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Nobel Peace Prize 2005: Your views
Mohamed ElBaradei
What is your reaction to Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA winning the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize?

The IAEA and its director Mohamed ElBaradei have been announced the joint winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

From a record number of 199 candidates the two were awarded the annual international prize for their efforts to limit the spread of atomic weapons.

The prize, which is worth $1.29 million (725,000), will be presented in Oslo in December.

Who do you think should have won the award? How does the Nobel Peace Prize contribute to world peace?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

This topic was suggested by S, UK
Does Dr Mohamed ElBaradei deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Isn't he being awarded this just for doing his job? Which by the way doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop the spread of weapons.
Mike, New York, USA

A deserved recipient. One the two greatest threats to existence is nuclear weapons. And this is a man who is doing something about it.
Meredoc, Brighton, UK

This is a very uninspiring choice. Even though I appreciate the usefulness of the IAEA 's work, I do not see the point of awarding the prize to an official organisation that is simply doing its job well. That is even more true in the case of the individual who happens by chance to be at its head at the time the prize is awarded.
F. Guesdon, Sheffield, UK

It is always a difficult choice. But Dr Baradei did his best in the run up to the war in Iraq. Maybe Dr Blix should also be part of this award.
Robert, Stockholm, Sweden

I can't understand what he's won the prize for. He has an important job, certainly, but he's not a figure that I consider to have made any significant personal contribution to the cause of peace. I suspect that there's a considerable amount of in-crowd backslapping involved in this decision.
Jamie Shepherd, UK

He has done nothing for peace. Proliferation of nuclear weapons is marching full steam ahead as he stares wide eyed and frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Typical of a UN body. Talk a lot but do nothing.
Todd, Virginia, USA

The award is slowly becoming nothing more than a publicity tool
Feroz Khan, Dubai, U.A.E.
The work of ElBaradei and the IAEA cannot even remotely compare to what has been done in the past by people like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa or Amnesty International. The award is slowly becoming nothing more than a publicity tool. I do hope that the more deserving other nominees do not give up their tireless efforts to spread the message of peace.
Feroz Khan, Dubai, U.A.E.

This is an excellent choice. The IAEA's work is very probably the most significant effort going on anywhere in the promotion of peace across the planet. Whilst those who protest that organisations aiding victims of various natural disasters are very worthy of commendation, they are not promoting 'peace', in this context.
Mike Green, Yorkshire Dales, UK

The prize has become a political device. It has no meaning whatsoever. Personally I believe someone like the late Robin Cook deserved the prize because he stood against the war in Iraq and without that war the world would have been much more peaceful place.
Mohammad G, London, UK

The choice of a UN body merely doing its job is a sign of desperation. The IAEA does not deserve such an esteemed reward but if the other 198 candidates didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize then what hope does peace have?
Martin, England

I would have made it a joint prize and included Hans Blix.
George Manya, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The IAEA does not bring peace any closer by promoting nuclear energy. A push on sustainable energy sources instead would be a real contribution to peace.
Rianne, Amsterdam, NL

I truly believe that Mohamed ElBaradei deserves the prize. We should all remember his role with Hans Blix in Iraq before the US invasion. This man works on two missions at the very same time; to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes, and help peacekeeping missions. It is noteworthy that this man was a target of US investigation and they intruded his privacy even with his family. ElBaradei fully deserves the prize. If not for his efforts, then for all what he suffered in his position.
Ahmed Gamal, Cairo, Egypt

ElBaradei must have a tough job and personally I'm glad he got the Nobel Prize
Emily, Oxford, UK
I woke up this morning to hear that Bob Geldof or Bono may have got it. I'm glad they didn't because all they've done is highlight the conflicts and other problems like Aids to people in the West. In contrast I think those working for nuclear watchdogs, and in particular the IAEA, have a very direct role in preventing nuclear attacks. ElBaradei must have a tough job and personally I'm glad he got the Nobel Prize - he deserves it.
Emily, Oxford, UK

Nuclear proliferation is the greatest threat to peace today so the IAEA deserves to win. To those complaining about the IAEA's work on the grounds of 'legitimate rights to nuclear power', remember this: if the IAEA did not do their valuable work, other Western nations will, probably using air strikes against nuclear facilities.
Sebastian, London, England

They should have focused on organizations who have done great jobs for the Katrina and Tsunami victims.
Shashikanth, London, UK

Although I really appreciate the works of ElBaradei, I don't think he and his organization deserve the prize; or I may not understand the essence and meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize.
Abiel, Asmara, Eritrea

Bono And Bob Geldof deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their unselfish effort to make poverty history not only in Africa but around the world.
Trevor Goforth, Stratford, Canada

It is really disappointing. I really do not feel that Dr Mohamed ElBaradei has done enough to get the prize. There were more deserving candidates in the fray, especially those who have worked tirelessly for the Tsumani victims. They did a tremendous job , without much backing from of govt. agencies and not to mention the inertia of UN in this matter.
Raghavendra, India

The original ideals and values associated with the Nobel Peace Prize have been forgotten
Hassan Amidhozour, Tehran, Iran
I am disturbed that ElBaradei won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is just a diplomat without an agenda. It seems that the Nobel Prize has no meaning. I certainly don't think the IAEA deserves it. This goes to show that the original ideals and values associated with the Nobel Peace Prize have been forgotten.
Hassan Amidhozour, Tehran, Iran

