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Are you affected by the Asia quake?
Collapsed Margala Towers in Islamabad. Sent in by Awais Yaqub
Reader picture: Awais Yaqub
Many people are feared dead as a powerful earthquake strikes Pakistan, north India and Afghanistan.

This is a fourth page of comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

The overwhelming response from people from all walks of life is amazing
Naveed Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan
I live in Karachi and today I witnessed an amazing scene of volunteers - mainly students of medical and engineering colleges, universities, and even kids from schools - wandering around the city collecting donations of much needed relief goods. The overwhelming response from people from all walks of life is amazing. Even I was told that a 6-year-old kid willing to give his school lunch box for the kids of the affected area. There are huge piles of donated goods on almost every corner of big roads. On average basis, 2000 tons of relief stuff is being dispatched every day only from Karachi. This is of course a sign of great nation. I am proud to be a Pakistani.
Naveed Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan

It's heartbreaking to see the people who survived the quake are now left open to the elements. The winter is creeping upon them and if aid does not reach them in time we will see much more deaths. I am Insha-Allah leaving for Pakistan and will assist in any way possible. I just hope and pray that all our efforts are not in vain.
Hussnain H Shah, Rotherham

My university has set up a relief fund and we have been sending aid by road along with students and teachers to distribute it among the most needy. Another after shock of magnitude 5.6 just happened as I'm typing. Hope it doesn't bring more destruction. Please keep donating, we're getting stuff there as best as possible.
Nadir Viqar, Islamabad, Pakistan

My family in Muzafrabad was has been fighting hard to survive this awful tragedy. There house did not fall to the ground but there is no electricity and people have started looting in the streets. My uncle who lived in London came back two days ago to see his home town in ruins. I recently spoke to him and they are all very devastated. This is the time where Pakistan needs to stand up and help their fellow citizens to overcome this tragic event. I myself am going to Islamabad to see how my family is holding up there. I hope all others in the country donate generously.
Nayef Andrabi, Lahore, Pakistan

A friend of mine is still missing. He was living in the Margalla Towers in Islamabad. My heart goes out to his family and I'm praying for him as well. Fortunately my family is fine but so many others are suffering. I feel completely helpless. I'm very grateful for all donations being sent there and I hope help reaches the remote areas as well.
Amna, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The courage and morale of the people is a treat to watch
M Zaheer, London
My brother in Abbottabad, Pakistan, told me that a lot of aid has arrived and is being moved to the northern regions. He said the courage and morale of the people is a treat to watch as they are moving to northern areas with trucks full of supplies and eatables. He also said that citizens of Pakistan from as far as Karachi and Sindh have travelled to northern areas with huge supplies. He said the only shortage at the moment is that of tents, manufacturers of waterproof tents have already been overbooked with thousands of advanced orders.
M Zaheer, London, UK

I heard about it and called my cousins straight away (in Pakistan). They were only half a mile away on where the earthquake hit. Luckily, they were OK. It is dreadful that my 5-year-old cousins feel nervous or get a panic attack if someone moves the sofa they are sitting on, or if a table moves by accident, etc. These people are not aware physically but are aware mentally.
Rizwan Iqbal, Edinburgh

My husband is in the Pakistani Army and since the day the quake happened, I haven't heard from him. All I know is that he was helicoptered to help clear the roads in Muzaffarabad. I pray for his well being and my heart goes out to all those who lost their families and homes in this great tragedy. Allahu Akbar
Saira Khan, Fremont, CA, USA

I am a Pakistani living near the capital Islamabad. I have seen that aid is being sent to the areas where the concerned people can go and the remote areas are being neglected ie some areas of NWFP and some in Pakistani held Kashmir. I would also like to give a suggestion that all the organisations whether they are form abroad or native should help Pakistani government to re-habilitate the people affected by the earthquake. It could be done either by paying compensation to those people or by building homes for the homeless. I can just hope that you will come forward to help the needy.
Tahir Munir, Jhelum, Pakistan

The sister of my wife's best friend was killed when her house collapsed in Muzzafarabad before she could get out. Nobody else was home at the time and her five children (aged approximately 4 to 12) were sent to live with relatives in Lahore. They were told that their mum is trapped in the house and they will get her out soon. They still don't know that they'll never see her again. Her husband and relatives only managed to recover her body 3 days after the disaster due to a lack of help from the authorities. Many, many people have nothing left and have no financial resources to fall back on and while the international community has been very helpful, more is needed. The magnitude of the problem is difficult to comprehend. Please help by any means that you can. At least we must try and minimise the casualties that result from a lack of aid in the coming days.
Saj, High Wycombe, UK

The majority of the houses have collapsed and people are living in the fields under open skies
Khalid Khan, San Jose, CA
My family lives in a Village near Baug Azad Kashmir. They are barely surviving. They have very little food and no shelter. The majority of the houses have collapsed and people are living in the fields under open skies. The road network, Power and Communication infrastructure has been destroyed. There is no means of getting there except by foot or through a helicopter. To add to the misery it's has been raining and hail storms through out the nights. They need immediate help with Tent equipment, Food and Medical Aid kits. Please help!
Khalid Khan, San Jose, CA

After visiting Muzafarabad there's no doubt that this is the biggest catastrophe Pakistan is facing, there are dead bodies every where, victims are in lack of all types of aid. It's now been 4 days and there are strong concerns of lack of relief co-ordination. "Where is AJK Govt"?
Asif Vaqub, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

