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Hurricane Katrina: Missing people
People make their way down Canal Street in New Orleans, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
The Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin says hundreds, "most likely, thousands" of people may have been killed by Hurricane Katrina.

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American Red Cross donations

tel (in the US): 1 800 HELP NOW

Looking for Betty Dyer and Lawanda Ross
Tyranecal Thompson, USA

Looking for Tikesha Perkins
Otis McKnight, USA

I am trying to find information on Patrick Evens and his family who reside in Gulfport. He is a close friend and we are worried about him and his son please contact my e-mail .
Susan Cantone, Port Richey, Florida

I'm trying to locate my sister. She lives in Lacome La. Irene Killian Lococo. She is 77y & on her own
Morna Killian, Largo/USA

I'm looking for a friend - Lillie Easterling - who lives in Gautier, Ms..
Pat Jones, Navarre, Fl. 32566

My family are very worried about my step-grandmother Joye Taylor Jnr (nee Shread) and her husband Wendell, , they live at Diamondhead, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. On the coast near Gulfport. Joye was in hospital, but we don't know where and have heard nothing from either of them since the hurricane.
Michelle Mackley, Winchester, England

I have not heard from my son Dillon Miller, Bogalusa, LA lives with his father Donnie Miller & step-mother Debbie Miller since day before Hurricane. I cannot reach anyone in the area. They live behind Countryside Animal Hosp.
Antoia Saba, long beach, ms

Can you help me find my grandmother Edna Loraine Badueaux i believe that she lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. I haven't heard from her since Sunday.
Alyssa Gorodn, Bayfield Wisconsin

Looking for James & Frank Elrod our cousins.. They live in Biloxi & Gulfport
Rose Elrod, Okla.City, Ok

We are looking for information on Denis and Stella Thornton and family.
Bernard and Del, Dublin Ireland

I have not heard from young son. Someone please help me. My son Kyle Ermis lives with his father, Eddie Ermis at Milton Road in Hammond. I just need to know how he is doing I am in Georgia going stir crazy wanting to get to him and wrap my arms around him.
Angel Menzer Kilian, Lafayette, GA

Hoping to hear from my cousin and uncle from Franklinton,LA: Oscar and Fred Peterson
Bob Stillwell, Tenaha, TX

Searching for news of the whereabouts of Glen Huff or of any of his old time friends from the Gulf Coast.
Russ Beaulieu, Cranbury, New Jersey

I am Looking for my brother and sister in law Gordon And Joan Coleman from Waveland Mississippi please contact with any information.
Stephen Coleman, Durand , Michigan

Looking for John and Mattie Scorsone and family. Looking for information on my cousin and his famiy. He lives in Slidell.
Celia Palmer, Garden Grove, California USA

Looking for Sue Paul, Sherri & Robt. Thigpen, Lori & David Burgess in Picayune/Carriere area.
Lucyanne, Grand Jct., CO USA

I have been volunteering at my church with the shelter for New Orleans survivors. My heart has gone out to them all. One elderly man (Mr Robert Johnson) in particular, because he is without any family members at the shelter and the others have someone with them. He always tell me that he would be alright, but he just wants to know where his two grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law may be. Their last name is Ker (Larry Ker, Alliah Ker and Jarobbin Ker). Mr Johnson is at Shiloh Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisian.
Dorothy Lee, Baton Rouge, LA USA

Looking for Mohammed Jawaid residence of Kenner, LA 70065.
Ammar Sheikh, Houston , TX77095

I would really like to know if Michelle Chen is ok, she works at the Tulane university hospital in the centre of New Orleans and I have been trying to contact her for a week now without luck.
Nic Constantinou, London, UK

I am looking for my people Chris Johnson, Carlotta Johnson, Angie Johnson, Roy Johnson, Shonja Johnson, Carlotta I am looking for all of your sons. We love you and want to help.
Patricia Johnson, Sumter, South Carolina

My sister, brother and I are looking for our cousin, Paul Huschle. He lived in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. He is 74 years old and has failing vision. Please contact me with any information; good or bad.
JoAnn Steel, St. Louis, Mo USA

Searching for Ben Hunter. New Orleans reggae musician.
Debbie Paige, Houston USA

I am searching for my father- I last known him to live in New Orleans with a wife. His name is Wilder Price- about 46 yrs old- had two children, a boy and me. If you know Wilder or any Price from that area PLEASE contact me! Thank You
Toia Price, Huntsville, Al

I'm looking for Beatrix Urbat, M.D., of New Orleans, and the Freedman family (Suzanne and Jimmy and kids) of Madison, MS. Please let me know if you have any news of these cousins of mine.
Chamoudah, Napa, CA USA

Please let me know if Randy Clement, Planning director of city of Kenner is okay.
Dorothy O'Donoghue, Montreal, Canada

Looking for Mary Collein, Gerald Dennis and Ralph Dennis. Mary aka Mae Collein
Maxine Muse, Nevada

We are looking for our dad his name is Carl D. Davis born in Moss Point MS
Carl Ransom, Jacksonville, Fl

I am looking for John Mathews, Ann (Mathews) and they have another sister but don't remember her name. There parentss are Dave and Juanita Mathews they are deceased. They lived in Blioxi and Dave worked for the Mariner. This is their cousin Phyllis Richard Uncle Eli and Aunt Mary Richard Dauther from Church Point Louisiana if anyone know them please tell them to call.
Phyllis Fontenot, Church Point LA.

