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Oscars nominations: Your reaction
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator
The Aviator, Martin Scorsese's film biography of Howard Hughes received 11 Oscar nominations on Tuesday.

The Aviator was nominated for the best picture award along with Finding Neverland, Million Dollar Baby, Ray and Sideways.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet and Imelda Staunton are among the actors up for Hollywood's main prizes.

The awards ceremony will take place on 27 February at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

What do you think of this year's nominations? Who do you think will win?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Your comments:

I hope it is Scorsese's year
Louise Leather, Bradford, UK
As much as I love Clint Eastwood, I hope it is Scorsese's year (finally!) for a Best Director Oscar. Would have liked to see Zach Braff's debut Garden State with a few nominations - best original screenplay, best supporting actress for Natalie Portman maybe? Looks like the 2005 awards are going to be some of the best in recent years.
Louise Leather, Bradford, UK

I thought the nominations for Aviator were well deserved. Though the pace of the movie seemed at times slow, the amazing story of Howard Hughes' life deserves the attention of all who aspire to make a difference in the world.
Joe, Irvine, CA, USA

I think they made a mistake by snubbing Paul Giamatti, the star of 'Sideways', the best American actor around today.
Anne Fescharek, USA

I was sorry that the Motorcycle Diaries didn't receive a few more nominations and in particular, Gael Garcia Bernal.
Edith, London, England

So many films and people that have yet again been overlooked by the Academy
Jordan Dias, Edinburgh, UK
What about Fahrenheit 9/11 or The Passion of the Christ? Two of the bigger movies of the year, which captured the imagination of the public and there are no nominations for either. What about Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine? Or The Motorcycle Diaries? So many films and people that have yet again been overlooked by the Academy.
Jordan Dias, Edinburgh, UK

It's a shame that Hotel Rwanda didn't get nominated, otherwise pretty happy. As for Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore pulled it from Best Documentary, so it could only have been nominated in the general film categories, and as much as I liked the film, it wasn't in the same league as Million Dollar Baby.
Andy, New York, USA

I have to disagree with all the praise for 'The Aviator', I thought it was dull, over long, with an average performance from DiCaprio. 'Million Dollar Baby', on the other hand, is one of the best films I've seen in a long time, and if it doesn't get Best Picture, the awards should at least give Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman the recognition they deserve for their fantastic performances
Ruth, London

Scorsese should have won in 1981 and 1990. He doesn't deserve an Oscar this year but he probably will win. As for the rest, Million Dollar Baby is terrible schmaltz, which will win Swank et al some undeserved awards. The best performances from Cheadle and Staunton will go unrewarded.
Tiffanie, UK

A Very Long Engagement was robbed
Chris Munn, Edinburgh
The Aviator was ok, but best picture? This years selection is the weakest for a number of years, with A Very Long Engagement being robbed!
Chris Munn, Edinburgh

The films of the past year have been amazing but nothing has come close to Passion of the Christ, so I wonder why this hasn't been reflected in the nominations, perhaps they're afraid of rocking the political boat?
Hamish Jordan, London

I am surprised the Film Industry ever gets around to making films as they seem to spend most of their time patting each other on the back !
Richard Smith, London

I think that the nomination of Catalina Sandino for Maria Full of Grace should encourage us to understand better the human reality behind the trafficking of drugs in Colombia.
J Diaz, London

I hope that Johnny Depp get his well deserved Oscar. He is incredible and should not be overlooked this time around
Marigold, Dominica

Interesting to see that Quentin Tarantino was snubbed once again. Where are nominations for Uma Thurman, David Carradine and Tarantino himself for Kill Bill 2? I can't help thinking Tarantino has upset the establishment at some point.
Craig G, Farnborough, UK

Sideways -a lovely, film with superb acting. It is a real shame that Paul Giamatti was not nominated. He was wonderful.
Sara, USA

Vera Drake was for me by far the most dramatic, poignant, compassionate film I have ever seen
Pete, Harlow, UK

