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Dave Allen: Your tributes
Dave Allen
Irish comedian Dave Allen has died in his sleep at the age of 68, his agent has confirmed.

Allen famously delivered his comedy routines from a tall stool with a whisky glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

The ex-journalist made his TV debut on the BBC's New Faces, but it was Australia which gave him his first taste of television fame with chat show Tonight with Dave Allen in the 60s.

Born David Tynan O'Mahony in Tallaght, Ireland in 1936, he leaves a wife, Karin, and three children.

Thank you for your tributes to Dave Allen.

Your e-mails:

Where would we be without people like Dave Allen to show us how absurd life really is? I saw Dave live many years ago and he was the funniest stand-up I ever saw. Greatly missed.
Dave Moss, St George, Utah, USA

I remember working with Dave Allen the week before he took over on the Palladium. I was a dancer on Cleethorpes pier and we did Irish dancing to introduce him. He was a great guy and so unpretentious. He would come into out dressing room and sit and talk and laugh with us. We were all in love with him. Very sad.
Sue, Cleethorpes

A true comic legend
Mike, UK
One of the funniest men I ever saw - a true comic legend and he will be sadly missed
Mike, UK

A most terrific comedian. I first remember watching Dave Allen when I was eight. I probably didn't understand much of it but the sketches - mostly involving coffins I seem to remember - had me rolling on the floor laughing. Over the years as my sense of humour matured Dave Allen's humour matured with me, I never tired of him. A fond farewell to you Dave. Have a drink on me.
Kevin, Liverpool, UK

A man with great insight who could put over a serious message with humour and eloquence. His act was more than just comedy; it was social comment akin to the late great Lenny Bruce's. I wonder if he would get airtime nowadays; sadly I doubt it in our bland, politically sanitised culture. Thanks Dave.
Mike, Ipswich, UK

One of Dave Allen's many comic gifts was his great love of the absurdities of the English language, and his evident delight in pointing them out. One joke I'll never forget was about explaining to a child how a clock works: "The first hand is the minute hand. The second hand is the hour hand. The third hand is the second hand..." It takes a genius to see the obvious humour in what we take for granted and show it up in such warm and chatty dialogue. Dave was one of the greats, and I shall be looking out for the DVD tomorrow.
David, Hove, UK

I remember watching Dave Allen with my dad when I was a kid. As a catholic, partly of Irish extraction, his shows felt very grown-up and subversive, especially when he went into a routine about the church. My mother rather disapproved, but Dad and I were members of secret rebel society headed by Dave Allen. The other thing I recall was that, in an age of comedians like Benny Hill, Dave Alan was just so damn cool. Immaculately dressed, sipping whiskey and smoking he seemed to have stepped straight out of a Bond film or the Man from Uncle. His going proves the old maxim that "the good die young". Wherever you are Dave, give 'em hell.
Paul, Aberystwyth

A real one-off and up there with the real greats - Milligan, Ustinov, Sellers et al. Please, please, repeat the lot BBC!
Nigel, Redhill, UK

With so many outstanding comedians, the UK is in good hands, but nearly all of them most owe something to Dave Allen. He pushed back the boundaries, but as a small child in the late seventies I could only laugh along with my parents, and it wasn't until I was older that I realised what a genius Dave Allen was, and how far ahead of his time he was for stand up comedy.
Pete Hodgson, Leeds, UK

Dave Allen you could make me laugh like no other
June, Dymchurch England
I just wanted to express how sad to hear of Dave Allen's death. I have recently arrived back from Canada after 12 years, and have always told everyone of Dave Allen and how he could make anyone laugh. I'm sorry I will never see him in real life, he was the best, God bless to his family. I will always remember Dave Allen you could make me laugh like no other. Rest in your peace.
June, Dymchurch England

I was about 16 when I had the privilege of meeting him in Melbourne after seeing his live show in the mid 1980s. He was so generous with his time straight after the show. I so enjoyed the TV series and was excited to see his live show and then meeting him was a fantastic bonus to what was a great night. The world is now a little less funny for the loss. Dave...As many will say, Thank-You, Goodnight, and May Your God Go With You.
Linda, Melbourne, Australia

Dave Allen gave us a bracing taste of worldly humour like a shot of Irish whiskey. It lit fires of humour in our bellies on dark Midwestern nights.
Randal Barnes, St. Louis Missouri, USA

In the late 1980s Dave Allen brought a one man show to our Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. The hall was packed full with fans who had seen him on his TV show. I remember he was white haired rather than black, and the material a bit more racy than on the telly. As you noted, he ripped into everything. In doing so he had us truly aching and choking with laughter and acknowledgement. He had clarity of expression to cut to the chase - truly one of a kind and unforgettable to those who had the great good fortune to have seen him at work!
Sarah, Toronto

One of the most amusing, original and rib-tickling people I have been privileged to see, may his God go with him, and mine too.
Steve, Northolt, Middlesex

