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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 14:36 GMT 15:36 UK
Are you going to Asia quake region?
Aerial view of Barkalot
Do you have family in the earthquake area?

The Pakistan High Commission has been providing emergency visa services in its London offices and major airports to help people from the UK wishing to get to the region.

The UK government has so far pledged more than 500,000 to the relief operation and UK charities are considering a joint appeal for donations.

Do you have family or friends in the affected areas? Have been able to contact them? Are you planning to go to the region? Send us your comments and experiences.

Do you have any images? If so, you can send photos and mobile phone footage to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This debate is now closed. Please read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

Kashmir International Relief Fund
Red Cross/ Red Crescent

My cousin went to Kashmir two weeks prior to the earthquake, he has decided to stay on and help in the relief effort. The biggest problem is getting food to the villages, roads are blocked and the only way is using mules and horses to ferry the food to these regions. People have been very generous, and we have been able to send over several thousand pounds.
Hussain, Birmingham, UK

My friend Becca is flying out with 8 other members of her Brecon Mountain Rescue team, to help with the relief effort. She only found out yesterday that she was going, but was very calm about getting jabs and packing up. I am so proud of her, and wish the whole team the best of luck in their job.
Frances Allsop, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

When I heard about the earthquake it touched me so much I was devastated for the poor helpless victims of this horrible disaster, my family was also deeply moved by it, we are doing all we can to help and my father has been committed into collecting donations from every friend and relative he is in contact with, and with the money he has raised at the end, he hopes to fly out to Pakistan to the heart of the earthquake where he lived for many years. He hopes to give out as much support and help he can. I would like to wish him luck and let him know his family is proud of him.
Aleena iftikhar, Birmingham, England

My friends visited the Bagh AJK and they are helping in rescue work and I will join them soon. They told me that the deaths are triple than government estimates.
Ahmed Awais, Faisalabad, Pakistan

People in Pakistan in the affected areas need more help then can be imagined. I was in Pakistan at the time of the earthquake and I am still there, most people here are not fully aware of its results. Just the psychological affects alone are immensely troubling. And then there's the extreme issues such as no food, no water, no shelter. Things have got to such a state that homeless, parentless children have been taken to different cities for hospital treatment, not only this but thousands of people are being asked to adopt these children so that they also have a future. Please people who want to come to Pakistan to help we need it. Come with a strong heart because things you will see here now will affect you for the rest of your life.
Aisha, England

I am encouraging people to give as generously as possible for this appeal, and show compassion towards those who have lost everything. So far in our Mosque, we have raised almost 9000 within a matter of days for the appeal, as well as generous donations of clothing and blankets, bedding, etc.
Mohammed Rizwan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire

A ticket to Pakistan would cost few hundred pounds. As there is no shortage of manpower, I think that money would be better spent in donation to charities for the relief effort.
Saqib, UK

My two brothers (City professionals) fly out Wednesday night. Much of the supplies have already been secured and transportation arranged. They will arrive in the disaster area with local teams on Friday. God help them, and more importantly the people who need the desperate help. Individuals however should not go to the area as they will get in the way of the relief effort.
Nasar Ramzan, London

My family and I were planning a holiday which would encompass the festival Eid, but now we are planning going to the region to help out physically for ten days, instead of sightseeing and all the other holiday stuff.
Sajadah, Nottingham

I'm going with Red Cross/Red Crescent to the Mansehra region tonight since there is a severe shortage of multilingual volunteers to help with the aid distribution.
Sajjad, Islamabad, Pakistan

People are sleeping out in the rain because any buildings that do remain standing are unstable
Imran Abdullah, Luton, England
I live in a large Kashmiri/Pakistani community in the UK. The response has been incredible - people have been out every day and late in to the evening collecting donations. We can't do enough. As we have seen, an entire generation has been virtually wiped out because they were in poorly constructed schools and homes. People are sleeping out in the rain because any buildings that do remain standing are unstable. They need our help desperately to reinstate food, shelter and clothing - things we take for granted in the UK. Please donate as much as you can.
Imran Abdullah, Luton, England

My brother is already in Pakistan working round the clock to provide shelters/tents to some of the victims and I'm flying out this week to help. We do need more assistance.
Danisch Qayyum, Dubai, UAE / London

I am leaving for Kashmir Srinagar on next week. I plan to visit Muzzafarabad also. I am taking some funds with me and hope that I can be of some help to the victims of this terrible tragedy. It is going to be a long process of recovery as all the infrastructure has been destroyed.
Dr. Shuakt Ashai, Ellicott City, MD, USA

