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Should Charles marry Camilla?
This is a second page of comments in reaction to the announement that The Prince of Wales will marry his long-term partner Camilla Parker Bowles on Friday April 8th.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I think Charles should be free to marry Camilla and the occasion should merit a bank holiday for all in view of his position as the future King of England! Good luck to him!
Natasha Harlow, Tonbridge, Kent, England

Who really cares as long as we don't have to fund another lavish lifestyle out of our taxes. A day off work for the wedding would be nice though!
Tom Mills, Worthing, UK

Let the guy marry, but I feel really sorry for the princes. They have been let down all along. They must have developed very strong characters to be able to put up with all of this.
Judith Di Chio, Airdire, Canada

Wonderful news. I am very happy for them and wish them both well. It's time people put the past behind them and look to the future. I just hope the media leave them in peace.
P. Hutton, France

I think it's good that their relationship is going to be made official after all these years. Why shouldn't a middle-aged couple have some happiness? They obviously love each other and enjoy each other's company. Congratulations!
Jane Dring, Leicester, England

I hope that both Charles and Camilla are very happy together
Charlie, Loughborough, UK
I see this move as a sign of strength within the royal family. Although I am not a "royalist" I hope that this will draw a line under the situation. I hope that both Charles and Camilla are very happy together and will be left alone to live a happy life together.
Charlie, Loughborough, UK

I am delighted that Charles should marry Camilla - a woman who has long supported him. He is free to do so in the eyes of his church. She will be there to support him, a difficult task as King that I would not wish on my worst enemy. I am even more delighted that she is to take the title Duchess of Cornwall - it is a place dear to many people's hearts (including my own) and becomes her very well.
Gay Richardson, Polruan, Cornwall

We have become a world of experts on other people's problems and shortcomings, and expect perfection from others. The Royal Family as a whole will never please everybody all the time, using today's public expectation of them. I say 'good luck' to Prince Charles and Mrs Parker Bowles.
Ellen Murphy, Canada

The only important question floated in the office today at this hugely un-interesting news was: Will April 6th be a public holiday? Anyone?
Tony Flitton, Halesowen, England

The most important issue here is that the media treats this story without self-perpetuating hysteria and deference. This is about two middle aged divorcees marrying, it holds little national and no international news value. I am sure that the majority of the British people are largely indifferent to it, and I hope the media reflects this.
Joanne Rippin, Bath, Avon

It's none of my business, I really do not care and I would like not keep hearing about this in the news, papers, magazines, etc. Don't get me wrong, good luck to them, but it's not my business and that's how I like it.
Martin, London, UK

Good luck to both of them, and I hope that their step-children embrace the idea too.
Allison Alan-Brown, Durban, South Africa (ex-UK)

Charles is a good man and they both deserve some happiness together, after all these years of waiting for no good reason. God Save the King (and the sooner the better).
Stuart Williams, Bloxwich, England

I am pleased for them - we, the general public are, in the main, able to marry/divorce/marry whoever we choose - royalty should most certainly have that same privilege. Congratulations to them both.
Nina Mills, Clymping, West Sussex, England

Congratulations and very best wishes
Maria Trepp, Geneva, Switzerland
They deserve to be happy. They have proved their loyalty to the Royal Family as well as to the public by waiting for a right time in a very sensitive situation. Congratulations and very best wishes.
Maria Trepp, Geneva, Switzerland

We all deserve happiness; and Charles & Camilla are entitled to theirs. However, given the infidelity circumstances, Charles should not become King, and Camilla should certainly not be allowed to be Queen - a title that is only suitable for a figurehead as dedicated and committed as Queen Elizabeth.
Julie, Delray Beach, USA

Excellent - really pleased to hear it. They have been very patient and waited long enough, and they have just as much right to hope for happiness together as the rest of us. I wish them well together.
Steph, Fleet UK

Charles should have married Camilla at the start and then Diana wouldn't have had a sham of a marriage, because she knew he didn't love her even when walking down the aisle. Hopefully the kingship will miss a generation and move on to their children instead, or better still lets have a republic.
Jill, Crewe, England

I am amazed by some of the out of date moralistic comments shown here. Of course they should marry and of course Charles should be King. One criticism of the monarchy is that it is out of touch with 'the people'. I think this marriage shows this is untrue, and that they live very similar lives. Divorce and re-marriage is very common and should be accepted, whoever it may be. Best wishes for both of them for a very happy future, and may Charles keep up his excellent work.
Andrew, Cheshire