Looking for Chris Medley from La Place, LA.
Chris Medley, Florence, KY

I am looking for my friend, Lynette Caraway, formerly of Liverpool who now lives in Biloxi. If anyone knows of her whereabouts please let me know. Thank you.
Betty Martin, Wigan, UK

Missing Violet and David Polmanteer near Mississippi. Please contact if you have any news
Carla, Suffolk

Looking for news about my brother-in-law Roy LaBiche in Moss Point, MI.
Linda Faulk, Montgomery, Alabama

I am desperate to hear any news of April Peterson (and Family)of Golden Meadow Louisiana. Any news most gratefully received.
Sherryl, Peterborough England

I am looking for my mother Beverly Jenkins and bothers Marc, Eric, and Waly Harris from Slidell. I am very scared and concerned about there status.
Erica Harris, Phoenix AZ

I am looking for information on Peter and Glenda Gard. They live in Bogalusa La.. They are both handicapped.
Jamie Shuler, Richmond KY,US

I am searching for my uncle, Irvin Boydston, of Hanrahan, LA.,70123. Please contact me if your ok! Love you very much
Ricky Stewart [nephew], Jackson, Mississippi

I'm looking for Chris Scarborough and her family, including her dad, Reg Milborrow. They are from Gulfport. Please, please contact me if anyone knows where they are
Sandra Taylor, Newbury, England

Novi Jones - please call Myron, we're all praying for you and your family
Angela & Simba, Santa Cruz, USA

I'm searching for my cousin, Larry Basta, a farmer who lives near Poplarville, Mississippi.
David Brightbill, Florida

We are looking for Billy Burkhart out of Slidel, LA. Please notify us of his whereabouts.
David and Jeannie, Hastings, MI USA

I am looking for Tamara and Jim Lohman from Waveland, MS. Please let me know your status and your children's. You can come stay with us.
Barbara Caldwell Pease, Emporia, USA

Grandmother went missing during hurricane Katrina.
Almeda Verret, St. Bernard Parish, LA

I am looking for my father, Johnny Weston, Jr. He stayed in the 9th Ward Gentilly Neighborhood of Orleans Parish. Family members gathering at the shelters in Houston say they "heard" he had been rescued and is at an unknown shelter
Monique Weston, New Orleans, La

I am trying to trace my brother Kingsley Perera Materi, New Orleans who has taken refuge in Texas.
Ursula Perera, Texas

I'm concerned about friends of mine, Partick and Christine Cosper, who just retired and moved to Biloxi, MS from Denham Springs, LA. Any information about them will be appreciated.
Betty Bernard, Baton Rouge, La, USA

Please, has anyone seen Michelle, Derren and Daniel Burton who lived in Wiggins, Mississippi near Buloxi? Or any of Michelle's family, the Smiths? I pray to God that they are OK! Can they, or anyone they know please get in touch!
Gerardine Goodwin, Hertfordshire, England

My nephew Aaron Collins and his mother Kathy Collins living in Gulf Port, MS, has not been heard from since the first day of Katrina. Please help us find them.
Ann Mangum, Columbus, GA, USA

I am trying to help a friend find her mother, Geneva Johnnie. She was last seen as a critical care patient at Trinity Neurological Rehabilitation Center. Does anyone know where these patients were transferred to?
Kelly Drummond, Florida

Benford Davis JR. Please contact your Family in Miami, we are very worried about you. Call or e-mail us
Earlo Davis, Miami FL

Looking for Elosia McBride and Dottie McDonald from New Orleans Louisiana - my mother and sister-in-law and their family. Does anyone know if they evacuated in time? I want to know that they are all ok.
Angela Duskin, Barnsley, England

If you are searching for loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina, you can call LIFE LIST to be matched with a volunteer who will search the wide array of online databases as well as post inquiries on your behalf. I don't belong to this group but hope it might help someone searching.
Janna Franklin, Waynesville, USA

CNN has put a Hurricane Katrina Safe List on its website, "posting the names of those who wish to let loved ones know they are alright after the storm:" The list is still very small, relative to the number of people evacuated. If there are any other safe lists on the Web, I hope people will post them here too. There is such a desperate need for this right now!
Julia Milton, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Please could you help in locating my brother Eddie-Milton Cleneay aged 52 from New Orleans. Wife Carmen, daughter Witney and son Justin. I have tried to contact him without any success and none of my family have heard from him.
Emileth Edmondson, Ely, England

Seeking the whereabouts of my sister, Nancy Jo Davis, of Bay St Louis, MS
Ann D. Spivey, Lexington, VA, USA

I'm looking for my daughter Angelica Freeman and her grandmother Mae Aaron. They reside in Popularville, MS. I last spoke with my daughter hours before the hurricane came ashore.
Christopher Freeman, Miami, FL USA

I am looking for my sister and her family, Linda, Joe, and Anthony Schiro. Please contact me with ANY information you may have.
Vickie Wardlaw, St. Francisville, Louisiana

My Husband and I are trying to reach our daughter. Her name is Ashley Prizie, she has newborn baby, only 2 weeks old. She lives in Bogalusa LA and we have not been able to reach her. She will most likely be with the Mary Miley family. We also cannot reach our granddaughter, Hailey Blackwell, also of Bogalusa. Please help!
Nancy White, Zebulon, NC

I'm looking for aunt, uncle grandmother and cousin under Jackie Brown, Nicky McElveen,and Jill Agdoola,and Emma McElveen please give me a call if you have any information.
Desirie Brown, Monahans

