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Asian quake - Missing persons


Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below. Can you help?

Use the form on the right to send your stories.

Please email us again if you hear any news so we can update this website.

You can also send your photographs to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This is a second page of appeals:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Please help. While 'Logana' is not a blood relative he is as good as family as we have stayed at the Serendib in Bentota many times. Our love and thanks go out to anyone who reads this. Please help.
Loganathon. M, Vic. Aus

Looking for a dear friend Trish (Patricia) Caudle (57) from Chorleywood, U.K. who was there with her friend Yasmine.
Mira and Gustav Bala, Novi Sad

I am looking for news about Fr. Noel Dias of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Does anyone know anything of him? Please let me know.
John Michael Burke, Holyoke, MA, USA

Am looking for a 9 year old boy by the name of Anosh Fozdar. Was in Sri Lanka with his parents, 2 aunts and younger brother. Last seen at Yala National Park. Anosh is from Bombay, India. Would appreciate it if anyone could provide any leads that I could follow up. Thanks.
Burzin Mehta, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Trying to find out if an old friend and work colleague is OK. Her name is Malki Chandrasekara, her husband is Dipal and she has a daughter Lilanthi. Malki used to live in London in the 1980s. Just want to know they are safe.
Martin Etherington, Tunbridge Wells, UK

Looking for the Fernando family who went on holiday to visit their relatives in Sri Lanka: Father-Victor Mother-Frances Son-Shalindra J. Son-Udeshmal and Grandmother is travelling with them. Please contact: kathymchance@cs.com with any info.
Kathy Chance, Anaheim, CA

We are desperate for news about Udara Dharmisiri and family from Udugama Road, Makuluwa, Galle. Please contact me with any news you have about her, the family or the area. Our thoughts are with you all.
Jim, Cheltenham, Glos, UK

I am very worried about the safety of brother Emmanuel Nicholas, following the devastating tidal wave that hit Sri Lanka this week. Brother Emmanuel works at the Lassillian Community Services, 25 Temple Road, Colombo. If anyone has any news about him, I would be most grateful.
Pamela Giles, Leeds, UK

We are looking for our dear friend, Sumelia Wattawa, living in Kesbewa, Sri Lanka. She works in a school. Please provide any information and email or phone number.
Karen Unger, Rye, NY, USA

Searching for old, dear friends - Phil Jones, wife Melanie, daughters Rhiannon, Alice and Rachel. English family from Guildford on Christmas holiday to Sri Lanka. We are desperate for news!
Grace Brandt, Croton-On-Hudson, NY, USA

News wanted about Kiths and Anoja Senevirat of Pirivena Road, Mount Lavinia, and daughter Amrita.
David Post, Lyme Regis, UK

I am trying to contact Chulie De Silva whose family come from Hikkadua. I desperately want to know if they are safe and well.
Raglan Sanders, Brunei

I would like to know if any one has heard from Lyn & Pete Willimin (not sure about the surname). They were visiting Lyn's mother and are not due back until March. Would just like to know if they are safe.
Pamela Crow, Farnham, Surrey

Searching for the whereabouts of Suminda Silva Weerasinghe, Moonlight factory, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.
R P Jones, Sussex, UK

I am looking for a person named Justin, his wife, Della, and three children who are visiting Sri Lanka, leaving Toronto, Canada on December 17-04 and were supposed to be staying in Columbo, Sri Lanka. I don't know their full names. If anyone has heard of these five people, please advise.
Anne Harris, Ontario, Canada

Does anybody know if Paul Mountjoy and his family are safe and well? I believe that they emigrated to Sri Lanka from the The Castle Hotel, Pengenffordd, Talgarth, Powys in the summer of 2004. Paul and his wife have a daughter named Bianca. I cannot remember Paul's wife's name but she was incredibly beautiful and I believe originated from Sri Lanka. Please let them all be safe.
Sam, Brecon, UK

I am looking for news of my sister, Angela Sanders, who had gone to Sri Lanka to start a new life. Her address was given as Bethel Blond, Wakhella Road, Hapugala, Galle, when she sent a xmas card to me. News of her safety would be grateful.
William Burdon-Taylor, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

I am looking for information regarding the whereabouts of Sri Lanka residents Christine and Lakshman Kirtisinghe. I am also looking to contact their daughter Eshanie for further information. Thanks.
Tracy Wong, Chicago, Il, USA

Fernando Bengoechea was last seen in Arugan Bay in Sri Lanka. He was being swept away by the waves. We still have no word. He has braces, brown hair and is a young looking 39 year old.
Marilisa Bengoechea, San Diego, CA, USA

Trying to contact William S. Walker, visiting all islands. Friends are very worried.
Randy Wood, Grapeview, WA, USA

My dear friend Roda Infield told me she was going to spend Christmas in Sri Lanka and I am very worried about her. She is in her late sixties and was travelling alone but probably with a group.
Ann Rachlin, Icklesham, UK

I am trying to find our friend Gerry Wald, he is working in Sri Lanka running a guest house, any information would be appreciated.
Christine Jones, London, England

We are trying to Ranjith and family who live at 27, Medilla Beach, Tangalle, we have had regular contact for 3 years, now nothing.
Richard Blackwell, Stockport, Cheshire

I desperately want news from my friend and her family live in Polhena Matara. I have not heard from them since the disaster.
Lakshmie Cromie, Australia

I am looking for Jos and Shiranie Langeveld. They were in Sri Lanka living somewhere between Galle and Marata.
S van Harmelen-Marshall, Holland

My sister Dinah Frye, from Adelaide South Australia, was on holiday in Sri Lanka with her husband and 2 daughters. Chris and the girls are safe but Dinah is still missing. Sandy - brown hair and 5ft 4. Does anyone know how it works if I decided to go over there. Thank you.
Susan Covington, Orem, Utah, USA

I am trying to establish if there are communication problems in the hills South of Kandy. I have an old school friend Steven Davies who married a Sri Lankan, Fazeela, and they are not responding to email. I am anxious to establish if they decided to have xmas at the beach anywhere. Steven has a sister in the UK, think Southampton area. My thanks.
Michael Collard, UK, High Wycombe

Family relatives of Melanie Jayasekera from Sri Lanka. Father is Omar Jayasekera. Please contact with any information. Thank you.
Karmen and Maria, El Paso, Texas, USA

