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Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

This message board is now closed. You can still read the messages posted on this site. For up to date information on missing persons visit the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Ron Simmons and wife Noi wintering in Thailand. Whereabouts unknown. Please have them contact someone in Virginia.
JT, Newport News, Virginia, USA

I'm looking for a friend who was travelling through Thailand, his name is Christian Lorentzen. He was travelling with his girlfriend Nicole. Just wanted to make sure he is safe.
Manny Castanon, Santa Barbara, Ca

Looking for Matthew Flecher from Oxford. I haven't heard from him since before Christmas. He told me he was spending Christmas on Phi Phi. If anybody knows anything, please let me know.
Malene Blaedel, Toender, Denmark

I'm looking for a very good friend of mine who vacations in Thailand every winter with some Spanish friends, her name is Alessandra Borbón. Any information would be appreciated!!!
Alex Altamirano, Monterrey, México

We are looking for Jim (James) Brooks. He is from Weymouth in the UK. We last had an e-mail from Jim on 21st December from Ko Samui in Thailand. He said he may be meeting with a friend called Russell and travelling North but we have heard nothing since. Are desperate for news of his wellbeing. Please get in touch asap if know anything at all.
Sarah and Mike Hawkins, Chester, UK

Trying to make contact with Dominic Gane. Knew he went to Phuket around Xmas. Worried about him! Please text or e-mail.
Rowena & James Styler, Christchurch, New Zealand

Looking for the Revd Canon John Beckwith who winters in Thailand - our family friend and my son's godfather.
Edward Cox, London, UK

We are concerned for my father John Miles, who was in Thailand when the tsunami hit. If you read this dad, please get in touch.
Andrew Miles, Bridgend, South Wales

John Crilly and Mandy Hill are believed to have gone to Thailand over Xmas and New Year. All their neighbours are concerned for their safety.
Rod Fletcher, Bournemouth, England

I am looking for friend Frank Price from Grand Junction Colorado. He was to be married over the Christmas holiday in Thailand. If anyone knows of his whereabouts have him call Greg Cruz to let me know all's well.
Greg Cruz, Hudson, Colorado

My friend with no internet access is looking for any info on Ken Humberstone, thought to be in Phuket at the time. She is very worried about him, has had no response from e-mails to him. If anyone knows anything, it would be gratefully received
Janet Bowerman, London, UK

Looking for Karen Weekes, teacher in Thailand. Wish to know she is safe and well.
Jon-Paul, Bourne End, Bucks

We are concerned about my dad's old work colleague, Jim Boucher, who is a diving instructor in Phuket, Thailand. We have no way of knowing if he was even in Thailand at the time, but if he reads this could he get in touch with me so we can set our minds at rest. Thank you.
Tieneka Drew, Torquay, UK

My family have not heard from my cousin, Kevin Barnett, originally from South Wales, living in Germany, who was holidaying in Khao Lak with German girlfriend 'Angie' We now know that this resort was pretty devastated but hope that someone, somewhere could possibly tell us something.
Susan Greally, London, UK

We are looking for Peter Cox from the UK (originally Northampton) who winters in Thailand. Has anyone heard anything?
Ian Damms, UK

Our friend Andy Tandoh went to Thailand the week before Christmas. We have had no response to telephone messages and texts. We are very worried as the only information we have is that Andy was staying in a beach hut but not sure which resort. Andy was re-locating to Turkey and therefore does not have a residential address here in the UK any more. We are especially worried that he is not as mobile as he could be due to a number of operations on his arm and leg following a motorbike accident a few years ago. Any news would be appreciated.
Terri Jones, Maidstone, Kent, UK

Looking for Anthony Rutter please contact to put your sisters mind at rest.
Nicola Crookall, Wigan, England

Trying to find out any information on Steve Wilbourn. Do not have a fixed address for him, all I know is he is somewhere in Thailand. Last I heard from him was Christmas Eve when he left a message to wish me a Merry Christmas. I cannot trace the number he called me from and his mobile is unavailable. I just need to know he is safe.
Nickie Smith, England

We are trying to locate Nongnut Saensorn who is a student at our college. She went with het family to visit relatives in Thailand. We are desperate to hear whether she is OK. She was due back on the 2nd and to date we can not contact her at home, mobile, work etc etc. Please help us if you can.
Pip Lloyd-Jones, milton Keynes, England

