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Tony Blair speech: Your reaction
Tony and Cherie Blair

What is your reaction to Tony Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference?

The prime minister has told Labour's annual conference he will use his last years in Downing Street to introduce reforms to strengthen the country's public services.

Mr Blair also said he wanted his party to make Britain at ease with globalisation, forge a new consensus on public services and respond to public anger about crime and anti-social behaviour.

What did you think of Mr Blair's speech? Should he stand down now and let Gordon Brown take over as prime minister? Send us your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

He makes me really proud to be British
Lucy Fernandes, York, N Yorkshire
Tony Blair is a leader par excellence. He makes me really proud to be British. Long may he and his team of stalwarts govern this country.
Lucy Fernandes, York, N Yorkshire

Blair's speech was forgettable. What was far more significant was the treatment of an 82-year-old man who had the audacity to express his views during Jack Straw's speech. This showed the true nature of this corrupt and repulsive government.
John Chamberlain, London, UK

Just another load of posturing. Blair should go, and go soon. This government's attack on civil liberties (detention without trial, ID cards etc) is unacceptable. If he is allowed to continue we stand to lose much, it's like the country is signing on the dotted line without reading the small print.
Tim, Bisterne

A great disappointment to those of us who were previously loyal Labour voters. This man is a danger to us all, and the sooner he is gone, the better.
peter Benjamin, Croydon, England

Blair delivered a speech that promises more reforms, however the only reforms that have made any difference are those brought by Gordon Brown and without the stability that he has brought to the economy Blair would have been left with only the legacy of having taken the country to war on a lie. Brown has proved he can be a true socialist and a steadying hand.
Scott Douglas, Glasgow

Stay the course, Mr Blair. From overseas, I commend you. In the face of short-sighted emotional rhetoric, you are consistently level headed, morally resilient... and a marvellously eloquent speaker. I am always inspired by your words and how well you convey them. Thank you for your steadfast support of our battle against global terrorism.
Cheryl, Sherman Oaks, California, USA

He is a lame-duck leader
John Farmer, Henley-on-Thames, UK
If Blair is still at the helm for several more years, Labour will lose the next election. Last time he was saved purely by boundary changes in Labour's favour and our disproportional representation system. Iraq is his millstone and will be his tombstone. He is a lame-duck leader.
John Farmer, Henley-on-Thames, UK

Degrees for everything, academies of anything. Are we becoming just another satellite state?! Mr Blair's government is playing the public off against each other and diverting attention from really important matters and still getting away with it. What a short memory we have!
Owen, Wales

I don't think Blair has achieved anything much and I'm not convinced by his slick on-stage persona. The economic growth of the past eight years in the UK has been cancelled out by a huge concomitant rise in the cost of living; public services remain mostly second rate; crime is still as shockingly high as ever; and foreign policy has left Britain vulnerable to terrorism. If Tony Blair were a gentleman, he'd pack his bags graciously and let someone else have a go - but unfortunately, he isn't.
Matthew Smith, London, UK

I was impressed by the man
Miroslav Cicak, Belgrade, Serbia
This is the first time in my life I carefully watched a political speech. I am the 1955 generation and I switch the channel automatically when I see a man in suit talking about a better life. But after his first sentence I was hypnotized. I was impressed by the man. I think he is a great politician and has a vision and courage more than any man in current word politics.
Miroslav Cicak, Belgrade, Serbia

Thank you Tony for showing your true colours today! What an appalling sight to see an 82-year-old man manhandled out of your conference for having an opinion. Freedom of speech? Not for that poor soul. Thanks again for showing us what New Labour really stands for. You want to look so good to the world at large that you are sacrificing your country for your ego!!
Bea, Middlesex

Mr Blair has fallen into the same trap as Mrs Thatcher, believing his own spin doctors. Since 1997 he and the party in the main have been the Tory party dressed in red. His speech shows he has lost touch with the people on some of the main subjects of the day. His comments on Iraq could have been written by Maggie's writers in her heyday. John Smith must be turning in his grave to see what has happened to the party he should have led to power.
N. Earl, Surrey

