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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 August 2005, 10:04 GMT 11:04 UK
Mo Mowlam: Your tributes
Mo Mowlam
The former Northern Ireland secretary, Mo Mowlam, has died, aged 55.

Read a selection of your earlier e-mails below.

Your tributes

She was a politician who always remained in touch with the electorate
P. Bellingham, Lydney, Glos
I never met Mo Mowlem. However, having recently read her autobiography I became more convinced that she was a politician who always remained in touch with the electorate. To me, a person cynical of many politicians' motives, she was the personification of what our political leaders should be like. God rest her soul.
P. Bellingham, Lydney, Glos

It took a woman to get the Good Friday Agreement off the ground. And what a woman! I will miss her style, her wit and candour. A few more like her in government and we would be a better nation for it.
Michael P, Wells, UK

I organised a women's conference in 2003 where Mo was a keynote speaker along with Germaine Greer. She was an inspiration to all who attended. We could not fail to be moved by her courage and humour. She must be so proud of her achievements in Northern Ireland, the rest of the world is.
Helen, Liverpool

Mo's achievements in Ireland went far beyond those of every British representative in the previous eight hundred years of relationships between the two islands. She was very special. Lasting peace in Ulster will be her legacy.
Sandra, Dublin

No pretences, just a very genuine interest in other people
Lynne Fry, Sevenoaks, Kent
One afternoon last year, I was waiting for my train to depart from Victoria Station. A lady got on and asked whether the train stopped at a particular station. That lady was Mo Mowlem. She then proceeded to 'plonk' herself unceremoniously down on the seat, took her shoes off and put her feet up and then started to chat to everyone around her. No pretences, just a very genuine interest in other people. What a nice lady. Apart from the great work she carried out on the peace talks, she was a warm, honest and caring person. It was a pleasure to have met her for that brief moment in time. My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.
Lynne Fry, Sevenoaks, Kent

Let us remember this dear lady with more than just words. Surely there is a tranquil place in Belfast that could be dedicated to her memory.
Sanjeev Ramswanee, Glasgow

I remember first seeing Mo when she did a talk at my junior school when I was about 7. I always had a great respect for her she will be sadly missed
Naomi, Redcar

Mo Mowlam was another example of the "Best of British". She was a fighter, had guts, had conviction and strength. She got on with her life, helped and inspired others, ignoring her own problems. God bless and thank you Mo.
Jan Malpas

I admired her honesty and courage very much
Jeanie Dubois-Gardner, Heerlen, The Netherlands
What a truly inspiring person she was. It's not often in this day and age that you get someone in a high position who really tells it like it is. I admired her honesty and courage very much. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family at this time.
Jeanie Dubois-Gardner, Heerlen, The Netherlands

She will be mourned in Ireland where she will always be held in tremendous esteem and affection for her role in the peace process.
Martin L, Skerries, Ireland

At Last! A Politician people everywhere identified with and felt at ease in her presence. Mo Mowlam - A true Fighter until the end. My sincere condolences to those she left behind.
Elena Antoniou, London

She was one of the most respected and loved politicians in the last two decades. She will be greatly missed and remembered fondly.May she rest in peace.
Umut, Bristol

A wonderful role model for a lot of women
Caroline McDonald, London
I met Mo at the Comedy Store in London once whilst queuing for loo with lots of other ladies. She was chatting and engaging with everyone who recognised her and no doubt was popular. I am truly devastated that she has passed away. She was a wonderful role model for a lot of women, myself included. I hope she will be remembered by everyone as a strong, funny and determined character.
Caroline McDonald, London

Mo Mowlam was one of those people who radiated rather than drained. She was perhaps the most accessible, human and honest politician of recent times. She handled her illness in the early years with great dignity and humour, taking misguided media criticism in her stride. She will be greatly missed.
SQ, London

One of the few believable politicians of the past decades. A true fighter whose courage has been an inspiration to us all. A sad loss.
Stephanie, Belgium