Does anyone have any news of John McCarthy, a Glaswegian now living in Sydney. He was on holiday in Sri Lanka with his girlfriend.
Brendan Brady, Sydney, Australia

Kenneth Monk was from England. Good friend of my brother-in-law. Was told he was going with his girlfriend to Sri Lanka for Christmas for Sun.
Kenneth (Kenny) Monk, Bayside, USA

Has anybody seen the Fuchs family from Wiesbaden, Germany? Barbara Fuchs (late 50s, her husband Bodo (mid 50s), and Simon (mid 20s), and Katarina (early 20s). They were in a beach resort in Sri Lanka. Please email or post notice. We are very worried.
Evelyne Zoude, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hello - I am eager to hear any news of a friend - Mary H Stones -who is vacationing is Sri Lanka over the holidays.
Jean McFarlane, Kitchener Ontario Canada

Seeking information on friends Richard and Rayner Stockford from Sevenoaks, Kent, thought to be on holiday in Sri Lanka.
Maggie & David Lambert, Bedford, England

I would love to hear good news about a 7 year old boy in my class. He is Pierre Barton, from Brockenhurst, who had gone with his family to Sri Lanka for a family wedding. Any news would be very welcome of Pierre or his family.
Elaine Arrowsmith, Hampshire, UK

I'm looking for news regarding Amy Hamlyn. We worked together in Japan and the last I knew, she was working and living in Sri Lanka. Please contact me if you have any news.
John Evans, Enfield, UK

We are trying to locate Kusal Dahanayake. Kusal was our guide and became a friend during a recent trip to Sri Lanka. We would appreciate any news about him or his family, who lived near Matara.
Carolyn Straehle/Stefan Vangeel, Brussels, Belgium

I am looking for Barbara, a friend from Yorkshire, staying somewhere in Sri Lanka. No response from her mobile or home telephone number. Please let Dilanthi and Gavin know you are safe.
Dilanthi, Guildford, UK

I am looking for my best friend and her parents that went to Sri Lanka for Christmas. Their names are: Ramona Mendis(13), Randy Mendis (60 or up) and Helena Mendis (Dutch). They live in Ha Noi, Vietnam, but went back home to Sri Lanka. I don't know if they were hit. Please let me know if you see them!!
Alana Lee, Manila, Philippines

Searching B. Pemasiri who used to live in Ahangama Galle Road and was owner of Hotel Tiny Comfort.
Joslemmens Breda, Netherlands

Hoping for news of Ranjan & Shaunagh Aluwihare and their 2 children Benjamin & Lelia. They live in Colombo.
Katherine Smith, Raissac d'Aude, France

We are concerned about the safety of Roger, Helen and Charles Ford who were holidaying in Sri Lanka over Christmas.
Ray and Lynne, Bottesford, Nottingham, England

We have no news about Frank. He is a tall boy, he is about 45 years old, British citizen.
Frank Birkinshaw, Padova, Italy

We are looking for any information on the, to us, so generous, wonderful and caring family of Mr Siri; owners of the Ocean Moon Cabanas & Guesthouse in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Any info please mail us. Thank You!
Annika Bratt-Forsberg, Stockholm, Sweden

To Delfina, Mexico: I returned from Sri Lanka on 31 Dec. I had been in regular contact with Richard Brassard by email and cell phone up to 1013 hrs on 25th December when I spoke to him. He was at Arugam Bay on the east coast of Sri Lanka and due to be staying with us from 26th December at Sunbeach Hotel Hikkaduwa. We have not heard since or been able to make contact by phone or email. I am trying to find out if Richard and Cairo are safe and well and please contact us directly if you have any news.
Neil Butler, Glasgow, UK

I am looking for information on Rehanna and Graham De Jong and their two daughters Jaclyn and Cheyanne from Melbourne, Australia. They flew to Sri Lanka prior to Christmas for a four week holiday to visit their family/relatives. Any news would be welcome. Thanks.
Theresa Donnelly, Melbourne, Australia

My daughter is concerned about a friend, Andre Lubbock, who went to Sri Lanka on the 19th December for a month. Andre is about 5'8" tall, is about to turn 33, and is English, although he lives in Wellington. Andre, we hope you are safe!
Rowena, Wellington, New Zealand

Trying to get in touch with Gladstone Mathiasz. Of Gorakana, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
Iris Garbutt, Dagenham, England

I am looking for a family we met at Palm Paradise Cabanas at Tangalle Beach, hoping they are all okay. A man and woman from Kentish Town, London, with a son of 14 and a daughter of around 10 called Ella, lovely people we met travelling. We went onto Unawatuna and ourselves and our two sons 7 and 8 are safe.
Tanya Smart/Jon Walter, Lewes, East Sussex, UK

Does anyone know if Jai's and Rams just up from Weligama survived please. I made many very good friends there and would like to know if the families survived this terrible disaster. My thoughts are with all who have suffered. Please contact me if anyone has any news. Thank you.
Mike, Okehampton

Looking for a dear friend, Trish (Patricia) Caudle (57) from Chorleywood, U.K. who was there with her friend Yasmine.
Mira and Gustav Bala, Novi Sad, Serbia & Monte Negro

We are trying to find out if our Sri Lankan friends we met at Easter 2004 are safe. H A K Upathissa (tissa) his wife and 2 children. They lived at 58/4 Havelock Road, Galle - but alongside the railway station. Have tried their mobile, but no answer. Very worried as this is in a low lying area of Galle.
Lesley Maslen, Yorkshire, England

I am trying to get in touch with an old friend by the name of SM Hashim or his son Rimzan from NH Mawatha in Chinafort, Beruwela. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please post your messages on this noticeboard.
Deepak Shamdas, Middlesex, UK

We are looking for Stuart and Sam Whiteside, they are living in New Zealand but own a Cabana in Arugambay in Sri Lanka. We tried so many times to get in contact with them. They often are in Sri Lanka for xmas. His children's names are Tracy and Paul, they both live in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. Please let us know if you are all right.
Odile and Brian Freeman, Hoeselt, Belgium

My partner and I stayed at the Taj Exotica Bentota, Sri Lanka, earlier this year and made friends with staff and local people. We have had no info regarding this region or the hotel and its staff. Can someone help. Thank you. Brian and Margaret.
Brian Wilson/Margaret Oliver, Norwich, England

