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Asian quake - Missing persons


Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below. Can you help?

Use the form on the right to send your stories.

Please email us again if you hear any news so we can update this website.

You can also send your photographs to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This is a fourth page of appeals:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

I am trying to reach a friend of mine who lives in Colombo. His name is Max Metcalfe. He is Canadian. If you have any info please let me know asap. Thank you.
Rosanna Bille, Stockholm

Dr. T.G. Prithiviraj, wife Delrine and two children. On Holiday in Sri Lanka, & working Lesotho, Southern Africa - any news or information?
Cynthia, Johanesburg, South Africa

I'm seeking information about Dr Marek Kokoszka and family who supposed to be vacationing in Sri Lanka over Christmas.
Scott Balbach, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I am very worried about my friend Priya Stocks and her husband Rob, who were in South India and Sri Lanka over the Christmas/New Year break. Does anyone have any news of them, please?
Ali, London, England

I am looking for my friend Pradeep Perera, from NJ, who was visiting his family in Sri Lanka.

We are trying to find out information about H.Sunil de silva, who was living at Wateregama, ahungalla, srilanka. He went out of his way to make our honeymoon special, and invited us into his house for supper and to meet his family please email if you hear anything please thanks.
lorraine & keith, shropshire, England

We are trying to contact one of our Landlord's Miss Rosie Hogsflesh who taught at the Columbo International School in Gregory's Road, we are concerned as we have not heard from her or her parents who visit this time of year
Leaders Ltd, Worthing

I'm looking for my friend who lives in Malaysia. I've tried texting him and there has been no reply. His name is Zulk Ab. Rashid and he's the manager of the National theatre of Malaysia. Also my sister worked in an orphanage in Sri Lanka and is desperate to find out if any of the children under 7 survived
Jaclyn Smith, Manchester England

We are hoping to contact Kathy Reeves- Wilkin who lives in Meetalawa, Gampola, Sri Lanka. Any information?
Terri Avis, Lindford, Hants, UK

I am worried about Chiasson and family Loretta Chiasson, Joel Chiasson, Joel Chiasson. They are in Columbo. Email me with any information please.
Sukhmander, Montreal Canada

I am looking for Mr. Faik Sally. He lives in Sri Lanka. Any news would be greatly appreciated!
Saad, Dallas, USA

I am looking for Jon Hawes from Aberdeen who is holidaying in Sri Lanka with his girlfriend.
Dave, UK

Please send information whereabouts of Devalage Don Dharmasiri, 304 Hrana Rd. Miriswatta Peliyandala
Ray Beale, Fabius, NY USA 13063

My friend is called Inoka Halwatura and she was with her family in Sri Lanka. She is of Sri Lankan nationality. If anyone has any news, please let me know. Thank you.
Wai-Lin Chan, London, UK

To Walter Blass, I am also looking for Henny Ginsburg from Stockholm. She is my mother's cousin. Please contact me right away if you hear anything. Do you know where she was staying? We are so worried.
Lucy Pollak, Woodland Hills, CA, USA

I am looking for my dear friends Tony, Shelia & Nattalie Brown who were vacationing in Sri Lanka for the holidays, please send any information, thank you.
paul deppe, lexington, south carolina

I am trying to find news on Devinda De Zoysa and all who work at the Villa De Zoysa in Boosa. I have contacted several information web-sites but can find no news on Boosa. Also seeking information on Anushka and family in Galle. If anyone knows anything can you please let me know asap. All Sri Lanka very much in my thoughts and prayers.
Tammy Allman, Sydney, Australia

I have to check whether my friend named Bharathy Vedanayagam is alive (should be). If any body find him pls ask him to mail me or give me a call.
Santhosh Kumar, Atlanta & US

Does anyone know whether the Sivarajah family, Andre, Sue, Ethan and Arran are OK? They are living in Colombo.
Sue Paterson, Farnham, UK

Does anyone have any news about Navarooban and his family from Batticalo. He was just passout QS student in university of Moratuwa.
Premathilaka SLRR, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

I am searching for members of Raj Pathiranage's family from Vijitha Habaraduwa, Sri Lanka. Children are Ushan and Lackmali
David F Smith, Toronto Canada

We are looking for Mr & Mrs Amarasingh and sons Charmika and Charnaka. They live in Marissa and owned guest houses. We would be grateful for any news.
Kate & Gavin Kerns, Northampton, UK

I look for Shamali, a pregnant lady who worked as therapist in the Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort. She lives in Bentota, in the direction of the temple were the elephant parade started in Dec (peripehen(l)e). The home is close to the Bentota ganga on the southern banks. It is situated in coconut tree plantations. She has two daughters, Sadhini and Hansini (both under 5 years of age) who go to a school were a German lady (Katarina) is headmistress (situated more inland).
Birgit Kapp, Ammerbuch, Germany

We are concerned for the safety & well being of K G S Kumara and his family. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Frank and Rose, Canberra, Australia

My family is live in Colombo up 2 now i did not have any news from them. Please help me 2 find them
jagath hedigallage, Manila, Philippines

I am looking for Paster Peter Lizasoain believed to be preaching around the area. do not know exactly where
Malcolm, Australia

My friend's family. Mrs. Deepika Prasanthie Hewamana, No.20/16, Beach Road, Polhena, Matara. She Worked in the Municipal- Matara. Wants to know about them immediately.
Priyanthie, Matara, Sri Lanka

We are desperate for any news of Michael Jones. He's working in Sri Lanka, refurbishing office blocks. These photo's are a few years old but the latest we have.
Lisa Jones, Burton, England

To Guy Poppy, Southampton, UK. Dr Chitra Bogahawatta is OK. I'm her collegue from University of Ruhuna.
kumudu, Sri Lanka

On behalf of his sister, I'd be grateful for any news of Robin Clarke, sometimes known as Robin Radcliffe Clarke, and his Sri Lankan wife Petronella (family name Abeysinghe). Their last known address is Old Road, Nawala, Colombo. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Caroline Westmore, London

Looking for Mr and Mrs Elk from Northolt Middlesex
Altwood, UK

I am looking for my friend Ajith Prasanna and his family from River Avenue in Aluthgama. Ajith worked at the Serendip hotel in Bentota and at a Water sport centre in Aluthgama. Any news would be very welcome.
Kate Tyrrell, Brighton, UK

Nimal & Mia Rajapakse, and their 2 young children (girl & a boy) from Guildford, Surrey. England. Went to Sri Lanka for the Christmas holidays, to visit family out there. School holidays are now over and there is no sign of there return. Does anyone know of them or where they might be? We have tried emailing airlines, but have had no reply. We are concerned neighbours.
Mrs Pauline McKenzie, Guildford, England

What is the situation inside Galle's Fort? Worried about Mr Kodhikara, who ran a Guest House with roughly the same name. Also the people in Weltevreden Guest House, nearby. Many thanks.
miguel, Macau, China

Please can anyone tell me the situation in Beruwela. I am keen to hear news of friends who worked on the beach outside the Eden Hotel, particularly Mr Sasankha Silva and his family. Any news would be v. much appreciated.
Lucy Oates, East Yorkshire, GB.

