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Brit Awards 2005: Your views
Scissor Sisters
Flamboyant US band Scissor Sisters walked away with the most prizes at the Brit Awards on Wednesday.

The group took three international prizes - best album, best group and best newcomer.

Franz Ferdinand and Keane won two awards each as did Joss Stone - whose victory in the best urban act category caused a surprise. Other winners included The Streets, McFly, Muse and Will Young.

Would you have picked the same winners?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

A return to the quality of music we used to have
Tom Franklin, London, UK
For the first time in years, the quality was excellent. FF, Snow Patrol nomination, Scissor Sisters, Keane - all superb. A return to the quality of music we used to have with the Stone Roses. Pity Kasabian picked up no awards, but that's more down to timing. Their time will come.
Tom Franklin, London, UK

Two things struck me. One, the winning acts seemed to be intelligent performers who could make a speech without appearing drunk or aggressive. Two, the music styles are all rather "retro". I approve on both counts!
Alf, Edinburgh, Scotland

Apart from Franz Ferdinand, this was an awful, dull and uninspired selection. I mean, come on, neither The Streets nor Scissor Sisters can really be considered to be proper bands
Dani, Oxford

I congratulate the Scissor Sisters on becoming the first international act to win three awards at one show. Personally, I would have picked Natasha Bedingfield for the Best Female, but I think Joss Stone did the title justice with her performance of Angels with Robbie Williams. As far as I'm concerned, however, Morrissey deserved Best Male, while Franz Ferdinand should have won more, despite their relatively poor performance on the night.
Michael Mackie, Scotland, UK

I like Bob Geldof and think he has done some amazing things during the last 20 odd years, but contribution to music? What about giving it to Depeche Mode and recognising them for the 25 years in music or as someone else has said, Paul Weller. Both talented and deserve the recognition that so few people give them.
Jo, Coventry

I thought it was the best nominations list in quite a while
Clio, UK
Muse rightfully won Best Live Act, as anyone knows who has seen them in the last while. They should have won Best Rock Act too, but that went, for some completely unknown reason, to the hugely over-rated Franz Ferdinand. Still, they'd better make the most of it, as no-one will remember them this time next year. But overall I thought it was the best nominations list in quite a while.
Clio, UK

Poor Mike Skinner, subject to a lot of rather undeserving abuse! His music, and to all intents and purposes he is 'The Streets,' is innovative and fresh if nothing else. Congratulations to him on winning.
Al, Kent

Is this the best that UK music can offer? Robbie Williams. Blands (sic) like Coldplay and Keane. Franz Ferdinand - eight years behind their time. Joss Stone - good voice but at this rate she'll have ruined it by the time she's 25. Come on, it's time for something fresh and exciting, because what people are buying makes it look like we're a nation of dull, uninspired music fans afraid to get up a pulse. Or would that be too much effort?
Paul, Middlesex, UK

Bob Geldof has made a worthy contribution to the British music industry, by NOT making any records recently!
Rebecca, London

I would never buy a Streets album, it's not my type of music but I would say The Streets were one of the few that deserved an award. Like him or loathe him, he is doing something original. Will Young has a good voice but he is really just a cabaret singer. When the listing for the best international male solo artist was read out I knew Eminem would win. He is certainly more popular than Tom Waits and Brian Wilson but I seriously doubt he is more talented then either. The rest of the winners and nominations were very predictable but will mostly disappear after their 15 mins of fame.
Ronnie, Bathgate, West Lothian

It just goes to highlight how contrived the Brits have now become
James, London, UK
Why did Bob Geldof get the 'best contribution to music' award when he hasn't actually contributed anything to music for the last 20 years? Nobody is doubting his contribution to charity, but this is not a charity award. It just goes to highlight how contrived the Brits have now become.
James, London, UK

