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WMD search ends: Your reaction
Weapons inspectors in Iraq
The United States has stopped searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to Intelligence officials.

They say the chief US investigator, Charles Duelfer, is not planning to return to the country.

In a previous report, Mr Duelfer said there had been no stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons at the time of the US-led invasion.

What is your reaction to the announcement? Does the absence of WMD affect your views on the war? Will there be any political fallout over this? Send us your views.

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion received:

Too bad that Bush and Blair didn't listen to the majority of the world
D Corbett, Canada
Too bad that Bush and Blair didn't listen to the majority of the world before launching this totally unnecessary and unjustified war. The two years they've wasted in Iraq has given North Korea and Iran and other nations that were more of a threat to increase their weapon arsenals; which is not a good thing.
D Corbett, Saint John, Canada

I think everyone should open their eyes and realize the US did not invade Iraq because it had WMD. If that were the case we would do something about North Korea - however, the US has no self-interest there.
Bilal Sultan, New York, USA

I was here during the 91 war and they had them then and I believe they still do in smaller quantities. They aren't going to leave evidence out in the open. Look between the lines and I believe they'll show up. They've had time to relocate. I've been here 10 months this round. Look beyond logic.
SGT , Portland, AR, USA

Now that no WMD are found and the search given up, wasn't this an expected outcome even before we went to war? Tony Blair was misled by Colin Powell's drama at the UN who in turn misled this country. When will Tony learn to stand up on his own and decide by not coming under influence? I doubt his capabilities as most of the time he has relied on his spin masters. Get a grip Mr Blair and come clean; we would be better off without a leader like you.
M Vaz, London

What few media widely reported was that the Bush administration was frequently lied to by informants who wanted the US to invade to get rid of Saddam. Plus, with all the other atrocities Saddam committed, my feeling is: Right War, Wrong Reason, Wrong Time.
Mark, Chicago, IL, USA

It is important to question the kind of democracy the US/UK wants to impart on Iraq
Surya, Lincoln, USA
Calling off the WMD search further exposes the short sightedness of the Bush/Blair war objective. Before talking about freedom for Iraqis, it is important to question the kind of democracy the US/UK wants to impart on Iraq. Is it something similar to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, etc?
Surya, Lincoln, USA

My, my, so we fail to capture Bin Laden; fail to find WMDs. These were once really important. Remember? Worth fighting a war over kind of important? But now not really that important at all. I suppose the bogeymen serve their purpose and we should accept that and move on. Until the next time.
Terry G, UK

When Bush's re-election was announced, I though there would never be another day upon which that I would be so personally embarrassed for and of my country. Now that we have admitted to the lack of actual WMD, with little publicity and no discernable public outrage, and some of my fellow citizens are still trying to justify the deaths of thousands of innocents with the government imposed mantra of "we freed the Iraqis", I know that day was comparatively nothing. Realizing that there are still people out there who think that this war was anything less than an abomination is far more shameful.
Melissa, Peoria IL, USA

The war was never based solely on weapons of mass destruction. As soon as Saddam refused to allow inspectors to do their jobs, he violated a truce. Between that, and the opportunity he had to form a nuclear program, there was no reason we should not have acted. Add in the tyranny he'd been unleashing as a leader and the fact that he was a major figure on the opposite side of the War on Terror, and I see no reason that this war was unjustified.
Amanda, USA

So, they finally realize it. It is time now that the US and Britain apologize publicly to the world and compensate for the human and material loss to Iraq. The second thing they should do is pull out of Iraq immediately and release all Iraqi prisoners. The US claims to be the leader of the moral high ground, they should now accept their faults as well and acknowledge that they were wrong.
Hashim, Islamabad, Pakistan

To those who say they "knew" we wouldn't find any WMDs, how could you know that a man who used WMDs on Iran and the Kurds, set many hundreds oil wells on fire, deliberately spilt millions of barrels of crude into the Gulf and buried many thousands in mass graves would after ending inspections in '98 would see the error of his ways and repent? The bottom line is that after 12 years of no fly zones and sanctions we now have no sanctions, no no-fly zones and best of all, no Saddam.
Paul Oliver, Dawsonville, USA

