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Michael Sheard: Your reaction
Michael Sheard in character as Grange Hill's Mr Bronson
Actor Michael Sheard, who tormented scores of pupils as Grange Hill's Mr Bronson, has died aged 65.

His agent said he had been suffering from cancer and died at home on the Isle of Wight.

As well as his role on Grange Hill, Sheard appeared in several movies, including The Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

What are your memories of Michael Sheard?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your comments:

He had us in hysterics and awe talking about his career in the industry
Chris Gordon, Prestatyn, North Wales
This is truly sad news. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael 2 or 3 years ago whilst filming a WWII documentary where I was an extra. I have fond memories of staying up late in the evenings enjoying a meal and some drinks with him, whilst he had us in hysterics and awe talking about his career in the industry. On set, I remember him being the consummate professional, and amusing and courteous. He did tell us too that actors would be nothing without the support of fans, which us why he regarded them so highly. A truly great man, he was Grange Hill when I was growing up, and he will be sorely missed, however his legend and spirit will always live on. RIP.
Chris Gordon, Prestatyn, North Wales

I met Michael Sheard at a few Doctor Who conventions and he was always a joy to talk to and great fun. He seemed to have amazing energy. I will greatly miss him.
David, London

I remember growing up in the UK on Grange Hill moments. His presence as a character anchored the entire Grange Hill show. He was the reason naughtiness had a price. He was a huge part of why it worked so well.
Francis Shephard, Adelaide, Australia

I met Michael a couple of times at Doctor Who conventions and he really was a great bloke. Always laughing and smiling, his booming voice will be missed by his many fans. My sympathies to his family and friends.
Simon Holden, Brierley Hill

I met Michael Sheard a couple of times here in Glasgow. He had more energy and spirit than most people half his age! His coffee mornings were legendary (with not much coffee present). Always had a wicked twinkle in his eye, a laugh and a kind word for his fans. One of the best Doctor Who guest actors - the new series won't be the same without him. He will be sorely missed.
Alan Collinson, Glasgow

I met Michael about 6 years ago at a book signing in Fareham in WH Smiths. We had a very long chat about his career, life on Grange Hill and of course George Lucas. I can honestly say that meeting this man was an honour and someone I will never forget. I send my best wishes to his family at this sad time, he will never be forgotten!
Alun Kemp, Lee-On-The Solent, UK

He was always friendly, always ready for a laugh
Nick Cook, Dundee
I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Sheard in Glasgow on a couple of occasions. He was always friendly, always ready for a laugh. The most endearing image I have of him is standing on a chair dancing to School's Out For Summer. A class act, who was never too good to mix with his fans.
Nick Cook, Dundee

Michael Sheard was Grange Hill - Love to his family. He will be missed.
Wendy Garde, Camberley Surrey

I'm sad to hear he's passed away. A great actor who scared the living daylights out of me as Mr Bronson especially he was in it at around the time I started High School! Doctor Who will not be the same without him!
Simon McCombe, Bristol, England

Having met Michael twice, while working in his agent's office, I can honestly say he was a polite and jovial character who worked hard and enjoyed everything he did.
Stephen Brennan, Lincoln

Michael Sheard was a fantastic man. Sci-fi conventions shall never be the same again. He will be sorely missed by everyone.
Maria Larkin, Bridgend, South Wales

The force will be with you. Always.
Michael Griffin, Cambridge, UK

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael at a Dr Who event several years ago. He was a terrific fellow. I will always remember the pub lunch we had together with a few of the Dr Who fans (and our late baguettes). He'll be much missed by all.
Dean Westray, Dagenham, Essex

Feeling truly gut-punched
Lee Grice, Hednesford, Staffs
Feeling truly gut-punched. I'm hard-pressed to think of another actor who embraced the fans/convention circuit with the gusto that Michael Sheard did. The thought that the new Doctor Who series will never be graced with a Sheard guest villain appearance genuinely brings a tear to my eye. Deepest sympathies to his family and friends.
Lee Grice, Hednesford, Staffs