I am no fan of Tony Blair but he is a consummate political performer
A Thomas, Ruislip, Middlesex
I am no fan of Tony Blair but he is a consummate political performer with the ability to empathise with ordinary people. Compare that with the dour desperation with which Brown is seeking Blair's job. Someone should tell Gordon Brown that if he wants to be PM he should win it in a general election not demand to be appointed. The Blair versus Brown debate is hilarious. Wait for them to fall out again.
A Thomas, Ruislip, Middlesex

The hardworking people of this country already pay a bucketful in taxes. Now on top of that, they're being asked to pay for if they want to see a doctor or dentist. If we have to pay for it, can we please have huge a reduction in taxes? Mr Blair should quit now.
Sally Cooke, Newcastle, UK

Since you only broadcast mini-sound bites of the Blair speech it seems wrong to ask people to comment. Perhaps you should consider what proportion of a speech should be available to viewers before asking their opinion. I would suggest that the proportion you broadcast is 5%, or considerably less. Is this a 'fair' basis for viewers to give a reasoned opinion?
Richard White, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have been a Labour member for several years now and the thing that sticks in my mind from this conference is how detached from reality the union leaders still are. Do they really think we live in a place where any political party could support a return to legal secondary action? The fights they seem to be squaring up to on public sector pensions etc are going to have so little public support as to be laughed at.
Mark, Evesham

I am a Socialist, and Tony Blair is outstanding .He and Margaret Thatcher stand supreme among leaders. His greatest achievement, by far, has been to drag the political Luddites in his party - so long the despair of us all - into this era.
Ross, Hereford, England

Trouble is that sound bites and speeches are all you get from Tony Blair and Labour
Jenny, Farnworth
I thought Mr Blair's speech was very good, well written and well delivered. Trouble is that sound bites and speeches are all you get from Tony Blair and Labour. Education, crime and the NHS are as disastrous as they were, there are still far too many people abusing the benefits system and the rest of us are still fed up with pouring money in and seeing no improvement. In conclusion, great speech but we'll all just be expecting more of the same.
Jenny, Farnworth

I'm a Labour voter and was disappointed that his speech indicated so strongly that he intends to serve a full third term. We lost a lot of terrific MPs at the last election - many of whom would still be in parliament today if he had done the honourable thing and stepped down as PM last year. I think we will win the next election but if Blair stays on we will scrape through with an even smaller majority.
Paul, Southend-on-Sea, UK

Perhaps he should spend the 16 billion he wants to spend on ID Cards on more police, cleaner hospitals, higher pensions, lower tax, better roads, more punctual trains, reducing student debt and cheaper fuel? Would that be a little bit too radical?
Arron Clements, Coventry UK

There is no politician in Britain that comes close to Tony Blair's talents and stature - and the labour party activists know it. Without him there would have been no three election victories. It is Blair who has given Gordon Brown the time and space to conduct his economic redistribution policies. I hope he stays in power for as long as possible because I don't see any natural successor with Blair's appeal.
Fran, London, UK

I was appalled to find that he had not mentioned University tuition fees at all. This is very bad for him indeed, no wonder he side stepped the issue. Also, why did he leave out Southampton from his list of great UK cities? Shocking! I won't be voting for Labour ever again.
K Abraham, Southampton

I have been a Labour supporter all my adult life. I was overjoyed in 1997 to think I would at last see a proper social democratic government in Britain. I'm still waiting. Meanwhile things go on as if the Tories were still there. I do not want any more of his 'reforms'.
Harriet, Worcester

Tony Blair speaks as if a different party has been in power for the last 8 years, and he now has to clear up the mess.
Jack Hughes, Huddersfield UK

