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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 September 2005, 10:34 GMT 11:34 UK
Hurricane Katrina: Missing people
People make their way down Canal Street in New Orleans, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
The Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin says hundreds, "most likely, thousands" of people may have been killed by Hurricane Katrina.

The BBC News website has received hundreds of messages from people concerned about the whereabouts of families and friends who live in or are visiting the region.

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I am looking for my sister and two nieces. Windy, Tori and Brittany Sims. Windy if you get this call someone.
Craig Magee, Queencreek Arizona

I am looking for Tashunja James, and her daughter Lashonda James, if anyone has any info please e-mail I am her grandmother
Sheila Erven, San Francisco CA

I'm looking for my brother & his family Andrew Lowe. If anyone see, talk, or meet him please tell him to contact me.
Joseph Lowe, Jacksonville AR

I am looking for a women named Julie Brown from Covington. She is a life long friend and I have housing for her. If you have seen her or know where she is, please tell her to call me.
Valarie Pagni, Silt, Colorado

Am looking for Randy Clement, Planning director, Kenner, LA, to find out if he and his family are safe. Please someone who knows him let me know. Thank you.
Dorothy O'Donoghue, Montreal, Canada

I'm looking for Ron Acosta; he lived in New Orleans LA. I haven't heard from him. I don't know his address or anything else. I would just like to know he and his mother and wife etc are ok. A million thanks.
Tom Shaughnessy, NPB FL, USA

I am looking to find my dearest friend Laura Pic of Old Metairie on Wood St. Please email me should you know her whereabouts or contact numbers. I pray she is safe.
Terry Jenna, Hong Kong

Am looking for Mary, Ron, Dawn and Adam Shiyou of Bayou LaCroix, Bay, St. Louis, MS. and Ronnie and Mia of 2nd Street, Bay St. Louis, MS all missing since Katrina.
Dotti Lantis, Belen, NM USA

I am trying to trace my niece Patricia Echols, New Orleans who was last heard from in Longview, TX. Please call mother.
Bessie Howell, Chicago, IL

I am looking for my cousin Maximina Milla (68) of Ronson Dr. Kenner, LA, she is diabetic and living by herself. We don't know nothing about her. Where can we contact to know if she is in Texas? Thanks.
Iris Gonzalez, Rialto, California, USA

Looking for any information on Shirley Eldridge of Grea, Louisiana.
Noreen and James Hinds, Lexington, KY

Brother, Andre Robillard lives on Rue Parc Fontaine, and works at Walgreen's in Westwego. Call Mom.
Jacqueline Figueiredo, Dartmouth, MA

Debra Sue Miller and her two sons and daughter Chelsea Spaulding are missing, anyone having any information about them please contact us.
Brent Spaulding, Hays, Kansas

Looking for 1. Leone Marshall, Independence 2. Kerry and Dianne Milano 3. Barbara Marshall.
Woody Marr, Spring Hill, Fl

Looking for Terrence Butler, 48, of New Orleans, LA. Family member Kathy Dejoie needs to know. She is fine, but has no communication.
Jennifer Hicks, New Orleans

We are looking for Ronnie Blackiston and Eugene Cosgrove who resided in Moss Point, Mississippi. Please call us if anybody has any information,
Donnie Ryan, Fort Ashby, WV, USA

Rita Fain-Perkins. Missing. Gulfport, MS.
Debbie Daniels, Robertsdale, AL, USA

I'm worried about my aunt Agnes Mac Corpus, Arabi, LA. Anyone who knows and seen her please give information.
Antonette, Philippines

I'm looking for Brayan Mathes. Any information please contact Gabriela Rosado, I'm her cousin from Miami, Fl. Your mom is desperate.
Gabriela Rosado, Miami, Fl

I am searching for my brothers, Richard Bell and Clinard "Chip" Bell, their residence was in New Orleans, Louisiana, I desperately need a response as soon as possible.
Starra Bickham, Spanaway, WA USA

Trying to locate Malvin and Pam Cavalier from New Orleans, also Maliaha, my sister's kids Gian Smith, Shandra and Danyell. Uncle Marcus is looking for you.
Marcus Calavier, Fontana, Calif

I am looking for Dr Maria C Mosquera, an old friend from Metairie. I'm sure she made it out okay, but I was concerned about her safety. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this horror.
J Jaramillo, Humboldt County, CA

We are trying to find my husband's aunts and other relatives, Their last names are, Simmons, Griffin, Brown and McMillan.
Marie Gardner, Springfield MO

Dana Taggart, call Grandma Cora and she will come and get you no matter where you are.
Doyle Christian

I am trying to find my son. His name is Ronnie Ellis and was at Blue Walters Reh. Center on Peridigo St in New Orleans. Please help I can't find out anything on him. Thanks so much.
Charlotte Hales, New Orleans/Blue Walters Reh

We are looking for my mom's foster sister, Ruby Henderson. Ruby lived in Kenner on Helena Street.
L. Theresa Landers, Sacramento, CA

Looking for David Howard my ex-husband. He lives in the French Quarter. We will send for him from any US airport. We have a home and job waiting for him. All of us are anxiously awaiting his call. Please have him contact me asap.
Lisa White-Howard, Kansas City, Missouri USA

I am helping a friend find his children. I can't find anything about Jayess, Foxworth and Sandyhook, MS. These are the towns and the last names are Hewitt, Crosby and Johnson respectively. Any information on these towns and or these families would be appreciated. Thank you.
Alice Fredrick, Phoenix, AZ USA

I am searching for my father David Duffy, Jefferson Parish LA. I would appreciate any information, or persons that knew him. Thank you.
Doretta Johnson, Madison, Indiana

Looking for Shannon Washington 36 yrs-old and mother of four; daughter of Clarence and the late Alice Smith; granddaughter of Earnestine and Clarence Smith Sr. We have room for you.
Clarence Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio

My dad and I are trying to find information about Delton and Merlene Reeves, Linda Rester and her husband, from Bogalusa, LA. Any information you can provide will be appreciated. We will continue praying. Thank you!
Kathleen Mitchell, Atlanta, TX