I had the pleasure of meeting Mo Mowlam on a flight to Casablanca just after the Good Friday agreement was signed. Mo was going for a short (well deserved) break, and was terrific company; we drank and played cards all the way (yes, she won!) and she was genuine, amusing and charming throughout. When the Moroccan's put on a full diplomatic welcome (against her requests) she was genuinely embarrassed. She will be sorely missed by those who wish for a more "human" approach to UK political life.
Duncan Castle, Middlesex, UK

She was a person of great integrity and warmth. She was so approachable that ordinary members of public could leave messages for her and get a call back. It is her ability to be ordinary while occupying great offices of power that made her an extraordinary politician. Her presence in Parliament made it easier for the public to connect with. Our political life is enriched by the contributions of such remarkable people. Her departure is a sad loss.
Sher Khan, London, UK

Mo should be an inspiration to us all, an honest, hard working, no-nonsense woman. She did so much for Redcar as our MP, and went on to make tremendous progress towards lasting peace in Northern Ireland. I only hope there will be more politicians (and people) like her! You will be missed Mo.
Sarah, Redcar, UK

A genuine, warm and honourable woman who commanded respect and admiration from all. She was one of the few politicians to appreciate that people respond to honesty. Her strength was in her character and ebullient personality and she talked with clear sense and empathy. A sad loss
Derek Brown, Basingstoke

Her arrival on the stuffy politics scene in Northern Ireland was such a breath of fresh air. She was a fantastic supporter of Integrated Education in NI and an amazing role model. She will be sadly missed.
Amanda, London

One of the very few politicians that had integrity and vision
Sean, Edinburgh
One of the very few politicians that had integrity and vision. She was clearly a hard worker and believed in what she was doing. The older I get the more disillusioned I have become with politicians but I had faith in her. Her life was a success because of the things she believed in and the way she went about achieving them - there aren't many people and even fewer politicians that can say the same.
Sean, Edinburgh

Sad news. The death of one of the last really principled Labour MPs who openly say what they believe. I once exchanged smiles with her on the London underground and have all the more respect for her that, even having been a minister, she still got the tube like the rest of us!
Gerry M, Coventry, UK

Am really sad on hearing the news of her death. She was an extraordinary politician and will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Mo.
Kwasi, Turnpike lane, London

I am deeply saddened by the news. For me she emulates what all politians should be! I admired her zest for life and they courageous way she went about her life! She will forever be an inspiration to us all. We will miss you MO! Enjoy your new life!
David McKinlay, Brussels, Belgium

Mo's achievements in Ireland went far beyond those of every British representative in the previous eight hundred years of relationships between the two islands. She was very special. Lasting peace in Ulster will be her legacy.
Sandra, Dublin

She created a bridge to bring those divided together
Robert King, Bushey, Herts, UK
I was very sad to hear this news. In a world of few truly great leaders we have lost a woman who represented the epitome of courage, integrity and humanity. Through her genuine warmth, love and tireless commitment she created a bridge to bring those divided together. And by example, demonstrated how it is possible to transcend the states of mind which divide and separate. God bless you Mo.
Robert King, Bushey, Herts, UK

A real human being in a sea of political Muppets and Puppets. We would benefit from many more like her.
George, Oxford, UK

A rare engaging and upfront politician, she will be missed. Her courage, honesty and humour are qualities often lacking in the lower house; may her colleagues take note!
John Ward, Jarny, France

She told it as it was, whether people wanted to hear it or not. For me, her strengths were her honesty, her ability to connect, and a willingness to admit she wasn't perfect - if only other politicians were like her.
Ed, Shrewsbury, England

I didn't agree with all of her policies, particularly with regards to the peace process in Northern Ireland, but I had great respect for her as a person of principle in a Parliament that was, and still is, very short of principled people.
Colin Wood, Guernsey

