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What do you think of the new 007?
Daniel Craig
What kind of Bond will Daniel Craig make?

Daniel Craig has been revealed as the new James Bond after arriving at a press conference in London by speedboat.

Clive Owen, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law and Colin Farrell were also possible contenders for the job.

Craig will take over from Pierce Brosnan for the next film Casino Royale which is due to start filming in January.

Is Daniel Craig a good choice for the new James Bond?

This debate is now closed. Please read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by Sophie, UK
It's a great choice and agree with the point about Bond becoming boring. I think Daniel Craig will be a breath of fresh air that the Bond films need

A big let down. Not to take away anything from Craig's acting abilities but he simply is not James Bond. The look, hair, height are all wrong. Bond has survived for 40+ years as a suave, polished gentleman who can be rough when the occasion demands. Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman would have clearly been a better choice, but it seems they must have been out the studio's budget.
Raghav Gajanan, London

He satisfies the main criterion: he is (just) older than me. I'm still reeling from the new Doctor Who being younger than I am.
Stu Maddison, Ealing, UK

I thought Eddie Lizard would get the nod. That would sure put the US Religious right into frenzy when Bond has gay frolics on the beach.
Bob, Pittsburgh USA

A superb actor and a great choice. There will still be gadgets, there has to be. As for being "gritty", that's a good thing. Bond is after all a government assassin.
M, North Yorkshire

Women seem unmoved the lads think he gives a bit of edge. Give the lad a chance. He's a good actor and for all those talking of looks get a life.
Nick , Halifax

The last Bond film was visually stunning, but was basically a "greatest hits" compilation of all the best bits of previous films bundled into one. Bond needs to be reinvented to stop the format getting very stale. In the same way that the very serious Timothy Dalton reinvented Bond after the rather lightweight Roger Moore, Daniel Craig should make things different again. A good choice.
Peter, Nottingham

Terrible news. Why change something that isn't broken? I'd take older-man Brosnan over Craig any day.
Mandy, New York, NY

Daniel Craig will have to be an amazing new Bond to make up for the loss of key Bond elements
Gavin Thorburn, Milton Keynes
People go to see a Bond movie and expect to see gadgets and Moneypenny. That's why Bond has been so popular for so many years. Daniel Craig will have to be an amazing new Bond to make up for the loss of key Bond elements.
Gavin Thorburn, Milton Keynes

Rough and gritty is just something I have never associated with James Bond. When I think of James Bond, the adjectives that come to mind are suave, sophisticated, cool, cultured, and debonair. But rough and gritty? No way. I hate to see Pierce Brosnan leave the series. Goldeneye is the best Bond movie ever!
Bruce Hammer, Blackwell, OK, USA

Sean Connery is pretty rough looking. I think Craig will be excellent. I would like to see them set the film it in the 1950/60's with old cars, old gadgets and the style of the original Bond films. Certainly no invisible Aston Martins.
Adrian, Dunedin, NZ

He looks less like Bond, and more like a politician or salesman than anything else. I'm not so convinced that any of the other actors would have been a better choice for Bond either. Remember, the role can be taken away just as easy as it was given.
Christian, Richland, Washington, USA

I am not a James Bond fan but even still surely there are better actors than Daniel Craig. Apart from having more money and being more famous than myself - who is he?
Ryan Newell, Southampton

Why are people so quick to criticise? He is a good actor, give him a chance, why should his look matter? I despise anything to do with Bond but I find the negativity surrounding the choice extremely annoying.
Jackie, Middlesbrough

Wow what a shock and a waste, this is not the right guy; he does not have the look of 007 nor is he debonair either. We'll see how he does.
Lloyd E. Scott, San Antonio, TX, US

Oh come on! Bring back Pierce! Daniel looks like a villain in a Bond movie that gets killed by 007 in the opening sequence.
Sako G, Los Angeles, CA - USA

Missed the mark, Pierce lives in Hawaii and is still competent, McGregor and Law would have been better choices...
Ericson, Honolulu, Hawaii

If it's true that the new Bond film is going to portray Bond as Ian Fleming penned him, then Daniel Craig looks like he will fit the role very well.
Lee, Ipswich, UK

It should have been Ewan McGregor!
Charlotte, Leicester

I think it's definitely a step in the right direction. Film audiences have matured intellectually since the Bond movies first began. People are no longer so content with thin, one-dimensional characters. The time of gung-ho, quipping action heroes has come and gone and now we need emotionally engaging heroes with real fears, dreams and attitudes, no matter how spectacular their lives. Daniel Craig recognised and so should we.
Chris Fox, Derby, UK