Vera Drake was for me by far the most dramatic, poignant, compassionate film I have ever seen. I live near London and I am nearly seventy years old so maybe that has something to do with it. I have seen Aviator which is very good but could have been shortened by half an hour.
Pete, Harlow, UK

I notice that The Passion of Christ only is nominated for Music and Make-up whilst Fahrenheit 9/11 does not appear at all. It is funny industry that does not reward the most influential and best attended films?
Kevin Colyer, Brussels, Belgium

We shouldn't take the Oscars, or anything else coming out of Hollywood, very seriously at all. Remember, the enterprise isn't called theatre, but show business.
Tom, South Carolina, US

Eternal Sunshine has been overlooked for best picture which is scandalous. But Kate Winslet deserves her nomination and better win! Well done for largely overlooking Closer though. An overrated film with an overrated cast.
Jonny, Brighton, UK

The Aviator deserves its nominations; it's head and shoulders above the rest of the field. Eternal Sunshine was quirky, but wasn't an amazing film and at its heart had a love story that never rang true. And Closer was awful. Patrick Marber must live in some strange version of London. Where did he find that ludicrous dialogue? I hope the Aviator sweeps the board. I do think though that The Motorcycle Diaries deserved more attention. It was brilliant.
Matt P, London

I'm glad to see Johnny Depp back in the Best Actor category
Sue, Scotland
Pretty stiff competition this year and really unpredictable. I'm glad to see Johnny Depp back in the Best Actor category and pray he finally gets his very well deserved Oscar after all these years, especially after being side-stepped for Pirates Of The Caribbean. Go get 'em Johnny boy!
Sue, Scotland

It's good to see Foxx, Cheadle, Winslet, Owen and especially the amazing Morgan Freeman nominated. Go Morgan!
Steve Shagbolt, Devon

Finally, diversity at the Oscars. It is great to see actors like Jamie Foxx, Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo and the great Morgan Freeman nominated.
Augustine Ayompe, New York, USA

Saw Closer last night. Brilliant except for Jude Law's performance which was... well... amateurish and contrived. Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman - all excellent and the writers/scriptwriters should win for the dialogue alone.
Tom Franklin, London, UK

DiCaprio must surely win; his acting talents were proved in Gilbert Grape for which he was nominated before. His only mistake was Titanic, which I'm certain has held him back in terms of credibility.

I have rarely seen such a fine performance as that given by Leonardo DiCaprio. But, it was enhanced by perfect direction. Perhaps though, if I noticed that direction, it wasn't that good. There's a thought. I loved the film. I can't wait for the DVD extras.
David Taylor, Southend, Essex

Go Johnny go!
Sue, UK
Johnny Depp must win an Oscar this year. Not only was he robbed last year but has been unfairly overlooked for near on 15 years. It's about time people realise he's more than just a pretty face! Go Johnny go!
Sue, UK

I agree with Rick in London, Jamie Foxx was incredible in Ray. He thoroughly deserves Best Actor for his performance as musical genius Ray Charles
Rach, Chester UK

I hope that Morgan Freeman finally gets the statue for his role in Million Dollar Baby.
Oliver Iles, White Plains, New York USA

Am I the only person on earth who thinks 'Million Dollar Baby' is the most overrated film of all time? And now it has seven Oscar nominations! It's like one of those cheesy American TV movies - it should've been called: "Let Baby Box".
Neil, London

The Oscars are a sad reflection of today's society where flashy, cash-strapped productions steal all the limelight, leaving other films like 'The motorcycle diaries' and 'Mary full of grace' in the shadows.
Giorgos Mikes, The Netherlands

It is great for Sophie Okonedo and Clive Owen who are both terrific British actors. But Patrick Marber should have got a best Adapted Screenplay nod.
Gino, London, UK

I am disappointed every year that we in the UK have not had the chance to see many of the films up for nomination
Louise B, Liverpool
I am disappointed every year that we in the UK have not had the chance to see many of the films up for nomination. My favourites of the year would include Dear Frankie and Eternal Sunshine. I expect the Aviator will be a good film but it is hard to comment when you haven't seen it. Do they do it this way so that they can promote their new releases in Europe as already being Oscar winners?
Louise B, Liverpool