Sadly, this won't generate any bad publicity for Bush. Though he used this as a pretext to go to war, the supporters of that war have short memories and now believe that it was about getting Saddam Hussein, liberating the people, etc. and not WMD. The rest of us knew this all along and marched in peace rallies raising our voices to this point. We weren't heard then and we won't be heard now.
Marina, San Francisco, CA, USA

I wish all of the haters here that bash the U.S. for liberating tens of millions of people from brutal tyranny could spend a year living under Saddam or the Taleban to experience the "peace" they so claim to support. No WMDs found? Cry me a river. The world will be a much, much better place thanks to the brave actions of George W. Bush and Tony Blair.
David Lax, Vienna, Virginia USA

And the big question, how much of the know-how to make WMD from the 1980s left Iraq because of the war and is now floating around in the rest of the world?
Robert, London

So much trouble and aggression for nothing
Gilles, Mouscron, Belgium
I have always had the same opinion about the WMD. It has always been a lie from the Americans and I hope they will apologize to the rest of the world for what they have done in Iraq. So much trouble and aggression for nothing. My conclusion about this conflict is: Belgium, France and Germany were right.
Gilles, Mouscron, Belgium

Who, in a position of power, in the U S really believed that there were WMDs in Iraq. It appears that the war in Iraq has been conducted as a means to establish American power and influence in the Middle East and to reward large corporations for their support in establishing a ultra-right power base in the US.
Arg Rose, Richwood, WV, USA

What happened to the much touted claim that the Iraqis could launch a missile in 45 minutes? The blood of all those who have lost their lives and others who exposed to this danger because of senseless political undertaking by the Bush and the Blair administrations? No amount of words describing the fallen as "heroes" and "patriots" would be enough to console the families of the fallen.
Ben Baidoo, Las Vegas, NV

It is very clear now that Iraq did not have any stockpile of WMD. The only crime it committed was for Saddam Hussein to "still have the desire to restart WMD programmes". And for that, the US and UK has punished the Iraqi people. This is what I see now (forget all the other theories and intelligence misguided reports). Is this justified in the western way? How can the Iraqis get back whatever they have lost for this 'mislead' or 'wrongly justified' war crime committed?
Peer Mohamed Ibramsha, Malaysia

Why can't the international community do anything about this?
Ahmed, Singapore
Now that search for WMD is over, we know the truth. But what about all the innocent people of Iraq and the American and British army who have died? Who is responsible for this? Why can't the international community do anything about this?
Ahmed, Singapore

Ah, so it was all about regime change then? Both Bush and Blair should resign now, but I don't suppose they will. We just don't have any honourable politicians any more, do we? And they wonder why the apathy vote is increasing in the UK?
Mike Noble, Milton Keynes, UK

I keep hearing complimentary statements about Colin Powell. I seem to recall his presentation to the UN. Does this make him a liar too?
Gregory Clay

No WMD? We could have saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars and let Hans Blix tell us that. Europe told us so. The wheels of the wagon are falling off. Where's the call for impeachment?
A Jones, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Our children and the Iraqi people will be the ones who will continue to suffer for this shameful episode.
Dennis, Alexandria, VA, USA

Now, it's over... I wonder how they could have played with the minds of their people.
Rasheed Al-Bayati, Baghdad

I was never convinced they had WMD in the first place. This is a totally unnecessary war and a very bad precedent for this or any other country. Because the mainstream media in the US will not make any big deal of it, there will be no political fallout in the US anyway.
Judith Greil, Tucson, USA

This just proves that the government mislead the general public and took us to war under false pretences. I hope Mr Blair can now admit his mistake and apologise to the public
Ilyas Mohammed, UK

This is a sad day for truth lovers
Farhad Abdolian, Dublin
This is a sad day for truth lovers. A hundred thousand Iraqis have died for no reason, during the war and countless more before the beginning of the war. The world is safe now; Bush said when Saddam was captured. Look where we are now, where are we going to go? How many more innocents should be killed before we realize that war is wrong, and we are all responsible for it.
Farhad Abdolian, Dublin, Ireland

Whether or not the war is justified by WMD, all resources should be diverted to re-building the nation.
Grace, NYC, US

How much of our money have they spent finding out what we all knew all along? They could at least apologise.
Mark, London, UK