As a former infantry officer, I support this whole- heartedly. There are some pig ignorant people on here, who are insanely jealous of the happiness of others. Get a grip, leave them in peace and let them marry.
Gordon, London

The Charles and Camilla saga will be one of the great love stories in history
Anne Griffith, Javea Spain
It is my belief that the Charles and Camilla saga will be one of the great love stories in history. Through young love and Charles' disastrous marriage, love has conquered all.
Anne Griffith, Javea Spain

The media keep referring to a poll last year that concluded most people in the UK are simply not interested in Charles and Camilla, yet they all seem to think we want to hear about the wedding, all the ifs and the buts, all the whys and the wherefores, in tremendous detail! Shows how the media have got it totally wrong yet again.
Simon, London

She does not in my opinion deserve a royal title. Their relationship was instrumental in the break down of his first marriage. He should renounce his right to the throne.
Catherine Winston, Norwich, England

Would people please do more research on the royal family before the make comments on here! HRH Prince Charles does not receive any income from the state, only the Queen does. His income is wholly provided by the Duchy of Cornwall, which was created in 1337 and has nothing to do with the state whatsoever. Furthermore, he voluntarily pays 40% income tax on his earnings each year, which was estimated at 12m for 2004. Good luck to you both!
Mark B, London, UK

It makes a mockery of both institutions, marriage and the church
Annie Bates, Tibshelf, Derbyshire
I strongly disagree with PC & CPB tying the knot. He made a total hash of his first marriage, partly because of this woman, although I realise Diana was not without her faults. How can such a man lead our country and our church? It makes a mockery of both institutions, marriage and the church. If he chooses to marry this divorcee he should give up any rights to the throne.
Annie Bates, Tibshelf, Derbyshire

Marry by all means, but don't expect the public at large to care very much. I also resent tax payers money being squandered on another indulgent Royal wedding.
Stephen Baker, Newbury UK

Charles and Camilla have been together so long, now, that even the fact she is divorced doesn't change the reality of their relationship. However, I would still be happier if Charles did not become king.
Hugh, Woking, UK

I am disgusted that the person who broke up his marriage and has been his mistress for years, should now be officially recognised by the government and the church. His uncle had to abdicate for heaven's sake. I don't think he should be king because of his immorality. It should be William.
Julie Fegan, Canterbury Kent

Their relationship has lasted many years but what a shame it has caused distress and anxiety to so many.
Kathryn Lewis, Shrewsbury

You want a modern monarchy so here you are
Kieron, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Good luck to them I wish them all the happiness in the world. I'm sure the republicans and miserable doom merchants will jump on the same old bandwagon - moan and attempt to put everything down by saying they cost money - give it a rest and get cheer up. You want a modern monarchy so here you are!
Kieron, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

If we must have a king, why not him, he's been trained for the job. Let her be queen, why not, put the past behind you and move on.
Steve, Aberdeen

Good luck to them let's hope they get the support and happiness they both deserve in what seems to have been not very happy lives overall up to now. We live in such an intrusive and sensationalist world lets congratulate them and leave them alone.
Sarah Hamilton, Guildford UK

Will Camilla be able to pay her own way or do we the British public foot the bill?
Lynda Arnold, Berkshire
I am very much in two minds about this. Firstly, Camilla is a major part in Prince Charles's life and I really do not think the country has the right to deny him that final commitment of marriage. But where I draw the line is how much she is going to cost the country. The royal family have very high costs and will Camilla be able to pay her own way or do we the British public foot the bill?
Lynda Arnold, Berkshire

Disagree with it all, plus what will be the cost to the taxpayer for CPB, Never ever will accept her, not as consort or Duchess, she is not worthy of any title, neither is he, he made a mockery of marriage.
H Humphrey, North Walsham

I couldn't give a fig what they do, provided minimum coverage is given to it and it costs me nothing. They should be allowed the live as they please - and at the same time the whole lot of them should be made to live in more modest accommodation and the palaces etc opened up to the public.
Max Harris, Cheshire