The Scissor Sisters were thoroughly deserving of their three nominated wins last night, a truly original group who have spiced up the music industry over the past year. As for Robbie Williams' Angels, I am a firm believer in this song and think that the well structured lyrics won its place as the greatest song in the past 25 years. Now on to Will Young, when will the voters learn to open their ears a little and actually give the Best Male award to err the Best Male!
LR, London, England

No award for Jamelia?? That says it all, the whole event is a complete farce.
Fi, Nottinghamshire

Can't believe Natasha Bedingfield got nothing... what is that about?? And what were MTV viewers doing voting Joss Stone best "urban" act??? Scissors Sisters are good but surely not worthy of three awards they collected given the stiff competition they had in each category.
Ali, Edinburgh

Long gone are the days when musicians grafted in clubs to make it to the top
Karl Lynch, Belfast, N. Ireland
I find these awards meaningless and a means for record companies to promote their artists. Long gone are the days when musicians grafted in clubs to make it to the top. Now we are simply told what music we will be listening to tomorrow through awards ceremonies and pop idol shows. It will be a long time before real musicians like Dylan, The Stones, The Beatles or James Taylor come along again.
Karl Lynch, Belfast, N. Ireland

Disappointed that Green Day didn't win Best International Group. Too political for these hyper-sensitive times, perhaps?
Gill, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

I was pleased to see Keane pick up two awards at the Brits. I think that Franz Ferdinand are over-hyped. The Streets for best Male? I think the Brits committee are too interested in who is 'cool' instead of who is genuinely talented or successful. Well done to Will Young for best single. Now there is a genuine talent!
Seanne, Hull, UK

Eminem beating Kanye West and Tom Waites as the best International solo artist? Just shows how little the awards panel know about music. They should get go back to their day jobs and be replaced with people who are knowledgeable in music, not hype. The whole thing is a continual embarrassment.
David Allen, Portsmouth, UK

"Media-ocre" Scissor Sisters were plugged like no other and to me are manufactured vehicle. "Well done" all you who fell for it and so proved to media types that suckers still bite the hook.
Tim, London

Joss Stone, Urban? How? Even the other nominees with the exception of Dizzee Rascal don't really represent true British urban talent eg Skinnyman, Roots Manuva. I think this alone highlights how ridiculous the Brits are. And this is without even mentioning what a disgrace it is awarding "Angels" the accolade of Best British Song in the past 25 years.
Keith Wilson, Bristol, UK

Scissor Sisters have turned out to be the best group out in limelight for years now and great to see they got there awards
Robert, Doncaster

Angels fully deserved to win the popular best song award
Ruth, Sheffield, UK
Disappointed that the over-rated Scissor Sisters won over Maroon 5 and U2, but v pleased that the Streets, Franz Ferdinand and Keane all took well-deserved awards. Also great performances on the evening, especially the Bedingfields and Robbie and Joss - Angels fully deserved to win the popular best song award. I bet many people who don't like the song still know all the words, and you can guarantee that people will still be singing it and loving it long after miserable stuff like songs from Joy Division has been forgotten!
Ruth, Sheffield, UK

The opening of the show was fantastic, but my favourite duet of the night was Robbie and Joss, totally amazing! Can't believe The Streets won best male was very angry about that, he wasn't even there to collect the award! Will Young should have won it! Well Done Will for winning Best Single!
Lydia, Northants

Everyone is entitled to opinions and here's mine...Well done to Robbie Williams. A deserved win, its a fact that Angels is embedded in the conscience of the public..for one reason of another..that is what makes it an enduring and a classic track. Robbie loved your performance nobody can do it like you do..a showman supreme
Suse, Bournemouth

The Brits are now officially a joke. Last year the comic band the Darkness won multiple awards this year it is the Scissor Sisters. I had to laugh. Also, Joss Stone as the Best Urban act! I rest my case. As for Robbie Williams for the best song in 25 years, incredible. The Radio 2 listeners who voted for this must be starved of decent music.
Jim, Scotland

It's great to see that Muse have finally been recognised for their achievements. They are a fantastic group live and fully deserve the award.
Steve Message, Shepherds Bush, UK

