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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 September 2005, 14:18 GMT 15:18 UK
Fed up with the cricket coverage?
England's victorious cricket team celebrate their Ashes win
England's victorious cricket team celebrate their Ashes win
The Scottish National Party has complained that there was too much UK-wide coverage of England's cricket triumph in the Ashes series.

England's victorious cricketers celebrated their defeat of Australia in a series for the first time since 1987.

The SNP's Christine Grahame said the level of coverage given to a sport, of "only marginal interest in Scotland," left her stumped.

But the Lib Dems and the Scottish Tories accused the SNP of "narrow-minded nationalism".

We asked whether you were gripped by the cricket coverage or did you feel like hitting the TV for six?

The following represents the balance of opinions we received.

These comments by Christine Grahame, demonstrate a backwardness in Scottish politics and to an extent Scottish attitudes that I have become increasingly aware of over the years. To use a sport to make a negative political point is totally absurd. Behind it all I feel is the old Scottish National tendency towards the 'politics of envy', they associate cricket with history and Britain's colonial past.
David Turner, Godalming, Surrey

Most Scots I know are sports mad and will be appreciative of any sport in which there is fierce competition
Jim Andrews

Well done to Christine Grahame for pointing out the simple truth about the OTT coverage of the English win. Yes well done England they beat the world champions just like we did at football in 1967, but please moderate the coverage it was hardly a world event with only two teams involved. By the way Christine Grahame is well placed to point out in a fair minded manner the uneven coverage given to sporting teams from the various nations in the UK as she was herself born in England to an English Mother and Scottish Father.
Marshall Douglas, Innerleithen Scotland

The all-Scots team, led by skipper Rhona Martin received fantastic coverage when they won gold and rightly so. I don't remember anyone complaining that they had too much coverage. Why should every headline be miserable!!!
Andy, West Kirby, UK

Even though Cricket was invented by English, the cricket team had been trailing behind other countries when it came to playing the game, but, recently because of media coverage and increasing number of cricket fans the team has been motivated to perform well and this ashes win is a great beginning and if the country and the team can keep up to this then winning the world title is also possible. If the English football team has not done quite well in recent years, is this not a time for a change?
Kumar, London

Actually, Scotlands ICC success was reported and got nationwide coverage on the Beeb. The amount of time given to each sporting achievement is probably proportionate to the achievement itself. My friends in Kirkcubright have fielded a very enthusiastic Cricket team for as long as I can remember, playing both Scottish and English sides. Evidence to me that there is more than a little or marginal interest in the sport. Most Scots I know are sports mad and will be appreciative of any sport in which there is fierce competition balanced by fair play and sportsmanship. Pity the dear old SNP can't rise to that instead of the same old rhetoric year after year.
Jim Andrews, Liverpool, England

It's great to see England doing well at cricket. I'm English so you would expect me to say that, but I was just as pleased to see Scotland win the ICC Trophy and qualify for the World Cup. With attitudes like that woman has cricket is likely to become a marginal sport rather than getting the recognition it deserves. With the exception of the wonderful game of Curling it is the sport with Scotlands most successful international team. On the subject of coverage it is disappointing that the Test matches will not be available to most viewers. But when they were on the BBC all too often in Scotland they were dropped in favour of a group of individuals playing a game of golf, and we don't want to go back to that!
Ian Barke, Inverness

It's about time we saw more alternative sports coverage

There's too much coverage given to politicians full stop. The entire UK has a malaise regarding politics which is born out by the poor turnout at nearly every election. Politicians mouthing off at something which does not concern them only serves to deepen the crevasse between them and us. The general public can at least enjoy the good news from the cricket.
Ed Hodges, Aberdeen, UK

There were much more 'important' national and international stories that deserved the airing on that bulletin. Other than that, I have no issues with the coverage - even though I personally find cricket boring and pointless. Would the SNP be so quick to criticise if it had been a great victory for the Saltires (however unlikely that may seem)? I think not!
Clare, Stirlingshire

Will this ignorant politician will call for a blanket ban on coverage of Scotland's efforts against the Australians in the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbean since it is of only marginal interest?
Claude B, Aberdeen, Scotland

While I applaud the England team for a well deserved Ashes win, I am concerned at the lack of coverage of other sports. For example, last weekend, Brits dominated the Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William, Scotland winning in both the Men's and Women's downhill events, yet where was the coverage of that? It was completely wiped out by the cricket coverage. It's about time we saw more alternative sports coverage.
Chris, Edinburgh, UK

I'd like to thank all the Scots and Welsh posting on here congratulating the team and dismissing the comments from the SNP. Stopping the anti-English sentiments and actually supporting each others teams is a signal that both Scotland and Wales are much more confident as nations and that they aren't seen as just being anti-English.
Jonathan Tod, Brentwood, England

This is a really misplaced comment attempting to appeal to Scottish patriotism based souly on what I consider an inferiority complex. England is almost team Britain anyway and thank goodness someone finally toppled the Australian domination.
Ina Dryburgh, Edinburgh

I'm Welsh and when Wales won the Grand Slam this year, there was nowhere near this amount of hype by 'National' media, and that consisted of clear wins over 5 opponents.
Julian Birch, Dunfermline, Fife

Being honest, we Scots still go on about being the best in the world in 1967 when Scotland were the first team to beat the then world champions England at Footie. So common give them a break, we're just as bad when it comes to celebrating a good result, which this was.
Alan, Livingston

Good grief, if you think there is too much cricket on the TV, switch off
Stavanger, Norway

I enjoyed the cricket. I now understand a bit about it. I'm glad England are celebrating. Some good news for a change is welcome. PS. The SNP is only of marginal interest in Scotland, too.
Mrs P Henderson, Glasgow

The BBC is guilty of giving more coverage to English achievements in comparison with those of Scotland/N. Ireland/Wales. Also, all this fuss for such a TEENY TINY trophy???!! If I were whatsisname Flintoff, I'd be feeling a little let down!
Katrina, Edinburgh

I am a Northern Irishman living in England and within days of rubbing the world cup qualifier in my friends faces I was on the edge of my seat hoping England would regain the Ashes. I feel sorry for good willing Scots as they will invariably be tarred with the same brush as their jealous and embittered countrymen and women
Jacob Samuel, Lancaster, England

Christine Grahame's comments are disgusting bigoted nonsense. They make me feel embarrassed to be a Scot. The cricket was absolutely fantastic, well done to England!! Is this really the kind of thing the Scottish Parliament should be debating? I don't think so!
Vicky, Glasgow, Scotland

What I did find hard to accept was that, on the night of the cricket victory, the BBC TV News had 3 main stories - cricket, Belfast Riots and children dying in Niger. Guess what the lead story was? Not impressed.
Richard Scott, Milton Keynes, England

Well done to the English cricket team on winning the Ashes. But the coverage of the victory parade was excessive. It was not a world championship, and it was a victory by a UK regional team and while it merited a mention on the National news the extended coverage should have been on English Regional programmes.
Al, Glasgow, Scotland

Hamilton Thistle Football and Cricket Club was established in 1862. I watched it as a child in Glasgow in the 60's - it's as much our game as anybody's game. When the whole world is trying to pull together and Scotland is trying to portray itself as one nation many cultures we still get the eejit politician trying to score cheap runs against the opposition. Grow up and move on SNP stop fuelling bigotry and division.
Bee Morrison, Hamilton

Good grief, if you think there is too much cricket on the TV, switch off, I'm assuming your TV has an "OFF" button, and do something else like read a book or go for a walk.
Yeti, Stavanger, Norway

I'm a Scot who's fully in favour of independence but I despise the sort of petty minded anti-English feeling displayed in Christine Grahame's motion. We don't need to knock England to feel proud of being Scottish. I've never played cricket but this Ashes series was one of the most exciting sporting events I've ever seen. However Christine Grahame has got what she craves - lots of publicity.
Bill Scott, Edinburgh

Of course there was not too much coverage of the triumphant cricket team
Matt Pollard
High Wycombe

Depends if England successfully retain the Ashes in Australia in 2006/7. The comparable (in terms of coverage) Rugby World Cup win in 2003 now seems laughable if you look what's happened since.
Calum Ferguson, Abingdon, Oxon.