Good luck to them.
Aviva Joseph, Stoke Hammond, Bucks, UK

Their relationship has certainly stood the test of time
Helen, Suffolk, UK
Didn't Henry VIII create the CoE so he could get divorced and remarried? Charles should have been allowed to marry Camilla when he wanted to; their relationship has certainly stood the test of time. It's so nice to finally see them together, but such a great pity that a fragile soul such as Diana's was destroyed along the way, just to give the public that Fairy Tale wedding we all so craved.
Helen, Suffolk, UK

Charles has had a rather tragic life and deserves to have some happiness at last.
Diana Saad, Melbourne, Australia

We wish them all the very best. They deserve happiness. They have been very patient and clearly he loves her very much to have waited all this time. He is a lovely man who will make a wonderful King and she will be a great support to him.
Ruth Mew, Cyprus

I am a strong Royalist and believe it is up to him whether he marries or not, however, he should renounce his claim to the throne. How can he be head of the State and more importantly the Church? If he now becomes King, he will be our last monarch!
Terry Freeman, Florida (ex-UK)

The memory and shadow of Diana will follow both Charles and Camilla around for a long time to come
Simon, Sheffield
To be honest good luck to them! However I fear that the memory and shadow of Diana will follow both Charles and Camilla around for a long time to come. Meaning the marriage and everything they do after marriage will be always compared to Charles and Diana, and what they did! There certainly should be no talk however of Charles having to set aside his right to rule over this issue. The monarchy is a strong and rightly influential institution, important not only to everyone in Britain, but also all over the world. It needs emphasis and focus, and hopefully a royal wedding will return it to the spotlight as the most powerful institution not only in Britain, but perhaps the world.
Simon, Sheffield

Charles should give up all rights to the throne and all income from the state and leave the country with the person he intends to marry; he has no rights to both choices. The former Prince of Wales had to make the choice, why not this one?
Max, Manchester

If the king of England is "not allowed" to refer to his queen as queen it will make a mockery of British royalty. Any small child knows that the wife of a king is a queen.
John Sandle, Bidford-On-Avon

I can't believe there are so many republican doom merchants willing to use any excuse to demean our monarchy. Charles is a good man who does great things to promote our nation and he should have a good lady to help him, I'm no old person, I am 24 and to me the monarchy is an important part of what it means to be British to me. Whatever any of them do they will get my full support constantly, much more so than any prime minister or president.
Craig, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

What bad news is the government desirous of burying today then?
Anne, Glasgow

All these people that keep saying abdicate, there is a small flaw in the argument. Prince Charles has to accede to the throne first, before he can abdicate his responsibility to it!
Tony, London

I wish them every happiness
Dave, UK
Congratulations to both of them, I see no reason why they should not be permitted to marry. The fact that she's taking the titles of Duchess of Cornwall and Princess consort, instead of the traditional titles is enough. I wish them every happiness.
Dave, UK

What wonderful news! I'm sure Charles will make a better king with the woman he loves by his side to support him. My congratulations to them both.
Maria Mardon, Rhyl, Denbighshire

This is wonderful, unexpected news. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate the Queen, the Church of England and the powers behind both these institutions for acknowledging the reality of the circumstances of this relationship, and that this is the 21st century. As an Australian, of the same generation as Charles and Camilla, I have no problems what-so-ever in Charles as a future king with Camilla by his side.
Judith Anne Bowra, Paradise Point, Qld, Australia

Why doesn't Charles throw his weight around. He is the future King after all. He should call people "peasants", slam fists on tables, and demand a weekly hanging... for celebrities. "I'll marry who I like....peasants!"
Justin Littlejohns, Rochford, England

Okay. Seems so sad that Edward and Mrs Simpson were hounded out of everything. Just imagine how different things would have been then if Edward was allowed his love as his wife and still allowed to retain the crown.
K Martin, Australia

Love conquers everything, royal or not
Pia, Sweden
I think it's good to see that love conquers everything, royal or not. To have your love life commented on in every newspaper must be extremely hard to handle. These two have loved each other for so long and I wish them all the best in the future.
Pia, Sweden

I wish them the best of luck. I'm surprised he didn't do it sooner. I don't see why he should abdicate though. For a supposedly modern society we seem to have very strange ideas about monarchy. I seem to remember one king who changed the religion of the entire country to get remarried. Charles marrying someone he obviously loves doesn't seem quite so scandalous in that light, does it?
David, Sussex

Hopefully now Charles and Camilla are getting married it will improve our chances of hosting the vital 2012 Olympics. This was just the boost we all needed.
Andrew, London

We all knew and loved Princess Diana very much, but a lot of time has gone by since her passing. It is right that Charles and Camilla should marry at this time, she has stood by him long enough and I wish them every happiness.
Samantha, Long Eaton, Notts

They can well become a popular and honourable part of the Royal family
I think there's nothing wrong about the Prince of Wales marrying Mrs Bowles, if that's what makes them both happy. However, in my opinion it's one of the reasons why he will never succeed to the throne. There'll more probably be King William, not King Charles... On the other hand I think they can well become a popular and honourable part of the Royal family after all - out of front page news. Good luck to Camilla! People are hostile against her anyway. But is she really to blame? Let's give her a chance first.

