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Ronnie Barker: Your tributes
Two Ronnies
British comedy legend Ronnie Barker has died at his home after a long illness.

This is the third page of your tributes.

Your tributes:

You simply do not get smart, witty comedy like that any longer
Graham Christie, Sydney, Australia
I've woken up to the sad news. What a loss, but what a career. Truly a funny and talented man, perhaps the best. I remember weekend nights as a kid, too young to go out, but old enough to get the most of the humour. The funniest for me was when Ronnie appeared as a spokesman for some charity or other. Not just great writing, but brilliantly delivered. You simply do not get smart, witty comedy like that any longer. I have a Two R's VHS with some classics. Must watch today, I'll laugh out loud again I'm sure. Thanks Ronnie.
Graham Christie, Sydney, Australia

Ronnie touched generations with his talent. Young or old, people loved him worldwide. He marks his place in the history books as one of the greatest. Ronnie, you won't be forgotten, and thank you for giving us laughter for so many years. It's goodnight from you and a 'peaceful' goodnight from us.
Sarah Leakey and John Churchill, Bristol, UK

I was brought up with Ronnie on a Saturday night, like Tommy Cooper, he has been sadly missed since he retired, now he will be even more missed, pure genius.
Terry, Morden, UK

Ronnie Barker, a modest comic genius who gave everyone joy and laughter in an unhappy world. We could watch your shows as a family, as it transcends generations. Our thoughts and condolences to your family and friends.
John, Watford

I always remember, as a child, sitting and watching The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours and Porridge with my father. My father passed away in 1995 but whenever I see Ronnie Barker performing one of his outstanding characters it always reminds me of those times as a child and seeing Ronnie put a laugh on my father's face. So, thank you Ronnie for giving me some wonderful memories and some great laughs to go with them.
Richard, Birmingham

Ronnie was part of my growing up and, although the phrase is over-used, he really was one of the greatest comedians ever. Norman Stanley Fletcher was one of the finest portrayals of a character in comedy history. God bless Ronnie Barker, he will be sorely missed.
Matthew Hadfield, Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK

The stars should shine brighter tonight, there is the biggest one amongst them now
Matthew Becker, Plymouth, Devon, UK
I am deeply saddened by the loss of Ronnie Barker. Like many of my generation I grew up with him and now hearing that he has gone feels like losing Santa Claus or the funny granddad that could always cheer you up when you're feeling down. The stars should shine brighter tonight, there is the biggest one amongst them now.
Matthew Becker, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Perhaps the best tribute we can all give to Ronnie Barker is how much we are looking forward to the repeats of his programs on TV.
Craig, Bradford

Ronnie was a comical genius and as I'm only 25 he made me laugh as a small child till my belly hurt and he was he only person that compelled me to watch UK Gold as I still do and will to appreciate and enjoy his work. He shall be dearly missed
Katy Gibson, Winchester

Ronnie gave us so much pleasure he will be sadly missed, stand him up with all the so called 'super stars' and he would shine the brightest.
Sonny, Bowral, Australia

It feels like losing part of one's childhood. Watching The Two Ronnies every Saturday night with my parents was special. The well-observed social situations, misunderstandings, running sketches were pure bliss. Those days seems utterly beyond us all now - that safety and unifying element to entertainment is something we don't have today and we are much worse off for it. Mr Barker was good at his profession because he worked hard at it and was dedicated. He was a class apart from all of today's so-called stars. His eyes twinkling made you feel safe. His comedy was not about ridicule or obscenity. That "Porridge" is still shown today is a testament to the man's abilities. That he was never knighted is a shame. When you have the likes of Mick Jagger getting one (who basically asked for it) and you have Ronnie, it shows that he was humble and a gentleman. We're all a lot poorer for his loss. I can only imagine what his family are going through. I hope more than four candles are lit tonight.
James Peet, Retford, Nottinghamshire

A great entertainer. He will be missed by everyone in the UK and around the world. He is the only all-round entertainer I would have liked to have met and shook him by the hand to say a big thank you for making me smile. Gold bless you Ronnie. You're simply the best.
Mr K Thomas

The Phantom Raspberry blower was my favourite
Audrey Dickson, Stroudsburg, Pa, USA
What sad news today, I remember growing up and watching The Two Ronnies every Saturday, what fun that was. My memories are fond and the Phantom Raspberry blower was my favourite. Condolences to the family and friends.
Audrey Dickson, Stroudsburg, Pa, USA

I was very privileged to have written one of the sketches for The Two Ronnies in the Frost show, but it was their talent that made the shows so tremendously successful. They also gave me personally such great inspiration to write comedy, as did Ernie Wise. Once again we have lost another of the great kings of comedy, but the laughter Ronnie created will always remain with all of us.
Don Green, Whitstable, UK