Looking for Ian Gibson (UK) and family from Kyoto, Japan, vacationing in Thailand over Xmas but not heard from since, should have returned to Japan by now. There has been no answer to calls and emails. Has anyone seen them/heard from them?
Tina Ottman, Kyoto, Japan

Sonalee Abeyawardene -teacher in Thailand, family in Sri Lanka and England - are you safe? If anyone knows please could you contact us.
Sue Hodgson, Swindon England

I am looking for any news of Steve Baldwin who is in Thailand with his wife Pensri and son Tai
Mary McLaughlin, Glasgow Scotland

JC (Julia-Claire) Anstee - lone backpacker (26, 5'5", long dark hair, scars on both feet) last heard 23rd Dec heading to Surat Thani from Bangkok to get a boat to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Have not had any contact since. Any info greatly appreciated.

Please contact with any information about Heid Erickson from the Shetland Islands or her husband Gordon from Glasgow.
Erin & Marjory, Houston, TX, USA

Hoping for news of any of the staff from Hippies Bar on Phi Phi. Such amazing people, they don't deserve this.
Alex Hunt, Canterbury, England

Matthew (Matt) Finch, last known to have been in Thailand when the tsunami struck. Anyone who has any information about Matt please let me know. Matt has short hair, weighs around 13 stone andis about 6 foot tall. Faint midlands accent as he is from Wolverhampton.
M. Rabbitt, England

Looking for news of my wife's uncle - Chris Fearnsides. We know he was going to Thailand at some point around Christmas and then moving on to Goa. We haven't heard from him since before Xmas, so if anyone has any info let me know. Hope you're safe Chris.
Matthew Ketteringham, Leeds, England

Miss Roin
Memory loss: Miss Roin in hospital

This lady is named Miss Roin. She is in the Phuket Patong Hospital. She is thought to have been holidaying with a companion. She is in shock and is unable to give her nationality. Is there anyone who knows further details about her?
Mr Lee Yew Yiak, Patong, Thailand

Am trying to find Martin Higgins from Romford. He is a friend of my cousin Mark Spinks, and recently started a bar in Phuket just before Christmas with his redundancy money. Any news would be appreciated.
Jackie, London, UK

Nigel Bell from the UK travelled to Thailand for extended break in December. Thought to be attending a wedding in Phuket on Xmas day. Not replying to text or e-mail.
Pauline Bird, Stroud

Missing in Thailand: Samantha and Ruby Fayet
Missing: Samantha and Ruby Fayet
We are looking for Samantha Archer Fayet and her daughter Ruby Rose Fayet. They were last seen at approx 10 a.m, local time, 26 December 2004 at Baan Thai Resort, Khao Lak, Phangnga Province, Thailand. Sam is a caucasian female, 1.65m tall, age 33 (today, 5.1.1972) hazel brown eyes, shoulder length dark hair. Ruby (daughter) is Caucasian, 7 months old, dark grey eyes, light brown hair.

Sam and Ruby Rose were swept away after clinging with Sam's husband and Ruby Rose's father Patrice Fayet to a palm tree at the above location in Thailand. Patrice has searched everywhere in the region for them, with my son Alex, since the tsunami hit on Boxing day. Sam and Patrice are very good friends and we have all shared several holidays together.
Annie Nightingale, UK

Looking to hear from Mike and Barbara Henry who went to Thailand for his 60th, mid Dec. They are from Middleton, Manchester and should have been back now. Pray you are safe.
Arif Hussain, Manchester, Lancs, UK

Nina Barnett from Ashington, West Sussex. On holiday with son and 2 daughters, husband and son-in-law and grandchildren on Thai beach for Christmas. Should have been home Tuesday 4th January and started work today. No sign of her and no answer to her phone. We think there were eleven or twelve in their family reunion. Any news gratefully received.
Amanda Howcroft Stemp, Worthing, England

Looking for Jane Patterson from Portsmouth. Any info gratefully received.
Mike Clark, Helensburgh

I am looking for a friend, Mr Onu Rahaman. He always spends Xmas & New Year in Phuket. He is from Chelsea.
Reshman, London, UK