As an academic exercise in presentation it was worth nine out of ten. However, in ten days we will not remember a word of it. This evangelical "wind-up" of a small club of activists is a travesty of the principles of democracy.
John Y, Oxford

"I will never allow the NHS to charge for treatment". These are the words of PM Tony Blair at the conference. I have had a NHS dentist for 17 years but the practice has now decided to go private. They have offered me an insurance policy. The only loser is the patient: the dentist earns more and the insurance company make a profit. Free NHS? I think not.
Richard Gulliver, Thornbury

I think Tony Blair is doing a good job but i think that the young people of Britain deserve a bit more of a say; after all WE are the future.
Hollie Pinder, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

The bit that struck me was Blair's statement that while it was important not to convict the innocent, it wasn't the main priority of the criminal justice system. Given his government's attacks on jury trial, the double jeopardy rule, habeas corpus and so forth, and his repeated support for what amounts to internment, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. Will any civil liberties be left by the time he's done?
Douglas, Guildford, GB

I welcome the modernisation of public services. Particularly health, I would applaud investment in our hospitals if it is done wisely. There was no mention in Tony Blair's speech about the thousands of people who die or are harmed by MRSA. Clean up and modernise the hospitals and make the staff proud to work in the NHS.
Maria Cann, Bristol

Mr Blair's speech was that of a leader. Whether you agree with it or not. Mr Brown is not a leader, seems to me that Labour would be the same as all the other parties if Mr Brown was the leader. Mr Brown stick to what you know - Chancellor!
David Darwent, Sheffield

Choice costs money! Too many choices confuse people. Look at the mess of the complex care legislation. Families are bewildered when trying to choose their options when placing the elderly into care. Mr Blair is only interested in his place in history books but meantime we all have to deal with all the change.
S Wallace, Scotland

I thought Blair's speech was brilliantly composed and consummately delivered. He looks at the peak of his powers, head and shoulders above anyone else in the upper echelons of British politics, including Gordon Brown. But what's he doing leading the Labour Party? He's unequivocally a "change-making" Tory!
John Taylor, Sheffield, UK

I'm puzzled by those who regard Blair as a Tory. His record on taxing and spending without regard for value for money, or for peoples' ability to pay is pure old Labour. Also, he wants to interfere in people's lives in a way that is decidely un-Tory.
Matthew Boult, Chandlers Ford

I have heard these comments about law and order before
Roger Sharman, Esher Surrey
I have heard these comments about law and order before but there has been no difference. In fact the breakdown in law and order has got worse. He must definitely drop the "Human Rights" bill and think about the good of the community and victim instead of the criminal. I notice the question of Europe did not come up much. Is he still going to have a referendum on entry to the Euro? Also nothing mentioned about controlling illegal immigration which is still a major problem. Altogether a lot of hot air but no substance. Sorry I was a Labour supporter but no more.
Roger Sharman, Esher Surrey

What is wrong with you people? Whatever Tony Blair says you criticize, so, what are you hoping the leader to do for you? Although he is not a perfect leader, but Blair is the one who can run this government better than the Conservatives and Lib Dems, so be fair.
Hemin Mahmoud, Croydon

Tony Blair is now too far removed from the pulse of the nation. Unfortunately I suspect that the Labout Party may suffer from a similar affliction. This country needs a new leader - no-one has yet been able to rise to the challenge.
Rob, Cambridgeshire

Sounds like a guy in charge to me
Vince, Cov UK
Sounds like a guy in charge to me, the best prime minister for generations. He indulges in joined-up politics at home and abroad with absolute commitment. It will be pity to see him go.
Vince, Cov UK

Why is choice so important - surely if sevices were good choice would be irrelevant? I don't care who treats my illness/empties my bins/puts out fires or whatever as long as it gets done properly. Putting elements of choice in encourages competitors to seek shortcuts & affects quality of services as far as I can see.
Andy Bryceland, Greenock