Death has no meaning for men such as Ronnie Barker. He will live on in the hearts of Norman Stanley Fletcher, Arkwright, Lord Rustless of Chrome Hall and the Man from the Ministry of Pispronunciation, and in all the other characters created by him - and of course in the hearts and minds of all those he entertained over the years, and who he will continue to entertain as youngsters grow up to repeats of his shows. Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Ronnie Barker. Immortals all. Goodnight, God bless, and Godspeed.
Dave, Manchester

Phantom raspberry blower, need I say more.
Neal Hopker, Swansea

The sheer number of tributes on this site is evidence of how much he was loved by the nation. He was able to do all styles of comedy, succeeded at virtually everything he turned his hand to and will be irreplaceable.
Peter Styles, Brighton

Ronnie Barker was virtually the same age as my father, who died early last year, also of heart problems. Ronnie Barker's death is so sad, but has brought back some great memories of my dad laughing till he cried while we watched The Two Ronnies. Who said TV killed conversation and family life? Shows like that spanned the generations and the times we sat together and watched them were a real joy that I remember very fondly.
Karen, New Malden, UK

We have lost an absolute genius in every sense of the word
John Stewart, Liverpool, UK
Such a sad day. When you see the absolute rubbish that is on TV today, all I can say is thank God for UKTV Gold, where we'll be able to see Ronnie for a lot more years to come. We have lost an absolute genius in every sense of the word. Good night, god bless Ronnie, the world would have been a duller place without you.
John Stewart, Liverpool, UK

Ronnie Barker was an exceptional comedian. His performances were consistently of the very highest standard. No matter what part he played, whether it was the accent, facial expression, it was all done extremely well indeed. Some of his most memorable sketches include the character he regularly played of a government official announcing some new and wacky scheme. Others that come to mind are, playing a Jamaican character with a thick West Indian accent and perfect mannerisms. His three silent films eg Futtocks End and The Picnic were exceptional. Truly an outstanding and irreplaceable genius. One of his lines that comes to mind at this time is the news item about President General Idi Amin of Uganda falling into a vat of peroxide - his condition was described as fair! Perhaps his greatest genius was the uncanny ability to play any part with a straight and serious face no matter how funny it was. A serious genius indeed. It's a fond goodbye to him!
Sajjad Khaliq, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my favourite English actor, rest in peace, Mr Barker
Paul Tudor, Tipton, West Midlands

It's very comforting to know that Barker's comedy will be repeated until the end of the world as we know it. Young people watch his Norman Stanley Fletcher or his Arkwright and simply understand it, despite the 30 years age gap. That humour descends from generation to generation like Laurel and Hardy or Chaplin. How could we complain of repeats when it's Barker's great comedy we can watch over and over again, never getting bored of it? The younger comics of today have much to learn from him, and it's so moving to see this raft of tributes, which he richly deserves. He will go down in history as one of our greatest comics. Rest in humour.
Jeff Noon, Essex

I shall light fork handles to his memory. Sorry four candles.
Steve, Bristol

The Morris Men musical skit was always a favourite
Sue, Essex, England
So sad to hear of Ronnie B's death. My family watched him week in week out on, Saturday nights, The Two Ronnies was avid viewing during the 70s. The Morris Men musical skit was always a favourite. But the best loved one for us was the Ironmongers sketch Fork Handles. My Dad ran a shop just like it and it still makes us laugh today. Priceless!
Sue, Essex, England

A very sad day, but the joy he brings will last forever.
S Peace, Tamworth, Staffs

Why mourn the death of a comical genius who I am sure would prefer us to celebrate his life. All generations would find him hilarious, how many comedians can say that.
Ricky Audain, Brighton

They were many classic moments in The Two Ronnies, like the village idiots, but the four candles (fork handles) is the best for any comedy duo, including Morecambe and Wise. I also love Porridge and Open all Hours. His memory will be ageless and never forgotten.
Neil Anderson, Wakefield, UK

I just want to say thank you to Ronnie for all the hours of entertainment he's given us. Even though I'm saddened by his death I can't help chuckling to myself when I recall some of my favourite sketches and TV programmes, in particular "loins" from Porridge. Classic!
David Calder, Watford, England

If I was asked to choose my top 5 comedy sketches the famous for(k) (c)andles piece would be right at the top! I remember David Jason referring to Ronnie as "the guvenor" - that he was, a superb actor, comedian and lets not forget writer too. What a sad day - rest in piece Ronnie.
Phil, Buckinghamshire

