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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 January, 2005, 17:18 GMT
Prince Harry's Nazi outfit: Your views
Clarence House has apologised after The Sun newspaper published a photo showing Prince Harry wearing a swastika armband at a friend's fancy dress party.

The party theme was "colonial and native" and the prince is also seen holding a drink and cigarette.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has described the costume as being in bad taste but accepted the Royal apology.

The Duchess of York has said Prince Harry "is a fine young man" and does not need to apologise again for the incident.

Should Prince Harry make a public apology? Is press coverage of the Royal Family too intrusive? Tell us what you think using the form on the right.

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The following comments reflect the balance of opinion received:

This topic was suggested by Fred Brown, Canada:
Should Prince Harry personally apologise for the Nazi costume?

It is so interesting how the public expects perfection from the monarchy as though they come from planet Utopia. Fine, it was immature of Prince Harry to wear whatever he did, but I believe there was no message behind it. If it will be repeated in the future, then I guess there is reason to make a big deal out of it. The Queen and her family, are humans, and we are happy to know that they make mistakes.
Magdalene, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Prince Harry should publicly apologise. His decision to wear a Nazi uniform is an offence and an outrage to the memory of millions of British and Commonwealth men and women who laid down their lives to defeat the Nazis.
Amir Ahmad, NYC, USA

The lad was at a party, how many others have dressed up, in what may be considered offensive dress, to go to a fancy dress party? He is young and needs guidance, my uncle was killed on the Burma railway - does that mean I should object to any form of Japanese dress? Training in Sandhurst will give him the grounding he needs, leave the guy alone and give the person who, no doubt sold the picture to the press a bit of education, they are obviously not one of his friends.
Andrew, York

I am amazed that so many people are trying to excuse his unacceptable behaviour
Emma, London, England

Reading through this, I was sickened by how many people wrote "He's 20 years old, let him behave like a young man". It's pretty insulting. I'm 17 and it would never occur to me to do anything so incredibly stupid. Harry should, whether is bright or not, have the sense to realise that by wearing a swastika, he is seriously hurting the many people affected by the Nazi regime and, in addition, mocking us all with his arrogance, and playing down the sufferings of WW2. I am amazed that so many people are trying to excuse his unacceptable behaviour.
Emma, London, England

As all the polls have made it clear that the majority of people in the UK don't care and don't think he needs to apologise, why are you, the media, still trying to drag out this pathetic non-story? Is it really that quiet on the new front that you have to use this to fill up space?
Nik, Reading, UK

As I understand it the swastika was a religious symbol of prosperity and good fortune and was widely dispersed in both the ancient and modern world long before it was stolen by the Nazis. Isn't time to give the swastika back to the religions it came from? This is not to forget the Nazis, but more to recognise they corrupted everything they touched.
David, Bristol, UK

Not to belittle the horror of the Holocaust, but many young men and women do things to shock their elders, and I have a sneaking suspicion this is just that. I'm also sure that a Nazi armband didn't just fall into his possession - he must have hunted it out as I can't imagine many fancy dress shops stocking such a thing. Of course, I'm sure he didn't expect an odious Sun photographer at a private party, but that's something he's going to have get used to as he gets out into the real world.
Alison, Leeds, UK

We all make mistakes, but we normally have friends looking out for us. Why was there no one with the sensitivity or guts to take Harry to one side and suggest an alternative costume?
Katherine Webb, Cheltenham

The people outraged here are simply outraged for the sake of it
Joe, Birmingham, England
Just because he has chosen to wear a German uniform to a fancy dress party doesn't make Harry a Nazi. I don't believe a public apology is necessary, hundreds of people wear costumes like this to parties every weekend and no one expects an apology from them so why should Harry be any different? It seems to me the people outraged here are simply outraged for the sake of it.
Joe, Birmingham, England

Well done the Sun you have managed to encourage all the anti-monarchists and UK-knockers to crawl out from under their stones. To those critics in this country - get a sense of priority . To those from abroad - mind your own business.
Len, High Wycombe England

