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Last Updated: Friday, 21 October 2005, 21:33 GMT 22:33 UK
Missing people: Pakistan-administered Kashmir
More than 19,000 people are feared dead in Pakistan after a powerful earthquake struck the region.

The BBC News website has received messages from people concerned about the whereabouts of families and friends who live in or are visiting the region.

Please email us again if you hear any news so we can update this website.

Here are the appeals received:

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I am living in the UK and I am so sad after hearing the news of earthquake in Azad Kashmir and NWFP. I have one of my best friends Shagufta Amin Khan in Bagh. After this big disaster I am continually try to get any information about her but in vain so please any body help me to find her I will be so thankful.
Shumaila Imrn, Aberdeen, UK

I am trying to reach my blood cousins, uncle, grandma and sisters and aunts living in Nar Sher Ali khan district Bagh, Kashmir, name of family is Khawaja Habib-ur-Rehman and Khawaja Mehmood. The road is damaged, they need help with tents and food soon.
khawaja Zeeshan, London

My cousin is missing he is in Pakistan Army 11-K regiment, Bagh, Dera Haji Peer, Pakistan Name: Muddsar-ul-Hasan Gillani
Wajeeha Gillani, Islamabad, Pakistan

My friend Muhammad Ijaz went to Hajera, Bagh, Azad Kashmir on Friday, one day before the earthquake. I am worried about him, because I have no contact with him at the moment.
Rao Zahid, Islamabad

I am trying to get news about MIRZA TASSADAQ HUSSEIN (from Abotabad or Muzaffarabad?). He worked as a rickshaw driver in Lahore until at least 2 1/2 years ago. Please email me if you know what has happened to him and his family.
Louise Cooper, Tana, Madagascar

I am from Abbottabad one of my friend with her whole family lives in Muzaffarabad. Her name is Rabia. I am trying a lot to contact her but of no use please if anybody have got any information about Rabia or Abotu her family please kindly inform me on my no or email address I shall be very thankful and please pray a lot for my friend and her family please its a request please
Faiza Yaqoob, Abbottabad, Pakistan

I am looking for my friend Mr Ashraf Qurashi a well known political and social figure of Muzzaffarabad Azzad and his family members. I have tried my best but all in vain. Can any one let me know anything about them? Thanks.
Asim Mahmood, Columbus Ohio

JOSEPH BUTROS WAKFI he is my friend's father. He was in the one of the hotel in Muzaffarabad, we havent contacted him after earthquake
Zekayi, Istanbul, Turkey

I would like to know where about of Dr. Mussadq Amin and his family, in Muzzaffarabad
Shahid Khan, Toronto

I am looking for news on Akramullah Baig and his family. He undertook his MA in environment, development and policy at Sussex University here in the UK 2002/3 all his EDP course mates from around the world are very worried. If anyone has any information we would be very grateful
Sarah Quinnell, Woking

My parents Nazir Ahmad Beig ( father) Manisha Begum ( mother) M. Fareed Beig( uncle) visited Muzaffarabad through Srinagar- Muzaffarabad bus on 6th of Oct. 2005. How are they now? Are they O.K. we are afraid of earthquake that took place in P.o.K. we are here all OK kindly gave them our this message that all of our family members are fine. In Uri Town.
Mohammad Azam Beig, Uri- Kashmir ( India)

I am deeply concerned about the fate of a very close friend of mine Mr.Irshad Pirzada and his loving family. He was working as an assistant controller for AJK tourism dept and lived few blocks away from CMH Muzaffarabad. Since the tragedy I have tried to contact him at every phone number I have, but the communication systems have collapsed. I will be grateful for any information regarding him and his family.
Nadeem Abas, Lahore, Pakistan

I am from USA and my husband Tariq Mehmood, lives in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. I have heard nothing from him and desperately need to know if he is even alive. Also my mother in law is missing too and lives with my husband, her name is Razia Sultana. Please if u can help or know anything let me know.
Michele Jenkins, Perkasie Pennsylvania

