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Simon Wiesenthal's death: Your reaction
Simon Wiesenthal
The Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal has died in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Mr Wiesenthal was said to have helped bring more than 1,100 Nazi war criminals to justice in the decades following World War II.

His death was announced by officials at the US-based Simon Wiesenthal Center.

What are your memories of Simon Wiesenthal? How important was his life's work?

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The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

May his memory inspire us for generations to come
Yosef Dov, Victoria, BC, Canada
Simon Wiesenthal was one of the truly brave men of the world. I am deeply saddened he is no longer among us. May his memory inspire us for generations to come. Goodbye Mr Wiesenthal, I will remember you.
Yosef Dov, Victoria, BC, Canada

By seeking justice and not revenge Simon Wiesenthal inspired my generation of Austrians with respect and gratitude as well as the courage to face up to the truth of the involvement of many Austrians in Nazi atrocities. His voice will be sorely missed in Austrian society.
Karin, Vienna, Austria

I sit and cry, in thanks for a life well lived, and in sorrow for the world is very much less today. Justice is a principle that must transcend hate and fear. Simon Wiesenthal, most surely lit the path for us to follow.
Peter, Los Angeles, USA

Truly the world is poorer and colder for his passing. As a teacher, I have used his work to open young minds, and always the young are awed by courage and commitment to a cause. I never met him, but felt as though I knew him. God bless you, sir, enjoy your rest.
Jeremy, Perth, Western Australia

He was truly a role model in more ways than one
Lucille, New York City
People like Simon Wiesenthal did more to inspire others to pursue justice regarding matters in their own places and times of struggle. It took a similar kind of stubbornness (refusing to forget) to bring justice for the slain civil rights workers in Mississippi just last year. He was truly a role model in more ways than one. Hopefully we won't forget what he his stubbornness taught the rest of us.
Lucille, New York City

I am proud to say that I met Simon Wiesenthal. His work must continue and he must not be forgotten.
Ann Christie, London

A truly dedicated man who devoted his life to justice and to ensuring we do not forget the atrocities that were done, and are still being done by fellow humans. May God bless you - we are the less by your loss.
Jen, Scotland

He was a trooper and he never gave up. I remember one time he was visiting our school and I asked him if he would like to make a visit to the cloakroom before he left. 'No' he replied, 'I didn't give in to the Nazis and I won't give in to the bladder'. That's how he was, a fighter, who refused to be beaten by anything.
GS, Germany

Inspirational, a role-model, uncompromising. Justice has lost it's first ever true hero. May he rest in peace.
Martijn Jongste, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

His memory will be honoured by decent people everywhere
Jamie Shepherd, UK
Wiesenthal was one of the few truly great men of our time, a supreme humanitarian and champion of justice. His memory will be honoured by decent people everywhere for all time.
Jamie Shepherd, UK

Wiesenthal's tireless pursuit of justice launched the importance and centrality of war crimes prosecution under international law. He not only brought illumination to the past, but reminded us how justice could be served in the future.
Simon, London, London, UK

A truly great man. A true inspiration in the pursuit for justice.
Georgie, Durban, South Africa

His voice was an active memory of the Holocaust. Let us never forget him and let us continue to honour him and the victims of the Holocaust.
Neville Shevloff, Cape Coral, FL, USA

As someone with a passionate interest in the history of WW2 I salute the passing of the "grand old man" of the Nazi-hunters. I believe the world is a better place for his unrelenting pursuit of the criminal ex-Nazis who attempted to hide among decent citizens in the "corners" of the globe. He proved by himself that there is truth in the saying "you can run but you cannot hide" from eventual justice for war crimes. His life should be held up for examination by those who still deny there was no Holocaust.
Karl Aiken, Kingston, Jamaica

Tears flow from my eyes for such a great man of honour. May his memory be blessed!
Robert Goldberg, Flushing, NY

Having just read the Laurence Rees book, Auschwitz and the final solution, one can only applaud and be humbled by this man's dogged determination for justice and the truth. There are the deniers of the entire holocaust, and there are those who attempt to justify it in some obscene way. Mr Wiesenthal never ever let his faith be swayed and continued in his righteous humane quest until he was unable to carry on. Let the Germany of today honour his death and let them be reminded why this great man touched so many hearts and minds across the world, the evil of the Nazis was beyond belief and also beyond all reasonably acceptable behaviour, even in war there are some boundaries, however they failed totally to realise this and Simon Wiesenthal has spent a lifetime dedicated to making them understand. I for one will say a prayer tonight, I'm of no religious persuasion but I feel a great man has left us, I only hope he finds comfort, and his murdered family wherever he now rests, sleep well.
Vinny Marsden, Sheffield UK