It's heartening to note the majority of Scots posting here do not take the narrow bitter view of The SNP's Christine Grahame. Chill out Christine it's only a game you know.
Clive, Clacks Scotland

Well, perhaps if the Scottish actually won something, bar exemption from student tuition fees, then perhaps they could celebrate and we English could join them...
Chris Alder, Portsmouth, Hants

I enjoyed the cricket but was annoyed by the 'England's victorious cricket team' type comments. There were Welsh men there too.
K Brown, Fleet, UK

Well done to our near neighbours on their victory. Let us not forget that cricket is played by many in Scotland - so I don't think it is of "marginal importance". What is distasteful is that with so much of more importance going on in the world that it should have been the lead story in ANY news report.
Gordon, Stirling

Of course there was not too much coverage of the triumphant cricket team. Can you imagine how much coverage there would be if we won the football world cup? And yet here we have sportsman playing for the love of the game and their country, as opposed to six figure salaries. Congratulations boys, I'm with you!!!!
Matt Pollard, High Wycombe

Surely the SNP have more pressing issues to be working on? And, surely any sensible person would simply find something else to watch or do!
Neil, Glasgow

The final day of the Ashes drew 7.4 million viewers. The population of Scotland is just over 5 million. I hardly think cricket fans are the real minority here...
Matt, Glasgow

I'm sure there would have been just as much coverage if a Scottish team won a major sporting event, and maybe one day one will
Anthony Jones

Why do most Scots moan when England win anything? It was good to see some good news on TV for just a bit instead of bad new and death. Funny how a lot of comments came from Scots not living in Scotland any more!!!

Why are the majority of comments printed all from Scotland. I rarely follow along with any sport, but I thrilled whenever we win anything, bring on the celebrations, can't wait to see a colour magazine that will last longer than the newspapers. Just because Scotland never have any interesting news on the BBC website don't take away ours.
Judith, Oxford

I'm not a cricket fan, but even I was dashing around to catch the latest score. It is something that we should be proud of. We are a nation that has so little respect for each other and so little to be proud of, don't belittle the talented men who finally gave us something to celebrate. If the Scottish football team or cricket team or any other well-known sporting team ever makes a huge success of themselves I bet most of the UK would be right behind them. When we find something British to be proud of, we should welcome it with open arms.
Emily, Chelmsford, England

We have little enough to celebrate in this country, sporting or otherwise and we, as a nation, seem to be adept at hiding whatever lights we have under a bushel. We beat an old enemy at a sport that, until recently, we were incredibly bad at, well done England, long may the celebrations continue. Lets not make any mistakes here, in two or three weeks, the British press will attempt to knock the cricket team down just as quickly as they built them up! Lets celebrate and let the Team celebrate for as long and as hard as they see fit. We need more positive news like this, we never get any from any other sport do we?
Matt Skinner, Rushden, Northants

I'm sure there would have been just as much coverage if a Scottish team won a major sporting event, and maybe one day one will.
Anthony Jones, Leeds, ENGLAND

I am aghast at the level of ignorance and anti-English feelings shown by the SNP and people writing in comments to the BBC. More people play cricket in Scotland than Rugby Union - is rugby union a "minority" sport? I don't think so. It makes the Scots look sad and bitter.
Chippy, Edinburgh

As an Englishman living in Scotland, my complaint is that there wasn't enough coverage in the Scottish Press. I had to buy English editions of The Guardian for 'proper' coverage.
Al, Glasgow

Most people I spoke to thought the coverage was way over the top and actually quite funny

What a load of overhyped rubbish. IT'S JUST A GAME.
Rosemarie, Pinner, UK

If they didn't like it, what was stopping them just turning it off?
James Niclair, Lincoln, UK

Written by a Londoner, living in London: the 1 o'clock lunchtime news gave 10 minutes to a victory party. Surely the victory itself was the news - not the party, which deserved a few minutes at best? Having lived in Germany, I can add that the BBC generally does a poor job informing its viewers about matters that are not directly connected with London-centric/US affairs. ARD/ZDF, the German equivalents of the BBC, frequently cover news from all around Britain and other European countries and generally tend to fill up their precious air time with more robust stuff.
Brian Wolfe, London and Hamburg

Scotland recently won the ICC Cricket trophy (their first ever) in Ireland - I saw no mention at all of that on the English news which for some reason we have to get broadcast here in Scotland.
Iain, Scotland

I would personally (as a Scottish Nationalist I hasten to ads) like to congratulate our neighbours on their ashes win. However, it does not justify being the main headline on the 6 O'Clock news - there are far bigger and more serious issues going on in the world. Sporting events should remain in their place - towards the end of news broadcasts.
Iain, Glasgow

This is just a bit of petty English-bashing. By the logic of these people, we shouldn't show the (Football) World Cup next year if Scotland don't qualify.
Stewart MacDonald, Sydney, Australia

Couldn't get enough of it, being an ex-pat the more I could watch the better. I watched the final days play and presentation until 4am Sydney time. So to see all the celebrations was fantastic.
Yvonne James, Sydney, Australia

How dare an MSP deem to determine what I can and cannot watch on TV? The Ashes Test Series was an enthralling sporting spectacle and the victory was rightly celebrated. She'll be advocating next that we're not allowed to watch the World Cup if Scotland don't qualify. If this is what SNP have in mind for an independent Scotland, no thanks.
George Ponton, Kinross, Scotland

Cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in Scotland
Lexy Turner

Is Ms Grahame aware that many Scots have played for England, and one, Mike Denness, even captained them!
Phil Jones, Edinburgh

Let's grant the SNP their wish and not show any sport from England on Scottish TV. See how many tune in to caber tossing.
William Stevens, Singapore

Although Scottish through and through, I lived in England a lot as a child. My father was a great armchair sports fan, so I was brought up with an interest in many and varied sports. It's great to see something positive in the news for a change... It isn't on very often... unlike football which seems to get blanket coverage.
Annie, Edinburgh

The Ashes series got all the coverage it deserved. Most of the nation were gripped by this fantastic series and the viewing figures show that. The England team deserves all the coverage they can get, after all its been 18 years since we last won the Ashes, so lets savour the moment!
Tom Smith, Wolverhampton, England

Christine Graham is right, despite what some people say the cricket was of only marginal interest to the majority of Scots. Most people I spoke to thought the coverage was way over the top and actually quite funny. That said, I hardly feel it was a matter worth raising in parliament!
Robbie, Scotland

Surely one reason for extensive coverage is the number of new spectators being attracted to the sport. That's because of less boring presentation, more exciting and less long-winded matches (including twenty-twenty cricket) and clear explanation of what's going on as well as the success of the English national team. This will lead to the development of the sport in nations where it is not a mainstream sport, including Scotland. This is what happened with soccer in the USA.
Martin Bucknall, Glasgow, Scotland

"... it is always pleasant to see a British team doing well at any sport." It was an England and Wales team actually.
J Franklin, Kent. England.

