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Fossett's new record: Your reaction
Steve Fossett
US adventurer Steve Fossett has completed the first ever solo, non-stop flight around the globe.

There had been speculation that the 60-year-old millionaire might have to land the GlobalFlyer craft because of an unexplained loss of fuel.

Mr Fossett left Kansas on Tuesday.

What do you think of the achievement? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance we received:

This is a team achievement and most of those who really made this possible will never have their pictures on a web site
Michael, California, USA
I am an aviation enthusiast and follow it closely. The most amazing thing to me is that Fossett was able to stay awake as much as he did. With today's technologies and computers, there was little chance that the plane would fail. Jet engines rarely fail, and the plane was computer designed and had flown "virtually" many times before it left the ground. This achievement is a great credit to the many people who have advanced aviation technology. Fossett's role was only of pilot, which today is being automated into a secondary role. This trend redefines what human achievement means. This is a team achievement and most of those who really made this possible will never have their pictures on a web site. I salute them!
Michael, California, USA

Bravo Mr Fossett! It's too bad those that have a negative view don't understand and appreciate the technological advancements made by such a feat. Technology advances at a faster rate with the efforts of Mr Fossett and those like him. I hope he continues with yet another adventure for us all to marvel..! Cheers & Best of Luck!
Pete, California, US

Burt Rutan is our hometown boy. Some compare his brain to Leonardo da Vinci's and others call him a crazed genius. His composite built planes and spacecraft are the wave of the reluctant future. As he said, the wing of global flyer was one solid piece and if made by Boeing would consist of many of small, heavier parts. It was also thrilling to know that four Salina students worked at mission control. Burt loves to work with young minds that are not yet in the box.
Win Campbell, Dinuba, USA

Without great adventurers like Steve the world would be a poorer place. His flight was engineering poetry and show us how much we can achieve if we really try in all fields of human endeavour. Well done.
Rick Hough, Knutsford, Cheshire, UK

Is Steve Fossett the new 21st century Howard Hughes?
Froilan Gomes, Auckland, NZ
Hey is Steve Fossett the new 21st century Howard Hughes? if he gets into movie production, we soon might be finding a movie based on him. Oh, and by the way, congratulations on him making a world record. Good to hear some good and interesting news once in a while compared to what's going on in the world right now.
Froilan Gomes, Auckland, NZ

It is short-sighted to dismiss this achievement as a waste of time. The technical innovations made may someday be used in everyday things, such as more cost-efficient vehicles. Good job, Steve.
Gabby, Makati, Philippines

Amazing grit! What an inspiration! Mr Fossett merits wholehearted gratitude from all for holding up the brighter side of the world amidst all the depressing cacophony. I pity those who can manage to see this adventure in a negative light.
SS Natarajan, Delhi, India

The skies are his heaven - deservedly so.
Friedrich Gollner, ex-Luftwaffe pilot, Graz, Austria

Amazing achievement, but gives the impression of exhibitionism. What was it for at all? I think nowadays there could have been many ways to spend an awful lot of money for good.
Mary McCannon, Budapest, Hungary

One tends to get rather bored with the constant whinge of, 'It would have been better if he had given the money to charityż. If this is the case why do anything? Why buy a car? Why buy a house? Crikey, I bought a DVD yesterday! Should I be wracked with guilt? I'm sure Steve gives to charity and usually the research and development done to reach these human and technical achievements will have positive knock-on effects for all mankind.
Christian Roussel, Great Britain

This is an outstanding achievement
Adrian, London, UK
To those who made comments stating the money spent on this should have been given to worthy causes - we must as a human race be allowed the chance to explore our limits and remember that there is more to life than dwelling on suffering 24x7. This is an outstanding achievement, with or without the technology. I am sure that Steve and Richard do more good than the rest of us put together financially to help those in need worldwide. They are perfectly entitled to spend some of their wealth on pursuing their dreams.
Adrian, London, UK

A great achievement and all that were involved are to be congratulated. A lot of science and engineering and skill went into providing safety for the pilot and design and construction of the aircraft.
Olen Eyer, Jacksonville USA

Inspirational team and individual achievement which continues to push the technology limits. Great job Steve et al. Technology advancement generates wealth and saves the environment. This improves the overall total well-being of inhabitants on this planet.
Chris, Geneva Switzerland

I can't believe all the people who are running him down for this just because he's rich. Presumably if he just sat quietly on a yacht in the Med. he wouldn't attract your ire? Or if he'd scrimped, saved, begged and pleaded for sponsorship in order to spend the same amount of money doing the same thing, would that somehow be less of a "waste"? We have no idea what else he does with his money so well done to him, I say.
H W Smith, Stockport, UK