Most of the critical comments coming up after this US announcement do not target the American people, which are just as nice, human (and naive I should say) as the rest of the world's people are. The critical words do clearly blame the former and actual US government. I sincerely hope that the US and EU folks overcome their differences as soon as possible, and that we could welcome many US tourists in the EU again without this dumb matter shadowing our good understanding.
Jerry Klein, Hautcharage, Luxembourg

Comments such as "We've liberated millions" are a little unfounded. Yes a brutal dictator has been removed from power but there is nothing stopping rebels causing problems for many years to come. Look at the historic problems in Ireland with the IRA for example... WMDs were never going to be found, it was a poor excuse to try and gain support for the war in Iraq and another oil rich ally.
Ryan Haines, Cardiff, Wales

Most of us probably expected exactly this outcome
Volker, London, England
Most of us probably expected exactly this outcome. Including the government. They just had to wait to end the search until the people weren't interested in the issue anymore. It was used to start a war for which there was no rational reason. Hopping half way around the globe and flatten a country for its oil wouldn't have sounded so attractive in the tabloids.
Volker, London, England

WMD investigators going home empty-handed is not news. The Republican US administration has nothing to lose now that the election is over. Soon the troops will also head home and the artificially maintained Iraqi state will self-destruct.
Cedric Dodin, Victoria, Seychelles

Mr Bush's decision has already destroyed Iraq and snatched the peace. Even if Mr Bush apologises, will the lives of innocent civilians and US soldiers come back.
Rozat, India

After invading Iraq for having WMDs, and steamrolling over the rest of the world in order to do so, I would hope that even the most ardent supporters of the Bush administration might now admit that the US government made a mistake. Although, after watching the elections unfold, I sincerely doubt it.
Troy, Flint, Michigan

Will all the "we told you so" people please shut up. Not finding WMD is not the same as WMD not existing. There are any number of possibilities of why they weren't found and with the way the UN handled the inspections it certainly wouldn't be surprising to learn that Saddam had plenty of time, years in fact, to hide them.
Jeff, Cleveland, USA

There were better reasons to wage war on Iraq
William Cass, Denmark
There were better reasons to wage war on Iraq, and more credible ones. The US and Britain had been policing the country since the Gulf War, without ultimately being able to trust the regime there, as it had not begun peaceful and constructive coexistence with the rest of the world. Saddam had long since proven the kind of leader he was, and what he was capable of!

The coalition was right to suspect Iraq, and to act accordingly. The war was inevitable, as no country can be expected to continue to bear the cost of containing another, forever. The only real question then and now is whether it shouldn't have happened as a natural conclusion to the Gulf War. At that time the reason for going to war was not questioned, and the Americans were really true heroes!
William Cass, Denmark

Just because you have a sign saying "Beware of the Dog" does not mean to say you actually have a dog. Britain and the US would do well to think about that in future.
Adrian Mugridge, Chester, UK

Saddam himself was the biggest threat and could be classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. We have him and therefore all action is justified.
Julian, Corsham

Reading these posts, one would think that most BBC readers want the US and its allies to withdraw, to put Saddam Hussein and his cronies back in power and to place the tens of thousands of political prisoners of the Saddam regime back in jail.
Michael, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Makes no difference to me. We have created a new fledgling democracy in a part of the world that needs it and freed millions in the process. I for one would rather die in the struggle for self determination than spend one minute under a tyrant like Saddam. Would the anti-war liberals prefer to live in slavery? Of course not, the freedoms we have in Europe today are thanks to the strong military action of the US and not because of appeaser nations like France.
Roger, Whitwick, England

Roger from Whitwick in England says 'I for one would rather die in the struggle for self determination than spend one minute under a tyrant like Saddam.' Fine sentiments, except all those service men who have died were not fighting for their self determination, but for political masters whose real objectives will probably never be known, but were happy to present the public with a tissue of untruths to fulfil their hidden agenda.
Roger, Burton on Trent, England

It is time the US and UK admitted they were only after a regime change and the WMD excuse was just a tissue of lies invented to justify an illegal invasion to save the US using its own oil reserves until they have bled the rest of the world dry.
Danny Cooper, UK