A typical SNP comment. Myopic and small minded. Cricket is one of the fastest growing sports in Scotland. I loved watching it with my Dad - Congrats to England and Oz on a superb series.
Lexy Turner, Edinburgh

England beating the Aussie's in the Ashes = Jammy People voting for the SNP = Dafties
Stephen Laird, Glasgow, Scotland

The England team has always had support from Scottish fans, and there have been many Scottish players that have competed in the England team in the past. I think the sporting coverage was first class, though the parade and celebrations were edging over the top. Still, well done to them.
Iain, St Andrews

Yes yes yes it was too much! Thank goodness someone has pointed this out! How on earth is England winning some cricket competition headline news? Particularly given the flare-up of Irish violence, the conference of world leaders to mark the 60th anniversary of the UN, the ongoing situation in Iraq... The way the news reporters were fawning about it was cringe worthy to say the least.
Jennifer, Leven, Fife

I played club cricket in Scotland for a number of years. The standard was high (at least better then me!) and the sport widely played, at least in the East. Most of my Scottish friends are cricket followers. The parochial mean-spirited churlishness of the SNP is a longstanding fact of life... but in this case misplaced as Scots, Welsh, Irish and South African (whoops!) players are all eligible to play for England and have done so on many occasions. Perhaps the issue here is that given the team has a UK-wide player pool, it shouldn't be called "England". Sticking to its touring name of MCC might be better, more inclusive but in the tradition of the sport. If that's not enough then stick to playing shinty in a bog!
David, Bury St Edmunds, England

I am an English person living in Scotland and it's comments like this that cause tensions between the two countries. I really enjoyed watching the cricket and only wished I could have seen more of it.
Sarah Lees, Aberdeen, Scotland

I'm a big fan of cricket as other many other Scots. I was delighted to watch England win. The SNP are frankly an increasingly irrelevant one-trick pony.
J McNeill, Glasgow

I can't believe, this has been mentioned in our parliament. Ms Grahame surly has more important things to concern herself with or maybe even a remote control to turn the channel over!
Andrew, Perth

Bitter, mean spirited Scottish Nationalists - so what else is new?
Non-cricket fan, England the brave

The SNP were right to complain , I cannot believe the amount of cricket coverage shown in Scotland. There's as much support in this country for cricket as there is for the Tory Party. It is a joke of a sport !
Mark, Aberdeen

A fantastic achievement which deserved fantastic coverage. Hats off to England, the BBC and Channel 4 for some compelling viewing and listening. I'm not complaining, but due to a noticeable drop in productivity levels over the past month in our office, my boss may be!
Tino, Aberdeen

I've read Christine Grahame's comments and they're absurd. Maybe she spends too long in her Edinburgh home and doesn't realise that there are several cricket clubs, including the one I play for, here in the Borders.
Gavin Smith, Galashiels, Scotland

The coverage given to it, which can be compared to beating your old chums in a game of rounders in your own back garden, is a bit OTT
Glasgow, Scotland

I am missing the cricket already and couldn't get enough of it when it was on! The vast majority of people I have spoken to who enjoy any sport enjoyed the cricket. It was possibly the best ever Ashes series. What are the SNP moaning about? As a Scot I'm glad a British Team won. This is petty nationalism at its very worst!
Scott Rennie, Brechin, Angus

Doesn't Christine Grahame know that England were once captained by a Scotsman, Mike Denness? And in any case what nationality is Simon Jones? When I played in the RAF there was always a strong Scottish, Welsh and Irish representation.
Andy Nicholas, Burntwood,Staffs

Yes! The media go overboard on sport, forgetting that there are some of us who are not interested. The TV schedules are a nightmare on such occasions, offering an old film as alternative. I am really pleased cricket is going to Sky and hope they will give us back Radio 4 on Long Wave as well. Nevertheless, well done guys. Now can we leave it?
VR, Bristol, UK

I was gripped - I had the ball by ball updated on my PC at work so that I could keep track of it all as it happened. All my colleagues know that I'm a big cricket fan and tolerate it at best, but even they were asking how it was going. And to celebrate in such a big was was FANTASTIC! C'mon people - enjoy the moment!
Emma, UK

One contributor asked "if Scotland had won something wouldn't we want the English to know about it?" The BBC in England wouldn't bother covering Scottish sporting success, and they certainly wouldn't replay it again and again.
Campbell McLean, Edinburgh

She obviously knows nothing about cricket. England are England in name only and draw their players from all home nations traditionally. One of 'England's' most successful Captains was a Scot!
Alan Ferdinand, Glasgow

Well done England ! Although the coverage given to it, which can be compared to beating your old chums in a game of rounders in your own back garden, is a bit OTT.
Craig, Glasgow, Scotland

Live coverage is fine, however this taking up the first 15 minutes of the BBC1 10pm news was way over the top. The very same day, Scotland retained their world championship in elephant polo, I'd rather have watched that :-)
Martin, Edinburgh

I am staggered by the SNP's remark. Scotland has a proud cricket tradition going back for a century. Bet this lady will jump on the cricket bandwagon if the Saltires do well in the next world cup. I have played since I was 17 and from memory there were at least five divisions in the Glasgow leagues.
Colin Macfadyen, Bath England

While such grievances do seem a bit petty, the point still must be made that England's cricket success undeservingly took up the top spot on the news, and in fact took up most of the Radio 4 news bulletin altogether! Online, radio and TV, there was no escape, there was no simple acknowledgement of success. There were far more worthy stories on the international scene (Katrina?) and yet we got nothing but cricket.
Andrew Watkins, Glasgow, Scotland

I await news of the team receiving their awards from the Queen, thousands of Brits may spend their childhoods, teenage years and whole lives caring for sick or disabled family members, thousands devote their lives to charity and volunteer work for the good of others, but we award a team of cricketers who were doing their jobs - playing cricket is what they get paid for after all, it's all a bit OTT.
Aimee, Inverness, Scotland

Christine Grahame's quite right to have said there were more important things happening in the world, and the BBC's news sense was a bit wonky in giving it eight minutes at the top of the bulletin. In the great scheme of things cricket -or any sport - doesn't matter all that much. On the other hand, this series has given a lot of pleasure to a lot of people on both sides of the Border, and it's churlish for us to give it the Scottish girn at a time like this.
Phil, Edinburgh

I've had to put up with Pommie Bashing for the past 20yrs in my adopted country BUT my allegiance still goes to the England cricketers. How great it is to boast again to the Ozzies. Yes show more coverage by all means in this day of terrorism. It was fantastic to see the British celebrate a great victory. Well done the Pomms. Geoff, ex Blackpool
Geoff Luxton, Perth Australia

The SNP assume that because we are Scottish, we couldn't possibly have enjoyed the Ashes series. personally i thoroughly enjoyed it. England were excellent and totally deserved their win. If you don't like cricket, just watch something else!
Donnie Maclean, Glasgow

The sight of drunken players falling out of doorways was a disgrace
Jim Caddis
Kilmarnock Scotland

Congratulations to the English for winning, but for someone non-English and not interested in cricket it made getting access to actual news difficult because the coverage was over the top. In the same way the coverage of an interview with a member of the Royal family being the top news story this morning on the BBC national news was a total disgrace, considering what is happening elsewhere.
Steve Graham, Edinburgh, Lothian