This is the 2nd time I am writing to see if anyone has any news of my dear friends on the south coast. I cannot reach them and am very worried. They are Santha, Astrid and Lisa at the 'Sudu Weli Cabanas' in Kirinda, Tissamaharama; friends who own the Island Bar/Rest. in Unawatuna, Galle, and my friend Noel at Wide Beach Hotel in Hikkaduwa. I am thankful for any news.
Elsworth De Jonk, Sri Lankan in Hamburg, Germany

Has anyone heard anything about Fran Lloyd, Pat and their family - still trying to find out news of them
Sarah Chaplin, Kingston, UK

I am awaiting news of my close friend Claire Brittain from Bexhill. She was in Sri Lanka with her boyfriend Rob from the 23rd December. My hopes and prayers are with them both.
Emma, Eastbourne England

Trying to get in touch with Kodituwwaku who words in People's Bank Galle and lives in Galle near the Rampaarts.
Mohideen, Galle

We desperately want news of our friends in Beruwala. They are Vilag Lakmal and his family and friends who live in Moragalla Beruwalla. We have not heard from them since the disaster.
Decima White/Mandy Johnson, Kettering England

I am trying to locate my housemate Vanee Ratnagopal, who left for Sri Lanka with her sister Jenny and parents around 15/12/04. She is 18 years old, born March 18, 1986 and petite with long black hair. They planned to stay with family in Jaffna. Please get in touch if you have any news.
Alberta Amuh, London, England

Does anyone have news of Ian and Raychel Hatfield, on holiday in Sri Lanka?
Christine Harris, Ledbury, England

Trying to locate a friend in Sri-Lanka who was on a singles holiday. Richard Buss is 38 years old, with receding grey hair and about 16 stone. Please let me know if you have seen or heard from him.
Richard Buss, Weston Super Mare, England

I'm looking for my friend Manju from Koggala. He lived in Sinnha Deewaragama Street. If you know something about him or his family, write me, please.
Irena Chrapanovß, Bratislava, Slovakia

I am looking for my father who was working in Sri Lanka. His name is Francis Edward Devine, he is 50 years old and is a sewing machine mechanic. If you know of his whereabouts or Mr Devine sees this please would you contact the embassy to let your family know that you are okay.
Francis Devine jnr, Livingston Scotland.

Looking for a dear friend Diane Williamson from Chester, U.K. who was there with her partner, Simon.
Sheila Doshi, Dunedin, New Zealand

Trying to contact friend and work colleague Maureen Harrison and her husband Rod, both in their late fifties/early sixties, from Portsmouth. They went to Sri Lanka just before Xmas and we have been unable to contact family to check their whereabouts. Grateful for any news.
Georgina, Portsmouth, England

Trying to find news of Mark Oxley and family?
Luke Morgan, Ludlow England

I'm looking for any information on Sri Lankan native Seshadri Coorey. She is 16 years old and is from 6th Lane Rawatawatte, Moratuwa. If anyone is to find her please urge her to contact her pen pal. I have heard no news from her since the disaster.
Nicola, Fife

I am looking for information on Fanella Bosomworth and Roger Ely. Fanella is 5.5" tall with strawberry blonde hair and is slight of build. She is a teacher from WCS in London. Roger works at a British Embassy school within Sri Lanka. Fanella was visiting Rogers beach front hotel in Sri Lanka for Christmas. Please contact if you have ANY news of either person.
Tara Allen, London

I am trying to make sure friends at Rocky Point in Tangalle are ok, the owners and their help. My friend Suranga worked there and I am worried for him. Thanks for any info.
Albert, SF, CA USA

I am seeking information about the fate of my friends, Sylvia and Julian (aka Pat) Diaz and their two grown sons, Jonaka and Julian, who were vacationing in Sri Lanka.
Pat Burns, Chicago, IL, USA

Does anyone have any news of the whereabouts and well being of the lads who operated the boat trips etc from the beach around Bentota. A couple of names we remember are Bubba and Dominica who we became very friendly with whilst on holiday there.
Paul and Sandi Gibson, Leeds, UK

Looking for a friend of mine Ade (or Adrian) Barber. He is working in Thailand and was meant to be spending Christmas in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Disa, Reykjavik, Iceland

Ray Ray - Ellie and your father are really worried. Pls contact if possible. Rayleen Lenore Brosha, 5' 7", Between 145-150 lbs, brown hair, green-blue eyes, physically fit, tattoo of Canadian maple leaf on lower back, surrounded by celtic design. Was last heard from (7 Dec) in Burma, planned on travelling through Indonesia until end of the month.
Danielle Morneault, Ottawa Canada

Need to know about a good friend and her family who live in Sri Lanka. Hasani De Saliva and husband Oliver and their young daughter, baby Senia. Father of Hasani lives in Globe Arizona and may be there visiting on Holiday. Hasani is in her 20's, Oliver in 30's and the baby is almost one. Please help with any information.
Katie Davis, Claypool Az United states

We are worried about the safety of our friend Sujith Chrishantha Prasad of Wewa Road, Ihala Hattiniiya Marawila.
David & Kath Jenkins, Wilsden, Bradford, UK

We are friends of Shini da Silva, Andy Frith, and their daughters Caithlin and Ellen. They are staying in Sri Lanka with most of their family. We should be delighted to hear that they are safe and well.
David Barrett, Royston, Herts.

Searching for Harinie Wijeweera colleague and friend who was visiting her family in Sri Lanka from 23rd December and was due to have stayed until 17th January - very concerned for her safety and welfare.
Catherine Byres, Ingle by Barwick, UK

I am looking for my friend Jean Lloyd (first-name Lydia), she's 59 and from Wanstead in London. She arrived in Sri-Lanka for a 3 week holiday on 22/23-12-04. If you have any information about her whereabouts please let me know.
Delia Exley, Stockport, UK

I'm concerned about my friend Altaf Junaid who lives in Colombo. I haven't heard from him since he went home from Britain for Christmas. Any news welcome.
Alex Rees, Northampton, England

Trying to find any relatives of Ricardo Soyza - they come from Sri Lanka around Colombo or Kandy area. His mother's name is Pearl, his late father was Roland. His sister is Roxanne, has lost contact and desperate to know if they are ok.
Christina, Croydon, Surrey UK