My sister Lisa Bruce has not been heard from since before the storm. She was visiting in Gulfport Mississippi. She is travelling with a woman named Pastor Moment. Any information would be appreciated. Also my stepdaughter Heather Thames and son Brandon Thames from Slidell. No word on any one.
Hollye Nelson, Salem Or. USA

I am searching for information on Dan and Paula Flynn from Slidell in the Oak Harbor area. Please contact me if you know anything.
Corinne Ritchie, Houston, TX

I am looking for my sister and her family. Her name is Donna Walton and she lives in Carriere.
Anne Ives, Highgate, Vermont

I am looking for Rosemary Turner. She was hospitalized on Sept. 28, at Meadow Crest Hospital in Gretna, LA. Please call me if you have any information about her. She is 84 years old. Thank you
feleshia , Mableton, GA

I am looking for my father, Johnal Walker Sr. He lives in Gentilly Woods. Please email me with any information concerning his whereabouts.
Chalantha, Houston

Looking for Mellisa McLean from Paul Benton law firm, praying that all is well.
Martha Crump, Corinth MS

Need to locate family members from Mandeville. Looking for Wanda Gary or Gary Roussell. Wanda's daughter Kathy is desperately seeking information on their location.
Cheri Soliday, OKC

I am currently looking for my uncle, Robert Schlumbrecht, who is originally from New Orleans, LA but now lives in Picayune, MS as of last year. I still have several relatives and family living in the New Orleans area that my family has not heard from. Any information on the Schlumbrecht and/or Truxillo family would be greatly appreciated.
Denise Sims, Mobile, AL

I am asking for information on my brother and his wife. Their names are David and Barbara Wilson. They lived in the city of Gulfport, MS. Please help.
Randy Wilson, Stafford, VA

Last time I spoke with my brother Mario was on Monday and he went back to his home at Destrehan, LA. Please if somebody know about him please contact me. Thank you.
Clifford Hall, Chicago, Il

My husband's identical twin is missing. A school teacher: Felton Knight lived off of Tulane and Broad by Hollywood video shop. Anxious to hear where he is. Please find if possible. Please help.
Alice Knight, Anderson, Indiana USA

We're looking for Tracy Bumgarner and five-year-old daughter, Veronica in Houma, LA. Haven't heard from them in days. They were riding out the storm in Houma. Any info is greatly appreciated. This is my goddaughter and mom's best friend. Need to get in contact.
Katie Barber and Cullen Smith, Cleveland, TN

Trying to contact my sister, Judy Ross, Voters Rd, Slidell, LA. I last spoke with her on Monday as Katrina was coming through the city. Please get word to me and I'll come get you. We're all worried sick about you.
Linda Davis, Arden, NC USA

I am friends with Gloria and Thomas Sonnier of Rayne, LA. They are looking for Roland and Edward Sonnier from New Orleans.
Christy Babineaux, Scott, LA

We are looking for 90-year-old father, Adam Sylvia and wife Elizabeth, last seen at Comfort suites in New Orleans. Please help us locate where they were sent.
Jane Wojecki

I am searching for my brother Thomas Wells, and his family and my sister Delores Dasnbourgh-Holmes and her family. Can someone please help?
Marguerite Williams, Saginaw, USA

Would like to hear if Wendell and Shannon Orr and three sons have made it to safety. They lived in the D'liberville area. A concerned family member. Thank you for any answer.
Leeann Stevens, Westminster, CO USA

I'm looking for my Uncle Hubert and Aunt Metta Singleton. I believe they were in Hampton, Louisiana. (Uncle Hubert, please know you are in our prayers. Please contact Annell ASAP)
Anita Neven, Sacramento

I'm desperately seeking information about my cousins, Tony and Delisa Mastrapa and their children Jarrett, Jarden and Jarlana Jones-Young. They lived on Copernicus Street in New Orleans. No one in the family knows if they evacuated or not and we are very worried.
Natalie, Queens Village, USA

Alan Dusenberry with his two children are in a Red Cross shelter in Pearl River, LA. If any can reach him, please have him call me. Aunt Peggy
Peggy Lynch, Walker Valley, NY, USA

I am looking for Galen Meyers, Paulette and their family. They lived just outside Pass Christian on a farm with four horses, and drove Harleys. And I know they did not evacuate. I have a home for them in Vermont and can even come to pick them up. They can reach me through cousin Mitzie Wiengartz in Imlay City, Thank you for what you are doing here!
David Turner, Groton Vermont USA

Please help us find my friend's sister Darby Lavoie, who lived in Covington, LA and stayed during the hurricane. My friend has not heard from her since Sunday. Thank you.
Rebecca Mad Bear, Polson, USA

I'm looking for my niece Tiffaney Duering. The last anybody has heard from her was Monday the 29th Of Aug. She called and she was in a shelter in McNeal Mississippi. If anybody has seen or heard from herm please call Tiffaney. If you read this, please call. I will come and pick you up.
Larry Voboril, Hastings Nebraska

Please help us find my friend's sister who lived in Covington, LA and stayed during the hurricane. My friend has not heard from her since Sunday. Thank you.
Rebecca Mad Bear, Polson, USA

I am Looking for a Tommy Duncan from gulf port, ms ... it's one of my friends uncles.
Sammi, Louisiana

I am looking for my cousin who lived in New Orleans around Crowder Blvd. His name is Allen Parker Jr. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please let me know. Thank you and God bless you all.
Cheryl Mackie, Sorrento, Louisiana

I am trying to find these people for my daughter in law they are her parents and she don't know if they are alive or dead their address was or is Trringo Circle, Ocean Speings ms. please help us if you can
Steve and Beth cannon, Ocean Springs ms.