It is a great shame the Aussie game in Scotland was lost to the weather. Maybe there would have been a greater sense of participation in the tour if it had gone ahead. As usual Christine Grahame does Scotland a disservice.
Will, London, UK

I enjoyed the cricket, never really watched it before. It's a great boost for England.
Teresa Lewis, Devon

I didn't think that people were strapped down and their eye-lids prised open, forced to watch every ball. If you don't like cricket, how do you know how much coverage there was, unless you were watching it? I'm confused.
Alex, London, UK

I completely agree with Christine Grahame, I hate cricket with a passion, and to have the win of the English cricket team headline news two days running was absurd! If it had been Scotland, Ireland or Wales, we would have maybe had a mention at the end of the news, if there had been time of course.
C, Scotland,

I believe from speaking to Ms Grahame that her point of view was that she believed that it was not as important a news item as other stories on the news on Monday evening. If this is her point then perhaps she should be tabling a complaint every day regarding prioritising news items on the BBC and other stations.
Dave Vettese, Livingston, Scotland

I have been an avid cricket supporter since my early childhood. Unlike football or rugby, I feel cricket can help bring together Scots, Welsh and English as true Brits. I also believe all Scots should congratulate England on a truly monumental victory, against what was frankly the best cricket team in modern cricket history. However I can see how some people are of the school of thought that the victory parade was slightly OTT, but come on it's not every day England defeat the arrogant Aussies!
Robert Hart, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I'm stumped (sorry). Is it the cricket or the parochialism of the SNP I find most boring...?
Peter, Glasgow

I agree completely, the cricket was making the headlines over the violence in Iraq and all the other real issues happening in the world.
Dave, Wick, Scotland

Comments from SNP are a bit petty. I've been watching the cricket in Scotland since Brearly, Boycott and co featured and enjoyed watching this fascinating series. Well done (but don't go overboard!!) Maybe soon we'll have some sporting success in Scotland to cheer about...?
M Trigger, Aberdeen, Scotland

There is a BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC N. Ireland but no BBC England. Why? We need a BBC England.
Derek, Lyndhurst, England

I think there are more things to worry about in this world than if some people win a cricket match!!!
John, Glasgow, U.K.

Probably the only time I've ever wanted England to win anything WELL DONE!!!!
John Williams, Inverclyde

A wonderful series, played in the best sporting spirit. The winners were magnanimous in victory and the losers gracious in defeat. Compare this behaviour to the petty-minded sniping of the SNP. Shame on you.
J.G., Pitlochry, Scotland.

If it was possible for me to avoid the cricket for the entire season (comments from colleagues excepted) then I don't think the coverage was OTT. It was really nothing compared to the coverage given to football year after year. Just goes to show that cricket is a more refined game.
Vikki Roberts, Bracknell, UK

Firstly there are two Welshman and a south African in the team. Secondly the English team I think evolved out of the MCC, and as always included non English players. Thirdly the spirit in which cricket is played in particular this series is an example to all sportsman, Warne may back chat the umpire but i don't think he would ever applaud sarcastically. Finally the whole series was great drama, with the result only becoming clear in the final few hours of a 25 day competition. So what's not to enjoy?!
Andrew Williams, Linlithgow, Scotland

As an Englishman I always root for any Scottish team playing another country

Given the length of time we've waited for that little urn, the coverage was absolutely justified. I look forward to similar celebrations when we retain The Ashes down under in 2007.
Simon Platt, Edinburgh, UK

Perhaps Christine Grahame should do some research, Mike Deness an England and Kent captain in the 1970s was a Scot. Perhaps she should get out more, and go and watch the Scottish Saltires, or some of the club sides in Glasgow. I'm sure that she would be welcomed with open arms.
Michael Owen, Bristol

To those who make comments about "if this had been Scotland or Wales" - it was the English AND Welsh cricket team that beat Australia in the Ashes! Check out the ECB website if you don't believe me.
Eugene Newman, Portsmouth, England

Typical SNP blinkered nationalism. The Ashes is a big deal. England last won it 18 years ago. Andy Murray wasn't even in nappies then. Yet when he crashed out of the third round in Wimbledon you'd think it was the second coming. Let's get things into perspective.
Robin Graft , Edinburgh

I would happily celebrate a Scottish victory in any sporting arena. Until this far off day the Scots are invited to all of our sporting celebrations!
Mark Shapland, Enfield, London

I feel this comment on the coverage of the cricket is unjust! Cricket maybe of 'marginal' interest in Scotland but the interest that it has generated, due to the coverage and outcome, can only do the sport a great service promoting it to new followers! In a country that complains about high heart disease and health issues, the last thing we need is government officials complaining about the promotion of new sports! Maybe the fact is not enough sport coverage on TV, promoting not only national sports but 'marginal' sports!
Alisdair Piercy, Edinburgh, Scotland

Congratulations to the England cricket team on winning the Ashes - and I mean that sincerely. However, we had the usual OTT reporting from the BBC (or should that be the EBC) with wall to wall coverage - and not just in England. In case anyone thinks this is sour grapes, lets use some recent International football matches as an example of BBC bias towards England. On a day when all four British nations were playing friendly matches, we had in depth coverage of the England match, who the opposition were and the likely outcome (which turned out to be wrong since they were cuffed 4 - 0). At the end of the piece, we were told Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were playing that day too. There wasn't even a mention of WHO they we're playing - never mind a pre-match report. If that isn't bias then what is?
Brian, Paisley, Scotland

The SNP will moan about anything English, especially anything the English do well at. As an Englishman I always root for any Scottish team playing another country (except England of course!). Perhaps the SNP should re-build Hadrian's Wall, it seems to me they are becoming bit of a joke.
Andrew, England

I would like to say that the SNP attitude is unbelievable, but sadly it is exactly the sort of petty comment you would expect from them. The coverage of the Ashes was superb, without question the sporting highlight of summer. Perhaps it is because all sport up here is so second-rate that the SNP have got themselves all worked up about some English success? We should be delighted for the success of our neighbours, and stop being so blinkered.
Ian, Edinburgh, UK

Couldn't stand cricket before this year's Ashes, but now im absolutely hooked. Delighted too that England's top three players hail from Wales, Papua New Guinea and South Africa. They've got more wringers than an Albert Square laundry. Congratulations none the less.
Chris McMurphy, Edinburgh, Scotland

As a proud Scot, I was an even prouder Brit when I was watching the English play cricket this summer. I think there were a lot of people north of the border who became addicted to the Test Match Series and it would be a shame to pretend we weren't very happy at the English win!
Dave, Edinburgh

I like the cricket being on it was great, so lets not stop it.
Phillip Ryan, Montrose (Scotland)

If the BBC had a national broadcast for England, as Scotland and Wales do, instead lumping us in with the UK, Ms Grahame would have been spared her pain.
Priscilla Cullen, Hitchin, England

Where was the SNP, the Scottish media and the Scottish public celebrations when the Scottish team won the World Elephant Polo Title recently in Thailand?
Kevin West

I loved watching every moment of it that I could. It was a gripping test series and great entertainment. To see any team beat the mighty Aussies is a rare treat. It was just a pity we couldn't see Scotland play a game against them due to the weather.
Caz Thomson, Kincardine, Scotland

