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Arthur Miller: Your tributes
Arthur Miller
US playwright Arthur Miller who had been battling with cancer, pneumonia and a heart condition has died, aged 89.

The Pulitzer prizewinner was most famous for his works Death of a Salesman and The Crucible.

His marriage to screen star Marilyn Monroe in 1956 further catapulted the playwright to fame, though that was publicity he said he never pursued.

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Your tributes:

I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Miller's death. He changed the landscape of the twentieth-century theatre with his plays. I have studied and performed several of his plays including A View From The Bridge and All My Sons and they resound with power and passion. Just like Tennessee Williams, Miller is a true genius who will be sadly missed.
Terrance, Cardiff, Wales

He dared to shine a light at the frailties and foibles of human nature
John Hankinson, Bedminster, USA
His was an authentic and original voice. He dared to shine a light at the frailties and foibles of human nature where most would turn their heads away. His voice has awakened and inspired countless individuals. What a grand legacy.
John Hankinson, Bedminster, USA

I am a student at Birmingham University studying drama. I always wondered why the name of Miller was spoken with a whispered reverence. I then read 'Death of a Salesman,' and ceased to question why. Miller was truly a great man.
Guy Fothergill, Birmingham, England

I only ever saw one of Arthur's Miller's plays, 'All My Sons'. What a great rendition of the human condition in all it's squalid glory! He loved people and told of his love in a no nonsense powerful, challenging manner. How agonising, how powerful, how a mistake, unheeded, ignored out of fear can destroy lives! There will never be another! Rest in peace, Mr Miller.
Sarah, Manchester, England

His brilliance, at least to me, is distilled in the authenticity of his characters' dialogues. There were no missteps, no false notes, only the sharps and flats of real life. His work has proved durable and will endure in the theatrical canon as long as actors act, as long as audiences patronize theatres.
Maureen Shields, Vashon, USA

Death of a Salesman remains a powerful influence on my own life and writing.
Scott Richburg, Montgomery, AL
Though I never met Arthur Miller personally, my life is richer for his having been in this world. Death of a Salesman remains a powerful influence on my own life and writing. Thank God, that a writer's characters do not die with him. Long may Willy Loman live and disturb and inspire.
Scott Richburg, Montgomery, AL

I feel as if I've lost a brother, a dear friend. We were together at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in the thirties. Ann Arbor was considered "radical" in those days. We were all looking for a Brave New World as students do, and should. We were all reading the Communist Manifesto and walking in picket lines in Detroit when people were thrown out of jobs. That 20 years later, in the 50s, he was called before Congress to name names was a Witch Hunt. And even Charlie Chaplin left the country, And others. Ring Lardner was one. How easily we forget. Arthur Miller is more appreciated outside than in America!
M. Bosschieter-Wheat, Netherlands

John Donne once mused that one man's death diminishes us all. Miller's death diminishes us all greatly. His impact on the world, on literature and on the stage will long endure. His impact on my father, a life-long devotee, was significant; for me, who once played the Rev John Hale in an insignificant school production of The Crucible, there will always be a connection.
Jon Dews, Dudley, United Kingdom

His critique of American culture was at once eloquent, accurate and unsettling. He showed incredible insight and honesty - at a time when conformity was the order of the day.
David, London, Canada

One of my favorite playwrights. I teach the Crucible every term and find something new every time I teach it. In fact, we are starting Crucible this coming Monday. You are irreplaceable Mr. Miller. Rest in peace and enjoy seeing Marilyn again.
Susan Brewer, Camden, SC USA

When I was at Yale I attended the premiere of one of his productions at the Long Wharf Theatre. As I sat there in the dark watching the play, a distinguished older man came and sat down on the stairs next to my seat. When the house lights came up for intermission, I realised the man beside me was Mr. Miller himself. Tongue-tied at first, I wound up my courage and shyly asked him if he would mind signing my playbill. He smiled and said, "Anything for a lovely young lady." As he indulged my request I blushed at the thought of being in the presence of such genius and such graciousness. Then as I looked down at his shoes I noticed that he was wearing socks that said "St. Louis Cardinals". Because I also love baseball I had to laugh because it made this great man seem so much more human and at the same time so much more memorable. I treasure that memory still.
Sofie, USA