Daniel Craig doesn't exude the class of Connery, Brosnan or even Moore. Our choice would have been Hugh Jackman or someone providing more of a transition. The last Bond movie was great up to the point where they abandoned a darker story with better acting and the addition of a strong female character, and fell back on the comic book styling. If they had just kept it up through the end it would have been much better. Gadgets can be cool if not overused or ludicrous, like they were in the early Connery films.
Goldeneye, Durango, Colorado USA

Daniel Craig, although a good actor isn't quite right. Jude Law would not be right either, he couldn't look licensed to kill. The part should have gone to James Purefoy, dark, distinguished, and with that edge of the unknown and danger.
Jenzie, Jenize

You mean there have been others since Sean Connery? I need to get out more.
Keith, US/UK

How about choosing an actor who isn't British?
Katie, USA
From reading all the comments from the Brits, it's apparent that the "little Englander" mentality thrives nicely. How about choosing an actor who isn't British? After all, isn't acting about playing someone (or some nationality) you're not in real life?
Katie, USA

I think that the last PB film showed the danger of a 50 year old playing a thirty something. PB was not credible. Clive Owen would have been good but I think that Daniel has interesting qualities. Bond is not meant to be a pretty face, he is meant to be attractive because of his dangerous qualities. A grittier, darker script may suit Craig and really refresh the genre. It would be nice if the set them in the 50's & 60's.
Max, Birmingham UK

Maybe we should be asking his leading ladies what they think! Daniel Craig may be a very good actor but is that what is really required for the character of JB ??
Rob Lever, Oldham

I predict Craig's signing spells the demise of the Bond franchise. Everyone I know thinks he is stone ugly, and although he would make a great Bond villain, he doesn't come close to personifying the handsome, intriguing, super-human good guy of all time. I own all the Bond DVDs, soundtracks, games, etc. I won't pay a farthing for a ticket to see the new Casino Royale. My friends and family feel the same. How sad!
Annette Johnson, New York, USA

Daniel Craig? Think there could have been a better choice - Clive Owen for sure. But I'm willing to give Craig the benefit of the doubt. Anyone following on from Pierce Brosnan has a very tough act to follow. He has been superb as Bond breathing new life into the role. It's just unfortunate he is not continuing at least for another couple of films.
Colin Murphy, Edinburgh

He doesn't begin to have the James Bond look. I am very disappointed. I have thought of no one but Clive Owen since Pierce Brosnan retired from the Bond films. Bad choice!
Rosemary Howell Kommer, Metropolis, Ill, USA

I think he has the style and physique. But he does not have the look! Why get rid of Brosnan who is established and popular, he should have done one more. I would have preferred Clive Owen or Gerard Butler to get the part ahead of Craig. As a Bond fan I am disappointed.
Joel Frank, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

The whole Bond thing really needs a shake up
Fred Harrison, Surrey
After recently watching Layer Cake I think Daniel Craig would be fantastic. The whole Bond thing really needs a shake up. I've enjoyed every Bond film but I think it really does need an injection of fresh blood in front of and behind the scenes. The producers need to be 'let off the leash' a bit so it can be fresher and more invigorating otherwise it will become stale as it did in the late 80s.
Fred Harrison, Surrey

A lot of people seem to criticise Daniel Craig for not looking the part. If you've ever read the books, he looks just as Ian Fleming described.
Simon, Suffolk, England

With Bond, you can hit or miss. In the past we have had greats like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, to satisfactory such as Roger Moore, to the absolutely rubbish Timothy Dalton. I am not too sure about Daniel Craig. I don't feel he is a good looking man nor smooth enough for the role, however it will all depend on the style of movie making the makers are going to go for. There has been talk of the new movie being more gritty and violent, taking that into consideration, Daniel Craig may work out. I am glad to hear they have only contracted him for one film. Safe bet to try before you buy
Harps, Hounslow

I like Daniel Craig, but worry that he looks too Russian - how are we supposed to tell him apart from the baddies?
Will, Nyon, Switzerland

