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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Missing people: Islamabad and elsewhere
More than 19,000 people are feared dead in Pakistan after a powerful earthquake struck the region.

The BBC News website has received messages from people concerned about the whereabouts of families and friends who live in or are visiting the region.

Please email us again if you hear any news so we can update this website.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by region

I have a friend in Islamabad Jameela Aslam, I am anxious to know that she is safe and well, please let me know
Jeff Gittins, Petworth, UK

I am trying to get information about my friend Tariq Masood Khan and his family (wife and 4 children). They were in Muzzafarabad. I would be grateful for any news anyone may have on them.
Dolores Yoldi, Bilbao, Spain

I am very concerned about my colleague Nasim Raja AKHTAR, Professor of Linguistics at the Azad Jammu & Kashmir University, Muzaffarabad, recently appointed Registrar of that university. I would be grateful for any information about Prof Akhtar and his family.
Andrew Spencer, Colchester, UK

My friend KHAN M ANJUM had just returned (2 days before the earthquake) to Pakistan from Malaysia. I have been trying to contact him via email since the day it happened but to no avail. I just want to know if he is ok. Thank you.
Mygazee, Malaysia

We are worried about our friend Enrique Lafargue, who was living at Margala Towers. Please contact us about any comments. Thank you.
Montevideo, Uruguay

I am worried about my in-laws, and praying for them. My father-in-law's name is Manzoor Qureshi, my mother-in-law's is Mubarak, and their family are Ijaz Mansoor, Shahid Masood, Bilal Maqsood, Ayaz Mahmood, Rabia, Safia, Zakia, Atia, and assorted spouses (Atia is a widow) and children, some of whose names I do not know because we have lost touch since I and my husband separated. I have no grudge or feeling of resentment against any of my in-laws, and long to know that they are all right. They used to live in Rawalpindi (next to Islamabad) and probably still did/do.
S Qureshi (nee Siddiqui), Slough, Britain

I am desperate of news of my brother's family: Jahanzeb Khan, his wife: Mariam Khan and two small children Hamza and Hassan Khan. If anyone knows anything about them, please get in touch via BBC. May Allah (SWT) keep all safe and give the families the strength to cope with their losses.
Shiraz, London

I am searching for news on my father Quyyam Meboua Rana, I am not entirely sure what area he was in at the time of the earthquake. I would be grateful for any news anyone may have on him.
Helen Heydon, Dorset, England

We are looking for Dr Khan And Samina and family. There home is in Islamabad. Praying they are safe.
Irene Urban, Elgin Illinois, USA

To whom this may concern, I am a relative who has heard nothing from my first cousin and her two kids a son and a daughter. The name of the victims is Rabia Mazhar, Daniel Mazhar and Sara Mazhar. I am extremely concerned and if you could get back to me if you get any news. The victims were residents of Margala Towers and lived on the 2nd floor.
Sumair, Stcatahrines

I want to find Ibrahim and Sulaiman who was in Karachi during the earth quake.
Ariff, Islamabad

I am in Rawalpindi, PK. I have friend (Zia ur Rehman) and his family in Bagh. I have no contact with them, if anyone have any information please let me know.
Imran Liaqat, Rawalpindi

I'm looking for my cousin Mukhtar Abbasi and family. Are they all of OK? God bless him, he is a lecturer in Bahria University, also pray for my family.
Abdul Sattar Abbasi, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I have got most of my dad's family in and around Islamabad and in the villages, I would like to know if everyone is OK.
Emma Grffiths, West Midlands

My dad is called Muhammad Niza (Ali) Alizai he is my father all I know is he lives in Pakistan (don't know where) I hope he is OK.
Tina, Essex

My friend Ansar Hussein is in Pakistan visiting family I would like to know if he is OK.
Robin Pinson, Kentucky, USA

Hi, I have relatives living in Tarbela which is like an hour and a half drive from Islamabad, the telephone lines are all down could you let me have some more information about the situation in Tarbela please, the family is very worried. Thanks.
Sohaib Mustafa, Manchester

I am looking for my friend Muneer Hussain Niazi from Mianwali. He works in Karachi, but I am afraid he maybe in his village. Please, if anyone knows anything and if this area has been affected, can they let me know? I am very, very worried.
Hassan, London

Hi to whom this may concern. I am missing my first cousin and her two daughters in the collapsed building in Islamabad. I am hoping that she is caught in a cavity somewhere amongst the ruins. Her name is Rabia. I would appreciate a closer coverage of the quake and briefing of any progress.
Sumair Farooqui, Toronto, Canada

My grandmother is Nancy Hatch Dupree and she works and lives in Pakistan. I have been trying to contact her there, to no avail. If anyone knows how she is please tell me.
Danielle Gill, Antigonish, Canada

I am looking for an old friend of mine, Hursit Sheema from Pakistan. Could you please tell me if he is OK? Maria, Belgium
Vassiliadou Tointon, Brussels, Belgium

Fatimah Ahsan. I am trying to reach Fatimah Ahsan. Please contact me if you know her whereabouts. Thank you.
Matt Godino, San Francisco, California USA

My relatives are also there and heard that there is no major damage. A girls' high school building got damaged and five girls died.
ovais, Islamabad, Pakistan

Please can you help me as I cannot find any number for missing relatives as my brother is in Pakistan on a family visit. His name is Gordon Rafiq Hussain and he is a British citizen.
Adrian Hussain, Birmingham, uk

Wassi Iqbal Shah lives in Peshawar with wife Shanaiz and 5 children. Does anyone know what has happened to them?
Alice, Riverhead, USA

Desperate search for missing family in the collapsed Margalla Towers. Please help us find our missing family. The Al-Hayali Family was residing on the second floor of the now collapsed Margalla Towers, apartment 105. Family of four persons (husband, wife, and two young sons).
Yusra Moez, Vienna, Austria

Dear readers, if you or any one of you see or finds any members of this family please contact the below address of their family and friends who are very worried about them. I'm really worried, I would like to get some news from my friend who was living in the Margalla towers on the 3rd floor, his name is Ahmed Yasin , so please if any body have any news of him, please get me know, thanks.
Adil Bajwa, Doha, Qatar

We have dear friends in Rawalpindi, Farida and Waqar Kingravi, and are very worried about them. If they read this, we hope you are safe and our prayers are with you and your country. If possible let us know how you are.
Chuck and Ricki Struemke, River Falls, WI, USA

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