Seeking news of Les & Kirsty Watson (Doncaster UK) Patricia & Kylie Watson (New Port Beach USA) Travelling as family party in N.O believed holed up in a hotel in the city.
Laurie Jones, Doncaster,UK

Looking for Dollie Rust, who lives in the Gulfport, MS area.
Tammy Rimes, San Diego, CA

What is the status of the St Benard Manor assisted living community. Looking for Carol Nazar
Chris Barnett, Meraux, Louisiana

I am looking for my cousin and her children that were affected by hurricane in Missippi her name is Daresia foster
Chell, Boston

I would like to know if my friends Nick and Marlene are OK. They can come and live with us as long as they want. Please contact me, in regard to my friends. God bless you all.
Doris Hall, Moultonboro N H

We have had contact from relatives in Ocean Springs. Some phone lines have been mended although they can not call out. They can receive calls. Electric is still not on but they know that it is trying to be mended. Some stores are open but only allowing 50 people at a time.
Lianne Murray, St.Helens, Merseyside

I am looking for Lakesha (Griffin) Reese. A friend who lived in Mankato, MN for a few years and is now living in New Orleans, she has 2 great boys, Shane and Shawn. Anyone know her? Seen her?
Tyra, Mankato, MN USA

Looking for Keith and Charlie Pike. Last heard from beginning of Hurricane. We're headed to Camelot DR. In Slidella, LA. Where are they> Contact P Pike, Herrin, IL.
P.Pike Errin,IL.

Looking for our family friend, Greg Jolly. Greg worked for Metropolitan hospice in New Orleans and the prestige room. Lived in Slidell. Want to know where he is so we can go get him.
Shon Jackson, Dallas Texas

I had a friend named Devin Hooker, hope he and his family is alright
Maisha Ramseur, Lomita, USA

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Richard Davis from Stringer, Ms or Barbara Buras from Moss, Ms. Please contact me.

I am looking for Lakesha (Griffin) Reese. A friend who lived in Mankato, MN for a few years and is now living in New Orleans, she has two great boys, Shane and Shawn. Anyone know her? Seen her?
Tyra , Mankato, MN USA

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Billy and Judy Domonousky Biloxi Mississippi
Tracey Carey, Benton, Arkansas USA

We are looking for our family from Bay St. Louis Mississippi Who are related to Dennis Garcia. There are many family members missing. Some of their names are as follows Lula, Patsy, and Horace Garcia. Sylvia Madere, Ronia Peterson, Rosemarie Mccarty, Dinah Garcia, Warren, Kevin & Mark Garcia any surviving family members of this family please contact us. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Dennis, Pam & Tina Garcia , Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am looking for a brother William House who is originally from Chicago.
Yusef Omowale, Houston, USA

I am looking for my mom, Christa Sigut. She lived in Diamondhead, Mississippi. She was with friends, Marie Carlin, Rose Carmon. I am Frantic Mel
Mel Fee, Folsom USA

I am looking for Gary Spencer Smith of Bay St. Louis. Missippi. Cannot call because of phone lines down. Just want to know if he is okay.
Joan Myers, Delray Beach, Fl

I am looking for my daughter, Donna and her daughter, Caitlin Rose Hamilton. They lived at Crystal Springs, Mississippi, Lane Quintana, Ewa Beach, HI
Donna & Caitlin Rose Hamilton, Crystal Springs, United States

I am looking for my dear Aunt Eva. Eva Mae Tichell of Biloxi, Mississippi, on Elmer Street. Della Crook of Alabama is her sister. I am her great niece. Please notify me of any info known. Thank you, Stephanie
Stephanie Brown, Inland Empire / USA

I am looking for an old pen-pal of mine from back in high school. Her name is Quenena Leach (i may have a miss spelling) she lived in the Calliopes of New Orleans, LA. If any one or her family have any regards to her whereabouts please contact me to let me know that she is okay thank you.
Shervondalyn Thaxton, Houston,TX

My Brother and his wife Ronnie and Gail Trentham have not been heard from since this started. They live in Arabi, Louisanna. If any one knows any thing about them please let us know. Thank you, Bob
Bob Trentham, Knox, Tn

I am looking for Family members, Aurelius Taylor 63, Carolyn A Taylor 61, Natasha D Taylor 31, and Blair A Taylor 40 they were living on Franklin St in Gretna, Louisiana. Please send a email or phone to let me know that you all are ok
Regina Taylor, Baton Rouge

We are trying to contact our cousins, The Waggoners from the New Orleans area. Please contact us.
Potts & Downing Families, Texas

I'm looking for Mark, Lisa, Ashley, Sophie-lee, Garret. We are not sure if they are under the surname of mark, which is Grriffths or McDarren. We only just back in contact with them and lost contact last week. Please if anyone knows any, please contact me as my wife is very worried about her brothers family.
Christopher Folltt, Barry, United Kingdom

I don't speak English. I need information about Encarnaciarris and family. Please if anyone has any information contact me. Thank you
Elina Rodriguez, Espania

