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2005 Oscars: Your reaction
The stars have been in Hollywood for this year's Oscars ceremony.

Million Dollar Baby was named Best Film with Clint Eastwood receiving Best Director award.

Other winners included Jamie Foxx who was named Best Actor for Ray and Hilary Swank who won Best Actress for Million Dollar Baby.

Morgan Freeman was named best supporting actor in Million Dollar Baby with Cate Blanchett receiving Best Supporting Actress award for The Aviator

Actor and comedian Chris Rock hosted the event which was held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

What did you think of this year's Oscars? Did the right films win?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we received:

This topic was suggested by Josie Bennington, UK
Is the Oscar Award ceremony hyped up too far in advance of the actual event

Had a rushed feel to it. Chris Rock, who normally I think is terrific, was oddly mediocre. Not enough audience "scanning". Generally flat, disappointing.
Pauline Critchley, Vancouver, Canada

I don't feel sorry for Scorsese. He's a good director but his latest movies cannot match the quality of his old ones. His style is dated. He should have won a long time ago with Raging Bull.

When I watched Ray I actually believed that Jamie Foxx was Ray Charles. He was that good. Definitely deserved the Oscar nod.
John, NJ, USA

Johnny Depp was once again robbed at the award shows. His performance as James Barrie was incredible and made even the most doubtful person a fan of his work.
Kristin, St. Petersburg

Is Scorsese going to do a Hitchcock and never get an Oscar?
Steven Johnson, Dewsbury, UK
Is Scorsese going to do a Hitchcock and never get an Oscar? At least he's got the 'Lifetime Achievement' statuette to look forward to in a few years (sarcasm).
Steven Johnson, Dewsbury, UK

This year the Oscars seemed to lack the magic it used to project in past years. Chris Rock was right in criticising the Oscars for taking extreme measures to save time; they didn't even take the time to show clips of each of the movies up for the Best Picture Oscar, and no dancers on stage! Chris Rock's speech was worth staying up for at least!
Ayse, Cyprus/Turkey

I was very disappointed that neither Don Cheadle nor Sophie Okonedo was awarded for their work in Hotel Rwanda. It would seems that Don will remain the little actor that could, but never have.
Cedric Draper, Florida, USA

I just do not understand as to why Scorsese was not given the Oscar for his direction and this was his fifth nomination. Though Million Dollar Baby was good, I believe that The Aviator deserved the Best Film and the Best Director.
Ashwin Sheshadri, Kansas, USA

Imagine if Schindler's List would have been snubbed in 1994? Hotel Rwanda was brilliant - the Academy has a long way to go.
A Gimei, Columbus, Ohio

I find it hard to believe that anyone put more into their role than Hilary Swank did
Amanda, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I haven't seen The Aviator, but I have seen Million Dollar Baby and while I cannot compare the two, I find it hard to believe that anyone put more into their role than Hilary Swank did. I am chuffed to see Morgan Freeman win for his role in it too, and what he said afterwards: "A lot of people say you're due - maybe you are, maybe you aren't - it's an accolade." Seems to be a typical Morgan Freeman thing to say!
Amanda, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Imelda Staunton should have won best actress, but unfortunately she is not well known is the USA. The Oscars are little more than a popularity contest. I enjoy the Independent Spirit Awards more.
Adrienne M Smith, Collingswood, NJ, USA

Million Dollar Baby may have been a good film, but it's a shame that Scorsese has been overlooked for the fifth time. Eastwood's films may be well constructed but who's going to remember Million Dollar Baby in ten years when Scorsese has made so many films that have had such cultural significance. Raging Bull? Taxi Driver? Goodfellas? Give the guy a break and give him an Oscar.
Daniel, Portsmouth, UK

I love Cate Blanchett, but Natalie Portman's performance in Closer should have won the Oscar gold. It's her best performance since The Professional and an outstanding one at that.
Roxann Mills, Los Angeles, CA, US