More people lost their lives because of bad construction than the earthquake. International community should send more doctors and trained people to help Pakistan in this disaster. If rescue workers of international and national would have taken to the right places by the authority, where large number of people were suffering from this disaster, more lives could have been saved like schools, colleges, hospitals and universities. Pakistan needs international community for more help to build at least some sort of infrastructure to help them for their living.
Syed Arbab Ahmed, Karachi, Pakistan

My village is Kangar Bandian Tarch, Union Council Namal, District Abbotabad, 15 kilometre from Kohala on Kohala Tarch link road. Still no government representative and government aid has reached. Many people have died and hundreds are injured. Presently I am working in PIA, Pakistan international airline store Lahore airport and I have visited my village after travelling 14 kilometre on foot. I request for assistance, heavy machinery to remove rebel and mobile hospitals at my village immediately.
Guldad Abbasi, Kangar Bandian Tarch, Abbotabad district, Pakistan

Though there is a lot of aid going to AJK and Balakot, many areas are being left out - probably because of the lack of resources. One such area is Indus Kohistan. Though the area was not hit as bad as other areas, its people are extremely poor and do not have much political representation to ensure aid to their area. Many are homeless and are simply sleeping rough without any blankets or food. Access to them is only by foot which makes aid distribution difficult. We are trying to do want we can but it is going to take a huge effort. I urge people to look at other areas and help as soon as possible.
Rab Nawaz, Abbottabad, Pakistan

It's a sad story to hear; a lot of my friends passed away in the Islamabad tower and good to hear that my gran's friends came out alive on Tuesday, at least some good news we got. And want to praise the volunteers for there help.
Farhan Tanoli, London

At least this tragedy will bring world's attention to the Kashmir issue
Dr Nusrat Banka, Srinagar, India
It is very painful to watch people suffering on either sides of Line Of Control. I guess at least this tragedy will bring world's attention to the Kashmir issue. We are torn apart between two egotistic countries. All they are interested in is piece of land, not the people. Look at the infrastructure on either side: Kashmir's budget is spent on defence. For the last two decades there has been absolutely no development. Why should Goverments on either side invest in a disputed area? The Indian part of Kashmir is not as badly hit, yet people on this side can't offer help to relatives and friends living on roads on other side of LOC. The Indian Govt. is yet to provide help to affected people even though the number is small compared to POK. When will these two countries realize the damage they have done to us and leave us alone and let us live in peace?
Dr Nusrat Banka, Srinagar, India

I was in an office when the earth quake struck. We thought someone was operating some kind of machine for drilling but in seconds fire alarms broke up.. Lot of people panicked and fell on the stairs while making their way out. Thanks to God no one got hurt in the stairs or otherwise but even after we were safe it took us time to realise what has actually happened.
Gaurav Sharma , New Delhi

That building which is collapsed in the picture is a block of apartment right opposite the block of apartments my father lives in. I used to see those towers from my bedroom, I cannot believe the whole thing has collapsed, they were huge and a lot of people including foreigners lived there. The basement was a car park and that is not even visible, since the rubble is all over.
Ghazan, London

I felt the tremors about 0850 Islamabad time and at first thought that I was dreaming. It was surreal being in a room that was moving. Being from Malaysia, I have never in my life gone through this experience. About an hour or so later, I received a phone call from a fellow Malaysian colleague.. He lived in one of the three apartment buildings in that area where one, the "Margalla Towers" had collapsed. Although his building survived the tremor, and that he lived on the 6th floor, he was not taking any chances and had left the building. It was a scary time because the tremors could still be felt after every 20 minutes or so. Seems that according to the news these tremors will be felt for the next few days.
Raudhah Hashim, Islamabad, Pakistan

There is still not enough being done here by our government. We need blankets
Jehangir Qazi, Srinagar, India
I live in Srinagar, and I tell you there is still not enough being done here by our government. We need blankets. Government and NGO bureaucracy is slow in delivering food, clothing and shelter. There is so much money that is being spent in Tamil Nadu to help tsunami-affected people. I believe that the amount of funds outnumber the needs there. International NGOs like Oxfam and Save the Children have several offices, consultants, and vehicles in Chennai. Why can't they divert some of their funds to help the victims of the earthquake in India and Pakistan, who far outnumber the tsunami victims.
Jehangir Qazi, Srinagar, India

The earthquake was one the heaviest and longest ever in Afghanistan according to my experience and reports from the people here. All people were scared and running around.
Ubaidullah Ebadi, Kabul, Afghanistan

We have just rung my brother-in-law in the village of Kangar, Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and been told that he actually saw all the houses in the neighbourhood actually shaking during the tremors, but none had collapsed. All the schools, collages and public offices have been evacuated. The town is on high alert!
Khan, Kotli, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Hi. I have just spoken to my brother who lives in Lahore which is approximately 200 miles South of Islamabad (over 250 South of the epicentre) and he says that a local market has collapsed in the city centre. Given that the region is not within an earthquake zone therefore the buildings are not constructed to cope with this magnate of Earthquake.
Abaid Rehman, Bradford UK

Two types of earthquake were experienced
Shakeel, Gujranwala, Pakistan
Two types of earthquake were experienced. Firstly, very strong jolts shaking entire buildings then swinging quake. Wave was very strong and terrifying. Reportedly, many buildings have got cracked and some collapsed also due to this quake. Extend of damage is not fully known.
Shakeel, Gujranwala, Pakistan