The Brits show if you're a black UK artist you have no chance of being recognised, unless it's in the afterthought award of Best Urban Act
Natalie L, London, UK

First Craig David has six nominations and wins nothing, now Jamelia has three nominations after single-handedly reviving the UK R&B scene and comes away empty-handed. And what does Alicia Keys have to do to get Best International Female? Multiple Grammies and two successful solo albums yet all Gwen Stefani has to do is release one solo single to get it. Eminem, best International Male again... but which male solo artists made the biggest impact in 2004? Kanye West and Usher. The Brits show if you're a black UK artist you have no chance of being recognised, unless it's in the afterthought award of Best Urban Act.
Natalie L, London, UK

These awards aren't really about music; they're about selling endless CDs, clothes, and accessories to teenagers in the name of fashion and popular culture. There must have been hollow laughter from real musicians up and down the country, who saw the talentless Robbie Williams being venerated as a God by a crowd of fawning sycophants: he's an average karaoke-singer and a marketing triumph and nothing more.
Larry, Leeds

Very pleased with the eventual winners of the Brits, truly delighted that Franz Ferdinand and Keane won two awards each. I love their music, very good. Anyway, very many congratulations to all the winners and nominees of the Brits 2005.
John Ledward, Coventry

As usual, the Brits are heavily favouring commercial pop acts rather than actual talent. Robbie Williams' Angels is a good song, but surely there have been much better ones. Presumably he won because people are more likely to buy the Brits Album if he's on it. It is a personal opinion, but I don't see how Franz Ferdinand can win best rock act when they make what I would say is pop music. Only two deserved awards this year, Muse for best live and The Streets for best male. The rest is all a bit of a joke.
Neil, Warrington

If the Brit awards can cause this much conflict and cause people to make impassioned outcries - it must be doing something right. Incidentally, I don't care about the awards, I just enjoy my music - even if it's shiny spangley euro-dance pop or cheesy urban.
K Ali, Bedfordshire, UK

Whom ever got this award of best song in 25 years was going to be biased from a particular age group
Karen Smith, Milton Keynes, UK
It's okay to slate people who don't agree about Robbie Williams song Angel by saying the moaners should vote, this is true. But given that most (not all) pop music is listened to by those under the age of 25, how can any of them realistically form a view over this period. At the other end of the spectrum, I am over 40 and wouldn't know most modern day groups from one another so I wouldn't vote because I don't have a fair spread of music knowledge. Whom ever got this award of best song in 25 years was going to be biased from a particular age group. We all know then it is flawed and worthless.
Karen Smith, Milton Keynes, UK

I'm still in shock. How can Robbie Williams have the best song in the past however many years when he was up against a group who he publicly admires, Queen? He even covered "We are the Champions!" That song has been a 'classic' for at least the past 25 years and I am positive that 'Angels' will not be remembered for that long. Although I am a fan of Scissor Sisters, they should not have beaten Maroon 5 - by far a more talented group who deserved to win.
Emma, Herts, UK

As much as a Robbie fan as I am there is no way that I agree with Angels winning the best song. It does not deserve this award.
Kerry, Wakefield,

Why is everyone gutted The Streets got picked ahead of Will Young? Mike Skinner is a genius and at least what he's doing is original, let's not forget that Will Young, like him or not, is manufactured and probably doesn't write most (if any) of his songs.
John Mayo, Cardiff, Wales

Ian Curtis must be turning in his grave. Robbie Williams better than Joy Division?! The Brit's sums up the music scene of the day - totally irrelevant, utterly bogus, garbage.
Mark A, Manchester

Please remember that Robbie Williams was voted for by the public as the best song over 25 years. I cannot believe the amount of negative comments this has generated, it is not fair. Maybe you cynics should have voted if you don't agree with the outcome. Well done Robbie - your heartfelt song has been appreciated
P Martin, London

Some very mediocre music wins awards to the excitement of some very mediocre people. Don't complain if your favourite band wasn't credited with any awards - be thankful!
Jake, Winchester