As an Irish descent Catholic boy, growing up in London, you were a hero. Not just to me, but the whole family. God, "the faith" needed your fun! Many thanks. May Your god be with you.
Mick Sheehan, Olso, Norway

I remember many nights watching Dave Allen over and over, my favourite comedian, who to this day I still talk about to friends. I think my liking for him started a long time ago, when my dad and his friend got drunk with Dave following his book signing for "A Little Night Reading" I think.
Matt Edwards, Cancun, Mexico

During my early teens, I have fond memories of watching Dave Allen with my parents. Along with Morecambe and Wise he was a real favourite and definitely helped me develop an adult sense of humour at an early age. I never got to see Morecambe and Wise live but I was fortunate enough to see Dave Allen at Sheffield City Hall in the mid 90s and I remember it as one of the funniest performances I have ever seen, just him on stage for around two hours. I left the show with tears still streaming down my face and my sides aching. A sad loss of a very, very funny man and an absolute comic legend.
Roy Senior, Mount Airy, USA

The impact his show, Dave Allen at Large, had on me, an impressionable teenager, cannot be overstated. My humour today is a direct result of his influence. Thank you Dave for many laughs! Good night Dave, and my your God go with you.
Mark Bungart, Grove City, Ohio United States

I cant believe it, my hero is dead. Our family loved Dave's style and humour, we have all the best-ofs and even the shows he did in the early 90s. If you watch them now they are still funny and relevant. I loved the way he could get so irate and passionate about everything that annoyed you but it would make you laugh not angry - sheer brilliance. We will miss him so.
Ray Morley, New Hampshire, USA

First Tommy Vance, then Dave Allen. All greats from my childhood!! Rest in Peace. Dave Allen was one of the funniest of his time. He was very risqué, but oh so funny. What a loss. I hope "his God goes with him"
Pam, UK

I used to watch his programmes on the BBC when I was student at Edinburgh University. He was a wonderful comedian with a very unique sense of humour. No doubt he will always be remembered as a great comedian. God bless him.
Javad Rahighi, Tehran, Iran

When I was in junior high, our local station used to play Dave Allen's show very late at night. I used to sneak out and watch it. What a comedian. I will never forget him. He gave me my first dirty joke to tell. (yes, I got in trouble with mom and dad!) He'll be missed.
Greg Shockey, Gas City, IN, USA

I remember as a kid watching him on Saturday nights in the 70s and not quite understanding the jokes. Now you realise how much he was worth and how much you have to fight for freedom of speech and thought. Intellectual honesty and liberty should be cherished. If you can have a laugh at the same time, brilliant. We'll do our best Dave, cheers!
Philip, Rome, Italy

One or two contributors seem to mock the references to 'may your god go with you' from people on the site but I think that was Dave Allen's strength. I think he was saying, 'I don't believe in God any more but hey if you do or if your God is a cross dresser on a Harley I hope he'll take care of you'. He could disagree with you but didn't wish anyone any harm. He was inclusive, drawing on his upbringing for material but reaching out to everyone.
Phil McGloin, Edinburgh, Scotland

I still remember the prickles on my neck when he used to do his scary story sketch towards the end of his show. I still tell my children (and anyone who will listen) the beer-drinking wolves story. It is a shame his outspoken views always kept him on the margins of our entertainment - but perhaps that left him with greater credibility. May his God go with him.
Paul Snell, Fajara, The Gambia

DA shaped my sense of humour as a child - and therefore had a profound effect on a generation of kids bought up on his irreverent outlook on life - it made us question and chuckle. Also a great actor - one of the best.
Jane Davies, Gloucester, UK

Normally when so called "celebs" die, they are just one of many who do, but Dave Allen brought so much real fun to the family it is a genuinely sad moment. I remember well watching his programme with my father on regular basis and nearly crying with laughter. His talent was rare, it was special and for once on the death of a "celeb" I am truly sad, my heartfelt sympathy goes to his family and close friends.
Mike Hall, Kingham, UK

Dave Allen had an Irish way of telling a good yarn. I loved him, and so did my two young sons at the time. We rarely missed him, and I think his quirky, irreverent wit and whimsy about life defined for them what was truly funny -I can still hear their laughter. Thanks Dave. The world is a sadder place without you in it. Goodnight, and may your God be with you.
Ingrid Heming, Toronto, Canada

An absolute genius, the best raconteur of our time
Sadaqat Khan, Watertown, New York
An absolute genius, the best raconteur of our time, and a good many other, I suspect. I remember watching him on TV in the 70s, making you think, then laugh. Wit at it's best. I heard a programme about him on Radio 4 recently, confirming what we've been missing. And yes, Dave, may you go in peace may your God go with you.
Sadaqat Khan, Watertown, New York

A sad loss to us all! He was one of the all time 'greats'. His 'Pope-opoly' sketch will remain with me for ever. My sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace secure in the knowledge that his Irish wit brought laughter to people of all ages - a rare talent indeed!
Ivy, London

The only comic I ever heard who could make even grannies pocket money measures for the children so funny. Your down to earth humour will be so sadly missed in this sad world.
Rosie McLaughlan, Grays England