I was taking bath in first floor of my house, suddenly I felt something shaking me badly, my wife was shouting at the children to get out of the home as they were downstairs. It happened for 2 minutes and it was so terrible that I thought all buildings will collapsed. It happened 2-3 times. All people are still sitting outside of their homes, offices as there are rumours this will continue for next 48 hours. One minaret of a mosque which is 30 year old has fallen down. In my 38 years of life, I have never seen such an earth quake.
Asad Sabir, Wah Cantt, Pakistan

My brother lived in Margalla Towers - the building which collapsed - along with his family, wife and 3 kids. God was kind and they managed to escape few minutes before part of the building came down. They moved to a relative's house not far from Margalla Towers. We spoke to them and they are naturally quite upset. Not only that they have lost their home and all valuables but they fear that some of their neighbours have died. We have a mix feeling, happy because our family is safe and sad because many have lost their lives. My brother being a doctor is right now in the hospital helping patients. It's a difficult time for Pakistan but we will overcome these difficulties with God's help.
Ayesha Masood, Graz, Austria

My family is part of the British High Commission in Islamabad. At the time it hit I was in the kitchen whilst my three year old was having breakfast in the dining room. At first it felt like a low flying helicopter passing by, then I noticed my kitchen blinds were swaying and all I remember was running to pick up my son and taking shelter under a door frame. The whole house shook for at least a minute and it was quite terrifying. As far as we know, no British diplomats have been hurt, but much of the outskirts of Islamabad has been badly affected.
Sarah Moody, Islamabad, Pakistan,

I am a student of Fast National University, Lahorer. I was sitting in the class when the earth quake started and I saw the computers literally waving, shaking and the windows making horror sounds. That was the worst experience of my life.
Saad Munir, Lahore, Pakistan

Around 08:00 local time in the morning at Kabul, Afghanistan, I felt the earthquake. At first it wasn't very strong but then it got worse. I tried to take my family out of the building which is on the fifth floor and I live on the third. While trying getting out the earthquake stopped.
Sami Matin, Kabul, Afghanistan

I was sitting in my guest house here in Kabul when I felt the earthquake at about 08:30 this morning. It lasted much longer than tremors I have felt in the past, perhaps 3 or 4 minutes. Another one followed about half an hour later. This time I was 8 floors up in a concrete government ministry and was about to make my way down and out of the building when they stopped. We knew after that that somewhere there must have been a significant earthquake.
Kabul, Afghanistan

I would just like to know whether the area of Milpur is affected or not as I have family there
Nafisa, England

We were in our classroom in college when suddenly the whole classroom started shaking. Our teacher told us to get to the ground and sit down. It was so great that I felt the whole roof would fall on me.
Zaigham Abbas, Islambad, Pakistan

I can only imagine how bad it must have been at the epicentre
Bilal Sami, Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore is some 300 kilometres south east of Islamabad. The shock here was severe enough to wake me and my parents up. As far as my memory serves it's the worst thing that has hit Lahore in the last 20 years. Not only was the force of aftershock alarming, it also seemed to last for ever. I can only imagine how bad it must have been at the epicentre.
Bilal Sami, Lahore, Pakistan

I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I was deep in shock when I heard about this natural disaster. We are working to collect the aid. And I appeal through your channel to the Pakistanis who are living in UK, US and other countries to collect and send the funds and aid for provides the relief of the suffer people. And being a Pakistani I believe we shall take control of this situation very carefully.
Waseem Ahmed, Karachi Pakistan

Thanks to the British rescue team, thank you very much... I personally and from all Pakistani peoples say thanks to the British rescue team who saved a three-year-old child after 61 hours of the rescue operation.
Rao Obaid, Islamabad, Pakistan

Luckily I managed to speak to my aunt in Islamabad and she mentioned that she is fine and well, thank God. One thing was impressive and that was her telling me how people from all over Pakistan are assisting in some way of other. Long lines to donate clothes, food, money and other perishable items have overwhelmed the government and military institutions. It is in times such as this that great nations stand out and Pakistanis really need to show this face of themselves to the outside world.
Nabeel Hasan, Toronto, Canada

I have countless relatives living in Muzaffarabad, the epicentre of the quake and the land my family hail from. We've lost close to a dozen relatives and some are yet to be accounted for. Many shops in the city centre have been wiped out and houses all across the city have been flattened (including a holiday home we were building), not even houses high up in the mountains were spared. The loss of life is huge and the figures will grow, and the frail economy of the region has been devastated, and may take decades to recover.
Imran, London

Hi, I've been speaking to family and friends in Agror valley, District Mansehra, NW Pakistan. They are in real danger as there is still strong earthquake (quite strong aftershocks) are going on. They are the people who need to be rescued immediately. They are in that remote area of the country where there is no rescue effort is being made.
Peter, Birmingham, UK

I was at work when an intense earthquake was felt and all I could see was people rushing out of the office. To save myself, I also rushed out of the building and sat with everyone on the ground that was still shaking and we could feel it. Nothing, simply nothing came in my mind except Allah and my mother!
Maria Javed, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