Catalina Sandino Moreno in Maria Full of Grace blew away the competition for Best Actress, but, not surprisingly, Hollywood couldn't bring itself to present an award to an actress whose performance was entirely in Spanish.
Derek Greenwood, Berkeley, CA, USA

Finding Neverland definitely deserved the Oscar more than any other film and they got almost nothing. The film is really fantastic.
Fernanda Freixinho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

At least this year the Razzies were a lot more interesting than the Oscars
Xrisoula G, Greece
Hollywood has managed to transform the seventh art to merchandise. The way that a picture is evaluated is how much money it made in the opening weekend. For these reasons I believe that at least this year the Razzies were a lot more interesting than the Oscars.
Xrisoula G, Greece

At last Morgan Freeman receives an Oscar, I have never seen that man in a bad film, he lights up the screen every time with his presence, so a very well deserved Oscar for this actor!
Caroline Wilson, Glasgow

The Oscars are a joke. How can Scorsese not get an Oscar after the heap of great films he has made? Million Dollar Baby is an ordinary boxing movie that any director could make; Aviator was a work of art and true craftsmanship. Scorsese as usual was robbed.

The new style of presenting some awards gave a new dimension to the awards
Ryan, Enniskillen
Perfect! That was the best Oscar ceremony I've seen in years! The new style of presenting some awards gave a new dimension to the awards. The biggest decision the Academy got right....Chris Rock! He was hilarious! Congratulations Million Dollar Baby -you were brilliant! Hilary Swank looked stunning!
Ryan, Enniskillen

Not awarding Fahrenheit 9/11 a single award made me loose all respect for the Oscars. Do something outrageous next year and award someone with actual talent, not the same old prescription film rubbish. Saying that, Foxx's award was extremely deserved.
Jodie, England

Both Kate Winslett and Clive Owen were robbed as both gave outstanding performances. However, Cate Blanchett wining is long overdue; she is an excellent actress and a very worthy winner. Well done to all nominees, but Chris Rock was rubbish and so was the overall evening. Going to bed next year unless Billy or Whoopi are invited back.
Susan Boswell, Berks, England

Hugely disappointed for Clive Owen - he's been so underrated for so long he deserved this one. Morgan Freeman is great but he's always just Morgan Freeman doing his usual stuff.
Julie Williamson, Penicuik, Scotland

Okay, some people are complaining about the absence of awards for British actors/actresses. How can this be argued? Granted Kate Winslet was superb but Cate Blanchett was brilliant as Hepburn - a class of her own and fully deserved the award. Clive Owen? I think not. Let a British actor/actress put in a truly brilliant turn and I'm sure that success will follow.
Mat, Cardiff

What a joy! My beloved Cate Blanchett finally got her well-deserved Oscar. Cate is an amazing actress compared to Meryl Streep. Thank you for an inspiring and so remarkable portrayal of legendary Katherine Hepburn. Oscar got it right!
Yuri T, Paris, France

Annette Bening definitely deserved the Oscar more than any other actress
Satish, Lucknow, India
Although Hillary Swank's performance was flawless, it was Annette Bening who single handedly made "Being Julia" watchable. Every single nuance, every gesture was a revelation into the character completely eclipsing the star Annette and show casing the character. Annette Bening definitely deserved the Oscar more than any other actress.
Satish, Lucknow, India

We all have our likes and preferences - because we are all very subjective. Perhaps Johnny Depp is seen in Hollywood as the 'enfant terrible' and that is why acting awards elude him, well never mind because at the end of the day he still is one of the most versatile and outstanding actors of a generation. As much as I loved the film Ray, I felt that Jamie Foxx was impersonating rather than acting.
Rosie Mercer, Bedford, U.K.