Those two Ronnies Saturday nights were brilliant. Will always remember that sketch in the hardware store. Brilliant!
Robert, Hampshire, England

Britain's number one favourite and clean comedians has left us and the country will never be the same again. He was the Master and the Boss. Whilst feeling extremely sad, I look forward to watching all his programmes being repeated time and again. May future generations enjoy his humour as much as we have. Could someone ask BBC America to show some of his classics rather that the ancient programmes currently being shown.
Dave Betts, Celebration, Florida

He will be sadly missed, but what a superb legacy to leave the world
Mark Ford, Worthing, West Sussex
Ronnie was nothing less than the Albert Einstein of comedy, he will be sadly missed, but what a superb legacy to leave the world.
Mark Ford, Worthing, West Sussex

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Ronnie Barker's family and know they must appreciate the high regard he was held in by all his many fans. From being frightened of the Phantom Raspberry Blower as a child, enjoying his books and poems particularly Phyllis Hooters Ball which I learned word for word at 14, to laughing out loud at Porridge and Open all Hours my memories of this brilliant man will live on. Thank you for sharing him with us. He will be sadly missed.
Sharon McCubbin, Carlisle, Cumbria

Ronnie Barker (who is, incidentally, the spitting image of my dad) always struck me as a kind, sensitive and thoughtful man. Not just a hilarious comic actor and writer, but a true gentleman who brought happiness to millions across the generations. Peace always and thank you, Ronnie.
Helen, York, England

Thank you so much Ronnie for all you have given us. I will miss you so very much.
Sarah Clarke, London, England

In a world obsessed with hyperbolic descriptions of those in the media limelight Ronnie Barker was a true comedy legend. The world is a funnier place for the impact that his work has had. F U N E X, S, V F X. F U N E M, S, V F M Classic!
Dan Archer, Manchester

A man who will be greatly missed for his fun loving clean attitude to life. R.I.P
Frans Merkx, Amsterdam

I remember going to my grandmothers every Friday for tea and watching the Two Ronnies. I loved The Worm That Turned.
Nicola Maher, South Norwood

We have lost such a formidable actor and comic genius
Dave Cleary, Dublin
It feels so terribly sad that we have lost such a formidable actor and comic genius. We are so lucky to have witnessed his huge talent over the years. He will be more than missed. My thoughts are with his family and his friends.
Mandy Humphrey, Horley, England

We laughed a lot and often, thanks Ronnie.
Dave Cleary, Dublin

To see the Two Ronnies on their last show together was truly one of the most emotional moments I have ever seen, for them and for us in the audience. I will never forget that moment when they said goodnight for the last time... His work will live on for generations to come. An amazing man. Gone, but certainly, not forgotten.
Jessie Shaw, London

One of the finest comedians that we have ever known. A master and a genius. Goodnight Ronnie, and god bless.
Sean McFadden, Newton Aycliffe, England

The joy and now the loss of Ronnie Barker is beyond measure. As a leading member of our acting profession he was an inspiration, always generous, always encouraging, always with a welcome greeting and a smile. A superb actor, a brilliant writer, a comic genius and a true gentleman. This is a very sad day for his family and for us all. He will be terribly missed.
Sara Kestelman, London, UK

Who can not like Fletch? My dad does, I do and my son does - that says it all.
Dave, Leeds

In the fine words of Ronnie "It's a goodnight from me" and from in the words from me "it's a goodnight from him"
Deborah Rafique, Staffordshire

A truly diverse and exceptional talent that had, no has, a genuine place in my heart
Nick, UK
I cannot be the only one that watches Porridge and Open all Hours with a touch of amazement that it is the same actor. A truly diverse and exceptional talent that had, no has, a genuine place in my heart. I will miss him, but continue to admire him.
Nick, UK

It's so hard to choose, but just to put another side of his skills. Even though his razor sharp wordplay was an utter joy, one of the funniest things I ever saw was Futtocks End. As a teenager I remember watching with my stomach doubled in laughter and tears running down my face. And that for a programme with not a word spoken for 30 minutes. A great talent gone, bless you.
Stephen Watson, Brighton, UK

A Legend. Period. What more can you say.
Cairon Pearson, Liphook

Such an inspiration, touched so many peoples lives, a genius, God bless him a man who will never be forgotten.
Cheryl Bosworth, Nuneaton, England

Everything that one looks for in British comedy was given by Ronnie Barker. A legend who brought happiness to millions of people.
Max Patrick, Italy