I'm looking for Kristie Hufman, she was at the girls home in MS and then she move to Biloxi the last I heard. You can email me and let me know anything. she got married and I don't know her last name and she had a baby.
Cossette, Hernando, MS

I am trying to locate my kids, Joshua (Josh) Hollifield, age 15, and Nicolas (Nick)Fischer , age 7, and their mother, Loretta Hollifield, age 32. They all live in Pascogoula, MS, just east of Biloxi. We are very worried about them, and we want to know if they are OK. If anyone has any information about them, please contact me asap. Thank you.
Billy Fischer, Lafayette, LA USA

Looking for my uncle and his family Jimmie Russ they live in New Orleans. We have not heard from him since the storm hit. If anyone has any information please contact me so I can inform my aunt in New York please.
Celeste Russ-Thornton, Chicago, Ill

Leann Seaman please call me or contact me in some way so I know you and yours are OK.
Wendy, Van Nuys, CA USA

Devon Weston is staying in Baton Rouge with her mother Jenise I will try to call to see if she has heard from Mark W.
Tandy Sibley, Hammond La, USA

Want news of Ray and Vivian Nehlig, St. Bernard Rd, St Bernard, LA.
Matilda Croslin, Shreveport< LA

Looking for Dodi Bafone/Tommaseo for his mother.
Sarah, Chalmette

Trying to find a very close friend, who is very dear to me. His name is big Al Carson. if anyone has any info on him please contact me. Thank you Peggy.
Peggy Richards, Greenwood, US

I am looking for my friends that lived in New Orleans, LA.
Erica and Jason Chambers, Atlanta, GA

Please I need to find my son Alfonso Virzi who was staying in Metairie, LA. Please help.
Doreen Hall, Las Vegas, NV

Very concerned about long time friends, Patricia and John Meek, living in Carollo Drive, Slidell. Any news gratefully received by Jill and Tony, plus Ian and David of London.
Jill Dalton, Bletchingley, Surrey, UK

Dave and Laura Leabrer, guys we've been trying to reach you. We want to know if you guys and the whole family are ok. Please email us or call us to let us know that you are all ok. We are praying for all of you here.
Liseth and Luis Perez, Yemassee, SC USA

Searching for Russell John Pitre, son of Ken and Carolyn Pitre, residing in Slidell Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina. We are trying to locate Russell Pitre for his brother Eric Pitre. If you have any information on his whereabouts please get in touch. His family has had no news of him since the hurricane.
Stephan Dueboay and Terri Smith, Cleburne Tx

I am desperately trying to locate three members of my family: Victoria Jones (75), Allen Thomas (54), and Paul Jones (22). Victoria is a 75 year-old African American female with a small build (4'5" and 80 lbs). She suffers from glaucoma, cataracts, hypertension, scoliosis, and emphysema with shortness of breath. She was last seen at the Houston Astrodome where she complained of hip and side pain. She hasn't been seen or heard from since. When the representatives of the Red Cross and medical facility were questioned about her, there's no record of her presence. It's as if she's vanished into thin air. Allen was last seen in front of the New Orleans Convention Center wearing a white T-shirt and faded blue jeans. He's 6' tall and 175 lbs. He answers to the nicknames "Spider Man" and "Glenn". He has a tattoo of a spider on his left shoulder. Paul is an African American male with shoulder-length dreadlocks. He was last seen in the Houston Astrodome. Please let them know that their family is safe and are looking for them.
Interior T Holmes, Jackson, MS

Please can anyone tell me if my uncle and aunt are safe. They are Walter and Michelle Cochran from New Orleans. Also my aunt Ruth and family from Ovett Mississippi as I haven't been able to contact anyone by phone. Also Frank Cochran from New Orleans and his family. Thank you.
Colleen Mitcham, Southampton, England

Looking for Patsy Simon of Palm Street, New Orleans, LA. Last contacted on August 27, 2005. Can you please find her for me?
Janet Harvey, United States

I am missing some kin that live in Mississippi I have not located them as of yet. Their names are Gerald and Patty Crowder who were going to Biloxi to a shelter during the hurricane and there are two aunts that I cannot contact and I do not know were they are at or if they are still living there. The names are Marie Schultz that lives in Bay St Louis Mississippi; the other aunt lives in Vancleave Mississippi, her name is Helen Parker that includes their kids too I have not have heard from them as of yet and my family is very worried about them.
Dave Schultz,

Seeking information about James Little, who lived in Willesden Lane in London between 1996-1998 and worked at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane. If I remember correctly his father's name is David Little and his mother was surnamed Gan. He was born in London in 1976. Would appreciate any information on his whereabouts and safety.
BFQ, London, UK

I have relatives in Bragg Road Moss Point named Danley. I have not heard from them since the hurricane, Just hoped there was not to much damage in Moss point and would like to hear from anyone that lived nearby.
R Archer, Notts, England

I am looking for a Lucas Simmons, Jr. Any information on him would be much appreciated. I hope and pray that he Is ok. Lucas if you read this PLEASE contact me any way you can ASAP. Lucas' mother is also looking for him.
Makita Gulley, Akron, Ohio USA

Looking for my father Edward Ogletree, missing since Katrina.
Deborah Batiste, New Orleans, LA

Looking for my aunt Gladys Robles as well as Carlos, Tammy and Rosita Robles. Our last contact with them was many years ago and they had a Metairie address. Please contact us with any information.
Maria Cedeno, Laguna Niguel CA USA

I'm anxious to hear that my friend Lisa M. Harrison-Bernard of New Orleans is alive and safe.
Lennart Wennberg M.D., Stockholm, Sweden

I am looking for Scott Kaletach. Please call Gerald Swindell. We need to talk to you.
Melissa Allen, West Point

Looking For my best friend's mother Sandra Blagsacker from Slidell La. Her sisters one Christina Graffia or any member of their family, Also the grandfather of her boy Noah Ordoyne from Houma.
Tammy for Melissa Byrd, San Antonio