I'm just not happy with a mousey haired Bond.
Holl, Norwich

Remember that Fleming's bond is an assassin, a spy with a license to kill and does so without remorse or second thought. Therefore, the look of Bond, as described by Fleming himself was hard, gritty and tough. No mention of being suave, sophisticated or a flirt. It's also been mentioned that Daniel Craig looks like he should have been the villain - which is exactly why Craig could be an excellent Bond, because James Bond is an assassin. Good choice.
Stephen, Cardiff

I think one of the trademarks of a good Bond is the mischievous look and manners. From his photos I don't think Craig has it. Still, as I haven't seen any of his films, I am prepared to be persuaded.
Saleem Ali, Calicut, India

Blond and Blue-eyed! What more can I say? Regardless of his acting skills, he is just no Bond. And although Bond was more 'gritty' in the books, he still had a certain suaveness and sex appeal that Daniel Graig just does not have.
Barbara, London

Anyone who thinks Craig is too "harsh" or "ugly" for the role is just being silly. Pretty boys? Boring! Suave? Yawn. I stopped watching Bond films long ago because they were horribly dull and polished. With Craig as 007 I might give it another chance. Then again, I adore gritty!
Kari, California, US

Should be an interesting bond: a blend of Steve McQueen and Vladimir Putin.
John Melton, Falls Church, Virginia USA

Thank god for a bold decision - can't wait to hear him say the immortal line: 'The name's Bond'.
Nils, London, UK

I was disappointed that Pierce Brosnan would not be returning but think Craig Daniel will make a great James Bond. All the best Craig and bring on Casino Royale!
Michael, London

Daniel Craig does not have the handsome, dashing looks of previous James Bonds. I didn't like any of the choices. I was hoping that Pierce Bronson would one more Bond movie. What a lousy choice.
Sue May, Justin, Texas USA

Fantastic. I'd prefer to see an edgy Bond that looks at the character then the gadgets and Daniel is the perfect choice, his acting is versatile and strong and he will add a new depth to a younger Bond, which I hope will be set in the same time as the book.
George, London, England

Is there going to be a regeneration scene? Oh no, wrong series!
Jake, Cardiff, Wales

An extremely gifted and believable actor
Dan, Bristol
An extremely gifted and believable actor who with any luck will add some grit and realism to the role. I'm very please about the choice - down with political correctness and invisible cars!
Dan, Bristol

Regardless of the actor I think the 007 films are finished, we have had two of the best possible actors Connery and Moore and the stories are out of fashion and no longer believable also the fact that Cubby Broccoli who was the only director who could make these films work has sadly passed away and to hear that they are rehashing Casino Royale is sad and will end in an embarrassing expensive failure...
I K, London UK

Robbie Williams? Ewan McGregor? Jude Law? - Ladies they're all babies - what you want for Bond is a real man and even as a fan of George Clooney I honestly can't see him as Bond, I'm sure Daniel Craig will surprise everyone.
Grace, Dublin, Ireland

After seeing him in Layer Cake I think he will fit the bill perfectly
Chris, Surrey, UK
After seeing him in Layer Cake I think he will fit the bill perfectly and will make a good Bond, and will be on par with Timothy Dalton, who I thought was the best and the out of the bunch to date
Chris, Horley, Surrey, UK

Oh no, this is terrible! James Bond films are meant to be escapist fun, not gritty and realistic. And how can you miss out John Clees and the gadgets? Daniel Craig may be OK as James Bond, but not if they change the style of the films so much. I won't even bother going to see it!
Helen, Durham, UK

No Brosnan, no Q, no Moneypenny, no gadgets, Craig has a huge hole to fill! Let's hope this doesn't end Bond.
Gary, UK

I'm really sorry - and no offence to Mr Craig or his acting abilities, but its time they gave up on Bond. Sean Connery will always be "Bond" to me anyway, but it really has had its day of greatness. Come on directors/producers, come up with something new. Give Mr Craig a spy role by all means... but go somewhere new!
Dee Redmond, Horsham

007 will always be a favourite (just please reduce the excessive romance) no matter who is the 'Bond'. We hope Mr Craig continue with the fine tradition.
Jallah Kennedy, Galloway, USA

He's an intense and accomplished actor, who will give the now near-comical Bond character the edginess it needs. Timothy Dalton did this superbly, too. Top choice!
Jo, Suffolk, UK

Being a big fan of the James Bond books (as distinct from the film), I welcome the decision to go back to basics and give us a film which is closer to the books. The Bond character in the books is far deeper and more complex than any of his film personas have ever been. I don't think Daniel Craig looks much like the description of Bond in the books, though.
David Hazel, Fareham, UK