A fantastic achievement-the last great remaining goal in aviation has been met! If more people cared about human adventure and achievements like this, and things like world land/water speed records, we'd all be a more adventurous bunch. However, people don't seem to care about anything anymore, proving just how cynical we have all become. I think that in terms of adventurous spirit, mankind is moving backwards, not forwards, with no thanks to the bitter, dull and jealous nay-sayers that have commented here. Brilliant, Steve!
Mike Bull, South Wales, UK

A fantastic achievement along side Ellen's solo circumnavigation at sea level. Were it not for these adventurers, we'd all probably still be herding cattle.
Mike Lawrence, Derby, UK

This is more an engineering achievement then anything else. Fossett took the bird around the world but compared to what some test pilots have to endure this was a walk in the park. For him to call himself an "ultimate" test pilot has ruined the sense of achievement. A lack of respect for the rest of the community.
Kelvin, Loughborough

He is such an inspiring person for young dreamers like me in the world. This makes me respect technology and high human values.
Suresh Gejji, Bangalore, India

The best reality show on TV or the internet!
Jon Williams, Canada

Hearty congratulations to Steve Fossett and his team on your magnificent achievement. The best reality show on TV or the internet! Well done.
Jon Williams, Montreal, Canada

This is absolutely great! As a pilot of one of Mr Rutan's designs I cannot help but share in the excitement of this unmatched accomplishment !, it would be interesting to hear of what accomplishments the nay-Sayers have logged.
Dan Ledbetter, Waxahachie, USA

I hope I can still do amazing things like this when I'm 60-years-old. Even if it is a bit pointless, it looks like damn good fun and we all need a bit of that in our life, don't we?
Mala Shah, Shipley, UK

This isn't money wasted. Virgin is the sponsor, not Fossett. Sponsorship is just another word for advertising. I am sure Virgin spends all this money in the full expectation that they will get it all back, and more, in some way.
Mike Lee, Batu Caves, Malaysia

This world needs heroes, and Steve is one of mine, along with his friend Richard Branson
Steve Hodkin, Manchester

Can we remove all the negative comments? This world needs heroes, and Steve is one of mine, along with his friend Richard Branson. This is a great achievement both in terms of technology (which will benefit the world, in spite of those who think nothing was achieved), and in terms of physical effort and skill. Thank you from all of us with dreams and vision!
Steve Hodkin, Manchester, UK

Congratulations Steve Fossett. He has again proven that man can do just about anything -with adequate funding.
Oscar, Buenos Aires

Inane, stupid and pointless. What will his vanity drive him to next in a world of hunger?
Owen McGowan, United States

To those who complain that he should have spent it on charity, life is more than just giving away but inspiring and building. You might as well criticize Edison on spending so much inventing the electric light when he could have been giving away food. Life is full of ways to give, not just by giving things.
Alex, Rockville, USA

There are still challenges left in this world
Russ Black, USA
This flight has proven that there are still challenges left in this world. Thank God!
Russ Black, USA

Although I think this is a great achievement, don't you have to cross the equator twice for the record to count as around the world?
Andrew, London, UK

Fantastic!! Why should he (and Richard) give their hard earned money to charity? Perhaps we should ask all the overpaid footballers, who achieve nothing, to give their money to charity instead.
David , London

Great feat. He did spend the money to help others. First he paid someone to build the plane who in turn brought the materials from some source who paid their employees who in turn spent the money to feed and clothe their families. All along the line taxes were being paid to the government which in turn gave money to the poor in the form of welfare entitlements, student grants etc.
Frank, Baltimore USA

Technology really does just keep on marching on
James, Vancouver, Canada
I remember watching the first non-stop flight around the globe on Newsround and even then it seemed beyond belief. The fact that it can now be done solo, non-stop, with a turbo-fan engine is just amazing. Technology really does just keep on marching on. How soon before someone attempts to do it non-stop, solo, no refuelling at supersonic speeds? It is only a matter of time.
James, Vancouver, Canada

I am disappointed by all the people who don't have anything positive to say about this outstanding achievement of technology. May this lead towards future developments in aviation design and economy. Well done!
Craig, Sheffield

Wow! I used to watch footage of Chuck Yeager breaking Mach 1 for the first time and be blown away by the courage it took. I thought that every aeronautical achievement had already been done though and that those with "the right stuff" were long gone. Congratulations to Mr Fossett for proving me wrong!
Peter, Nottingham

A positive step towards designing a fuel-efficient aircraft that helps to cut down on the harmful emissions
Bob Marshall, Edinburgh, Scotland
Not only an outstanding achievement, but a positive step towards designing a fuel-efficient aircraft that helps to cut down on the harmful emissions that contribute to global warming. Commercial aircraft manufacturers and airlines should take note of this.
Bob Marshall, Edinburgh, Scotland