A true role model for other politicians
Jim M, Sheffield, UK
I listened to Mo speak at a charity evening in Sheffield 2 years ago. A more witty, kind and insightful human being you could not have met. A true role model for other politicians. You will be missed!
Jim M, Sheffield, UK

I disagreed with much of Mo Mowlam's politics but I still feel sad at the loss of someone who had integrity and she certainly brought a fresh style and way of business to all sides in the Ireland situation.
Gavin, Bristol, UK

She cut to the chase, was direct and honest and open. She did more for Northern Ireland than any other British politician I can remember, and every standing ovation and award she won was well earned. Thanks, Mo, and God bless you.
Aoife, Woking

A truly great lady and brilliant politician. She played an integral role in the Northern Ireland peace process and was an opposer of the Iraq war - politicians with integrity are hard to come by. She will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.
Sharon B, London

Mo Mowlam was a politician I admired and greatly respected. Her efforts in the Northern Ireland peace process were incredibly important and influential. She will be remembered and missed
Sarah, London

Mo levelled the playing field, she actually gave us a voice. She was a great inspiration for people who wanted good honest talk. She is sorely missed.
Nuala Hankin, Warrenpoint, N. Ireland

Mo Mowlam was a main player in ending the Northern Ireland conflict, she had vision and was never afraid to speak her mind. The political establishment in the UK and indeed in Europe have lost a truly extra ordinary person.
Alan Beirne, Dublin, Ireland

We've lost a gem
Dave, Manchester, UK
I wasn't old enough to vote when she was Northern Ireland Secretary. I don't have much of an interest in politics. But she is the only politician I could honestly say I trusted and believed in. We've lost a gem today.
Dave, Manchester, UK

Any woman who could cope with the challenges of debating peace in Northern Ireland while recovering from such an energy sapping illness deserves to be remembered as the outstanding individual she was.
Karen, Cardiff

Never has a politician been so approachable and down-to-earth, she was more like your best friend's mum than an MP and it was this rare quality that put her leagues ahead of her colleagues.
Alex Braxton, London

An inspiration, and an example to us all.
Mike Laurie, Glasgow, Scotland

She was the complete antithesis of an MP and my nomination for Woman Of The Century. All the positive words in the dictionary describe her. She will be sadly missed. God Bless you Mo.
Marian Illingworth, Stockton-On-Tees, UK

Mo will be remembered as a very courageous lady who wasn't afraid to speak her mind.
Tony Moylon, London

What a woman, what a very sad loss.
Zoe McLaren, Cheshire, UK

A good role model who'll be sorely missed
Caroline, Slough, UK
A wonderful woman and good role model who'll be sorely missed. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Rest in Peace Mo Mowlan!
Caroline, Slough, UK

One of the few politicians I have any respect for. Mo will be sadly missed by many. Her death leaves a hole in British politics which will be hard to fill.
Mark H, Uk

As someone who is currently rebuilding their life after serious illness and suffering similar criticisms of my abilities, I developed a very strong empathy with her and have taken great strength from her ability to hold her own corner and maintain her dignity and reputation despite the actions of others.
Neil, Cambs

I have never been a keen follower of politics, but for me Ms Mowlam was a firm people's favourite. She always made me smile and seemed to emanate a genuine warmth. Her smile will be sadly missed.
Chris, Swansea, S. Wales

She exuded warmth, compassion and intelligence
Bethan, Cardiff
The only politician that I would turn on the TV to watch. She exuded warmth, compassion and intelligence - the kind of person everyone would want as their friend.
Bethan, Cardiff

This is truly is sad day. Mo Mowlam was one of the few high ranking politicians that you could have faith in. God bless her, your country will never forget you.
Emma Rowlinson, London

What an amazing, inspirational lady and such a sad loss, she will be forever thought of as the true winner she was
Hayley Sharp, Hertford, Herts

Mo Mowlam was that very rare thing, an honourable politician, the only one that I know of in my time time
Anne Watkinson, Newmarket England