Grange Hill will never be the same without him. We'll miss the always comical toupee!
Darren Ewen, Swindon, England

I remember watching Mr. Sheard on various Doctor Who episodes and I was privileged to meet him at a very small sci-fi and beanie baby fair in Fareham, Hampshire a few years ago and he was a very nice man. He laughed when I told him I watched Doctor Who but couldn't identify all the stories he was in! I brought a signed CD on which he had appeared and I was brought three of his autographical books, each with a personal message in. Rest in peace.
Patrick Furlong, Gosport , England

Had the pleasure of meeting Michael when he appeared as Bronson at a 'School Disco' theme night at Aston Uni in 2003. He was up for anything, liked a drink and held me spellbound for hours with his tales of the TV and movie industry. Top bloke.
Lee Churchill, Birmingham

Michael was a top bloke and I met him during his role as the president of The Exewing Fundraisers Star Wars Conventions In Honiton. Really Genuine Guy and he will be missed by a generation of Star Wars fans. My thoughts are with his family.
Norman Cooke, Poole, Dorset. England

He played perfectly the "scary teacher" that prowled every school!
Matt Crawford, London, England

I was on a train coming back from London about a year ago and I saw him. I was still too scared to go and ask for an autograph!
Scott, Gosport, Hampshire

Always the life and soul of the party
Keith Underhilll

I met him a number of times at conventions. He was a genuinely nice man and was always the life and soul of the party. Outlasting many much younger than him. He will be greatly missed.
Keith Underhilll

Michael was a top pro all the way through. I was there to record a video interview with him back in '99 and he was wonderful. There won't be another like Michael. Cheers for all the memories you gave us be they Grange Hill, Doctor Who or wherever.
Martin Hearn, Kendal, Cumbria

I knew Michael from several shows and conventions throughout the world. I met him last at the Cellebration in the USA, and he was planned as a guest at my own convention in Holland. Michael was a dear friend, I enjoyed his company a lot. I wish his family all the best, they lost a great man!
Pieter Soet, Hillegom, The Netherlands

I had the honour of meeting Michael once, he was a lovely man and he'll be sorely missed.
A J Summersgill, Basingstoke, UK

Michael Sheard had that uncanny knack of being able to play the most frightful characters on screen whilst being a true gentleman in real life.
Ian Abrahams, Redruth, Cornwall

We send our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends
Sylvia Cox, Memphis, TN, USA
Michael has visited Memphis TN several times in recent years, as a guest at our annual SF convention, MIDSOUTHCON. Michael was one of the friendliest, kindest, funniest, most memorable and loved guests we have ever had the pleasure to meet and know. His loss is such a shock - All of us on the convention committee are so very sorry that he is gone and we send our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends.
Sylvia Cox, Memphis, TN, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Sheard twice. He was as eccentric as you like, a real laugh and someone who gave a lot of energy to his fans. I'll miss him, and will fondly remember him leading a load of us on a dance floor to 'School's Out for Summer'.
Jeremy Griffiths, London, UK

Michael Sheard was a guest at a local convention, CONvergence. He contributed far beyond the notoriety of his acting roles. He was so loved that he was brought back a second time. Beyond Sheard's work as an actor he was also warm, witty and dignified as a person. I am truly saddened at his passing. Too dear a man to leave us so soon.
J. Manna, Twin Cities, USA

As much as I remember him as Mr Bronson in Grange Hill, he also played a small but significant part in the first Auf Wiedersehn Pet as Herr Grunwald. What a sad loss to the television and film world.
Sarah Keiper, Brentwood, Essex

He'll always be the scariest teacher ever to grace our screens. Who could forget that comic toupee? We'll miss him.
Sam Raven, London, England.