Looking for a Frank Anthony Rodriguez Jr of Saint Bernard parish.
Amy Hoyt, Orange, Tx

I'm looking for a family member. His name is Nikita Washington and he resides in New Orleans. If anyone has any information on him please let me know.
Preston Tyler, Elyria,Oh, USA

I am looking for Myra Dorsey and her daughter Celeste Herrera from New Orleans, LA. Please contact.
Melanie Barksdale, Madison, Alabama

I am looking for my sister Edna Means and her family. There is her little boy Daninel Means and two girls Siarra and Ne'ira Means. I would really like to get in touch with them to see if they got out of New Orleans in time and if they are OK.
LaShanda Battley, New Orleans, La, USA

I am looking for my sister-in-law Joyce Johns and my niece Lavada Johns. They lived in Gulfport, Mississippi.
Ernie Johns, Winslow, IN, USA

I'm looking for Joyce Templet. She has been my friend for 50 years. I'm trying to make sure she is okay.
Loretta Shane, PA

Concerned about my cousin in New Orleans, Quinetta Jones. Please let us know you are safe.
Earlvena Vincent, Detroit, Michigan

I am looking for my friends, members of the Hilliard family who lived in the ninth ward, New Orleans - hopefully they went to Texas. They are Mrs Mary Hilliard who is aged about 80 years, her sons Freddy and David and daughters Pat, Sharon, Lisa and Bobbie. Lisa has seven children, the youngest three are Keira, Chelsea and Destiny. David has a daughter Michelle and three granddaughters including Myele. Please tell me if you meet or hear of anyone from this family and let me know they are safe. Thank you.
Catherine Kay, Manchester, England

Looking for sister, Joann Quitt, her husband Mel and daughter Dina. Left Diamondhead on Saturday heading for Florida. Never heard from them. Please send word.
Janell Woolsey, Altus, OK

There is a guy who is staying here in Shreveport at the Hirch is looking for his wife and children. Their names are Shandricka Quinn, Quindell Quinn,Shandell Quinn, Jeadell Quinn, and Joseph Foster. He just wants them to know that he is ok. His name is Reginald Steward.
Sherry Odom, Caddo

Looking for friends from SCCA. Kathy Price, Paul Story. Bob Maggio.
Kathy Price, Oakley, Ca

Mom, it is me Leah, we have been trying to find you for two weeks. Please call if you are alive. Every time the phone rings I pray it is you, please come home or call if you find this I know we have fought and argued but I am begging you to call us we really want to know that you are ok with all of our love.
Tammy Necaise, Gulfport MS

There is a lady who staying in the Hirch Collisum in Shreveport LA, who is looking for her son and brother who were in the hurricane. Their names are Raymond Emilen, Kent Robair and Bruce Richard. Please contact the Shreveport police dept if you know their whereabouts.
Sherry Odom, Caddo

Trying to find Razon family. I think her first name is Rachelle. Her father is Mike Charnoske and he is trying to contact her. She is my niece.
Kathleen Charnoski, Clarksville, TN

I need to look for Wendy Holmes, Ada Holmes, Keisha and Karika Butler, Lakenda Dawson, Karen Dawson and Henry Davis. Thanks.
Jalika Holmes, Beaumont, Tx

I am looking for my cousins. Larry, Vincet, and Leroy Morgan. They lived in New Orleans.
Flowze Davis, Atlanta, USA

I'm looking for Vickie McAuley. Ocean Springs, Ms
Terri Jones, Wichita, Ks

Trying to locate Eric Ford who lives in Biloxi, Mississippi. Please contact your mother Mary Ford Dean. I am very worried.
Mary Dean, Mobile, Al USA

I am looking to see if my brother Todd Schlegal, and grandmother Joyce Schlegal are ok. Please let me know something. They live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
Heather Harvey, Morgan City, Louisiana

We are looking for Skip, Donna and Cary Beidenkoph. If anyone knows where this family is please let us know. We are looking for you guys here in Texas.
Keith and Pam Martin, Ft Worth, Texas

Looking for Christopher James Landry, Christopher and Candice and Cindy Fonatine from Slidell, LA. Please contact your family or friends in MO.
Vicki, Gallatin, USA

Urgent. I need to contact Arguelles family, Tony, Carminda, Ofelia, Carmen who lived in Bogalusa.
Denia, Honduras

Looking for Richard Huey Johnson, Jennifer Delores Johnson, and Adele Johnson.
Sandie Claywell, Glasgow, USA

I am looking for my friend, Josť Boan Acosta and his wife Lourdes. They had their home in Metairie, LA. Please if you have any information I will appreciate it. Thanks.
Renato L Recio, Cedar Park, Tx

Try to find my grandparents from Biloxi MS. Hurlbert, Jerry and Wanda.
Hurlbert Matthias David, Biloxi, MS

Need help trying to locate Cherry Brooks Parker, Alton Narcisse and Carolyn Holland. Both women with their children and grandchildren need to contact Lisa in Laplace or email her. We found Kenyatta Smith and children.
Lisa Anderson, Laplace, LA

I am looking for my ex-husband, father of my two daughters. His name is Elmo Leon Carmouche, he resided on Eagle Street, New Orleans. He was going to Superdome last we heard. Please contact me with any information.
Joyce Carmouche, Lexington, KY - USA

Looking for friend Kenny (navy nurse). I hope he's doing good and safe. Please email with any information. My prayers are with you.
Kristie Trizzino, Blue Springs, USA

I am trying to find out about my sister and her family. Her name is Charlette Singh. Her mother's name is Gussy McKenzie, and my niec'es name is Michell Fontenot. If you can find out anything about them and their whereabouts would you guys please e-mail me back? Thanks.
Tonya Dugar, Beaumont, TX USA

Please provide any information on these family members. 1-Verlia Millard (Buxton) 2-Tonia Buxton-Cain 3-Shannon T. Miller Please relay any and all information as soon as possible. God bless you all and thanks.
Robert H Millard, Keyport, New Jersey