We're quick to condemn this act, but how about allowing TV sitcoms like 'Allo 'Allo portraying SS soldiers and Nazis in a comical light and we all having a laugh about it - I don't remember any front page tabloid hysteria then!
Kevin Jones, UK

As a member of the monarchy of a proud nation that fought Nazi Germany during WWII and suffered great loss in life and property from bomber raids on its native soil, Prince Harry showed an incredible lack of sensitivity and history. He may well be considered a young man who made a minor mistake in judgement, but this lack of judgement must be offensive to any country or nationality that suffered at the hands of the Nazis.
Margaret, La Grande USA

He is a young man who made a "gaf" A totally unsuitable costume at a Private party. He should be told the error of his ways. Then we should learn who gave the Sun the picture and what they made out of the deal. In my view, the Sun couldn't care less about causing offence to others. Reporting in the country by the media is at an all time low.
Graham Fordham, Boston, UK

The fact that people still see the royal family as representing this country, is the most disturbing fact of all of this.
David Al-Kanani, London

Many thousands of people killed in SE Asia, millions dying of aids and hunger in Africa and we are trying to treat Prince Harry with a swastika armband as a serious issue! Get real.
Steve Massie, Bideford, England

At 20 years-old he is certainly old enough to take responsibility for his actions
Glen Sheridan, Perth, Australlia
My mother is an 80 yr. old Auschwitz survivor. Prince Harry is an ambassador of the UK to the whole world. At 20 years-old he is certainly old enough to take responsibility for his actions. What kind of message does this send to all reasonable-minded people? I am intrigued to know what was going through Harry's mind when he decided to wear it.
Glen Sheridan, Perth, Australlia

Seems to me that being offended has become Britain's favourite pastime. Seriously you people need to lighten up. If you read about this in The Sun and found it to be the most offensive article there you really need to grow up a little!
Alex, Brighton, UK

He is a 20 year old youth, acting like any 20 year old youth. Do you think he would purposely do something which would cause so much upset? Why don't these complainers grow up and whinge about something more important.
Len Lorriman, Leigh -on - Sea, Essex

Harry's choice was foolish and ill-timed but if the entire public thinks it's so bad why do fancy dress companies stock them and worse? And if the picture has caused so much offence and distress why does the Sun feel the need to print it on the front cover for the second day in a row?
Paul, Ashford, UK

Harry isn't terribly bright, so perhaps those who are paid to advise and protect him should take some of the blame. And yes, he would show real strength of character by apologising in person, whatever the Lord Chancellor may think.
Dean Madden, Reading

I am struck not only by Harry's poor judgment but also by his adoption of the current celebrity non-apology, which begins: "If I have caused offence I am sorry." Well, of course he has caused offence. This statement doesn't say that he is really sorry for doing the deed, just too bad if you're offended. He really should do better than this.
Bradley, Dallas, TX, USA

Many people have commented that Harry should be allowed some privacy and that he should be left to lead a normal life. However, for as long as we have a monarchy, the royal family will never be normal, and while they are funded from the public purse, they should not expect their lives to be private! One of the main arguments for our continued funding of the monarchy has to do with their role as ambassadors for Britain in the international community. But if this is their take on diplomacy, quite frankly, we are much better off without!
Liz, UK

This event took place in at a private party and that should be an end to the matter. Poor chap lives in a goldfish bowl - would anyone in their right minds wish to be under this scrutiny?
BH, Aylesbury

He is definitely not fit to represent the UK
PQ Chan, Bromley
Stop all the excuses about being a young man. He is a very privileged young man! We are sick of all his antics and he is definitely not fit to represent the UK or be part of the elite officers at Sandhurst.
PQ Chan, Bromley, UK

It was poor choice on Harry's part, but I do see a trend in today's youth to be more removed from the past as to them, it is long ago history. I think this good as also the prejudices we knew growing up are not beholden by the youth today. They seem to embrace different cultures as we did not, say even 20 years ago. Harry probably feels like a fool, but I'm sure no intentional harm was meant. Harry, next time dress up like your most hated media person.
Bridgette, Chicago, USA

Quite frankly the world has enough to worry about today. People's lives have been ruined all over the world and all the media can worry about is a private fancy dress party. Thousands of people have worn such costumes previously - no-one has commended them for it!