I'm looking for a nice family which rented rooms for tourists in Mirissa - Sri Lanka. The little boys name is Yasas and his fathers name is I.M.Darmadasa. They have their house direct on the beach.
Steinmann Markus, Geuensee, Switzerland

I am searching for my brother John Walker's two friends. One living in USA the other in Sri Lanka. Tyrone (Sri Lanka) and Tony Graham (USA) both were on a trip to Yala National Park. Any information on these two? Can anyone help? Many Thanks.
Richard Nigel Walker, London, UK

I am looking for a family in Moragalla near Beruwela. Has anyone any information about Thalik and Geethani Nelun De Silva and family of 57 Police Bungalow Road? I am urgently seeking information about my dear friends.
Sandy Simpson, Aldershot, UK

I am missing a friend of mine - Steve Ebbutt, who is on a yoga retreat in Sir Lanka over Christmas. He is a tall, slim blond man in his late 30's. He lives in Manchester, England. Desperate to know if he has been found or made contact. Please can you contact this website if you have any information.
Allison Eversden, Auckland New Zealand

My mate is missing - Josh Smith, English and brown hair. Contact me if seen.
Louise Harris, Weybridge, England

Looking for news of my friend Nissanka Arjuna DeMel of Horton Place, Colombo Sri Lanka. Please let me know if you are ok
Yvonne Lucky, San Antonio, Texas USA

Trying to find out if two of my friends who live in south Sri Lanka are ok their names are Pradeep Priyadarshana who lives in Aluthgama and Sampath Suranga who lives in Dadalla, Galle. Any news appreciated thank you.
Jemma Cringle, Bournemouth, England

I'm looking for my friend Asmara Ramola Rassool& her family living in Wattala. I'm unable to reach them by phone and email. Any news would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon Campbell, New York, USA

Seeking info regarding good friends who reside in Bangalor India. They may have been visiting her family in Sri Lanka for Christmas. He is Sigi Schoen who works for Compaq. She is Aruni Nanayakkara, mother of two beautiful little girls age 2 and 4. Any info regarding their whereabouts or the fate of the Nanayakkara family would be appreciated.
Sandy Morris, Frisco, TX USA

I have been asked to seek news on Kathy, Dennis and Alex Mahoney by Marie Adams in Grimsby, UK.
Rick, Grimsby, England

Seeking information about a dear friend Amanda Boote, her parents and her boyfriend Maroj who have been holidaying in Sri Lanka.
Mandie, Bradford

We are worried about our cousin John Porter. He is a charity worker and independent traveller who visits Sri Lanka regularly to work on irrigation and agricultural projects in the south of the island. We wonder if he may be safe as he was planning to be in Vietnam and Laos over Xmas and returning to Sri Lanka for New Year. I'm sending this message on behalf of my father Walter Cullis of Worcester.
Ann Cullis, Swindon, UK

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Looking to see if a friend (Primrose Keller) of Boralesgamuwa or Barahelagamuwa I'm not sure which, is ok. If anybody has any information of any kind of news please let me know.
Kurk Scoble, Gillingham, Kent

Does anyone know if the staff at Koggala Beach Hotel in Sri Lanka are safe?
Rachel, Cornwall UK

I am trying to make contact with a Sri Lankan pen friend and his family. The name is Uraya Wickramasuriya, Mandawala. If someone is aware of their safety can they please let me know. Furthermore, can someone advise me if the address was affected by the disaster, as I cannot find the location on any map available to me at this time.
Keith Lloyd, Ruthin, North Wales, U.K.

Concerned for a teaching colleague and his partner on holiday in Sri Lanka - Ian Davies. Teacher of ICT. Any news gratefully received.
Clare Munt, Derby, England

We got married at the Triton Hotel and made friends there with the staff. I want to know how the workers at the hotel are.
Mr and Mrs Songest, Norfolk, UK

Looking for Sailaja Suresh, 12. Visiting family in Sri Lanka over Xmas. Very worried about her.
Phoebe Syms, London, England

I am looking for a dear friend, John Davidson, an American about 56 years old. Very tall, has been living in France for over 30 years but with US passport-in Sri Lanka.
Jane Evelyn Atwood, Paris, France

Trying to locate my friend Verena LaBrooy and her husband, who owned and were in the process of refurbishing a small 6 bedroom hotel and restaurant in Tangalle. Any news at all would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
Ann Beresford, Surrey, England

Looking for Sailaja Suresh who was visiting family in Sri Lanka when the wave occurred.
Phoebe Syms, London, England

I am seeking news of my colleague, Mika Hashimoto, who was holidaying in Sri Lanka. She is Japanese and her husband, John, is English. Any news?
Maggi McEwan, Portsmouth, England

I am looking for any news on my friend Nicky Massey (maiden name). She is married to a Sri Lankan, Janaka. She also has a son Jamu. They own a guesthouse somewhere in Southern Sri Lanka...if I remember rightly it was called Janus? She is originally from Hampshire/London where she worked for many years as a nanny. Can anybody help?
Angela, London

I am seeking news of the whereabouts of the Clements family from Coventry. They were on holiday in Sri Lanka when the wave struck. If anyone has any news of Barry and his children, can they pass a message on?
Jim Price, Birmingham, UK

We are desperately searching for Flory, a blond three-year-old girl. She was lost in Medilla Beach, Tangalle. If you have found a small German girl please contact this website.
Sabine Pienitz, Frankfurt, Germany

We are missing our parents who were in Mirissa, between Galle and Matara, Sri Lanka. They are Dutch citizens and their names are Anne van der Valk (grey-blond hair half-long, 1.60m, age: 59) and Jan-Willem van der Valk (dark hair, 1.84m, slim, age: 60).
Margriet van der Valk, Brummen, Netherlands

Message for Margriet van der Valk who was looking for her parents: I was in Mirissa on the day of the tsunami, and i think I may have been talking to your parents on a hill as we waited to feel safe enough to return after the tsunami. Unfortunately I did not ask their names, but they appear to fit your description. I had met the couple several times on the trip. We met on a train to Hapatule in the hills, and again in Mirissa. Just to expand the description, when I first met the lady who may be your mother I was struck by the fact that she was wearing red lipstick - does this sound like your mother?
Victoria Temple, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Seeking information about my colleague and friend, Richard Burrows from East Anglia, UK - holidaying in Sri Lanka's south west coast when the tsunami hit.
Noel Hamilton, Tokyo Japan