His works are more relevant today
Karl Lynch, Belfast, N. Ireland
The Crucible and Death of a Salesman are two of the best plays I have ever seen. I think his works are more relevant today than many of Shakespeare's plays and his contribution to the study of middle class and average working people should not be forgotten.
Karl Lynch, Belfast, N. Ireland

Arthur Miller will greatly missed. But with the legacy of plays he left behind he will never be forgotten.
Josy, Pennsylvania, USA

The world has lost a great playwright in the passing of Arthur Miller. His life's work is a true inspiration to all aspiring writers and to those who read or see his plays.
Setti, Turku, Finland

I spent a week with Arthur Miller on his farm in Roxbury in the summer of 1992. He and his wife Inge were not only incredibly friendly to me (I was there helping him organise his files) but enormous fun to be around, despite our age differences. Their lives seemed a marvellous combination of rewarding work and enjoyment of life. The only thing that wound Arthur up the week I was there was watching the Republican National Convention, starring Dan Quayle and featuring a "return to family values"; the inane rhetoric drove Miller crazy. I think of them and that wonderful week nearly every day.
Carol Nahra, London, England

I am an A-level student and have just started to study 'Death of a Salesman' after studying 'A View from the Bridge' at GCSE. A true legend who makes my English lessons much better! Rest in peace.
Charles Pegg, London

His work will live on forever
David, Toronto, Canada
At this moment hundreds, if not thousands, of high school students are studying one of Mr Millers plays. Somewhere, many places, a theatre company is putting on of his plays. The man may pass, but his work will live on forever.
David, Toronto, Canada

Impossible not to respect the way he held a magnifying glass over the human condition. A powerhouse of energy, integrity and inspiration.
Simon Ritchie, Southwell, England

Having acted in a high school production of "The Crucible" and watched "Death of a Salesman", it's a shame to see such a brilliant American author pass away.
Lucas Keene, Washington, DC, USA

There will never be another writer like Miller
Ed, Cambridge, UK
I've been lucky enough to play both Willy Loman and Joe Keller. There will never be another writer like Miller. No-one else has ever made normal life so desperate, and real people so extraordinary.
Ed, Cambridge, UK

I was teaching an AS level literature class 'Death of a Salesman' only this afternoon. I came home and discovered this sad news. Miller was a great playwright. From today's lesson and the discussions which sprang from it, it is clear he is as relevant today as he ever has been.
S. Davies, Blackpool, UK

What an enormous loss to the theatre, to literature and to the world. Arthur Miller's timeless work comprises some of the greatest plays ever written, but perhaps it's more relevant now than ever before. Let us hope his legacy of incisive, independent writing will live on for future generations. Farewell Arthur, we'll miss you.
Rob Loveday, Bournemouth

I was quite saddened to hear the news of Arthur Miller's death. I am actually just about to do an exam acting piece from "The Crucible" for my Higher Drama. I have seen the film and the stage production, and immediately fell in love with the play when I first read it in drama almost a year ago. In my opinion, he was a great playwright and will be missed.
Shawn, Kirkcaldy

One of the most powerful and relevant authors to ever set pen to paper
Phil Neal, The Hague, Holland
Not just one of the greatest American playwrights, I feel he was one of the most powerful and relevant authors to ever set pen to paper. Where are the artists of this stature now?
Phil Neal, The Hague, Holland

An American giant - the likes of which are sorely missed in America today. Farewell Mr Miller, we shall miss you.
Munir Islam, Lisle, Illinois, USA

His plays were my introduction to literature. A great playwright and his departure is a loss to this world.
Matt Gale, Nottingham

An American icon, a speaker of truth. He will be missed.
Bonnie N, USA

A great writer. I read Death of a Salesman when I was 14 in 1959 and it made a lasting impression.
Gwilym Rhys-Jones, Costa del Sol, Spain