I first saw Dave on TV in NY with "Dave Allen At Large", along with "The Benny Hill Show" and "The Paul Hogan Show" during the 80's. No wonder you Brits have such an advanced sense of humour than most Americans. Good Night Dave, and may your god go with you.
Angelo Darden, New York, USA

I only hope he has taken that glass of whiskey with him
Julian Sahu, Leicester, UK
I met Dave Allen in the mid 80's as I was the receptionist in an eye hospital. He had been doing some gardening and had caught his eye on a rose. Rather than being pushed through the casualty quickly - as was the choice of celebs that we dealt with - he sat patiently in the waiting room with all the other patients and happily chatted and signed autographs. He seemed completely oblivious to his star status and seemed a genuinely "nice" guy. I only hope he has taken that glass of whiskey with him.
Julian Sahu, Leicester, UK

Dave Allen was the only performer regularly appearing in Australia, over many years, who was universally admired. Never met anyone, or heard of anyone, who didn't like him. I am certain that I speak for most if not all, Australians, when I say "we all loved him and his humour.
Harry, Perth, Australia

Well, another childhood hero of mine has gone. A true great, his delivery of what he had to say was always first class. I will always remember him fondly.
Graham, Telford, England

A great legend whose jokes gave me the greatest laughs. Dave was one of the best.
Sunil, London, UK

Even here in Denmark he has been an inspiration for many comedians
Jan Glerup, Copenhagen, DK
I always watched his shows on TV back in the 70's. It was the highlight of the week. And still today I remember some of his jokes, and still they make me laugh. And even here in Denmark he has been an inspiration for many comedians. He will surely be missed.
Jan Glerup, Copenhagen, DK

My mum went to turn Dave's show down when our local vicar came for a visit, for fear he would be offended. His comment: "Is that Dave Allen? He's good, isn't he?" He went miles up in my estimation after that.
Graham Exton, South Andros, Bahamas

To someone growing up in Ireland in the early seventies he demonstrated unforgettably the healthy alliance of intelligence, eloquence and irreverent wit.
Colin Marsh, Bedford, England

I saw Dave firstly on TV and then later live. He was a real one off. Can you imagine the fun he would have had with this government and the events over the past couple of years? A great loss in so many respects.
Dave Richards, Southampton

Farewell to a great Irish wit
Robin Paine, Gloucester, MA, USA
I last saw Dave Allen sauntering down Princes Street in Edinburgh during the Festival some years ago, debonair in his Burberry raincoat, enjoying life. How sad I am to hear that he has left us. Farewell to a great Irish wit.
Robin Paine, Gloucester, MA, USA

Having been raised in the 50s as a Catholic in Scotland, Dave Allen, at that time, was like a breath of fresh air with his attacks on the hypocrisy of the church, and he did it by making us laugh at it all rather than feel anger and resentment. His profound thought disguised as humour will always be remembered.
Mike, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A truly ground breaking comedian. I loved his shows on TV as I grew up in Belfast in the 60's. He has sadly been missing from our TV screens for too long, but will still be greatly mourned. Despite his atheism, I'm sure he'd appreciate again the old Irish toast "May the road rise to meet you, may the sun always be on your back, and may you be in heaven half an hour before the Devil knows you're dead!"
Trevor, Bradford, UK

I was in tears when I came home from work to hear Dave Allen had died. He made me laugh many times. He will be sadly missed, but hey what fun the angels will have in heaven now!!!
Josie Smith, Liverpool, UK

We loved his jokes and the laughter roared in the living-room
Jorgen Erbs, Randers, Denmark
The moment Dave Allen's face appeared on the screen of DR, Denmark Radio, the one and only TV channel in Denmark back in the 70's, my father would leaving the chair cursing that infidel. Mum and us children stayed - we loved his jokes and the laughter roared in the living-room. He was great!
Jorgen Erbs, Randers, Denmark

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word raconteur is and always has been Dave Allen. He showed me that how you say things is at least as important as what you say. I so enjoyed his craft that I would buy tickets to his live shows immediately they came on sale. On one occasion so far in advance that by the time the performance happened I forgot I already had tickets.
Chris Duffy, Melbourne, Australia

I was living in Vancouver during the 70's, our local station was showing Dave Allen at Large. He was one of a kind. I laughed till it hurt, all the while thinking "this guy really sees it as it is". I am deeply saddened by his passing. I hope his material will be re-released. The young folks of today have no idea.
Lee Terry, Ottawa Canada

My partner and I were talking about Dave Allen the other night and how we both remembered him from when we were younger, being allowed to sit up and watch him on TV. I laughed then, probably not quite understanding it all. How we'd love to see some of his shows again. Rest in Peace Dave, you're remembered with a lot of warmth.
Sue, Edinburgh

I have fond memories as an 11 year-old enjoying with my family this open, honest, and funny man on his tonight show in Sydney in the early 60's. The sad passing of a truly nice guy.
Tony D'Ambra, Sydney, Australia