I have managed to get in touch with a friend whose injured family were airlifted from Ditrict Bagh, Azad, Kashmir. He says at least 10,000 people have been killed in Bagh alone. Thankfully my sisters there are alive. But my brother who is a major in the army, is based in Muzafrabad, has not been heard of. I am extremely worried about him and his family.
Saeed Saleem, Barking, London, UK

Every few kilometres there is a camp accepting relief goods
Shahrezad, Karachi, Pakistan
I was amazed at the response by the citizens of Karachi to the earthquake which devastated the northern areas of Pakistan. People are queuing for hours, getting out of their cars to volunteer, organising themselves almost automatically to donate whatever they can for their fellow countrymen up north. I went to the PAF museum parking lot the first night and a mountain of relief goods were waiting to be sent. The next night the cars were queued up on the main artery that runs through Karachi, waiting patiently to get to the parking lot to donate and help in whatever way they can. Every few kilometres there is a camp accepting relief goods. I don't know anyone who hasn't given something.
Shahrezad, Karachi, Pakistan

As a mother, my heart aches for the people of Pakistan who have lost so many children in the earthquake. As an American, my heart aches for all the people of Pakistan who have suffered losses due to this latest natural disaster. If you're reading this and haven't donated to a global charity, then do so now.
Susan Summers, Las Vegas, NV, USA

One of my relatives with her family is trapped in the Pakistan city of Muzaffarabad. They are right now in the open air with their house declared not safe. They tell us about the haunting cries and screams of people being buried alive in the rubble. To add to their miseries, rain has started pouring. We pray for the people who are still alive that may Allah Almighty help them to get over this disaster soon.
Ayesha Naveed, London

I am basically from Sopore, the apple town of Indian administered Kashmir. I heard about the earthquake on Friday night and the whole night I couldn't sleep. All night I was thinking about my family back in Sopore. When I woke up in the morning on Saturday, I first bought a calling card. After many abortive attempts, I was able to talk to my mother. I almost cried on phone. My mother told me that it was so hard they were certain that everyone of them was going to die. Thank God that didn't happen. She further said that they don't dare to go back to their houses because of the post-quake tremours. The walls of my sister's and aunt's houses have collapsed, but thank God everyone is alive and unhurt.
Khursheed Ahmad, Boston, USA

The terror and fear from the devastation caused by the earth quake is so great that most of the individuals around the country, and myself are even sacred to sleep, as the after shocks are still being experienced, last one around 3:00am. Everyone has been awake all night
Rida Ijaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

I was taking my exam at my university, when the extraordinary shockwaves of this earthquake was being felt and all the other students began looking up as if the roof would just fall. But all went fine. After that aftershocks were still being felt, the last one being felt an hour ago (4:30am).
Ahmad Tariq, Lahore, Pakistan

My family lives in Muzzafarabad, my parents are fine, our house has been totally destroyed, and we have no news about my brother, we are not even sure if he was in the house when the quake happened, there is no one in Muzzafarabad to dig in the rubble, there are no rescue teams. I am just praying that Allah keeps him alive and safe...
Syeda Qamar, Edinburgh, Scotland

I was at my work place about Singoff after a night shift, when my monitor started shaking and for the first time in my life I felt the tremors of an earthquake, while rushing out of the office building we could hear the sound of a shivering ac plant. Standing out in the front lawn we could see our 14 story tower inclined for seconds and the glass windows cracking, all we could do was to pray and call home to hear from our folks.
Hannan, Lahore, Pakistan

I just talked to my parents in Sopore, the apple town of Indian-administered Kashmir, and my mother told me that they didn't sleep for the whole of Saturday night because of aftershocks. My dear niece who is just 10 years old told me that when earthquake happened, she had just got into her school. She told me that they couldn't do anything except cry and scream for help. My brother who was in a passenger bus heading to his job at the time of earthquake, told me that the passengers in the bus thought that the mother Earth will soon engulf the bus. My dear mother told me that she felt as if everything was floating in air. There is hardly any house in my native town which has not suffered from this earthquake.
Khursheed Ahmad Wani, Sopore, currently Boston, USA

I am a Pakistani and living in Rawalpindi and I am totally shocked about this incident - not due to the earthquake itself, but due to poor management by the government. The government had no equipment, specialized staff and other facilities to handle such sort of situations even in the capital. This is the only reason that the other remote areas are more affected by the earthquake. I would like to suggest the officials that instead of taking technical support in the terms of defence related technologies they should think about training the officials to handle such disasters. Also the civil defence department should be trained and equipped with latest equipment like any developed countries.
Ansar-Ul-Haque Yasar, Rawalpindi Pakistan

I am an Indian Kashmiri living and working in the United States. This morning, when I heard of the earthquake, I was horrified and my first response to the tragedy was to phone up my relatives in the Srinagar area, which has been mercifully unaffected. This earthquake is a horrible tragedy on a massive scale. The only good that may come from it is a realization of the hopelessly misdirected priorities of both India's and Pakistan's governments. Billions of dollars in that region have been misallocated towards defence, while the real needs of ordinary South Asians, protection from natural disasters included, have been wantonly ignored.
Suhail Shafi, Buffalo, USA

The overwhelming force of nature is perhaps an indication to start working together for peace and harmony and keeping back personal animosities. It's time now for mutual cooperation.
Shubham Basu, USA

Our whole family is in Abbottabad which is one of the worst hit areas by the quake. We spent the whole day trying to call them and get through either the mobiles or the land lines but the phone network was jammed and no calls were getting through. When we finally managed to speak to them at 6PM (PST) this is how my Aunt described the scene: "I was sleeping and it suddenly felt as if my bed was swinging wildly. I jumped up and realized that this was an earth quake. I could hear the children screaming and plates and glasses shattering in the back ground. I grabbed my kids and started running at the door. I could hear the walls cracking and the roof breaking behind me but I dared not to look back. I just wanted to get out.

