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Boscastle: One year after the floods
Boscastle during the flooding
What are your memories of the Boscastle floods?

The village of Boscastle has become a 'ghost town' by night after the devastation caused by flooding 12 months ago, according to business leaders.

The chamber of commerce said that day trippers have been returning but not enough visitors are staying overnight.

Yet the resort has almost totally recovered with 80% of its businesses now back to normal.

Do you live in Boscastle? Have you visited the village in the last year? How has it changed?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received:

The trouble is that Boscastle has not advertised itself that things are back to normal
Chris Ivory, Bristol, England
The trouble is that Boscastle has not advertised itself that things are back to normal, and that, if people do not realise that the area is not a building site, trippers have been sensible enough to stay away. Wider good publicity and more of it is needed. I love Boscastle!
Chris Ivory, Bristol, England

I visited Boscastle in June, I found it very moving. It's a credit to the village how quickly the villagers have started to get back to normal. It's vital that tourists continue to visit, spend money in the shops, restaurants, B&Bs, Hotels, etc to help the villagers to cope financially.
Michelle, Northants

I visited Boscastle for the first time in June of this year. We stayed at a B&B just outside of town (Redivallen Farm). We choose that area of Cornwall strictly so that we could visit Boscastle and I was not disappointed. What a lovely village. Just what this American expected a small English coastal village would be. And the people were so friendly! I had heard about the flood on the national news last year and the B&B had books about it. I was surprised at the progress that was achieved in just a year. I'm sure that the village will be able to come all the way back and I encourage everyone to visit when they can (and spend money!) I know Boscastle is on my list for my next trip over.
Kathy Leonard, St. Louis, USA

Like many people from Bristol we regularly visit to pick up our Cornish pasties. And despite the floods and all the carnage down there, the pasties are still excellent. In fact, the crimping and density may have improved - probably due to the steely resolve of the hardy locals to get their businesses ship shape again.
Lucho Payne, Bristol, England

When I visited in June with my family the place was packed. Cars were queuing to get into the town. Also what about Crackington Haven just up the coast which was just as badly hit but never gets a mention? By the way both are excellent places to visit and I would love to return.
Antony, Warwick

The locals have done a magnificent job in repairing and rebuilding their picturesque little community
Owen, Herts, UK
My wife and I visited Boscastle in July, during a week's holiday in Cornwall. The locals have done a magnificent job in repairing and rebuilding their picturesque little community. Apart from there being a very fresh feeling about the place, the local shopkeepers are also very personable and make it a pleasure to visit the place, even to the point of thanking each and every customer for their support. When you visit the village and see the marks high on the shop walls which depict the water level of 2004, you can only be in awe at the monumental task they had to endure to rebuild their lives and businesses.
Owen, Herts, UK

Two weeks ago I was scouring the internet for accommodation in Cornwall, using various websites for Cornwall, particularly 'last minute' ones. Nothing was coming up indicating last minute availability in Boscastle at all. Otherwise I might have booked there.
M Sutton, Cambridge

Boscastle has so much more to offer than only forever being associated with "the flood"
Anthony, Boscastle
I live in the village and it's great to see things almost back to normal again after the terrible events this time last year. The place is busier than ever during the day but once this anniversary is done with then it really is time to move on. Boscastle has so much more to offer than only forever being associated with "the flood" - so enough is enough. Let's hope too that this anniversary will finally prompt those insurance companies who are still failing to help some of those businesses to get back on their feet.
Anthony, Boscastle

I'm going to stay in Boscastle for a week starting this Saturday and I can't wait! I visited at Christmas and much of the village was still badly damaged so I'm interested to see how it will look this time round. Anyone scared of staying needs a reality check. During the floods no one was seriously hurt, yet 30,000 people a year need hospital treatment after accidents in their own kitchen. Get things in perspective.
Peter, Nottingham

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