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Barbara Bel Geddes: Your tributes
Barbara Bel Geddes (left) with Linda Evans, who starred in rival soap Dynasty
Bel Geddes won an Emmy for her role in TV soap Dallas
Actress Barbara Bel Geddes, best known for her role playing Miss Ellie in TV soap opera Dallas, has died at her home in Maine aged 82.

Although most widely remembered for her Dallas role, for which she won an Emmy in 1980, Bel Geddes had a long career in Hollywood.

She was nominated for an Academy Award as best supporting actress for the 1948 drama I Remember Mama, and was in the original Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

What are your memories of Barbara Bel Geddes? Send us your tributes.

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I think Larry Hagman said it best, "she was a class act". May Mrs. Bel Geddes forever rest in peace.
Patrick Conlon, Cincinnati, OH

I remember watching Dallas as a teen and still watch it on Soap. She reminded me of my Grandma, always trying to keep her family together. May God bless you "you will be missed"
Terry, Texas, USA

Barbara was a fantastic actress and some kind of granny to me
Arto Karppinen, Rantsila, Finland
I was just a little boy, when I started to watch Dallas. Barbara was a fantastic actress and some kind of granny to me because my granny died in 1980s. I think "Miss Ellie" had great moral influence to audience. We Dallas fans miss her lot.
Arto Karppinen, Rantsila, Finland

Wednesday night was Dallas night, it made Wednesday worth waiting for! I would sit with eyes and ears glued to the TV with my mum as a little girl, watching Dallas. Those were the days! TV has never been the same! Dad you do not know what you were missing.
Shalini, Middlesex

It's a big loss of a great, beautiful, and sweet actress, I liked here presence on the screen, so sad that she is gone.
Mourad Halwani, Beirut, Lebanon

I loved Ms Geddes in Vertigo with James Stewart as his ex-girlfriend - she was calm and filled with an intelligent humour that she kept even in her Dallas years.
Evelyn, Concord, USA

I loved to watch the Ewing family on Dallas. Barbara Bel Geddes made the show what it was and what it always will be, she was the perfect mother in the show that related to all people.
Mark Wilson, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

A warm and caring personality. She was the embodiment of both a regal and down to Earth presence, she will surely be missed. May her soul rest in peace.
Omar Khan, Karachi, Pakistan

One of the most dignified women I've ever seen on the silver screen - a true southern beauty! I grew up watching Dallas and loved every bit of it. She seemed to be the only one that brought sense to the show especially in the light of the ever boiling feud between JR and Bobby. I'll miss her. May her soul rest in perfect peace.
Gbenga Williams, London, UK

Having watched Dallas throughout its 13-year run, this is very sad news for fans of the show. Watching the episodes again on DVD I have been amazed and moved by her wonderful performances. She will be missed.
Chris G, Bradford, UK

She was a strong and admirable mother figure on screen
Ali, London, United Kingdom
I grew up watching Dallas and admired the persona Barbara bought to her onscreen character, Miss Ellie. She was a strong and admirable mother figure on screen who reached out to millions of Dallas fans worldwide. May she rest in peace and may God bless her soul.
Ali, London, United Kingdom

She was such a wonderful motherly figure. I will miss such a wonderful person whom we all loved very much. Condolences to her family. May the Good Lord bless her family and may her soul rest in eternal peace.
Catherine, Congo, DRC

Miss Ellie was a great actress, I never missed an episode of Dallas. She will be sadly missed.
Dawn, Leicester

Barbara Bel Geddes was simply the best. I remember seeing her on the Alfred Hitchcock show, so was very excited when she was chosen for Miss Ellie on Dallas. She defined the term "steel magnolia" in that role. I have missed her since the show ended, and am saddened to learn of her death.
Grant Thatcher, Chicago, IL, USA

I have been watching "Dallas" again on DVD and have found Miss Ellie remarkable, a rock and a role model. I am grateful that this great lady entertained and inspired a lot of us. What a fine actress she was. My thoughts go towards her and her family.
Fabien Desse, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I Remember Mama", I remember "Dallas", I remember Barbara Bel Geddes. Thanks for the memories. Rest in peace.
Bridget Doman, Sheffield, UK

As someone who grew up on Dallas I must say that I loved Barbara Bel Geddes. God Bless her.
Nate, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

I was a great fan of Dallas in the 80s and am sad to hear of Barbara's death. She was the "backbone" of the show, and did her best to keep her TV family in order.
Richard, Gillingham, England

A wonderful lady. Her portrayal of an oil baron's wife made my reluctant move to Dallas in 1980 from home in England seem like coming home to dear friends. Thank you Ms Geddes!
Jose Allen, Arlington, USA