A great, great achievement by an extraordinary man, but more than this, a true testimonial of the intrinsic intellectual greatness of man.
Alex Crotta, Montalto, Dora, Italy

Any pilot can fly a plane but not many pilots have dreams to go higher. As a kid I've always wanted to be a space pilot , now I'm just envious and in awe of those who are fortunate to go that far. Anyhow makes me proud that people like Branson and pioneers such as Rutan and Fossett exist, a great team effort.
Pablo, Queensland, Australia

Wow! For me surviving for 3 days on nothing but milkshake and no sleep is amazing enough - but adding that to his fantastic feat - congratulations to the whole team!
Emily, Montpellier, France

It ranks with Ellen McArthur's recent achievement
Robert White, Glasgow, Scotland
Brilliant! True pioneering. And Burt Rutan and Richard Branson deserve equal recognition for their courage and vision in supporting this outstanding exploit. It ranks with Ellen McArthur's recent achievement and shows that the indomitable human spirit lives and thrives. It is especially significant to me as 60-year-old Fossett completed his adventure on the actual day of my own 65th birthday. He inspires me.
Robert White, Glasgow, Scotland

An outstanding achievement. Testament to the pioneering spirit of humankind. Would any of those who chalk this achievement up to technology care to climb into that frail craft, and try to repeat this?
Capt Adam Hudson, Tallahassee, FL, USA

And? Give me a few million and idle time, and I'll do the same. Use your money for some greater good, and I'll respond differently.
D Ross, Chicago, USA

Amazing. Congratulations. Thanks for making us dream again.
Emerson Herrera, Caracas, Venezuela

Can't help thinking, couldn't any pilot do the same, given a plane like that?
Pepe, Sidmouth, Devon

Steve is a real trail-blazer in a chosen area of expertise
Ska, Allison Park, PA
Brilliant achievement. To all the pooh-poohers out there, Steve is a real trail-blazer in a chosen area of expertise. Just because he is a millionaire doesn't necessarily mean that he has to exchange "deeds" with, say, someone like Mother Teresa.
Ska, Allison Park, PA

I would've been more impressed if all the money he spent on his attempts had been donated to some kind of charity.
David, Los Angeles, USA

I commend anyone that follows their dreams. He followed his, congratulations and all your team. Well done!
Barbara, New York City, USA

Why on earth do people allow their jealousy to cloud this achievement? The man has completed a challenge that nobody else in the world has ever managed - well done, I say. And we don't know what else he does with his money "to help others".
Paul, Southampton UK

Thank for showing us that we can still dream. Good job and by the way, what is the next one?
Guillaume, Paris, France

A monument to man. Congratulations to the whole team and especially Steve.
James Beardsley, Tucson, USA

I believe this to be a great achievement and one that should not be dismissed lightly
Ross, Texas, USA

I believe this to be a great achievement and one that should not be dismissed lightly. As for those who complain that the money spent could have been used to help others, short-sightedness and cynicism does not allow others to see that great achievements such as this has allowed for greater improvement in everyday life. Well done Mr Fossett.
Ross, Texas, USA

I think it's an amazing, watershed event. Amazing because it was a solo event that wouldn't have been possible without a team of people supporting! Watershed because it gives anyone hope that anything is possible.
Ron Forbes, Riverside, CA, USA

This is probably the most exciting thing to happen in Kansas since the filming of The Wizard of Oz in 1939!
Jennifer, Lenexa, KS, USA

Being brought up in a pilots home (Dad) you can't imagine the joy I have for these remarkable feats. It is absolutely thrilling.
Scott Wickham, Chandler, AZ

A self-serving, ego-driven waste of money.
Jose, Huntington, NY, USA

As an aviator, I have to admire Mr Fossett's accomplishment. At the same time I read that his cockpit allowed for him to stretch out and lay down. This leads me to think that his aeroplane perhaps has autopilot capability, at least to some extant. In other words, is this a great accomplishment for Mr Fossett or for his expensive piece of technology? Has he flown the plane and not slept a wink since Tuesday?
Adam Urban, Grzawa, Poland

Truly remarkable and inspirational achievement. Congratulations!
Bo Lutoslawski, Cambridge, London

An example that having money is never enough
Hugo Escobar, Colombia

Congrats! Once again an example that having money is never enough. A human being always wants something more fame and/or power.
Hugo Escobar, Colombia

It's an achievement, but more so for the designer(s) than the pilot.
Perry, Portland, Oregon, USA

Perhaps he and Dame Ellen MacArthur can meet up and discuss their wondrous achievements for mankind. The world is truly a better place since they reached their personal goals.
Roy, London, UK