It's nice to see the generations of comedians paying tribute to him
Dave Wright, Birmingham
A very sad loss. It's nice to see the generations of comedians paying tribute to him, from the old school guys like Roy Walker and Jimmy Tarbuck, to the alternative comedians like Rik Mayall and Eddie Izzard. It shows just how funny he was for many years.
Dave Wright, Birmingham

One of the proudest moments of my childhood was to have seen this great performer live on stage. Go for it Dave - make God laugh on his home turf!
Lars, Fairbanks, USA

I learnt of Dave's passing when watching BBC World News. I used to watch him on TV when I was a child growing up in Singapore and later during my student days in New Zealand. His understated and dry humour always made me laugh. Three cheers for Dave!
Raphael Lim, Singapore

I will be eternally grateful for growing up near Detroit and being able to watch and laugh along with "Dave Allen At Large" via the CBC from Windsor, Ontario!
Dennis Pepperack, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

A very sad loss for all the many, many fans that he had. He will be truly missed by a very large audience. With much love to his family.
Alison Symonds, Woodstock Oxfordshire

Another great has gone, but is not forgotten. An extraordinary comic. I agree with everyone who say we want a repeat of his work.
Gavin Clarke, Portsmouth, England

Hopefully the BBC will run a series of repeats. A great talent.
Ian, UK

He was and still is one of the best and makes so many of today's funny people sound so childish and boring
Tony Messum, Toronto, Canada
He was and still is one of the best and makes so many of today's funny people sound so childish and boring.
Tony Messum, Toronto, Canada

My parents worked late, so I remember many nights sitting at home watching Dave on TV. He was like an uncle looking after you. He was a lot of fun. I will miss him. Rest in peace Dave.
Michael, Sydney, Australia

A master storyteller missed by many. My favourite clip of Dave Allen is the one about the race of two funerals to the cemetery, I laughed so much I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying.
Elaine, Exeter, UK

A comedian who will be sorely missed by all. I remember watching him on TV with my parents. I still remember a funny story about trying to teach his son how to tell the time and then buying him a digital watch instead! Genius. Rest well. Dave
Dave, Nottingham, UK

A genuine comedian with great satirical wit. One of the last of a generation of great talent!
Graham, UK

Dave Allen's "tongue-in-cheek" religion bashing was legendary. His humour was drier than Death Valley in the height of summer. How many comedians did he inspire? Ahead of his time.
Roger, Bucks

Thanks for the laughs Dave
Tom, Bristol, UK
This is really sad, a great loss. I only saw his series in the early 90s, but it was at a time when I was mid-teens and starting to form my own thoughts on life and the world. He really was the perfect mix of philosophy and comedy, and when these things are mixed correctly it results in a great laugh but with a hint of reflection - just right. Never met him but he seemed like a real nice guy. Thanks for the laughs Dave.
Tom, Bristol, UK

What a sad loss. Dave enabled us to laugh at ourselves - the greatest test of our humanity. May his God go with him, and keep us posted!
Paul, Bham, UK

Truly one of the greats, Dave will be sorely missed. His unique delivery and uncompromising integrity stand him as one of the greatest stand ups alongside Richard Pryor, Billy Connolly & Bill Hicks. I really wish I'd had the opportunity to see him live! They don't come any better than Dave.
Chris Bowman, Ipswich

As a kid in the late 60s/early 70s, Dave Allen was my first taste of "grown up" comedy. I realised later in life he has shaped much of what it is that I laugh at today. Thanks Dave, you've bought much fun to many and you'll be sorely missed.
Dave, Bracknell, UK

He would be so proud to read all this - unbelievable! To read these tributes shows how many people his humour touched - there was so little of him, so seldom on TV. Please BBC - put his shows back on! And, yes, Dave Allen - RIP, glass in hand I hope!
Eve, UK

Wow, what a shock! Only last night I was watching on of his "best of" videos that I bought recently. When I was a kid (and allowed to stay up late enough) I used to love watching his shows. I was probably too young to get some of the jokes but I just loved his style. Last night, the last bit of the video I watched was simply Dave Allen telling a long shaggy-dog story about a haunted room. The way he drew you in then left you hanging was just brilliant!
Dee, Kinver, England

A man who brought joy and tears to my young eyes. And the twinkle in his eyes awakened more than humour in my tender years. He will be greatly missed.
Christina Purcell, Manchester

I will always remember his shows, especially the gags about the Pope!
Chris, Torquay
A great loss, I feel really sad! I will always remember his shows, especially the gags about the Pope! He will always be in my memories. We have lost a "Great Comedian". God bless you, Dave.
Chris, Torquay

My late father's favourite comedian. When I was a kid (and my mother wasn't around) he used to let me stay up and watch your show. While we down here are sad at your passing, I'm sure my father will be delighted to meet you in person - and will probably insist on hearing some of his favourite jokes.
Debbie, Middlesex

What a laugh to choose Red Nose Day to make his onward journey. May your God, Dave, and mine, all be with you.
Mark Rosher, Gloucestershire