We are trying to track down our friend Tilani Guy de Font Galland. She was visiting family in Sri Lanka over Christmas.
Victoria Rouse, London

Does anybody know if Jayntha Samaraisnghe and his wife Nalini are okay? He worked at Teesside University for three years and only returned to Sri Lanka last month. Thank you.
Michael Macaulay, Middlesbrough UK

I'm looking for my two friends that live in Mahavihara, Molligoda,Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. There names are Lakshika Udari and Samitha Mirani Perera, if anybody can help please let me know. Thank you.
Charlotte Cooper, Goldthorpe, Rotherham

Katrin from Geneva needs to know about Sonali and family - could you pass her my e-mail addresses please. douglas.reid@csam.com and doug.reid@btinternet.com Thanks
Douglas Reid, London, UK

Looking for my dear friends: 1. Nazeefa Fawzer (B13, G2 NHS Maligawatte, Colombo 10); 2. Hareez Sulaiman (originally from Kandy but recently working in Colombo). Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Noor Subactagin, New Zealand

Looking for my dear friends: 1. Nazeefa Fawzer (B13, G2 NHS Maligawatte, Colombo 10); 2. Hareez Sulaiman (originally from Kandy but recently working in Colombo). Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Noor Subactagin, Dunedin, New Zealand

Looking for a friend named Haryvarama Camillus, 17 year old, Bristish but orgin Sri lanka, More likely to be in north as is Tamil, All of his friends and worried about him and his family and if anyone has got any news of him we would be very grateful. His other memebers of his family are Sanjeeva, 19 and Mufvy, 12. THANKS A LOT. God bless you
Bernadette Carrano, Bexley, Kent

Till now I'm still numbed by this tragic event that has claim the lives of our loved ones. I live in Germany and have a friend who works for the Sri Lankan air ways. She last wrote to me on the 22 December. Her name is THILANKI.Im very worried and if anybody has information about her and her family will help to calm fears. Thanks. FElix
Felix, Wiesbaden Germany

I am looking for my friend Nishendra who went back home to Sri Lanka for Christmas. I don't know whereabouts he lives in Sri Lanka but I do know that he works for HSBC and spent the last 6 months or so working in Leeds with a team of other Sri Lankans. I have tried calling, emailing and texting but I have had no response. Please, if anybody knows of his whereabouts, let me know as I am very concerned. Thanks so much
Nishendra, Leeds, UK

We are trying to find news of A.Rohan Priyahth of 95/5 Abrew Road,Kalutara North,Sri Lanka.Would like to know if they are ok.
Sue and Ian Mansell, Lincoln.England

We are trying to find news of our friend Camille Warren who was holiday with her family in Sri Lanka. We cannot contact her and are not sure whereabouts they where holidaying. They come from London and Camille lives in Manchester. If anyone has any news we would be extremely grateful.
Jacqui Darbyshire, Manchester, UK

Jerry Callow & wife Allesandra from London England, believed to be in Hikkadua or Galle when tsunami struck. Any news??
Nick Davis, Jomtiem Thailand

I am seeking information about sister Sarala and the nuns from the sacred heart convent in chilaw. If someone can give me any please send an e mail. Thank you.
carol farnell, bilston wolverhampton england

I am looking for any news on an Aston University friend who was on holiday in Sri Lanka with an older sister and mum and dad. Her name is Nishita Shah. If anybody has any news, could you please let me know. Thank you.
siobhan, birmingham, uk

I am worried about a dear friend, Udara Wickramaratne and his family, living in the southern coastal town of Matara, Sri Lanka. Udara works in hotel management on the south coast and his wife at the University in Matara. Would like to hear from anyone who knows that they are safe and well. Thankyou
Gail Howland, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

We are trying to contact Sujana Lucian (David) who is visiting family in Colombo, Sri Lanka with her 11 month son Jaden. She travelled out on 3 December 04. Sujana's friends and colleagues from NHS Professionals are very worried about her and would be grateful if somebody can please let us know if Sujana and family are safe and well.
Sandra Glass, London, United Kingdom

Seeking any news on our friend and colleague UDESH RATNAGOPAL (and family) of SWAMYNATHAN RATNAGOPAL based in Havelock Road, Colombo.
June Norris, Hungerford, UK

Would be grateful to know if Mr. Anton Srikantha from London, who always visits family in Sri Lanka at Christmas, is ok - and of course his family. My wife worked with Anton.
Mark & Rachel Edgar, Wellingborough, UK

My husband and I are looking for any news on Mehandra De Silva of Aghangalla, Sri Lanka. We met him when we got married there in the Triton Hotel in 1997. Also any news on the condition of the hotel would be appreciated.
Val McCarthy, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I'd like news of my friend Wolley De Silva and his family who live near Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka.
Paul Edwards, Haywards Heath, England

I am searching for my friends John and Noreen Egan from Epsom, surrey, United Kingdom. They went for a Christmas holiday to Sri Lanka or Thailand if anyone has seen or heard of them please let me know.
Wanda Collins, Manchester, United Kingdom

I'm looking for Cornelia Hulcher who was working in the mountains as a volunteer with the disabled and orphans.
Anji Dix, England

Looking for our friend - Mr. Tissa Wickramasuriya who was working at a resort in Sri Lanka.
Zoe Ranston, Kingston, Jamaica