As a 50-something divorcee who has recently fallen in love with a widower herself, I am delighted for them both.
Chrissie Taylor, Twickenham, England

I congratulate them both on their upcoming marriage. It is very obvious that they truly love each other. I just hope that the royal family will respect the memory of the late Princess Diana by not making Camilla the next Queen of England.
Frances Ante, Manila, Philippines

Who cares ? As long as my taxes are not wasted on this, I do not care. It is like everything else they do it has no relevance to my life. I could not care what they do, as long as they pay for it themselves. They get enough tax money as it is.
Sean, London

I think people want him to be happy, especially people of his own generation, who have grown up with him. There has been enough tragedy preceding and surrounding this whole affair. It is time we moved on, and that we do not find refuge in traditions that no longer apply to modern lifestyles.
Andrew Parker, Oslo, Norway

Why shouldn't Charles marry Camilla. After all Henry VIII set the precedent as he was divorced and re-married several times as ruling monarch. All the best to them both.
Damian, Stuttgart, Germany

Congratulations to them, and may they be left in peace by the media, and government as well.
Jean, Essex

Please do it as discreetly and quietly as possible, abdicate and get on with your lives
Jackie, Wokingham, Berks
If needs must, then marry, but please do it as discreetly and quietly as possible, abdicate and get on with your lives. Do we need any future King or Queen, can't say the job would be too appealing to anyone in line for it!
Jackie, Wokingham, Berks

As a person, Charles is entitled to marry as many times to whom ever he wants, that is the basic rule. However, when he is representing the whole nation, and by accepting that role he has given up the right to personal preferences. Let him marry Camilla but please abdicate first - that is the most decent deed he would do to the British Monarchy.
Praveen, Birmingham, England

Let them do whatever they want but Charles should never become King. The royal family are an anachronism and we should become a Republic on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I would be prepared to protest in pedestrian marches to abolish the monarchy henceforth.
David Jellings, Cardiff, Wales

I am amazed at how many people say Charles should abdicate - what century are these people living in? Charles has a duty, but most importantly the right to be happy (just like you and I) - leave them alone and let them get on with it!
Jo, Portugal

Who cares. The more relevant questions are, should there be a monarchy and should he be king?
Doug, UK

He ought to have done so twenty-five years ago but better late than never
Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Oxford, UK
Of course Charles should marry Camilla; he ought to have done so twenty-five years ago but better late than never. Of course there won't be a repeat of the fairy-tale make-believe we were given in 1981, but that wouldn't have been appropriate for a second marriage anyway. As for Queen Camilla in due course; why ever not?
Leofranc Holford-Strevens, Oxford, UK

No! This cynical behaviour by 'the royals' is enough to make one want to have presidency.
Mike, Cheltenham. England.

We will never forget Diana, but its time to move on. Charles deserves to live his life with whom he likes - its got nothing to do with us, its his life, and I hope he has is happy, surely that is what life is about ?
Wayne Fitzharris, Rotherhithe, London

Super! Another expenditure the taxpayer will have to subsidise. I suppose we will also see Ms Camilla's salary from the public purse increased exponentially. How about a Republic?
Laurent Galichet, London UK

This is a real step forward. I never thought I would see the day when we had a Catholic Queen in this country. I'm typically anti-monarchy but this move away from the sectarian past of the monarchy is a welcome move.
Peter Grant, Glasgow

Congratulations to Charles and Camilla. Their relationship has lasted longer than most marriages, I hope they will be left in peace now to live their life as they want to live it.
M Hodgson, Berks

As potentially the next head of the Church of England he is going against their beliefs
Liz Hough, Manchester
It's a case of damned if they do and damned if they don't! As potentially the next head of the Church of England he is going against their beliefs by marrying a divorcee. On the other hand, she is already his wife in all but name and I'm pretty sure they frown on that sort of thing too! Good Luck to them I say, just so long as his boys are OK with it.
Liz Hough, Manchester