We are looking for any info on the whereabouts of my mother-n-law and father-n-law Lloyd and Hazle Swatsenbarg Walnut St. in Slidell, la we are trying to make our way there. We have to find the they are both ill, she , is a diabetic and he has heart problems. Please if u or anyone can help please call so we can get them out thank u all and my god bless u all who are looking for loved ones and everyone in New Orleans.
Debbie Burton, Walnutridge , Arkansas

I am looking for Robin and Peter King, recently moved to Alabama, not heard from them for a week. Please get online if you can to let me know you are ok.
Roger Cater, Dudley, England

If anyone knows of Teddy Hammers...worked in Chalmette @ the Paradise Truck Stop please have him call us immediately. We are very worried and have not heard from him since the storm hit. Please call if you know anything!
Reggy Saunders, DeRidder,LA

Dwyer Family is unaccounted for in Lacombe, LA. If anyone has any information on the conditions of HWY 434 in Lacome, LA please let me know if they too are underwater. I am looking for my husband Eddie Dwyer, Uncle "Pinky" who is in a wheel chair and Grandma Evelyn Dwyer - someone please let them know that we are praying for them and hope they are safe! Lisa Dwyer and baby Caitlin
Lisa Dwyer, Brownsville, Texas

Looking for anyone in the Odell/Carwford/Squire/Square/McCann or anyone related in New Orleans,LaPlace,Covington,Madisonville,Mandeville/Slidell. Please call me to let me know you're ok. Frank Odell
Frank Odell, St Marys, Georgia, USA

Please, any one knows about Marie Macneill, She stayed in New Orleans
Doori, Iraq, Baghdad

We are looking for our friends, Jamie and Harold Staub of Matairie, LA. Please e-mail if you have information.
Michael Luque, Boise, ID USA

I heard from my son who is in Bogalusa today! He says they are hot, dirty and hungry. None of the 16 people in the house were hurt. He said there is no electricity or water and they have seen no help from anywhere. They are only giving people 10 gallons of gas to go wherever their going, so nobody can really leave. He also said there is a lot of trees and power lines down. Their roof was torn up on there house and has many more damages. There is no food or water and no way out. Someone needs to start dropping food and water like they did when we bomb Iraq. These people over there are hungry and thirsty and need help until they can get out.
Irene Reed, Antioch,TN

Looking for family that lived on Harrison st. Pascagoula. Diane, Brad Stopher & Buddy Evans.Mother & family badly worried. God bless.
Eloise & Betty Rose, Bryson City N C USA

Dottie rode the storm out in picayune miss. We haven't heard from her. Please email me with info.
Dottie Diaz, Zachary, La

I drove by Denethand city Kosloski'w house today and it was completely gutted. I took some picture and viewing them later I noticed American flags hanging on the house and yellow crime scene tape around the front of the house. I am very concerned that they may not have evacuated and that they were in the house. Their son Kory was my son Jimmy Ramsey's best friend. Does anyone know anything about their whereabouts?
Pat Ramsey, Diberville, Harrison

Looking for Jim and Betty McIntosh last w/bouts Astor Crowne in New Orleans Tourists from Australia
Bill and Margaret, Langley BC Canada

Looking for Sally Dennis from Whitney Drive in Biloxi, near the Back Bay. Any one with info about her, please e-mail me. Thanks.
Sally Dennis, Diamondhead, MS

Those of you looking for loved ones attending Xavier University. If you haven't already heard, the students were rescued and bussed to Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA and/or Grambling University. My father is the VP at Xavier. He and my mother and other faculty and staff stayed back in N.O. with the students. We did not hear from them since Monday, but made contact yesterday. Word is that they all made it out safely. You can check on the status by going to the following link: I would also try calling Southern or Grambling Universities. Peace and blessings to all affected.
Calvin Tregre, Cincinnati, OH

I am looking for my nephew. His name is Greg Burton.
Lynette stoker, Wasilla, AK

Looking for my cousin Bonnie Huddleston and her family from Metarie. My Aunt Helene Ulrich from Bay St Louis
Colleen (cookie) Mercier, Coconut Creek Fl USA

I have already posted our search for Derby Lavoie. I didn't say that the reason she stayed in Covington was because she needed to stay with her dogs. If anyone know the wonderful quirks of Darby - please call!
Darby Lavoie, Polson, MT USA

I'm looking for Colman and Joanne Polks who lives in Bogalusa, La. I would like to know they're safe. If anyone has any information please tell me.
Tomoka Higashikawa, Japan

My cousin Kerry Anderson and her family live in Biloxi Mississippi. I have been worried about them since Katrina hit. I have been unable to confirm whether they're okay. I would love to hear something.
Diane Witt-Barrera, Biloxi Mississippi

I'm looking for and am very concerned about my girlfriend, Anita Brown and her family. They live in Bogalusa LA. We've had no contact since Sunday. Please help, we've been praying to hear something.
Vincent Smith, Wharton NJ, USA

Looking for a friend and her family. Milissa, Seth and Chelsea Block of Mandeville, La. How bad was Mandeville hit? I would truly apprecitate any info concerning that area.
Kelly Difatta, Columbus, Ohio

I am desperately looking for my dear oldest friend, David Blackmon. We have been friends for 30 years and I don't know if he is alright. He lives in New Orleans. Please someone let me know if he is OK.
Dixie, Connecticut, USA

Looking for Alison, her husband Dan and their children Katrina and Scott who live in Gulfport. Alison's mum Marjorie hasn't heard from them since the hurricaine.