Shame he wasn't on TV much in recent years. His humour will be sadly missed - though probably not by the Catholic church. May his God go with him.
Derek, Torrevieja, Spain

It would have been wonderful to have him comment on American fundamentalism and the Taleban.
HE Elsom, Cambridge, UK
Dave Allen's material was good, but he'll be missed most because it was the way he told them. He was a great storyteller... Recordings are fine, but it would have been wonderful to have him comment on American fundamentalism and the Taleban.
HE Elsom, Cambridge, UK

I remember Dave Allen very well. He was very, very funny... There are really many absurdities about the Church to poke fun at. I hope Jesus had a good laugh then and hopefully more of a laugh now that Dave is entertaining upstairs.
Michael Grant, Grenaa, Denmark

Every time I think of Dave and his humour I smile. He has a place in my heart and memory. His humour and style of delivery were wonderful.
Allister Rutherford, Airdrie, Scotland

Dave Allen made it possible for us, as children, to laugh with and at our parents at the same time.
Glynis Jones, Bristol, UK

Simply the best! Your unique charisma, charm and wit will be sorely missed by many.
Liz O'Flynn, London

I absolutely loved him. Dave Allen was shown on our Chicago PBS station on Sunday nights... how I would anticipate those evenings! Clearly Dave was one of the best storytellers ever and I will miss him - anybody that can give a good poke at religion like Dave did deserves a special place in heaven.
Rebecca, Illinois US

He was, and will always remain, the thinking man's comedian. I have immensely fond memories of seeing his live performances on two occasions where, as was often the case, his New Zealand visits were completely sold out. There is real irony now in the statement he makes when introducing his just released DVD: "Let's hope that the comedy stands up better than my body, then."
Pete Watson, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Wonderful humour, talented and wry. My condolences to his family.
Andy, Leicester, England

What's all this "may God go with him" stuff? Dave Allen's genius was his tilt at religion!
David Ball, Wokingham, UK

I remember Dave Allen from 1970 when I could hear my older brother and parents scream with laughter downstairs when I was in bed.
Graham, Manchester

I remember Dave Allen from 1970 when I could hear my older brother and parents scream with laughter downstairs when I was in bed. I remember him as a "dangerous" comic, and loved to watch him. I hope the BBC will pay due homage to this genius.
Graham, Manchester

We should all mark the passing of a man whose humour has helped to shape modern comedy - he will be missed.
Tim Watkins, Cardiff

One of the funniest men I ever saw. It was a regular weekly treat to be allowed to stay up and watch this brilliant comedian... You will be sorely missed. I hope the Beeb re -runs some of his shows, after all the best way to remember him is to laugh, long and hard.
Mike Brown, Essex, UK

I once found him wandering lost in the back streets of Cardiff unable to find his hotel, so I showed him the way and was treated to a drink and an entertaining chat
Megan, Crewe, Cheshire

A delightful soul, just as funny offstage as on - I once found him wandering lost in the back streets of Cardiff unable to find his hotel, so I showed him the way and was treated to a drink and an entertaining chat before we went our separate ways.
Megan, Crewe, Cheshire

I think he would be having a laugh at these comments here, especially the ones concerning his God. Pretty ironic considering he was an atheist.
Kevin, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Watching Dave Allen's Saturday show is undoubtedly one of the most enduring memories of my youth. He was one of the funniest people of the era and his death leaves me saddened but brings back many happy memories....Thanks Dave, you were brilliant.
John, Upminster, UK

What a sad loss. Please do some re-runs so we can see the werewolf chasing the stick and the coffin race.
Darren McManus, Southampton, UK

A fantastic comedian whose timing was wonderful
Nader Khalifa, Cambridge, UK
What a loss. A fantastic comedian whose timing was wonderful, whose delivery was sublime and whose legacy was a brand of humour that many can touch.
Nader Khalifa, Cambridge, UK

I'll personally remember Mr Allen for his remarkably tender and moving performance in the late 70s TV movie by Alan Bennett, One Fine Day. A terrestrial repeat of the film would serve as a fine tribute.
Dickon Edwards, Highgate, London

He is a favoured memory of my childhood. A great, great man. He will be greatly missed. May you be with your God now.
Rev Crys O'Regan, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

A sad loss. I too grew up with his humour and will always remember his comment one show about his drink. He declared that the drink in the glass was merely ginger ale. He took a sip, glanced at the glass then said, "another miracle"! May your God go with you, Dave.
Annie, Orpington, UK

Goodnight Dave and may your God go with you.
Martin, London

Dave Allen was a very funny man whose roots were firmly stuck in Limerick. His stage show will never ever be reproduced by anyone else, sitting there in that hazy smoky setting taking the mick out of us all. It will be great to see some more re-runs in the coming weeks I am sure. Dave, goodnight and may your God always be with you. Our thoughts go to Karin and the kids. Goodnight and God Bless.
Cameron, Southern England

Like the drink from his home country, Pure Genius! We can all be certain that Dave will be going with his God!
Paul Yeates, Dudley, UK