Mo Mowlam, what a fantastic role model for women everywhere - clear thinking, clear speaking!
Pat McLaughlin, Vienna, Austria

Mo was a wonderful woman and a giant of the Labour moment. She will be sadly missed by all. May she rest in peace.
Doug Bradley, Glasgow

Witty, down-to-earth, and openly honest
Andrew Brogan, Leeds, England
Witty, down-to-earth, and openly honest - Mo Mowlam embodied what a politician should be. Her colleagues on both sides of the House Of Commons would do well to emulate her. Rest in peace Mo.
Andrew Brogan, Leeds, England

One of the few politicians to tell the truth whether people liked it or not. It's a pity more of them aren't like her. She shall be greatly missed
J Walton, Ripley, Derbyshire

Your hard work helped and inspired many in Ulster to finally throw away the barricades and to try and to throw away the violent past and look for peace. God bless you and my love and condolences to her family.
Alex, Cardiff

There are very few Labour politicians I respect-Mo was one of them. A woman who fought hard without becoming a hardliner.RIP
Lianne, Manchester

Mo was unique - a politician that you cared about, and believed. I am saddened at her death, and my thoughts are with her family.
Peter Barker, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

My family and I first met Mo in 1985 when she worked at The Northern College near Barnsley. With Mo it was a case of what you saw was what you got. She had a way of entering your hearts and will be greatly missed
Glyn Devonport, Barnsley England

One can only pay tribute to her charisma, her commitment and her honest and open approach to politics. She had such a clear vision. She will be greatly missed.
Rebecca V, London, UK

I'm sad and shocked, she was the only honest and straight forward politician that I have known in power.
Miles, London, UK

The country has lost a rare gem. A fun-loving lady of total integrity!
Chris Hopper, Portsmouth, Hants, UK

One of the few good politicians, she'll be remembered for her disarming honesty and bravery. Only the good die young.
Carl, UK

She was a straight-talking, courageous and inspirational woman
E, Northern Ireland
I am deeply saddened by Mo Mowlem's death. She was a straight-talking, courageous and inspirational woman who gave people like me hope in times when we thought there would never be an end to violence. May you Rest In Peace Mo, I will never forget you.
E, Northern Ireland

I am saddened to hear of Mo Mowlem's death. She was an example of how our politics should conduct themselves - with integrity, straight talking and humanity. Both her and Robin Cook's passing will leave a tremendous gap in British politics.
Alison Hunt, Glasgow, UK

Absolutely gutted that such a talented person has died. Mo's achievements within Northern Ireland were the catalyst for the current declaration to end of hostilities by the IRA. Mo Mowlam was a fantastic person who should have stayed in politics longer and was a real people's politician. Her humour and personality will be sadly missed.
Jon, Southampton, UK

One of the very few politicians I ever admired - straight talking, open and honest. It was a sad when she left politics and now it's an even sadder day that we've lost such an excellent role model for all. We can only consol ourselves that her legacy in Northern Ireland will be forever hers and a beacon to all those who seek to live in peace.
Rick Holyomes, Hove, UK

A great loss to British politics
Scott Hayes, Birmingham, England
A truly amazing woman, and with President Clinton and Senator Mitchell was able to bring peace to Northern Ireland. A great loss to British politics.
Scott Hayes, Birmingham, England

So sad!! One of the true originals. No airs no graces, just a genuine, committed person. A sad loss.
Ian, Nottingham UK

Mo Mowlam, a charismatic, intelligent, fascinating woman. While there is sadness in her passing there is also great inspiration in her memory.
M. Thompson, Bradford, England

An extraordinary politician and a wonderful person. Such a sad loss. My condolences to her family
Karen, Manchester

Our loss is great as Mo was one of the most "honest" politicians of out time.
Mie Ashall, Manchester