Looking for news of English man Terry and Thai wife Noo and daughter Kati, Terry and Noo ran a bar and restaurant on the corner of Rat-U-Thit Road and Soi Kep Sap Patong Phuket Thailand our prayers are with you all.
Pat & George Buchanan, Liverpool England

Hoping to hear that Peter Luff, Sommai and Marnit are OK.Can`t get any answer at home.
J Lewis, West Kirby Wirral

Recently travelled to Kho Phi Phi,if anyone knows about the staff at Carllitos Bar on the island, in particular Sandra from Sweden? Am anxious of news... God Bless you all
Scott Kilner, Brisbane, Australia

I'm looking on behalf of my son whose friend is believd to be in Thailand. His name is Peter Moran
Ron Pemberton, NZ

Tobi Chowdhury. Where are you?
Becky Clark, Kansas City, MO USA

Want to hear from peter Bush and his wife, their friend Ray Edwards is very worried.
Simon Welburn, London

Have not heard from my brother Scott Murrain who has been staying in Thailand. Somewhere near Pataya. Has a girlfriend who is Thai. Bank account and credit cards show no activity. Please contact if any information.
Carla Wilbur, Spanaway, Wa. USA

I am searchin for a friend, she didn't came back from vacation. She was in Phuket, Patong. Her name is Jeanette Dombrowe German citizen.
Koerner, Germany

Looking for Benjamin Stones and girlfriend Jo from the UK, last believed to be diving off Phuket. Fleur and Jamo or I would love to know where you are and if you're ok. Anyone with news?
Nicky Mckimmie, Perth, Western Australia

I haven't heard from my brother Francis, who is a UK citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand. Because he is a doctor, he is probably in Phuket assisting with the recovery effort, but I'd love to hear that he's alive and well. Thanks.
Stephen Nettl, Fairfax, VA U.S.A.

I'm looking for Jason Lloyd Elliott from the London area. I'm not sure where he was vacationing - probably Thailand. Most likely he was traveling with his girlfriend Caroline from Perth, Australia. Jason is 5'6", short blond hair w/sideburns, blue eyes, stocky build, sometimes wears glasses. I don't know Caroline's last name or what she looks like. I haven't talked to Jason in a couple months so I'm not sure if he was going to be travelling over the Christmas holidays. He hasn't answered my emails since Dec. 27 or been online. If you know anything about Jason and Caroline please get in touch with me. If you find Jason please have him email me when he can.
Laura Mann, Oregon, USA

I'm concerned about the safety of my Swedish friends, Pia and Per ALberius and their family who were scheduled to holiday in Thailand last week. Any news of their safety would be appreciated.
Peggie, Lebanon, New Jersey,USA

Looking for Sam & Lyn Fang, Singaporeans mid 40's - last known residence - Patong Beach,Phuket. Sam is a dive master & journalist, Lyn is a consultant. Any info on welfare and whereabouts appreciated.
Kathy Weaver, New Zealand

I am searching for any information on my friend's grandson, Kristian Walker, a 12 year old Swedish boy, possibly seen Monday with an unknown European man (dark hair and moustache) at a hospital near resort of Khao Lak in Thailand. His father and grandfather (Dan Walker Jr. and Sr., respectively) are currently searching for him in Thailand. They believe he may have been kidnapped post-tsunami. His mother, Madaleine, is also missing.
Prudence, Santa Fe, NM

Trying to contact Mike Thompson in Phuket, ex Thai Copper.
Lawrie Gibson, London, England

Looking for our mate Manus Sexton. Holidaying in South East Thailand with his brother. Just want to know he is safe.
Dee and Chris , Newquay, England

We are desperately looking for my sister Gloria Baurele and her husband Gerhard Bauerle. Both are German national. They are in Khao Lak when it happened.
Paul Pongco, San Fernando Pampanga Philippines

My niece Sheena Symes last contacted 28 December on Ko Chang island near the Burmese border
Kate Macdonald,

Concerned about Roger Mccarthy who was on holiday in Thailand over Christmas. He had planned to take lodgings at my home in Wycombe on January 2. Please let me know if you are safe.
Paul Myatt, Buckinghamshire, UK