Our boundary wall collapsed the moment we exited the house. Outside there was screaming and shouting and loud chants of "Allah madad" (God help us) and "Allah Maaf kare" (God forgive us) for a moment I actually thought that I was dead and about to face God for judgement. I still can't believe I'm alive. The chances of our survival were very slim but God has been merciful" After the turmoil of the quake, there have been strong after shocks every few minutes. Everyone's afraid to go back inside. There is no heating and intermittent electricity. To make matters worse, the whole night there was a severe thunderstorm and the noise of the rain and lightning along with the tremors has kept everyone shaking and scared.
Ayesha Saleh, Abbottabad, Pakistan

I have just heard of gentleman working in Islamabad who has been appealing to us to give white sheets to bury his 8 children and wife in Muzzaffarabad. The conditions are really bad. The earthquake has been bad enough but the tragedies that are rising from the debris are heart-rending
Asma, Islamabad, Pakistan

The intensity with which it struck created immense panic
Muhammad Laeeq Khan, Islamabad
I was ready to go to work when the earthquake struck. The intensity with which it struck created immense panic. I shouted and made sure all my family was outside the house in the open. During the evacuation, the most frightening scene I could recall was when in this panic my brother right after waking was about to jump from the balcony. The very sight of the water splashing outside from the fish tank (aquarium) shocked me. We spent the whole night outside in our cars. Thanks to Almighty Allah that we are the lucky ones who survived. My prayers are with those affected.
Muhammad Laeeq Khan, Islamabad, Pakistan

My aunt's whole family including her mother are in Balakot and the last time I was able to make contact was yesterday at 1800 situation was dismal, as according to her relatives her first cousins children have perished. I am still worried about my aunt's mother and his son Kamran, and her son-in-law Matin. I hope they are fine. Last when my dad had a conversation with Matin yesterday he said that electricity was out, no water and their houses were in ruins. He said he was going to Balakot to look for her mother-in-law. Matin actually lives in Abbotabad.
Muhammad Farooq Siddiqui, Karachi, Pakistan

I experienced such kind of natural disaster first time in my life. I was very close to death while I was feeling shocks and was listening sounds of cracks. I was with my colleagues in our office, at 8:50, we felt movement of our chairs, computers and other office equipments. One of my colleagues cried earthquake, we rushed out of office situated in Eden Heights the sky touching building. There were many people standing on the road. I was about to weep not because of being close to death but the expected consequences of such horrifying earthquake. I left office before my time, went to hostel and watched television live coverage. I was alone in my room and was weeping to see the shocking scene. May Allah recover this loss. Please Allah save injured people.
Safdar Abbas, Lahore

I was in university at the time of quake. I had never experienced anything like that before. I thought in one second or two the university building was about to collapse. But worse was in my village Mansehra. I talked to my cousin on mobile at night and they said the earth is still shaking there and a heavy rain started there but still they were not going inside because of the after shocks which are also in magnitude of 6. The houses are badly damaged there some of the villages are even completely demolished leaving behind only few alive people because it was morning time and most of the people in were beds. May Allah comfort them in this hard time.
Noreen, Islamabad

My whole family was hit by the earthquake and we were struggling there in 4th floor in our flats, I have one sister and my mum was there and we want Pakistan to be a better country, thank you a lot very much and we hope that you co-operate with the people. The main thing is that we are okay and we are fine.
Maliha, Pakistan

We kept talking to our relatives in Islamabad who spent that night in open places on high alert
Sehrish Javaid, Lahore, Pakistan
It was truly the hardest night of my life. I couldn't sleep all night. Although I am away from Islamabad but still we had the fear of the after shocks and majority of us didn't sleep rather we kept talking to our relatives in Islamabad who spent that night in open places on high alert. This is a really sad fact that the death toll has climbed up to 18,000 in just 24 hours. I offer my sympathies to the grieved family and pray that we stand united in this hour of our exam.
Sehrish Javaid, Lahore, Pakistan

I have just heard of gentleman working in Islamabad who has been appealing to us to give white sheets to bury his eight children and wife in Muzaffarabad.The conditions are really bad. The earthquake has been bad enough but the tragedies that are rising from the debris are heart-rending
Asma, Islamabad/Pakistan

I have some information about the area of Balakot one of the hardest hit areas, my brothers and brother in laws left home from Rawalpindi at about midnight and reach Balakot in the early moring hours. The devastation in the area in unimaginable the place has been wiped out. As though someone just came by crushed all the homes. There were maybe a few people on the road a complete ghost city. my family has been able to dig some of family members out, although most are now dead. The media claims aid and helicopters have been sent to the area but there is no help. The are numerous dead trapped in the mud and debris. My brothers are now using the old road via Jeep transporting the wounded to hospitals. These people have received nothing ....it is now a matter of life or death.
Zulfiqar Hussain, Calgary, Canada