Imelda Staunton's performance was part of a beautifully crafted piece of cinema; in my view, she deserved to win. Mike Leigh will always remain outside the Hollywood Establishment with his discourses on social issues.
Maddy Price, UK

Maybe if the British actually put forward films that people actually wanted to watch then they might have more success. In all honesty, I don't think a period film about an abortionist in a deprived area is entertainment. That's why I go to the cinema, not to be lectured by Mike Leigh. Smile, Mike, it won't kill you.
Jason, Belfast

An excellent and worthy winner in Million Dollar Baby. It is a perfect Oscar film and all awards given were well deserved. Also it's not the Aviator, which was awful! Especially glad that Morgan Freeman has finally been given an award to reflect his considerable talent. Well done Clint! Also good to see Eternal Sunshine and Sideways getting script awards. Independent Film does have a place in the Oscars it seems!
Shaun Kelly, London England

Million Dollar Baby? The Oscars is a million dollar sham. It's not about the quality of film production, it's about being seen with the right people and general sucking up. Scorsese is by far one of the most influential directors of our time. Shame on the Oscars!
Laura, London

If Scorsese had won the Best Director award it would have been an obvious sop for having failed to win for classics such as Raging Bull, not because he deserved it for the cringe-worthy Aviator. Those of us who remember the real Howard Hughes were bemused at the woeful miscasting of Di Caprio in the lead role, and the second half of the film was poorly edited and over-long. When I saw it, there was a whole lot of fidgeting going on amongst the cinema audience towards the end! So, best director? Not on current form he's not. Eastwood won on merit. NB Well done Jamie Foxx, your mesmerising performance in Ray blew us all away.
Gemma, Aylesbury, Bucks

Yet another boring case of actors giving themselves awards. I was very sad to see the lack of international recognition again. I know international films rarely hit the US/Europe markets, but the people supposedly "in" the industry should know what else is out there. I've seen loads of Japanese films that seriously out-class the Hollywood lot. I'd rather watch them with subtitles. Shame!
Josh, London

How many times is Martin Scorsese going to be overlooked? What does he have to do to win an Oscar? If he ends up getting a lifetime achievement award instead of a directing Oscar it will be one of the biggest disgraces in the Academy's history (even over and above awarding 1952's Best Picture to The Greatest Show on Earth).
David, London, UK

The whole charade is a complete joke and has been for years. There's way too much internal backslapping goes on at these kinds of events. You can almost predict what will happen and who will win. End this charade for the good of the film industry before it's too late
Mark Buxton, Nottingham, England

If anyone other than Foxx won best actor it would've been an absolute crime
Samuel Crampton, London
However much I would love to see Scorsese get a Best Director Award, and I truly would, I can not disagree with the Academy's choice this year. Eastwood and Million Dollar Baby were simply breath-taking. If anyone other than Foxx won best actor it would've been an absolute crime, his was one of the best performances in history, let alone of the last year. Portman and Church would've got my supporting vote; however, they were both tight categories with no-one particular standing out from the rest. I think Freeman's award was more for continued high performances rather than for this particular role. Other than that, I think the Academy were spot on, for the first time in a few years.
Samuel Crampton, London

Not impressed. A load of luvvies giving themselves prizes for doing their jobs. Waste of time and money.
Terry, Epsom, England

The motorcycle diaries should have won the Best adapted screenplay category. I've read the book and I think the adaptation was a brilliant piece of cinematic achievement. Probably the board of Academy Award perceived the socialist and 'radical' background of Che Guevara which has been unjustly portrayed over the years by the mainstream media, should always be kept that way.
Hilmi Malek, Bentong, Malaysia

The fact that Scorsese didn't get anything, contrasted with every public vote I've seen including the one on the BBC web site, shows what a joke the Oscars are. I didn't watch anyway, and certainly won't next year.
Anon, UK

British contributions are given lip service only
Victoria Wright, London, UK
No, of course the Oscars didn't get it right. British contributions are given lip service only - they never win the big ones because they are not American. It is all a sham.
Victoria Wright, London, UK