Mo had the qualities that so few politicians have these days, which was honesty and the strength to rise above the political spin machines and state her unfettered opinions. Even if you passionately disagreed with her, you knew where she stood. Smoke and mirrors free politics. She will be sorely missed. Her bravery was admirable, her honesty something her peers should strive to emulate.
Phil, Bedford, UK

Very sad to hear the news today. It seems that there are too few politicians with real integrity and force of personality in parliament nowadays and Mo was certainly one of the few. Hopefully some up and coming MP's will see follow her example and act in the best interests of the public and not the party line. That would be a great legacy.
Rob, London, UK

It's a sad day. She was a truly remarkable lady. Rest in peace Mo.
Kate T, Beds, England

I may not have agreed with everything Mo Mowlam said, but she was that rare honest politician. Add to that her courage, common sense and above all, her delicious sense of humour, all of which made her stand head and shoulders above the faceless crowds of MPs. Simply put..I really liked her! And I shall miss her.
Michelle, England

Rest in Peace you will be missed !
Yanka, Reading

A very brave lady, Straight talking and acting in all ways. We need more like her. Rest in peace Mo
Jon Calrk, Luddington North Lincs

A beacon in today's world of corrupt, soulless and phlegmatic politics. Everyone in Northern Ireland while be grateful for her contribution to ending 30 years of terror. Let her kind-heartedness, intelligence and sense of morals be a guide for aspiring politicians to learn from.
Colm Campbell, Derry

When Mo spoke you stopped, listened and believed in what she was saying
Fr. Craig Fullard, Walsall
When Mo spoke you stopped, listened and believed in what she was saying - if only we had more 'Mo's' in politics!
Fr. Craig Fullard, Walsall

Deeply saddened by the news of Mo Mowlem's passing. Her legacy to the people of Northern Ireland will last for years. May she rest in peace.
W Mullan, England

A fantastic upfront politican who was a role model for contless others. Shame we couldnt have more like her. She will be missed
Craig, Sheffield

I'm devastated at the death of Mo Mowlam - she was a breath of fresh air when Labour came to power. A great and brilliant lady has gone for ever. Rest peacefully Mo.
Kris Saunders, UK

A marvellous politician, always fighting the cause for her constituents
Phil Minto, Morpeth Northumberland
A marvellous politician, always fighting the cause for her constituents. She was given one of the most difficult jobs as N Ireland Minister and gaining the respect of all parties. She laid the foundation for the peace and normality which is returning to the province. A great loss, Rest in Peace.
Phil Minto, Morpeth Northumberland

Mo was one of the people I always enjoyed watching on TV or listening to on the radio. She made even the most boring debate interesting, and could disarm her opponents with her wit. I for one will miss her.
Nigel Greensitt, Walkden UK

What can you say about a truly wonderful woman who changed the future of Northern Ireland for the better - you'll be missed doesn't come close.
Margaret, Belfast, Northern Ireland

If we had more politicians like Mo Mowlam, Northern Ireland would have had peace years ago and power sharing would be in place now.
Richard Sheehan, Dublin, Ireland

Mo was of a rare breed, an open and honest politician. Many current MPs on both sides of the house could learn a few things from her. She will be missed. My thoughts to her family.
Darren Mallinson, Yeovil, UK

Not often that a death moves me to true sadness, but this does. Why can't we have more politicians who care more about what the stand for, than what they can gain personally. A wonderful person to have representing you. Her family can be truly proud. RIP
Shaun Porritt, Hartlepool & Antwerp

I am deeply saddened by the loss of a truly inspirational woman, courageous in facing her illness and never afraid to speak her mind. Rest in peace, my hero.
Jane, Egham, UK

Mo was a strong person who fought for what she believed in. Told the truth and was respected because of that. She will be greatly missed.
Joan, Redcar, Cleveland

I have just returned from a family holiday in France, during which time I read Mo's account of her time in government. The book is a great testament to her historic work in N. Ireland and to her warmth, integrity and commitment to social justice. I finished the book one day before it was announced that she was severely ill again. I feel now that I have lost a close friend and we all have much to learn from her.
Nigel Keir, Southampton