Richard Burrows, from Ipswich UK/Tokyo is alive and well. See Evening Star for details! I hope more of us recieve good news.
Maria del Vecchio, Japan

I am desperate for new of my friend Florence Goonetillake and her family. She was spending Christmas at her house in Nattandiya and I have been unable to make telephone contact. Please help. Thank you.
Joan Campelli, Guernsey, Channel Islands

To Joan Campanelli - in case you are still looking - Florence Goonetillake's name appears on the list of those that have contacted Sky as being safe & well - see www.sky.com
Dawn, Eastleigh UK

American friends are seeking information on Cockburn family from Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK - Dave, Polly, Jen, Megan spending Christmas vacation in Sri Lanka.
Polly Bayrd, Minnetonka, MN, USA

Message for Polly Baird, Minnetonka. Cockburns are safe and well.
Martin Wood, Harpenden, England

I have a group of friends in Sri Lanka from Wandsworth, London. The Warren family. Pat & Fran are the parents & their 5 adult children are with them, some of their kids boyfriends & girlfriends are with them too. Other friends saw them in Unawatuna a couple of days before the disaster struck. We have had no news from them since the disaster. No response to e-mail or mobile phone calls or text messages. We realise that it must be chaos but please if anyone has heard anything about this large family group please let us know. Thanks. Our thoughts are with everyone at this dreadful time.
Martin Webster, New York, USA

The family from Wandsworth (parents Pat and Fran and their children) who Martin Webster posted a comment about on this website have been in touch and they are all safe and well. They have lost all of their belongings and are currently in Colombo awaiting flights to come home but are all OK.
Becky Midlane, Wandsworth, London

Does anyone have any information about seamstress M M M Cooray or her family, who live in Paiyagala, south of Kalatara in western Sri Lanka?
Shelley Forgan, UK

I am concerned about my friends who live in Sri Lanka. Their names are Jack and Jo Eden and their two kids, Maddy and Nic. Please let me know if they are alright and safe. Thank you.
Janet Martin, Hong Kong

To Janet Martin from Hong Kong: Jack and Jo are fine as well as their kids. Lots of water damage in their house but in good health.
Janneke, Galle, Sri Lanka

For the current list of survivors who have so far come forward in Sri Lanka, please visit the following website. This site is updated throughout the day so keep checking back: http://www.contactsrilanka.org/namelist.htm
Mick, Nottingham, UK.

I still haven't heard from my sister Sarah Parsons, her (Dutch) husband Robin Lock and their two beautiful children Rawnie who is aged seven and Luke, four. They have lived in Sri Lanka for nearly two years and were staying with their Italian friend Manuela on Tangalle beach at the time of the disaster. If anybody has seen them or know where they are now could they post a comment on this site? From Sarah's sister, Vicky.
Vicky Parsons, Westcliff on Sea, UK

I read Vicky Parsons' appeal and wonder if she has heard anything because I am concerned about a friend Alexander Boyd also at Manuela's. Please let me know if you know if he is OK. Thank you.
Susan Tereba, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

My sister Sarah Parsons,her husband Robin Lock & two children Rawnie & Luke, have now been located and are back home in Galle. I spoke to her last night & they are all alive, but extremely traumatised having only just survived on Tangalle Beach in Sri Lanka. We are all unbelievably relieved and our hearts go out to the other families who have not been so lucky.
Vicky Parsons, Westcliff on Sea

We are trying to find out what happened to our friend Steve Lissenburgh and his two young sons Vikram and Nikhil. We know the wave got their jeep and that Steve's wife Sonali survived but there is no news of the others. Steve is about 40 and the boys are half English half Sri Lankan, aged 8 and 6.
Douglas Reid, London

Re: Lissenburg family. The children used to attend the school where I teach. I am afraid to say that I heard yesterday that Steve, the boys and Sonali's parents all remain missing.
Lesley Holdsworth, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I am looking for my brother Peter who was staying at the Villa Cormoran Hotel in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. He is German, lives in Bamberg and has short dark hair. Please write if you have any information about him, the area, or the hotel. Many thanks!
Andrea, London, UK

Andrea, London: I have a friend working for the German embassy here in Colombo. He has been working with them searching for the German tourists. I shall contact him and inquire about your friend.
Aaron, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Please I am very concerned for two very good friends and their families. Jayantha Patthinige, address: Jenson Watta, Anderson Road, Nadimala, Dehiwala and Ashok Perera, Horagasmulla, Walpita, Horana... Any inf. would so greatly be appreciated. Thank you so very much. Diane Dodge
Diane Dodge, Quincy, MA, US

I am looking for my friend Roger Ely. He is 52 years old, from England and owns a small dog named Harry. He owns a hotel named The Sunbeach Hotel in Hikkaduwa. Last heard from him five days ago. If you know any info on his whereabouts it would be greatly appreciated.
Roger Ely, Neil Parray Newmarket Canada

We are looking for Stefan Tord from Sweden. Last seen in southern Sri Lanka.
Richard, Scotland

I am concerned for the many friends I made in the Fort in Matara while working there on the Galle to Matara road rehabilitation several years ago. In particular I would like to know if Nimal Jayesekera and Noel Cruz and their families are safe, they lived next to the beach in the fort. Any information about the situation in Matara would be greatly appreciated.
Adrian McBain, Chesterfield UK

I don't know if this will help but it is a URL of the patients in Phuket hospital. I found a friend on it: http://www.phuket-inter-hospital.co.th
Alice Barty, Wellington, NZ

Trying to find Tom and Jillian McNab - teachers in Colombo. Had planned to spend Christmas Day in Mirissa.
Lesley Holdsworth, Colombo, Sri Lanka

We are desperately seeking news of our friend Lisa Cope and her boyfriend John who travelled to Sri Lanka on 14th December 2004 for 3 months. Lisa is from Wales, worked as a PA in a legal firm in the UK, and is about 5ft 8/9 with black "shortish" hair, greyish blue eyes, and is white caucasian. John is about 6ft with slightly longish sandy blond hair, and lives in Bristol. If anyone has heard from them then please get in touch.
Fiona and Hazel, Sri Lanka

We are concerned as to the safety of Colin Lloyd who travelled to Sri Lanka on 20/12/04 No contact since.
Peter Webb, Limassol, Cyprus