I think all of the WMD were moved on trucks to Syria before the war!
Shmuel Oliven, Jerusalem, Israel

We have been lied to on an unprecedented scale
Rei, Cork, Ireland
This confirms what has been said all along. We have been lied to on an unprecedented scale by our elected governments to further private interests. Is this democracy in action?
Rei, Cork, Ireland

The thing about the view from America is that they really do believe all the nonsense that their media puts out. Their view of history really is the Hollywood fantasy represented on these pages. Americans seem to live in a world of pure propaganda.
Steve, UK

To Steve UK, remember it wasn't only the USA that went to war to rid the area of WMD. I do believe that the UK has the second largest military force on the ground in Iraq. So how can you sit there telling me an American that I sit here in my Hollywood generated fantasy world letting our mass media think for me, believe it or not, most American's have to common sense to think for ourselves.
I for one never believed the stories about the WMD's, I know this was nothing more than a war to finish what our current our president's father failed to do. I for one never supported the war over there especially when you consider I have a son the the US Marine Corps and I really don't want him or any of our brave warriors to die for what you call a Hollywod fantasy.
Bryan, Syracuse, NY. USA

The fact of the matter is, Saddam once had these weapons and has used them to kill his own people. That is enough to have him removed from power because, as he proved, he cannot be trusted.
Jay, Northampton, UK

Will Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld and Rice now please demonstrate some courage and responsibility for their decisions by setting up their permanent seat of government to run the US and UK from the centre of Baghdad.
Duncan French, Rome, Italy

I think that the UN should look in the US for WMD - I'm sure it would be successful then. Once we then find these weapons we should then "ask" America to relinquish these weapons. I believe that at this point other nations would then be less likely to hold these weapons. Think Peace not fear!
Mark Buchan, Rustington, West Sussex

Before the illegal invasion Iraq supplied the UN with a massive dossier of its weapons capabilities, which was appropriated by the Pentagon. Perhaps this dossier told the truth, but we will never know.
Nigel, New Zealand.

Don't blame Tony Blair for doing the sensible thing and acting on that information
Craig, London, UK
Could Trevor Smith and others wake their brains up please? We went to war on the basis that there were WMD, the intelligence services said so. Don't blame Tony Blair for doing the sensible thing and acting on that information. In his shoes, I and most sane people would have done the same. What should happen now is sackings for those that provided the incorrect information
Craig, London, UK

When the administration said, "We know for a fact that Saddam has WMDs," how can they now, after such a tremendous loss of lives on both sides, just say it was someone else's bad information? What happened to former president Truman's motto, "The Buck Stops Here"? Bush says he has no regrets. Nor, apparently, does the country that re-elected him. Would it have made a difference in the presidential election if this had been disclosed prior to the election?
Elizabeth, USA/Japan

A post on this page says we are US bashing - no one is USA bashing, the US people are well liked and we know what sacrifices they have made for Europe in the past. What we have a problem with is US foreign policy (i.e. Govt). Who do you think put Saddam where he was? Who do you think sold him WMDs? That is why the hypocrisy that we went to war because of WMDs or because he was a tyrant sticks so much in so many people's throats.
Gerry, Scotland

After those pictures of mass graves in Iraq, the requirement to find WMD became irrelevant. The removal of Saddam was justified on humanitarian grounds alone, end of story. Those calling for Blair's resignation should remember that Howard backed the Iraq war at the time and has only started to make out otherwise now it is expedient to do so. I have no doubt whatsoever that had we been under Tory rule we would have gone to war on exactly the same grounds.
Tim, Herne Bay, England.

This announcement is piteous acknowledgement that Mr Blix was right
Mary McCannon, Budapest, Hungary
The search for any WMD in Iraq ended a long time ago, and this announcement is piteous acknowledgement that Mr Blix was right. What the US administration will never ever admit is that the whole Iraq affair shed light on many weak points in US Intelligence and it has therefore lost its credibility in the eyes of the international community.
Mary McCannon, Budapest, Hungary

What a waste of money and manpower! If all these money were channelled into the disaster relief plan or some other social programmes, there might be a better outcome. Instead of inviting more hatred, the US can make friends with the world (with the right use of money). Will they ever learn a lesson?
F, Malaysia