There is no better word to describe my feelings but the word "helpless". Sitting across the globe from my home Islamabad, I feel like I am not there for my people and my country in the time of desperate need. Although my immediate family and some close relatives are fine I have heard about a friend who is in desperate search for her parents that once lived in that apartment complex 2 minutes from my house. It seems like all this is a sign of the day of judgment. My prayers are with the families of those that have lost their lives.
Emaad Hassan, Galesburg, IL , USA

Life has changed. I ended Friday in the office with a 'talk to you on this strategy Monday' to a colleague. Today (Monday) the same colleague and I were buying shroud cloth for the victims of the earthquake and getting other stuff to be sent out, ASAP. Life has changed. On Friday, my most frantic phone calls were to receive news on a new consultancy contract. Since Saturday morning, "frantic phonecalls" has taken a completely different meaning. Life has changed.
Gul, Islamabad, Pakistan

The devastation that the massive earthquake brought has shaken us all
Sanam Noor, Karachi, Pakistan
Although we in Karachi are safe, the devastation that the massive earthquake brought has shaken us all. Through the BBC, I thank the British government for being the first to send their volunteers to Islamabad and my heartfelt gratitude to all those rapid UK volunteers who are working day and night to save our people trapped in the Islamabad building.
Sanam Noor, Karachi, Pakistan

I was studying in my room when it happened. My study table started shaking. It was horrible. I ran out of my room and went to my parents' room who were asleep and had not felt the quake. I screamed and woke them up and then we all ran out of the house. Outside in the garage the cars were shaking - it was the scariest moment of my life.
Mariam Faisal, Lahore, Pakistan

During the earthquake I was in my college. The college building was swaying. Fans inside the classroom were moving like the pendulum. We the students didn't have enough time to move to the playing grounds and I think we are lucky enough that we survived that moment by the grace of God.
Ubaid ur Rahman, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

My family in Pindi have had damage done to their homes; walls have been cracked as well as roofs
Qumar Afsar, Leicester
I would like to let the entire team of BBC News 24, that they are doing an amazing job with keeping us up to date. My family in Pindi have had damage done to their homes; walls have been cracked as well as roofs. But thank God everyone is safe. May God have his mercy
Qumar Afsar, Leicester

It was Saturday morning around 9am when I got off from the night work and was trying to sleep. all of a sudden I felt that my bed was shaking. I came out to see what was going on. Literally each and everything was swaying. I heard the walls going down distantly and later on found out it was some official building being collapsed. I cannot describe in words how horrible it was. We were thinking these walls around us would collapse and we would die soon. One of my friend's whole family in Muzaffrabad (Independent Kashmir) died. Please pray for them. This is my humble request to all of those who are reading this message and also donate them as much as you can.
Kamran, Lahore

I was on the video chat with my family when that happens when all of the sudden everything start shaking. I was even feeling the shocks thousands of miles away. I got so worried when nobody was talking to me because everybody got out of the room but left the web camera on. Things were kind of shaking. And then later they of my family came back to the room and told me that they never seen any thing like it in their life. It was a very terrifying event.
Shahzad, Calgary, Canada

This tragedy has changed the nation; everyone is helping out in the relief efforts
Junaid Muhammad, Islamabad
This tragedy has changed the nation; everyone is helping out in the relief efforts. Tens of truckloads full of food, medicines are leaving for the affected areas. I was trying to buy blankets in Islamabad but could not find any as all of them have already been bought and being sent to the affected areas.
Junaid Muhammad, Islamabad

Pakistani-administered Kashmir is devastated and nothing enough has been done. Pakistan has limited resources to tackle this situation that's why we are asking for international help that should go to the local people.
Jamil Maqsood, Brussels

I really feel bad at this time when my brothers and sisters need me and I am not with them because I am too far. I pray that Allah gives peace to those who are dead and those left behind. I'm really thankful to international community for their generous help.
Ziafat Shahzad, Australia

When watching Pakistani television and listening to the statements of the president, prime minister and other minister, it seems there is only one building that has collapsed. All agencies are deputed at Margalla Tower in Islamabad. No one is talking about 400 girls who are buried under the school debris and thousands stuck in Balakot, Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot. It is only so because diplomats, foreigners and elite lived at Margalla Towers while rest of the victims are just 'ordinary' Pakistanis. Shame on the government and army.
Saleh Moslem, Haripur, NWFP, Pakistan

Where are all the Muslim countries in this time of need for Pakistan?
Rimmy Uddin, Sweden

This disaster exposed the true face of our government machinery
Shabir Ahmad, Charsadda NWFP
This disaster exposed the true face of our government machinery. It showed how ill-equipped and unprepared we are. People are crying from inside the rubble, but we are looking to the outside world to reach them. Most of the casualties are reported from government buildings, especially schools, where students died in hundreds. It shows how selfishly careless we had been in their construction. I think the government should resign on moral grounds not only in the centre but NWFP also. They should apologize to the nation for their slackness and inability to meet catastrophes.
Shabir Ahmad, Charsadda NWFP

My grandparents live in Rawalpindi in Pakistan, they were affected but no one got hurt in there area. Our village in north Pakistan had a lot of damage but no one was affected.
Halimah Mirza, England Maidstone