Does anyone know whether Rohitha Silva (de Silva) from Kalutara is ok? He worked at the Hibiscus Beach Hotel in Kalutara North. Any news would be very welcome.
Caroline Hammond, Telford, Shropshire

I'm trying to get info about my friend Leela Gnanapragasm (aka Gan) and her family.
Stephanie Green, Oakland, California, USA

We are looking for news about our friend Ms. Thusarika Goonarthne. She was a post graduate from Aston University. We would appreciate any news about her & her family.
Aatish Davda, Uk

I am looking for my family members who arrived at Columbo Sri Lanka on December the 26 for holiday. Their names are Gerard, Renaud, Violaine and Daniele Weisgerber. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
Tristan Weisgerber, Paris France

Does anybody know if Devanthi Gunawardena who was visiting family in Sri Lanka is alright.
Mark Hellberg, Rochester, England

Looking for our friend Cassia Morrice daughter of Mr H Morrice, from Watlington ,Oxfordshire England. They were on holiday in Sri Lanka.
Felicity Brooks, Aylesbury England

I am looking for my friend Tissa Talagala who lives in St Mary's road Kandana any information will be greatly received.
Bo Handley, Isle of Wight, England

I am also wondering about the status of my friend, Duffy, also known as M.B.Peake, or Fr.Magic, lives in Tangalle in Sri Lanka with his wife, Kalyanie. Any news would be greatly appreciated!
Dorothy Root, United States

I am looking for news of Preethi Viraj, from Tangalle. We are very worried for him and his family.
Deborah, George Town, Cayman Islands

Does anyone knowing the whereabouts of M C Mohammed of Chilow Kochchikade.
Mrs Robinson, Essex

We are looking for the family of Renuka Weerasighe, on holiday in Galle, but living in Namibia, Africa.
Rudy Holst, Windhoek, Namibia

Looking for driver and colleages in Matara. Dickson de Silva, Sita Wickaramsuriya and N.R.N. W. Senanayakeo Walgamu Central, Matara.
Nancy Yildiz, Penticton, B.C. Canada

Is there anyone that can tell us the situation of Mr. Chandrasiri and his wife and children? He is a driver guide of Aitken Spence and a former driver of Walker Tours. He lives in Piliyandala. Is he allright?
Dieter & Sofie, Gent - Belgium

I am looking for my aunt, Heather Von Hagt who lives in Colombo. She is the sister of Vivienne (Jaitly)Von Hagt. I just want to know where she is and that she is well and in good health.
Romanie Jaitly, Ahmedabad, India

We're hoping for news of our friend Visaka Dissanayake who lives in Colombo. Any information extremely gratefully received
Elizabeth Young, Leicester UK

We would like to know if our friend Alex (A.S.U Abeythunga) and his family who live in Koggala - Habaraduwa are safe. Please let us know if you have any information. Thanks a lot for help.
Beatrice, Lorient, France

Does anyone have news about Anusin and Anoma Fernando? He is the wedding photographer at the Villa Ocean View. We have lost touch recently and are concerned for their safety, and that of their family.
Hari Williams, Cross Hands, Wales

I am trying to trace Alan Frank Vanlangenberg last seen around Bentota and Megambo. I would be very overjoyed to receive and information regarding Alan or any leads I can follow up. Please help.
Bryden Dyer, Helston, Cornwall

I am trying to contact Anura (Kalinge R. Anura), his wife Dhommik and their children Hiruni & Thiyani of Beruwela, Sri Lanka. Any news will be appreciated.
Ruth Hayward, London, England

Ajith De Silva of Gintoto Galle. Is he a survivor?
Joe Savoie, Bourg, Louisiana

I'm looking for a friend of mine who lived in Sri Lanka, his name is Shanake De Silva and he lived in the Colombo-04 area.
Rita Shand, Barnstaple, UK

I am trying to contact a colleague called Chitra N.L. Bogahawatta. Chitra returned to Sri Lanka after working with me earlier this year. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please let me know as she is not responding to emails. Many thanks.
Guy Poppy, Southampton, UK

Does anyone have any news about Dr. Harish and family from Galle. He was seconded to our local hospital last year and was very helpful during our daughter's illness. Any news gratefully received.
Torquil Gibbs, Great Missenden, UK

I trying trace the whereabouts of a Mrs P. Jayasundere and a dog she adopted from the UK called Lady! If anyone knows anything please contact me or if her sister here in England reads this please do let me know!
Glen Canning, Burnham on sea UK

If anyone has seen or has information about Cllr Mano Dharmarajah and his family (wife, daughter, son-in-law, grandson) who are in Sri Lanka on holiday, please contact Harrow Council.
Claire Noake, Harrow, London, UK

We are worried about a good friend and his family. His name is MC Chandrasiri and he lives in Piliyandala. He is a driver guide for Aitken Spence and used to work for Walker Tours. Can anybody please tell us any news about him and his family. Thank You!
Dieter and Sofie, Gent, Belgium

I am trying to make contact with my friend Mr Murphy Derrick Marcus and his family. He lives in Sri Lanka, near Columbo. If anyone can provide any information then please contact me.
Amanda Bentall, Gloucester

I would like to have news of Sagara family and Damague family - Talpe - (Galle). Thanks for sending me news.
Raffaella Simoncini, Empuriabrava (GE)-Spain

To Vicky Parsons of Westcliff on Sea in Essex. I am sorry to hear of the ordeal you and especially your sister have been through in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. We have friends living in this area and I believe that they were very close to where your sister, Sarah was staying. We have been unable to obtain any information on their situation and are very keen know if they are alive and to contact them and help in any way we can. If you or Sarah are able to provide us with any information I would be so very grateful. Please e-mail me if you can help?
Emma Lambert, Rayleigh, Essex

Please could someone tell me about the situation in Columbo. I am extremely worried about friends who returned there for Christmas. I don't think Columbo was hit but I don't even know if they were there on that day or on the beach. They are not replying to emails or texts, are others getting through to friends and family?
Jo, London, UK

I am trying to contact a close friend of mine Chamila Somaskandon, who went out to Sri Lanka for the Christmas Holidays. I have had no luck in trying to get in touch with her and be grateful for any news!
Meena Gokani, Hillingdon, Middlesex