I am looking for infoformation for Verdis Camper and her daughter Heaven Brown from Slidell, LA.
Philip Douglas, New York, NY

Looking for Carolyn Babinsky on behalf of her family.
Steve West, Milton Keynes, UK

Philicia Lockett call mom. I love you and miss you and pray you are somewhere safe.
Cheryl Alexander, Ft Irwin California

I am looking for my dearest friend Cathy Murray and her husband Robert (Bobby) Murray who live in Mandeville, LA. Also looking for her two children Jason and Rebecca Murray. I have not been able to reach any of them and am desparately worried. Please let me know if they are all okay. Thank you.
Lorraine (Vanella) Geronimos, Colts Neck, New Jersey

I am looking for my brother and sister in law Victor and Marie Ross of Gulfport, MS. Please let me know if anyone seen or heard from them.
Carolyn Ross Thomas, New Britain, CT, USA

I'm looking for William Edward Bell Jr who is missing in Mississippi. He is my grandmother's brother she haven't seen him since he was an infant.
Kiniqua Hakim, Queens, New York

Martin Siney, from Dublin in Ireland and Gerry, formerly of St Helena, were living in New Orleans. I haven't been able to contact them and I am praying that they are safe.
Marc Theron, London, UK

We recently did a house exchange holiday in New Orleans with a lovely family - Marcel and Karla Farnet and their three children. Their home is near West Esplanade. We have e-mailed them both before the hurricane and subsequently but have had no response. Can anyone give me any further information as to how badly that part of New Orleans has been affected?
Paul Grimwood, Haslemere, Surrey

I am looking for my father George Tacea, and his brother Guy Tacea, they both work at Jefferson Hospital and have no info if this hospital was evacuated, also have family in Hammond - Debbie and Danny Stice. I have not heard from any of them since night before storm. Please help me find out something.
Tara Irene Bannister, CarrolltonTX

Valerie J McCrory and sons, where are you? We are worried sick for your well being. Let us know where You are and we will come and get you.
Carmen, Fayetteville, TN, US

I am looking for my brother Pablo de la Cruz and his family, wife and 3 children. they are from Ocean Springs, MS. Please if somebody see them, let me know how they are.
Claudia de la Cruz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have a college friend that lives in Biloxi and would like to see if she is alright. Her name is Robyn O'Grady Champagne, we went to Centenary College together. Please let me know if she is alright. Thank you, Cindy
Cindy Whitfield Martin, Fayetteville, US

I am looking for my brother, Mark Weston, who is 5'8 stocky build beard and English accent. He was in his apartment when the storm broke - his mother is ill and getting very worried. Please contact if you have any information. He has a daughter named Devon who lives with his ex wife, also missing at this point.
Diana Frank, Barnstaple England

I am looking for my sister who lives in Ocean Springs, Miss. Her name is Melissa Favre and her boyfriend Ronnie. Haven't heard from them since before the storm. The last we heard they were staying in their trailer. Don't know if they left or not. We don't know if they made or not.
Howard, Houma, La, US

Looking for Eric Smith, Pastor of Martin Bluff Baptist Church, Gautier MS.
Jane Alford, Lake Wales, FL, USA

I am looking for my uncle Charlie Bray. He is in his late 70's and lives in Flamingo St Metairie. Also any information about how that area has fared. Thank you.
Beryl Mapstone, Penpedairheol, UK

Looking for a Sandra or Sandy Hughes who was separated from her husband during the disaster. He wants to know her and children's whereabouts.
Heidi, Houma, Louisiana

I'm looking for my best friend Brittany Chisholm who moved to New Orleans 4 years ago. Last time I had spoken with her was about a year ago. Please, if anybody knows her or her whereabouts let me know asap. God Bless.
Brittnee Whipple, Pensacola, Fl, USA

I am trying to locate Mr Shannon Powell. He plays for Preservation Hall. I just want to know if he is alright, along with the other musicians.
Erica, Wichita Falls, TX

Looking for info on Jacques Bartoli, MD who was in Lafayette, LA, and Aldy Castor, MD, who may have been with him. Cannot contact either by phone. Thank you.
Alice Morton, Silver Spring, MD, USA

Looking for my aunt and her son, Beatrice Davis and Mitch Vincent from the Piccayune, Mississippi area. Have not heard from any of them since the hurricane. Just need to know if they are ok.
Sandra, Lake Arthur, La

Seeking information on cousin, Mary and Bill McKinney and John and Gail Shemwell. They lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina hit.
Arnold P. DeZutter, Ellisville, MO, USA

My husband has an aunt and cousins in Picayune, MS. We have not been able to get through to check on them. Any help would be appreciated.
Pat Johnson, Redding, Ca, USA

Please help me! I am trying to locate my father Wesley Jackson, Uncle Glimmie, Aunt Mel. They are in Bogalusa, LA. Does anyone have info on that area?
Renee Clay, Southfield, Michigan

Trying to locate Dorothea Frank who was in St Anthony's Nursing Home in Metairie, LA or where they were transferred to.
Gordon Ellersick, Anniston, Alabama

Looking for my sister Lorraine Barlow, she has brown shoulder length hair, is arond 5'6'' and 120 pounds. She is missing from Marrero, Louisiana.