It was Saturday morning, around 9am when the quake hit. My family and I quickly went out in the open in case the building fell. Luckily I live in Lahore, where not many people have died, but the quake itself was a horror for everyone. I have witnessed such a quake for the first time in my life. The ground was literally moving, the pipes attached to the walls were moving vigorously. Thinking that Lahore is so far away from the northern mountains, it gives me the creeps when I think what it would have been to witness the quake up north.
Sania, Lahore, Pakistan

Please help the children who are still under the rubble and screaming for help.
Naushin Iqba, Pakistan

A relative of ours was posted in Balakot, NWFP as a judge and his house has been completely razed to ground. Luckily he and his wife got out in time and then rushed to his children's school where they were trapped inside. He is really lucky that he was able to safely get them out and then he had to travel many miles on foot to reach Mansehra and then take a taxi to Islamabad. Now you can imagine what the situation is of an ordinary person.
Kamran Khna, Peshwer

I have never experienced an earthquake of this intensity in my life
Adeela, Lahore, Pakistan
I am a medical student, we were sitting in our class when the ground started shaking, nobody paid much attention at first as we were having a test then suddenly there was this great jolt and everybody just ran out of the class. I have never experienced an earthquake of this intensity in my life. I could actually see the ground moving beneath my feet. May Allah help all those effected by it.
Adeela, Lahore, Pakistan

I came from the UK to live in Islamabad, Pakistan almost 5 years ago. My family and I fortunately were extremely lucky to have gotten away without any physical harm. Other relatives were not so lucky. The hardest to deal with being the death of a 19th month baby cousin who was crushed by the collapse of the ceiling. My father who belongs to the Area of Murree just North of Islamabad, visited the area only to discover extreme amounts damage and destruction to most villages in that region. The extent of damage is severe, the help needed is extreme. I know for a lot of us, sleep is the last thing on our minds. Night doesn't seem to pass due to fear of closing your eyes and waking up to it all over again. Despite all this, we must all be strong as a nation, to overcome this awful national tragedy.
Shumyla Abbasi, Islamabad, Pakistan

My uncle is still under debris in Muzzafarabad. He was in basement of National Bank when the earthquake hits Muzzafarabad and there isn't anyone or machinery to get people out of there and as roads are blocked no one can reach there. We all are worried for him and there are more then 40 workers in that building when the earthquake hits Muzaffarabad.
Sallahuddin, Pakistan

My nephew lost his ten year old friend in the Margalla Tower Complex in Islamabad, whilst his younger brother is still missing. Several children from his school also living in the complex are still missing. I appeal to everybody to help in any way they can by donating to International Relief Agencies.
Farrah Akhtar, Manchester

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday and we felt the floor roll and the walls and roof moved for 3 minutes, I knew it was a big one because I come from New Zealand and have experienced many hundreds of short sharp jolts. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this, most of them would have been the impoverished and needy. Such devastation exists in this entire continent. Please think of others and lend a hand, I am committed to the people of Afghanistan. Please help where you can.
Pete Watson, Parwan, Afghanistan

All our windows and doors started shaking badly and we ran downstairs to save our lives
Shameen Salahuddin, Lahore, Pakistan
My whole family and I went off to sleep after fasting at around 4:45 am. The next thing I saw was my bed shaking like crazy at around 8:50 am. My sister and I quickly got up and went outside, where my mother was already standing in a shock. Suddenly all our windows and doors started shaking badly and we ran downstairs to save our lives. There we saw our cars, gate, and trees moving too. We thank God for saving our precious lives. Yesterday was quite shocking and depressing. I hope the people inside the rubble are saved by the rescue operations and our deep condolences to the people who lost their loved ones. May their souls rest in peace.
Shameen Salahuddin, Lahore, Pakistan

I was fast asleep, when I felt my bed rumble. The rumble turned into the whole room shake like anything. I leaped out of bed in my pyjamas, bare foot and ran for my life. My room is upstairs so I was screaming to my parents 'Zalazala-Zalala!' ('earthquake-earthquake). It just got stronger as we came out of the house. We could see homes shaking, earth moving under our feet. And it would just not stop! Too long, the whole time I was saying out loud 'Some people some where are in grieve trouble, dying, somewhere this is hitting very strong, either the North, India or Afghanistan'. We did go back into our homes once it subsided, but they just keep coming back, not as strong though. We are still terrified. Don't know if it is dizziness or aftershocks. Cannot sleep at night. What's worst is it started pouring rain last night with lightening. Nothing we could ever imagine we'd witness. We always thought this was something we saw happen with others on news channels. Pray for our country! Pray for those hurt, those trapped. God Bless.
Deena Khan, Islamabad, Pakistan

I've been out all day buying and depositing blankets and clothes with my dad and to be very honest I have never seen such a response by the public ever before in my life. When we first went to the Pakistan Air Force Museum to deposit the clothes and blankets in the morning, there weren't many cars but the second time we went there were hundreds of cars and the third time we went there must've been a thousand cars and hundreds more queuing to get in and deposit things. Trucks, cars, motorbikes, wagons, taxis, Mercedes Benzes, pajeros, FXs, etc, old people, youngsters, children all were present. People who normally wouldn't give you the time of the day stood in the sun guiding drivers and helping people carry stuff. And that too while fasting. I've never seen anything like this in my life. I felt proud of being a Pakistani. Even though we in Karachi didn't feel anything still people are rushing to help. All of the nation has felt the pain as our friends and relatives have been affected.
Ali Rashid Khan, Karachi, Pakistan