The coverage may have awakened an interest in the sport but what about Scottish cricket? If the coin was turned we would never have got such an ovation! Definitely over the top.
Charlotte Thomson, Aberdeen

Ok it was a great thing for England but if it had been a Scottish team winning something I'd very much doubt that we would have had national coverage.
T Fitzsimmons, Ayr, Scotland

As an ex-pat Scot and cricket watcher, I congratulate England for victory in an exciting and enjoyable Ashes series. I do however agree that the celebrations, and more so the English media coverage, was over the top. For the subject to be raised in the Scottish "Parliament" speaks volumes for the waste of time and public resource that is the Scottish "Parliament". The English love English winners but where was the SNP, the Scottish media and the Scottish public celebrations when the Scottish team won the World Elephant Polo Title recently in Thailand?
Willy, Dubai,UAE

If Radio Five plays Jerusalem one more time I will not be held responsible for my actions.
David Russell, Glasgow, Scotland

The issue was TV coverage, even Sky news had it running all day. The sight of drunken players falling out of doorways was a disgrace. I was sick looking at it.
Jim Caddis, Kilmarnock Scotland

I don't know how many times in the past month I've had people at work ask me questions about the game and what's going on in the ashes - all Scottish - who were genuinely interested! I'm a full blooded Scotsman and I have played cricket since I was a kid. I'm totally disgusted by these comments from someone who clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. I'm a member of Corstorphine Cricket Club in Edinburgh that boast's over 40 senior members and about 60 junior members. The number of Junior members is likely to increase with the success of the Ashes win! I just hope Scotland gets behind the national team when they head to the world cup in 2007!
Kevin West, Edinburgh

Yes, the whole deal was way over the top. I didn't mind so much the game itself - I didn't bother watching it; but what turned my stomach was the overblown celebrations in London with thousands of people treating these sportsmen, who are simply entertainers living their hobby, like war heroes. Put the whole thing in perspective, I say. And to cap it all, it was a waste of the taxpayers money having all that police escort.
Jon Evans, Aberystwyth, Wales

That's the SNP lost my vote! If they are going to be that petty about our neighbours having some success, forget it. It seems also to have slipped her attention that Scots are eligible to play for England at cricket, and two of the team were Welsh. Surely we should be encouraging our youngsters to take up the sport in the hope that one day they will reach the highest level. Cricket, after all, is I believe the second biggest sport in Scotland after football in terms of numbers playing regularly.
Kenny Roger, Stirling

The "England" cricket team actually encapsulates Great Britain as a whole
Grant McGovern

I'm not a huge fan of cricket, but I found the Ashes very exciting and well worth watching. Given the usual options for daytime TV, the cricket was a welcome change.
Dave, Glasgow, Scotland

Before this years Ashes series I had no interest in cricket, now the series has finished I dislike cricket even more as it was forced on me so much. It's not like its a tournament with many teams competing, its only ever the same two nations.
C Mackay, Nairn

While cricket may be of only marginal interest north of the border, It's the number 2 team sport in England, coupled with the fact that Australia (Their biggest sporting rivals)had won this particular contest every year since 1987, and it was obvious it was going to garner such a huge reaction down south.
William Cairns, Osnabruck Germany

Hardly an open competition if there's only two competitors. England either wins or loses. Like the Oxbridge boat race, it's not really of great interest to anyone outside these two areas.
Stewart, Glasgow

To accuse the BBC of showing too much cricket on the 6 o'clock NATIONAL news is narrow minded racism. Whilst we may not like it, there are 50 million people in England, compared to the 5 million in Scotland who potentially watch the BBC national news and as far as I can remember it was NOT mentioned on the 30 mins of Reporting Scotland which is broadcast to only those living in Scotland. Therefore the balance was right.
Iain, Livingston, Scotland

The "England" cricket team actually encapsulates Great Britain as a whole. Scottish players have, in the past, played for "England" and indeed some have even captained "England". Such is the tradition of the game the team is still called "England" and I admire that. Considering the yobs that play football and other high money sports, the level of sportsmanship shown during the Ashes was refreshing. I was enthralled by the series and would hate to have missed out on any of the action because of typical anti-English sentiment.
Grant McGovern, Aberfoyle

I'm stumped by the amount of media coverage given to the SNP. There is only marginal interest in them outside Scotland.
Colin, London

Why can't people just be happy, you can turn the TV off. It makes a pleasant change to see happy celebrations on the news. You cannot please everyone!
Claire Macdonald, Glasgow, Scotland

A lot of Scots play cricket and this win by England & Wales should be an inspiration to all cricket players
North Lincolnshire

England's reaction to winning a single game of cricket is slightly baffling. More importantly, the national media should remember they report the news to the UK as a whole. And let's leave sporting events to last - especially minor ones.
George Hamilton, Livingston

Unfortunately Ms Graham is what is wrong with Scotland! Small minded and ill informed. As has already been stated there are more cricket clubs than rugby clubs in Scotland. It was also stated by channel 4 the amount of viewers watching in Scotland the ashes puts the comment ' only marginal interest' into perspective.
Michael, Penicuik

Good luck to the English cricket team, but the level of exposure given on the 'national' news was excessive. On a night when New Orleans, riots in Belfast and Iraq were taking place, the first 10 minutes given over to a sporting achievement is too much. The BBC (for one) seems to forget at times that it is a national organisation broadcasting to the whole of Britain not just one country - when the presenters refer to 'we', 'us' and 'the nation' they are the ones with the blinkers.
David, Glasgow

My Scottish friends were as excited as I was by the Ashes series, and we all celebrated together. There is enormous interest in cricket in Scotland, and has been for a very long time. The sad thing is that there has been so little coverage of the remarkable success of Scotland's own cricket in recent years - winning the qualifying tournament that takes them to the World Cup in 2007. Christine Grahame should be campaigning for more Scottish cricket coverage, not knocking English cricket success.
Vicki , Edinburgh

I think the BBC should be renamed the EBC (English Broadcasting Company). There was no need for ten minutes of coverage that night, there are more relevant stories to cover nationwide.
Robbie, Carnoustie, Angus

While I thought that the whole series was hugely exciting, and the England team is to be congratulated on its success, I'm not sure the event deserved its billing of the top news story on the Radio 4, Six o'clock news (or indeed on Ch4 news at 7). Surely there were more significant and important things happening in the world that day.
Kennedy Fraser, Glasgow, Scotland

I have no interest in Cricket as a sport, but nevertheless could not disagree more with the SNP's comment. How petty and pathetic. Why is there a continual anti-English tone in so much that they say? I feel mildly ashamed to say these people are from the same country as me. Congratulations to the winning team and their fans.
Colin McGowan, Glasgow

I think Ms Grahame is one of small band of Scots who will never ever support anything English, even if her last breath depended on it. A lot of Scots play cricket and this win by England & Wales should be an inspiration to all cricket players, no matter which side of the border they come from.
Margaret, North Lincolnshire, UK

I pay a licence fee to what I thought was the British Broadcasting Company, not the English Broadcasting Company. I bet we'll still be hearing about this in 40 years just like 1966, blah blah blah
Karen, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

The SNP is becoming more parochial by the day. A case of "sour grapes"
Andrew Mitchell
Kinross, Scotland

Comments such as these make it very difficult for English people living in Scotland to feel settled, they border on the offensive and racist. As for any complaints about OTT celebrations, no-one knows how to and loves to party more than the Scots, who I was cheering on in their recent football world cup qualifier, you mean to say Scots wouldn't celebrate as hard. PS - Are the Tartan Army a tad jealous of the Barmy Army perhaps ?
Colin McGregor, Falkirk, Scotland