I don't see a problem with them getting married, if you look at many other countries the kings have many wives at the same time, he is human after all.
rob Mould, Wenvoe, South Wales

Do we really care. Let us hope there is no expense to the public purse and no blanket TV coverage.
AJG, Kent

I think it's wonderful, it's the best news I've had all week, they clearly love each other. Surely that is all we want, some one to love. Lets just be happy for them.
Bates, Chelmsford, Essex

I am thrilled for them both and wish them every happiness - if you love somebody you should be allowed to marry them no matter who or what you are.
Helen, Cheltenham, England

We have a Royal Family that is totally distant from the public and now it'll be even more so
Brendan Mitchell, Oxford, UK
Please, no! We have a Royal Family that is totally distant from the public and now it'll be even more so. Diana was loved because she was 'the Peoples Princess'. I can't see Camilla ever connecting with the public as she will need to for her to be accepted.
Brendan Mitchell, Oxford, UK

Many greetings Charles! Its time to be happy and marry the one you love.
Alessandro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Given their disregard for marriage vows, how can they trust each other?
Michael Lexton, London, England

I am delighted. This couple clearly have a long loving relationship. Why shouldn't they marry and furthermore, Camilla should be Queen. Congratulations to the couple and may their marriage be happy!
Louise S Sinclair, London England

Only if William is our next King... No way will I or anyone in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, etc will have her as Queen or Princess.
John, Colchester, UK

Everyone has a right to happiness and so as individuals I wish them a blessed marriage. However, as a Royal institution the Monarchy has had its day, and surely we have a right to ask Charles and Camilla to have a low key wedding and to then vote themselves out of a job.
Paul, London

I thinks it's great, I get married on the 23rd of April so what an exciting month. My mum will be so pleased!! Congratulations and best wishes.
Louise, Bournemouth, Dorset

Let Charles marry Camilla, but make sure we don't have to pay for it!
John, Milton Keynes

Man marries woman. Who cares?
John-Paul Coetzee, Bristol, England

A Royal wedding is always good news
Beryl Beattie, Edinburgh
We need some cheering news. A Royal wedding is always good news yet this one is tinged with a certain regret. Camilla will give a lift to older women who want a second chance in life. It's up to her and Charles to make it work. Will The Queen attend, one wonders? What will Camilla wear? Can't wait to see.
Beryl Beattie, Edinburgh

I'm really happy for them. I just wish he had married her in the first place. It would have probably saved a lot of people unnecessary sadness.
Vicky Dean

I agree with all those who've said 'it's about time'. Why not? They've known each other, been together for long enough - good luck to them.
Margaret Stoll, Rochford, UK

I think it's a bit cynical that they should decide to get married now. After all the criticism aimed at Charles for using public funds to subsidise Camilla's lifestyle, this seems like the easy way out.
Paul Rooney, Glasgow, Scotland

Of course they should marry. My family and I wish them all the happiness that they deserve.
Alice Alexander, Aldershot, Hants

Congratulations to them. It's more than time for them to tie the knot. It's no business of ours what they do with their personal life and critics should look at their own lives first - glass houses and all that!
Sue Shaw, Morpeth, UK

Well done. I am not a royalist but everyone deserves happiness in this grey world of ours Why should they be any different?

Charles has loved Camilla for over 30 years, let them be happy and accepted together as husband and wife ... and let William take the throne.
T. Luther, UK

They clearly make each other very happy
Jay, Douglas, Isle of Man
I'm absolutely delighted for both of them. They clearly make each other very happy and I truly believe Charles is a wonderful and caring person who deserves every happiness. I can't believe in this day and age there are those who are suggesting that this action should bar him from the Throne. We live in a world of divorce and second marriages, it does not disbar others from their work, their duty or their public office. I think the decision should be his and his alone and he should not be swayed by mean minded hypocrites.
Jay, Douglas, Isle of Man

Finally good news! Of course they should marry. What's more beautiful in life than love? Life is too short so enjoy every day of it. I am happy for them and what does it matter if the future king is divorced or not, we live in the 2000s!
Jet N, the Netherlands

Marry her? Yes, if he wants to but I wouldn't like to see her as queen or in any sort of public or state role.
A. Foster, London, UK