I grew up watching The Two Ronnies with my family on a Saturday night. Later I was allowed to watch repeats of the Porridge series. The fact that the BBC still uses Porridge to fill gaps in the schedule after programs are cancelled just proves how timeless Ronnie Barkers comedy is. We should all light "forkandles" in his memory.
Paul Dunstan, Doncaster

My deepest sympathy to his family. He was absolute magic and a legend in his own lifetime. I loved everything he did. My favourite sketch was the hieroglyphics.
Shiela Wallas, Hampshire, UK

Chuckles aplenty upstairs now then?
Steve Anscombe, Portsmouth, UK
The label of genius is often attached where it should not be. It is well deserved here - Ronnie Barker was a comic genius. We are fortunate that his legacy is comprehensive. As a writer and performer, he excelled. All the best Ron. Chuckles aplenty upstairs now then?
Steve Anscombe, Portsmouth, UK

Ronnie Barker was an absolute legend. One of the funniest guys in BBC comedy history.
Charlie Oliver, Edinburgh, UK

A very sad day for a very funny man. Shame on the governments who failed to recognise a comic genius and honour him with a knighthood.
Tony, Cowplain

A sad loss of an irreplaceable talent and a highly respected star, he will shine on forever in the memories of many.
John, Devon

I remember watching The Two Ronnies and Porridge when they were first transmitted. Recently, I have had the good fortune to enjoy the repeats with my children, who enjoyed them as much as I did. They especially enjoyed the Mastermind sketch. Thanks Ronnie and God bless to all your family and friends.
Chris Pashley, Portsmouth, UK

What a treasure we have lost. A talented man the likes of whom we shall probably never see again. His work is a shining example of how to make people laugh without resorting to four letter words. A sad day indeed.
Michelle Hough, Telford, England

Thanks, Ronnie, for giving us so much pleasure and laughs. Your comedy will live on, you may "rest in peace" assured.
Mike Steventon, Chichester, UK

What a great man! I grew up watching him in so many shows and every last one - a winner! He has brought so much laughter into people's lives. My family used to rush to get things done so we could all sit and watch him, no matter which show it was. Ronnie Barker will be (and has been) sadly missed but what a legacy he has left behind. Ageless comedy that younger generations can enjoy. The end of an era and everlasting memories.
Linda Joseph, Cwmbran, UK

For years he entertained me and my parents and even last year brought the old magic back to the screens. Although a great loss I can only assume he had a wonderful life.
Jason Southern, Manchester

He made our Saturday nights with the folks in front of the TV so special
Gavin McGurk, Dunfermline, Fife
We have lost a comic genius, and a proper gentleman. He made our Saturday nights with the folks in front of the TV so special. A legend indeed. I'll bet Fletch and Godber have got them splitting their sides in comedy heaven already! God bless you Ronnie!
Gavin McGurk, Dunfermline, Fife

Quite simply, the finest comedian to have graced our TV screens - Ronnie Barker - a genius - will be sorely missed.
Chris Horton, St Albans, Hertfordshire

He was hugely popular and greatly loved for the simple reason that he made everybody laugh but never using cruelty or ridicule - he influenced the sense of humour of entire generations and his legacy lives on today. I wish I could have met him he is one of my heros
Fiona Clarke, Tyne and Wear

Pure genius. What more can one say? RIP Fletch
Adie, Cheltenham

The world is a sadder place without the comic genius of Ronnie Barker. He has made generations laugh with his superb portrayals of various characters. A very modest man, what a difference form the so called "Stars" of today They could not hold one candle for him let alone four. He will be sorely missed.
Brian Waters, Lightwater Surrey

We grew up watching and laughing at Ronnie Barker. The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours are some of our favourite programmes. I feel like I've lost a loved grandfather figure - he was a true gem and leaves a great hole. Will be sadly missed
Miranda, Guildford, UK

He was brilliant, I think the "fork handles" sketch is my favourite, simple but so funny,cevery time I see it I laugh out loud. There doesn't seem to be much to laugh at these days, but he would always cheer me up. Goodnight from me.
Jennifer, Edinburgh,Scotland

There will never, ever, be another Ronnie Barker. I always have and always will love and laugh out loud to all of Ronnie's characters. His stand-out moment for me is Ronnie as Cleo Lane, but all his comic characters are just genius and I hope his programmes will continue to run and run. Ronnie will be so greatly missed.
Samantha, Bristol, UK

So unique, so talented and most of all so funny
Rob, Wales
A screen gem...so unique, so talented and most of all so funny.His memory will be around for a very long time.
Rob, Wales