I was passing by the Margala towers when the earth quake struck. I quickly sat on the ground and saw many people coming out to their balconies of respective flats but this couldn't help them suddenly there was a huge sound which brought all the building to the ground.
Ahmed Shamial, Islamabad, Pakistan

My relatives are in Islamabad and I haven't got any news from them yet. I can hardly recognize my city from all these horrific pictures of chaos and destruction. I am scared and I have no idea what to expect from tomorrow, without a family.
George-Toufik Trouduk, Paris, France

I am from Abbottabad, which is quite close to Muzaffarabad. Many of my friends and family are there and I have no idea if they are alive or not. It's all painful to see that, I ask all Muslim community of world to give zakat (charity) as it is month of Ramadan in which Muslims give money to people in need. In fact helping the people in need and those who are suffering due to natural disaster is the real Jihad in Islam and God loves those who help the suffering one. I hope the Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait and many more will help financially. We all Pakistanis appreciate and thankful to India, USA, UK, Japan, Germany and many more who are ready to help Pakistan.
Saadia Khatoon, Bremen, Germany

It was like a house of cards, I was jolting in my bed, I could actually hear concrete roaring, we all rushed out, bare foot, saving our lives was the priority. The magnitude of this catastrophe is astronomical. Muzzafarabad was such a beautiful city, all turned to rubble. Worst come worst, it rained and hailed for hours in the region, it is Indeed Allah's eternal test leashed upon us, we need awakening.
Malik Yasir, Islamabad

I have just received news of my aunt from Abottabad, they escaped just in time, although their neighbours were not so lucky, one of the walls collapsed and killed their teenage son. Their description of events seems nothing short of hell. Things are even worse in Azad Kashmir, and many Pakistanis are angry with the government not doing enough to reach them. I have read comments here about the survivors showing extreme anger as well, but this is a time to stand together. Although we can never fully grasp their loss, but I believe the Government is doing all it can. With all land access blocked, there isn't much they can do. No one was ready for this, no one! I hope that the international rescue teams coming will go to Muzzafarab now, as they badly need heavy equipment.
Haroon Syed, Canada

My 7-year-old son and I immediately sat down and started sorting and separating our winter clothes
Seema Ahmed, Karachi
We were so overwhelmed by the news of earthquake and the sights on TV that we wanted to help in any way we could. My 7-year-old son and I immediately sat down and started sorting and separating our winter clothes as we thought we just have these clothes for our yearly foreign trips where as these people need it now. Laden with our carload of clothes, shoes and food stuff, both of us went to the Pakistan air force museum to give it to them for onward shipment to Islamabad. What we were surprised to see that from a mile off there was a steady stream of cars, vans, trucks full to capacity with clothes etc moving in one direction. Not knowing where the air force base was my son advised me to just follow the cars. We did and we finally reached inside the base where we could see streams of cars depositing the goods which was piled like mountains in the car park. Every thing was so orderly, people was so giving and volunteers were so swift that it brought tears to my eyes and I realised that despite our faults we are such a loving and giving nation in our times of needs. I really feel that we are a great nation.
Seema Ahmed, Karachi

The destruction caused is devastating. So many young children are trapped in collapsed school buildings, it's been a whole day, how many could have survived? I live in Pakistan, fortunately the quake didn't hit Karachi but I know lots of people who live in Kashmir and other areas. Please pray for them
Hina Hameed, Karachi, Pakistan

I am a Kashmiri residing in Islamabad. Most of my relatives are in Rawalakot. Their houses have been reduced to rubble. My aunt didn't even have enough time to get her medicines. She is in Muzaffarabad, the worst hit area of this calamity. All telephone lines are down and we are unable to reach her. People in that region are without electricity, water and food supplies. At this time all we can do is pray. We are experiencing regular aftershocks, it's hard to sleep and people living in apartments have been up all night. There is this persistent tension and paranioa.Allah bless us all!
Maryam Zia Khan, Islamabad,Pakistan.

I am from Rawalakot, one of the worst hit areas in the Pakistani-administered Kashmir. Though my immediate family is safe, my surrounding is all devastated. The city is almost all destroyed. Though no estimates of loss of life can be made but the level of destruction indicates its going to be very high. The only major hospital in the district i.e., Comnined Military Hospital that serves both military and civilians, is razed to the ground. All university college buildings have collapsed. A very large number of houses are completely destroyed. From the state of my immediate neighbourhood, I can tell that of the houses still standing 80% are not liveable.
Nasir Iqbal, Rawalakot, AJK, Pakistan

I have never experienced anything so terrible in my entire life. I was in my car going to work like any other normal working day when my car started to jolt so badly that I thought it would topple. Afterwards, I went and saw Margalla towers in Islamabad with my own eyes. The sounds of ambulances and terrified people stuck on the remaining upper stories of the building was horrifying.
Zareen, Islamabad-Pakistan

We were on our way to Rawalpindi from Islamabad, very near to where a school collapsed killing 5 children. We had stopped on a red light, and suddenly, our car started jerking and swinging, literally. we thought it might have been somebody pushing our car, but when we opened the door, we realized, the ground was shaking. We could actually see it moving. As I looked up, the huge billboards were also swaying, as though they were made of paper and not metal. Everyone stopped, and could do nothing but praying, and some parents were literally crying for their children at home. Those six minutes seemed like six hours.
Nayab Badsha, Islamabad

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