I listened to the speech and I see a man who is very passionate about the United Kingdom, about the regions, about the people and about our future. This government has achieved a lot and it is also true that we run ourselves down. When we got the 2012 Olympics, I was overjoyed. At long last the United Kingdom has leapfrogged from the 19th century directly into the 21st century.
Aaron, SE London

If Tony Blair doesn't give way for Gordon Brown now, there will be a landslide defeat at the next general election. Many Labour supporters voted only because they believed he would be quickly replaced by Gordon Brown. We're still waiting.
Mary O'Brien, Edinburgh, Scotland

As an ex-pat, Tony Blair has given Britain a younger more dynamic face than before. The rest of the world respects Britain a lot more than 15 years ago. Tony Blair has had a pivotal role in reducing debt in the poorest countries - that just wouldn't have been possible by any other leader.
Bernard Shiner, Lima, Peru

Who told Tony Blair that we want choice in the NHS?
Roy Jones, Whittlesey
Who told Tony Blair that we want choice in the NHS? I want choice when I shop or travel. But when I'm ill, I expect my GP to know where the best treatment is available and send me there. How on earth would I know if some other hospital or some other specialist is better?
Walter Schwarz, Colchester UK

Isn't it time Blair did what he was elected for - to run this country for the benefit of its people - rather than pursue his own agenda in the international arena?
Roy Jones, Whittlesey, Cambs.

Who needs a Conservative Party when we have a pale version of it running the country at present? Blair is the best Tory leader the Tories never had. There are only two parties now in the UK, the Lib Dems and the combined Labour/Tory. With Blair's commitment to privatisation, the ghost of Thatcher rears its ugly head.
Thomas Lowry, Leeds UK

Energy. The UK is facing a looming energy crisis. Depleting North Sea gas will soon create both gas and electricity shortages. Nuclear decommission will remove still more electricity supply. Keeping the lights on is the largest challenge over the coming decade.
Chris Vernon, Bristol

It's about time that Tony Blair started to look after the pensioners
M Price, Coventry
It's about time that Tony Blair started to look after the pensioners as they are the ones who have fought for this country. He should now give them a better pension rise.
M Price, Coventry, UK

He should take some responsibility for the situation in Iraq. It is maddening the way in which he thinks he can just front it out ignoring popular opinion. That no one in government has resigned is a miracle.
Roger, Edinburgh

He should finally admit that he is a Conservative, as he doesn't seem much like a socialist to me like Labour should be.
Ian Purnell, Maastricht Holland

Mr Blair should announce Britain's withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights and from the Geneva Convention so that we can more effectively fight the terrorists in our midst without them exploiting the legal system to evade facing justice. Unshackle us please, Mr. Blair.
Jamie Shepherd, UK

While I'd rather see the Conservatives in power, Blair should continue his plans to combat terrorism. To retreat now from Iraq or from the recently-proposed anti-terror laws would be a betrayal of the British people. He won the election, and so has the right and duty to protect his people.
Craig, Durban, South Africa

A word or two about how his government are going to tackle the outrageous rip off that is poll tax, er sorry, council tax would be nice.
Rick Hough, Knutsford, Cheshire

Hasn't Blair been promising radical reform for almost 10 years?
Vincent, London
Hasn't Blair been promising radical reform for almost 10 years now? Since Labour came to power, I have seen them capitulate on virtually every piece of radical reform when outcry ensued. It is impossible to please everybody, but in the midst of all the promises of radical reform, surely at some stage there must actually be delivery. Hopefully Mr Blair will some to realise that vision without action is simply a daydream, while action without vision is a nightmare.
Vincent, London

It would be nice to hear plans about streamlining or reforming the council tax system, especially addressing the issue of council's raising the amounts 20% above inflation every year. I imagine it will be business as usual.
Matthew Higgins, Winnersh, UK

I would like him to say "I will put the wishes of the electorate ahead of the wishes of Mr. Bush".
Buzz, Glasgow