Ronnie Barker was my favourite comedian - a comedy genius and so modest. I have great memories of watching The Two Ronnies which was a family favourite and his comedy is both very clever and "fall-off the sofa-laughing" funny. I also loved Porridge and Open All Hours. I am very saddened by his death and wish I could have met him to thank him for all the laughter he has given me. It is a sad day for British comedy but he leaves behind so much laughter for so many to still enjoy.
Pam Ashing, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ronnie Barker was simply a true gentleman. He was brilliant in his field and must have made so many people smile. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Rest in peace Ronnie.
Chris Goodchild, Wakefield Gt Britain

Death of a legend. Ronnie Barker was a welcome guest in so many homes via our televisions and as a nation we will feel that we've lost a real friend, like a favourite uncle. That's how I feel. He leaves a wonderful legacy of laughter and brilliant performances and writing. I used to love the witty songs he and Ronnie Corbett used to sing as well as his outstanding characterisation in 'Porridge'. My condolences to his family, fiends and collagues, and all who mourn him.
Chris H, Portsmouth

Ronnie, Well it really is Good night from you. God Bless and thank you for making me laugh from the appearing in The Frost Programme to the Best of the Two Ronnies. You were so convincing in all you roles I wish you Love and Peace.
Geoff Saunders, Bracknell, UK

I remember Christmas with the Two Ronnies on the TV. All the family from my Gran (who was about 70) to me (about 10) laughed at every sketch - each generation finding something to laugh at whilst no-one was offended. I doubt I'll see the like again.
John Chambers, Nottingham

A Great British Treasure
Imogen Overli, London, UK
Ronnie Barker. Hugely important part of my childhood: we always watched 'The Two Ronnies' together as a family. All of us laughed uproariously with our father at the sketches, although often we kids didn't understand the humour. RB always seemed to be a modest and principled man, and really a Great British Treasure.
Imogen Overli, London, UK

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Ronnie Barker's passing. His comedy of the 1970s and 80s was the last true natural comedy of our time. Everything these days is all about sarcasm and picking on the little guy. Ronnie Barker was a genius then as he still is now in our hearts. Goodnight Mr Barker.
Patrick Bennett, Canberra, Australia

And it's good night from him. Thanks Ronnie, it feels like a favourite uncle, the one with the fast wit and the twinkle in his eye has gone. You will be sorely missed.
Davy, Melbourne, Australia

What a wonderful man a real joy to have laughed with. God bless him xxxx
Angela Allen, Ossett , West Yorkshire

Ronnie Barker was a very funny and clever man.I only have great memories of all his many faces.
Margot Parker, Kettering UK

Simply, a comedy genius. He'll have St.Peter rolling in the aisles. Rest in Peace RB.
Barry, Seaford

Fork handles forever
Gary Lake, Felixstowe, Suffolk
I remember watching The Two Ronnies from the age of nine in 1972 and growing up with classic comedy clips from the shows.When messrs Barker and Corbett revisited this format earlier this year it was the best thing on TV. Always made my cry with laughter and will never be forgotten. We have lost another great in the world of comedy. Fork handles forever
Gary Lake, Felixstowe, Suffolk

I am too sad for words... To me he was my greatest influence, a legend. 'Open All Hours' was to me comic genius, his ability to 'own' any character he wished to portray. This is a sad, sad day for British comedy. My love and respect goes out to his family. He will be greatly missed by all.
Mark Iddon, London

Ross, Thaxted Essex

I'm sure everyone who watched Ronnie will miss him. I watch one whole series of Porridge every day. He was a great comedian, his jokes will always stay with us. It feels like we lost a member of the family. Rest In Peace.
Tj, London

What a sad demise, he was the Bard of Comedy
Ron, St Annes

I grew up watching the Two Ronnies, and even at a very early age found the comedy sketches very amusing. Ronnie probably was the finest comedy actor of all time, and will be sorely missed.
Wayne , Milton Keynes, England

My father introduced me to Porridge telling me it was the work of a comic genius. He was not wrong. I in turn will show my two children what a clever witty and wonderfully warm man Ronnie Baker was. He will be sadly missed.
Susan, Wendover

Fork Handles - Chortle chortle. Thank you Mr B for being a comedy genius. Thanks for the many evenings I spent snuggled up to my grandmother way past my bedtime watching Two Ronnies/Porridge and Open All Hours. Thanks for being so funny.
Sam, Baslow, UK

I have a picture of him above my desk at work to remind me to keep smiling through all of the stresses of daily life
Dawn Preston, Henfield, England
I am 32 and for all of my life Ronnie Barker has been a hero and kept me laughing. I have a picture of him above my desk at work to remind me to keep smiling through all of the stresses of daily life. My family would like to send our deepest wishes of sympathy to his wife and children. Ronnie Barker - he always has and always will make me laugh till I cry, but today I shed tears for his passing.
Dawn Preston, Henfield, England