Wrong evidence? It is sad to see so many people instantly buying the "mistake" version. Come on, honestly, what are the chances of this being some sort of a naive "mistake" rather than what we all know it really was: a deliberate deception. It looks like some sort of a collective denial. Snap out of it.
Mat, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Whether it was all a lie, or just tunnel vision on the part of every intelligence service on the planet, the fact remains that Saddam Hussein, his family and his cronies can no longer maim, torture, defile, or rule the people of Iraq. The President of The United States of America is a man of strong moral character, and follows the lead of his God well. We should be thankful that we are less one tyrant in this world today.
Steven H., La Crosse, U.S.A.

The whole war has been a travesty that will cost us dear in years to come
Carlos Cortiglia, London, UK
It proves the point that the weapons were not there in the first place and that the whole war has been a travesty that will cost us dear in years to come. Religious, ethnic and cultural hostility has never been greater and there are growing concerns in this respect. Tens of thousands of people died and continue to die as a direct consequence of the madness of our leaders. Because of the total waste created by the war, tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs and their livelihoods. We cannot take George Bush to court, but I believe Tony Blair should be taken to court and be answerable for his decision to take us to war.
Carlos Cortiglia, London, UK

Failure to find WMD does not change my view on the war. It was and remains justified and I applaud the US and those coalition partners that remain steadfast in finishing the job. Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction - he used them against the Kurds and the Iranians. If he had destroyed all his stockpiles after the first Gulf war, why did he go to such lengths to obstruct the investigators in the years that followed? Perhaps he wanted to avoid loss of face in the Arab world by convincing them that he was standing up to the western led calls to dispose of his WMD. Whatever the reasons, Saddam played a game of brinkmanship that ultimately led to his downfall.
Rob Lovett, Swindon, Wiltshire

Well I wonder how the "truly democratic" people of UK and US will react to the fact that their governments plainly misled them. My guess is that nothing will happen. The war and murder in Iraq will continue for years to come until Iraqi oil is completely drained.
IF, Russia

Three little words: France was right.
Michael, Nieul-sur-mer, France

After so much talk of WMDs, could Mssrs Bush and Blair now please publicly acknowledge that their arguments for invading Iraq were based on wrong evidence?
Andrea Krug, London, UK

I have no doubt that Saddam was posturing and had to be dealt with
Matt, Cambridge Ma, USA
I am sick and tired of America bashing. Who came to the aid of Europe when they needed it most, twice I might add. Who has done more to promote democracy and peace in the world. Where was Europe and the world to protest Saddam's brutal regime? It is always easy to look in the mirror. In a 9/11 world you have to react and not wait for something to tragic to happen before it is too late. I have no doubt that Saddam was posturing and had to be dealt with.
Matt, Cambridge Ma, USA

Matt from Cambridge, MA, writes with great nostalgia about past US help to Europe. What he omits is that currently the US has no leaders with the calibre of those from WWII. In my view, Bush is narrow minded and naive in his world view. The Iraq War will stain the US reputation for decades.
Mike, California

The whole world has been coming to the conclusion that there were no WMD. It took some longer than others to reach this point and some never did think there was any. The bottom line is that there is no shock value in the announcement that the USA has discontinued the search. We would have been more surprised if they found any!
Gordon Jackson, Nanaimo, Canada

I feel disappointed of my country for giving up the search for the WMDs. I expected this President, whom I voted for, to complete the tasks and goals that were set by his administration. In knowing that the search will be stopped is another reason that I doubt my President and his evolving administration.
Jose M. Jr, Fayetteville, North Carolina

My two sons may have gone to war based on lies
Tony, Toronto, Canada
I am so glad I don't live in the United States. My two sons may have gone to war, based on lies, to liberate a Country which now hates it's occupancy. Where was the USA in Uganda, Rwanda, Cambodia, Croatia, etc. Is it a coincidence that Iraq and Kuwait have oil while other Countries in trouble don't. I'm proud of Canada for seeing through this facade.
Tony, Toronto, Canada