This annual orgy of self-congratulation by the closed shop of Hollywood insiders takes up far too much media space in my humble opinion. The real votes are cast by those who pay to watch or rent the movies in the end. In their attempts to be seen as impartial and artistic, the Oscar committee ends up doling out awards to its own members whose turn it seems to be, like Mr Eastwood.
Liam Coughlan, Armenia

Unfortunately, the Oscars seem to be very biased towards American films. Vera Drake is a superb film but, because of the subject matter, was presumably deemed to be too risqué for the mid-western bible belt. I shall continue to ignore the Oscars and support British awards - much more unbiased!
Sue Hudson, London, UK

The fact that Fahrenheit 9/11 didn't get a single mention makes a mockery of the whole thing.
Hayley Warren, Sussex UK

Scorsese has been ignored once too often
Caroline Mackin, Newry, N. Ireland
While I feel that the Aviator should have received more recognition, and Scorsese has been ignored once too often, it is hard to ignore the fact that Million Dollar Baby is an excellent film, and Clint Eastwood is a vital part of the film industry. Cate Blanchett deserved her award as her performance was fantastic.
Caroline Mackin, Newry, N. Ireland

I have to say that "Finding Neverland" is the best movie I have seen in a long time. It was moving and funny in the same breath and captured the magic of what story telling and visual arts should really be about. Never before have I sat in a movie theatre after a film had ended listening to the sobs of those around me. This film deserved more.
Karl Lynch, Belfast N. Ireland

Leonardo DiCaprio and Scorsese have made a really scorching film about the life of Howard Hughes who contributed so much to the growth of US aviation and the Academy chose to ignore them both! It's all about politics and smacks of favouritism!
Jamsheed Poncha, London

Who on earth has Martin Scorsese upset in Hollywood?! He has been passed over so many times for Best Director it is becoming a standing joke. What - they're going to give him a fellowship when he's dead? Is that the plan?
Liz Rymer, Leeds, UK

It's a shame that the Academy continually ignores unique and innovative films
Lisa, New York, USA
It's a shame that the Academy continually ignores unique and innovative films and instead awards traditional and conservative filmmaking. The real achievements of the year are pushed aside and only recognized in the writing categories. And poor Martin Scorsese, whose true artistry and craftsmanship was overshadowed by the sudden over-hype of Million Dollar Baby.
Lisa, New York, USA

Clint Eastwood is at the top of his game, while Scorsese has never topped Raging Bull and Goodfellas - but certainly a Lifetime Achievement Award is in order.
Mark, Arizona, USA

I think Johnny Depp should have won Best Actor- he missed out last year as well and definitely should have taken the award.
Fiona, Salisbury, England

Yes, the right films won! Million Dollar Baby is a masterpiece. Also very happy for the Oscar to the best song and to Mar Adentro. It is really curious that both movies Mar Adentro and Million Dollar Baby consider the same serious problem. Clint Eastwood is great. Do not miss the film, please.
Roser Giner Bruñó, Barcelona, Spain

Dollar Baby is an okay, mediocre movie. Aviator is breathtaking and original. The Oscars are worthless.
Martin, Stockport

My heart goes out for Scorsese for not receiving Best Director's award. In my opinion he is light years ahead of Eastwood in his craft and has given many memorable movies. This reflects the prejudice of the Members. Scorsese better luck next time.
Pervaiz, Lahore Pakistan

Personally I think Martin Scorsese should consider himself lucky even to have been nominated. I've never been blown away by any of his films, and I can't help thinking of the word 'overrated' whenever I hear his name. Well done to all the winners, especially to Morgan Freeman - it's about time!
Richard, Ipswich, England

Yes, it was a great day for African Americans. Chris Rock hosting and Freeman and Foxx winning. Who would have thought. And it all happened during Black History Month. Excellent stuff.
S N, New Jersey, USA