What a great success this government has been. Low inflation, unemployment, a minimum wage, better public services etc. We are definitely better off now than.
Sarah, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

He should do the honourable thing and resign. Then he should join the Tory Party where belongs and give us the Labour Party back. And I am not an extreme lefty either.
Alex Goodwin, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Make a firm pledge to reduce taxation
John, Leicester
He should make a firm pledge to reduce taxation. Ideally council tax or any other tax, just something that will make a noticeable difference to the ordinary bloke in the street.
John, Leicester

All this talk of when Tony Blair might stand down is a red herring. He is determined to be in power longer than Margaret Thatcher. As she was prime minister for 11 years and 209 days (approximately 11 years and seven months), it goes without argument that Tony will not stand down much before he has served for at least the same length of time, i.e. until late November 2008. Anyone want to take bets?
Bernard Cooper, Birmingham, England

I'm shocked Tony has not mentioned his plans for the forthcoming energy crisis. This is probably the biggest problem to have ever faced the country although no one wants to talk about it.
Jamie, Gloucester, Glos

How about a pledge to commit to a sustainable economy not based upon bloated public sector jobs and rampant but dwindling consumerism?
Jules, Surrey

He should explain why the gap between rich and poor has got bigger under Labour, and why Britain has the worst record of upward mobility in Europe, even worse than the US!
Julian Thomas, Barcelona, (expat)

That troops will be home from the Gulf by Christmas.
Chris, UK

Perhaps he should talk about changing parliamentary proceedings so that different policies could be debated individually on their merits and voted upon in the house, rather than mulled over in closed committees or think tanks and then bundled together into a single massive bill, usually with some unpleasant ideas hidden inside. Perhaps then dissenters could be heard properly rather than just being accused of wrecking "good" legislation because they managed to read the small print in time.
Stuart Whyte, Chelmsford, UK

Back in '97, Blair had a golden opportunity to undo 18 years of Tory rule and sweep away all the greed and self interest that came with those times. By my calculations, we've now had 26 years of continuous conservative government.
David, Bracknell, Berkshire

It seems to me that Tony Blair has got one eye on Mrs Thatcher's record-breaking stint as prime minister. I'm pretty sure he'll cheerfully stand aside once he has surpassed her record in 2008. As for his successor, we must wait and see. Gordon Brown is not the only credible candidate. I only hope he'll be prepared to stay on as chancellor if his hopes are dashed.
Kelly Mouser, Upminster, Essex

Fed up with these politicians who promise to "to step up reform" .. that's what they get paid to do ... so the question is, what have they been paid to do until now, if they are only looking at stepping up reforms now?!
Xavier, London

He should admit that the reason this country is in the state it is because he and his party have been so preoccupied with making things look good on paper that they haven't given a blind bit of thought or concern to the reality of life in Britain. We don't care if you can show us a pie chart, or some report your friend has written - we care about what we see outside our front door, how we are treated in hospital, what we see in our bank balances, and the troops we see in our graveyards.
Louise, Canterbury, Kent

How can he justify paying senior civil servants and management consultants huge bonuses, wasting millions on flawed IT systems (CSA for one) and not increasing pensions or basic wages. He and his cronies are totally out of touch with the day to day economic reality for average earners outside of London. We get no allowances for living in the south east but pay London prices. You said you would listen Mr Blair, well maybe you need to clean your ears out.
Mr Fed Up, Hastings, East Sussex

Tony Blair will concentrate on the jobs in hand rather than outlining the timetable for his departure. He has gained an utmost respect from the public, his colleagues and other parties for his vision and their deliveries throughout his tenure. He should continue doing so for the remaining period of the third term. He has taken some decisions for the benefit for his country and he should stand by those decisions. Public, sooner or later, will realise his hard decisions have kept the whole country one step ahead on the international level. We are also better off domestically almost in all the areas including health, education, security, etc.
Om Choudhary, Herts