I hope his many successes brought him peace
Elizabeth, Los Angeles, USA
My grandmother would have been one of the victims had she not spoken good enough English to get out ahead of time. She can show photos of her primary school class and indicate who ended up in Auschwitz. How fitting that Mr Wiesenthal, who did so much to redress the wrongs done to those children and others, should die peacefully in his bed at such an old age. I hope his many successes brought him peace.
Elizabeth, Los Angeles, USA

I am deeply moved by Simon Wiesenthal's death. During more than 25 years of teaching history I have introduced his admirable, necessary and courageous life and work to my students. In that sense he has touched so many lives forever.
Emma Coutinho, The Hague, The Netherlands

Simon Wiesenthal made sure that the Nazi butchers and their collaborators did not rest easily and just fade away into history. His work and dedication eventually awoke the conscience of the world to the barbarity of their crimes. I salute you and thank you for everything you did.
Peter Bernstein, Johannesburg, South Africa

"For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing." These were not Simon Wiesenthal's words but he lived them his whole life. He tried to and succeeded in keeping the Holocaust in the forefront of the news so that it would never happen again. He did something to prevent evil from flourishing once more. May he rest in peace and may we be strong enough to follow his example.
Ruth Finkel, London, UK

May his work never be forgotten. May there be others like him in other places and other times as there will always be a need for people like him
William Anderson, York, USA

We will never forget though some may forgive. Thank you Mr Wiesenthal!
John Papworth, Mexico City

To have the fortitude and drive in order to seek justice following the ordeal of the Holocaust - the man was truly a hero. With deep admiration for his life.
Ron, Pennsylvania, USA

When I read justice not vengeance I truly felt I had learned of a great human being and after going through what Simon Wiesenthal went through, he never gave up his fight whatever obstacles lay before him. A real hero of our times, never, never forget.
Adam Salim, Barcelona

May God grant him everlasting peace knowing that he bought justice to Holocaust victims. They lost a champion.
Viola Saul, Iloilo City, Philippines

He was a man in six million and he made a difference to justice in the world
Suchitra Chatterjee, Brighton, UK
Simon Wiesenthal spoke for all the victims of the Holocaust, be they Jews, or Gypsies etc, for him never again was all inclusive, he was a man in six million and he made a difference to justice in the world, which is more than can be said for the modern world we now live in.
Suchitra Chatterjee, Brighton, UK

The best way to remember him is to never forget the evil that mankind can do to mankind. The moment we forget is the moment we let history repeat itself. We must never forget.
Patrick Smith, High Peak, Derbyshire

If anyone in the past century deserves sainthood this man does.
Patrick, Copenhagen, Denmark

Simon Wiesenthal represents the finest of Jewish souls. May he rest in the peace he deserves.
Mim Grace, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Such a tremendous loss to all mankind! Mr Wiesenthal was a true hero for all the oppressed and discriminated against. May his memory be blessed!
Oded, Atlanta, GA

As it relates to Simon Wiesenthal, I think Anne Frank's quote sums him up the best...."I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out." Rest in peace valiant soldier of humanity.
Rebecca O, Atlanta, GA, USA

One of the greatest men of our generation. He will always be remembered.
Dennis Chapin, Racine, United States

Simon Wiesenthal was a true hero, he gave most of his life to the noble cause of tracking down the worst criminals and murderers of the 20th century. May he rest in peace.
James Walsh, Dublin, Ireland

While everybody was building monuments and saying never again or gone but not forgotten, Simon Wiesenthal went beyond that into real action. The world still has holocausts, but who will be our Wiesenthal now?
Andrew Hunt, Kirkland, USA

I used to live near Belsen when serving with HM Forces. Nobody should be allowed to forget the suffering endured by so many.
John Macalpine, Spalding England

A true hero of our age, an exceptionally rare and brave human being. Let's hope the world finally learns something from his life!
Della, Worthing UK

When the will is really there, everything is possible
Steven, Israel
A truly great great man. His work is an example not just to individuals, but to the various world bodies that continually fail to deliver. When the will is really there, everything is possible.
Steven, Israel