I need to concur with a comment earlier in that I was moved to tears when I heard the sad news this morning. I have grown up with Ronnie on TV from watching Porridge whilst sat on my granddad's knee to sitting with my now 13 year old cousin laughing until he cries at open all hours. Ronnie Barker is more a part of family in many households and can cheer many a solemn face. Our faces are all solemn now he is gone. Rest in peace dear loveable Ronnie
Amanda, Coventry, England

A hard, if not impossible, act to follow.
M C Randall, Worcester,England

I was very lucky as late last November I as able to take my father and mother to see The Two Ronnies at the BBC when they were recording their sketchbook. What struck me then and will always be a lasting memory of them, is how so very well the Rons worked together, how at ease they were to be in front of a live audience, and how they just sparkled. Ronnie Barker has always had a naughty twinkle in his eye, and such a wonderful quick witted humour. Our Saturdays were marked out when I was a child, all we used to look forward to was a night in with The Two Ronnies. Such happy memories, we have lost a great friend today.
Alison Cyster-White, Long Marston, Herts.

Barker's two most famous characters, Fletcher and Arkwright, are so different that it almost seems like two actors. That is a tribute to Ronnie's versatility as a comic actor. However, it is as a writer and performer in The Two Ronnies that I shall remember him best. It was one of the few programmes on television that I felt genuine disappointment when the final credits started to roll. Even now the very thought of 'Charley Farley and Piggy Malone', 'The Worm that Turned' and especially the double-entendre laden musical numbers leave me smirking. There has been no one before or since that has straddled both the sketch show and sitcom genres with such aplomb.
Simon Johnson, UK

A really down to earth person
Simon Dean, Witney, Oxfordshire
Had the honour of being educated at the same school as Ronnie (not at the same time though), I also left school and joined the same bank Ronnie went to work for. I met him after his retirement at his quaint little antique shop. He was very modest and unassuming - a really down to earth person. And to follow the few similarities in our lives I then discovered he lived close by in the village of Dean - another coincidence. I am a great fan and today is a very sad one.
Simon Dean, Witney, Oxfordshire

Quite simply a comic genius. I had many favourite sketches but the one in the ice-cream parlour where he remembered all the flavours was magical. Question - How do you replace a comic talent of Ronnie's calibre? Answer - Never. RIP Ronnie.
Chris Watts, Bradford

One of the really truly greats, he will be so missed... and as a huge fan of that wonderful comedy series "Porridge", I hope that he and the late great Richard Beckinsale are having a laugh together today in heaven. Rest in Peace Ronnie. As long as comedy lives, you'll still go on here!
Dee Redmond, Horsham, West Sussex

The Two Ronnies and Porridge have stood the test of time and will remain to be funny for many generations to follow. Ronnie Barker was not only a uniquely funny actor but incredibly clever in his writing and delivery of some famous lines. I only hope they stock fork handles wherever he is now!
Phil Hutt, Coulsdon, Surrey

He never failed to make me laugh
Mandy Roberts, Houston, Texas
How sad to lose a brilliant man. I have very fond memories of growing up watching this guy, he never failed to make me laugh. I feel so sad, we have lost another true representative of British humour.
Mandy Roberts, Houston, Texas

I was not even born during most of Ronnie's career but thanks to repeats I have been able to enjoy the genius that is Ronnie Barker. He will forever have a place in my heart.
Jason McIntyre, Birmingham, West Midlands

I'm only 23 years old so have not had the pleasure of watching these shows first time round, but his two best shows "Porridge" and "Open all Hours" goes show the sheer genius of this man. Not only a comic genius but a fantastic actor too! Two completely different characters and both so funny in totally different ways He is one of, if not the best British comedians of all time!
David, Crawley

I think it is a true testament to Ronnie how so many of us have our memories of him so interlinked with the memories of our families when we were young. I can clearly remember watching a Xmas special with my Grandpa whilst he sat in his chair, red in the face, shaking with uncontrollable laughter and tears running down his face. To remember Ronnie Barker is to remember my family.
Helen Smith, Sydney, Australia

I met Ronnie Barker in an airport in Italy when I was seven
Marie, Cardiff
I met Ronnie Barker in an airport in Italy when I was seven. He told my sister and I that Ronnie Corbett was packed in his case to save on the price of a ticket.
Marie, Cardiff

That famous mastermind sketch from The Two Ronnies still brings me close to tears with laughter. A legend in his own right, he will be sadly missed.
Craig Scott, Newcastle, England