Glad Cate Blanchett won - she did a spot on Hepburn impersonation
Cath, Coventry, UK
Great to see Million Dollar Baby win big. I thought the film was excellent, Hillary Swank was superb, and Morgan Freeman is a legend! Glad Cate Blanchett won - she did a spot on Hepburn impersonation!
Cath, Coventry, UK

What a shame....Kate Winslet should have easily received the best actress slot. She was looking stunningly beautiful as well. Foxx was amazing and Clint got it absolutely right. Well there goes another year!
Ali, Pakistan

Just another over the top debacle for Americans to give themselves a pat on the back. However I do believe that Scorsese should have won the Oscar. Just goes to show the real geniuses are over looked by these so called movie professionals.
Andy Crawford, Hunts, England

Excellent. First time I have agreed with all the winners. Just have to get used to the Brits not being popular in the US. Shame Imelda Staunton did not win.
Angela Stacey, London, England

Those who did not win tonight have still been recognised for excellence
Joanna, Long Island, New York
The Brits may not have swept up the awards, but there was no shortage of talent in evidence on the carpet. It seemed that every second person who spoke had a British accent. As an ex-pat Brit living in the US, I was extremely proud. Those who did not win tonight have still been recognised for excellence and it's only a matter of time before Mike Leigh and Kate achieve the ultimate. I am sad for Martin Scorsese, who deserves more recognition from his peers, but from the smiles afterwards as he entered the after show parties, it seems he took it with good grace, as always.
Joanna, Long Island, New York

Wow! What a night. Rock was funny, Beyonce was beautiful as usual and it ended at a reasonable time. Everything was great except for, oh yeah, one of the most compelling and extraordinary films of all time, "Hotel Rwanda", won nothing. A perfect night was ruined.
Adrienne Connolly, York, England

It seems that the Academy has no choice but to give Martin S. a Lifetime Achievement Award next year, unless they want him to share the plight of another scorned genius - Stanley Kubrick. That at least would take the Academy members off the hook for not awarding an Oscar to Scorsese for "Raging Bull" and "Goodfellas". Swank was really good and so was Blanchett, but too bad that Annette Bening's talent has been overlooked once again. P.S. Anybody who has ever seen Ray Charles performing live would know that Jamie Foxx fully deserved his award. Right on, man!
Mirek Kondracki, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Eastwood's movie was breathtaking
Tracy, Nicosia, Cyprus
I watched Million Dollar baby last night at the cinema and got up in the middle of the night to watch the Oscars. Have seen Vera Drake and the Aviator. I think Eastwood's movie was breathtaking and he deserved to win the awards he did. However, it is also clear that someone at the Academy does not like Martin Scorsese and none of them have seen Vera Drake. Swank was great but Imelda Staunton's performance was out of this world.
Tracy, Nicosia, Cyprus

The only part of the show that I enjoyed was the look back at the past, when you could see just how the Oscar hosts have deteriorated from Johnny Carson to Chris Rock. I love his comedy, but his level of humour is not suited for this audience, and sometimes the humour fell flat on its face - especially when Sean Penn took offence to the remarks about Jude Law.
Prashanth Parameswaran, Malaysia

How could they overlook Hotel Rwanda? Am I the only person who felt this movie is the best this decade has seen up to this point? What were they thinking?
Mark Brock, Toronto, Canada

What does Martin Scorsese have to do in order to be recognised by the Academy?
George, Karachi, Pakistan

Nothing for Hotel Rwanda?? I usually don't care much at all about the Oscars, but this year I was hoping Cheadle would win Best Actor. There should have at least been SOME recognition for this fantastic film. I'm disappointed.
Leslie, Charlottesville, USA

Million Dollar Baby deserved to do well
Ivan, Boston, USA
Great Oscar night. Million Dollar Baby deserved to do well - a wonderful film. Also, Aviator was a great epic. Loved Chris Rock - too many sentimental people around who are offended by anything and everything.
Ivan, Boston, USA