Abdicate first, then consider marriage after. Camilla should never be queen and Charles should never be king!
Mike, Qualicum, Canada

I fail to see how, by marrying the woman he has clearly loved for many, many years, he is rendered incapable of succeeding as Monarch. It is 2005, for heaven's sake. People constantly say the Monarchy need to modernise and keep in touch with the times. Let's allow them to actually do it.
Estella Marsh, Lancashire

If they have a chance of being happy, good luck to them
Michelle Jones, Swansea, West Glamorgan
If they have a chance of being happy, good luck to them. I wish them all the best
Michelle Jones, Swansea, West Glamorgan

I think it's absolutely fine. Life is too short to be miserable - why would anyone wish Prince Charles (or anybody else) unhappiness. I hope that they will be happy together and that Camilla will be able to ignore the inevitable adverse comments.
Karen Sharpe, Bromley, England

If he wants to marry let him, but he should not be king. Prince William should be king, like his mother she was the people's princess, he will be the people's king.
Martin Clark, Wellington, Shropshire

Get married but get out of the spotlight
Angela, Macclesfield, UK
I will not recognise this marriage. What an insult to the late Princess of Wales. Get married but get out of the spotlight - abdicate.
Angela, Macclesfield, UK

I have no objection to the marriage with the proviso that Charles should never be king and Camilla should never have a title.
Chris, UK

Great news, our future king should have the woman he loves beside him. I hope the press just wish them well.
Viv Mills, Coventry, England

Of course - this is the 21st century and it is about time outmoded restrictions concerning the monarchy should be swept aside.
Stanley Arnold, Chelmsford - UK

I can't quite see how marrying Camilla will suddenly make Charles unfit to rule. What difference does it make? I'm getting married in April myself - congratulations Charles and Camilla!
Ellie, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Time to do the right thing - abdicate and marry! I speak for no one but myself and I would never ever accept Mrs Parker Bowles as Queen.
SK, Leeds

Well done Chas. Of course they should marry. If it makes them happy. Why not?
Adrian Richardson, Nottingham

Why shouldn't they get married. They are both divorced. Wonderful...and not before time! How pleasant to hear something happy in the news for once.
Lesley Clarke, Birmingham, UK

Congratulations and good luck to them both. Charles will make a great king and let him have this patient and dignified lady by his side. They both deserve happiness.
Penelope, Hereford, Herefordshire

Will we all get a day off for the wedding?
Stuart, Colchester, UK

Yes, marry and good luck. But they should not be King and Queen - too much has gone before them to gain my respect. It should move to William.
Andy, Rochester, UK

It is their choice as adults if they wish to be married. However, if he still wants to be a member of a royal family he must give the throne to William. Being 26 I know that my generation has little interest in them so it would take a young King to spark that interest.
Stephen, Cardiff

Congratulations. I reckon the majority of people are about ready to accept it. But please save us all the pomp and circumstance. Just nip down the Westminster Registry Office, and then straight back to Clarence House for the cocktail sausages on sticks and the cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Oh yes, and then live happily ever after.
John Stephenson, Manchester, UK

Yes great news today, but I think they should both forget the throne and let the next generation step up.
Diana, Basingstoke

Congratulations and good luck to them both. Charles has done a great deal of work for young people, for multi-culturalism, and for the environment, and he will make a good King in due course.
Alexander, Ely, UK

Who cares? I really think that we have far pressing issues to talk about rather than discussing Prince Charles' love life.
Thor, Leeds, UK

They must be a good match after over 30 years together
Nigel Goodey, Rushden, UK
I fully accept the right of Charles to marry Camilla - I think they must be a good match after over 30 years together. I do agree, however, that Charles can never be head of the Church of England. As the moral lead for the nation, he falls well short of the standards I believe we deserve.
Nigel Goodey, Rushden, UK

Why not, looks like my taxes are paying for her already!
Meg, UK

Does it matter? If they marry then they should, if they don't they shouldn't. It's as simple as that and frankly not for the public to decide on.
Alex Pike, England, London

Good luck to them. Give up the throne though and marry her as a commoner.
M Johns, Cwmbran, Wales

If he marries her - he should abdicate and never become King - she is not good enough to be his Queen and she would never be mine. Do the decent thing and let William become King
Jane, Haslemere