Does it really matter? The validity of the WMD argument only mattered before the war: as soon as troops moved in, there was no stopping any of it anyway. It was already widely expected that no WMD would be found, and Bush long ago switched his pitch to eradicating the ' evil' of Saddam. There will be no political consequences, and there will be no humility forthcoming from the US. Sadly, what is an important fact has been reduced by circumstance to a triviality.
Michael Moszczynski, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Most American's are so influenced by the corporate media machine that they really can't possibly have an objective opinion concerning anything in Iraq. The entire War is sugar coated and we rarely even see bloodshed on the Major Networks. Of course with the Bush administration's arrogance concerning the rest of the world I expect we'll get what's coming to us eventually.
William Gannon, Burlington, Vermont

When the arms inspectors were kicked out by Saddam Hussein, the world had no idea what weapons he had
Gareth Harris, Pensacola Florida
After December 1998, when the arms inspectors were kicked out by Saddam Hussein, the world had no idea what weapons he had. He allowed the inspectors back in only once there were a quarter of a million troops building for an invasion, by which time standing down those troops was not practicable. To have assumed that Saddam Hussein, who had invaded two of his neighbours, launched missiles at Israel, used chemical weapons extensively, and had a nuclear program, was not re-launching a WMD program in the absence of monitoring would have been extremely foolish (to put it mildly). That is the environment that Bush and Blair had to make their decisions, without the benefit of the hindsight so many are now waving in their face.
Gareth Harris, Pensacola Florida

Will there be a backlash? Of course not. The US invaded another sovereign nation and it will get away with it, eventually at least, because for now, its troops are paying the ultimate sacrifice for the Bush Doctrine. Lets force Christian values onto people, even when they prefer their way of life
Basic, MD, USA

Thousands of innocent people killed, torture of prisoners, complete disregard for human rights, state security cracking down on basic freedoms, invasion of other countries and ownership of weapons of mass destruction. I think we had better invade the US to stop this rogue state! It is sad that the United States has stooped to the level of Iraq.
Robert Cox, Vancouver, Canada

Shame shame shame! But let's be thankful that the US did not plant WMDs to perpetuate the lie. If not in the US administration, we can at least have faith in the US institutions. Let us see if these institutions can now find someone accountable for this costly lie.
Hrishi, India

We've liberated millions of people from decades of tyranny
Geode, USA
Is it so terrible that Saddam is gone and Iraqis have a shot at democracy? Sure war is hell, but we've liberated millions of people from decades of tyranny and far worse brutality in every way than our regime change. Unfortunately closed minds are impossible to liberate.
Geode, USA

The United States and UK took the case of Iraq WMD before the UN Council with all types of falsified claims. Now after all these economic, political and social catastrophes in Iraq; Are they ready to go before the UN ones more and this time apologizing to the world for being selfish in their decision to start a war that has caused thousands of lives and economic set backs for the Iraqis?
Dennis Mwaipola, Mbeya, Tanzania

Every one of the letters posted that laments the loss of life in 'post Saddam Iraq' fail to mentions the loss of life during Saddam's regime. They cry for the recent dead but not the past dead. These people need to understand that Iraq is the frontline in the war against terror. It is a battle and people die like they did on September 11 and in Madrid, Bali, East Africa, and Turkey. It's a war. Kill or be killed. It's that simple. Thank Goodness W was re-elected and is willing to fight.
RB Richter, Dallas, TX USA

That makes the war not only illegal, but unabashedly unjustified and immoral. The United States, Great Britain and the "coalition of the willing" owe the people of Iraq an apology, war reparations, and the withdrawal of their troops. The euphemisms of "war on terror ... rebels, insurgents" are no justification for the continued killing and destruction of people who are fighting to free their country from occupiers.
Ron LaFramboise, Rome, Italy

What a waste of good lives for the interests of a few
Daniel, LA, California
It didn't take the public two years to realize there were no WMDs in Iraq, we all realized this whole war was based on lies 6 months later. What a waste of good lives for the interests of a few.
Daniel, LA, California

I think that the only person who was surprised at the finding (or lack there of) was the common man in the streets of America. Everyone around the world (even American leaders) knew all along that there was nothing there to find.
Tito, Chicago, USA

Surely, this now has to be the point when Mr Blair resigns. His justification to the British people for the invasion of Iraq was to disarm Saddam of his weaponry. He said nothing about regime change being policy. No, it was the weapons and the terrible threat they posed to the British people.
Trevor Smith, Bakewell