Dave Allen's observational humour was years ahead of its time and many of our modern stand-up comedians owe him a huge debt. His routines are still as fresh and funny today as when I first heard them 30 years ago. He'll be sadly missed.
Rod Maxwell, Stirling, Scotland

I remember him saying about a funeral he went to as a boy when he misheard the creed for "In the name of the father, the son and into the hole he goes".
Jason, UK

How very, very sad. Dave Allen was a wonderful comedian and his wry outlook on life will be much missed, as of course will he.
Peter Stroud, Andover UK

I met Dave Allen when I was a down and out in London. I said "hello" and he not only stopped for a chat, but also gave me a tenner for some food. Great bloke. A Sad loss.
Mark Bothamley, Sheffield

He never failed to have me in fits of laughter
Linda England, Kedington, Suffolk
I loved Dave Allen, he was a genius. He never failed to have me in fits of laughter particularly when those working with him also could not keep a straight face. He will be sadly missed. A very sad day.
Linda England, Kedington, Suffolk

I remember watching Dave Allen in the 70s when I was about 10-years-old. My brother and I were really curious about the half finger. What a chap he was, he was funny. I have never seen anyone as good as Dave Allen.
Jo, Norwich, UK

Goodnight, God Bless, and may your God go with you Dave.
Squiz, Llanmaes

Possibly one of the greatest comedians of his generation and an inspiration to many in his field of entertainment. He is a great loss. Dave Allen... May your God go with you.
Chris J, Bristol

My mum and myself, being Catholics, used to watch his TV show religiously in the 1970s and 1980s. We would often be paralysed with laughter by his irreverent observations on the Roman Catholic church. I think that he did much to break down the many taboos surrounding religion in this country, as well as being an incredibly funny man. Down the pub I still tell the one where he goes to the sperm donor bank and is shown to a booth which has girlie magazines, a paper cup and a glass mirror on one side of the wall, he then worries that the mirror is a two way one and that they may have sold seats on the other side. Thank you for that Dave, and may you rest in peace.
Gerald Thorpe, Leeds

I saw him twice in London - the second time, I achieved my ambition of his buying me a drink in the interval. His TV shows were great - especially the religious material and the Pope sketches - but on stage, he was even better. RIP.
Dave Hollins, UK

My favourite sketches were always those near-silent "monk" sketches - so silly, so wonderful!
Isobel, Salisbury, UK

...and may your god go with you.
Chris, Hampshire

His story telling had me in fits, his humour was very funny and clever. We saw him perform at the Cresta Club in Solihull years ago. God Bless
Jacqui, Redditch Worcestershire

Where other comedians stay on TV Dave became this warm weekly guest in the same room. A true loss.
Chris, Reigate, Surrey

Dave was one of the first comedians that made me really enjoy stand-up - his monologues and quick wit will be missed by all. A glass of bourbon will be raised in his memory tonight.
Damien Stone, Newcastle, UK

A funny man, I rated him alongside, Peter Cook, and he come from the golden age of comedy, ie Morecambe and Wise, Monty Python, Two Ronnies, etc, not many talents around now.
Paul, Luton

It just isn't fair that such a hugely entertaining man should die so young. My heartfelt sympathies go to his family and friends. I was watching a clip of him on the afternoon news and I was in stitches. Please, please, please do a re-run of his works. My favourite one-liner is "I'm an Atheist... thank God!"
Becca, Hailsham, England

May your God go with you.
Nick, Portsmouth

We have lost one of the most gifted, funniest comedians
Craig Handley, Cardiff
We have lost one of the most gifted, funniest comedians. His acerbic wit and irreverent pokery at his religious upbringing was superb. Thank you Dave.
Craig Handley, Cardiff

I recall watching him with my folks in the 70s - he was brilliant, a real individual. His sketches were also terrific. I recently caught a re-run of a retrospective on BBC Radio 4, which was very enjoyable. I'll miss him.
David Cohen, London, UK

Such a funny man. We hope his God went with him because he probably needs a laugh!
Lesley Page, Sanderstead, Surrey, UK

Dave, you were one of a kind, you were my favourite comedian of all time. The world be a sadder place for this. My thoughts are with your family. God Bless you Dave... and may your God go with you.
Richard Evans, Pontypridd

He was just so funny. My condolences to his family. His like will always be sorely missed.