I feel so helpless just sitting here and doing nothing. I've donated all that I can, but I can't help but still feel an overwhelming emotion of sadness and heartache for those people who have died and have been left homeless. Let us pray that during this blessed month, God will hear the cry of many.
Emmy Chowdhory, Northampton

My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this disaster, this is the time for all of us to unite. My brother will be flying out on Saturday as a volunteer. If you are planning to go there as a volunteer, it is definitely best to get in contact with a charity and link up with them once you arrive there. No help is too much at them moment.
Samaira, West London

I am leaving for Pakistan on 14th of October and I don't know what to expect, thank God that all my family members are alright but my heart bleeds for those I see on TV 24 hours a day since Saturday, I hope to volunteer myself for anything little I can do!
Abdulqadir Abdulhameed, Lagos, Nigeria

Hi, am thinking of going to Pakistan to help, even though none of my family members were affected by the quake, but I would still like to go and volunteer.
Ruzwana Haq, Maidstone, UK

I think people planning to go there should contact the aid agencies first, to find out if their skills are needed in the area. If not, those people should contribute by staying at home and donating the money they would have spent on the flight. To just turn up over there gives the aid agencies one more mouth to feed.
T, Essex, UK

I am flying out to Amritsar on Sunday 16th October 2005. I am very concerned about the chances of a second earthquake taking place. Could you please advice me on the chances of a second earthquake taking place. I want to know if it safe to fly to this part of the world. I am very scared, and I am willing to cancel my flight altogether. Please help me. There is nothing more I can do. I have tried to contact the flight company, Uzbekistan Airways, but have had no luck.
Nirman Herh, Hitchin, UK

I am Indian from the North of India and live in the UK. I would like to offer my services to the people of Asia in any way, shape or form. I speak the language fluently and was born and bred in Delhi. Please could you let me know if there is any kind of voluntary work I can do. Thanks very much.
Jessica Wales, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

First of all we regret the loss of lives in the recent earthquake in Pakistan. We the people of Pakistan request your government to open your welfare centres with full medical equipment and trained doctors. We also request your high authorities to kindly deliver your aid through your own responsible welfare officers. Your aid will serve the miserable people who at this time have no shelter no food and above all no hope.
Malik Qasair, Lahore, Pakistan.

My brother-in-law lost 16 members of his family in Muzzafarbad, (his mum, 3 uncles, sister, nieces and nephews and numerous others) god knows what he'll do when he gets there as the road links to that area are non-existent. He left on Saturday night - we gathered as much donations as we could and hope to raise more. My heart goes out to all infected by this tragedy, (India, Afghanistan and Pakistan) thank you BBC for your up to date information and thanks to UK Rapid Rescue amongst others.
Ahmed, Bristol

I hope they receive maximum international help to rescue the victims
Saima, Yorkshire
My friend has been affected by this tragedy, his cousin's family and his friend's family are both trapped in the collapsed tower block. As you can imagine this is an extremely distressing time for him, with the passage of time hopes are fading away for the survival of his loved ones. It is a distressing time for all us Pakistanis to see such human suffering. I hope they receive maximum international help to rescue the victims.
Saima, Yorkshire

I will be going to Pakistan in the next few days, I've been going around friends and family to collect money for the people of the quake stricken areas and I hope to provide some help to the people. I think Europe and especially the UK government needs to do a lot to help.
Khan, Luton

I am flying out this afternoon to Pakistan, my uncle (mums brother) was killed in the earthquake in Muzzaferabad. He is in the army and after finishing his duty in the early hours of the morning, he closed his fast and went to bed. Who would have thought that fatal morning would be his last, because he and 22 other army officers sharing the same dormitory died when the ceiling fell on top of them. His body has been sent back to our village this morning. It's tragic. He was on 37.
Sadia, East London

We are all raising money here in England: in our schools, mosque and area in any way we can - insha-allah everything will be over soon, you just have got to hold on.
Zia Hussain, England, Walsall

I am shocked to see the devastation that this earthquake has caused. I have family living in Pakistan. I think the British government should have given more aid as the UK charities have given more aid then the government.
Mohammed, Birmingham, UK

I reached one of my friends in Islamabad by e-mail yesterday. He is safe but another friend I can't reach. The affected area is a very remote place. I want to go and help them but actually I don't have any idea.
Shino, Japan


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