I am looking for George Mick, and David and Phyllis Pontchier. I am the granddaughter of Harold and Virginia Mick, and my husband is in the area now to help how he can.
Rachael Denend, Washington State

I am looking for my cousin Velma Lena Eaglin, of New Orlean, age 82, about 5'2, black female.
Ruby Henry, Lafayette, Louisiana

I'm trying to find my brother Chris, a professor at the University of New Orleans. When Katrina struck he was on the UNO campus, near Lake Pontchartrain.
Derek Parkinson, UK

Please find Mazie and her three children, Carol, Ashley and Earl. Notify me when status of them is known. Thank you from Colorado.
Mazie Fleming, Aurora

I'm searching for my granddaughter, Felicia Rochelle Cheatwood and her mom Deborah Bischoff. Please help me.
Sandee Ashburn, Zephyrhills, Fl USA

I am trying to find my mother, Shirley Kiner. Her home is located on Robinson Road in Sharon Miss. Any information about by mother please if anyone knows anything please call the phone number posted or respond to this letter.
DelBrico Kiner, Eugene, USA

I am trying to locate missing relatives who were in New Orleans. Nathaniel James, Betty James, Larry James, Benjamin James, Averal James, Nathaniel James Jr, 30-day-old Nathaniel James III, Natasha James and Tammy James. They were last known to be at Abundant Life Church located in the 8th Ward.
Leroy James, Conyers, Geogia

We are trying to find out if Paul McEwan from 9th Street, Gulfport, Mississippi.
Jean Reid, East Kilbride, Scotland

I am looking for Thomas and Gil Casey. They were living in New Orleans.
Mike Casey

I am searching for my niece Shirley Jean Jackson who was last located on Canal Street in New Orleans and it has been a long time since I last saw her and my other nieces and nephews, I would like to know if they are okay and alive and well. Can anyone please get in touch with me if they hear of her anywhere? She also had a son named Tobey.
Ruby L Ollie, Tchula/ United States

I am looking for my brother and his wife, Skip Rex and Sandra. They live in Carriere, MS. They own a goat farm. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Bob Rex, Milwaukee, WI

Looking for any information on the whereabouts/safety of Jan Asch, of Broadway Street, New Orleans.
Mark P. Kessinger, New York, NY

Debbie Windham is looking for any information about her family in Biloxi, MS. Debbie and Ryan are fine. They are in Laurel, Ms. with Ryan's family.
Ryan and Debbie Windham, Biloxi, MS

Looking for Theresa Labauve and her children, Robert and DeeDee Lidtky. Have heard Theresa may be ok but no one knows about the children.
Tiffany Richards, Oxford, UK

We are very anxious to hear any news of Ivan Waugh, a family member, last heard from on Tuesday 30th august. He had been evacuated from a hotel in New Orleans on the previous Sunday and went to Diamond Head about 65 miles north east of New Orleans
Peter Waugh, Cambridge, England

To all our friends from Lusher and SAIC, we hope you are safe. How bad is uptown and the Audubon Park area? Particularly need to hear that Ruby and Daren, Lonnie and Phil, Meera and Brij, Denny and Beata, Ulli and Gerhard are all OK.
Kirsty Smith Mackay, Aberdeen, Scotland

We are trying to see if your dearest friends Paul and Ellen Pleansant are safe. They live in Metairie, LA.
Iftikar Wehbi, Richton Park, IL

Looking for any of the Schultz-Ryan family from New Orleans. Dinky, Robby, and family.
Ona Lisa Ryan (King), Oakland CA

I am trying to locate friends in Covington (Narrow Road) and Abita Springs (Hewy 36). Hoping that they are all well. Mylene Powell, Brighton,UK
Marlene Duet, Covington Louisiana

I'm looking for a friend Steve Wilson, who lives Lacombe, LA have not heard any news if anybody knows please contact me.
Cheryl Parker, Deal, Kent UK

Seeking any information on Dorothy Joyce Holston of Darby St, Gulfport 9/5.
Fred Gruber, Louisa, VA (me-FG)

Looking for Jay/Jason noble. Out on business in area. No word for over a week.
Julie Kennedy, Sutton, England

We are looking for our friend. His name is Stephen Arthur Sturges, DOB 8/30/67, address Bradbury Dr. Meraux, LA.
Allison Flynn, London, UK

I am anxious to find any information regarding Charlie Burns who lived in Tudor Lane in New Orleans.
Hilda Lucas, Ayr, Scotland

I am looking for Rickey Moore (Kenner Jnr) and his family. Please let me know you are all OK.
Natalie Downey, Boorowa, Australia

My sister in Seattle got through on Sunday Sept 4 to the Washington parish Sherrif's Office. They said that while electricity and phones are still out, water has been restored and is clean. We are still looking for relatives: Beth New, Mike, Christina and Sierra Wall, Alma Hunt in Bogalusa; Damian Powe and Nicole Powe in Hattiesburg, MS; Faith New in Covington, LA. Bernice and Vicky Lang in Picayune, MS
Kitty Temperley, Norwich, UK

Desperately seeking info on Pam and Colin Kane who were in Biloxi, Ms. visiting Pam's sister Sue during the hurricane. Please contact me if you know of their whereabouts. Also trying to find Pam's sister Sue.
Penny Durnin, N Tonawanda, NY USA

I'm looking for Kristy Gilbert from Biloxi, MS. Kristy is a dear friend and I haven't heard from her in quite a while.
Hans Tibboel, Phuket, Thailand

I am looking for my friend Kathleen Stewart, she lives in Metairie. I am desperate to know she is safe, please contact me with any information.
Susan Sinclair, Brampton, Cumbria UK

I am looking for my brother in law - Michael Colgan who resided in Maurepas, New Orleans and also worked at The Napoleon House in the French Quarter. Have heard nothing from him and are now getting concerned. I would be grateful if someone could locate him and reassure us. Emma
Emma Colgan, Sutton Coldfield, England