Let the boy be a boy - he will learn what it is to be a man when he joins the army. Perhaps people shouldn't hold the royals to such high standards - they are only human after all and Harry certainly did not ask to be born a royal. He has apologised anyway.
Nina, Northants, England

More is clearly required
Wayne Leaver, Washington, DC
I fail to understand when a young man has such an excellent role model as his dedicated, professional grandmother how such a thing could happen. He has absolutely no right whatsoever to get by with just a statement. More is clearly required.
Wayne Leaver, Washington, DC, USA

If I had been required to apologise publicly for every stupid thing I did when I was twenty years old I would still be talking 30 years later! Leave the lad alone. Life for those boys is tough enough!
Keith Jenkins, Carlisle, England

If only this was the worst behaviour to come out of his age group! Lighten up. It was a private party, he is a hounded young man (the Sun should pay him commission!) What next, dress up as a devil at Halloween and get death threats from Christians?
Bob Wallum, Selkirk, Scotland

I'm sure young Harry has learned his lesson from his ill-informed antics. How could any conscious being not know the ramifications of donning such a powerful symbol? I realize that it was a private party, but c'mon is anything really private these days? If anyone, he should realize this. What's most important here and should be of concern is not the insensitive costume worn on the outside, but rather what's inside that silly boys head! Let's hope he grows up soon!
M. Landes, New York

I am very shocked at the insensitivity of the prince
Magtart, London
I am very shocked at the insensitivity of the prince. Speaking as a British Jew who has recently been on the receiving end of some anti-Semitic abuse in the workplace, it is stupid so-called jokes like this which compound the anti-Semitic abuse Jewish people in this country still receive. The Prince should visit a concentration camp like Belsen, not only show remorse but that he is willing to learn from his mistake and put it right
Magtart, London, UK

Blown out of proportion. Does wearing a costume at a fancy dress party make you a sympathiser of whatever costume you wear? Of course it doesn't. Although I'd question the sensitivity of holding a "colonial and native" party - vive la revolution!
Chris, London, UK

It was a fancy dress party and he wore a historical costume. His only fault is playing into the jubilant hands of The Sun.
Michael, London

Shame on whoever sold the photograph to be honest - I think worse of them than Harry's actions!
Samuel, Oxford

I don't agree with what Prince Harry did, but he is still quite young. We can't be too harsh on him!
John DC, London

Frankly, it's good to see that Harry is behaving like a normal human being. When a major West End production can feature singing and dancing Nazis without provoking negative comment why should a fancy dress party costume?
Alex Winchester, London

I can hardly believe that with his background, highest level of education, and advisors including his older brother present that this happened. It's not good enough to say that he is only young. This only goes to show how silly these people have become.
Terence Massey, Matlock, England

For God's sake, leave the kid alone. No public apology is required. Why would he be required to do so? After all, he was at a fancy dress party.
Ziggi, Coventry, UK

At the age of 20 he is fully responsible for his own actions. With the education he has had he should have known better, and not committed this gross act of stupidity.
Arnold, London

Harry has again taken his life of privilege for granted
Blair Matthews, British Columbia, Canada
Like the other minor Royals, Harry has again taken his life of privilege for granted. The once revered House of Windsor will become reviled as the younger members of the Royal family insist on embarrassing the institution of Monarchy.
Blair Matthews, British Columbia, Canada

This is not a young man making a mistake. This is a display of gross arrogance. My teenage son wouldn't even consider wearing such a costume. Come into the real world Harry!
Robert Hall, High Wycombe, UK

Everyone makes mistakes growing up, Prince Harry is no different. Most of us, however, have the luxury of being 'disciplined and learning our lesson' in private. He has been castigated in front of the whole world. I suspect no-one feels more sorry and humiliated than Harry himself now. Let's assume he has learned his lesson and leave it at that.
Ross, Scotland