Funny how a lot of people are criticising Keane for being a 'soulless' or 'cloned' guitar band - they actually do not have guitars.
Sarah, London, UK

It's important to see that only the hugely commercially successful bands have won awards
No one will ever agree on who should win these awards or any award category for that matter. However, it's important to see that only the hugely commercially successful bands have won awards. The fact that Kasabian, the Libertines and Snow Patrol won nothing just shows your sales dictate whether you win or not. Tragic

Scissor Sisters beating Maroon 5! What's going on there, songs about Jane didn't have one bad song on it! And Angels the best song in 25 years! What is British music coming to?
Boris, Cardiff

I would rather listen to bands such as Keane and Franz Ferdinand than manufactured music "talent" any day. I think the awards for Franz Ferdinand, Keane and Joss Stone were well deserved. Proper music at last. Not sure about The Streets as Best Solo Male!!!
Caroline, Sidmouth, Devon

Disappointed that the viewers of the Kerrang channel voted for Franz Ferdinand. Muse are far, far superior. 'Absolution' was a crushingly good album and 'Hysteria' easily the best single of the year. And as for Robbie Williams...!!!!
Matthew, Weymouth, England

Award winners ought to be good rather than just popular
Dom Sparks, London, UK
Maybe I'm a snob or music fascist, but I think it's about time that awards stopped being voted for by the public, and started being given on the basis of some informed judgement of quality relating to writing, performance, and production, and not necessarily sales! The Brits are a nonsense, and in recent years the Ivor Novello awards have shown signs of going the same way. Award winners ought to be good rather than just popular, and that also has to mean no public votes!
Dom Sparks, London, UK

I am so glad Will Young won Best Single, but to be beaten to best male by the streets? It's just stupid! So glad the scissor sisters got three awards, they really deserved it!
Tanya, UK

Thank God Franz 'Pulp' Ferdinand didn't win all the awards they were up for....perhaps it's a sign that these awards aren't as pointless as they may appear.
M, Devon

I am still in a state of shock that Joss Stone was even nominated for 'Best Urban' performer of 2004 in the UK. The fact that she beat The Streets, Jamelia and Dizzee Rascal to the award beggars belief. Joss Stone is a great talent, with an amazing voice and a brilliant career ahead of her, but she's as 'Urban' as Prince William. Don't even get me started on the fact that Roots Manuva and Roni Size were not on the list of nominees.
Rhys, London

The UK music industry is now largely a parochial affair with little relevance around the rest of the world
Alex B, Cheltenham
In football terms, the Brits is the music equivalent of the old Autoglass Trophy competition. Once, UK acts were regular features in the Billboard top 20. Nowadays only Coldplay, Dido, Franz Ferdinand, Joss Stone and The Darkness are doing any sort of business in the US and even their most recent albums are currently lingering outside the top 100. Let's face it, the UK music industry is now largely a parochial affair with little relevance around the rest of the world.
Alex B, Cheltenham

We currently have 2 of the most exciting bands to emerge from the British music scene in the past decade: The Libertines and Razorlight. And neither were acknowledged. The committee that decided who wins should sit down and take note of what people are really listening to.
Boycey, Milton Keynes

I must say that Scissor Sisters is not my usual kind of thing, but having seen them live, they blew me away. Well done to them for an original, fun album and a stunning engaging live show (not something you can say for Keane, Snowpatrol and the other clone guitar bands).
Alison, Leeds, UK

I think the credibility of the awards is seriously diminished when such an amazingly talented singer as Jamie Cullum is beaten by The Streets for best solo male!
Andrew W, Reading

Delighted to see the fabulous Scissor Sisters and Gwen Stefani recognised
Andrew Norris, London, UK
Shame to see so many people criticising The Streets, AKA Mike Skinner, winning Best British Male. I imagine most of them haven't heard his superb second album, which I love, even though I usually loathe "urban" music. Also delighted to see the fabulous Scissor Sisters and Gwen Stefani recognised - they are both truly outstanding and original acts in a largely very mundane and predictable music industry.
Andrew Norris, London, UK

Robbie Williams' award is a disgrace. Any credibility this award ceremony was striving for has now gone straight out of the window.
Adam, Nuneaton

The Streets, Best Make Solo Artist? Who are on Earth are they trying to kid? I like Mike Skinner and have the album, but surely Will Young was a more worthy winner with 3 hit singles, a 1.5 million selling album and 3 sell-out tours last year?
Debbie Wythe, Woking, Surrey.