It's about time that the SNP realised that many Scots prefer rugby and cricket to football. These sports are also what Scots do better at judging by the World rankings. Why shouldn't we be pleased that our neighbours are now the best in the World at both? Some of the interest might just rub off on our youngsters getting them from behind their computer screens and onto the sports fields. I was at Murrayfield when Scotland beat England both in 1990 and in 2000 - wouldn't the SNP just love it if Scotland beat England at cricket too sometime in the future!!
Paul Thomas, Aberdeen

I was bored rigid by the cricket coverage. But this is not an unusual experience as the BBC is obsessed by sports presentation even although it is a big turn-off for many. As for 'the nation being gripped'. What nation do they mean? The BBC forgets frequently that it is a national service - it's the BBC not the EBC! What would our southern brethren have said to hours and hours of Elephant Polo coverage?
Charles Godon, Edinburgh, Scotland

The SNP is becoming more parochial by the day. A case of "sour grapes". Most people I know were gripped by England's performance and rooting for them to win. We live in the same country - a win for England is a win for the UK - the SNP should get that chip off their shoulder.
Andrew Mitchell, Kinross, Scotland

Is this really the standard of our Scottish parliamentarians? It will take a generation for talented, dignified and broad-minded MSPs to be elected. Until then, we will have to suffer the occasional example of parochial nonsense.
Andrew Fairlie, Edinburgh, Scotland

It was too much, I had to switch off the news to escape it. If it becomes their new 1966 I think I'll leave the country.
Shirley Sharp, Edinburgh, Scotland

I do think that women's sport should be taken more seriously, as the women cricketers won their Ashes as well. But as for the SNP, I think that the good-natured sportsmanship and enthusiasm for it should be encouraged. This series has been amazing.
Jane, Leeds, UK

While I can understand the celebrations in England, I did feel that the press (radio, TV and papers) went over the top in the coverage of the post match celebrations. England did not win the cricket world cup, they beat one team over a series of five matches, that was all.
Geoff, Perth

I don't even know the rules and it got me going, well done England... a UK team may be a better idea in the future and maybe then the whole nation may join in more.
Mark, Glasgow, UK

I think this is another indication of how out of touch the SNP is with the general public in the country they want to govern. I used to vote for them, but petty attention seeking rubbish like this is driving both my wife and myself away.
Tom, Edinburgh, Scotland

Well done the England Cricket team - about time the Australians were beaten at something! However, not so well done the media

Being English and living in Scotland, I know that most of my co-workers who are Scottish were supporting England and were just as much caught up in the success of the Ashes as the English were!
Carl Frith, Glasgow, Scotland

Her criteria would also see an end to Gaelic broadcasting, being only of marginal interest too. Is that what she wants? Grow up Ms Grahame! Our politicians and society could learn from the mutual respect and sportsmanship of both teams towards each other.
P Young, Aberdeen Scotland

Well done the England Cricket team - about time the Australians were beaten at something! However, not so well done the media... it does forget that their audience also consists of people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Although we have not had such a huge victory to celebrate in Scotland, (ever), I couldn't help but notice that there was only negative English-orientated view broadcasted on Northern Ireland's even more historic victory in the football. Where was the 'nation celebrating' line then?!
Tessa, Edinburgh

It was a bit over the top - you always had a 50-50 chance of winning so it was not an earth shattering event as was portrayed in the media.
John Barrie, Motherwell Scotland

Seeing the parade in London was good in that it ensures the nation (not just England)focuses on sporting success, something which is not that common in any part of the British Isles. So lets not be petty and parochial about this, enjoy sporting success and achievement in any part of the UK (whenever it happens!)
Alan McAdam, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I think that the BBC's coverage of the cricket was very excessive, and I live in England.
Niall Gordon, Peterborough, England

It has driven me nuts! I don't care about cricket, it has a minority interest in Scotland so why do we have to have it repeatedly thrust at us. Congratulations to the team but come on, we would never have any Scottish triumph broadcast throughout Britain in the same way.
Blair Cunningham, Glasgow

How mean-spirited and cynical. Of course it is proper that England's cricketing achievements should be celebrated on the UK national news. Some might not like it, but it is a fact that there is huge interest and support north of the border for what English cricket has achieved since being on the brink at the end of the 90's. Even if Christine Grahame's comments were true regarding the level of Scottish interest, that it is of such interest down south, and also in Wales, merits the coverage. Criticising those celebrations, no matter how over the top they may have been, blatantly panders to the narrow-minded element of the Scottish electorate.
Bruce Currie, Paisley

Congratulations (from a Scot) to the England cricket team... which over the years has included Scots, Welsh, Australians, South African, Zimbabweans and Pakistanis. The England cricket selectors being inclusive and unblinkered unlike the SNP.
Jill, Edinburgh

The coverage of the Ashes win was way over the top. To have that as headline news on the 10 o'clock news programme was a disgrace when there were two boys who had been murdered and left in a field. Is this not what the news is about?
Scott Neill, East Kilbride, Glasgow

I'd say the SNP have a severe inferiority complex - get over it!
Sydney, Australia

Speaking as a Scot, I thought the extent of coverage was well justified. It was after all a major sports event and, as it turned out, a very exciting one. It was the first time in 35 years of watching sport in any arena, that I found myself supporting England. I always suspected I wasn't anti-English! Now I know. I just like to support the underdog!
Paul Handley, Ayr, Scotland

It's like 1966 all over again. We'll be hearing about this for years to come. Get over it.
Derek Campbell, Edinburgh

Cricket's OK, but in sport the BBC too often becomes the English Broadcasting Corp, speaking for the "nation". My English neighbours in France never talk about GB or the UK, only about England: BBC too often reflects this. It's time for a separate broadcasting organisation (& govt) in Scotland.
Bill Craw, Pradelles-en-Val, France

As someone who has previously voted SNP, crass comments like these do nothing to encourage me to do so again. The SNP should be fighting on real issues that affect the people of Scotland, not degenerating another nations achievements. If the shoe was on the other foot and an English MP had made similar comments about the Scottish football team we would rightly be outraged.
Neil Ferguson, Lanark

It's not just an English cricket team. Scots have played and captained England in the past. There are currently Welsh players in the team. Do the SNP really have so little to do?
Duncan, Aberdeen Scotland

Did they win then?
John Higgins, Glasgow Scotland

I'm Scottish and have little interest in cricket, but support our English neighbours in some sporting events. The crux of the question is over-coverage which may be true, but given the way that the media focuses on 'big' events (such as Katrina) with blanket coverage is not surprising.
David Falconer, Glasgow, Scotland

I switched on the TV the next morning and within five minutes the presenter mentioned the 1966 Football World Cup!!!! I switched the TV off for the rest of the day - Give us a break !!!
Eddie, Largs, Scotland

Congratulations to England for reclaiming the Ashes after such a long time. Unfortunately, these Nationalists are no better than the bigots that follow certain Scottish football teams.
Kevin Thomas, Glasgow, Scotland

I think it's only because cricket is ironically "English" that the common Scotsman finds it revolting. For the first time I took an interest in a cricket match just because the Aussies were greeting into their pints. I sticks in my throat, "Well done to the Sassenachs!".
Robert Stirling, Perth, Australia

Do us all a favour - create a "cricket section" and let us show concern for the news that matters.
Robert Rogerson
Port Alberni, Canada

As a Scot, and having lived in Australia and New Zealand for the last five years, I've developed a interest in cricket, although not a passionate fan, I have to admit to staying up to 2am to follow the Ashes. I'm glad I'm not in the UK though to suffer the wall to wall coverage of England's win though!, but fair play to Poms, it was an interesting test series.
Simon Morris, Wellington, New Zealand

As a true Scot I wholeheartedly disagree with the comments by Christine Grahame. She should be more concerned about the erosion of choice for those who choose, or who can not, afford satellite television, as they will be denied access to live cricket coverage as of now as this series was the last terrestrial television.
Martin Grant, East Kilbride, Scotland

Well done England, but as a Scot I don't need the overkill of the coverage. There is a definite bias towards English news
G.Webb, Jedburgh

Why do we in Scotland have to watch "rounders" in Scotland. 99% of Scots are not interested in this English game.

