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Prince Harry birthday: Your messages
Prince Harry of Wales is 21 today but says he won't be having a party to celebrate his birthday.

Interviewed at Home Farm in Gloucestershire, the prince talks about his affection for his stepmother, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

He also apologies for his Nazi uniform stunt earlier this year describing it as "a very stupid thing to do".

He said: "I'm not having a party. I'll probably be in a ditch in the middle of Wales. I might let off a party popper."

What message would you like to give Prince Harry on his birthday? Send us your e-mails.

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The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I think that Prince Harry is testament to the character building qualities of the Army
Tim Coley, Epsom, England
I think that Prince Harry is testament to the character building qualities of the Army. He is a perfect example of how a stint in the armed forces can turn a Nazi-uniform donning rebel into a disciplined soldier and a useful member of society. I hope that the government will take note of this change and suggest civil service for other teenage tearaways.
Tim Coley, Epsom, England

Why is it that when Harry is photographed fighting outside a nightclub then the usual collection of royal sycophants claim it is private and shouldn't be in the new, yet his 21st birthday (which everyone over 21 has also had) is apparently news worthy of coverage. Respect is earned not inherited in my book. Time we get to vote for our head of state, and stop having to pay for her extended family.
Mart, London, UK

Happy birthday. As a stepmum, I find it wonderful, that you can talk about Camilla as you are doing, I only wish my stepsons were like you, Thank you, we stepmums are a caring bunch and its as nice to know that sometimes the hard work we put in pays off. God bless you and keep you.
Hilary Gibbs, Hagley, West Midlands

On behalf of all Sierra Leoneans here in Sierra Leone and the UK we wish you a happy and wonderful birthday and may you continue to do the good work of your late mother Diana. Enjoy!
Joseph Babah, Freetown, Sierra Leone

I wish the press would eave Harry alone. When Princess Diana passed didn't the press agree to keep a wide berth? I'm sad to say we have overlooked that agreement.
Stefan Rogers, Oxford, England

Happy birthday Harry, please don't become bureaucratic. The people need both you and William. Wishing you the best of luck with your military career.
Jayne, UK

If your dubious presence improves publicity for those suffering around the world, I will play along
Dave, Tonbridge, Kent
Harry, if I knew you I would doubtless wish you a happy birthday but I don't so I won't jump on the bandwagon. Society gives you a status and visibility that can be used for good even though I don't agree with it, so let's exploit that. Whether it is you or Jordan or the Beckhams, if your dubious presence improves publicity for those suffering around the world, I will play along with the cult of media personalities because the end justifies the means. Do something tangible of real value with your life : Lesotho sounds like a great start.
Dave, Tonbridge, Kent

Happy birthday, Harry. I am glad that you are your own person and do whatever you please, no matter what anyone thinks of you. Always be true to yourself and do not ever let anyone cause you to change. Your mother did not and neither should you.
Erica Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I would like to tell Prince Harry that the 15th of September is the day of mastery. Other people born on this very same day are for example: Agatha Christie and Oliver Stone. The message is this: have the courage to want the very best for yourself, keeping your ethical principals in tact. Happy birthday!
Marite Renkens, Marbella, Spain

I don't know of one young person who has not made mistakes
Claire Cobb, East Dulwich, SE London
Happy birthday Harry. Ignore the tabloids and live your life the best way you know how. I don't know of one young person who has not made mistakes in their youth, but you learn from them and they make you a better person. You are a refreshing change from your stuffy relatives. Go with the flow.
Claire Cobb, East Dulwich, SE London

I watched Harry's interview on BBC World this morning. I admire his down-to-earth attitude, his compassion and his love of life, they remind me so much of his mother. I wish him a lovely birthday and I hope he will be left alone by the paparazzi to enjoy his special day with his loved ones.
Golnaz, Montreal, Canada

Happy birthday Harry. Have a great day and also remember your mother who was courageous and had human in herself. One thing I would like you and your brother William to do is to go as a force to Africa during your holidays. Do not be as quiet as you do when you visit Kenya. Talk about Kenya to Europeans as you do when you visit Australia, New Zealand etc. Happy birthday again Harry.
Munge James, Nairobi, Kenya

It is not Harry's fault that he was born into royalty, just his luck. No one picks their family. He is just a normal young boy, getting on with his life the only way he knows how. His mum would be proud of him, just as much as anyone else's would. Happy 21st Harry.
Jay, Glasgow, Scotland

I saw part of your interview and I think you came across very well
Claudia Bultman, UK
Happy birthday Harry, I wish you well for the future. I saw part of your interview and I think you came across very well. You deserve to be left alone to do your thing.
Claudia Bultman, UK