There seem to be a lot of comments posted here saying that Robbie didn't deserve his award for 'Angels'. As I understand it, this was one of the few awards actually voted for via a Radio 2 poll, and therefore won by public vote, if you like the song or not, you can't argue that result! I agree that 'The Streets' winning best male is laughable, even if the lead singer could sing, it would be a joke. As is Bob Geldof's award, I didn't know he had made any contribution to music, charity yes, but not music.
Steph, Lincs

It proves what a joke these awards are when Bob Geldof wins 'outstanding contribution to music'. Have I been asleep for 20 odd years or has he been a member of some underground group I'm not aware of?
Alan Smart, Alsager, UK

A fun group that deserve their success
Linda Howard, Surrey, UK
Well done to the Scissor Sisters. A fun group that deserve their success. Pleased at Will Young's win in the Best Single category, but in my opinion he has once again been robbed of the Best Male award. The committee have only made themselves look stupid by handing that award to a man who can't sing, isn't strictly a solo artist and who is rather forgettable. Will Young can't be ignored forever.
Linda Howard, Surrey, UK

As usual it was not an award for the best of anything, it was an award for the best of the list we give you. When is it going to be fair and be totally open? So you can vote for anyone!
Bob, UK

Muse should have won the best British Rock category as they were the only "proper" rock band in there. Thoroughly deserve the best live act though as anyone who has seen them in the last 18 months will know that they are amazing performers. Franz deserved the other award for Group though. Some of the categories were utter rubbish - Vertigo wasn't even mentioned in best single category even though it's the best of the past year. The best song of the last 25 years was predictable and as for Bob Geldof? What contribution to music?
Adam, London, UK

Great news for Keane! Brill album boys!
Simon H, London
Great news for Keane! Brill album boys! Joss Stone was a good choice for Best Female, stunning voice - which makes Best Male look all the more ridiculous. Streets are a joke, wake up music industry, the rest of the world will be howling with laughter at that one! Your Game - good choice for Best Single, wel1 deserved for Mr Young.
Simon H, London

Well done to Robbie on a deserved win. He's our only genuine star and the public can see that even if the tabloids can't. Well done all those who voted for him!
Brenda, Coventry, UK

How come at the 25th anniversary of the Brit awards, which celebrates the best in British music, the most successful group was the Scissor Sisters, A US band?
Chris Brown, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Joss Stone has had an incredible year and a half since she launched her first album. She has worked with first class people and deservedly recognised for her work, her talent and her potential. A great result to bag two out of three.
Dee Brown, Vancouver, Canada

Muse should have won all of their nominations. They are by FAR the most talented band out there in every way!
Jeannette, Pasadena USA

Utterly predictable
Mike O'Connor, Milton Keynes, England
Safe safe safe! Utterly predictable. One of these days the music moguls are going to get a very rude awakening to what people are actually listening to and MIGHT just nominate something a little different.
Mike O'Connor, Milton Keynes, England

I see the Brits committee have a sense of humour. Mike Skinner as Best Male. That's the biggest laugh I've had this year!!
Amy, Manchester

Muse and The Streets are deserving winners. The others were predictable by either being over-hyped and/or bland.
Tracy G, Oxfordshire

No prize to The Libertines? I just lost faith in the British music industry.
Patrik, Stockholm, Sweden

These awards are just so middle of the road. Scissor Sisters? They're just a newer version of the Village People.
Mike, Greenwich