I remember him best as one of The Two Ronnies and the witticisms and dancing done with various groups. The comedy sketch with four candles was a classic, and will always be remembered by me. My condolences are with his wife and family. There will never be another one like him.
Ronald Nuttall (another Ronnie), Blackpool, Lancs

Ronnie was the finest comedian in Britain who gave us many hours of laughter. I spent many hours at home rather than in the pub, so as not to miss programmes such as Porridge, Open All Hours and The Two Ronnies. I will remember him forever. Goodnight Ronnie.
John Withers, Peterborough

His memory will live on in our laughter
Caroline Jefferson, York
It does not matter how many times I watch the re-runs of Porridge or Open All Hours he never fails to make me laugh. His memory will live on in our laughter.
Caroline Jefferson, York

Although I'm not old enough to remember The Two Ronnies, Porridge and Open All Hours being screened, but as I've grown up and watched them I have found them absolutely hilarious. The character of Arkwright will always be one of my favourite screen characters and the mastermind sketch on The Two Ronnies is sheer class. The words legend of comedy are richly deserved. Thanks for the laughs Ronnie. Goodnight and rest in peace.
Liam, Loughborough

A comedian of the calibre of Ronnie Barker is very rare. I feel lucky and privileged to have been born at a time when I could spend my childhood looking forward to The Two Ronnies and the laughter they would bring me each week.
Ian Gillman, Wichita Falls, TX (formerly of Little Paxton, Cambs)

I grew up watching The Two Ronnies with my family. I feel really sad that Mr Barker has died, but the memories from that show have lived on and I now share those funny times with my children. They don't make shows like that any more. Ronnie Barker was unique, my family and I shall miss him. Goodbye to the wonderful Mr Barker.
Lynda Herdman-Grant, Wellingborough, UK

Open All Hours was excellent but Porridge was a masterpiece and he played both parts superbly
Gregg Heathfield, Cardiff, Wales
One of the all time greats in his field. Pure genius and a true joy to watch. Open All Hours was excellent but Porridge was a masterpiece and he played both parts superbly. I am a massive fan and the world of TV will sadly miss him. Once again Genius!
Gregg Heathfield, Cardiff, Wales

A hugely talented writer and actor who had a great ear for language, and the comic possibilities of its being mangled. But I think his greatest quality is that no matter how much his talent was recognised, he was never a "celebrity". If only more were able to follow that lead.
Roland Blyth, Dumfries

I used to love the Two Ronnies, which I used to watch with my brothers - well in fact my whole family - when I was a little girl. That's says it all really, the humour was clean and the whole family could watch it. Rest in peace RB.
Lou, Suffolk

I'm not old enough to remember Porridge first time round, but I adore it. The man was a sheer genius. I never get bored of any of his programmes! All hail Ronnie Barker!
Shane, Ipswich

My memory is of my mother who had a hard life bringing 6 kids up on her own, laughing (a rare occasion) at the Two Ronnies. Don't know who I loved the most at those times them for making her laugh or her.
Geoff Tate, Melton Mowbray. England

Ronnie was comic genius, he gave so much laughter to millions of people. My thoughts are with his family and friends and this very very sad time. You will never be forgotten.
Yvonne, Liverpool UK

So many of us never knew him but feel as though we did
Sara Tilling, Lanner, Cornwall
Such a sad day, to see the loss of such a wonderfully funny man. So many of us never knew him but feel as though we did, through his genius humour and comedy. We will never see the like again, a legend. He will live on, as an example to set to contemporary comedians. Thank you Ronnie, for all the laughs you have given us. Lots of love.
Sara Tilling, Lanner, Cornwall

Even though I am only 23, and watched only re-runs of all his original shows such as Porridge - Ronnie Barker had a humour that will continue to make us laugh into the far future, something sadly lacking in some contemporary comedy. Goodnight Ronnie!
Rachael, London, England

Fork Handles. That's all I have to say and I defy anyone not to have a smile on their face!! Legend.
Lee, Surrey UK

It isn't very often that you can use the term 'comical genius' to describe someone. But you would not hesitate with Ronnie Barker.
Richard, Newcastle

I have always been proud to share my birthday with Ronnie Barker. As one of the millions of people who have had their lives lifted by laughter courtesy of Mr Barker I just want to say 'Thank you Ronnie'.
Barrie White-Miller, Chelmsford, Essex

I am gutted to hear of Ronnie Barker's death. He has always been one of my comedy heroes. Just looking at a picture of him always brought a smile to my face however I was feeling. I admired Ronnie for his cleverness, his wit, but most of all for his over all ordinariness and niceness. He will be sorely missed.
Gill Wiggins, Rickmansworth Herts