I am looking for my best friend of 36 years. I received a letter from him recently. He is a teacher and his name and address is: Imtiaz Hussain Principal Oriental Cadet School Jamal Pur, Seydan Road Kashmir Pura Gurat. We are very worried about him. Please if anyone has information please let me know. We would greatly appreciate your kindness.
Jamie Bollhalter, Gibson, Louisiana USA

I am worried about my friend, Zahoor Ellahi Khan, who was working as a lecturer in Rawlakot University. As there is no communication through mobile or cell phones. All of his friends are very, very worried. Anybody who have any news about him or his family please let us know.
Muhammad Ali, Islamabad

I am worried about the safety of two of my friends, Sardar Ashfaq Ahmed who works in AJK University in Muzaffarabad and Zulfiqar Ashraf who works at Rawlakot. Both of them are originally from Kotli AJK.
Moetasim, West Lafayette , IN, USA

My Mom's uncle has family in Bagh, Azad Kashmir. There are many family members are missing and some have died. How can we find missing family member?
Hashim Raza, Lahore, Pakistan

I am desperate of news of my brother's family: Jahanzeb Khan, his wife: Mariam Khan and two small children Hamza and Hassan Khan. If anyone knows anything about them, please get in touch via BBC. May Allah (SWT) keep all safe and give the families the strength to cope with their losses.
Shiraz, London

I am searching for news on my father Quyyam Meboua Rana, I am not entirely sure what area he was in at the time of the earthquake. I would be grateful for any news anyone may have on him.
Helen Heydon, Dorset, England

Trying to find out about my uncle, aunt, cousins, namely Ishtique-Ahmed-Khan (manager of the National Bank of Pakistan, Upper Bazaar branch, Muzafferabad, Azad Kashmir. Tahera Unnisa Begum (my aunt). Mansoor Ahmed Khan (my cousin). Masarror Ahmed Khan (my cousin). Farjath Ahmed Khan (my cousin). All residents of Muzaffarabad Main City opposite Pilot High School please try to find out about them.
Mohd Abdul Kareem, Hyderabad India

My brother (aged 27 years) lives in Muzzafarabad. His name is Ateequllah. There has been no news of him. I have been desperately trying to reach him by phone, but so far no success. I hope and pray he is safe.
Hilal Ahmad, Srinagar, Kashmir

I have lived and studied in Muzaffarabad for six years, I have a lot of friends there. I do not know if they are dead or alive. I am very concerned about their well being. I have heard that the university has collapsed and I am worried about university teachers especially chemistry department teachers Sir Kaleem Tahir, Sir Riaz, Sir Habeb Ur Rehman, Sir Aziz Khawaja Imtiaz Baig. All these people I am worried about I want to help them but I am desperately concerned and want to know how they are doing. My friend Neelam Mufti whose house is opposite to the C.M.H. Saima Qureshi, Wajida Gillani, all these people I am very worried about them please if anybody has any news about them let me know just let me know.
Safia Jabeen, Oldham, England

My auntie Shamim lives in Chunari Azad Kashmir which is about 1 and a half hours away from Muzaffarabad, she has a daughter called Saida and two sons called Irfan and Noman. We have not received any information regarding their wellbeing or of the extent of damage to that specific area. Please could you highlight this problem and let us know of any outcome.
Allah Ditta, Batley, UK

Need to know if Riffat Shafi her husband Manzoor Hussain and their kids are OK. Riffat's parents lived in Upper Paleth Muzaffarabad her father's name is Sardar Shafi Khan who is originally from Jandali Rawla Kot.
Nabila, Brooklyn NY, USA

I am worried about my friends who were studying at University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. Their names are as; Mr Hassan Arafat, Salman Ahmad, Sajid Awan (BSc. Geological Sciences) originally from Sheikhupura, Punjab - Pakistan; and Mr Ghulam Mustafa (MSc. Physics). I am having no contacts with them. Any information about them would be highly appreciated.
Muhmmad Shoaib, Multan, Pakistan