I don't care much about the Oscars, except for one category - Best Foreign Language Film. And like every year this part of the competition has some of the best films of the year. I am especially in love with Yesterday from South Africa. It is a beautiful film. Exquisite. A milestone in African cinema.
Maruti, Konin, Poland

I watch some selected movies, but the Oscars to me denotes a self congratulatory envelope opening, by overpaid and overrated egotistical people.
Rod Garr, Orlando, USA

I get the feeling that Scorsese will win purely out of sympathy. I think the academy must still be feeling bad for giving Kevin Costner a Best Director gong for the flaccid Dances with Wolves in 1990. Scorsese should have won it that year for Goodfellas, I don't think he should win it for The Aviator.
Dom, London

Nothing more than pomp and circumstance
Jarrod, Amarillo, USA
The Oscars are nothing more than pomp and circumstance. A chance for the industry to really pat itself on the back and reaffirm its (supposed) importance.
Jarrod, Amarillo, USA

Once again the Oscars will be a celebration of the best films of the last 3 months.
Simon, Bristol, UK

Winslet, Imelda Staunton and Clive Owen are not the only UK hopefuls in the acting stakes. Please do not forget that Sophie Okonedo is British as well!
Hobson Okogho, London, England

I thought The Aviator was extremely dull, but making a film so long it encompasses so many categories worked for Lord of the Rings so the nominations for Scorsese's paint-drying simulation make sense. As much as I love the idea of the Oscars, Scorsese is obviously going to get an award out of pity, which is wrong. Good luck to Finding Neverland, Collateral, The Motorcycle Diaries and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with their criminally few nominations and what happened to Hero - House of Flying Daggers' less cheesy and far superior sister film? I assume it wasn't eligible?
Max Prize, Sydney, Australia

Once again the Oscars will be a celebration of the best films of the last 3 months.
Simon, Bristol, UK

The Academy loves films about Hollywood
Martin Burgess, Plymouth, UK
No surprises for seeing The Aviator leading the way this year. The Academy loves films about Hollywood and Scorsese should secure his long overdue Oscar. DiCaprio and Blanchett should win too, and Foxx for Collateral.
Leigh Cann, Cardiff, Wales

I'm surprised that nothing has been said about Fahrenheit 9/11. Everyone seemed to expect it to run away with an Oscar and it hasn't even been nominated in the Documentary category.
Martin Burgess, Plymouth, UK

I am shocked to learn that such a fine actor as Johnny Depp has not received an Oscar, yet. Let's hope this year will be different!
Rosalind, London, UK

Clive Owen and Natalie Portman were superb in Closer - they acted their more famous co-stars off the screen. I hope they both win.
Rebecca, UK

Very typical. Beautiful, heart warming and innovative film (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) overlooked in favour of big budget biopics. Anything fresh or different scares the Academy, but you can bet Alexander would have gotten nominations if it hadn't received such a critical and public kicking.
Paul, Leicester

Why is it that the big, flashy, epic films always get loads of nominations
Andy, Darlington
I would have liked to see Jim Carrey get a nod for his performance in Eternal Sunshine. And why is it that the big, flashy, epic (but not necessarily that good) films always get loads of nominations - The Aviator, Gangs of New York, Cold Mountain, Titanic etc
Andy, Darlington

It would be a travesty if Leonardo DiCaprio were to beat Jamie Foxx for best actor; Foxx's performance in Ray was sublime.
Rick, London

It's about time that Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp get the Oscars that they deserve.
Emma, Sheffield

The most boring set of films to be started "following the Oscars". No films or characters in the list that are worth caring about . Where is Hero? Or House of Flying Daggers?
Max P, Manchester

The Oscars are Hollywood's self-serving political machine and as such, I wouldn't put too much stake in either what is produced or what has received the most awards.
Penny, USA

Sundance is a better barometer of what real film is about
Milla, London
I am disappointed that Ray was in the best picture list. It doesn't deserve to be there. It's no more than a TV movie. There's no accounting for taste in the Academy. Better films and actors are always ignored at these kinds of events. Sundance is a better barometer of what real film is about.
Milla, London