He should tell us why he does not introduce workhouses for the lazy people in the country - we need to look backwards for ideas, it worked for the Victorians and it can work for us.
Ian Corrigan, Glasgow

Tony Blair will be viewed by history as one of our greatest Prime Ministers. Why can't he get the recognition he deserves? I blame some sections of the media.
MG Shaw, Lichfield

Admit that all the planned reforms are critically flawed
Alan, Crawley
First admit that all the planned reforms are critically flawed then admit that outsourcing IT was the biggest mistake that government has ever made and then finally admit that using management consultants instead of equally if not better trained civil servants is an absolutely disgusting waste of money. It'll never happen, the public services in this country are being butchered to a standard Thatcher would be happy with. Oh, another thing that would be nice is the government to admit it has failed to cut red tape drastically and that it has actually got worse with statistics being an almost full time burden on civil servants who now spend more time doing statistics than meaningful work.
Alan, Crawley

It's ridiculous and vain of Gordon Brown to think that he will ever be a better leader than Tony Blair.
Dave Sandford, London

He should say exactly what he is going to do about global warming and weaning the country off oil. Actual, tangible, immediate action; not more waffle.
Stu, Bristol, UK

I abdicate, (in the same manner is Margaret Thatcher did). Well he is Mrs Thatcher with trousers on - a quote from the splendid Andrew Marr.
Andy G, Bristol, England

Help for single people! I work for the NHS, struggle to afford rent, bills and food most months! Fed up with baked beans for tea - help needed.
Suzy, Northampton

Whatever he says, it will be just words. His latest U-turn is on climate change. At a time when this issue is becoming increasingly more important, he has backtracked from former statements and is now going along once again with the policies of Bush.
Mike, Portsmouth, UK

He should say: "Right. Here I am, what do you want me to do?" Then he should go away and do it
Matt, Sussex, UK
He should say: "Right. Here I am, what do you want me to do?" Then he should go away and do it. Not waste our time and money on mere rhetoric. He made us promises and they have not come to fruition. He said "education, education, education" then sold off our playing fields and closed down the underperforming schools. He should also say: "I'm not going to suck up to Bush anymore" as we are in danger of losing our national pride and identity. Tony, you are the Prime Minister of the UK. Do your job or go away. We don't work for you, you work for us.
Matt, Sussex, UK

Tony Blair has wasted the greatest opportunity given to a politician in ages. With good will and a massive majority he could have made a real difference, he chose not to. Gordon Brown's pledge to continue Blair's work means that we can look forward to more of the same. It does not matter whether Blair stays or goes the song is the same.
Chris Parker, Bucks

There is a current theme on 'Respect' at the moment. I think the Prime Minister needs to acknowledge that respect means should include all those who did not vote for him, those who live in the countryside, those who disagreed with the war in Iraq, those pensioners who have a small increase in their state pensions but massive outgoings in their bills. Yes, he should acknowledge all that and then say sorry.
Andrew, London, UK

He should explain the following story on your website today "Official figures show 1.86bn went to members of the Management Consultancies Association in 2004-05 - an increase of 590m, or 46%, on 2003-04" and why the response was that this was money well spent.
Paul, Manchester

I am not interested in what Mr Blair has to say, I am more interested in what he can deliver.
Colin, Swindon, UK

So Mr Blair wants us to have even more reform of public services. Instead of continually reinventing the wheel, I think we should have some major reform of Parliament, Government, and the British Constitution. It is ridiculous that we have a monarchy that does not get involved in politics, while the effective head of state is elected by just a few thousand of his local constituents.
Lorraine Bliss, Leamington Spa

Let's hope Blair announces some reforms that actually reduce taxation for a change
Matthew Clarkson, Exeter
Let's hope Blair announces some reforms that actually reduce taxation for a change, although 'flying pigs seen in Brighton' is a more likely headline.
Matthew Clarkson, Exeter