We are looking for Sunil Chandrasiri and his two children from Ahangama, near Galle, Sri Lanka.
Chandra Ramanie, Amman, Jordan

I am seeking for 2 persons living in Galle, Sri Lanka. They are: Budikamadoshanka Emch 15 years, Premetilaka Emch, 35 years. Please reply, we are very depressed, we would love to hear some news.
Hiba Dawi, Lebanon, Beirut

We are very worried about the whereabouts of our friends, Martin Hambrook age 40, his girl friend Vicky Maxwell 42 and son Jai aged 7 years from New Road Porthcawl. They were staying at the Hansa Surf Lodge Hikkaduwa, front room right on the beach overlooking the surf break where he spent his time surfing. Another friend Phil from Porthcawl has contacted the Coral Beach Hotel which has survived the wave and staff have gone to look for Martin and his family. The Hansa Surf Lodge was totally wiped out. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Nick Newton Williams, Porthcawl. South Wales

I am looking for news for the area of Modera, Columo 15. The family of Margaret Rathnayake and Lasallian Community Education Services. Please tell me if anyone knows of the situation in this area. Thankyou.
Nina Ginn, Norwich, UK

I have an aunt and uncle who live in Charing, Kent in England. They were vacationing in Phuket. If anyone has any information on Vivien and Russell Lyons, please, please contact me.
Jon Johnson, Fairfax, VA

I am looking for James Flear who has been working in Phuket as a diving instructor/underwater photographer. Any news is welcome.
Patricia Voeten, The Netherlands

We're really worried about the whereabouts of Steven Bassett, a lecturer in Eastbourne, can anyone help?
Nicola, Eastbourne, UK

The parishioners of Sacred Heart Church are anxious for news of our former pastor, Fr. Charles Hewawasam. He is currently the pastor of the Shrine of Our Lady of Matara on the southern tip of Sri Lanka. We would deeply appreciate any news.
Fr. Stuart Crevcoure, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA

I am looking for Aaron Crabb, a Kiwi born 22/2/71. He was surfing and living with locals in south Sri Lanka. If you have any news at all please email this website. Thanks.
Karen Reed, Port Talbot Wales

I'm looking for my boyfriend - Chinthaka Fernando who was staying at No.40/7Watson Peiris Mawatha, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He is from Sri Lanka (age 27). He went on holiday to see his family. If anyone has any information about him and his family please contact with me. Any info would be appreciated.
Jowita Chorazyczewska, Szczecin, Poland

Hoping to hear from Clare Holman and Howard Davies who left for holiday in Sri Lanka about the 17th December.
Lucy Tregear, London

Please help me find Druvi Jayatilaka and his family. his last contact with me was on Christmas Day.
Kelly Lee, Cincinnati, OH

I have a dear friend I haven't heard from that was suppose to be on vacation in Sri Lanka on Christmas. His name is Nuwen, he was born and raised in UK, but looks Indian. He is six foot and muscular build. If anyone has any information on this person please post something.
Renee Shank, Florida, United States

My brother, James Roberts is missing. We hope he took a quick trip to Bali but fear he may have been surfing near mentawai, sumaters. We are desperate to locate him. Any one in contact with James Roberts, resident of Hawaii, traveling with Heidi, please let us know he is alive and ok.
Laura Madison, Newport Beach, CA USA

Would love to hear good news about two employees, brother and sister Simon & Isabel Diggins from Arundel, West Sussex. They were enjoying Christmas and the New Year with their parents in Sri Lanka.
Craig Lewis-Bowker, England

I am seeking information about my brother-in-law, Grant Scott, aka "Emmo", who has been staying at the Subodinee Guesthouse in Midigama, east of Galle. We just need to hear that he is OK.
Kerrie Campbell, Willaura, Vic, Australia

I am concerned about Aravindhan Sriharan and his family who went to Sri Lanka over the holidays. If anyone hears from his family, please respond. Thank-you.
Joanna Kaczmarska, Tennessee, USA

Looking for Marianna Korhonen and she is travelling with a gentlemen named Sarno. The couple is travelling from Finland. They were headed in this direction at this time of the earthquake. Any info would be appreciated.
Craig Sotres, Los Angeles, CA, USA

My friends who own a guesthouse near Hikkaduwa are searching for their friends, the Ernsteins - husband, wife and children...disappeared the morning of the wave. Please inform.
jason roberts, la mirada, USA

My friend, Duffy, also known as M.B. Peake, or Fr.Magic, lives in Tangalle in Sri Lanka with his wife, Kalyanie. Any news would be greatly appreciated!
Tina Merrybard, Perth, Australia

I am looking for my friends Chitra Dharmapala, her son Prasanna and her family Dr. Suriarachchi living at Hikkaduwa, Baddegama Rd. I am very concerned, because I am unable to reach them by any mode of communication. I am very anxious to get any information about their situation. Please contact this website.
Ingrid Konzack, Leichlingen, Germany

We are looking for Glen Noseworthy! Glen, your relatives in Canada (Frank, Marianne, Christi, Suzie and Carolyn) want to know if you're OK. Please call us.
Christi K, Calgary Alberta Canada

Anthony Thomas (NZ name)- We would like to know if anyone has heard from him. He is visiting family in Sri Lanka. He has been there for 2 months. Please contact us.
Tracey and Graham Piper, Wellington, New Zealand

I would appreciate any information or contacts in the village of Edaketiya, Tangalle. I have many friends there, but cannot contact any. Can anybody supply a number to get through on??
Bob Spinks, Murwillumbah, Australia

I am trying to locate the whereabouts or get in contact with Himali J..... (cannot remember the surname). I lived with her in Dili, East Timor in 2001.
Magda Draczenko, Australia

I am trying to locate a dear friend of mine. Her name is Riitta Sillanpaa who works for a tour company in Induruwa, Sri Lanka. Can anyone give me information about her and how Induruwa survived the tsunami? Thank you for any information that you can give me.
Dee Carraway, New Bern, NC USA

I am concerned about friends Nimal & Rupa Brahmana living at Galle. Any news would be much appreciated.
Mark Annand, Hastings New Zealand

We are looking for information about our friend and co-worker, Anuja Nethisinghe and her family. They travelled to Sri Lanka early in December for the wedding of their daughter, Anushka. The wedding was on December 24th. They, and everyone else affected by this disaster, are in our thoughts and prayers.
Alayne Stieglitz, Cupertino, California, USA

Our colleague from the London office, Judith Crosland was on holiday in Sri Lanka. We have not heard from her. Please help with any news about her. We are all very worried.
Susan Cherian, New Delhi, India

I am looking for any information on a very dear Srilankan friend of mine and/or any of his family. His name is Indika Heenatigala and he lives in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. Any information about him is greatly appreciated. I'm anxiously waiting.
Darolyn Cool, Nebraska U.S.A.