We have only just finished studying Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' at school so I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death. Arthur Miller was wonderful playwright and this is evident from 'The Crucible'. Even though his plays are old, they are still popular in today's modern society and are an inspiration for all. Even in death, he will never be forgotten.
Kirsty, Bolton

Miller's delightful plays were our stock in trade for our expatriate amateur dramatic sessions in the Middle East and Far East. This was when it took 2 or 3 days to fly anywhere, and telephone calls were a luxury.
Ron Williams, Colorado Springs, USA

Theatre has lost one of its most powerful, eloquent and original playwrights
Mike Hulme, Birmingham, UK
Theatre has lost one of its most powerful, eloquent and original playwrights - the world has lost a decent, humane and gentle man.
Mike Hulme, Birmingham, UK

Arthur Miller didn't just stand on the shoulders of literary giants, he was himself a literary giant. And what a long productive life he led; a nice guy too by all accounts. Very sad to hear he's gone but what a legacy - from an English literature graduate: thank you Arthur Miller.
PJ Durham, London

A very sad loss indeed. He was a truly great writer and a wonderful observer of the tragi-comedy that is life. It's the end of an era, but his plays live on.
Peter D Smith, London UK

I studied the Death of a Salesman and The Crucible as literature student in the university and I daresay that his works resonate the feelings of the marginalized and the downtrodden. He will be fondly remembered.
Nat Glover Meni, Koforidua, Ghana.

I remember experiencing Arthur Miller's The Crucible for the first time in high school and fell in love with his works again when I discovered The Death of a Salesman. It is a heavy loss to know that he is gone, but I find satisfaction in that his works live on.
Matthew Blackham, Logan, Utah

Only a couple of hours ago, I was watching the episode from Richard Eyre's series on theatre history (Changing Stages) that included Arthur Miller's work. In an interview, Miller described how men in the audience wept at the first night of "Death of a Salesman" and there was, at first, complete silence at the end of the performance, because "it was like a funeral, and you don't applaud at a funeral." Instead, it portrayed how rampant capitalism cannot coexist with respect for human contributions that are not measured in money. Miller was also shown refusing to be an informer in the McCarthy witch hunts (see The Crucible). A great writer and a noble man, whose like is sorely needed, especially at times such as the current US regime.
Lesley, Tokyo, Japan

I am currently studying Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and it gave me a deeper perspective of the American dream. He has made a great contribution to the 20th century literature. I think he's one of the best playwrights the world has ever seen. Farewell Mr Miller.
Henrik, West Midlands, England

A giant of English literature has died. His plays invariably generated real excitement in performance because they were about the lives of (recognisably) real people. At the same time his enquiring intellect effortlessly illuminated the great political themes of the 20th century (whether the plight of immigrants, political witch hunts or the effects of rampant capitalism) and did so with honesty and compassion.
Matt, Croydon, UK

The Crucible is as relevant now as it was first staged years ago
Edmond , London, UK
His poignant social political commentaries in different forms will be sorely missed. The Crucible is as relevant now as it was first staged years ago. I have his autograph to remember him.
Edmond , London, UK

In the Crucible Arthur Miller created one of the great commentaries of injustice, like Orwell with Animal Farm, he took an event and placed in a different context allowing us to see it for what it really was. What a talent that is..
Peter M, Woking, UK

Arthur Miller was truly one of a kind. His intricate portrayals of societal circumstances in works such as Death of a Salesman and The Crucible have truly proven to act as indispensable participants in the literary realm. The reason why these works are so important is because they were so successful in educating readers about important issues and events including the whole idea about the "American Dream" and the HUAC trials. Arthur Miller was truly an educator of his time and will sorely be missed.
Jenny H.S., Los Angeles, USA

Arthur Miller plays are an exploration in themselves, leaving the reader with many questions that they struggle to answer on completion of the texts, and for many years afterwards. An amazing man, both for his good points and the qualities which he lacked.
Ian Grace, Crawley, UK