Have heard no one since who could tell a story like Dave Allen could
John Moran, Reading, UK
My family being Irish Catholic always made a point of sitting down together to watch his show in the 70s. Have heard no one since who could tell a story like Dave Allen could. His likes will not be seen again and his style was all his own. Sleep well.
John Moran, Reading, UK

Another of the truly "greats" departs to the increasing circle of comedy above. You will be sadly missed by those who remain. May your God be with you, Dave, and thanks for all the laughs.
Keith Hutchin, Arlesey, Bedfordshire

Dave Allen was one of the first people to make me laugh. Really laugh. So sad to see him go. Good bye, Dave and may your God go with you.
Adrian North, Reading, UK

I saw Dave Allen on stage in the 80s. He was very, very funny and it was one of the best evenings I have ever spent in the theatre. His TV shows were also "must see" while I was growing up. Please, BBC, show some repeats.
Bill, London

I remember The Dave Allen Show from my youth and will always remember it was one the programmes I had to watch. A sad loss, but someone who will never be forgotten.
Cameeron Faulds, Glasgow

An amazingly funny guy. He will be sorely missed. Many thanks for his hours of laughter.
Jonathan Harris, Southport

Goodnight and may your God go with you.
Tom, Milton Keynes, UK

His Pope sliding backwards off his sedan chair is an all-time comedy moment.
Vince Millett, Croydon, UK
Many years ago, I was in the studio audience of the show that won the Golden Rose of Montreux. The man was funny and irreverent in the right way - his Pope sliding backwards off his sedan chair is an all-time comedy moment.
Vince Millett, Croydon, UK

I remember watching Dave Allen many times on television, and I really enjoyed his brand of dry, sardonic comedy. It's sad to think that we will not hear his wit and humour again. To quote him: "Goodnight Dave, and may your God go with you".
Paul, Milton Keynes, England

Dave was a comic master, I remember spending many a night in fits of laughter watching Dave on the chair with a large whiskey in one hand and cigarette in the other. He will be missed. "Dave hope the craic is good up there"
Rob, Manchester

I saw him on stage in Glasgow, and had a sore face from laughing so much. Goodbye, Dave, you'll be missed.
B Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland

A sad day. Dave Allen was a true original and it is a shame that he was missing from out TV screens in recent years - Dave Allen combined intelligence with irreverence, but never cruelty - he will be missed.
Mike Lynch, Birmingham, UK

I remember seeing Dave Allen in London in 1991 and left the theatre with my midriff painfully aching as I had laughed so much. A sad loss to the world of comedy from a true legend and gentleman. Rest in peace.
Richard, Salisbury, UK

I remember Dave Allen way back in 1968, when he had his own show on ITV, sat on his stool, and I found him very funny, and a lovely man. I just couldn't get over him drinking his whisky and smoking a ciggie while delivering some brilliant jokes. He was a very funny man, sadly will be missed.
Lynda Barnett, Isle of Man

Dave Allen made me laugh and laugh - he's about the only person who ever made me laugh so hard it hurt. We'll miss him.
Martin, London, UK

One of the best comedians ever - I grew up watching Dave Allen , whose comedy still seems fresh today as when first watched. He will be missed.
Les Woollard, Reading, UK

A comic genius. Good night, God bless, and may your God go with you Dave!
Phil Jones, Edinburgh

A Legend. As a child I couldn't always appreciate his comedy but as I got older I laughed out loud (which is rare for me).
Paul F, Worcs

A very funny satirist whose humour and risk taking influenced British comedy
Mick, Luton, England
A very funny satirist whose humour and risk taking influenced British comedy to a massive extent. Will be very sadly missed. RIP
Mick, Luton, England

In the late 1970s in Minneapolis, Minnesota WCCO TV ran your show sandwiched between two episodes of The Benny Hill Show. Your comedy was grand! Your skit about the computerized confessional is a classic! I can see in my mind, you sitting on your tall stool, entertaining the angels Mr Allen, thanks for all the laughs! Rest in Peace, and may God bless you!
R D Lendley, Chicago, IL, USA

I learnt my dry wit and seeing humour in religion from him. Thought his sketches were hilarious too, especially his adaptations of "Psycho" and "Tom Jones" A sad loss, but I am sure he had a few wise words to say about death too.

Dave, goodnight and may your God be with you.
Bubble, Croydon, England

I remember his wit and humour as a teenager, and he wasn't afraid to be politically incorrect about religion.
Vikki Townsend, Bedford, Beds

At least Dave wont be worried about meeting God! Sad loss, my respects go to him and his family.
Andrew Lindop, Connahs Quay, UK

Wherever you've gone - may your God have gone with you.
James Valentine, Scotland

Saw Dave twice live in London. He was so funny it hurt. Thank you.
Stephen, Cheam, Surrey

Dave Allen was always my favourite comedian, and I'm really saddened by this news. Rest in Peace, Dave, and "may your God go with you".
Karen Wright, Liverpool, England

What sad news. Thank you for all the laughs that we shared. For an age group have grown up with you and laughed with you, even with your swear words! God Bless you!
Caroline Beeston, Stone, Staffordshire

Dave Allen was the best teller of story jokes I ever heard. He could add elements to them that milked the most laughs out of them but still remained subtle. I wish BBC America were running his old shows instead of the Benny Hill re-runs they're screening now.
Daevid MacKenzie, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

I grew up watching his great comedy, he will be missed so much.
Guy Drake-Wilkes, Southampton, UK

May his God have gone with him, whatever his destination. We've lost a very funny man.
Alan Perkins, Dublin