I am from Bhimber Kashmir. I have many family members and friends in Kashmir and Pakistan. I am trying to make phone call to Pakistan but lines are so busy. I am worried about them.
Umar Ahmed, Dudley, UK

One of my friends whose name is Aftab works here in Karachi has relatives in Muzaffarabd near Neelam Valley. There has been no news about them until now he is going there today by train to find out.
Shahzad Firdous, Karachi, Pakistan

My two brothers Jagdish Lal Tandon and Bast Ram Tandon and nephew Subash Tandon were visiting Muzaffarabad. We learned Basti Ram Tandon is still buried under the rubble. How do we find out the condition of the other two survivors?
Shiv Tandon

I'm looking for word regarding Beth Alison Heath and Irfan Kawasi, travelling in the Kashmir area.
Lindy, Austin, Texas, USA

This is Muhammad Khurshid from Virginia. My cousin Khan Zaman Khan works for Edhi Trust (Ambulance Driver) in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. His wife name is Parveen and he has 4 sons. This village name is Noorasari. Any information on how I may be able to find out if they are safe, is greatly appreciated.
Zia Khurshid, Burke, Virginia, USA

Hello there, my friend Mr Nabeel Liaquat is missing in Rawlakot and still after 3 days there is no contact with him, therefore I am too much worried about him.
Nabeel Ansari, Tehsil Dadya,l Azad Kashmir

This for Janice Garret from Bedford UK. My cousins go to Pearl Valley. The schools were closed (to students) at the time quake stuck. And from what I understand none of the teachers were hurt in the schools (but I can't say for certain). However, the residential are of Rawalakot did receive damage and people did die, but compared to the rest of the areas the death toll was much lower. Hope this help.
Waleed, NY, USA

Two of my friends are in Indian-administered Kashmir. One is filming a documentary; he is Academy award winner Ross Kauffmann and we have not heard from him yet. The other person is my friend Thais Lange who was travelling on her own, at times meeting up with Ross at different intervals. Last time I spoke with them was early last week; they were at a wedding on a house boat in Kashmir, India. Any information on how I may be able to find out if they are safe, is greatly appreciated.
Wendy Tarrant, New York, New York

If anyone knows of Saira Raza Khan of Baag, Rera, Azad Kashmir please get in contact. Saira is a teacher there and has five children and her in-laws all died in the earthquake. If you have any news please get in contact as we are very worried. Thank you.
Zara, Brentford, UK

My dear mother Mrs Sardar Yaqoob (who is a resident of Karachi) was in a village called Abbas Pur near Bagh, Azad Kashmir, teaching women as a volunteer when the quake hit the area. I have tried in vain all my resources to find her welfare. Three days have passed and no news. Can some one help me please with her whereabouts?
Zohra Imran Quraishi, Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

Things are very bad indeed. Here in Lahore, lots of people from Kashmir are trying to contact loved ones but all the communication systems are down and roads are still not entirely open to ordinary traffic yet - so there is a lot of tense and anxious expectation. Perhaps, if anyone from the UK is going to Pakistani Kashmir or if the BBC could manage it, messages of concern could be relayed to dear ones? I would be grateful for any news of Mansoor Ahmad Ababsi, Lecturer at the Azad Kashmir University, and his family members, we've been trying to contact them to no avail at all. The Kashmir Helpline set up by the Pakistani Govt merely refers one to the Police Control centre in Muzaffarabad, and you cant get through to them in any case. There are hundreds of Kashmiris in Lahore who are languishing in their sorrow and cant get home or get in touch with families and dear ones. A real nightmarish, dismal scenario.
Omer Salim-Khan, Lahore, Pakistan

Any news of Pearl Valley schools Rawalakot? A friend and former colleague doing VSO work at the institute there.
Janice Garrett, Bedford UK

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