Looking for whereabouts of two friends residing on Phuket, Phil Cope and Brian Clarke.
Leslie Burke, Galway Eire

My friend Nancy Close and her husband Alan went to Thailand on 14 December to visit their son Gary and his wife and their son Callum. I would love to hear they are safe and well. They intended visiting Australia before returning to England but not until after Christmas.
Dorothy Johnston, Shildon County Durham England

I'm searching for my sister's friends who she believes were in Thailand and has not heard from since. Their names are Leonard and Teresa Gehring. Please let me know if you know anything. God Bless.
Laura, Coral Springs, FL

Am trying to get news of a dear friend, James Cork from Surrey, who regularly winters somewhere on or near the Thailand coast. He would have had a private bungalow or other separate accommodation away from the main tourist areas and has close ties with the locals. I don't know where exactly he stays there but from his accounts, he has fairly easy access to Bangkok and Pattaya - short boat trips, he says.
BF Hunt, London, England

Hello, I posted a message earlier last week concerning a good friend Chris James from Warwick. Does anyone have any news at all? Not sure what coast he was on, but still have not had any contact from him. Any news would be greatly appreciated, Thank-you.
Martyn Soar, Luton, England

I am looking for Sarah Hornseth. She has light tan hair and has glasses. She may not be going by the name Hornseth anymore because she got married. If you know where she is or anything please email me. I think she was still in Thailand when this happened but please help please!
Nikki Rendell, Canada, Alberta

I would appreciate greatly any information regarding my brother Alexander Gladstone who has resided in Thailand for many years and who I have lost contact with.
Ian stewart, Telford UK

My neice Sheena Symes, back-packing on Ko Chang near the Burmese border. She was last in touch with us shortly after tsunami hit on 26 December, saying she was well and staying to help. We have not heard anything since.
Kate Macdonald, Scotland

My uncle, Martin Baldwin is 39, he is an ex soldier and he goes to Thailand at least once a year. He stops over at friends' homes, and goes from village to village. He rang one of his friends from Bangkok on Christmas day and said he would be going to Phuket the next day, Boxing Day. We haven't heard from him at all the family are very worried. If any one knows of his whereabouts please contact me.
Natalie Poole, Telford

I have been unable to locate my ex-husband/dear friend Viroj Sobamai who teaches scuba diving in the south of Thailand, either Phuket or an island close by. If anyone knows his whereabouts please email me asap. Both myself and his son Conrad are very concerned. Thank you.
Eileen Keely, Olympia, Washington, USA

We are looking for Andy, Katie, Laurie & Hattie Kendrick. Andy is a school teacher in Thailand
Stuart Moore, Haverhill, England

We are looking for my two twin brothers Richard and Steven Kaye. Richard flew out to Thailand on the 22 Decemeber. He was meant to be meeting Steven in Bangkok around Christmas day, then going to a coastal resort. Any information is desperately needed.
Janet and Megan Taffs, Bradford, England

I'm trying to locate my friend Andrew Hitchings, he went to Thailand for Christmas with his Thai girlfriend, I'm not sure what area her family lives so if anyone can help me contact him I would be most grateful.
Doug, Cambridge, UK

Oliver Mauge, a US citizen residing in Baden-Baden, Germany and friend Carlos A. Perfecto, left from Germany to Thailand for a 2-week vacation. No communication since before Christmas.
Rissa Arellano, Santa Clara, CA

We received a Christmas card dated 12 December from Harvey and Jean Cooper who were last in Phuket having their sailboat refurbished. I have tried contacting them via their e-mail address without success. Harvey was formerly employed by Reuters as was I. I would like to know if they are okay. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact me.
Kurt Hansen, Middletown, N.J. USA

Does anyone know if Dave Cartier is on the missing persons list (Thailand? Thanks!
Josie Weaver, Anchorage, AK

Looking for a missing friend, Dumri Svastisalee. He was at Pang Nga/Phuket, Thailand during the tsunami.
Bryan Jupp, Cambridge , Ontario, Canada