I am a Scot who now lives in Australia, I'd say the SNP have a severe inferiority complex - get over it! Well done England you have done British sport proud!
Neil, Sydney, Australia

Christine Grahame, just like other members of the SNP, even the SSP, appears to have a real attitude problem with English success... Scotland are performing well at cricket and I personally find it a thrilling sport to partake in. Sorry Ms Grahame, but your nationalism is getting a bit over the top - if you have to make snide remarks like this.
Callum Lawson, Murano Student Village, Glasgow

No matter how you try to do the math, cricket is a minority sport. I lived for sixty years in my home in Scotland, and --honest---never saw a cricket match being played. Death in Iraq, devastation in Louisiana and a myriad of other world calamities were all downgraded on BBC news to a position of less import than their cricket victory. Good for the cricket fans, I am happy for them; but like the VAST majority of the worldwide watchers of BBC news, I have no interest in the game. Do us all a favour - create a "cricket section" and let us show concern for the news that matters.
Robert Rogerson, Port Alberni, Canada

The cricket was as exciting a sporting event as the Scottish women winning their gold at curling!
John Campbell, Dunbar, Scotland

If the SNP had an MP for every time they complained about England they'd hold the government bench as well as half the opposition! Enough said!
Jon, St. Andrews, Scotland

She might like to know that Scotland are in fact the current ICC Trophy champions
Steve, Auckland, New Zealand

There are plenty of Englishmen in Scotland and a growing number of Scots who play and enjoy cricket, who would have enjoyed watching one of the closest Ashes Series ever. It was not just an English occasion - it was a sporting occasion. The SNP are not gathering Scots to their point of view - they are excluding a growing number of cricket fans. I'm too young to recall, but was this the attitude when Scotsman Mike Dennis was England captain?
Andrew Moran, Edinburgh UK

I'm neither Scottish nor English and was visiting Scotland for four weeks in the early stage of the Ashes series. From my observation the level of interest was very high. I think Christine Grahame needs to get out of her ivory tower a little more and meet real people who enjoy and discuss issues other than politics.
David, Wellington, New Zealand

It is only further proof that the BBC should change to EBC. Why Scotland had to endure such coverage of a game which at best, is a good cure for insomnia, is beyond me.
Dave, Stamford, USA

English Cricket!! It took a South African tae win it for them. Australia were robbed.
Malky, Glasgow Scotland

Any coverage would have been too much from a Scot living in Australia
Rosie Baillie, Perth Australia

This was on BBC Scotland! NOT EVEN any footage of the Scotland squad winning the World Elephant Polo!
George Burns, Isle of Skye

As usual, when England win something it's broadcast as "the nation" winning something. It's not that I am against the media giving coverage to the English team, it's just at times like these they forget that there are 3 other constituent nations within the United Kingdom. No wonder foreigners think England and the UK are one in the same thing. Even BBC World hammered the win home.
Alan, Yokohama, Japan (prev Scotland)

I find it strange that someone, who is supposedly a proponent of her country's profile, is unaware that Scotland fields a cricket team at international ICC events. She might like to know that Scotland are in fact the current ICC Trophy champions. Perhaps she does not like to celebrate success, even Scottish success, or is it a case of her not knowing about her own country?
Steve, Auckland, New Zealand

There must be a significant number of English people who find paint watching infinitely more interesting
Iain Diamond

As a Scot living in England, I find it quite amusing that even the defeated Australian team were more magnanimous towards an English success in their own national sport than the narrow minded SNP could muster. Such attitudes do nothing to further the cause of these toy politicos and serve only to reinforce what is otherwise an ill-deserved national stereotype. Presumably Grahame's next campaign will be to have coverage of The Open restricted to north of the border - or is that something she has reserved for curling at the next winter Olympics?
Ken McEwen, Billericay, England

The coverage wasn't too much. It was the coverage of the aftermath, it will be 1966 all over again. Was their win really more important than anything else going on in the world as media coverage would suggest? Remember the curling Olympic winners, how much national (ie English) coverage did that get??
Fraser, Perth, Scotland

Far to much
James Ellis, Scotland

Imagine France devoting as much time in the media to a minority sporting victory won by Brussels. And still people defend this nonsense. Imagine if they had beaten two countries to win it...where's the remote?
Joe Rooney, Glasgow

I think the level of coverage is entirely justified as it is plainly illustrates the level of England's sporting ambition. The fact that sporting superpower England are celebrating winning a two team contest in a minority world sport by such a small margin, in part due to the weather, after 18 years of trying, with parades, visits to Downing Street, congratulations from the Queen, citizenship for the team manager, talk of honours for the team, endless media coverage etc etc only demonstrates the extent (or lack of) of English sporting ambition. Most proud countries would be too embarrassed that it took so long to celebrate with such gusto. What next? Bus parades celebrating that an English team has won the FA Cup or the boat race again?
J Campbell, Glasgow

Yes, there was too much coverage of the cricket and I agree it is a sport of relatively little interest to the vast majority of scots. The BBC should spend less time printing stories such as these, trying to undermine the integrity of the SNP and spend more time covering articles such as Westminster's years of outrageous conspiracies against Scotlands independence
Craig Russell, Ayr, Scotland

Absolutely! I have never understood the need to broadcast so much cricket on Scottish television. Who is it supposed to be intended for? I don't know anyone who watches it.
Neil Wood , Glasgow Scotland

I have always found cricket to be one of the most boring sports (baseball is almost as dull) - thankfully I have no problem changing the channel when it comes on. I'm sure it's not a Scottish thing, as there must be a significant number of English people who find paint watching infinitely more interesting too.
Iain Diamond, Dundee, Scotland

Being from Scotland originally I only wished there had been more promotion of cricket in Scotland when I was younger - no other game installs the virtues of sportmanship and respect for others even though you may disagree as cricket does - the SNP could probably learn abit from watching a game or two.
Robin, Newcastle, Australia (formerly Troon)

A Scottish political party making a full-blown issue of this is just plain embarrassing. It makes the Scots look bad. I'm not interested in cricket, myself and i'm not too intersted in their victory either, but why don't the SNP do what I did when it began to get too much? Turn over.
Lex, Glasgow

Big yawn! Liked batting a ball around when I was a kid, but as a spectator sport it leaves me needing a nap. At the same time the English cricketers were managing to beat the Aussies for the first time in umpteen years, young Scot, Andrew Murray, went further in the US open than top British players. Where was the media hype for that achievement?
John Adamson, Wishaw, Scotland