Trying to locate Grandmother Beatrice Brown in Gulfport and Uncle Mike Brown of Biloxi. Bea also has two daughters Donna and Barbara. I do not know where they live or what their surnames are now. Please contact if you have any information at all.
Sarah Benton, Liverpool, England

I'm looking for my father, Earnest Hammond who lives in New Orleans, La in the 7th ward area. He's missing due to hurricane Katrina, please notify me if you know his whereabouts and if he is okay, Thank you.
Wendell B. Hammond, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Looking for the Schroeders from Metairie, Louisiana - Andy and Linda and Billy and David from Slidell, works at charity hospital. Please help me locate them.
Merry, Palm Beach, Fl

Looking for news of my brother Mike Noone, who lived on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Also his children Patrick, Ryan and Marion Noone. If anyone has seen or heard of them please get in touch.
Tom Noone, Oxford UK

Looking for a friend, Russell Rock, who lived in Diamondhead, Mississippi. Last heard from him via email last Saturday.
Carol, New York, NY

I am looking for Maria Griffin I have not heard from her as of Sept 3.
Jonathan, Los Angeles

Desperatley Looking For Elaine Fonville and her Husband Earl, they are from GRAY in Louisiana, and are hugely missed by loved ones and very close friends. Please if anyone knows anything and I mean anything then please contact me (TRACIE) Thank You.
Mrs Tracie Babbage, Brighton, England

Looking for any information on the whereabouts of my brother Ronnie Buchert and his wife Penny. Live in Bay St. Louis, MS. and have not heard anything from them since before Katrina. Can someone please call or email me if you know where they are? Terribly worried. Just need to know they are okay.
Connie Torrence, La Vergne, TN

We're concerned for our friends Jack and Barbara Reed. They live in New Orleans. Would like to know they're safe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and their family.
Anne & Chris Saunders, South Godstone, Surrey

On behalf of Diana Frank I am looking for her brother MARK RODNEY WESTON of New Orleans. He was last heard from before going to the roof of his apartment block. Also, his daughter DEVON MARIE WESTON/McCARDELL who was with her mother JENISE McCARDELL near Gulfport. Please contact with any information. br />Heidi Amschwand for Diana Frank, Barnstaple, Devon

Does anyone know anything about how Katrina affected Bogalusa, La? We are trying to contact my brother, Dr. Mitchell C. Massey and his family. Thanks!
Ann Sclavounos, Brinklow, Md, USA

I am looking for Ann Macomber in New Orleans. Please, any information much appreciated. She was recovering from chemotherapy and has osteoperosis. I love her dearly, and have not heard if she is alive and okay away from the city. Bless you.
Meghan Smith, Helsinki, Finland

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Pauline LaPlaca and Frank LaPlaca who reside in St Claude, La?
Anna Cacioppo, St. Bernard, La,

Looking for Nora McMurray who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi. Her nephew is Charles Early who lives not too far from her. Was that area hit by hurricane? Can't get through on phone lines. Please communicate! Family in Canada worried.
Jim McMurray, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I am looking for my cousin Shea Harrison from Biloxi Miss. She worked for a trucking company and was to be evacuated to Madison Florida but we have never heard further news.
Andrea Simmons, Vannas Sweden

My mother, Michelle Tademy, is missing in New Orleans. She is 61 yrs old, long straight blond hair, works at Cafe du Monde, any info please get in touch.
Krissy Tademy, Seattle, USA

Does anyone have any information on my godmother, Ruby Tharratt, who lives in Mandeville? We are concerned for her safety as she is elderly. We just want to know that she is safe. She is British but has been living there since the 1960s.
Sally-Anne Austin, Lydney, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England

I am searching for my grandchildren and their mom, they are from the St Bernard area. Chantelle, Danielle, George Garnand and thier mother's name is Joanne. Please contact me if you know of their whereabouts. Thank you!
Aliene Herrold, Odessa, Tx

We are looking for our niece, Mary Louise Mancuso of New Orleans. We have not heard from her at all.
Suzanne Kessler, Allen, Texas, USA

I am looking for my sister in Bay St Louis. Her name is Tammy Gauthreaux. Please contact me if anyone knows if her and her family are okay. Also looking for my brother Jason Adams from Ponchatoula, La. Haven't heard from him or my mom Donna Adams. Also looking for sister Shelby Guichet.
Jan Blevins, Franklin, La

Looking for Claudia Vera Irwin and her husband Adam Irwin.Any info please!
Marissa Vera, Fremont California, US

Looking for Rachell Cardwell and children, Valarie- 7, Breana - 4 and Braden - 2. Last heard from on 8/28 They were going to stay in an apartment in Biloxi. Please if any info on this area or whereabouts contact me.
Theresa Whalen, Mentone, Alabama, USA

Looking for niece Mary Helen Tinsley of Diamondhead MS, and her father Joseph S (Robbie) Robinson of Gulfport.
Margaret Villanueva, St Cloud, Minnesota

Concerned friend looking for Synn Claire Banks, can help you. Please call me
Cindy Taylor, Orlando, Florida

looking for close relatives. Namely, William, Lorraine, Nicole and Daniel HUBBARD. Last known to be living in Belmont Drive BILOXI Please contact me urgently if you know of their wereabouts and that they are safe.
Robert Margetson, Cambridge, UK

I am looking for my sister Frankie Sobol and her two boys Joey and William who were staying with Rosemary Sobol (Mother-in-Law) in Orleans Parish. Also looking for Henry Harmison from New Orleans. Need to know if they were evacuated to shelter and which one so we can go and get them and bring them to Colorado.
Ilka Edwards, Arvada, Colorado USA

I am looking for my family in Bogalusa, Ann and Eugene (Hap)Irvine and my Aunt Aylene. Also my Uncle Charles Malley. In Picayune Miss. my Aunt Flora Beth and Uncle James Lee. And last Thomas Lowry in Slidell. I am worried sick, and praying for all of us that are missing family that we may all find each other again. Thanks and Bless us all.
Diane Roth, Newtown, Ct

We are looking for Ermadel Bracato,she lives in Chalmette. Also The Galiano family,Tuttie,Cindy, Nick and Joe Galiano from Metairie, also Bob Lindsey and Henery Lindsey who are in Slidell. Please let us know of their wherabouts and if they are OK or how we can find out any information about them.
Elizabeth Lindsey, Newman Lake, Wa.