Mr. Wiesenthal was one of the most outstanding and inspirational men the world has ever seen. He channelled his enormous pain and sorrow into a livelong commitment to bring to justice those who committed these heinous crimes. He also worked tirelessly to make sure the world did not forget the victims of the Holocaust....their names and their stories. In bringing to light the deepest evil in the human soul, he himself showed us the greatest strength and love which can be achieved when we turn ourselves away from evil and towards compassion. He will be sorely missed.
Pat, Massachusetts, USA

I truly hope that Simon Wiesenthal inspires people across the world to pursue justice in order to defend the weak and venerable at a time when so many innocent people are being abused by individuals and states.
Zakariyya Khan, Leicester

Too often people are given heroic status when they have accomplished little more than scoring a goal in a football match, in Simon Wiesenthal's case the world says goodbye to a true hero. This man fought for justice despite adversity and opposition, for that the world owes him a debt, the best way we can repay this man is to continue his work by pursuing and punishing war criminals the world over.
Judith, Basildon

Simon Wiesenthal will sorely be missed. I feel that we have lost a light in the dark paths of the world today. I wish him an everlasting peace and to his family and friends my deepest condolences
Jonathan Clark, Karachi, Pakistan

He is another example that one man can really and actually make a difference
Sonia, Nairobi, Kenya
There are very few people in this world who make a difference by standing up to injustice and the late Simon Wiesenthal is one of them. His courage and conviction led to the capture of a lot of Nazis and made sure that the people responsible for the greatest crimes against humanity were made to pay for them. His humility will always be remembered and I'm sure his solo efforts will ensure that the Holocaust and its survivors will not remain just footnotes in history. He is another example that one man can really and actually make a difference.
Sonia, Nairobi, Kenya

His is an inspiration to anyone seeking justice for whatever reason. He showed that with determination and single-mindedness even the greatest of criminals can be brought to justice. Rest in peace Mr. Wiesenthal, may the historians of the world never let your name be forgotten
Chris, UK

It is sad to see the end of someone who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. Someone so courageous and so principled. Sadly they don't make many men like that anymore.
Lucy, Hong Kong

Do not weep for Simon Wiesenthal or his family. His life deserves celebration, not regret. Instead, weep for our generation. Who amongst us approaches Wiesenthal? Who amongst us has the courage to face up to the evils of the world around us? A great man has been lost, and we are the poorer for his passing.
James, Derby, UK

This man shines out as an example to others
Dave Sax, West Sussex
This man shines out as an example to others. Even if many are not now directly touched by the evil he sought to expose. Justice will not forget and cannot forget those hideous crimes. Mr Wiesenthal embodied that concept in reality. A great man and his passing is a sad day.
Dave Sax, West Sussex

A beacon of light for human dignity and justice has been extinguished. A truly sad day for us all.
Fiona Macfarlane, Perth, Scotland

Although he is no longer with us, his work and his memory will live on. May he rest in eternal peace
David, Ra'anana, Israel

A good man who knew right from wrong. All too rare these days.
Derek S, UK

As a person that lost his grandparents in the holocaust I saw Mr Wiesenthal as the torch carrier for justice for the victims and the survivors. There are few great figures in each century and Mr Wiesenthal was one of them, we will all miss this great soul.
Isaac M, Staten Island, USA

What a sad loss to the world. I hope he felt the love and respect from the tens of thousands of people following his wonderful work during his lifetime. May he truly rest in peace and his work continue.
Jackie Lewis, Bozeat, Northants

I hope Simon Wiesenthal rests in peace he never rested whilst alive he fought tirelessly to bring Nazi criminals to justice, he was and still is an inspiration to those who would just stand by and forget.
Tracey Duncan, Neufahrn, Germany

He will be sorely missed. He was an example to us all that we should never forget or be allowed to forget the terrible crimes that were perpetrated during the Holocaust
Naveed Nazir, London, UK

A great man and a fine example of courage and humanity in the face of overwhelming odds and unspeakable evil
Trevor, London UK
A great man and a fine example of courage and humanity in the face of overwhelming odds and unspeakable evil. His death is a loss to us all but hopefully his work will be continued not only against the tyrants of the mid twentieth century but also against more modern ones.
Trevor, London UK

The Hell that was the Holocaust would have broken most people. Simon Wiesenthal not only survived but stood to seek justice for the millions who didn't make it. He helped the Nazis' victims rest a little easier knowing their murderers had been brought to account, and I pray he can rest peacefully himself.
Matthew, Colchester

