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Tube bomber video: Your reaction
Mohammad Sidique Khan
Tube bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan has set out his motives for the July 7 attacks in a video shown on Arabic television.

He said the UK government and the public was responsible for atrocities against Muslims and he was inspired by Osama Bin Laden.

The tape's release comes eight weeks after 52 people died in four explosions on the London Underground.

What is your reaction to the video?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following is a balance of the opinions we have received so far:

There is never an excuse or justification for terrorism, no matter how just your cause or how many magic men in the sky you believe in. Protest can always be achieved through entirely peaceful means. And to blame the UK population, given that both of the main political parties supported the illegal invasion of Iraq, and that London saw enormous anti-war demonstrations is simply idiotic and devoid of reason.
Phil, Newcastle, UK

In Islam nowhere is it written that you kill innocent people for the sake of your brother and sister. UK public opposed the war, there were hundreds of thousand people came on the road to stop the war. I don't know how this person is going to justify on the day of judgement. The Quran says openly this kind of people will go to hell. They are not Muslim, they are ONLY using the Muslim name.
Ejaz Hussain, LONDON ( UK)

I can vaguely see why his point of view and his actions, but I still can't understand how he was able to hide all his feelings from his loved ones. Did he actually hate them (and us) for living in the country? The last time I checked, not 100% of the people in the country voted Labour either!
Richard Chan, Studley, UK

I am against militarism in our land, and don't need an Islamist bomber to tell me what is right or wrong about our foreign policy. I share nothing accept a common humanity with this guy; unfortunately, he and his cronies did not see Londoners as innocents - only fellow Muslims in foreign lands. His affirmation of carrying out these deeds in the name of his religion is misplaced and wreaks of arrogance - but no doubt will find support among the most alienated in the Islamic World because of our militaristic policies.
John P, Birmingham, UK

I wonder how many of those that were killed and maimed on 7th July 2005 in London had any involvement with the illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, etc. This man claims to be a "Muslim". I'm not one myself, however, I have absolutely no doubt that the Qur'an says that if you kill one innocent human being, it is a crime against all humanity. How can people like him reconcile their activities with the teachings of the Qur'an??? Of the 52 people killed, at least six of them had Muslim names and I expect they also subscribed to the same faith. I'm certain that none of them had killed this man's "people" as he put it in the video message so how could he justify their murder? If they really want to make a difference to the current political situation, the only real means of achieving change is to be better educated and spread the educated message, NOT through blowing innocent people up.
Iftekhar Shaikh, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England

It's sickening we live in a violent world where only the innocent are the victims.
Torli Krua, Boston, USA

One has to ask, what could turn a clearly rational and formerly compassionate, decent man into a cold-blooded killer who would slaughter indiscriminately? The video is a chilling warning that it is not if, but when other ordinary people are influenced enough to commit atrocities. I do not accept Jack Straw's comments: the war in Iraq, and the lies and arrogance of the governments that took us there, have much to do with influencing the minds of ordinary people - and sadly, sometimes enough to strap a bomb to themselves.
Jenny Westford, Hong Kong (ex-UK)

He's just trying to scare you away from voting for Blair with these threats. People like this need to be ignored, if we are to be free people with the ability to vote for those who's policies we believe in. Whenever or not you were personally in favour of Iraq, the fact there able to vote is an amazing thing, and we should be proud we have them that ability.
Andy Snook, London, United Kingdom

No religion teaches violence, yet people kill each other ruthlessly in the name of religion. Some people manipulate others and, some get manipulated in the name of religion. Mohammad Sidique Khan clearly was a victim of such manipulations. If he really believed that some actions by 'Western Democracies' were wrong or did injustice to Muslims and if he truly wanted to dedicate himself for the fight against such actions, he should have used some form of peaceful protest. Let's not forget the greatest examples set by MK Gandhi, let's not mindlessly follow violence as if that is the only option left and let's not doubt the power of non-violent movement. To me all that Mohammad Sidique Khan was able to accomplish was put some more oil in the burning fire and what he really wanted to do was to put the fire out.
Preet, India

This person is a confused and evil man. These are the words of someone who has lost their reason and human compassion. How this happened is what needs to be exposed. He said he was doing this because of what he believed. If he had of thought about it with an open mind he never would of killed innocent people and would of known their is no gardens of paradise
David Burton, London