Looking for any news of my brother Donald John Edghill,who went to live in Sri Lanka twelve months ago. He was in partnership with a Sri Lankan man setting up a business in holiday homes. If anybody has any information please contact me.
Bernard Edghill, Hereford England

Looking for John, Nilanthe Anishka and baby boy Worthington in Sri Lanka - Colombo. Hope that they are safe and well. Please try to let us know what you need xx.
Penney Malecaut, Ruislip, UK

Does anyone have news about Mr k. Anurasiri and family (Mirissa, Ocean View Hotel)and Pragash & family (French Garden Hotel in Trinco)? Was recently travelling through Sri Lanka. Would be grateful for any info. Thank you.
Shameen, New Zealand

Please can anybody give me advice or news how to contact Subash Jeewantha Geeganage, (Known as Sudu) Waulogoda, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka I am not hearing any news and am really worried from the tsunami.
Louise Wright, Southampton

Joseph Sheehan D'ablo D'abeysinhe and his wife Rita. Live in Cambridge (originally from Sri Lanka) but go back for the Christmas period. Know they were there. Does anyone have any news on them please? Would be very grateful for any news. Thank you and good luck to you all, Sally Troth
Sally Troth, England

I want to confirm whether Mrs W Gunaseeli De Silva of 47/1 Quarry Road Ratmalana Sri Lanka is safe. I would be very gratefully for any news.
Bob Heywood, Swansea U.K.

Looking for news of the Goonetilleke family who travelled to Sri Lanka for Christmas.
Jean Frances, Oxford, England UK

Please let me know if anyone has any news of Jupiter and Sriyani who run Jupiter guest house on Galle Road, Hikkaduwa
Akarsini, Melbourne, Australia

I'm reporting a missing person. He is my best friend's father. His name is Abdul Razak Al Qadeeri, a 59 year old, middle eastern man from Kuwait. The last thing we heard about him was that he was in Sri Lanka on 14 December and never got out of there. If anybody can help us please get in touch. Thank you.
Momhammed Hafez, Kuwait

Looking for news about our colleague Harinie Wijeweera who was travelling home to Sri Lanka for the holiday.
Adrian de Montfort, Leeds, UK

I am looking for a 6 and half year old girl named Parmitte. Living in Colombo, Sir Lanka. People keep on telling to give up and that she is dead. Could you please contact me with any information?
Louise, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We would like to know if our dear friend Donald Fernando and his family are ok address 326/2 gialmankade, Surya Loka Mawatha Kibulapitiya Sri Lanka.
Lynn Nudds, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

I am looking to hear if Arthur C Clarke who retired to Sri Lanka has survived this disaster. Please if anyone has any information on this elderly chap, can they let me know. Thanks.
Mark Dowle, High Wycombe

Trying to contact Dr Ajith Gurusinghe & family stationed in Galle. Any news will be most appreciated.
Prabha Job, Wash, DC

I would like to know if my friend Sena (Senarathna) of Weliamuna, Hendala, Wattala and his family are safe. If anybody knows if they are safe, please let us know. My thoughts are also with all of you who are looking for friends and loved ones. Let's hope they are safe. Good Luck.
Linda and Tony, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK

We are concerned about a close friend of ours Patrick Silva aged of about 45. He and his family lived at the coast of Mount Lavinia. We are really anxious to find Patrick and his family as they are very close friends of ours.
Helen Saville, Wakefield, England

I am trying to contact people who sheltered at the Rock House Hotel in Unawatuna during and after the wave. I was there with my husband Jon and our two young sons.
Tanya Smart, Lewes, East Sussex, UK

Seeking information on the whereabouts of Fr Srian Ranasinghe, OMI of Sri Lanka - we used to work together at St John the Baptist Parish in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA about 10 years ago. Thank you.
John and Jeanne Hall, Lisle, IL, USA

Please could anyone give me any information on the beach hotel Beryroo Moragella Beruwala especially about a Gihan Suranga de Silva "Devika" and Sampath Priyantha who worked there written letter before xmas but no word since tsunami.
P Wilcock, Warrington, England

We are looking for Micheal and Soma Stanfield who live at Udawatta wanting to know whether they are safe.
Helen & Richard, Wakefield, England

We are desperately seeking information on the whereabouts of Prema Seetharaman, who was vacationing in Yala, Sri Lanka. The other family members have been accounted for. Prema is an Indian citizen, 38 years of age and 5' 3" in height.
Srini Venkataraman, Chennai, India

Looking for Lal Perera, used to work at the Palm Garden Hotel, Beruwala, Sri Lanka. Have not heard from him for over a year. Would like to hear that he is ok.
Sue Varty, Newark, Notts

We are trying to find out if our friend Mahesh Wanigabadu and his family who reside at Gintota nr the Lighthouse Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka are safe and well. If anyone knows how they are, please reply.
Chris & Melanie Howe, Aberdeen, Scotland

Has anybody come back from Galle and can tell me what the situation is like on the road called Mahamodera which leads from the town to the Lighthouse Hotel? Our friend Viraj Manjuka (Manju) lived at No. 174 with his family. Desperate to know if he has survived. Any info gratefully received.
Hilary Roberts, Leamington Spa, England

Ann & Derek Mutch looking for Champika Izahgahie (Sri Lankan national) Could you please help us to find out if Champika is safe and well. She lives in the small fishing village of Wellabada, Balapitiya, near the Triton Hotel. We desperately want to make contact with her. Thank you so much.
Ann & Derek Mutch, Nottingham, England

Anybody heard anything from Andi & Anita from the Swiss Calm Rest in Mirissa? Please let me know, everything about Mirissa.
Barbara, Vienna, Austria

Looking for Sri Lankan doctors Ranil & Aswini Fernando. 8/3 Ragama Road. Kadawatha.
Angie Davison, Swansea, UK

Our friend Ajith Premakumara - jeweller living in Bayroohotel Road Moragolla Beruwela. Please let us know you are safe.
Joanand Ananda, Worcester, UK

I'm looking for Eric and Irene Hopkins. Moved out to Dharga four weeks ago they are from Bradford.
Gerry, Bradford

Looking for my brother Henri Nano and his family who were in Sri Lanka. Please, give us some news.
Nano Renée, Paris, France