Happy Birthday Harry! Let's hope that next year you'll be celebrating it as a normal person. Make it your life's work to carry on where your beloved mum was forced to leave off.
Rabyn Aryal, Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Another Royal birthday that we can all be proud of. God bless you sir. Down here in Cornwall we will be celebrating with a special batch of our delicious Cornish Pasties. Extra care will be taken with the crusts and nothing but Cornish goodness packed in for a batch of "Prince's Delights" to mark this wonderful occasion. It makes me proud to be Cornish and, of course, British.
L Payne, Tintagel, Cornwall

Just to say that after the comments I have seen and the reports on the interviews on Harry, what a nice bloke. None of the aloofness of some other royals, a modern man and hey, if he has cut loose a bit in the past, then show me someone who hasn't. Happy Birthday Harry, you deserve a great one.
Paul, Teddington

Happy Birthday Harry - let's hope that next year you'll be celebrating it as a normal person in a republican country. Then maybe you'll get away from the press attention that bugs you so much!
Jennifer, Glasgow

It's so refreshing to see someone in your position take your responsibilities so seriously at a young age
Catherine Jones, Mold, North Wales
Happy Birthday Harry! I saw the interview this morning and you come across as a really nice bloke, down to earth and caring. It's so refreshing to see someone in your position take your responsibilities so seriously at a young age but don't stop having fun - it's a breath of fresh air!
Catherine Jones, Mold, North Wales

Do me a favour! I am so ashamed to be British when I see how pathetic and sycophantic my fellow subjects are at the mention of a royal wedding. These people are over-privileged, useless, and frankly their existence undermines my sense of pride as a British citizen. It's insulting that you even ask us to pass on a message to him.
Jess Brammar, London

Harry, make it your life work to carry on where your beloved mum was forced to leave off. In her name, make her proud.
Edward Seyforth, Western Shore Canada

Happy Birthday to a real and gutsy royal.
Abbie Wilson, Sevenoaks and South Africa

He has been big enough to admit his mistake on the Nazi uniform
Miranda Park, London
Why can the British never differentiate between the role and the individual? Personally, this young man has little to do with the question of whether we should have a monarchy. He has been big enough to admit his mistake on the Nazi uniform which says a lot for him as an individual. So maybe for once we could limit our national tendency to gripe and just wish him "Happy Birthday".
Miranda Park, London

Why does this make top headline news in the country? Aren't there most important things to talk about rather than some rich kid's birthday?
Joe, London

Happy birthday. Hopefully the press will let your family rebuild their lives after a 20 years of a media circus.
John K, Staffordshire

My son Chris is 26 today on 15th September. Chris was born in Nigeria West Africa. We are very happy to celebrate with Prince Harry and we support him in everything he is doing - especially continuing his mother's charity work with Aids victims. Well Done Harry! Go for it!
Beth and Chris Swain, East Sussex, UK

So what? Hundreds of people turn 21 everyday.
J, England, Wigan, UK

The BBC have correspondents all over the world, are the all sleeping or is there no real news out there?
Dan, Ladybank, Fife
We must be a sad Nation, putting up with this non story as a lead story on this mornings news. The BBC have correspondents all over the world, are the all sleeping or is there no real news out there? The Royal in question, if he had he had a choice in the matter, would rather have been elsewhere than be interviewed, it would have saved us all from this so called lead story.
Dan, Ladybank, Fife

I may a republican at heart but give this young man a break, let him be as "normal" as possible. He is doing great charitable work and should be allowed to party occasionally without media outrage. Happy Birthday Harry.
Rhyannon, Gloucesteshire

Congratulations Harry, Good age 21. Best of Luck in the army. Take no notice of the tabloids. You're just great.
Scott Barnett, Sutton Coldfield, England

Many happy returns, Harry! Resolve now to lead your life the way you want to - for the sake of your own health and sanity, you must push against the ridiculous and antiquated system all the way!
A Sellar, Edinburgh, UK

Happy birthday Harry, I'll be ready about 7pm if you want to take me out partying!
Phe, Glasgow

I got a glimpse of your programme today - your father should be very proud of you. Have a wonderful birthday!
Nicki , Surrey, Great Britain

Have an excellent year
Jacqui Stockman, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, England
Hope you enjoy your day, Harry, and have an excellent year ahead.
Jacqui Stockman, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, England

Well done Harry. At last a more human face to royalty and one not afraid to step up and do his bit in the army. If only more 21 year olds showed as much courage and determination and pride in their country. Ally this to a caring nature and humility his mother would have been proud of. We like you just the way you are! Keep it up.
S. Hilton, Cheltenham,, UK

It's sickening to see that privilege and not merit still determines "success" in British life ... roll on the Republic over here!
Stephen Fox, Sydney Australia

Happy Birthday Harry! Just be yourself, do what you are doing and we love you for it!
Kamal Hussain, London, Great Britain

Where I live and work Prince Harry doesn't even register as a topic of conversation and I for one wonder why the media assumes that people are the remotest bit interested in this pampered, privileged member of the aristocracy?
Gareth Williams, Nottingham, England