Seeing the way Steve stopped the aircraft dead centre of the runway illustrated the sheer commitment, precision, skill and dedication to this amazing feat by him and everyone involved. He deserves his place in history.
John Elliott, York, UK

I think it's great. There is still a place for adventurers these days and it gives us all a sense of wonder and excitement about science, technology and human endeavour. Good on you Steve (and Sir Richard).
Mark Kaye, Melbourne, Australia

With all the problems we face in the world today, is spending millions to flying around it such an accomplishment?
Julien, Montreal, Canada

Fabulous! A real advance for technology and perseverance. Can't wait to read the book!
Mike, Blackpool, UK

Uplifting! Congratulations to Mr Fossett. Some good news for once!
Mary Phillips, Port Perry, Canada

This is not only an achievement for Mr Fossett, it's an achievement for older Americans and for the innovation of Burt Rutan. Let's face it, when we see Rutan's craft go into space or fly around the world non-stop, it really underlines what plodding, unimaginative bureaucracies Nasa, Boeing, and Airbus have become.
Brad, Salt Lake City, Utah

I would have been proud to have been involved
Greg, Portland, USA

He may not have cured cancer or saved rainforest acreage, but that does not diminish any of the excitement of the feat. These days, it seems that everything has been done and discovered, but Mr Fossett has yet again proved that incorrect. He is a true pioneer. I would have been proud to have been involved.
Greg, Portland, OR, USA

Thank God there are still people in this world with the sense of adventure and the passion to drive us onwards and upwards as we continue our technological evolution. This man deserves a knighthood.
Clark, San Jose, CA, USA

Gee... I wonder how many children could have been fed for the cost of this achievement?
Paladin, Tonopah, NV, USA

I continue to be amazed at the marvellous machines made by those at Scaled composites. Sir Richard Branson is to be commended; he has bankrolled a new wave of aeronautical achievement. I've not been so excited since John Glenn made his first earth orbit.
Graham, Atlanta, GA, USA

This is similar to climbing Mt Everest, it achieves nothing!
Srini, VA, USA

It's encouraging to see that the spirit of discovering new things and further reaching new levels of our scientific potential has not been lost.
Carl Riemer, Davis, California, US

Good one Steve! One for us seniors!
Gerry Nolan, Sydney, Australia

Tremendous achievement. Well done Steve and team.
David Moore, Berkhamsted, UK

Wow! The gas mileage on that plane must be amazing! Seriously though, this record is amazing and should be used towards research that will better improve flying and its impact on the world's environment, rather than it be used towards improving the self image of certain persons and/or companies involved.
Miki, Canada

Despite the cheap shots, it's an amazing technical achievement: without pushing the limits, we'll never figure out how to improve things. Here we have an example of our ability to fly long distances incredibly efficiently, surely a good thing when we consider that fossil fuels are a finite resource (compare the MPG of this plane to any SUV...)
Brian, Vancouver, Canada

You had a dream and you never let it die
Tony Evangelous, Marlborough

You had a dream and you never let it die. You are an inspiration for all of us that have dreams.
Tony Evangelous, Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA

Congratulations Steve! You are a superb pilot. I also have to congratulate the Mission Control crew for which my brother Seth (an aviation student at Kansas State University) is participating. I hope you enjoy your success and I hope you get some sleep!
Levi Short, Gardner, Kansas, USA

Wow! Your achievement is staggering and has marked another point in aviation history, just 36 years since Concorde flew for the first time!
Ben Lord, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England

What an astounding feat. As someone obsessed with aviation, I am in awe of the GlobalFlyer aircraft and Steve Fossett. Awesome, just awesome!
Tony Hart, Exeter, England

What a complete waste of effort, time, and money. He could've given half the money he spent on this stunt to tsunami aide and flown commercial.
Tom McAllen, Knoxville, TN

In the spirit of Jules Verne's 80 days the world shrinks to 66 hours. With the world following a true adventurer on line!
Bill Brayely, Waverley, Nova Scotia

Phenomenal achievement. This is an amazing technical accomplishment. Mr Fossett's endurance feat is remarkable as well. My sincere congratulations go out to the entire GlobalFlyer team.
Paul Davis, Wayne, PA, USA

It's a great achievement. Hats off to Steve and his team. It proves again that if you have a will you will always have a way. Specially Steve in his sixties.
Saumen, New Jersey, USA

So what? An accomplishment, but a meaningless one. I would applaud Mr Fossett if he spent the money to help others.
Jeff, Eugene, OR, USA

This was apparently very important to him. Congratulations.
Chris, US

Steve, congrats on yet another aviation record. You're certainly setting the bar high enough for those who want to be an adventurer in the truest sense of the word.
Nick, Chicago, USA


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