We are very anxious to know of the welfare of our friends named Walker. An Anglo-Sri Lankan/Malaysian couple. He is tall and well built with greying nut brown hair, while she is petite with waist length black hair. They went to Sri Lanka on the 18th Dec. We have no idea of their itinerary.
Hugh Windsor, Hanworth, Middlesex, UK

Kay (abbott) and Ron have been trying to contact Tilak Selviah (general Manager at Eden Resort/Spa Hotel) - has anyone any information?
Tilak Selviah, Beruwela, Sri Lanka

I am looking for my friends Greg and Ali Cooper, they were travelling in India and I have received a post card saying they were flying to Sri Lanka for Xmas. Can anybody help?
Holly Anderson, Cornwall, England

I would very much appreciate any kind of available information about my relative: Henny Ginsburg.
Walter Blass, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are desperate to hear any info relating to the Hotel Club Horizon in Koggala, Sri Lanka. We stayed there 2 years ago and loved the place and the people. We are deeply upset by this disaster and would appreciate any info anyone might have about this hotel and surrounding area. Many thanks.
Sam Needham, Skipton, UK

Does anyone know the whereabouts of the Kuma family (Sheril & Nim, Evan, Natalie and Mother Helen Schokman, holidaying in Sri Lanka? Are they safe? We are friends and concerned for their safety.
Dalrene & Gary Pompeus, Melbourne, Australia

We are looking for Umpali worked at the Bentota beach hotel Jan 2003.
Ann Johnson, South Shields, England

We are enquiring after our friends ROY & RUBY DIAS we believe they were spending Christmas & New Year at their home in Sri Lanka. Could any members of their family or friends get in touch with us.
Robin & Karen Newhouse, Barton, Warwickshire, UK

Dawn and Ash Poole, Wombourne, England

I am searching for any news or information about a very good friend, Angelo Samarawickrema or his family. He is a graphic Designer residing in London, but always goes home to visit his family every holiday and usually spends this time in a resort. He has family in Australia and an Uncle that is a Lawyer in London. Please this man is very dear to me. May God guide these people to safety. Amen.
Karen Lee Wightman, Quebec, Canada

Looking for information on colleagues and friends Tim Hardy and Allison Skillbeck, holidaying in Sri Lanka over Christmas.
Andrew Cuthbert, Swanage, England

My mother Ann Brown is searching for news of her friend Margaret Smith whose Christmas card said she was off to Sri Lanka for Christmas and New Year to study rocks after their Open University Geology Course they did together, has any one heard from Margaret Smith from Biggleswade as there is no answer from her phone. Thanks.
Philippa Lawrence, West Wickham, Kent, UK

I'm looking for news about my friends Mr Mahebal M Fassy, his wife Nasliya, sons Ali and Aqtab, daughter Midha from Beruwela.
UtePenzel, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany

Alan & Stella Cathcart, & family holidaying in Sri Lanka. Has anyone heard from them. Please let me know.
Debby Bradley, Auckland, NZ

Friends who live in Thailand - Tim and Veronica Isaac (and children Sebastian and Joanna), were holidaying in Sri Lanka over Christmas. Very keen to know if they're safe and well.
Maggie Gallagher, Twickenham, UK

Seeking news on Jayanthi and Lohan Logonathan and their children Mithila and Mithily. They live in Batticaloa.
Caroline, Maidenhead, UK

Desperately want to find out about Imco and Helena Flipse and all the people at Surf City internet cafe in Unawatuna.
Jim Merry, Somerset

Concerned about a young girl who was a classmate of my son's at Barnes Primary in London. Her name is Nethmi Rajapaksa from Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. We hope she and her family are alright. Please contact if you have any news. Thank you.
Robin Cracknell, London, UK

Ruth Lord wants any news of Kalenga R Anura and his wife Dhommik and two children, Hiruni and Thiyani who live in Beruwela Kalwilla Watla Kacuwamodera Alutgama in Sri Lanka.
Sarah Lord, Hove, East Sussex

Gail Bruce - are you ok?
Louise Watson, Leeds, UK

I am helping a friend, Richard Foxley, locate his friend Tony Dengate, who in his last email contact stated he was going to spend 4-5 weeks in Kandy, Sri Lanka, but was heading to the south of the island to spend Christmas there for a few days. He has had no contact since the disaster. Would be grateful for any information. Thank you, and our thoughts are with everyone who has lost someone.
Steve Weekes, Westbere, Kent

Please can you tell us if our friends and their family are safe? They live in Sri Lanka and works at Hotel Serendib in Bentota Beach. His name is Sunil and he is the Head Barman. His family - wife, one son and three daughters live in Kalatura. Can someone please contact the hotel where he works as we are very worried? Thank you.
Mrs Jacquie Bartley, London

My sister & brother in law (Jo & Phil Fletcher-Lee) are somewhere in southern Sri Lanka. Their mobile phone is not responding so have no way of contacting them. We all feel so helpless.
David Fletcher, Darlington, UK

Trying to contact Joseph Ranjith who worked at Hakura Club Meemu Atol Maldives, travelled to Sri Lanka homeland on approx 28th Dec. Tried to contact by telephone but number unobtainable. If anyone knows of him please contact us.
The Allen family and Nicola, UK

I am concerned about my former student Uditha Ratnayake. She recently returned to her home in Sri Lanka and I have not been able to contact her. If anyone has news I would be most grateful.
Graham Mann, Perth, Western Australia

Looking for news of Lindon Mason, believed to have be living in Hikkaduwa.
Dave, Darwin, Australia

I am a teacher and I am concerned about a child, Aanand Rajkumar whom I taught last year. He was on holiday in Sri Lanka with his mother, Raji.
Debbie, Sydney, Australia

Looking for news about my friend, Jason Longstaff, who was on holiday with his family in Sri Lanka over Christmas and New Year.
Nick, London, UK

Nigel Duke who is staying with friends in Sri Lanka, travelled out 13th Dec. Does anyone have any details about him please?
Sandra Walters, Swansea

Can anybody tell us if Kurundawatta, small village near Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, has been affected? We have friends - Marie-Jo and Chaminda Marakadage, living there. No news. Thank you so much.
Donald Willis, Geneva, Switzerland