The pointless comments spouting from the SNP never cease to amaze me

As an exiled ex-pat, for the first time in my life I wanted England to win. The Aussies are even more arrogant than the English football commentators.
Sandy, BUCKS

Surely anything that encourages kids to get out and be active is good, whether the successful side is English, British, Scottish, or Martian??
Tom, Edinburgh, Scotland

As a Scot living in Australia I sympathise with the whole of Scotland having to watch England gloat over the Ashes. Roll on Scottish Independence that's all I can say, especially after reading the article preventing us from keeping the oil 30 years ago.
CAMPBELL GIBSON, Sydney, Australia

Yes I was gripped with the cricket and thought the coverage was very good I have enjoyed cricket since being taught to play at school in the mid-Sixties and this was a Scottish school. I am happy that England won and yes cricket is very popular in Scotland
Robert Cowe, Ormiston East Lothian

As an Irish citizen living in Scotland, the pointless comments spouting from the SNP never cease to amaze me. Are they really so bitter as to feel like this in their self-obligated quest for being "Uber-Scots"? How about, well done to their neighbours down the road for a great sporting achievement and less of the mind numbing comments like this. In an effort to justify their being and Parliament salaries, they come with this waffle. A joke.
Jonathan, Edinburgh

England deserve to be congratulated on their magnificent achievement of winning the Ashes for the first time in 18 years. However, I have yet to meet anybody who is interested. A Scottish Six seems to be the answer where we can, like England, hear what is happening in our own country, as well as interesting foreign stories (like the Ashes, but in context)
Christina Smith, Aberdeen, Scotland

The SNP prove what a small minded bunch they are. The cricket was brilliant with both my wife and I glued to Channel 4 throughout the series hoping that England would win. We both cheered when the English football team got a doing from NI last week though.
Campbell McLean, Greenock Scotland

Well done to them for winning but really the coverage was OTT
Anthony ÓDoibhailein

I've played cricket since the age of four, represented Scotland at Under-15 and -17 levels and I thought the Ashes this year was the best series I have ever witnessed. However, just as in every other aspect of life, we received far too much coverage of something that had nothing to do with Scotland. Why didn't we get such coverage of Scotland's ICC success?
GPM, Fife, Scotland

I feel the coverage given to England team was excessive. When Scotland wins anything, there is next to nothing, yet England win and its all we hear for several weeks. But as the media is generally biased towards England I'm not surprised...
Ross, Kirkcaldy, Fife

With an impending fuel crisis on the way, thousands of people starving in Niger and rioting on the streets of Belfast, I don't think England winning the cricket justified the first 15 minutes of the 6 o'clock news.
Andrew Simpsom, Dundee, Scotland

Well done to them for winning but really the coverage was OTT, before, during and after for a competition between two countries not open to anyone else. Hardly a big contest is it?
Anthony ÓDoibhailein, Glasgow

I really don't care less about cricket, but I've seen a bit of the series, and quite honestly to those criticising the amount of media coverage it got - what's all the fuss about? In England, it's as common as football is up here. Cricket's never been my cup of tea but you have to admire the sportsmanship shown through such a fierce contest. There's a lot of prima donnas who kick footballs around for a living who could take a few lessons in sportsmanship and humility. Two teams at the absolute peak of their powers, trying to win whatever way they can, playing very aggressively but in every case by fair means. Can you imagine two opposing Old Firm players, or Arsenal and Man Utd players embracing one another in the heat of battle? Doubt it.
John, Motherwell

It's about time someone stuck it to the Aussies. But sadly the English media specialise in getting everyone else's back up at the merest hint of success. As for prime ministerial receptions and sets of stamps to mark the occasion... do me a favour?
Andy Macleod, Glasgow

This was a specifically English event and should have been covered on English regional news. Had it been Scotland or Wales, that is exactly what would have happened. Another example of the London-based TV stations getting confused between England and the UK. Will they ever learn?
David A Gourlay, Lisbon

I believe cricket has more people taking part in it then rugby. It is big in Scotland and getting bigger. The SNP need to, in my opinion, get to grips with their country's views
Cameron, Aberdeen

Listening to Five Live nothing happened in the rest of the world

Sour grapes on a vine that died when they got devolution
Robert, Cumbernauld

This is embarrassingly petty. Haven't we grown up yet? I have played cricket in Scotland since I was small as have so many others. The team from the England and Wales Cricket Board produced astonishing, enthralling sport and I tried to follow every ball. Hasn't the MSP realised that Scots have played for and captained the team she is complaining about? Pathetic.
H Montgomery, Dumfries

As a Scot living in England, it is always plesent to see a British team doing well at any sport. It was a pleasure to watch.
Richard, Birmingham

Oh for God's sake,get over it! If any of the England cricket team had any Scottish connection (no matter how small) you could be sure that the Scottish media would have jumped all over the victory, making it their own. Give credit where it's due. The England team deserve our congratulations. If you don't want to watch the cricket, go out and do something less boring instead!
Fiona , Glasgow

It is definitely an achievement which the whole of Britain should feel proud of. Cricket, though not popular amongst all in Scotland, is definitely gaining a lot of publicity and lots of youngsters actually playing and following the game. Scotland's recent victory in the ICC Trophy proves the game is on the rise and who knows sometime in the future we might actually beat England!
Graham Brown, Glasgow

How many people do or don't play cricket in Scotland is irrelevant to the discussion. It is no different to the insufferably verbose coverage that was given in the UK-wide media after the England Rugby World Cup win. It is not the sport that is the problem - it is the crystal clear fact that many south of the border (and very many in the SE) find it almost impossible to make a distinction between England and Britain - and that fact translates through into the media - print and broadcast. That is the area which requires criticism - not leather on willow.
Gordon H, Stranraer

Listening to Five Live nothing happened in the rest of the world. The differentiation between England and Britain has disapeared again. Go the EBC
Steve, Aberdeen

Some cricket coverage would be appropriate on Scottish TV but we were given far too much coverage of the English Test Match
John S. Davidson, Moffat

I find it staggering that the SNP has to pull on its 'Tartan Blinkers' every time that something like the English Ashes success happens
Turriff, Scotland

We still hear regularly about the English World Cup success in 1966, so the Ashes will be mentioned for ever more. I don't care, at least the English in Scotland were able to see it and if the coverage encouraged 11 children off the sofa and into a sport, it was worth it. Let them have their glory, if Scotland had won something wouldn't we want the English to know about it? Well done the English team. I still don't like cricket though.
Margaret, Leven

I have no interest in cricket, but even if I had - why did the BBC keep saying "the whole nation is celebrating"? Surely, they meant "England" is celebrating? Now I know why a friend of mine calls the 6 o'clock news "The English News".
Dorothy McGhie, Glasgow

I find it staggering that the SNP has to pull on its 'Tartan Blinkers' every time that something like the English Ashes success happens. I am a born and breed Scot and I find it amazing that they can be so petty and still expect people to vote for them.
Mary, Turriff, Scotland

The fact that the Scotsman and the Herald newspaper gave it front-page coverage on Tuesday says quite a lot about the level of interest here. Scotland's cricket team is now the 11th best team in the world, far higher than the football team. People in Scotland are interested in cricket and many Scots I know support England at cricket.
Richard Meade, Edinburgh, Scotland

Doesn't Christine Grahame know that more people play cricket in Scotland than play rugby or is she just totally unaware of what is happening in her own country?
Martin, Uddingston

Ashes victory sparks Scottish row
14 Sep 05 |  Scotland


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