Please help find my cousin Ryan Kittle who was living in Gulfport. He is from Plymouth Devon and he is 24.
Anna Orme, Brighton

I am trying to locate my nephew, Kiel Dahlke (Seabee) and his wife, Dion and baby Brianna in Gulfport, Ms. Their last address which I have is in Crepe Myrtle Ct., Gulfport, Ms. Any word from them either by phone or email would be much appreciated! They have family members who are concerned about them. Also I would like to locate my brother-in-law, Sidney Vinot. His last address that I have is in Delaware Avenue, Kenner, Louisiana. If he could call me to just let me know that he and his family are okay would be nice. Thank you for listening.
Mary L. Druckenmiller, Williston, SC USA

Dear Dennis, Lovina and Children, how are you today? We are terrified by the horrible news of the worst ever hurricane (Katrina) that befall south west of America. We are praying fervently for those who lost their beloved ones, everything they had - no shelter, no food, and water to drink both old and young. All powerful Father, God of mercy, look kindly on those who suffer due to Hurricane Katrina. Ease their burden and make their faith strong, that they may always have confidence and trust in your fatherly care. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen. Please, please send a word to us how you are fairing. We love you all. Regards and God bless you all.
Peter C. Amajuoyi, Ibadan, Nigeria

Please can anyone tell me if my good friend Scott Williamson from Covington, LA and his family are alright after the hurricane? Does anyone know if Covington was badly hit by the storm? I am grateful for any information. Thanks.
Sabine Holzer, Vienna, Austria

I am looking for news of Denise Berthiaume and Steve Schwartz. I have not been able to find them all week. They live on Esplanade, near the French Quarter. Denise owns LeMieux Gallery in the warehouse district and Steve owns Matt and Naddies restaurant on Leonidas in uptown New Orleans. If anyone knows anything, please email or call me. Thanks, Charles
Charles, Barcelona, Spain

I received a message from my Uncle Dennis and Aunt Donna Gilbert. They were safe in their cabin with limited resources, but they are not on the found people. Can anyone tell me if they have been rescued? My uncle is in his 70s and my aunt in her late 60s.
Kimberly Mentzer, Slidell LA

I am looking for Shannon Hesse. She is from Metairie,LA. Thank you so much. She has several people in AL looking for her.
Tricia, Montevallo, AL

Looking for my son lost in Hurricane Katrina. His name is Julijah Wilson D.O.B. 10/20/69. Last known address St Ann St, New Orleans, LA. Please have him contact his mom or dad. Thank you for your assistance.
Ronald Johson, FarRockaway, NY, USA

Looking for Alvin Atkins from New Orleans East, Lisa Jordan, Catina Atkins, and Kerry Atkins all from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.
Nivan, New Orleans

Looking to hear from Dr Arasteh, New Orleans residence.
K Garabaghi, Houston, TX

I would like to have information about my uncle, Fran?s Rolland who lives in Slidell. Many thanks.
Rolland Joel, Quimper, France

We are looking for Gary and Kelly Jenkins who lived in Hammond, LA.
Anna Morris, Taylorsville, USA

To Marry Ellen Bell if you are still out there please call me and tell me where you are and if you're alright. I am sorry for any and all losses that you may have encountered, and I hope your family is safe and well.
Tina Wisdom, St.Louis USA

Looking for William L and Cathrine A Wiles III of Biloxi, MS. Want to help. Please call.
Steven R Koltenback, Doylestown, PA USA

Please can we get info on how bad Metairie LA was hit and if all were evacuated? Am looking for Eric Pierson and family as can not reach at all.
Sabah Khan, London, UK

I'm looking for my cousin Nikita (Shawn) Washington, who lives in New Orleans, If anyone has any information or heard anything about this person please contact me or contact his grandmother.
Preston Tyler, Elyria,Oh

We are looking for Marvin and Darwyn Langley. They lived in the Pensacola, Fl area and also the Gautier Mississippi area. Their brother and son are looking for them and would really appreciate you in letting us know where they are or if they are okay? Thanks.
Glenda Davidson, Broken Arrow, OK (USA)

I'm looking for Demetria Handy, Shatyra Wallace, Izella Handy, Isaac Handy Jr. Please if you can find them contact me. I love them very much and hope and pray that their safe. Please call me, always love you.
Shakera, United States/ Houston, Texas

Desperately searching for Pete and Shiela Peterson from Ocean Springs. Please contact me with any info.
Chip and Eileen Williams, Topsham, ME USA

I am looking for my sister Danita Farlough and her three kids evacuated from the Armstrong airport in New Orleans. please help I'm in Pineville at the old Wal-Mart please call, thank you.
Donna Farlough, New Orleans

I'm looking for my mother and brother, Sollinda Williams and Renaz Williams. Last saw them being picked up on one of the boats from New Orleans. If you or anyone knows where they took these people please email or call. Very heart broken and I need to be reunited. Thank you kindly.
Kiesha Williams, (in) New Iberia, La

Looking for friend Donna Keaton-Young who lived in Bogalusa, LA with husband and has a daughter. Please contact me if anyone knows that they are safe. Our prayers are with you Donna and family.
Donna Boone, San Diego, CA

I am looking for my aunt Thelma Wilson. I was told she was last seen at the Convention Center.
Vanessa, Bunkie, USA

I'm would like to find and help my friend Syndey Byrd, a photographer from New Orleans. Please contact me if you know where she is.
Brigitte Cavanagh, Paris, France

Glen Huff in Ocean Springs: Come on up here and s6tay with us as long as you like. PS I told you to come with us to Maunie. Is everyone ok? Call me.
Russ Beaulieu, Cranbury, NJ

I am looking for my Aunt Jerr Bustin of Laurel, Miss. I can't get through to her on the phone.
Mary Burke, Bay Shore, NY

Looking for a friend Therina Steenkamp who lives near Hammond, Louisiana. Let me know by mail if you're ok.
Elsa Kaestner, Pretoria, South Africa