Rest in Peace Mr. Miller. Your work will never be forgotten.
Barbara, New York, USA

I watched the recent documentary by Alan Yentob about Arthur Miller's life, and as someone who knew little about the man beyond reading the crucible and death of a salesman in school, I was so taken back by both the complexity and talent of a man who was clearly one of the great intellectuals of our age. A sad loss but such an interesting life if you get the chance learn more about him.
Tony Muldoon, Glasgow

I am a secondary school student, and I have recently been reading Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Miller's writing style is unique, and like none other I have read. His plays capture the struggles and dilemmas of individuals in a very personal and touching way. He will be missed by many.
Basim, London

We have lost a human giant in the very specific world of letters and art.
Drossart Robert, Wervicq, Sud- France

I read the Crucible and saw a television production as a freshman in college. I will never forget the power of that play. In addition to his wonderful talents as a writer of drama Mr. Miller bravely took on the issue of McCarthyism when it was at its peak - his allegorical indictment of the McCarthy "witch hunts" in The Crucible is still relevant today.
Dave Woods, Cleveland/USA

I've just completed an assignment on Arthur Miller's play The Crucible and I've got to commend him for the brutal honesty of his work. He was brave enough to tell it exactly like it was during McCarthyism, something that other writers of his time fell shy off. A writer of this talent will be missed.
Anonymous, London, UK

He was someone who could communicate a powerful message, and whose writing continues to interest and inspire every young person introduced to his work. Moreover, the man retained his sharp eye for commentary to the very end. He won't be matched; he will be missed.
Alexa, UK

I can still remember reading A View from the Bridge in GCSE English Literature, superb writer.
Chris Cassley, London, United Kingdom

So sad to hear of the death of Arthur Miller: he will be remembered as a great writer and someone whose work inspired students and Lecturers alike. His wonderful style and great sense of literary humour will be greatly missed. May God grant him eternal rest.
Stella Thompson, Belfast N Ireland

My first school play in the 70's was The Crucible, and ever since, have been a fan of Arthur Millers work. My condolences to his family.
Linda, Yeovil, UK

Great writers don't die, they only stop writing
Miran Djordjevic, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Great writers don't die, they only stop writing. Our bookshelves give them immortality.
Miran Djordjevic, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Another American writer, David Thoreau, said that most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Arthur Miller should be remembered as a poet for the voiceless. And his was a hell of a voice.
Sean Smith, Lemoore, CA, USA

Anyone who has ever acted in any one of Miller's plays will know his work was among the best.
David Galloway

We will not see his like again - he was a real one-off
Frances Bulwer, Brussels, Belgium
His plays have been an inspiration, both to me personally and to hundreds of my students over the years. An extraordinary man, a great writer and the end to a remarkable life. We will not see his like again - he was a real one-off.
Frances Bulwer, Brussels, Belgium

Arthur Miller was one of the best playwrights in the world. He will be sadly missed.
James Lynes, East Looe, Cornwall, UK

I met Arthur Miller once and I asked him if there was a work, or a body of work that made him say, "Damn! I wish I'd written that." His reply: "Anything by Graham Greene."
Matthew Cope, Westmount, QC, Canada

At a time when America seems to be moving back into the McCarthy-ite darkness of the 50s, it's a shame that one of the most outspoken and effective critics of that era's poisonous values has gone. He was a great artist and a great man. The world will miss him terribly.
Mat Toor, London

Integrity, responsibility, insight, compassion, poetry: one of the very greats!
Alison R Noyes, London, England

I am no student of theatre - just an ordinary person, but I can honestly say that Death of a Salesman was the first piece of literature that truly touched me.
Michael B, Glasgow, Scotland

A genius, who will now be sadly missed, but never forgotten
Simon, Norwich, UK
Having played a pivotal role in the changing face of American Theatre, he will always be remembered. The name and legacy of Arthur Miller will stay alive, just as long as there is an American Theatre. A genius, who will now be sadly missed, but never forgotten.
Simon, Norwich, UK

