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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Missing people: North-West Frontier Province
More than 19,000 people are feared dead in Pakistan after a powerful earthquake struck the region.

The BBC News website has received messages from people concerned about the whereabouts of families and friends who live in or are visiting the region.

Please email us again if you hear any news so we can update this website.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by region

My friend KHAN M ANJUM had just returned (2 days before the earthquake) to Pakistan from Malaysia. I have been trying to contact him via email since the day it happened but to no avail. I just want to know if he is ok. Thank you.
Mygazee, Malaysia

I have a friend Nadia Jabeen living in Mansehra with her family. If you have any information about her please let me know. I am worried about them. May Allaha keep them safe and sound.
Shabana khan, Christchurch, New Zealand

I want to know about a friend and student fellow of us from Abbotabad, Adnan Dilawar. He was on his visit to Pakistan and we didn't hear from him since this Earthquake disaster.
Zahid Shabbir, Auckland New Zealand

I am desperate of news of my friend's family...Zia ur rehman. He left for Bagh on 8th Oct. morning for his family.... still I have no news about him, if anyone knows please tell me at my cell phone.
Muhammad Imran Liaqat, Rawalapindi, Pakistan

I wish to know that the family of Sultan Zarin Khan in Madyan, Swat are alive and well. Can anyone help? And if there is something I can do to help, to let me know.
Emily Young, London, UK

I am desperate of news of my brother's family: Jahanzeb Khan, his wife: Mariam Khan and two small children Hamza and Hassan Khan. If anyone knows anything about them, please get in touch via BBC. May Allah (SWT) keep all safe and give the families the strength to cope with their losses.
Shiraz, London

I am searching for news on my father Quyyam Meboua Rana, I am not entirely sure what area he was in at the time of the earthquake. I would be grateful for any news anyone may have on him.
Helen Heydon, Dorset, England

I'm looking for Syed Hussain Imam who works for the pak army, he was posted to Abatabad. I want to know if he and his families OK. I pray for them.
Karamat Malik, Hounslow, UK

My family lives in Muzzafarbad, my parents are fine, our house has been totally destroyed, and we have no news about my brother, we are not even sure if he was in the house when the quake happened, there is no one in Muzzafarabad to dig in the rubble, there are no rescue teams. I am just praying that Allah keeps him alive and safe...
Syeda Qamar, Edinburgh, Scotland

I have family who have lost there home in the F10 district, my mother and entire family are now homeless, the sickening thing is that the majority of my relatives live in Balakot one of the worst hit areas. I am desperate for information from this area. My brothers and brothers-in-law have now left for this area and now we cannot contact them. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I ask all people to pray for those who are missing.
Zulfiqar Hussain, Calgary, Canada

I have been unable to get into contact with my relatives in Tarbela, nothing has been reported about it but seeing as it was very close to the epicentre of the earthquake my family is very worried please could you email me some information about Tarbela and the situation there. Thank you I will appreciate as much information as I can.
Sohaib Mustafa, Manchester

I am worried about Taj, Abdul, Faizi and Uran, Said and Fatima, Shid Gul, Mir, and others in Krakal, Kalasha valleys near Chitral, NWFP. I am praying for you to be safe.
Mary Neill, Laurel, MS, USA

I cannot express my sorrows on this traumatic situation. My nation and my country have suffered the most deadly disaster. My tears for my Pakistani brothers and all my consolations for my nation. I pray "O Allah keep us all in your own protection". All who have been lost are my own. For whom a single one can I put a question? Mr Syed Nisar Hussain Hamdani (my friend and assistant professor of economics at Muzaffarabad University), I am so worried about you. If anyone can give me some good news about him. Allah is great and almighty.
Muhammad Saqlain Raza, Daira Din Panah, Pakistan

If anyone knows anything about Sikandar Khan from Muzzafarabad please let us know. He is a teenager and we don't know anything about him.
Sara, London

My foster father, Haji Abdul Malek Bin Juma, is in Khanian, Mansehra. I have tried to phone him but there was no answer. I wish someone can help me to locate him.
Abdul Majid, Admiralty Drive, Singapore

I am trying to get information on my best friend Aftab Baig in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Please anyone who has any information, contact me!! My prayers are with all the people dealing with the earthquake. May God bless us all!
Glenda Milam, North Carolina, USA

I am trying to find out about my friend Lala Rashid from village Jaboori in Mansehra, whose two sons were in UK, any one knows about Lala Rashid, please let me know via BBC.
M Aftab Abbasi, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

My friend Asad Ali Shah and Adnan Ayub live in NWFP. They mean a lot to me.
Bilal K Qazi, Lahore, Pakistan

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