Nazi uniforms have always been seen at costume parties but most people have not take the wearer as being anti-Semitic. This just seems to be another story by the sensationalist Sun to attract readers. If anyone becomes anti-Semitic because of this story, they are small minded and easily lead. I would hope in today's society these people are few and far between.
Graham Northwood, ex pat in Los Angeles

This is political correctness gone mad
Frank D, Melbourne, Australia
'Allo 'Allo - What a fuss about absolutely nothing! Is the British sense of the ridiculous dead? What could be more comical than the second in line to the throne wearing a Nazi uniform? This is political correctness gone mad. Spike Milligan must be turning in his grave.
Frank D, Melbourne, Australia

I'm sick of hearing about how it was a silly idea from an exuberant young lad and a private party. Prince Harry is 20 years old and in an extremely privileged position. He is not a child. How he never thought there would be a bad reaction is beyond me. He should make a public apology himself and grow up.
Laura, London

At least no one can use the 'put em in the army excuse'. He is 20, who doesn't do foolish things at that age. Leave him alone.
Richie, Cardiff, UK

Am I alone in being thoroughly sick at the constant carping of the tabloid press against Prince Harry? Unfortunately, the tabloids have pigeonholed Prince William as 'the nice sensible one' and Prince Harry as 'the problem one', much as happened in the 1940s and 1950s with the Queen and Princess Margaret. Perhaps it was a bit silly and a bit tasteless for Prince Harry to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party, but that is the worst that can be said - and how did The Sun find out about it anyway?
Ann Lyon, Swansea, Wales

It's about time people got things in perspective
Justin, Worcester, UK
Harry is a 20 year old male who attended a private fancy dress party. Someone secretly photographed him and sold it to a newspaper, who then decided to put it on their front page. The people who should be really ashamed are the photographer, the newspaper and those reacting in such a juvenile manner to the hype. The Nazis and all they stood for were abhorrent, but no one should confuse that fact with a young man making a stupid choice of outfit at a fancy dress party. It's about time people got things in perspective and realised there are far more important things happening in the world that they should concern themselves with.
Justin, Worcester, UK

Prince Harry showed poor judgment; but give the guy a break. It was a fancy dress party; nothing more, nothing less. He's only 20 years of age. Didn't we all make mistakes at that age? Indeed, aren't we all still making them? I feel sure he has no sympathy with the Nazis he was dressed up as; and nor should he have. But have we become so intolerant in society that we can't dress up as historical figures? Does this mean that, from now on, I can't go to a fancy dress party dressed up as Pontius Pilate?
Richard Lewis, Wales

For Prince Harry to wear a Nazi costume was a terrible mistake that certainly deserves an apology and some educating. However, people need to remember that Prince Harry is just 20 years old and is still learning about what is acceptable and unacceptable in life. I've known men twice his age, in positions of responsibility even, who have made worse mistakes. We show them their error, explain why it was wrong, teach them to do better, and move on. Prince Harry is still "growing up". Everyone else needs to do the same!
Teki Hawkins, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

If this has caused so much feeling, then why not have a go at the manufacturers of these costumes as well, and also the hiring agent for even thinking about renting such items?
M Steventon, Chichester, UK

What kind of a modern day prince (whose grandmother preached tolerance on national TV) goes a party called "colonials and natives"? He is a 20 year old man and not a boy for goodness sake. He knew what he was doing!
Chi-Chi, London, UK,

Another glowing example of the media blowing things out of all proportion
Stevie K, Bourne, Lincs
Nanny State! This is another glowing example of the media blowing things out of all proportion on a slow news day. Very few people care, except those who get a kick out of moaning. There was no intent to upset anyone. Sack the photographer and the editor who ran the story, without them no one would have been hurt. Leave the kid alone!
Stevie K, Bourne, Lincs

I lost two of my class mates at El Alemein. They were only 18 and are buried there. Maybe Harry should visit their graves in his full Nazi uniform.
Tutin, Paris, France

Had I worn the same outfit in a club in the US, I doubt I would have received as much attention, if any at all. The question we should all be asking, however, is why Harry wore it. Could it be there is so much attention paid to him, he is venturing to make a statement without really "saying" anything?
Clara, Texas, USA