Saddam had months leading up to the invasion to plan for weapons to be hidden
Brian, Tokyo, Japan
No, it does not change my view of the war. Note that Mr Duelfer stated that stockpiles did not exist at the time of the invasion. Saddam had months leading up to the invasion to plan for weapons to be hidden or transported out of the country. The boarders are not now and were not then sealed.
Brian, Tokyo, Japan

What a colossal waste of time, lives, and money. Now, more people have been killed in Iraq (mostly Iraqis) than would have been had Saddam possessed and used WMDs. And to think people re-elected Bush too...tragic.
J Roberts, La Mirada, USA

I just find the whole sordid affair hilarious, in a sad way. Bush refused to be patient with the UN weapons inspectors. Then he begged the world to be patient with him so his claims of WMDs could be proven. And now Bush's claims are shown to have been nothing but a sham. I continue to be ashamed of this President.
Andy Burke, Branchburg, NJ

What was coming has finally happened. They have admitted it. Now please clean up the mess you have created in Iraq.
Cheta Nwanze, Abuja, Nigeria

Do you mean they were still looking?
Gustavo Silva, Saint Etienne France

Bush's rush to war based on the false WMD claim has further eroded Americas credibility
Jason Dimmell, Ottawa Canada
Iran and North Korea are both breathing a little easier thanks to Bush and Blair's botching of the Iraq WMD affair. Let's face it, the next time America stands up to warn of another dangerous WMD arsenal in the hands of a madman, it will be much more difficult to appear credible in the eyes of the international community. Bush's rush to war based on the false WMD claim has further eroded Americas credibility in an era in which needs as much international support as it can get.
Jason Dimmell, Ottawa Canada

This should be no surprise to anyone. It is about time this administration gives up the charade. I am happy to know that the resources that were being used for the search can now be used for reconstruction and other worthwhile projects.
Tony Angelo, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

There no justification of war and the killing of all these poor soldiers from both sides and the civilians as well. Is it possible now to charge George Bush with war criminal acts because of his actions?
Naba Tangan, Tampa, Florida, USA

Because they didn't find them does not necessarily mean they were not there...
Dan, US

All along we knew it was a ruse
David, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Something we knew all along, what is the worst of all, there seems to be little public outrage about the announcement. Maybe that's because all along we knew it was a ruse, and red states still don't seem to care.
David, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Is this really news? The fact that Iraq had no WMD has been pretty obvious for a long time. Unfortunately I do not see any political fallout from this. One only needs to look at our election to see that invading countries on false pretences had no negative impact on Bush's ability to win the election.
Eric Ross, Oregon, USA

And what will happen to those who commissioned this search, wasting our time, money and human life? Not a thing. I wonder how their conscious works.
William J. McKinstry, Quakertown, PA, USA

No surprise. There is no way the US can leave Iraq now because after this occupation, "revenge" will take hold - as is the custom there - and instead of al-Qaeda the US will have to worry about "al-Iraq". Thanks to Bush and his Neocons, we are now more insecure over the long run.
Hasan Hussein, Cincinnati, USA

Justice will never be done for all of the soldiers and Iraqi civilians who lost their lives needlessly
Ryan Healy, Tucson, Arizona
There is only one thing more disturbing than this unnecessary war: the culprits, the leaders of the various governments responsible for this war, will get away with it completely unscathed. Justice will never be done for all of the soldiers and Iraqi civilians who lost their lives needlessly.
Ryan Healy, Tucson, Arizona

We told you so!
Jake Earnshaw, Victoria BC, Canada

I am not surprised. The Bush administration's words never said anything about having proof, only vague generalities and "maybes"
Bill, Birmingham, Michigan, USA

It was a mistake to ever make the war about WMDs. If they had them, they could have gotten rid of them. And if they didn't have them, then you just invaded a country on false pretence. I do believe that Saddam had to be dealt with in some way, but the failed strategy and Bush's inability to ever employ diplomacy suggests that perhaps he was not the man for the job. It's just too bad that our other choice lacked the spine it takes to stand by your convictions.
Jeff Stein, Purchase, NY, USA


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