I am seeking any information about Kenneth Hall. He resides in Picayune, Missippi and his children - Tom, Joe and Vicky Hall have not heard from him since the hurricane.
Sara Gillen, Dayton, Ohio

I am desperate for news of my friend Lolitha Bickham who lives in Louisiana. Please let me know if she is safe and well or if anyone has news of her. Please help.
Lesley Chard, Mold, UK

I am looking for the Sylvera Family: Craig Martha Dwayne Roxanne or any family member from the St Bernard area who have had to evacuate due to Hurricane Katrina. Please let me know their whereabouts and if they are okay. Thank you, Missy
MeLissa Craft, Lake Charles.La

I am doing this search for a co-worker of mine, Tim Bramblette, he is located in Long Beach, MS. Tim, his mother and stepfather are ok. They are looking for Tim's foster sister Rhonda Janie Milton and her husband Billy Milton, and Nephew Tyler Jaden Beard. Tim believes that they were in Louisiana. This is all the information that I have. Thank you.

I'm looking for David and Mischell Wilson if anyone has any information please contact me.
Shelline Klingenfuss, Vancleeve, miss

We're looking for my uncle Elmer Dunn and his family. Haven't seen or heard from them since the hurricane.
Sharon Copes, Oak Grove, Louisiana

Am trying to find my niece Jessica Rowland. She lived in St.Charles Parrish. The rest of her family made it out of Slidell and are safe. I just want to know that she is also.
Monica Shields, White Oak, Texas

My friends lived in Ocean Springs. Have not been able to get in touch. Does anyone know of anything about this area?
Patrick & Melinda McCarthy, Ocean Springs, MS

My friend Marion Giuffria from Metairie, New Orleans was on vacation with me in the UK when Katrina struck. We have not been able to contact any members of her family back home since. Any information as to the whereabouts of Diane & Kerry Milano, Eugene Giuffria and families would be greatly appreciated. Marion has returned to the US and is now staying in Atlanta.
Jason Hort, Chatham, UK

Searching for Nathan Foreman. Last known location the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street 9am Monday.
Judy, New Orleans

We are looking for our cousins Jean Hayden of Long Beach, MS and David Andresen of Pass Christian, MS.
Carl Crowther, Austin, TX

Hoping Dennis Hilton, his family and employees are safe and sound. Worked for him two years ago. Am a concerned former employee.
Thomas Moffatt, Oxford, England

I am looking for my aunt and family in Laurel, Ms. Their names are Donald and Sylvia Reeves. Please contact me with any information. Thank you.
Tammy Sizemore, Mobile AL

We are looking for our friends PEDRO and NORA ROMERO OF Metaire, LA
Maria Rico, Bayside, NY

Hey my grandmother Joyce Mitchell lives in Gulfport, MS I want you to find where she is, I am so worried about her due to the hurricane.
Candi Swope, USA

Looking for info on my husband's ex-wife Misty Cochran Marquardt and son Todd Marquardt Jr. in Moss Point, MS.
Aprile Marquardt, Del Rio USA

I need to locate my mother and father. Richard and Audrey Gladstone.
Ronald Gladstone, Las Vegas

My grandfather James Smith and my Aunte Rita along with her children live in New Orleans. The last I heard of them, they were all at my grandfather's house in an elderly home. He lived on the 5th floor. My Aunte Saundra and cousins live in Biloxi, Mississippi. As far as I know, their homes are all gone. I believe they were able to catch a bus to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. My grandfather, two of my aunties, and 11 children in total are missing. Please locate the Smith & Minter Family immediately. Please find them, the Minter and Smith family in New York are worried and constantly praying. May God be with all of them.
Melissa Smith, New York, U.S

I'm looking for a very dear friend Paula Hughes. She lived in Waveland Mississippi.
Dawn C. Forehand, Edenton NC.

Scott Family, Harold Charles, David Charles - Carriere, Marion - Picyune, Graham Charles and Brandy - Slidell, Sharon Louise - Covington Please contact to let us know you are well.
Kathy Forde, Tipperary, Ireland

Doinne Richardson of the Scrap and Salvage Industry in Louisiana my thoughts are with you and your family. Debbie Elloitt (and Tim) from Burlington, Ontario/Canada let me know you are alright, Brenda Kibsey.
Brenda Kibsey, British Columbia Canada

Looking for my family Gabby and Faith Collao from Nettleton Mississippi. My prayers and condolences to families.
Alexis Collao, Baltimore MD

I am looking for my brother Eddie Horstman. He lives in Gulfport.
Catherine McMahon, NY USA

Looking for Richard & Karen Bilbrey. Their brother in Denver, Robert Bilbrey sends his love and prayers as do we all!
Kristy Wilkins, Littleton, Colorado, USA

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