I think the UK and The Sun should apologise to Harry for intruding on his privacy. I've seen people in far worse costumes on the streets. Leave the young man alone!
Kathy, Dundee, Scotland

I think his common sense is in question
Neil, Hitchin, UK
It is sad that despite his education and support, the Prince could not foresee that as a figure in the public eye, dressing as a Nazi might provoke some negative opinion. I think his common sense is in question.
Neil, Hitchin, UK

This is getting ridiculous, leave the guy alone. Over 150,000 people have died in Asia and what Prince Harry wore for a fancy dress party is dominating the news. The media and this country needs to start getting its priorities right. He is not a Nazi; he simply wore a German soldier's uniform to a party. Give him a break!
Ryan Hunter, Leeds, England

Prince Harry has no excuse. The generation gap might be an argument for others but not for him. The Second World War was a major event in his own family's history, not just in British and world history. I am not keen on republicanism and, like many, prefer to think that the royal family are part of us in their own way, but it is hard not to believe that they just live in a world of their own.
Steve, London

He is only 20 but he has had an Eton education for goodness sake
Mary O'Reilly, Epsom
Princess Diana would be horrified at his behaviour, it's one thing after another, okay he is only 20 but he has had an Eton education for goodness sake. How long can we go on defending his irresponsible behaviour, especially as he is in a privileged position? He is an embarrassment to this country.
Mary O'Reilly, Epsom, Surrey

Harry has proved himself unsuitable to be an army officer. Age is no excuse - British soldiers of 20, and younger, have recently fought and died in Iraq.
Ian, Preston, UK

I really fail to see the story here, it was a fancy dress party where people tend to dress up as people they are not, if he had dressed up as Jack the Ripper would that have made him a murderer? Or had he dressed up as Superman would we expect him to fly! I am sure Harry is totally aware of the horror associated with the Nazi uniform that was surely the point of his choice to wear it, to what he thought was going to be a private party. Perhaps next time he goes to a fancy dress we would all feel better if he went dressed as Mother Theresa?
Daren, London

He may be just trying to go against society, like all youngsters, but this is something he needs to apologise for. This is a no-go zone for him in his place in society especially. It was an immature act and he must be made aware of his actions.
Lynda, Burlington, Canada

No party or anything would encourage me to put a swastika on my arm. Maybe this is indicative of an era that don't really understand the importance of this?
Andrew Hill, Warrington, UK

Obviously after growing up in the spotlight he should have known it would become public. But to demand an apology at the site of the 60th anniversary of the camps, would that not needlessly overshadow the historic event here?
John, Canada

He wants to be able to do what the likes of you and I take for granted
Mark Sheppard, Hull
Who cares? Surly there are a lot more pressing things to think about rather than what someone is wearing to a party. To be honest if I or anyone else wore that costume to a private party then it would not hit the headline. He is only human after all, and he wants to be able to do what the likes of you and I take for granted.
Mark Sheppard, Hull

Some people have nothing better to complain about. It was a fancy dress party! A bit of fun! Not a Nazi rally! He wasn't declaring any support for Nazism - if anything he was ridiculing it. If this is all you have to worry about then you should count your blessings.
Darrell, Sittingbourne, UK

Prince Harry has apologised. That's it. It was a private party not an official one, so he hasn't offended the German people. I wished the yellow press wouldn't commend everything the young princes do!
Anne Krüger, Bochum, Germany

What a load of rubbish. He is a kid who dressed up in an outfit for a party. I think this is all very sad and being blown out of proportion. People should have better things to worry about than a kid (no matter who he is) dressing up at a fancy dress party.
David, Croydon, England

I'm 16 years of age, yet I'm wise enough to know that you don't wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. As far as I can see, Harry Windsor is a few pennies short of half a crown.
Cathal Campbell-Shaw, Ballymena, Ireland

I think it is rather ironic that he has worn this outfit, when he was seen publicly packing aid boxes for the tsunami appeal. I am sure he was well aware of his actions, but chose to show his obvious arrogance by wearing this.
Helen, Surrey