Rest easy, friend. Thank you for everything.
Niki, London UK

Simon Wiesenthal was a good man and he did not let the evils of Nazism be forgotten like other genocides that have occurred before and after. Farewell good man, we will remember you.
Random Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Even if all the Nazi criminals were not caught, Thanks to Simon Wiesenthal they never rested easily. Please God, he will.
Steve Waterman, Orinda, USA

Wiesenthal's real message was that justice transcends time, and no amount of time makes genocide any less horrific. Perhaps there are some people in the Balkans and Sudan that might take this lesson to heart.
Kyle Ford, Nashville, USA

He is a fine role model of what one person can achieve in the fight against evil.
Roger Bradshaw, Bristol, UK
He is a fine role model of what one person can achieve in the fight against evil. I sincerely hope that there are more people willing to take up that role to fight the evils of today.
Roger Bradshaw, Bristol, UK

I'm saddened to see the world without Simon Wiesenthal in it, but enlightened that his voice will remain forever. He once said 'It's a terrible tragedy when a good man does nothing'.
Julia, Kent

Wiesenthal is one of the rare persons in this century who has shown us what a human being can be: strong, intelligent, not revengeful or with a private agenda, but working for true justice. Every city should have a Wiesenthal street. A perfect role model for all human beings. MC
MC, London

Many of my father's family died in various camps during the war. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Mr Wiesenthal's life work. May he rest in peace.
Bela Spanjar, Amsterdam, Netherlands

He is the personification of the failure of the Nazis and of the rest of the world. He was not destroyed by the Holocaust and sought justice for its victims. The rest of the world failed because they should have done his job for him. I wish his family and long and healthy life. He is one of the greatest men of his generation.
James, London, UK

A believer in justice, not vengeance
Jo, New Zealand
A believer in justice, not vengeance. I hope he finally finds the peace he deserves.
Jo, New Zealand

This is truly saddening in one way but hopefully inspiring to many at the same time to carry on with his work of hunting down the Nazis and on a broader sense hunting down all past and present oppressors, torturers and murderers.
Giovanni Conti, Bellingham, WA, US

As a Muslim I had the privilege to see the work of the Simon Wiesenthal centre and can say that his work to bring about tolerance and respect in humanity was very much evident. His work will live on.
Ismail G, Gloucester

I had the honour to meet this great man. He was a humble man that believed in bringing those terrible people to stand before the law and face up to what they had done. His actions also let the world know how wicked man can be to man. It is a shame more people cannot learn from the past to make them better people of the future.
Ian H Jacobson, Manchester , Lancashire

Thank goodness for people like Simon Wiesenthal who was not afraid to be unpopular in powerful circles if he could bring justice and retribution to evil men. He will be honoured for his diligence and his humanity.
Barbara Clayton, Canary Islands, Spain

It's with enormous grief that I learned about the death of this great Nazi hunter who after all he suffered still believed in justice we shall miss him.
Zehava Bendor, Kfar Sava - Israel

Let's hope it is not just Nazis who are brought to justice for their crimes, but all who commit genocide and torture.
Merlin Cox, London, UK

Simon Wiesenthal was a great man, having the determination to seek out those who under the cowardly guise of Nazism sought to destroy human life and walk away thinking they were free men.
Lawrence Berg, London UK

This is a great loss to mankind. He was one of the very limited few humans, who sacrificed his lifetime to fight the Nazi system that hurt the very meaning of being human. I salute you. May your soul rest in peace.
Arun, Bangalore, India

I wish him the peace he so richly deserves and thank him for pursuing justice in the names of those who could not.
Judith, Bury, Lancs

"Justice, not revenge" hits the nail on the head. Respect and honour to a great man.
Jim, London, UK

The world needs two more Simon Wiesenthals: one for Balkan war criminals, and another for the members of Saddam's regime that are still on the loose.
Thomas Lohr, Hamburg Germany

Although hardly unexpected, Simon Wiesenthal's death makes the world a poorer place. His fight to bring those responsible for the Holocaust to justice should be seen as an inspiration to anyone who's ever faced adversity. With great dignity and strength of character he pursued justice for those who died, without seeking revenge. I was fortunate to hear him speak once and his words will stay with me for the rest of my life. He was a true inspiration.
Christine, UK

Thank God for people like him. Rest in peace.
Tony , Pontefract

A man who devoted all his life to catch the murderers of millions of innocent people should always be remembered
Richard, London, UK


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