How are Natalie Portman and Clive Owen in the 'supporting' nominations? 'Closer' only has four characters, each of equal importance to the story, so who gets to decide who is the leading actor/actress and who isn't?
Rob Cork, Cambridge, UK

Michael Moore's seminal Fahrenheit 9/11 was surely a strong contender. Interesting that, through fear of further controversy following last year's inspiring acceptance speech, the film has failed to secure a single nomination. Shameful.
Lynsey, Glasgow

I think that Scorsese finally will win
Kasia, Poland
I'm torn between Leo and Johnny. I'd give it to both of them! No surprises generally. I think that Scorsese finally will win. And I cross my fingers for Jan Kaczmarek - he's nominated for best score "Finding Neverland".
Kasia, Poland

The Oscars lost all credibility when Titanic won 11. All they are about is hype and boosting up the biggest 'sentimental' blockbuster of the year. I used to care what won and now I couldn't care less!
Laurence Weir, Cambridge

Predictable - and thus rather boring. No doubt the emphasis on who is wearing what will detract from the main business of film-making anyway...Yawn.
Rachel, Bradford

To Nikki in Worthing - Johnny Depp has only been nominated for an Oscar once before now, though I do agree with you that he has been overlooked for far too long.
Johnny, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Really chuffed that Kate Winslet was nominated
Toby Burton, Manchester, UK
Really chuffed that Kate Winslet was nominated - she deserves big credit for her excellent acting history.
Toby Burton, Manchester, UK

I am so happy that Clive Owen was nominated for Closer. His performance was excellent and he definitely deserves to win!
Pilar Viloria, Montréal, Canada

About time Johnny Depp got an Oscar! I'll have my fingers crossed!
Helen, Kirkcaldy

Can't complain about the talent short listed for the main awards, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see both Eastwood and Cheadle get nods for acting. The only disappointment for me is that The Motorcycle Diaries has been completely overlooked. The results are wide open this year, ensuring that this will be the most exciting Oscar race in several years.
Johnny, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Let's hope Martin Scorsese finally bags the Oscar he deserves.
Liz, Cardiff

As expected I think! Certainly some favourites in there; Jamie Foxx deserves a statuette for his role as Ray Charles but that's not to say others have not been as impressive. DiCaprio flexed his acting chops in Martin Scorcese's The Aviator, and I think the diminutive director he has made his best film in 15 years. I predict it will pick up the Best Picture category.
James, Cardiff, UK

I can see Scorsese winning best director
Adam, Birmingham

Despite it's 11 nominations, I don't think The Aviator deserves to win too many Oscars, although it was good, there have been better films this year, such as Finding Neverland. Hopefully Johnny Depp wins the best actor this year. Though I can see Scorsese winning best director, because, over the years, he's deserved at least one.
Adam, Birmingham

I can't believe Johnny Depp has been nominated so many times and has always left empty-handed. Let's hope this year is different and the Academy embraces an actor who dares to be different and who doesn't tow the Hollywood line.
Nikki, Worthing, UK

I hope to see Jamie Foxx do well - he outshone a good Tom Cruise performance in Collateral. Johnny Depp however should also win as he is by far the most talented of all the nominees, being a proper actor trapped in a model's body. That said, go Imelda...
Jen, Brighton

I'm as excited by the Oscars as I am by the Eurovision Song Contest.. So frankly, I care who's nominated, who wins or whatever in that appalling celebration of narcissism..
Jeff, Ironbridge, UK

No mention of Fahrenheit 911? what a surprise
Mark, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

The Aviator is surely to receive the most awards. Although not Scorsese's best film (cf. Goodfellas), it shines over the rest - in terms of both acting and directorship.
Frank, Oxford

A fine selection! Shame Jim Carrey for Eternal Sunshine wasn't recognised, but ecstatic about Before Sunset getting a script nomination! Congratulations Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater!
Peter M, Cambridge, England

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