As a Brit in the US, it is impossible to defend this as youthful exuberance from a future British Army officer attending a 'Colonials and Natives' party with his elite fun-loving friends. How many apologists would be writing in from UK if the Bush twins were pictured at a 'Masters and Slaves' costume party with their zany friends?
Tam Thebam, California, USA

Overly sensitive people are jumping on the bandwagon
Seth, Southsea, UK
Sure it was bad taste and even worse timing, but I don't think he did it to harm or upset anyone. I'm sure he knows what happened in the Third Reich and does not approve, it'd be preposterous to even suggest that. He was just having some fun in fancy dress. It does not make him a Nazi and overly sensitive people are jumping on the bandwagon making a big deal out of nothing! Leave him alone.
Seth, Southsea, UK

I have been to many a fancy dress party, and have dressed up as Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Al Capone. Please can you tell these people who find this offensive to go get a life!
Paul Banks, Shropshire

Should Christians be offended if someone wore a Roman costume?
James Castle, Llanelli, Wales
All this fuss and outrage is preposterous. There should be no need for a formal apology. It was fancy dress party, plain and simple. Should Christians be offended if someone wore a Roman costume? After all, didn't the Romans feed them to lions? People need to stop being so precious. Let the kid have his fun.
James Castle, Llanelli, Wales

Paul, Edinburgh, Scotland, this is nothing to do with a "love affair with celebrity gossip". On the contrary, this is about a man who wishes to be accepted into a prestigious military academy who showed extremely poor judgement by dressing as a Nazi officer to attend a party. Someone in Prince Harry's position should never be seen in such a costume, ever.
Phil, Sheffield, UK

I blame the parents. Where were Charles and Camilla when he was doing this! He's young and headstrong but surely even he can see the upset he might cause. Or is modern history not one of his best subjects. It should be if he is going in the army.
Sandra, Devon, UK

It's not like he has joined a Nazi Youth Organisation or the BNP
Carrie, London
I do agree that Harry should have considered more deeply the implications of wearing such an outfit although this was a private party with friends. I feel that the response is somewhat exaggerated, after all, it's not like he has joined a Nazi Youth Organisation or the BNP. He merely made a bad choice of fancy dress.
Carrie, London

Harry performed an act of gross stupidity at a highly sensitive time and I am sure he would have been aware of the consequences. For any other young man this act of defiance and social rebellion would have gone unheeded but he is not another young man. Advisors/minders clearly did not do their job.
Colin Rowe, Ruthin, UK

Shouldn't we be hearing an apology from whoever leaked these pictures to the newspapers? Wearing that outfit to a public function would have been unforgivable, but he wore it to a private party. If it wasn't for the so-called friend who saw fit to invade his privacy like this, no more than about twenty people would know about his bad choice of costume, and hardly anyone would be offended.
Kate Griffin, Oxford

He is a young man under a lot of pressure, but should still realise that the UK press is always waiting for him to make a slip-up. Seeing as it was a private party, the current apology should suffice. Why apologise in person when the press will use this as another opportunity to further drag him through the dirt?
Rupert P, Guernsey

He should really be aware of the impact that that particular uniform and insignia has for many people
Nicholas, Reading, Berkshire
Sadly a misguided and confused young man. He should really be aware of the impact that that particular uniform and insignia has for many people, not only in this country but across the world. He should make a public apology, acknowledging his position in society, and privately, ask for help and guidance - not so he loses his spontaneity and genuine charm, but that it can be focussed in a better direction. He will need to do this before he starts at Sandhurst - an officer must be able to lead and command, and at the moment it would appear that he is not able to do either!
Nicholas, Reading, Berkshire

If the Board of Deputies of British Jews has accepted the apology already issued then that should be the end of it. However, I suspect many other groups will not be content with a mere apology and will want to blow the issue out of all proportion.
Carl, West Midlands, UK

Harry may have been silly but he is young and entitled to have fun in his young years. It would be good to see his brand of humanity, sense of humour and zest for life copied in others.
Philip Garwood

Whilst I wonder how many of the students passing through Sandhurst have produced worse acts that went unnoticed by the press, I think the best thing would be to put Harry into basic low rank training so that he can grow up and prove himself, rather than putting him into another environment where he can be spoilt.
Dave, London