I feel so sad that yet another member of the Dallas cast has died. Clayton Farlow, Cliff's secretary Jackie, Mickey (Ray's cousin), Jack Ewing, JR's lawyer Harv, Jessica Farlow are just some of the other's now dead. Barbara was fantastic as Miss Ellie. My hopes of one last reunion of the original Dallas cast seem to be getting increasingly unlikely. Dallas was a massive part of my youth and one day I'm going to visit Dallas.
AJ, London, UK

I only know Barbara Bel Geddes from Dallas, which was extremely popular in Romania. I am sure I speak for many when I say Miss Ellie was one of the most loved characters in the show, a character she played gracefully. May she rest in peace.
Ioana, Bucharest, Romania

In the mid-70s my husband and I had a small summer theatre in the mountains of Oregon. Barbara Bel Geddes came to visit mutual friends from the East Coast who summered there. She was in the audience for one of our performances and was incredibly gracious with her comments on the show. It was a highlight of my acting experience. A great actress and a kind and generous lady. Her passing is a loss for the theatre community in so many ways.
Molly Cook, Cheney, Washington, USA

While at school she was always in the various school plays
Stephanie, Vermont, USA
We were in the same class at high school in Vermont. Barbie (as we used to call her) was a quiet, popular, unaffected and sweet person. We always said, after seeing her on stage or screen (even as Miss Ellie) that she was exactly the same as in real life. While at school she was always in the various school plays, and the so-called drama teacher once told her she would never amount to much in the acting field! So much for that opinion.
Stephanie, Vermont, USA

A wonderful actress and human being. Her role as Midge in Hitchcock's Vertigo was my favourite. So much so I named my cat Midge. She embodied the strength and wisdom in both her early and her later works. She will truly be missed.
Joanne, Eatontown, USA

I only ever watched Mrs Geddes in Dallas. She was a very strong woman in this and I loved how she could control JR like no one else. My heart goes out to her family.
C Woodcock, Crewe, England

She was one of the old school. A classic actor from a classic era. She was not only a fine actress who could command great respect, she also had a gift that few today can match, that is to make it seem as though the roles she played were in fact real life. She is a sad loss to at least three generations who enjoyed her performances, myself included.
Stephen, Leeds, West Yorkshire

She epitomized the strong southern woman, a focal point of the family
Shah Rahman, Dallas, Texas, USA
She epitomized the strong southern woman, a focal point of the family. May she rest in peace.
Shah Rahman, Dallas, Texas, USA

Miss Bel Geddes was a fine actress; I just loved her in the role of Miss Ellie in Dallas. My thoughts are with her family.
June Williamson, South Queensferry, Scotland

She was such a motherly figure and brought sanity to the soap when all else where losing theirs. May her soul rest in peace.
Fungai Walter Gamanya, Harare Zimbabwe

How can we forget Barbara Bel Geddes with her role model character in Dallas? Today considered a TV classic, Dallas was the most popular TV show in Turkey in the 80s. Her acting in Vertigo was also superb. She will live in our hearts and on screen.
Levent Akinci, Istanbul, Turkey

Ms Bel Geddes was a truly sweet, caring, beautiful lady, who will be greatly missed. Her sense of style and calmness was unique.
L. Masters, Swansea, West Glam

Dallas has lost a very important ambassador to our city
Tom, Dallas Texas, USA
She will be missed. She and the other stars of Dallas made a cheerful place in our living rooms every evening watching them feud. She was a truly loving person, nice and sweet. Dallas has lost a very important ambassador to our city. I live just five minutes from South Fork Ranch in Dallas so I am always reminded about the show. May God comfort her family. Sincerely a dear viewer.
Tom, Dallas Texas, USA

I well remember Miss Bel Geddes in Five Branded Women with Sylvana Mangano, Vera Miles, Van Heflin and Jeanne Moreau. This was released around 1959-60. Top performances all round with Barbara standing out.
R York, Auckland New Zealand

A fine actress whose performance in Vertigo provided solid support to a great film.
Eric B Litwack, Liverpool, UK

As a long standing Dallas fan I mourn the passing of the one seemingly normal and well adjusted member of the Ewing clan. She played the role superbly and provided a well placed balance. Rest in peace.
Bill Grigg, Birmingham UK

I only ever saw Barbara Bel Geddes in Dallas, that I used to watch religiously back home in Oz during the 80s. I can still remember her voice, quiet and ladylike unlike her onscreen family that got up to all sorts. May God bless her.
Paul , London

The woman was a marvellous actress and I loved her in Vertigo
Sebastian Mintle, London, United Kingdom
I'm an actor and I'm devastated. I even had a cry for her. The woman was a marvellous actress and I loved her in Vertigo. Watching her play the role of Miss Ellie in Dallas, I felt as if she was my own mother. My life will never be the same.
Sebastian Mintle, London, United Kingdom