Looking for Carl Oakley. Last heard from Xmas Day.
Lesley, Middlesex, England

News please about a friend we made in Galle. His name is T K Ranjith and he was so kind to us and showed us the best places to see on our visit to Sri Lanka. Also, any news of the Serendip Hotel, Bentota? Such a lovely place. Many thanks.
Sue Innes, Fordingbridge, UK

I was wondering if anyone has seen Idrani Ibera from San Jose who was in Sri Lanka visiting family?
Anita Blatner, San Jose Calif, USA

Wondering if any one knows the whereabouts of Henry and Anna Warren who live in Portugal and are travelling around Sri Lanka with their 2 children. Wendy Stubbs of Cheltenham have you heard anything yet? Hoping they are all safe and well.
Leila Daniels, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

We are looking for our dear friends, Yamini and Shanthe De Costa and their 2 sons, Mishca and Shan, who were living in Dehiwela, Sri Lanka.
Lorraine Galea, Dalgety Bay, Scotland

I would greatly appreciate any information on two families in Trincomalee town: the Thiagarajahs on Cathedral Street and the Kulathilakaretnams (Kulam and family) at Main Street.
David Schneider, Aomori, Japan

I had a text from my friend Jess Wetherall that she was in Sri Lanka having just got married to Eric Armstrong. I cannot get a reply on mobile and have no news - can anyone help?
Adam Horler, Hong Kong

Desperately seeking news of the Jones family; Phil, Melanie, Rhiannon, Alice and Rachel - from Guildford, UK.
Grace Brandt, Croton-On-Hudson, NY, USA

Our family is looking for Milani De Silva (she got married a couple of years ago, so her last name might have changed) and her family. They live in Ahungalla and own a restaurant and a villa called Rocky Point Villa right next to Triton Hotel. We have tried to reach them, and tried to contact Triton hotel to make sure everything is okay in the area, but with no results.
Taina Pernell, Turku, Finland

I'm anxious to know if my uncle and my aunt are ok. They're British nationals and their last location was in upper Malaysia and until now they haven't called on my mom yet. My uncle's name is Paul Andrew King and my aunt's name is Linda V. King. Please let me know if you have information about them.
Albert V. Bibera, Cebu City, Philippines

I am trying to locate Nishanta Abeysinghe and his family (wife Shani and two kids). They travelled to Colombo in December to visit family.
Lena Chuzhoy, Peoria, USA

I am looking for my cousin Fr Winston Rosario, who lives in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Please let me know if you at least can locate him, and he is alive. Many, many thanks!
Alice Takacs, Lethbridge, Ab., Canada

Any information on the little surfing village called Arugambay in the north east cost of Sri Lanka. Especially Chutties family who runs the place call Chuttie' place. We would appreciate any information.
Paul Jago, Lennox Head, NSW, Australia

The link for the Drowning Support Network is: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/DrowningSupportNetwork All are welcome to join and participate in this peer support group for those who have lost loved ones in incidents involving drowning, especially when the recovery of remains has been prolonged, complicated, or not achieved... Thank you, Nancy Rigg, Moderator I looking for any information about my dear friend Gnakika (Suriarachchi) Wijayaratne and her husband Ravi Wijayaratne. They were visiting family in Rapmalana, Sri Lanka. My prayers are with her and her family.
Nancy Walser, Aurora, IL USA

I am looking for my dear friend from Matara, Sri Lanka. Her name is Rajika Dewasurendra, she also has a sister Ruchira. PLEASE ANYONE WITH ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THEM, EMAIL ME.
nadia , Matara, Sri Lanka

Please contact me..
Kristine Anderson, usa, bangalore

Novaloka Hosp. Rm#39 Alton Ashborn, approx.age 49, black hair and eyes, Nationality Ceyloneys
ollie amos, Hotspings, AR USA

To Brian Wilson and Margaret Oliver, I too stayed at the Taj Exotica in Bentota. I have found out that staff and guests are all well. There is news on their website. Apparently Bentota was not badly hit. The firends are made whilst on holiday, a family of four little girls, are all safe and well and they e-mailed me this morning to say Bentota is OK.
Lesley Bushnell, Dorking, Surrey

came across website: www.villa-in-paradise.com update on hotels and people in Unawatuna after tsunami hope this can help!
valerie, harrow,UK

For Sri Lanka information: www.weligama.info

I am seeking news about Dorothy and Denis Clark who were on holiday in Sri Lanka with their daughter Sally, her husband David and their daughter Claire. They were in the Taj hotel Bentota. Please send me any news of them.
roger gill, Hebden Bridge - England

We would like to know if our dear friends David and Paulette Griffiths are safe and well. They have been working in Sri Lanka for the past 14 months, but we do not know of their exact address.
Mary Grant, Sedbergh Cumbria England

Im trying to contatct a very dear friend. Her name is Chamindi Ekanayake (22)who lived in Moratuwa Sri Lanka with her family. Im desperate to hear from her and know if she is safe. My thoughts are with all of you.
Sarah Taylor, Staffordshire UK

Please has anyone any news of the staff at Paradise Beach Club in Mirissa, including driver, and friend, Siri who lived a little inland with his family? My heart and thoughts are with all of you at this time.
Chrissie Mortimer, Exeter, UK

Does anybody have any news of my friends Ludmilla(Russian) and Ron Ashton (British)? They went to Sri Lanka to buy a house. I am very worried about them.
Marjon Gutteling, Paphos, Cyprus

I am trying to get into contact with our friends who live in Kamburugamuwa near Matara. Their names are Hans and Dina Bos.
James, Vientiane, Laos


Any news of Gayle Johnston and her boyfriend Matt - they were travelling to the coast in the south around christmas - Gayle is around 30, tall with long brown hair.
Jenny, London UK

I am trying to get news of Alastair Lawson and his son Charlie who were going to Sri Lanka for Christmas and for a holiday to remember !! I cannot find any news nor contact anyone who might know - thank you
Charlie Garnett, Paris, France

We would like to know if Shrupti and Jatinder arrived home safely - they were on holiday in Sri Lanka and India.
Paul and Christine Drabwell, Beds, Beds, England

Doctors Svi and Kala Sriharan are missing from Sri Lanka while visiting family. Friends and colleagues in TN, USA, are very concerned. Please contact with info.
Doctors Svi and Kala Sriharan, Shelbyville, TN, USA