I think Clive Owen would have been a far better choice
Shaz, Luton
I think Clive Owen would have been a far better choice. He is a fantastic actor, has that grit about him and that certain something that would make him a fantastic Bond for both men and women. Daniel Craig just doesn't have that underlying sex appeal or the charm for me. If he doesn't agree with the Bond persona, why offer him the role, will he truly be able to be the man that can replace Pierce Brosnan? I have my doubts.
Shaz, Luton, UK

As a massive Bond fan, I am of the opinion that the best Bond save for Sean Connery, namely Pierce Brosnan should not have been replaced so early. He was good for at LEAST another two films. Some film companies don't know when they are onto a good thing.
Steve, London

I'm sorry, but Daniel Craig just doesn't have the right looks. James Bond to me is an ice cool, smooth, sophisticated and slightly eccentric gent - for this reason Pierce Brosnan is my favourite Bond, followed closely by Roger Moore. Craig just looks too rough to be all these things, so therefore the character will inevitably change, which I am not convinced is always a good thing.
Stephanie, London

Isn't he more in the Sean Bean bad guy mode?! I'd have picked for Clive Owen or really gone for it with a female 007 - Keira Knightley!
Richard Harrison, UK

I think he will be a good choice. I recently saw Layer Cake and was impressed with the way he carried the film - very understated and believable. I'm hoping the Campbell/Haggis Director/Screenwriter combination are aiming for the sort of no-nonsense espionage angle exemplified by the recent Bourne Identity films - the first spy films I've enjoyed in a very long while.
MNB, Leicester, UK

I was hoping Clive Owen would get the role
Jon, Leicester, UK
What a huge disappointment. I was hoping Clive Owen would get the role. He looks like James Bond and has the silent and brooding character to pull it off. I fear Casino Royal will turn into another O.H.M.S.S., with Daniel Craig only doing one Bond film. Also I see the producers want to get rid of the girls and gadgets. But what is a Bond film without the girls and gadgets? I will not be going to see this Bond film. What are they playing at?
Jon (avid Bond fan), Leicester, UK

The whole reinvention of 007 is just trying to latch on to the success of recent films such as the Bourne series. It is the exaggeration and OTT world of Bond that has always set it apart.
James, Gatwick, UK

No offence to this chap that I don't recognise, but he doesn't look like a Bond. Bond is an institution and the makers shouldn't stray so far from the 'Bond look'. Clive Owen would have been perfect.
Buzz, Glasgow

Craig will make a perfect Bond. His performance in Layer Cake is very similar to the attitude of the original Casino Royale Bond - calm, charming and ruthless. His casting and the overall decision to take the film back to its roots (less silly - gadget free) roots is inspired.
Tom, London

Can't help feeling that Clive Owen would have fitted the part better but will wait and see. As a huge Bond fan I'm just hoping for a high-quality addition to the franchise!
Ruth, Sheffield, UK

Yum - rugged, a bit dangerous just what James Bond should be....
Elaine, Camberley, UK

I am a massive Daniel Craig and Bond fan, this is a dream come true for both me and him! One of the best British actors of his generation.
Drew Brown, Motherwell, UK

Interesting choice. He is an excellent actor and is very attractive.
Mir, Amsterdam

Couldn't they find anyone who looked less like a James Bond??
Ade, Gloucester
I am horrified by this choice; couldn't they find anyone who looked less like a James Bond?? Colin Salmon was clearly the best choice for the next James Bond. I am a huge fan of the series but I must admit that it will take a lot of persuasion to get me to watch Casino Royale.
Ade, Gloucester

Daniel Craig shone in Friends from the North; excelled in the Road to Prediction with Paul Newman and has added class to any role he has accepted; possibly he is too good an actor for the role!
Annie, Glasgow, Scotland

Tim Dalton was the most realistic agent to date and Daniel Craig appears to be of the same ilk. He may have rough looks as some put it but that's what makes him a good choice. A pretty boy isn't realistic as a cool operator and where needed a cold blooded killer too.
Mike Thomas, Wigan, England

I find all these comments about a younger, more gritty actor for Casino Royale to be quite amusing. When Connery was named as Bond for the first film (Dr. No) Flemming was horrified. He thought the ideal bond actor was David Niven.
R J Gray, Edinburgh, Scotland