She will be sadly missed by my wife Sophia and I. We still watch Dallas in South Africa TV and am sure will be missed by lots of South Africans too. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all her family and friends. May God bless you all!
Alan Jackman, George, South Africa

I only saw Barbara Bel Geddes once in person - it was in New York City and I believe the play was called "Mary, Mary". It was unforgettable. She was a gifted comedienne, and expressed such sweetness of manner that she was unique and a joy to watch. Among her films was "The Five Pennies" with Danny Kaye, and it was an opportunity to fall in love with her all over again.
John J. Johnson, Jr., Evanston, Illinois, USA

I've been taking a class in Film Noir out here at Stanford. We've been looking very closely at "Vertigo," and Barbara Bel Geddes' performance, as the "girl next door, lass with the glasses" is a wonderful, witty, Everywoman. Miss Bel Geddes' contribution to film will not soon be forgotten.
Connie Howard, Palo Alto, Ca, United States

Loved you in Dallas. A great loss.
Gary, UK

Miss Ellie was everybody's favourite granny-figure in the 80s
Steve, Nottingham
It feels as if a relative has died. Ms Bel Geddes gave a superlative performance as the Ewing matriarch in the long-running series Dallas. A great actress, and by all accounts a great lady. Thank you, my dear.
Michael Nile, Birmingham, UK

I just loved her contribution to Hitchcock's Vertigo, perfectly embodying just the sort of wholesome and well-adjusted girl poor old Jimmy Stewart really needed. She brings just the right mix of cheeriness and deeper understanding to the character. A versatile actress and a sincere, unpretentious person.
Roger Standen, Switzerland

Whatever the weaknesses of Dallas's bizarre plotlines, Miss Ellie was everybody's favourite granny-figure in the 80s. Bless and RIP.
Steve, Nottingham, UK

I was sad to hear of the passing of Ms. Geddes, she will be missed. I send my prayers to her family.
R. Gade, Texas.- U.S.

She was one of the old school. A classic actor from a classic era. She was not only a fine actress who could command great respect, she also had a gift that few today can match, that is to make it seem as though the roles she played were in fact real life. She is a sad loss to at least three generations who enjoyed her performances, myself included.
Stephen, Leeds, West Yorkshire

As a teenager in Britain, Dallas was part of my life. What a nice old lady, what a sad passing. Few people of her class left in entertainment these days. Sympathies to her family.
Jon White, Connecticut, USA

I'll always cherish the work she did with Danny Kaye in The Five Pennies. What a wonderful actress she was. I always felt that film was probably what she was really like in real life. God bless you Barbara, we will miss you.
Daniel J. Diccianni, Harleysville ,Pa.

She left quite a legacy on film and television. Of special note was her roles as "Miss Ellie" in "Dallas" and "Midge" in Hitchcock's "Vertigo"
Peter Sands, Hayward, CA USA

My heartfelt condolences to her family and I pray "May her soul rest in peace." She was a wonderful actress.
Hariharan, Los Angeles, California, USA

I am so sad to hear of Barbara's passing, may she rest in peace. I can't even begin to say how comforting it was to watch and listen to her on Dallas. She was a superb actress, and she will be missed. A truly phenomenal woman - God bless you xxx
Richard Ricardito, London, UK

Miss Bel Geddes was one of the actresses I just had to see no matter what she was in
Margaret Scott, Wichita, Kansas USA

I watched Vertigo again only the other night; she was fantastic.
Sean, Stoke, UK

I saw 'I Remember Mama' on TV more than 50 years ago when there was only a single (BBC) channel. I fell in love with Barbara - one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. I forgave her for appearing in 'that' soap opera. True Love? Thank you, Dear Lady.
Mike, Bradford, W. Yorks., England

Miss Ellie Welcome to heaven, we know while on earth you made the world smile, now you can rest for eternity in heaven, and you will see jock and and all the other people that you knew that arrived before you, in heaven you will be back on the ranch again, this time for ever.
Gerald O'Brien, Hanover Ontario Canada

In Vertigo, Barbara Bel Geddes portrayed a new phenomena of the 20th Century; the confident, independent, self-employed woman. I have often wondered how may women she inspired in playing that part beautifully.
Matt S, London