Shane Pereira of Kandana please let your friends the MacDonalds in New Zealand know that you are OK. They are desperate to hear from you.
Jill,Brown, New Zealand

I am trying to contact the Mannakkara Family at "Tourist Guest House" opposite the Tangalla Bay Hotel in Tangalla. Please respond to this website.
Ramin Atabaki, Honolulu,Hawaii,USA

I am searching for Siripala Samarawickrama who lives at Ganahena junction outside Unawatuna, Galle. If anyone can help with news of this area I would be so grateful.
Jill Broom,

Still searching desperately for our English friend Andy Beer. He was part of a group that was going mountain biking in Sri Lanka over Christmas holiday. If you've seen him, please post back to this site. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are suffering from this disaster.
Michele Radcliffe, El Cerrito USA

We are trying to find out whether Dominic Jay and his family are OK as he and his sister went to Sri Lanka a few days before Christmas to see his parents. Please could you contact us asap and let us know whether you are all OK? All our thoughts and prayers are with all in the region.
Arthur D'Souza, London, England.

I am seeking news of my colleague Krishna Moonoosamy and her husband Sam, currently in Mauritius.
Eddie Drayton, London U/K

I'm trying to find out about various friends who work at the Lighthouse Hotel in Galle and the Yala Safari Game Lodge at Tissa. Our thoughts are with them. Any news will be gratefully received.
Alison & Mike Rix, Robertsbridge, East Sussex

I am desperate to hear from my friends Rachel and Brian Welch, who were scuba-diving in Sri Lanka. If anyone knows of anything I would appreciate it. Thanks
Joanne Wheatley, Westcliff on Sea

We would welcome any news about our good friends Bob, Christine, Anna & Jake Chase Roberts last heard of in Uawatuna on 25th December. If anyone has met them or knows where they are now please let us know.
Jane Steele, Bushey, UK

Seeking any information on Kaluthara. We have friends living there: Prageeth (Freddee) Parera and his wife & son. They live near the Kani Lanka hotel on St Sebastian Road. Any news on the situation in that area or news of Prageeth & family would be a great help.
Martin Clarke, Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK

I would be grateful for any news of my dear friend and colleague, Heloise Philip, who is holidaying with family in Sri Lanka. If anyone reading this knows about her please leave a comment or e-mail me. Many thanks - my prayers are with you.
Magda Biran, London, England

I am looking for a local man called K. Wickramasena de Silva he has a wife called Susi Selat they live in Beruwela at nos 187-c 7th Lane, Moragala. We are very concerned for the family's safety.
Thomas johnstone, Hastings England

My friend, Lisa Cope, and her boyfriend John were in Sri Lanka. Are you able to help with any information on her whereabouts please?
Robyn Glen, London

I have lost contact with my English friends, Simon Woolley and Julia Casson, who are visiting southern Sri Lanka. Can you help with any news that I can distribute to friends and colleagues.
Tim Cawse, Winchester, England

I am after any information on the Nathan family - Bev, Rachel, Gabriel, Charice and Leo - who are on holiday in Sri Lanka. I hope they are safe.
Bath, Wiltshire, UK

We are very worried about Dilki, who is 7, her mum, dad, older brother and her sister. We are also concerned about Yasika, her husband Ranga, and their new baby son. They live on Narigama beach in Hikkaduwa. Any news would be much appreciated.
Sarah Adams, Hastings, UK

I desperately concerned for a very close friend name Edith McDermott who has been recently visiting HIKKADUWA.If anyone has any information i would be deeply grateful.
Barbara Newton, London

I am trying to contact a very dear family member of mine, David Menhinick, 74. He is from Powys in Wales, UK. He arrived in Sri Lanka at the end of November plans to stay there until the end of February. He planned to stay in Tangalle for Christmas, and we think he may have been at the Tangalla Bay Hotel, Hambantota Road, Pallikkuduwa, or the Namal Garden.
Rudy Roodenburg and friends, Heerlen, Holland

My Friend, Lisa Cope, and her boyfriend John were in Sri Lanka. Are you able to help with any information on her whereabouts please?
Robyn Glen, London

Lost contact with English friends, Simon Woolley and Julia Casson, who are visiting southern Sri Lanka. Can you help with any news that I can distribute to friends and colleagues.
Tim Cawse, Winchester England

Looking for Jonathan Burrows and his wife Etik and daughter Yasmine. Last seen Sri Lankan coast, any information a massive help.
Andrew Sparrow, England

We are anxious to hear news of our friend, Ranjith Wijewardhane and of his wife, daughter (Chalani) and two sons. They live in Uragasmanhandiya, close to Bentota. Ranjit works as a guide and driver for Walkers Tours. His daughter attends the nursing college in Colombo. We would appreciate any news of them.
Sandy Stockwell, Verwood, Dorset

Looking for Dean and Susan Greenberg. Headed to Sri Lanka and India on 12/12 for three weeks. No itinerary, but they are avid birders, and old Peace Corps veterans. Please let them know we are thinking of them.
Connie Mortara, Southboro, MA, USA

We are looking for my brother in law Peter Etheridge who was staying at Ganesh Gardens beach cabins in Tangalla, on the South shore of Sri Lanka. He was with his wife Patricia who has been found and is ok. He is English 5'7" ish receading very short hair, slim build. Any News would be appreciated.
Maggie Fruitman, toronto, Canada

Becky and Suzie from London: need to hear from you to put minds at rest as we are very concerned. please email if you can.
Sarah Nixon, Leicester

I would like any information on Chis and Rachel from Bewdley, Worcestershire, England who were in Sri Lanka. We have heard nothing from them for three days.
Wendy Myers, Bewdley Worcestershire