Million Dollar Baby is a good film but not a great one. I felt that Annette Bening should have won the Best Actress award. Jamie Foxx should have got the double and win for his role in Collateral. Ray or Aviator should have won Best Picture.
Preetjit Singh Gill, Singapore

Million Dollar Baby rightfully took the honours for 'Best Picture', 'Best Actress', Best Supporting Actor and 'best Director'. Eastwood did a marvellous job as did Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman. This is a 'must see' film. I was positive the film would be 'number one' after seeing it a month ago. Terrific film!
Marshall Adams, St. Louis, USA

I believe it's time the people who vote for these awards move past their grudge with Scorsese, he deserved an award years ago for the wonderful films he's made. Also, Chris Rock was very offensive early on when doing that bit about not settling for the so called lesser-talented actors.
Randy Lahey, Cappahayden Nfld, Canada

It's a shame to see such great movies seemingly snubbed by the Academy
Julia, Denver, Colorado, USA
I'm disappointed that the Academy over looked the much deserving films "Finding Neverland" and "Hotel Rwanda" These two films were breathtaking and powerful in very different ways, it's a shame to see such great movies seemingly snubbed by the Academy.
Julia, Denver, Colorado, USA

Horrendous directing, staging, lighting and overall show. Rock was disappointing (and I'm a fan). Thank God the awards went to the right people. MDB is the film of the year. But the Oscar show, far from an Emmy winning show. Give Chris Rock 10 years to mature, then maybe he'll be ready for the job. Bring back Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg please.
Kasius, New York, USA

The Aviator deserved a better place in most categories. In the animation section Shrek 2 has done a better job than The Incredibles. Winning does not matter, it is taking part.
Harish, Singapore

Well, I may be doubtful of the other winners but certainly the Academy has most definitely made the right choice for Cate Blanchett for her role in The Aviator. Australia is so proud of you!
Ronald Solidum, Sydney, Australia

Terrible show. Timing was off, noises off, Beyonced out and Chris did not Rock, but the awards went to the right nominees.
Michael, Malibu, California

Glad for Clint, but Scorsese should've won for once. Chris Rock was awful.
Carlos Rojas, New York, New York

I watched Million Dollar Baby the night before the Oscars and it is one amazing movie. Morgan Freeman deserved the Best Supporting Actor, and Clint deserved the Best Film and the Best Director and what can I say about Hilary Swank - you are amazing girl, good job, and a great dress for the Oscars.
George Tharakan, Pleasanton, California

I don't think this year's contenders were the strongest in recent times
Andy, Sydney, Australia
Been following the ceremony on the BBC website whilst I'm at work (3:45pm here at the moment). Not seen Million Dollar Baby yet, but probably will now to see what all the fuss is about. I don't think this year's contenders were the strongest in recent times. I'm not a fan of big budget, special effects films but I think Spiderman 2 was the best film of the year for all round entertainment (great story, great effects, great production). The Incredibles was a close second (glad to see it won best animated feature).
Andy, Sydney, Australia (prev London)

Wow, a friend of mine, Jorge Drexler from Uruguay, won the Oscar for Best Song, " Al otro lado del Rio". We are celebrating.
Dario Queirolo, Montevideo, Uruguay

At last a low budget personal film sweeps the board. Maybe Hollywood will get that big budget does not mean big success. These wins could make a great bridge for more smaller European like films to break through.
Michael Gale, Austin, Texas

Although Million Dollar Baby is a well made film, to beat Ray and The Aviator smacks more of Hollywood politics than deserved recognition. The Oscars can really be a joke.
DCB, Los Angeles, CA

Hilary Swank looked beautiful
Chris Procter, Tunbridge Wells, England
Good spread of awards this year. Million Dollar Baby takes the plaudits though. Hilary Swank looked beautiful.
Chris Procter, Tunbridge Wells, England

Jamie Foxx is about as right as they have gotten it in years. He was brilliant as Ray.
Ryan Gorman, Bronx, New York City