Looking for Marry Harris, her children Jade Jourdan and joy lives on Elba St.
Cleopatra Washington, Monroe

I am looking for my cousin, Linda Ramsey, of Gulfport, MS; year of birth is 1952. Last I heard, she evacuated to another state. Would like to know if she has been united with all her loved ones. Would like to know if she is doing ok and to call me as soon as she get a chance. I'm thinking of her every day and love her very much.
Carolyn Hill, San Francisco, CA USA

I am looking for a good friend and her family. Her name is Cheryl, husband is Joe and they have a young child, C.J. last name Booty. They live in Bogalusa, LA. If anyone knows them or anything about them please have her call me or contact me with any information. They have a place to come if needed. God Bless You All.
Margie Jordan, Shelbyville, TN

Looking for Sandi, Ray and Ashley Young from Kenner, LA, please let me know if you have heard from them or about them. Sandi, we are here if you need us for anything.
Christine, Palmer, AK USA

I'm looking for Mrs Gursen Domanic PENO and her daughter Shan from Biloxi. We need to know their situation. Are they alive or lost? We are waiting your news by mail or phone. Thanks very much.
Mert Gurbuz, Gemlik, Turkey

Can anyone give us information as to how Covington La was affected by Katrina, I an anxious to hear news of Richard and Marigold McNeely who lived at Oak Anchorage Covington.
Oliver Holder, England

I am looking for my husband who lives in Abita Springs and friends in Covington and Folsom, do you know what has happened in these areas please?
Suzanne McQueen, Maidstone, England

Any info on William and Jean Carnal and Family on Illinois Ave. in Kenner, LA? Thank you.
Jeanine Franck, La Habra, CA USA

Friends from Germany would like to know if family Campbell (Judy, Richard, Anna-Catherine, Lauren, Judith, Rich) are alright. We miss you!
Amina, Germany

Looking for some information on any Toney's that have been caught up in New Orleans, just want to know if they are alright.
Karen Toney, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am looking to find out if Lynn Ross, last known of in Kenner, is okay - Gill and Julie would like to know. Also Karen Hynes, last known of in Metairie. If anyone is aware they are ok, please post a message.
Julie, London, England

Please let us know about our cousin Charlie James and his wheelchair-bound mother Mercedes who lived at Howard Avenue in Biloxi, Mississippi. We heard they tried to ride out the hurricane and haven't been heard from since. Thank you.
dr. Anne Russell, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

My late Nan's brother Bernie Clarkin lived in New Orleans since the forties, has large extensive family there. Just wanted to know you're all safe.
Karla Barnes, Portsmouth, UK

Does anyone know when the phone lines will be restored in Baton Rouge? We need to get through to our son Bruce Joy to make sure he is safe. He should be in Denham Springs. We can't get through from the UK.
Howard and Moe Joy, Sutton Coldfield, UK

Chrissie Dugger, I need to know if you and everyone else are ok.
Claire Worth, Maidstone, England

Looking for Ruth Bordelon 82 yrs old. She is a diabetic and rode the storm by herself.
PaulaN David, St Cloud Fl

I am looking for Cherie Babin She was living in the French Quarter the last I heard from her. Please contact me if you find her.
Abigail, CT

I'm looking for my friend Eloria Phipps in New Orleans son Travis Phipps and the Manuel Family lived in the French Quarters praying for you and your family contact if possible.
Gloria Love, Dayton OH/ USA

I am looking for my father last seen in New Orleans. He is a short black man that is bald and walks with a limp. He has diabetes and is very kind.
Theresa Jackson, USA

I am concerned about my cousin, Janet Wheat and her family who live on Field Ave in Metairie. Janet owns a health food store on Airline hwy. Please contact us. Praying for your family's safety.
Judy, Tyler Co Tx

I'm looking for John & Debbie Wren family. They lived on Mermaid Ave in Ocean Springs, Ms.
Darcy, Florida

I am looking for any information on my brother and his wife Randy and Leigh Bridges. They live on Timbercreek Lane in Mandeville, LA. My thoughts and prayers are with them and all the victims.
Carol Steed-Croteau,

I'm looking for my aunt, Marylou Prunty, 78, of New Orleans. She was on Harding Drive and to our knowledge did not evacuate. Anyone with information please contact.
Gloria Moosberger, Montreal, Canada

I'm looking for my mother Deloris Hill she lived in Waveland MS.
Jawanza Hill, New Orleans

Looking for Marie A Tregre. A patient of St Charles Liv. Center, Transferred to St Charles Hospital and then Kenner Regional just before the storm. She is 91 yrs and has Alzheimer's and just had a strokeWe think we saw her on CNN at the airport on a conveyor belt . Does anyone have any info on this?
Carrie Alford, Humble, TX

I am looking for James Turner, the father of Stacey & Jamesha Turner. Please email or call me if anyone knows his whereabouts.
Charmaine Butler, Victoria, USA

I am looking for a close friend of mine Mark Young. He lives in Laurel MS. I am not sure if that town was hit or not and I am very worried about him
Rebecca Bailey, Welch, WV

Our family is looking for Brian Adolf, we know he worked in a corrections facility in Biloxi, Ms. We are praying for you Brian, this is your cousin, Grandma and Poppa told me to try and contact you. We hope your ok.
Jimmy Owens, Taylor, Mi

I'm anxious to hear that my friend Lisa M. Harrison-Bernard of New Orleans is alive and well.
Dr Lennart Wennberg, Stockholm, Sweden

I'm looking for my brother and his wife. Their names are Julius Adelar and his wife Sharon. Their last residence was in Moss Point, or in the Pascagoula area. A family member of his wife Sharon,(her Mom) Joyce Yates. Hoping to hear from someone soon! Love from your sister, Renee
Renee Edwards, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

I am trying to locate a relative who is my niece. Her mother's name is Mariaelena Nanne who lives in California. Last communication was last Tuesday Aug 28th while she was on her way to Jackson Mississippi.
Karla Nanne, Maybrook NY