I hope God shows mercy over his excessive ignorance. It's not evil as much as it is pure ignorance and naiveté...
Ahmed Khatib

Having watched the video it is clear that even those of us who didn't vote for Tony Blair and oppose much of Britain's foreign policy are held accountable and are targets. Whilst this is concerning what should we expect? It's not like we can say that all those killed in Iraq by our military were supporters of Saddam. It's depressing that no one seems to want to talk about problems but rather just kill each other. Perhaps if it was the other way around we wouldn't have a guy from West Yorkshire blowing up his own countrymen.
Sam, Nottinghamshire, UK

I feel sorry he felt he had to lose his life. I feel worse for the innocent lives he took with him. I know there's a lot of confusion in the world today, but please, even the craziest of crazy people can't hold the public to blame? Murdering innocent people is pathetic, it always has been and you know what? It NEVER changes anything except the lives of those you waste. The people in power don't change their strategies, you end up just picking on people who can do nothing about it and don't really care. To hell with the lot of you.
Alan Carter, Teesside, UK

Sidique Khan says that our democratically elected governments have been involved with the murder, bombing, gassing and torture of Muslims worldwide - but what, I wish I could ask him, was Saddam Hussain doing to his fellow Muslims for decades? Why was he never opposed by these people? And where, exactly, is the gassing and torturing taking place? Show me the evidence that these things are going on, and that my government is involved in them, and you won't need bombs to bring down our governments - after all, they are accountable to us, and i do not think the people of this country will stomach a government that inflicts such horrors on any people of any faith. But alas, you will not. Indeed, you cannot, for although there may be a grain of truth in his accusations, that grain is all there is, twisted and warped and inflated until it assumes monstrous proportions in your minds.
Kelvin Walker, Glos, UK

Oh dear! I just feel physically sick when I look at him. Poor, misguided man.
Martin, Wells, Somerset

Well what can I say another brainwashed person who really needs to learn the value of human life. If we dislike Muslims and are at war with them, why is it they are allowed to live in our country? Your beliefs and ways are just something I will never understand, I just feel sorry for the other friendly peaceful Muslims who enjoy life and know the value of it as well as live in our country and love/respect each other!
Craig, UK

The video has been "packaged" as recruitment propaganda for al Qaeda and for its leaders to take some credit for 7.7. Khan's message could have stood alone, the al Qaeda leader adds nothing to the impact or delivery. I suspect therefore al Qaeda is not as "imbedded" in the UK as this video would have us believe... the bomber was clearly off his rocker and al Qaeda's words, impotent waffle.
Mark Cheverton, Sendai, Japan

His comments would be easier to stomach if it weren't for the fact that his heroes Al Zarqawi and Bin Laden are the ones wreaking havoc on "his brothers and sisters" in Iraq. Like all Brits he could have stood for office, could have petitioned the government etc etc his actions have not led to more understanding between cultures but resulted in further alienation.
Jonathan Roos, Cambridge, UK

Regardless of his motivation for the London bombings, how can somebody get so caught up in a religion that they feel the need to become a "soldier" that fights for the views of that religion and kill innocent people because we don't necessarily agree with the laws of their faith? It's quite sad that these people are so easily brainwashed into becoming "soldiers", don't they have other things in their life other than religion?
Guy Watson, Sheffield, UK

It's not the statement that I am finding difficulty digesting. I am still just completely and utterly stunned that such an act, and such a statement could come from the mouth of a Primary school teacher. A supposedly compassionate, trustworthy and example-setting member of society. I support his cause, I just don't support his methods.
Matt, UK

While basic commonsense makes it clear there is a connection between Iraq and the bombings and I have opposed the war from the start, the statement from this young man was clearly propagandist nonsense. Once again we hear talk of 'my people' and of revenging the 'wrongs' done the Muslim people by the UK/US. All very stirring and noble, I'm sure. But...hang on a minute. Where were people like Mr. Khan when 'his people' were being abused, tortured, raped and slaughtered by Saddam? It seems it is okay for Muslims to abuse and kill Muslims all over the world and nothing is said, no outrage felt. It's sheer hypocrisy and bogus as an argument. It's just an excuse. Furthermore, Mr. Khan complains that the media propaganda will use him as a focus to scare the UK public into accepting draconian government rule. If he's so concerned with this, why conspire with the government to achieve this aim? Which is what he did when he blew up the train. As I watched the tape I just felt that Mr. Khan was a very sad, pathetic individual, who allowed himself to be swayed by propaganda and used by others for their ends. I feel sorry most of all for his wife and young son - who barely seem to have registered with Mr. Khan as he committed his selfish act.
Hilary James, UK