I was only ever in fear of one teacher in my school days - Mr Bronson. I still have flashbacks when I hear 'you, boy!'
Leon Jevons, Cannock, Staffs

You will be greatly missed, Admiral Ozzel
Edwin, Pwllheli, Wales

You knew where you stood with Mr Bronson - usually in the corridor or outside his office! A fine actor playing a true-to-life character, the type of which we need more of in our schools today.
Jon, UK

I will always remember Mr Bronson as the major factor in me dreading going to high school. A part he played so well I was to meet several Mr Bronsons throughout school education.
Rob, Salford

Another key childhood idol has gone. I saw the man at a convention a couple of years back and it's amazing how star struck seeing Mr Bronson can make you. All the best.
Dan Smith, Evesham

What sad news, to Grange Hill fans he was our "after school" headmaster. Powerful, frightening and commanded respect. His presence as Mr Bronson certainly jumped through the screen. Rest in Peace.
Robert Jervis,

Never received the recognition he deserved, but for anyone aged 32-35, Mr Bronson was terrifying, but not only that, Mr Bronson was in Star Wars as well!!!
David, London

I bet the first thing he'll say on meeting God will be 'You, boy'.
John, Hastings

We are deeply saddened to hear this news. Meeting Michael at 'A Galaxy Of Stars' event in April, Michael was full of life and one of the most warm, friendly stars you could ever meet. Michael will never be forgotten, not just for his Star Wars role and Grange Hill but as a larger than life character. God Bless you Michael. Our thoughts go to all his family.
Jason Smith, Weston-Super-Mare

So Michael Sheard has passed away. Yes, I did recognise him for playing Mr Bronson in Grange Hill but I will most remember him for his regular appearances in Dr Who. He was brilliant in Pyramids of Mars as he was in all the episodes he appeared in. Sad to see the loss of such a fine actor. Michael, you will be missed.
Chrissie Mason, Blackpool, England

Top Bloke.Genuinely nice person, always going above and beyond the call of duty, & entertaining to boot! He will be missed. Neil & Magz (from the Gaming Con circuit)
Neil & Magz Wiseman, Aberdeen, Scotland

Michael Sheard will be sorly missed by the entire generation who grew up with the Grange Hill set. His untimely death has robbed us of his undoubted talent in later years.
Eddie Espie, Cookstown

A classic characterisation for Grange Hill watchers of my generation.Big shock,as I only heard him speaking on the radio the other week. A Sad loss but Michael leaves us the legacy of a body of fine work.
Emalyse, Bedfordshire

What a terrible shame - I had met him at a Star Wars convention where I found him to be the perfect gentleman - he will be fondly remembered and dearly missed.

I can never forgive him for the way he treated Danny Kendall.
Jim Daly, Belfast

I bet the first thing he'll say on meeting God will be "You, boy". R.I.P, Michael & God bless you - always.
John Hastings, Cumbria

To me his most memorable performance was as a Number 2 in the Prisoner.
Richard, London

As scary a teacher and sinister imperial officer as you'd hope to meet!
Steven Hargraves, Liverpool

Sheard's Mr Bronson was Grange Hill. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy when he was interviewed, always laughing.
Mike, London

What a great TV villain - a psychotic French Teacher! All together now "YOU BOY!!!!". Thanks Michael.
Matthew, Maidenhead, UK

This man was throttled on screen more times than any other actor of his generation - he was strangled by a mummy in Dr Who and digested by an alien monster in Space 1999. a fantastic TV actor...they don't produce them like this anymore
Anon, London

A top bloke - he was a regular at conventions for years and I met him at GenCon a number of times. Always friendly, happy to let you buy him a drink, and willing to muck in and help out with any event no matter how ridiculous.
David , London

A truly great actor - none the less so for being unsung.
Angshu Bhowmik, London

Michael - you've been a dear friend to me over the years and it was an honor to be of service to you, providing Michaelsheard.com to the public. I will miss you dearly. Lou.
Lou (T-bone) Tambone, West Paterson, NJ USA

As scary a teacher and sinister imperial officer as you'd hope to meet!
Steven Hargraves, Liverpool, UK

What a legend! I often watched Grange Hill in the 80s with my grandson - and he was terrified of him! If only more modern day teachers shared his sense of strictness and discipline!
Bill Stitt, Edinburgh

TV's Mr Bronson actor Sheard dies
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