Sebrina please call Momma ....I am devastated not knowing if you are ok. Please help me find my child she is in Covington La.
Sheina, Alexandria,Louisiana

I am looking for my sister Dorothy Poyadou. She is blind in one eye, diabetic on insulin, and many health problems, If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please contact me.
Rosemary Bonadona, Alameda, CA 94502

Searching for E.L.&Dru Graves and/or Norris Graves in either Covington or Bogalusa. Please we at least need news regarding conditions of those two areas. Thanks!
Jim&Dee Baker, Portland

I'm looking for my two daughters and x-wife that were living in New Orleans last name Garnand.
Jim Garnand jr , New Orleans, LA

My sister and her husband, Vera & Louis Barron live in Demaret Dr.Gulfport MS, I would be grateful if anyone can tell me if they alright.
Margaret Broad, Rayleigh, England

I'm looking for information on the whereabouts of Maggie Johnson and her daughter Kayla from Pascagoula, MS. If they need a place to stay they can stay with me up in NJ. Hope the both of you are alright.
Tony Patruno, Somerdale NJ

I am looking for my Uncle Donald Legere he lives in Gulfport. If anyone can help us locate him please and god bless everyone else who is looking
Betty, Nova Scotia

I am trying to locate Ronnie & Maritta Jones from Bogalousa. My daughter is frantic about her Dad. He is diabetic. Anyone knowing their whereabouts, please let me know so I can give her some peace. Thank you
Linda Frazier, Addis

I am trying to help an elderly friend of mine find her family. They live in Covington LA his name is Larry Bucksbarg. Or any updated info on that area might put her at some ease. Thank you
Angela, Ormond Beach, FL

I am looking for my friends who lived in Metairie . Name is family Nicholas Kardoulias. Thank you!
Irma Dimkaros, Velbert/Germany

Looking for my brother Norwood (Woody) Hebert and his wife and four children. Lives on Military road in Varnado, LA and have lost communications with them. Can you check on him some how and get back to us.
Cathleen Nertavich, Belle Chasse, LA

I'm looking for my lost family that was in New Orleans. If you know anything about Equilla Williams, Calvin Williams, Semiko Williams, or Tiara Holmes, please let me know!
Jasmine Williams, Picayune ,USA

I am seeking information on my dad who is in the VA hospital in Gulfport Mississippi. His name is Marshall Flowers. Thank you!
Bobby Flowers, Houston, Texas

I am looking for my uncle Freeman Garrett, his two daughters Pam Curtis and Christy Levin and their children. Please if anyone has any information of their whereabouts I need to know. We are very concerned.
Lisa Bellamy Stogner, Gaston, USA

I am looking for several friends of mine: Joseph Allen, Sr., Sheryl Allen, Christine Martin and Carey Thomas. They lived on the West Bank.
Robert Levesque, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Yolanda LaVerne Rivers and James Arnaz Johnson of Jackson,Anthony Johnson, Andrea Dickson, Chris-Anita Adams,Tyreeka Rivers nd Destiny Dickson, all of Jackson Mississipi. Please contact your grandmother Inez Johnson in Central Islip New York
Carolyn Smalls-Irby, Beaufort, South Carolina

My good friends Steve Shepard and Jeanne Lebow lived in Gautier, MS. They have many friends in the art, ecology and political fields. Jeanne has family in the Carolinas, I believe. If anyone has heard of their whereabouts or just their safe escape from the hurricane, I'd be grateful for a brief.
Geri Bender, Everett, USA

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Sonny and Marie Miller and their sixteen month old Jacob. They lived on Red Mill Dr. in Slidell. Thankyou
Christa Childs, New York

We are looking for Erika Wilson a sophmore at Xavier University. Her church family At Peace Baptist Church in Decatur is looking for any news on her whereabouts. Pastor Jeff Wallace sends his prays for her safe return.
Glenis Archer, Atlanta GA

I'm here in Texas City,Texas. And were looking for Bernadette Edwards, Arnold Petite, and Warren Hyde.
Clara E. Nevels, New Orleans, La

Looking for word on Jeannine Admas. Please send word of news. Everyone on the LDDB is very worried.
Hamilton Erridge, San Ramon, CA

Haven't heard from my family in Slidell and Covington, Eric Harvey and family,Pat and Larry Kirspel,please call your family if you are ok
Belinda, Monticello,Ms

I'm looking for Loretta, Opal, Richard and Gerald Bickerstaff of Metairie,LA. Please call to tell me if they are safe.
Joyce Cormany, Blanchard,OK

Looking for my elder uncle, Walter James, Jr., he and family live in New Orleans. His family hopes he's alright and safe.
Jackie James Dukes, Chicago, IL USA

Looking for Ehlers and Boderoaux family from Belle Chasse La. Iota street. Call Terry in SLC email me or better yet contact post office they are looking for me to find you all.
Terry Ehlers, Salt Lake

I am looking for a very Dear Friend who has no one else. She is around 53yrs.old. Her name is Denise Hilton she lived at Louis Piernas Drive in Bay St Louis Mississippi if anyone knows anything please let me know.
Talesha Simon, Woodville Texas USA

I am looking for Colleen McMann and family of Diamondhead, MS. I am in contact with her extended family, (including her grandmother) from Slidell, LA and Bay St. Louis, MS. They are in Dermott, ARK and very worried for Colleen, her husband and child.
Betsy Cardillo, Anchorage, AK

I am looking for Enis S. Welborn. I don't know if he evacuated the city before the hurricane.
Terri Winters,

Looking for informat ion on Corinne nee Hammett, Lois Lee and rest of family in Gretna, LA. I am their cousin in Ca., daughter of Bill and Ruby Hammett former ly of Capitan, New Mex. We all hope all is well with all of you!
Tina Jckson, Oceanside, California USA

I am looking for Earl and Rose Armstrong please contact me.
Joseph Foster, New Orleans