I am pleased he won, ElBaradei is a very worthy winner, and the IAEA can be stronger if supported by super powers. It is for this reason I felt they are very worthy winners because they did not get influenced by politics. However I would have given this prize to peace activists and journalists who paid the ultimate price with their lives trying to serve peace, to name one the 23 year old American Rachel Kourri and the British young man who was shot in Gaza. I am sure there many more around the world and a prize needs to be given in their honour.
Ahmad Hmoud, Jordan/Swindon

The IAEA does an excellent and very complicated job, especially in the old soviet republics. So this is well deserved. But itself it cannot hope to limit the spread of atomic weapons. That depends, at the end of the day, on pre-emptive military action. It is, sadly, only the threat of force that has limited the nuclear programs of Libya, and so far, Iran.
Dave Bannen, Oxford

Congratulations Egypt. Here in Egypt, we all are happy for winning the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize by Mr ElBaradei and IAEA. It's a victory for all human beings, a victory for peace. But our happiness in Egypt is because Mr M ElBaradei is the fourth Egyptian to win a Nobel Prize, after Anwar Sadat, Naguib Mahfouz and Ahmed Zowil.
Mohamed Ali A, Cairo, Egypt

This prize should inspire the world to realize these weapons aren't worth it
Joshua, Havelock, NC USA
This is a great choice. As someone who is against the use of nuclear weapons, this prize should inspire the world to realize these weapons aren't worth it.
Joshua, Havelock, NC USA

This is a wonderful choice and a fitting tribute to a very decent and hard-working professional. He has been in the forefront in efforts to limit nuclear weapons and has bent himself backwards to be fair and ensure that countries were not cheating on nuclear proliferation. This has been a highly onerous task but ElBaradei has shown his real resilience and ability to run the nuclear watchdog with such aplomb.
Pancha Chandra, Brussels, Belgium

Another mindless prize to get the focus on Iranian nuclear activities. They have not achieved anything in their charter and countries like India, Pakistan and Israel are doing fine without any input from them.
Ibnul Haque, London, England

Mohamed ElBaradei has got the motivation and now he has the encouragement to go forth and find the WMD and he will. Enthusiasm works best and lifts the moral.
Firozali A Mulla, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

This award recognises the efforts and contributions of Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA. It confirms that there is only one agency sanctioned by humanity to monitor nuclear weapons. This task is not about religion, nationality, colour or political beliefs, and by awarding it, the Nobel committee acknowledges this. Good for them.
H K Gadhia, Copenhagen, Denmark

People like Bono and Sir Bob Geldof deserves the Nobel Prize more
Allen Aramide, Warsaw, Poland
IAEA activities are rather political and serve the interests of particular groups. People like Bono and Sir Bob Geldof deserves the Nobel Prize more.
Allen Aramide, Warsaw, Poland

And to think George W Bush actually tried to get rid of him. Surely the IAEA and its leader Mohamed ElBaradei are the most worthy recipients for such an award. They are doing hugely important work for the benefit of all mankind. That deserves solid recognition.
Richard, Dubai, UAE

How disappointing to see such a worthwhile prize being awarded to an agency and its head when they both have failed to address the West's desire to develop nuclear technology both at military and civilian level whilst at the same time denying other nations the same rights. The agency and its head should do the right thing and refuse the award so as to protect the integrity of the previous winners and ensure the integrity of future candidates.
Peyman, Glasgow

I think it's an absolute travesty comparable to giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat. Since his appointment to head the IAEA we have seen North Korea abandon the 1994 agreed framework and have watched Iran's nuclear weapons projects speed along with little hindrance from the IAEA.
Zach Smith, Bloomington, IN USA

They should have called it the "look the other way award". The IAEA has failed in North Korea, has failed in Iran, has failed in India and Pakistan, former Soviet states can't control stocks and technology. Very strange that the Nobel committee have confused Nuclear proliferation with peace.
A Green, Amsterdam, Holland

The IAEA has a hard job in the current climate
Pauline, Suffolk
The IAEA has a hard job in the current climate. Recognition that they are working towards stability with regards nuclear resources is obviously an issue of peace. Well done.
Pauline, Suffolk

ElBaradei is little more than a pencil pusher at an organisation which carries out weapon's inspections. It is very hard to see what he, personally, or his agency has done to actually promote peace. It's a ludicrous award, but then again, this is the same panel of geniuses who recognised Yasser Arafat's contribution to world peace. Perhaps next year they can give it to Saddam Hussein or Ghaddaffi.
Mike, London, UK

There were number of great Nobel Peace Prizes winners such as former South African president Nelson Mandela but in recent years the prize is more political than real reorganisation of a peace activist. I do not think Dr Mohamed ElBaradei or IAEA deserve the prize. If he has managed to stop the war on Iraq, then it is more appropriate but he and his organisation have failed on this issue and resulting hundred of death everyday.

The determination of the developed nations to enforce non-proliferation is itself going to lead us to world war. Our governments are already preparing us for an invasion of Iran.
Neil Hoskins, Aylesbury, UK



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