I tuned in for the Oscars, but it was more like 'The Beyonce Show', with song after song featuring the singer. The show was good in parts, but the whole was lacking. Those presenting awards seemed to get more time to walk on than winners got in recognition. Chris Rock just seemed to be trying to be unpleasant at times. All in all, it just seemed to lack the glitz and style that is usually present in the event.
Andrea J. Chee, Canterbury, UK

I am glad Morgan Freeman won. It was long due. Even though Clint Eastwood deserved it, I wish Martin Scorsese had won. He should have got an Oscar long time back.
Angela, USA

No excitement, no unpredictability
Merri Fefles, Chicago, IL, USA
BORING! This is the first time I have ever channel-surfed through the Academy Awards. No excitement, no unpredictability; Chris Rock funny but seemed unsure of himself. Note to self for Academy Awards 2006: Go out for the night.
Merri Fefles, Chicago, IL, USA

Why Hilary Swank? Easily the weakest contender in the Best Actress category! Winslet and Imelda Staunton were robbed!
Louis, London

The highlights tonight were the Million Dollar Baby wins and Jamie Fox. The lows were the Beyonce overkill, and just plain boredom. Chris Rock was so-so, because you know what you're getting when you hire Chris.
Patty, Texas

Poor Scorsese... Well another Oscar for Clint to throw on the pile. Hey - Kubrick never won an Oscar
LB, Ireland

Congratulations MDB for Best Picture. For the first time, a smaller picture wins over the big budgeted ones!
Chris, Akron, US

Very pleased to see the Oscar presented to Freeman! But can we say "overkill" with Beyonce?
Victor, Vancouver, Canada

Is it me or is the American broadcast really amateurish this year? Direction and staging is awful, Chris Rock is offending just about everyone and what's with lining up nominees on stage before presenting the award?
Gordon, Ascot, UK

Whoever wins people will be upset, I can't believe that Catalina Sandino Moreno didn't win for Maria Full of Grace but then I couldn't believe that she was nominated. If Johnny Depp doesn't win then I'll be shocked but who cares, it doesn't matter. It's only the Oscars for heaven's sakes.
Andrew, Canada/ England

About time Blanchett's amazing talent was recognised. She was robbed of an Oscar in Elizabeth.
James, Sydney, Australia

None of the movies this year are Oscar worthy!
Anju, USA
Er, what was Hillary Swank wearing? Disgusting. I honestly don't care who wins. None of the movies this year are Oscar worthy!
Anju, USA

Well done Sideways for winning Best Adapted Screenplay. Some consolation for possibly unjustly missing out on Best Film!
Lee, Brisbane, Australia

Clive Owen should have won. Nevertheless his Oscar will come in the form of James Bond!
Nick Hossy, Isle of Man

What a night for the Aviator! Hope Scorsese can put the icing on the cake. Wished Natalie Portman had won. Her performances in Closer and Garden State was a long overdue return to form.
Louis Dale, London

It looks like The Aviator is on a huge roll
Mark Kidger, Spain/UK
Good for Morgan Freeman, although it looks like The Aviator is on a huge roll. It seems a pity to me that the spectacular visual effects of "The Day After Tomorrow" were not even awarded with a nomination.
Mark Kidger, Spain/UK

At last Morgan Freeman has won an Oscar. In any other year Clive Owen would and should have won.
James Straughan, Manchester

I would have thought Clive Owen would have gotten it. He was amazing in Closer.
Harry, Glossop

Glad to see Morgan Freeman winning, long overdue!
John Adams, Coventry

I am feeling bad for Clive Owen. His performance in Closer surely deserved an Oscar. I hope that Kate Winslet makes it to win her first Oscar.
Shivendra Singh, New Delhi, India

Good to see Morgan Freeman win an Oscar but Clive Owen was robbed!
Simon Prebble, London

Glad to see Freeman finally getting the Oscar, though haven't seen Million Dollar... Excellent actor.
The Guy, Galway, Ireland

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