A great man who reminds us of the great things America can be. His attacks on religious paranoia as shown in 'The Crucible' remain regrettably too relevant!
Jack, Essex

The most brilliant master of stage directions in the world - he knew people, he knew writers, he knew actors - Shakespeare would have been proud. All our hearts should break today.
Hannah, London

Arthur Miller was the greatest American playwright, ever. I admired his courage to walk his own walk and not conform to "the American acceptable thought of the day". He did his way!
Karen Dancy-Pool, Houston, Texas, USA

My absolute hero. A truly inspirational writer. I miss him already.
Henry Hirst, London

I will never forget seeing Death of a Salesman, with Warren Mitchell playing Willie Loman, at the National Theatre 25 year's ago. It was the first play where I saw audience members weeping at its end. A brilliant play from a brilliant playwright.
David, Galway, Ireland

Indisputably the greatest playwright of the 20th century
Mike, Cockermouth England
Arthur Miller is indisputably the greatest playwright of the 20th century. Having had the pleasure of studying three of his plays in depth; Crucible, Bridge and Salesman, I feel I got to know Miller like one of the family. He will be sorely missed throughout the world of drama
Mike, Cockermouth England

His plays have a freshness and vitality that stand the test time, for the human condition remains - awesomely - the human condition, desperately trying to understand itself despite shifts of time and place.
Darrelyn Gunzburg, Bristol, UK

I studied The Crucible at school and it really inspired me as a teenager. Last year I saw The Price in the West End and found it utterly compelling. There's something one can relate to in all his characters. Miller's marvellous ability was that he could communicate universal truths in very ordinary situations and people.
Mark McKee, London, UK

Arthur Miller was truly one of the theatre greats as well as being a great human being. I am sorry to hear of his death.
Simon Boothroyd, Edinburgh

His contribution to American theatre is unmatched by any of his contemporaries
Brian C, Normal, IL, US
As a student of theatre, Miller is one of my favourite playwrights. His contribution to American theatre is unmatched by any of his contemporaries. While it is sad that he has passed, what an amazing life he lived. He will never be replaced.
Brian C, Normal, IL, US

I think it's fair to say that Death of a Salesman and The Crucible are two of the greatest works of American, and world for that matter, literature. A titan, who will be sorely missed.
Stewart Wilson, Edinburgh, UK

No one will ever write a more powerful play than 'Death of a Salesman'. He was a remarkably talented man.
n/a, London, UK

Like many other school children I have studied this fascinating playwright's work as part as my syllabus. A sad yet inevitable end to a great man.
Perminder, London

I'm very saddened to read of his death. He was my favourite playwright due to the honesty of his work.
Jennie Rich, London

A great loss. Miller's commentary and insights into our daily lives have made reading him essential.
Frank Carpenter, Cincinnati, OH, USA

A remarkable man and history will be pleased he lived
Peter Jones, Poland
A true giant amongst not only writers but all of mankind. A genuine strong liberal. I first saw Death of a Salesman over 30 years ago, and it still haunts me to this day. A remarkable man and history will be pleased he lived.
Peter Jones, Poland

This guy was pure genius. I've just come off directing a London fringe production of The Crucible and the power of the play never failed to move me at each performance. A very, very sad day for theatre - there will never be a writer that will be able to replace his power with simplicity
Duncan, London

Arthur Miller was one of the greatest ever playwrights. As a drama student, currently working on his play 'All My Sons', I feel shocked at his death, but thank him for such wonderful works.
Harvey Fremlin, London, UK

A brilliant playwright who lived a long and productive life. Sorry to hear he's gone.
Sherry, Leawood, Kansas, USA

His death should be used as an opportunity to celebrate his life and works
Aarash Saleh, Manchester
Arthur Miller's huge intellect and understanding of the dangers in society was matched only by his gift in communicating these issues via some of the most powerful plays ever written. His death should be used as an opportunity to celebrate his life and works in order that as many people as possible can be exposed to these ideas.
Aarash Saleh, Manchester


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