Seeking news of Jeanette, Jude and Amanda Machado. They are our friends from Slough who were visiting family in Sri Lanka over Christmas. I don't know exactly where they were staying, but would dearly love to know they are ok. If any of their family or friends see this - we are thinking of you all and cannot get Jeanette and the family from our thoughts.
Jo and Oscar Gray, Slough, United Kingdom

I'm looking for information on my mum and dad's friend barbara from Cobham, surrey, uk. She was last known to be in sri lanka.
Leyla Farrell, cumberland, KY, USA

Looking for the Nedimala family. They are family friends of ours. They were visiting the East region of Sri Lanka. Not sure exactly where. If you have any news of their whereabouts, please e-mail me at rsomas@hotmail.com Thanks.
Ramanan Somaskanda, Miami, FL, USA

Chatterjee, Arpita-vacationing in Sri Lanka with family. My good friend-Have not heard from her since Christmas and I am worried sick. If anyone knows of here whereabouts, please let me know.
Mike Hamilton, Roosevelt, New Jersey

Am looking for my friend Chamika Amarasinghe and his family living in Mirissa. No sign of life since dec 23nd.
Katrin Schlör, Freiburg/Germany

I am looking for my colleague, Chris Hill, who is tall and slim, aged 50 and has no right hand. Also his wife, Helen Seymour is with him. They were on holiday and due to return 31/12/04.
Amanda Vickers, Wakefield, England

I'm looking for my friend Srilal Wijetunge (Lal). He and his wife are building their retirement home (but not sure were on the island)& staying with Lal's sister. I've tried his sister's home phone number, but no answer. Any news would be appreciated.
Mick Hart, Oxford

With regards to the message from Roger Gill of Hebden Bridge, England seeking info about Dorothy and Denis Clarke who were in holiday in Sri Lanka. I do not have any firm news about them but the spreadsheet on http://www.contactsrilanka.org/namelist.htm shows them on a list of "evacuated foreign nationals who were registered by the Sri Lanka Tourist board." HTH
Chris Foote, Weybridge, England

I am worried about my long time penpal Lalini Rajasuriya from Columbo 6. please contact me
marilyn brain, uttoxeter, england

There is a list where you can write down missing people from sri lanka, or found people. Help this list and write ! http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/srilanka-tsunami/
lst, holland

I am trying to trace a friend - Mr. Derek Prince. Last known whereabouts: Jomtien Beach Road, Jomtien,Banglamung, Chonburi, 20260
Peter Turkington, Matlock, England

My friends have taken off six months from work and were travelling in sri lanka from 12th Dec onwards heading east I think eventually towards australia. Don't know married surname , but jacquie maiden name was frazer. If any person heard from them, please email me. Thank you
Jacquie and Joe, wakefield great britain

I stayed at the club Bentota last feb and was escorted around the island by Nishindra from the Bouganvilla hotel. Can you please send any information on how the tsunami has effected this area and any info about Nishindra's safety or whereabouts.
venetia, Birmingham UK

We are anxious to know the whereabouts of our friend Vanessa Rashbrook from UCLA Davis who wrote to tell us she was going to spend Xmas in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
Penny Bernard, Grahamstown, South Africa

Trying to find out about dear friend Steve Swanson. Staying in Sri Lanka for several months. Lives & works in Lake Tahoe, CA during our summers. Travels far east in winter.
Sabina Pellissier, Lake Tahoe, CA,USA

Looking for my colleague. Her name is Ulrike Barth and her daughter
Ingo Schleicher, Berlin Germany

We are looking for Lyn and Stan Overend of Sunderland UK, who were visiting Sri Lanka. If anyone has any information concerning their health and whereabouts, please could you let me know. Thankyou.
Anita Woodhouse, Halifax, England

I am very concerned about my friend Sarath Nissanka M.P. he is boatman in Kochchikade/Palangaturai,Sri Lanka if anybody knows about him please let me know
louis Dorlandt, Breda Holland

I am trying to find out if Chris Xinari from Bedfordshire is ok. He was in Sri Lanka. Any news would be appreciated. Thanks.
Nicola Pinney, Bedfordshire, UK

We are looking for the whereabouts of our Dad, Bill Kiddle. He is 54,tall and lives in East Sussex, England. Please send any information to rosekiddle@yahoo.com. Thankyou
Rose and Will Kiddle, Canada

I am eager to know if anyone can help with information about a Mr Rathnasiri de Zoysa who operates the Lagood View Beach restaurant in Kosgoda...I really want to help him and his family whom I met whilst in Sri Lanka. Rathnasiri lives opposite his restaurant and walks with a limp. They were all so wonderful and welcoming, I desperately hope they are ok.
Linda , London UK

For those of you looking for people in Arugam Bay - Merete Goodman or Richard & Cairo Brassard try arugam.com. It has a list of people and links to an email address and they will send you as much info as they have.
Layla Gant, Bristol England

I am concerned for the safety of my penfreind and her family , please get in touch if you have any information on Ishara Maduwanthi in Ambalongoda, or even if this location is badly affected! Thank you, Jayne.
Jayne Little, Dudley England

Desperately seeking information on Heidrun Vollstedt (from Duesseldorf)a German tourist, on Christmas holidays in Sri Lanka. Strawberry blond-reddish hair, 56 yrs old. If anyone has any news please post on this sight.
Gwen Saxlund, Long Beach, CA, USA

Looking news of Siriyawathie familie. Ibis Guest House Medilla near Tangalle
Mauger frederic, Paris-France

I am looking to see if jodi rosengren is afe
Mark MnMullan ,

Seeking information on Nishanta Dissanayake from Sri Lanka. Former student of ours here at Ohio University Library Annex.
Teresa Brown, Athens USA

We are also concerned about the welfare of Dr Tim read, Dr Jo O'reilly, and their kids, Thomas, Phoebe, and Nicholas. They were apparently going to stay in Kandy for Xmas. Does anyone have details of their family numbers in the uk?
Clare Norrie, bradford on avon,wilts uk

I am worried about mxy friend Evelyn McCracken and her partner Jochen they went to Sri Lanka on Friday 17th December and wanted to return on Jan 7th. Has anyone any news of their whereabouts or state?
Anne-Marie, Karlsruhe, Germany