Daniel Craig is a great choice for a new Bond. It's definitely time for a change, there has been too much reliance upon gadgets and special effects in the modern Bond films. I welcome the move toward a more darker/gritty/realistic Bond. This kind of change worked wonders in Batman Begins!
Sandeep, London

Dreadful choice - can't believe they considered Ewan MacGregor either. Guess they don't want the smooth, suave, sophisticated any more then!
Carol, B, UK

Bond without gadgets, Moneypenny or Q isn't Bond. This style was tried with Timothy Dalton and failed miserably. It's the English quirkiness of Bond that's kept it unique and successful.
Andrew Lavis, Crawley, England

Give the guy a chance. Part of the reason the Bond franchise has lasted so long and maintained its popularity is the freshness afforded by a change of actor every few years. I'd much rather have a relative unknown in the role than a Hollywood A-lister. If an American ever got the part I think I'd have to stop watching them.
Dan Kirkby, Herts

Sorry, but James Bond should be tall, dark, handsome and sophisticated not looking like he could be the next Crocodile Dundee. Perhaps he was the cheaper option in these days of movie cost cutting.
Natalie, Gosport, Hampshire

I like the idea of an edgier Bond
Mark, Sidcup
Craig is a talented actor and I like the idea of an edgier Bond. That said, I'm a little worried about the dumping of Q, Moneypenny and the gadgets. I do think Bond can afford to be darker, but you can't ditch everything that makes Bond films, well, Bond films.
Mark, Sidcup

Daniel Craig said that he wants to take Bond "to places it's never been before"....How about straight to Video!
Ian Gavet, San Fransisco

Daniel Craig seems a bit rough to be playing the suave James Bond, he doesn't seem to have those boyish good looks that we're used to either with the likes of Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore. Not my choice.
Cara Bill, Gloucester

It will be interesting to see if 007 can be re-invented. A number of eyebrows were raised when Christopher Ecclestone became Dr Who. It wouldn't work, it couldn't workżbut it did! I hope the same will be the case with Daniel Craig's Bond as he is a fine actor.
Clive Hamilton, Harlington Beds

Well! Let's put it simply. He's too ugly.
Bjoern, Stockholm Sweden

He looks like Sid James.
Dan, Swansea, Wales

I can't believe so many people think Pierce Brosnan was such a good Bond. I never rated him at all - very wooden. I reckon Craig is a good enough actor to carry it off.
Rob, London, UK

I think it should be Ewan McGregor.
Tim, UK

An even better choice would be James Purefoy
Andrew Richards, Cardiff, South Wales
Daniel Craig is a poor choice for James Bond, he just doesn't look right. Clive Owen would be great. An even better choice would be James Purefoy, he has the right look and the right persona - he would be perfect. Daniel Craig just looks too "rough".
Andrew Richards, Cardiff, South Wales

Daniel Craig is undoubtedly a talented actor, and he should prove to be a good choice for the role. It is good news that Pierce Brosnan will not be renewing his licence to kill; unlike Timothy Dalton (who is probably the most talented actor to portray James Bond), Pierce brought no depth of character to the role, with only rare facial movements.
Tim, Kent, England

Craig is a good actor but is definitely not the right choice for Bond. I thought they wanted someone younger. He looks older than Brosnan.
Terri Woods, Bournemouth, Dorset

Given JB is not a documentary, I don't want a 'gittier, more realistic' Bond. And given that Flemming wasn't a great writer, I don't want them to stick to the books. And if I want Bourne I'll watch Bourne. Bond is a style, mess with the style and it's gone. Brosman and Goldeneye was best...this guy? Don't know, but don't mess with the style of Bond: keep the gadgets, the comic book violence, the plot that always involves the end of civilisation as we know it, but keep it fun!
A Guy, UK

I think is a great choice and gets a James Bond that is back to the character that Ian Fleming wrote his books about which hasn't happened since Timothy Dalton was cast. An inspired choice.
Jim, Bournemouth

Die Another Day really was a shocker!
Chris Taylor, Wiltshire, UK
I think it is time for a change but, assuming they want a young James Bond, Daniel Craig does not look that younger than Pierce! The big change needs to be made with the scriptwriter as Die Another Day really was a shocker!
Chris Taylor, Wiltshire, UK

I am a bit disappointed with the choice, and am concerned about the dramatic change. They tried it before with Timothy Dalton and it was not received well. It is sad to read that Daniel Craig also does not agree with the Bond persona and wants to change it! Pierce had it right for today and was developing the character to become more gritty, just as Sean Connery was. It is wait and see time... Daniel has a line of hard acts to follow, and a challenge of a re-make.
Christine, Southampton, UK