My first meeting with Mo was as a delegate to a youth conference in Belfast, in the middle of the negotiations in NI. Even when there was a lot on her plate she was friendly and cheery, taking the time to answer all our questions and encourage us in our work. She was and remains to this day the only politician to interest me in politics. She was the best of the best and we should honour her memory.
Maire, Belfast

Possibly the only politician I've really believed and trusted. A remarkable, genuine, down-to-earth, warm-hearted politician. A great loss! Our wishes are with her loved ones.
Alex Mackenzie, Hull

A gutsy, determined lady who exuded real warmth and charisma
Greg, York, UK
As a Northern Irish native I was upset to hear of the death of a woman who has arguably done more for the future peace and prosperity of my homeland than any other politician in history. Mo Mowlam was a gutsy, determined lady who exuded real warmth and charisma, and was one of the most remarkable politicians of the modern age. May you rest in Peace Mo.
Greg, York, UK

Mo was a wonderful woman who showed great kindness to my wife one day. Her thoughtfulness has stayed with us since. We will miss you.
Simon Ward, London

Mo led by example, her ability to put her duties before herself were evident in the way she made such a difference in N. Ireland whilst battling illness, a determined lady who will be sadly missed.
David D, Cambridge UK

A sad loss. Brave, warm, straight talking - an inspiration to us all.
Peter Wilson, London

A true politician and one that was not afraid to let the cameras see the person behind the mask. A shining example of what politician's should strive for - perfection!
Aidan, Dublin

I briefly met Mo Mowlam at a book signing for her autobiography. I'll never forget that she had taken her shoes off, and had a bowl of chocolates on the table that she was sampling in between signings. No pretences. This memory makes me smile on this sad day.
Libby, Belfast, Northern Ireland

She knew the importance of valuing people
Faisal, Swindon, England
She was a true politician but not as how people view politicians. She was honest and friendly and yet very sharp. She knew the importance of valuing people. She will be definitely among the few political figures that will always be remembered
Faisal, Swindon, England

A lady of great passion, bravery and integrity. An example to us all. We need more leaders like Mo Mowlem.
Liz Formby, Solihull, UK

She was one of the women whose quest for peace was the ultimate goal. She was the kind of woman I would want to be associated with as a role model. She will be greatly missed. Her place is with God now.
Filder Onek, Surrey Quays, London

The UK has sadly lost two great political thinkers within the space of a few weeks.
James Burrows, Enfield, UK

Thanks Mo, for being so brave and moving Ireland irreversibly forward towards peace
Barry, London, UK

Mo was honest and courageous. A wonderful role model for future generations. She will be sorely missed. Sleep soundly Mo.
Lynne Stewart, Glasgow, Scotland

My mother has lived all of her life in a sleepy little Lincolnshire village, and has never had an interest in politics. When visiting me in London a few years ago, and enjoying a meal in a Westminster restaurant, my mother kept peering over my shoulder. I'm sure I know the lady over there, she must me be from Lincolnshire.Eventually Mum approached this person to ask if she did indeed know her from somewhere. I wish I did come from Lincolnshire!, came the reply. It was Mo Mowlam. You perhaps didn't recognise me, I'm the Northern Ireland secretary, maybe it's the new wig that I'm trying.. I think I prefer the old one. Mo, to the astonishment of her guests, then reached into her bag pulled out her old wig and changed them over there and then. There are few politicians who would have time for someone who has interrupted a meal. Fewer still who would then interact in such a warm and self-effacing manner. A very sad loss. Rest in Peace.
Adrian, London U K

An outstanding woman who was assertive, had a no-nonsense attitude where it truly mattered and did all that she could to improve the deadlocked negotiations with NI. She will be greatly commiserations to her friends, colleagues and family.
Babak, Kent, England