This is indicative of the British Raj mentality that still exists for the Windsors and their ilk
Nathan Samuel, Johannesburg, South Africa
While the princes conduct is highly insensitive, I want to know, why are the elite scions of the UK attending a party called 'colonials and natives' Coming from South Africa I think this is indicative of the British Raj mentality that still exists for the Windsors and their ilk.
Nathan Samuel, Johannesburg, South Africa

If he was any normal 20 year old it would have gone unnoticed but he isn't. He has had a privileged upbringing, is or should be well advised, has had an expensive education and could be future King. He should have known better.
Daniel Roberts, Dudley, UK

Prince Harry may have made an unfortunate misjudgement, but what were the tabloid press doing at what was presumably a private party? I'm certain they weren't invited!
Gordon Lewis, Southampton, UK

Leave the guy alone. These stories are promoted to sell newspapers, not for any critical news worthiness. He is young and should be allowed to do things without half of the UK looking over his shoulder every minute. Don't the critics have anything more serious in their lives to worry about? Sad people!
John Turnbull, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Prince Harry has apologised immediately. Considering the tendency of many politicians to avoid doing so at all, I think that they could look to him rather than the other way around. As for what he did, it was a stupid judgement, but would we prefer him not to be thought human?
Hamish DB, London, England

I think it was an unfortunate decision on Harry's part to wear that particular fancy dress costume. However, I think that what is even more questionable is the kind of people he is associating himself with. This was supposed to be a 'private' party. Which one of his so called 'friends' leaked this photograph to the press in the first place?
Deborah Kelly, Glasgow, Scotland

I'm also concerned that he can think it a fun thing to do
Lionel, London, UK
I'm concerned that the Prince mixes with people who did not take offence at his costume. I'm also concerned that he can think it a fun thing to do. I agree that he deserves a private life, but I don't want to fund a Nazi even if he does his thing in private, so I'm pleased this sordid story has been disclosed.
Lionel, London, UK

I was deeply shocked and appalled at the photograph of Prince Harry wearing a swastika armband. This is the 60th anniversary of the opening up of the death camps. Is it possible that he has not seen or heard of that nightmare?
Rosalind Collier, England

Why not send Prince Harry to Auschwitz so that he can get an idea for himself what it was like to suffer under Nazis. His infantile behaviour is not only an insult to Jewish people but to the current German nation.
Roy Kift, Germany

It was short-sighted of Harry to wear such a costume. If it were anyone else, it would hardly have been reported. If anything, it has drawn publicity to what we should be contemplating - the Auschwitz commemorations.
Asif Givashi, London

The Sun should apologise for printing the picture. He's a young man at a party having fun. Let him live a normal life.
Glenn Johnson, Yapton

Will these people ever get some privacy? It's a God-given right.
Darlington Moshi, Nairobi, Kenya

It would seem Harry's stupidity knows no bounds! Did he not think this would offend so many people? I think a public apology would go some way to making amends but, most of all, he needs to grow up.
Helen, Redditch

Someone really has to sit this kid down and explain to him that he can't keep on doing things like this. He is quite clearly not a very intelligent person.
A, Paris, France

This nation needs to get over its ridiculous love affair with celebrity gossip
Paul, Edinburgh, Scotland
Who cares? This nation needs to get over its ridiculous love affair with celebrity gossip and paparazzi images. No-one would even know about it if it wasn't for degenerate publications such as The Sun.
Paul, Edinburgh, Scotland

The costume was in bad taste, but remember that loads and loads of people have dressed up and still do dress up in Nazi uniforms for fancy dress parties. Even the TV/film industry have used the Nazi uniforms in comedy films and programmes. Unfortunately, Prince Harry will always be in the public eye and the press will always be there snapping away in his face. They should give him and other Royals more space. It does seem that the press have not learned their lesson. Should he make a public apology, NO.
Oliver, UK

The wearing of such an outfit is totally forbidden in Germany. It is a shame that Prince Harry did not consider his choice of uniform better. Surely those close to him should have made him aware of the PR risks.
Jeremy Stern, London