Daniel Craig is a good actor, but I really don't think he is the right choice for Bond. A better choice would be Clive Owen.
Ryan Gray, Cupar, Fife

Finally, someone who fits Ian Fleming's Bond. A bit of edge, none of the gadgets, and none of the camp frippery which typified the abysmal efforts of Moore and Connery - these are not supposed to be Carry On films, or sex farces. Make the next film nasty, brutish and short, like the novels, and reinvigorate the genre. Brosnan has been a step in the right direction; Craig is a superb successor - the first real actor in the role since the hugely under-rated Timothy Dalton.
Francis, London

Pity that they've dumped Brosnan. He was the quintessential James Bond and did a lot to revive the franchise. Craig has big shoes to fill.
Chris, Singapore

Recent 007 films have become a parody of themselves
Alfred Layson, London, UK
Daniel Craig is exactly what the Bond franchise needs to rejuvenate itself. Recent 007 films have become a parody of themselves. Craig will bring the cold grit and sense of danger that Fleming originally imagined.
Alfred Layson, London, UK

Craig is the right choice if they want to take Bond back to anywhere near his roots and recreate the feel of the early Connery films. No actor that has played the role captured Ian Fleming's Bond better than Connery in Dr No and From Russia With Love, although Dalton came closest. Moore and Brosnan were very far removed from Fleming's creation. Craig should be good bridge between the cinematic, glamorous appeal of Brosnan and the darker, more realistic character of the novels.
Dave White, London, UK

I think Daniel Craig is perfectly suited to be Bond. You only have to watch Layercake to see it. He has the looks, build and coolness on screen.
Mark, Surrey

I think Daniel Craig will make a brilliant James Bond and have been saying this to my friends for the last 18 months. He is gorgeous!
Sheri Peterson, Croydon, Surrey

Only time will tell. I wasn't too sure about Brosnan until I saw Goldeneye, then I was very impressed. I think he'll play a rougher, more down-to-earth Bond, which may be just what the franchise needs now.
David, Littlehampton, UK

Maybe the SIS's new web site could be used to find a replacement. Or alternatively Britain could just drop the franchise and support decent film making, instead of just aping Hollywood's' fetishes with cars, guns, girls and violence.
Adam, London

Craig would be a departure and perhaps bring something fresh to the role
Tony, England
I think that Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond and could have continued in the role for at least one more film. That being the case, I'm less than enthused by anyone replacing him. Craig would be a departure and perhaps bring something fresh to the role, but it's premature.
Tony, England

Daniel Craig. I am sure he is a good actor but he has too rough looks. As for the others I can't see them playing the role either. A new unknown actor should be chosen for the role.
Richard, London, UK

Is that the best they can do? I'm sure he's a good actor and a nice person but he has most definitely NOT got the looks! Did they ask George Clooney???
Sue, Halesowen, UK

Clive Owen was clearly the better choice, but I guess we'll have to see how Mr Craig works out.
Ed, London

Daniel Craig is a great actor and will bring gravitas to the role. However my favourite Bond is Timothy Dalton for the same reasons so what do I know?
Ian, Cambridge, UK

From what I have been reading in the tabloids about his recent escapades, he would do just nicely...

Daniel Craig would make an excellent 007. He is gritty, icy cool and all the more alluring because he isn't the normal 'pretty boy' agent.
Gayle, Glasgow

Daniel Craig is an excellent actor. With him, the James Bond Inc. just may regain its relevance and ensure its future in the face of overwhelming competition from the likes of the Bourne Identity/Supremacy. Recent Bond films have descended into Thunderbirds-style fantasy whereas what is needed is a return to gritty realism.
Nick, Soton, UK

He doesn't have the look of James Bond. Sorry but he's just not good looking or sophisticated enough. It should have either been Clive Owen, Jude Law or Ewan McGregor
Lianne, Cannock

Daniel Craig is such an underrated actor. I think he will make the perfect 007. Ian Fleming's original bond wasn't just a smooth talking womaniser, but a ruthless hard man. DG is perfect! I just hope he brings all of his acting talents to the role and put Bond back on track.
Ray, London, England

No, I don't think he fits the JB character. Robbie Williams would be a good choice (presuming he can act).
Andreas Oikonomou, Athens, Greece


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