Mo was an outstanding politician who gave hope to the people in the North of Ireland. She will be sadly missed here in Longbenton.
Barry Cook, Longbenton, Newcastle

So passes one of the good ones. A Coventry kid made good. I never met Mo, though my family were close to her mother, living in the same street for many years. She was always proud of Mo and her achievements. Losing Robin Cook and Mo Mowlam in such a short period. Now there are scarcely any politicians on either side of the house I would give the time of day to...
Hayden, London, England

I remember Mo Mowlam as being one of the few genuinely warm and likeable politicians. I described her to my seven year old daughter this morning when she asked why I looked so sad. The world has lost a wonderful person. RIP Mo.
Anna, Wrexham, Wales

Mo was a very brave lady, whose heart was in the right place. She's lost this battle but will be getting her due rewards in a better place now, I'm sure.
C. Zagorski, Walsall, England

A true inspiration to all those who wish to succeed in life
Andrew Davies, Retford, UK
A true inspiration to all those who wish to succeed in life. Mo's perseverance to get the job done, even whilst suffering from such a terrible disease makes her the best of British and really emphasises that inner strength that Great Britain is famed for.
Andrew Davies, Retford, UK

Farewell to a truly marvellous MP who the people of this country could relate to in a society that is increasingly becoming more and more distant from the people who govern it. Rest in peace.
Matthew, Leatherhead

A fabulous politician who was well respected by all parties. The bravery in which she tackled her illness endeared her to the public. She will be missed.
Cheryl, Rainham, Essex

Heartfelt condolences to her family. I was extremely proud and priveleged to have Mo as my MP
Jan Quinn, Redcar, Cleveland

I had the pleasure of meeting Mo while she was a Government Minister. An engaging and truly remarkable woman. Those in Government today, would do well to emulate her.
Mike Bloomfield, Middlesbrough

What a tremendous loss. A truly wonderful woman, not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for her principles. My sincere condolences to her family.
Doreen Curtis, UK

We have lost the rarest thing - a politician who spoke simple truth and as such a person whom it was impossible not to like.
Daniel W, Woking

The world has lost a truly a great political figure and honest person may she rest in peace
Terry Chambers, London

It's a very rare thing to watch a politician who is charismatic and full of fun as well as being open, honest and dedicated. What a very sad loss she is.....
Dawn Marshall, Staffs, England

In the space of two weeks we have lost two politician of tremendous courage and integrity. We will miss you Mo and dearly hope the political establishment will have the courage to acknowledge your remarkable achievements Rest in peace
Gerard Ferrie, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

She was the only politician I have ever had any time for. A great loss.
Neil Williamson, Southport, UK

I was very sad to hear of Ms Mowlam's death - she was one of the most genuine, engaging and refreshingly honest politicians I have known of. She was an inspiration to me when I was a teenager, a true role model for modern women who want to make their voices heard in society. She will be greatly missed by many.
Sharon Block, Leeds, UK

What sad news. Mo was an inspiration to everyone who met her. Her down to earth manner and honesty were beacons in a political world of smoke and mirrors. Her legacies are many. Her smile, even in crisis, said it all. Her integrity and humanity are an example to us all.
Barry Leach, Gloucester, UK

I would not normally be moved to write a tribute to a politician's passing, but Mo Mowlam was not a run-of-the-mill MP. She had an integrity and passion which is sorely lacking from today's crop of MPs. Her achievements were impressive, but it was her demeanour, her honesty and wonderful single mindedness that made her so popular and trustworthy. It was like having a friend in Government.
Owen, Braintree

Very sorry to hear this sad news. She seemed to me to be a very warm, compassionate and kind woman with a very good and strong sprit. Condolences and best wishes to her family and may she rest in peace.
Caroline Matthews, Leicester

A warm, funny, intelligent person who will be sadly missed. Here was someone who finally cut through the intransigence of local politics in Northern Ireland and knocked a few heads together. A politician with integrity, determination and style.
Gary, Manchester


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