An actor whose comedy was enjoyed by the young and old alike
Natalie, Harrogate
A tragic loss of such a wonderful comic genius. An actor whose comedy was enjoyed by the young and old alike. He will be greatly missed.
Natalie, Harrogate

The word legend is banded about to many second rate entertainers these days but Ronnie was a true legend who provided entertainment to millions of viewers. A simply hilarious comedy actor. Cheers for the memories.
James Overin, Leeds, UK

What a truly great comedian and how much he will be missed. There are no words to express the gratitude I have for him for brightening my world with his wonderful humour for as long as I can remember. I'll remember him always as one of the best.
Annie Whatley, Leatherhead, England

I first watched episodes of The Two Ronnies in the late 1980s and I greatly admired the charisma and the talent of Ronnie Barker. He put in a great deal of electrifying performances in the series and for all his achievements it was a shame he was not knighted by the Queen. He will be sorely missed. A true Comedy Legend.
Matthew, Manchester

He'll always live on in our memories. A true genius of comedy who will be sadly missed.
Liz Rochford, Manor Park, London

Ronnie Barker was the greatest comedian I have ever seen on television I am very shocked to hear what has happened. Love you lots Ronnie.
Kerry Buck, Farnborough Hampshire

Fond memories of Saturday Nights in with Mum and Dad. Fork 'andles being one of funniest things we have ever seen. Sad Day.
Alison and Heather, Manchester

My youngest sister has just phoned me at work to give me this very sad news. Our whole family (mum/dad and my four sisters) all grew up watching Ronnie B. Porridge was a bit before our time, but certainly 'Open all Hours', 'Clarence' and the Two Ronnies always filled our house with much laughter and fond memories. I know that I speak on behalf of all my sisters knowing that a 'comedy legend' has passed, but comforted in the knowledge that he leaves us with such wonderful and uplifting memories of this very genuine and clever man.
Karen Day, Bordon, Hampshire

So, so very sad to hear Mr Barker is no longer with us. He has made me laugh for so many years, and even now I watch the re run of Open all Hours. What a gift this man had, he will be truly missed.
Julia Davies, Southampton

Very sad to hear this news, Ronnie was a legend, my father worked with him in Rep theatre just after the war, Ronnie remembered him (Alan James) in his excellent book Dancing in the Moonlight written about his early acting days before his TV career took off.
Phil Jones, Enfield, UK

Many years ago someone I knew who worked in the film industry told me that of all the stars he'd worked with, Ronnie Barker was the only one who'd treated everyone on the set with the same level of courtesy and respect, never playing the "I'm the big star" number, and as a result, was loved and respected by one and all. An intelligent, articulate, hugely funny and lovable man. Goodnight Ronnie from us and love from us all.
Jackie Goymour, London, England

This is a very very sad day for all of us, he was the best. I had the good fortune to interview the Two Ronnies in 1976 for radio, it was a great day and he was so kind to the crew. Not only did he make us laugh he made us laugh till it hurt. I feel very privileged to have worked with him briefly. Ronnie you will never be forgotten.
Mike Longley, Gloucester, UK

Ronnie Barker was a brilliant performer
Peter, London SE
A tragic loss to the world of comedy. Ronnie Barker was a brilliant performer and I will always remember him for the 'spoonerism' sketches he did and much more. May God bless him in the life to come.
Peter, London SE

Even though I am only 20 years old, I can still remember the re-runs of Ronnie's sitcoms and have always had a liking for his comical genius. His unique style and prowess has shown taught people of all ages how to laugh and, more importantly, how to smile. Good night, Ronnie. We will never forget you.
Nathan Bunn, Manchester

A master craftsman who will be sadly missed. The Phantom Raspberry Blower is a particular skit I recall fondly.
Stuart Donaldson, Coatbridge, Scotland

David Jason once said he was the Guv'nor, how right he was. The top man of British comedy
Steve, Preston

Such sad news, Ronnie Barker was a comic genius and one of my all time favourite comic actors. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Lee Sinclair, Chalfont St. Peter, UK

I guess it's goodnight from him. What a great man.
Chris, London, UK

A brilliant, clever wit. The Two Ronnies were part of life for me as a child in the 70s and Porridge is simply the best sitcom ever written.
Chris, Ellon, Scotland

I'm sat at my desk at work, feeling sad, but giggling to myself about the "fork 'andles" sketch. G-d bless you and your family.
C, London, England

Ronnie Barker was the most consistently funny comedian that I have ever seen on TV. His scripts were brilliant and they were always performed to perfection. At present there is a deep void in comedy on TV and he will be sadly missed.
G.A. Gilmartin, Bristol, UK


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