Not in my name! He bombed London -Muslims included- considering the Millions who marched against the war in this great city. He did not discriminate between his friends and enemies. Al-Qaeda is an opportunist organisation, they have no morals and will claim responsibility for anything evil to make themselves sound powerful. They have failed in Iraq and continued to fail in every mission they undertook. Like a disease, it will be cured however much pain it causes. I am proud to be Muslim and proud to be British.
Mohammed, London, UK

As a Muslim i feel sad that this person felt that because of the injustices in this world, because Muslim lives were being lost, it justified taking other innocent lives, that was no the teaching of the prophet. yes the prophet advocated resisting oppression and occupation but not taking innocent lives in the process, you can not use the concept of 'just war' when innocent people are dying, so no as a Muslim I will not pray for you Mr Kahn, the end never justifies the means.
sultana begum, London, UK

British born, British Education and brought up in a British community, yet he has so much hate for the country that supported him. Come on, lets as a country root out this evil, Muslim, Christian or Jew he didn't care, but the most worrying thing of all is How many others like him are out there.
Sean Carriere, Edinburgh

2 million people protested on a cold bitter winter day, against the war in Iraq and believe me when I tell you- they are good people. the first time i saw white, black Asians, Muslims, non Muslims and agnostic standing against the war- How dear he say that we the people are responsible, The Quran states in the 108 chapter, those who disbelieve you go your way and I shall go mine.... tell me which Quran you guys are reading because the hate you have in your hearts is a poisonous cancer, Which does no favours for the Muslims or humanity....
Usman Ayub, London

I cannot believe that Mohammad has the audacity to call himself a soldier, he is a coward, a disgrace to humans everywhere. I am 17 years old and my generation has had so very few chances to ever feel proud as a human and it is thanks to people like Mr. Khan who ruin the human experience for me and many of my peers.
Jon Mason , Culver, Indiana

I don't think that this video shows anything that the British public didn't already know or suspect. Perhaps the greatest surprise has been the voicings of Jack Straw, who claims that these attacks would have happened without British involvment in Iraq. When is our government finally going to stop pretending that the Iraq war is not an issue for Muslims, and keep on pretending that they know what is best for us?
Matthew, London

The clarity and violence in this man's message is sobering. It is becoming increasingly clear that by responding to violence with violence we only beget violence. President Bush's message of "staying the course" is preposterous: all we're doing is breeding future generations of terrorists.
James E. Trainor III, Mount Vernon, IA USA

Nothing can ever justify the sickening atrocity that this man perpetrated. In a democracy, he had every right and opportunity to peacefully protest the government's foreign policy - an opportunity that many in other countries do not have. Instead he chose to inflict suffering on so many people, of so many different nationalities and religions. No place in heaven for him, I think.
Jim, London UK

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just feel sorry for these people who are so obviously brainwashed they are prepared to take others peoples and their own lives. What an absolute waste of precious life.
Lin Coy, Grantham, Lincs, England.

It makes me so furious watching that sickeningly evil person try to justify his carnage with a completely flawed argument. Does he not realise that some of the people he bombed probably opposed the war in Iraq, or were pacifists? Or that some of the victims probably didn't vote for Blair? By his own stupid logic, Blair's re-election makes ALL British citizens a target (including those who didn't vote for him). Surely that makes himself and his fellow bombers a legitimate 'target', as they were also British citizens and therefore (by his reasoning) responsible for Blair's re-election??
Kearan, London

I am sick and tired of reading about how the war "radicalises" young Muslims!!. Lets remember that Muslims are 3% of the population, whether or not the war is "just", no democracy can allow 3% of the people to decide what our foreign policy is going to be, or to dictate our military response!!!. Much as I dislike new labour, I'm still prepared to stand firm behind the government.
mike, Cardiff


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