Grow up and act your age, keep out of trouble, and set a good example to others.
L. Stenner, UK

At 21 it's high time you stopped sponging off the state and got a proper job mi'lad!
Baz Tregear, Derbyshire, UK

Happy Birthday Harry! Our daughter was born on the same day!
Laurie Milam, Harrison, USA

A very down to earth young man
Dan, UK
Saw his interview this morning on TV - what a lovely guy he comes across as! A very down to earth young man who has made the same mistakes as the rest of us in his teenage years and is mature enough to accept them and move on. Happy Birthday - you're making your mum proud, Harry!
Dan, UK

Happy Birthday Harry - now please grow up and help to justify the millions of pounds the hard pressed taxpayers of this country throw at your family every year.
Brian, Paisley, Scotland

I would once again like to raise my objection to the endless public scrutiny to which this poor individual is placed. He has done nothing to deserve it, or his status, negative, positive or otherwise. The media and the British people's continuing preoccupation with the monarchy is a waste of time, money and effort that could be spent on vastly more worthy causes. Besides, a twenty-first century democracy should have the right to elect its head of state, not have it foisted upon them.
Keith, London, UK

Happy Birthday Harry. I am sure everybody has done daft things when they were growing up, but not many have had to do it in the public eye. Admitting your mistakes shows that you have been brought up not dragged up. Both of your parents must be proud because they have done a good job.
Jacqueline, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Happy 21st Harry, Saw your interview this morning, it was just great. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was moved by your touching comments. Don't ever change, you are one in a million. Have a brilliant time.
Ann, Lichfield

Don't worry about taking life too seriously
Naomi, Camberley, Surrey
Happy Birthday Harry, have a great day. Don't worry about taking life too seriously just yet.
Naomi, Camberley, Surrey

With his simple, straightforward apology for the Nazi uniform stunt, I think Harry has gone a very considerable way towards redeeming himself in the eyes of the general public. It's a pity that introspection and the ability to apologise is so lacking in 95% of public figures.
Richard, Leicestershire

I just want Harry to know that the people of Wales are very proud that he was born their Prince. It only seems like yesterday I was celebrating his birth at school and welcoming with pride the latest baby to our Royal Family. This fine young man is an asset to the monarchy and in time will ensure that our own children and grandchildren will have a Prince they can look up to and be proud of too. It is very fashionable to knock him now but people forget that in 2004 he raised over 1m for The Red Cross. That says all I need to know about our fantastic Prince.
Neil Welton, Cardiff

I spent my 21st on exercise with the army too. Probably the best present Harry can wish for is half decent weather. Best wishes and good luck!
Peter, Notts

So some spoilt rich boy is 21 and it's a major story. Sad, sad country.
Me, Surrey

Happy birthday Harry. Have a great day and a drink too, it would be wrong not to on your 21st. A refreshingly honest down to earth bloke who tows the royal line with it. God Save The Queen!!
Terry, London, UK

I take it that the reference to being in a ditch in Wales is connected to his Army life rather than stumbling out of a local pub after some birthday drinks....
Andrew Geddes, Jersey

Have a good one!
Dan, Yateley, UK
Happy birthday Harry. Despite the moaning of traditionalists, it's alright to drink too much and mess up occasionally as a teenager. We've all been there! Have a good one!
Dan, Yateley, UK

Happy birthday Harry, you deserve a really lovely day! Wish you all the best in everything you do. Cheers!
Luci, Richmond, London

Happy Birthday Harry. I hope you celebrate your 21st just like anyone else (lots of dancing, drinking and celebrating). You come across as a normal down to earth but very personable young man. Have a great day, I'm sure all of your family are very proud as are the rest of the country.
Vicky, London

Happy Birthday Harry, your mum would be proud of you mate.
Paul Galley, Manchester

Happy Birthday Harry, here's hoping that you have a wonderful day.

While not a royalist myself, it's refreshing to see Harry maturing into a level headed adult. Royals are, after all, human and prone to make the same mistakes we all do, except we don't all have 500mm lenses capturing every one! Happy Birthday Harry - enjoy a cold beer.
Eric Clark, London, UK

Prince Harry can take great delight in knowing that he shares his birthday with me. It he would like to join me for a drink tonight, he is more than welcome. Happy Birthday to us both.
Michael Townsend, Bristol, UK

Well done Harry, great interview on R4 Today programme this morning.
Nick S, Kingsley, Northants, UK

Happy Birthday Harry - have a fantastic 21st. You have always been my favourite royal - someone who speaks from the heart and has a cheeky sense of humour to boot!
Sharon B, London

Happy Birthday Harry!
David, London, UK

Happy birthday Harry, and thanks for entertaining us with normal teenage exploits despite your having anything but a normal life. Most of us did some things we're not proud of, it's not a problem, just part of growing up. All the best for the future.
Kathryn, Bicester


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