He quietly made his mark on the entertainment world
Derek Shannon, Manchester, UK
A consummate performer, a true raconteur, a comedian with a conscience. He quietly made his mark on the entertainment world, and will not be replaced, merely succeeded.
Derek Shannon, Manchester, UK

Dave Allen was one of a kind; his comic delivery was second to none, I adored his religious sketches most of all. The following comes to mind right now: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and in the hole he goes." Cheers Dave, you were brilliant.
John, Godalming, Surrey

He was one of my comedic heroes - alongside Peter Cook and Lenny Bruce. Being Australian I'm glad that we gave him his first break on TV. It's always sad when a great story teller dies. May he live through them.
Ian, Gent, Belgium

A fitting tribute to an excellent man - he once said he wanted his tombstone to read: Don't mourn for me now, Don't mourn for me never, I'm going to do nothing For ever and ever.
D Cochrane, Dublin, Ireland

What a shame, Dave Allen was one of my heroes, remember very well when I was a kid pleading with my Mum to let me stay up on a week day in the 70s to see his show, RIP D.A. May your God go with you!
Richard Newton, Hertford, England

Dave Allen was one of the funniest men to grace our screens
Neil Tiernan, Liverpool, UK
Dave Allen was one of the funniest men to grace our screens and was vastly under-rated as a comedy legend. His dry, laid back style and material was years ahead of its time. He will be sadly missed.
Neil Tiernan, Liverpool, UK

An exceptional comedian, I used to watch his TV shows in the 80s and early 90s, his stories used to have me laughing until it hurt. As he used to say "may your God go with you".
Phil, Stevenage

Sad to hear Of Dave's Death, he really made me laugh ever since I can remember. Sláinte!
Matthew Roberts, Wrexham, Wales

His ability to mock and make fun of religion without causing offence was one of his unique hallmarks, it's a shame his type of humour is not around today as it seems people are too politically correct and scared to be labelled as anti religious, which Dave Allen was most definitely not. He had the unique intellect and courage to be able to find humour from the darker things in ones life and make us all laugh at ourselves in a unique way. I know he will get a good reception and a smile when he reaches the pearly gates! My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.
Mark Israel, London

Thanks for the craic Dave
Wendy, Isle of Wight, UK
So many great laughs from this man. Thanks for the craic Dave.
Wendy, Isle of Wight, UK

Many shows of the 70s have been forgotten, but with Dave Allen you can remember whole routines. I always loved the moment when the lights dimmed and he'd start to recall one of those long, dark tales. We've lost a great, true original.
Andrew, Dublin

My favourite Dave Allen gag was one where he described the new toy baby doll he had bought his niece for Christmas. He described in a very serious tone and in intimate detail how you mixed up baby food from a tub to feed it when it cried. He went on to explain how when it had messed its nappy it would cry again and you could change its nappy. You then scraped the stuff out of the nappy put it back in the tub to use as food the next time it cried. Dave finished the story by saying - just like it works with a fast food restaurant. Classic Dave Allen.
Danny Coombs, UK

Sad news, I loved Dave Allen when I was growing up, he was much funnier to me than many of the same era. I always liked the way he ended his show, "May your god go with you".
Catriona, Edinburgh

He leaves a void that few come close to filling
Tony, Poole
I had the huge enjoyment of hearing him live and unscripted at a pub in Corfe Castle when they were filming the beach gags at Studland. He was the Rory Bremner/Billy Connolly of his day, but he had the advantage of being consistently funny without resorting to foul mouthed swearing for laughs or making unpleasant personal attacks on the politicians he did not personally favour and who could not respond. He was a genuinely funny man who anyone could watch. He did satire, gags, slapstick and sometimes just told jokes. He leaves a void that few come close to filling.
Tony, Poole

Thanks for all the laughs Dave, may your God go with you.
Kevin Moore, London

One of the best, loved him on TV.
Dave, Dublin

A brilliant observer of the idiotic things which people say and do. I shall miss him.
David, London, UK

Good night, may your God go with you.
Tina Hough, Wrexham

You will be greatly missed. May you be with your God now.
William Heron, London England

How fitting that we say goodbye to a funny, funny man on Red Nose Day
Alfie Noakes, North of England, UK
How fitting that we say goodbye to a funny, funny man on Red Nose Day. Thank you for making as laugh over so many years.
Alfie Noakes, North of England, UK

My parents used to let me stay up to watch his show despite the swear words! A brilliant observer of life and human idiosyncrasies. He will be sadly missed.
Alasdair Binns, Glasgow, Scotland

I am saddened to hear of Dave Allen's death. He was the only comedian that really me laugh. Good night Dave, may your God go with you.
Jane, Broxbourne, UK

I remember Dave from his television glory days in the late 60s and 70s. His programmes were the most eagerly anticipated events, and his dry sense of humour defined ever afterwards what I found funny. Good night Dave - and may your God go with you.
Kate Tudor, Reading, UK

What a wonderfully irreverent, but kind-hearted comedian! May his God be with him.
Alan T, London

Goodnight Dave, thanks for the laughs, may your God go with you.
Paul, Leicester


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