Barbara Bel Geddes was a marvellous actress and an amazingly beautiful woman and she managed to keep that beauty both in looks and personality right into her old age
Mark Thompson-Rees, Borehamwood, England
Miss Bel Geddes was one of the actresses I just had to see no matter what she was in. She will be greatly missed.
Margaret Scott, Wichita, Kansas USA

you were a lady....that's what matters...
Stephanie Barrett, Abington, Ma USA

I first saw Vertigo in a revival theatre long after its original release. I was enchanted by the character of Midge... how adorable Miss Geddes was in that role! To this day, when I watch that film I want to be that clever, loyal, artistic woman with the awesome Karman Ghia!
Rene, San Francisco USA

sadly missed.....( a fan)
Garry John Gall, Swansea, Tasmania

For all of us in Latin America that grew up watching how JR got everything he wanted without any kind of remorse nor constrain, Miss Ellie was this wonderful woman of her times: Strong and Caring Mother. I will miss her wonderful smile and voice. Rest In Peace.
Agustin Villalpando, Mexico City, Mexico

Wonderful actress.....I'm sure she was a great lady. She really did bring 'reality' to Dallas.
Sekou Rubadiri, Cleveland, USA

You have left a lasting impression in all our hearts. You will be missed.
May Krishnan, Columbia, Maryland

A wonderful actress- her character in Dallas always made me smile. She will be sorely missed.
Fraser, London

Let us not forget that Miss Bel Geddes also created the role of Maggie in Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." It was a brilliant performance by a brilliant actress. R. P.
Ridgely Pierson, Quincy, IL USA

Sincere condolences and as I bid farewell to one of the greatest artists of the century, I pray for the Lord Almighty to rest her soul in Eternal Peace.
Odhis, Kenya , Nairobi

Barbara Bel Geddes was a marvellous actress and an amazingly beautiful woman and she managed to keep that beauty both in looks and personality right into her old age. She is now in the caring hands of God and has made Heaven a better place.
Mark Thompson-Rees, Borehamwood, England.

I remember her as Miss Ellie of Dallas. She was fantastic as the matriarch of the Ewing family, ever so mild and gentle but firm. Goodbye mama Ewing. May you rest in eternal peace
Elise Ho, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A star has just been extinguished from the sky
Dr David Young, Indonesia

I loved "Miss Ellie" in Dallas with Jock, now they are together again, God Bless them, and are in my prayers. I visited Southfork when my daughter moved to the Dallas area and loved it.
Janet, east Jordan, MI USA

It's sad that this actress died. But she was doing a job which she was well paid for. Just like a whole lot of other people. She didn't make some huge contribution in the grand order of things so why are we expected to send tributes for her? The media continues to perpetuate the myth that we must revere these celluloid princesses. My mum was a star in our family - with very little money we never went hungry, she made sure of that, made our clothes, was fair minded and made sure we were raised to be polite to people, considerate and thoughtful. Doubtless Ms Bel Geddes was a nice lady, but so was my Mum so where's her tribute page....and where's the tribute page for thousands like her? Enough already!
Susan, London UK

Such a loss ! It's an 80s chapter coming to an end, especially with Barbara's TV husband Howard Keel recently departed. I loved Dallas - it was part of my "TV upbringing" - and one of those shows you secretly hoped would be properly resurrected with the original cast. Alas that can never happen now.....
Mark Hamblin, Spalding, Lincolnshire

A great and wonderful actress, whom we watched in the Dallas series in Zimbabwe. We always looked forward to watching a loving and caring Ms Ellie. We extend our deepest sympathy on the passing of a gracious lady. May her soul rest in peace. Our condolences to her family. Best wishes, The Fernandes Family
Al Fernandes, Santa Rosa California

Most remember her as Miss Ellie Ewing on the night time soap opera "Dallas", her role as Maggie the cat in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway, and for her role in the excellent movie, "I Remember Mama", but I think her best part was as the wife who, on my favourite episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", whacks her cheating police officer husband with a frozen leg of lamb after he asks for a divorce, and then serves up the murder weapon to his buddies who are investigating the crime. It was vintage Barbara, and vintage Hitchcock
Richard Good, Colon, Michigan

I will miss a wonderful human being who we all loved so very much. All our love and Blessings to her family.
Peter Dale, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

I remember her for her role in "The Five Pennies" starring opposite the late Danny Kaye with a very young Tuesday Weld playing their daughter. She was a much under-rated actress and will be sorely missed.
Michael Hanny, Madison Ohio USA

We admired Ms Bel Geddes very much and regret her passing.
Lolita and Diego Garcia, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Heartfelt condolences to her family. May God rest her soul in peace, Amen. Wonderful actress. Loved her in Dallas.
Miriam Gershone, Nes Ziona, Israel

What a fantastic lady! She was a consummate actress the like of whom we do not see very much today. She will be sorely missed.
Sandra Wright, Westerham, UK

I grew up with Barbara Bel Geddes. We were the same age! I did not know her personally - often wished I did. She was a beautiful lady and a great actress. Hugs to Susan and Betsy.
Marjorie L. Bower, Florence, Oregon

A star has just been extinguished from the sky. With what I see of today's actresses, there are none that could stand in her shadow.
Dr David Young, Jakarta, Indonesia

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