We are desperate for news of our friends in Sri Lanka. M.D. Saman Gunathilake from Wadduwa, and K Aruna Pradeep from Kalutara. Both worked for the Blue Water Hotel in Wadduwa. Any news on staff of the Blue water Hotel would be appreciated. From Sue And Bill England
Sue Bonsor, Essex , England

I am looking for any news of Mike Kirkham and family holidaying in Sri Lanka over Christmas.
John Pidden, Herts, UK

I am trying to find news about a friend R.K. Chandra Soma and his family from Dodanduwa, Hikkaduwa. They run a Sea Food business there. I would appreciate any infromation.
Kieran Tapsell, Stanwell Park, Australia

Looking for news of old colleague and friend Ivor Sewell now living in Sri Lanka.Ivor lived in Martin Husingtree, Worcs but worked in S.E. Asia inc Saudia for many years
lane, stonehouse,glos

DICKS family. mum, dad and daughters laura and charlotte. youngest daughter charlotte is aged 18. both daughters have longish blonde hair. all visiting Sri Lanka
, Wales, Cardiff

Praying that my friend Dimal Welikaka age 13 is still alive. Any information please contact me, connor. I don't want to hear it announced in assembly when I go back to school.
Connor Pennery, Baldock England

I am seeking any news on my freind, Garuka DeSilva, or his family. They lived in Colombo 5 Sri Lanka.
Ruth Barbee, Dry Prong, La, USA

If anyone could tell us anything about the Hotel Serendip Bentota and its staff and also a friend we made when we stayed there, when we got married. His name is (TANGA) S Thangawelu. He is married and has young children and works as a tour guide in the Bentota area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
dave and maggie howe, kent england

I am concerned about my friend, Italian, Tony Nieman who was supposed to be vacationing at a resort in Sri Lanka during the holidays. I know he was arriving there after being in Abu Dhabi and wasn't sure if he had yet arrived in Sri Lanka. I hope to hear that he is fine. If you hear anything, please contact me. Thank you. Becky
Rebecca Bailey, Rome, Italy

For Dee Carraway, New Bern, NC USA. I think Induruwa was hit quite hard unfortunately. A website I found states that "Tsunami Tidal Wave Update: Severe damage to all hotels and infrastructure in the Southwest coast area". I am sorry I do not bring more positive news. I sincerely hope your friend is found soon and safe
Mrs Jenkins, Plymouth UK

Just back from Bentota in Sri Lanka-the bigger hotels around suffered no fatalities though many travellers lost possessions on ground floor level and although sadly local villages up the west coast were affected, many tourist hotels though damaged did not suffer as badly. Taj hotel was unaffected, bentota beach slightly....those on beach level and ground floor rooms more so. Height of building from shore made a big difference. we got the impression that small private beach lodges etc more affected and especially further south towrads galle and round the south and east coasts. that said much damage up the galle road on coastal strip to colombo for a distance of about 5-20 metres inland depending upon elevation and steepness of beach. areas with river inlets seemed to fare better. hope this helps.
Nick Peck, London

I am concerned about my girlfriend, named Nishita Patel who went on holiday with her parents and sister over the christmas period. She is about 5"2 tall and of Indian origin.
David Mellor, Surrey, UK

I wondered if anyone knows anything about 'KANDY' in Sri Lanka, i don't know if it has been affected and i would be grateful if someone could inform of any news relating to that or to a girl named 'Uthpala Wijayaratna'I pray for all people who are missing, thankyou xxx
Laura Dawson, Stockport, UK

Rochelle fernando/Michelle fernando travelled to sri lanka from italy before christmas to visit family. i hae no idea where they was staying but am extreamly woried. if anyone has any info pls contact me
mikala cakir, London

Does anybody have any news about my freinds Indra Kulatilake and his wife Sriani (Peiris) They have / had a house in Colombo,as far as I know it was in the Beach area.They also lived in London UK
Paul Lewis, Thamesmead,London

Was supposed to have visited Sri Lanka in November. All of his family reside in Sri Lanka. Please contact Brian Cruz with any information. Thank You.
Mohammad Aham Rafi Nawfer, San Antonio, TX, USA

Seeking news of Ineke Pitts, ex-pat from Salisbury, UK. Now living and working in Talawathugoda, Colombo. I do not know if this area was affected, or even if she was resident at the time, but I have not been able able to make contact with her. Any news would be much apreciated.
Debbie Solari, Sydney, Australia

Steve Lewis and his wife sue and two children staying at the royal guest house on galle road hikkaduwa. are they safe?
steve lewis, aberystwyth wales

Any news of RADHA CHANDRESINGHE, husband DON, son LANKA, daughter TAKSI, daughter in law ESTELLE (wife of Lanka). Radha & Don are Sri Lankan born physiotherapists who have lived in the UK for almost 30 years. Lanka and Taksi were born in England and Estelle is French. All in Sri Lanka for Lanka & Estelle's wedding reception on 29th Dec; they flew out on Christmas Day.
Nikki , London

I am trying to find out any news regarding Mr K Anurasiri and his family who ran a small restaurant/accomadation called the Ocean Moon on Mirissa beach
Marie-louise wilkins, Derby

I'm looking for information about my penfriend and her family. Her name is Namini Amaradasa, aged 17 from Hirimbura, Galle in Sri Lanka. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Thanks.
Katie Simpson, Crewe, UK

Anton Charles. Ass Engineer @ Bentota beach hotel Sri Lanka. if he & His family are safe & well anyone know any news.plz let us know
Martin &Georgina,

I am concerned and worried of the well being of my brother and his male friends who were on a christmas break. all go to brighton university and are all around the age of 20. if any one has any information could they let me know asap. thank you a lot sunny
sunny austin, maidstone,kent,uk

Five years ago, on our honeymoon, My wife and I were looked after by the most wonderful driver called, 'Rodney'. He worked for one of the many tourist tour companies. He has a family and his daughter was getting married at the time. We are desparate to know that he and his family are OK. Any news would be gratefull received.
Siamack Salari, Twickenham, UK

Looking for news of Raja Ranaweera of Wallaw Watta Dadella Galle Sri Lanka a driver. Hoping he and his family are safe.
Pat, England

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