move inland and are trapped on the small island.
Marion Clamp, Republic of Panama



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