I am looking for information from Trincomalee -town on Mr and Mrs Simon Laxmanan and their children Sanjeev and Rajeevie, of Arunagiri Road near the post office. I also appreciate information on any of my friends from Trincomalee District Development Association, whose full names and addresses I do not have with me. Thank you.
Virginia Jeffries, New York City, USA

We are trying to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts of Liza Scicluna who was working with the VSO in Sri Lanka. Her friends are worried about her and would like to hear anything anyone can tell us. Many thanks
Adam and Sara Edwards, Farnham Surrey

Am searching for info about a friend, CHULE JAYASURIJA and family who live in "Santana Guest House" - Tangalle , Sri Lanka. Any info would be appreciated
Cristina , Bergamo, Italy

I am looking for news of Brian Rice, an American who was vacationing in Phuket or Phi Phi. Any news is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much
Karen Sing, Vista, CA USA

I am looking for info aboutMr K K Anurasiri of the Ocean Moon, Youdople,Tenceant Mirissa. If anyone has any info about the family or how the area has been affected I would be so grateful....Marie-Louise Wilkins Derby
marie-louise Wilkins,

I am desperately seeking news of my mother Lotta Skogulf. She is from Sweden.Staying in her new built house in Unawatuna.
Petra Hittrich, Nykoping, Sweden

Looking for news of Sirimewan Munasinghe who is visiting family in Sri Lanka. Possibly in Pamanuwa Maharagama. Any information would be appreciated.
Jayne Coombes, Wellington New Zealand

I am looking for sings of life from a family ( Nimal and Kumudu Lanka) in Unwatuna. They own the small "Sun beach restaruant " which is close to the diving school at the very end of the bay near the temple. thank you for any news .
Zoe Schmitt, Droy▀ig, Germany

For Columbo Sri Lanka. I am seeking infomation on the identification of my close friend Nimal Vallipuram who was visiting family there until 3 January 2005. He is a Wall Street Analyst and was to return back on that date. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!
Pierre, San Francisco, USA

Does anyone have news of Nilufar (Nils) and Rex Fowler holidaying in Sri Lanka?
Caroline Maddocks, Old Knebworth Herts

We are friends of Abey and Pushpa who run the Amara guest house in Udupila near Mirissa beach who were very hospitable to us when we got married in Sri Lanka earlier this year. We are very anxious to hear that they are OK.
tim sturrock, bradford uk

I have many relatives in Jaffna, northern coastal city of Srilanka. Unable to reach them by any mode of communication. Please could someone inform us about the situation there.
Bahee, Now in UK (Srilankan)

I am desperate to hear from my brother Kevin Hoye. He is somewhere in Thailand but I don't know where. He was staying with a Thai family and he hasn't contacted me yet.
Sally Cripps, Hanworth, England

I am tryng to fine out any information on Dilshani Wijeratne and her family they live near Kandy Sri Lanka. we are concerned and cannot get news about if they are okay. Any info would be appreciated.
Kathy, Scott, USA

Desperately looking for information on a Finnish family of 5, mother, father and three daughters, travelling in Sri Lanka at the time of the tragedy. Parents are Mr and Ms Aaltonen-Porter, one daughter is Jessica Aaltonen-Porter, 20, by best friend. If ANYONE knows ANTHING, please let me know... Thank you!
Zomo Fisher, Cambridge/London, UK

We are looking for information about our coworker Sheyanga Seneviratne who was traveling with her mother and stepfather around Colombo Sri Lanka. We are concerned-send news.
Kathy Kabat, Park Ridge, Il 60068 USA

Wanting to know of the Kuenzel family. German nationals. Mother, Ricarda, and father, Richard, living in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he works for the Goethe Institut. Daughter Lou lives in Cairo and son Fabian in Munich. They all went to Sri Lanka for the holidays. Any information gratefully accepted. You are all in my heart.
Mickey Aronoff, Albuquerque New Mexico USA

I am looking for my son, his name is Cairo and his father Richard Brassard. They were in Sri Lanka the day the tsunami hit. I am in Mexico. My son has brown hair and brown eyes he is 8 years old. His father is an older man and has 58 years of age. Hair is gray and has blue eyes. They live in Thailand and were travelling around. I am unable to reach his cellular phone at this time. Any and all information would be helpful.
Delfina, Sayulita Mexico

I am seeking news of my girlfriend, Nishita Patel, who is on holiday in Sri Lanka with her family. I haven't heard any news from her and any news would be helpful. Thanks
David Mellor, Surrey, UK

My grandad was travelling around Sri Lanka for the Christmas period and I haven't been able to get hold of him or any family members. His name is Steve Pickles and he was travelling with his wife Trish Pickles and her daughter Abi. Any news would be appreciated. Thankyou.
Elizabeth Scarth, West Yorks, UK

Have been unable to contact a good friend, Silvia D÷ffinger from Berlin, Germany, travelling independently. All info much appreciated
Simon Kingsley, Watford, UK

I am desperately seeking news of my son Ian and his wife Anna who were in the Hikkaduwa region of Sri Lanka. Ian phoned on Christmas Eve and I have heard no further news. They are backpacking around the world. Anna is Czech but speaks fluent English. Would love to have any news.
Shirley Betts, Norfolk, UK

Am searching for Sheila and John Reavey, staying at Serendib Hotel, Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka. Also Perera and family living nearby. Any info would be appreciated.
Linda Strefford, Shrewsbury

Am searching for info about UDARA DHARMASIRI and family who live in Makuluwa, Galle.Any info on how area affected would be of help. My thoughts are with all involved.
Cassandra, Cheltenham, England

Looking for Chamilia Somaskandan travelling in Sri Lanka with her mom, dad and sister. Left Britain around 22 December and haven't heard from them since. Any information provided would be much appreciated.
Yasmine, London

I am looking for a friend, Dilshan Dissanayeka, better known as Dilly, who went on holiday to Sri Lanka on the 11 December with his family. He is from Harare, Zimbabwe. If anyone has any information about him and his family please, please contact us, we are all very concerned.
Cristina Dos Santos, Harare, Zimbabwe

Please - has anyone any word on my British friend Edward Houghton, traveling with his wife Marion and 10 year old son, Harry? I don't know what part of Sri Lanka they were visiting. They're not listed on the Sri Lanka listing of found tourists and I'm desperate to locate them. Many thanks.
Patricia Osterberg, Seattle, Washington, US

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