This is an idiot who should not be in charge of other soldiers in the British army. He is NOT a boy, as many are saying, he is a man who should be responsible for his actions.
Paul Lowes, Billingham, Cleveland, UK

Isn't it time we started to question the value of the monarchy?
Aysha Sparks, London, England
What should we expect from Prince Harry? He is the grandson of Prince Phillip after all. Isn't it time we started to question the value of the monarchy and the poor example they consistently set?
Aysha Sparks, London, England

I think it is a disgrace what Prince Harry has done. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, once you know the history of what happened during the Nazi regime in WW2 you can never make a mockery of it. He should give more of an apology and be made to understand/respect history more. Unbelievable and I'm only 25.
Jenny, UK

A storm in a teacup. Yet again, our over censorious media feeds us an anti-royalist story to upset the credulous tabloid-reading ninnies. Yes, this is foolish from Prince Harry but it is in the context of a private party (do all members of the Royal Family forsake a private life nowadays?) but hardly a war-crime. Please brighten up Britain and do not take everything so seriously.
Mark, Wakefield, England

Prince Harry really should apologise personally. He is a role model for young people throughout the country and if he can get away with behaviour like this and not apologise in person, what message does it send to other young people?
Meg, London

I'm sure he's not the first or the last to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. He didn't decide to be a royal, it was forced upon him. I feel sorry for him. If everything I did was under public scrutiny I'm sure I'd offend some people.
Jonathan, London

I don't think he intended to offend anyone
Mark Hunter, Woking, UK
It was a costume party after all... I don't think he intended to offend anyone. I thought that the war was history and yet it still evokes huge emotions.
Mark Hunter, Woking, UK

Do we really care??
Daniel, Kent, UK

Despite his obvious ignorance, where was the level-headed friend saying, "Aahh, Harry, do you really want to be seen in that?"
Ivor Wells, London

What sort of person holds a 'colonials and natives' party anyway? It is yet another example of the British monarchy scandalously failing to represent anything modern Britain stands for.
Laura, Watford

If "The Producers" is acceptable entertainment on the West End stage (and I loved it although I did think my Mother would have been horrified to see Adolf Hitler singing and dancing after what she went through in London during the Blitz) then I think this Nazi fancy dress costume of Prince Harry's is being blown out of all proportion. Prince Harry is a young man, several generations removed from WWII and a joke is a joke. Leave him alone.
Keith Parker, London

This young man shows a remarkable lack of judgement at best, and flagrant disregard for proper behaviour at worst. A public apology and a period of quiet reflection about his recent conduct seems to be called for.
Jane, North Yorkshire

Yes, Harry should make a public apology. He should make some attempt to grow up at the same time.
Graham Rodhouse, Helmond, The Netherlands

An apology in person is the very least he could do.
R. Collier, England

It is incredibly ill judged from the third in line to the throne
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent
This isn't a 'hanging' offence though it is incredibly ill judged from the third in line to the throne - especially this close to the Auschwitz memorial day. But from a family which at times seem so far removed from reality this doesn't surprise me in the slightest!
Jock, Blackwood, Gwent

Stupid boy!!
Ian Martin, Dundee, Angus

For God's sake, give the kid a break

The whole furore is a joke. A young man went to a fancy dress party in costume, end of story. Some people should also remember that people dress up as villains at fancy dress parties.
Andy, Luxembourg

Prince Harry should go to Auschwitz with his uncle and make a public apology on the spot where the Nazis murdered so many people because of their racist and homophobic beliefs.
John Evenson, Hemel Hemptead, Herts

I think it is likely that Prince Harry didn't mean to offend anyone. However, it was an extremely foolish and irresponsible act for someone in his position.
Andy Bird, Cheshire, UK

What is he up to? Does he do this deliberately? The nation loves him and his brother but if he carries on like this they will go against him. What is Charles doing about this, surely he must know what is going on?
Brenda, Watford, England

It was a stupid prank by a silly boy. Apart from that it is symbolical for Britain's rather outdated and unfortunate image of Germany.
Patrick Libuda, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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