Why should Tony Blair go at all? He is the best we have ever had and there is no one who could do his job better. Let us for once keep this country in the same hands. Keep changing the leaders of this country does no good at all. We need consistency in the running of the country and Tony Blair is that man.
Mrs L North, Canterbury Britain

A bit of wishful thinking perhaps but wouldn't it be nice if he would pledge to find a Chancellor who knows how to balance the nation's books?
Darrel Humphreys, Cardiff, UK

He's done a good stint and it's taking its toll. Look at the picture. He should say 'Goodbye.'
Joanna W, UK

Although the country is wealthy and employment is low, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow and our public services are slowly being sold off. I would like him to admit that he's a Tory and change sides!
Rob Bowley, London

"I have thought long and hard about the issue and realise that ID cards would be overly expensive and do nothing to stop the threat of terrorism or immigration."
Al, T'wells, UK

Whatever he says, the pauses will be longer than the content.
Simon Mallett, Maidstone, UK

How about reforming the voting system to make it more democratic? Tony is currently in power because of a mere 35% of the popular vote; 65% of the population did NOT vote for him. About time we had proportional representation of a sort, isn't it?
D Holdsworth, Manchester, UK

I'd be happy to see him commit to keeping our current 'first past the post' voting system, using the mess that proportional representation has caused in Germany as his justification. Compulsory voting should be part of that commitment, with a 'none of the above' option so everybody's view is known. And to D. Holdsworth, if I was in Blair's position, I would counter your assessment of the election result by pointing out that 75% of the electorate did NOT vote against him, implying they are happy with his performance (and no, I'm am most definitely NOT a Labour - New or otherwise - supporter).
Andrew, Brighton, England

How about giving some support to those of us who are single and who do not have children? We are entitled to no benefits, no tax relief and are constantly expected to pay more and more for those who see this country as a free meal ticket for the rest of them and to support their uncontrolled production of offspring. The only change in public services Blair has introduced in the last 8 years is for everything to cost more, petrol and bus/train fares alike. I am not hopeful this will change.
Sara, Birmingham, UK

He should commit to spending more time looking after the many problems the UK currently faces
Keith, UK
He should commit to spending more time looking after the many problems the UK currently faces and stop trying to fix every problem around the world. Seem to remember that being a promise in the general election, but I suppose that has now been dropped.
Keith, UK

Tony is spot on. To all the detractors; take a look at this country, it's in the best position, in most aspects, than it has ever been.
Darren Hodkinson, Manchester, England

He should say that the British People will elect the next Prime Minister not the Labour party. It is arrogant beyond believe to think that Blair can simply hand over the title - we are supposed to live in a democracy.
Tom, Ipswich, UK

The words "sorry" and "good bye" comes to mind. We have wasted 8 years on these people. Spending and the national debt have rocketed thanks to Labour, and we are still yet to see any benefits. To top it off, they now want us to work until we are 70!
Alfie Noakes, North of England, UK

I'm sure he'll keep well away from Iraq. And probably push ID cards and new terror laws as a way to keep terrorists away from England. As a lame duck PM I'm sure he'll also propose a new worldwide vision for helping the poor - again.
Salik Rafiq, Blackburn

I expect it will be the same rubbish that he always spouts with a huge dose of spin for the media to get to grips with. The fact that bit by bit our NHS is being sold off - bit by bit will probably be ignored for the usual Brown vs Blair which is getting especially dull. I'd like to see some of the Backbenchers speak out for keeping Labour principles to let Tony know he is not going to get everything his own way - at least without a fight
Stephen Thompson, Newcastle, UK

He should apologise for the mess he's created in Iraq and tell us what he proposes to do about it.
Tod, Barnstaple

Blair should say: Sorry about the war, I resign.
Peter Howe, Milton Keynes, England

How about I'm going to spend more time in the UK devoting my time to its myriad problems instead of globe-trotting to sort out everyone else's?
Lesley, London, UK

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