I'm searching for my friend Larry Crawford.
Christian Mouton, New Orleans

Hello all I just wanted to share resource site with everyone. http://gulfcoast.photofreeway.com. Post and look over photos of missing people, family members and or friends that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. (free public service!) It is a website setup just for Hurricane Katrina affected families and friends to post missing person photos, contact info and descriptions in hopes that they will be seen and or found. This is a free public service. At this point the database is growing rapidly please check back often to see the latest missing persons. Hopefully you will find the person or people you are looking for. And please remember to tell everyone you know about this site, the more people we get looking at the photos the better chance we have to find some of them and bring peace to their families.
Jeff, USA

My aunt lives in Bogalusa Louisianna and we have not heard from her. Her name is Dorothy Faye Carroll and she is 74 years old. Her husband's name is Bill and he is on oxygen. The last we heard was that they were going to take shelter at Magnolia Glenn Convalescent home. If anyone has any news about my aunt or about the impact that Magnolia Glenn Convalescent home took, please let me know. Thank you and God bless!
Melissa Bufkin, Vicksburg Mississippi

We are looking for a Bobby and Stephine Fortnenberry if anyone has any information on were they are please contact me or my mother Alicia Mclean.
Kristina Handley, California, Desert Hot Springs

My brother-in-law Graham Stevens of Junction City,KS has been unable to reach his friend Roy Clark of Gautier,Miss.
Phil Schneider, Cloverdale,CA

Missing sister Nancy and husband Michael Emery, from Lacombe, Louisiana. Possible staying with relative David Emery from Hammond, Louisiana.
Linda Shook, Thousand Oaks, Ca.

If anyone finds Richard Edson, an elderly black man, brother of Eleanore Mance, please contact me as soon as possible. I am his nephew Rick's step-daughter. He is missing in New Orleans since he did not evacuate last Sunday. Thank you!
Tasha Howe, Eureka, CA

We are looking for Bob and Jackie Lockett of Bolxie, Miss. Our prayers are that you are ok. Please let us know. If you need a place to stay please come.
Bob & Doris Wygal, Sammamish, Washington

Please help me find Walter Zumpe, 86 year old male. Last seen at his Lakeview home Burbank, New Orleans near Robert E Lee and Marconi.
Carol Stout, Indianapolis, In

I am looking for my cousin Irene Lorio. Irene please know that I am praying for you please contact me.
Arie Donaldson, Dickson, United States

I'm looking for Erroll Thomas sr., Bernard Sanchez, Diana Dabny and Claudette Bradley.
Selika Turner, orleans

Looking for Pat & Rosetta Jewel Murphy and their daughter McKenzie from Moss Point, MS.
Jim Woodell, Searcy, AR

Looking for Rodney and Joyce Thomas. Your family is safe in Baton Rouge.
Sadie Whitmore, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Betty family in California worried about you call us, Teresa, Lila, Karen and Maxine.
Betty Hyde, Layrel Mississippi

I am looking for my friend Brekk Botne. He is 25 years old, 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Please contact me if you hear anything. He left for Bogalusa last Saturday.
Joni Solis, Bloomington, IN.

Looking for Cleve and Dusty Moore. Please call us an let us know if you're ok.
Keith and Claudia Hunter, Washington DC

We are looking for our friend Cliffard Woods...We call him Woods. We hope that he is safe and would like him to contact us and let us know he is ok.
Misty Froude & Amy Oliver, Columbus,GA

I am concerned and wondering about the status of my lifelong friend, Joyce File, and her son, Greg. They lived in Gulfport.
Lorene Johnson, Boulder City Nevada

I am looking for Marie McIntyre Barrett, last seen in New Orleans. Would not evacuate. She is a middle aged, blond, blue eyed. She is very small 4 ft 10 in and weighs about 95lbs.
Wanda McIntyre, Columbus, MS

We are hoping to hear that Jim, Gisela, and Herb Parker of Ocean Springs, MS are safe. You are welcome to stay here.
Elenjo, Seattle, WA

Trying to see if everything is ok in Bogalusa, Louisiana because there is no information on the news about what is going on there. I'm searching for Ericka Conerly, Cissy Conerly, Patricia Conerly,and Raven Brown and other friends I'm in North Carolina and I'm really worried.
Brittany Conerly, Bogalusa, Louisiana

I would like to know if my mother Berdia Washington, and her Family, made it out of New Orleans ok. They were going to my uncle Troy Washington, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi to avoid the Hurricane.
Jerald Washington, Bremen, Germany

I am looking for Ronald and Rhonda Farve of New Orleans, La if anyone knows anything please, God please, let me know.
Nichole Farve, Columbus, Ohio

I am looking for my aunt and uncle Dewey and Kathleen Atwood of Gulfport, also my cousins John and his wife Cindy Atwood and family last known to be at home in Gulfport and my cousin and her husband Colleen and Glen Hughes and their kids also believed to be at Gulfport.
Kathy Nolan, Belfast Ireland

I'm looking for an employee (bartender) Kitty Cooke of the Royal Sonesta hotel in Bourbon St, NO. She is missing and being sought by her concerned friends.
Marilyn & Donna, NYC & Conn

What has happened to residents of St. Margaret's Daughters nursing home, Chartres St., New Orleans, LA
Steve Williams, Valdosta, Ga USA

I'm looking for a Robert Eugene Wachtler. He lives in Bay St. Louis, ms. This is his daughter
Marion Krizo, Westminster, Ca. USA

I am concerned about the whereabouts of my friends, Marsha & Tony Hickman, they live in Bay St Louis, Ms. I have not been able to reach them or find out any information as to their safety since the storm hit that area.
Debbie Thornhill, Lake Charles, Louisiana

I'm seeking info on Mike, Rita Soloff they live in New Orleans(Algiers) I will be in MI by Thursday
Sandy Condon, New Orleans, USA

We are trying to make sure our relatives in Franklinton are ok, Ken and Ann Daughdrill, Franklinton, Louisiana. Please check on them for us and send us an email about their house and their family.
Kathy & Wayne Daughdrill, Monroe, Louisiana

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