Is it me being cynical, or is it just a coincidence that the announcement is made at the same time as an enquiry about whether we should be funding Camilla?
Simon, Rugby, England

Go to a registry office, get married
Stuart Hay, Dunbar, Scotland
Oh Lord, not another royal "event" that we are all meant to get caught up in. Go to a registry office, get married and give us all a break!
Stuart Hay, Dunbar, Scotland

Good luck and best wishes to the both of them.
Barry, London, UK

I think this is great news and I'm glad that they both have this chance to be happy. Her being divorced is hardly relevant in this day and age, so I can't see it making a difference to the throne - well, certainly not to me anyway.
Phil, UK

Shouldn't they be allowed to lead a normal private life like anybody else?
EEIGM, Nancy, France

About time. For goodness' sake let them get on with their lives. And why on earth should he abdicate? Nonsense! Good luck to them, I say.
Paul, Chatham, England

I say it is nobody's business but their own and good luck to them. They have obviously always been very much in love.
Carole Young, Glasgow, Scotland

Of course they should get married! Mrs Parker Bowles has behaved with enormous dignity and patience, and will be a huge asset to Charles as his consort.
Caroline, Sheffield, UK

Charles and Camilla reflect modern society
Sarah, London, UK
Asking Charles to abdicate because he has found the woman he wants to marry is ludicrous. Society today is very different to the time when the Duke of Windsor wanted to marry. Charles and Camilla reflect modern society, where people get married and divorced. I think it's wonderful that they are getting married. Everyone deserves the right to be happy - why should it be different for this couple?
Sarah, London, UK

Of course they should marry if it makes them happy - but as much as I like Charles, he shouldn't be King. If he wants to be in the Monarchy he should play by their rules.
Paul Adderson, Leeds, England

Who really cares? The monarchy is outdated and irrelevant but as with any other couple embarking on marriage good luck.
Caroline, Wirral

Good for him. They have been very patient and discreet about it all for years now, trying to be careful about public opinion. Divorced people marry again is more the norm now, unlike in The Duke of Windsor's time. Maybe she will be Princess Consort or something, but he should still be heir to the throne. It's time we modernised the protocol of all of this. I hope that they enjoy many happy years to come.
Denise Burton, York, United Kingdom

Great news. They should have married ages ago. Charles was pressurized into a fairy tale princess wedding when he should have gone with his heart. Of course should she should be queen.
John, Japan

Good luck to them both they obviously love each other
Lindsey Harris, Telford
It's about time people lay the past to rest. Good luck to them both they obviously love each other. Life is too short to stay apart and miserable
Lindsey Harris, Telford

Listening to the news on the radio this morning was fantastic. The couple deserve to be married after all the troubles which they have had being accepted as a couple. Congratulations to them both!
John, Southampton, UK

Charles and Camilla have the right to marry as a normal couple, and I wish them happiness. However, the clandestine nature of their relationship and the memory of Diana are limiting factors in succeeding to the throne. Let them be happy by all means, but they should not be King and Queen.
Ivan, England

Marry her if he wants but forget the throne.
D. Brenner, Johannesburg, South Africa

Good luck and all the very best in their future. To all the doom forecasters let them enjoy life as life is for the living.
E Sloan, England

Well done! Soul-mates will always be together. Enjoy!
Peter J Smith, South Africa

I hope that Charles is going to abdicate before the wedding. It is time for the younger generation to move the Royal Family forward and allow Charles to fade into the background - he has caused enough trouble already.
Evelyn, Cheshire

Let's hope they can find happiness
A Howlett, Manchester, England

I'm delighted with this news. She is obviously the woman for him. Let's hope they can find happiness. I suspect a lot of the criticism is coming from those who have an anti-Royal agenda.
A Howlett, Manchester, England

It's about time. Good luck!
David , Loughton, Essex

He should step down and leave the throne to his son. He is doing exactly what the Duke of Windsor did by marrying a divorced woman only the Duke of Windsor did the right thing by abdicating
Vivian Howard, Middlesbrough, England

Marry who he wants - but never be King
Barbara Reynolds, Bexleyehath, Kent
Marry who he wants - but never be King - he is unworthy and Camilla is never going to be my Queen - I would rather have a President if the said couple came to the throne
Barbara Reynolds, Bexleyehath, Kent

Absolutely! They've had to be a hundred times more patient than any other couple, so go for it! Hurray for Gray Marriage!
Alyzande, Cambridge UK

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