Very pleased for Franz, Keane and Muse, though I am disappointed for Snow Patrol. But, if the Streets were the Best Solo Male, I must be the Tooth Fairy.
Sandy, Sunderland, UK

Why is PJ Harvey nominated every year?
John, Stenhousemuir, Scotland
Pleased with the gongs won by Franz Ferdinand. I don't agree with them being dull and soul-less (Paul, Sheffield: I'll give you a loan of my ears!) but I do agree with you about Keane. I quite like guitar bands that use a scrap of their talent compared to the definitive dull and soul-less techno-esque ditties from the Scissor Sisters. Robbie Williams winning an award for Angels? That's going back a bit! I can think of better songs than that in the past 25 years!? Joss Stone was worthy of two awards as her last two albums were great. P.S. Who are the Zutons and why is PJ Harvey nominated every year??
John, Stenhousemuir, Scotland

Muse winning best live act is fantastic. They are the best band in the world and are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Keane best album, am I missing the joke? Well done Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.
Michael Spencer, Accrington

Aren't The Streets a group? How did 'they' get best male? Why weren't Scissor Sisters or Muse voted! How very bizarre! Perhaps Natasha Bedingfield and Kylie could be up for next years award!
Jacqui Savage, Middx

No one doubts Mr Geldof's humanitarian qualities, but outstanding contribution to music? One day people like Paul Weller will finally be given their due reward. Well done to the Sisters though.
A J McMenemy, St Albans

Every year the Brit awards strives for real credibility, so what is the point of giving an award for the best record of the last 25 years to Robbie Williams, Angels? And why on earth was Will Young - Leave Right Now in that category?
Richard, Dorking, Surrey

Will Young should have won best male without a shadow of a doubt
Jim, Manchester UK
Will Young should have won best male without a shadow of a doubt. Huge album sales and sell out tours this year. I sense an agenda here due to "credibility". He is the best singer I have heard in 20 years.
Jim, Manchester UK

Gwen Stefani had one good song and a dull album and won. What is this world coming to? Anastasia is by far the best International female and should have won something for a top selling album and one of the biggest hits of 2004.
George Williams, Manchester

I'm glad Keane won two awards, so proud of them and they deserved it as well! And they looked pretty good as well. And they're funny too. "What'll be your first thoughts in the morning?" "Aspirin"
Sarah Hillary, Co. Durham, England

The whole of the Brits were based around the same artists who have not been in the industry five minutes! The most disappointing award winner was The Streets for Best Male. "The Streets" are more than one person, therefore it defeats the object of the award to Best Male. My personal opinion is that most of the winners, such as The Streets, Joss Stone and Franz Ferdinand are highly overrated, overlooking the artists who have made more of an impact to the music industry over the last few years, building a continuous success over many years. Many of the overrated winners do not last long. The Brits do not often represent the wide range of music, they are always about the "cool" artists of that month!
Christine Martin, Barry, South Wales.

Well done Keane, it WAS the best album of the year. Battle (Sussex) will be proud of you.
David Challinor, Reigate, England

Let's hope this is the peak for the current crop of un-inspired, middle class British guitar bands
Paul, Sheffield
The dull & soul-less Franz Ferdinand didn't win all as predicted then, although the ones they didn't win went to the double dull, soul-less Keane. Let's hope this is the peak for the current crop of uninspired, middle class British guitar bands (Embrace, Coldplay, Athlete...). Unfortunately the list seems to be endless. Here's to the inevitable backlash.
Paul, Sheffield

The Scissor Sisters win 3 awards and Robbie gets best song of the last 25 years?! What? That really is too much. Angels was a good track but that's all it was. And the Scissor Sisters? When did the music industry grind to a creative halt? I'm appalled.
Ed Motler, L/Spa, England

I like the Scissor Sisters but they're not a serious band. As for Angels winning the best song of the last twenty five years, you're having a larf.
Stuart, Manchester, England.


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