We are looking for a customer from our dive center - Sea Dragon. He went out with his whole family to the Surin Islands. His name is Martin Hill, and his wife is Kim Hill. He works for the British Embassy in Bangkok. They have three children (Jasmin, Dominique and ?). His plan was to go to the Similan Islands via speedboat and stay on the Similan Islands for one or two nights. Please, if you have any information, let us know. Thank you very much. Regards,
Klaus Muskat, Khao Lak, Thailand

Looking for American Thomas Fleming. He was in Thailand for the month of December. Friends and co-workers are looking to hear from him.
Chuck Parsons, Portland, OR, USA

Missing: Michael Smith and Audrey Barley (both British from Goole in Yorkshire). Believed to be in Phuket - not sure? Travelled to Thailand on the 23 December. Not had any contact since, very worried. He is retired captain in the British Army. Anyone who knows their whereabouts please contact me
Daniel Smith, Goole East Yorkshire

Barry and all the staff at Thorney Bay Caravan Park on Canvey Island Essex are concerned regarding Peter Nellist, who owns a caravan on the Park, & spends each winter in Thailand.
Melanie Woolf, Canvey Island Essex

My son Bernard David Stuart, DOB 26/8/85, missing in Thailand. He carries a Dutch passport but was born and raised in the UK. 5'8", slim built, blue eyes, dark-brown hair, freckles, squint, likes to be called Bernie. Does not speak Dutch.
Jake Leopold, London, UK

We are trying to locate Thomas (Tom/Tommy)Lee from Bolton, Lancashire, who went to Thailand for his Christmas holidays (we believe to Phu Thai) and was supposed to have returned to England for New Year, but hasn't arrived. He is 53, approx. 5'9", slim with a beer belly and balding with grey hair. Tom, if you see this please call us or the Bay Mare. Good luck to all who are searching for a loved one and heartfelt sympathies for those who have lost family or friends.
Joanne Boyham, Mazarron, Spain

Trying to find William (Bill) Recktenwald.
Paul Daugerdas, Karber Ridge, IL USA

I have just found out that a former assistant of mine was on holiday in Phuket. She has not contacted anybody to say she is safe. Her name is Monica Lee and she is Korean. Please if anyone knows of her whereabouts please say.
Liz Sparr, New York,USA

I'm seeking information on Lee Box who is from Burnley but is travelling in Thailand I last heard from him on Christmas day,
Steve Riley, Burnley, England

I'm looking for my Uncle, Philip Nicol (52) who is living in Bangkok - Thailand. Grateful for any news.
Adam Nicol, London, England

Any information on David, Fiona and Maxwell Willis of South Wimbledon would be greatly appreciated.
Mel Devlin, Galway, Ireland

Looking for Hallmark employee Panom Nanakorn
Maureen Kenny, Kansas City, MO, USA

We are looking for our friend Robert Rowbottom. He was in Phi Phi and has not been heard from since Christmas day. He is 5"9 with white blonde hair. He was with a girl named Sarah Bent who is also missing. Please help us find them.
Amy Telling, Pimlico, London

I am looking for a Kaci Kinsley and her family any whereabouts
Rachel, Moscow, Russia

I am trying to locate Alivia Forbes, from the Behamas studying at Birmingham University, as far as I know she has not returned from Thailand, and I cannot reach her. She was last staying with our friend know as 'G', has anyone any news about either?
Laura Allen, Birmingham, UK

I am looking for Stephen Mascari. American citizen living in Phuket, Thailand
Roxana, Monterey USA

Looking for English man Terry, Thai wife, Noo and daughter Kati. They ran Rick's bar & restaurant in Phuket Thailand. Our prayers are with you all.
Pat and George Buchanan, Liverpool England

I'm looking for Marlene Wallace and Thomas Hayes. They are a married couple and Thomas is a interior designer and photographer. Marlene is an actress. Marlene is about 5'7", long blonde hair, early 40's. Thomas is about 5'8" or 9" brown receding hair, handsome face. He is originally from Louisiana and she is originally from PA. They left NYC I believe on Christmas Morning for Thailand and nobody has hear from them since. They are not responding to e-mails or phone messages. We are worried. If you need more info or have info - please contact me. Thanks so much
Terri Mintz, North Bergen, NJ

The club members of The Pietermaritzburg Parachute Club would like to hear from Kerry Spratt who is teaching in Tailand.
Steve Bartels, Durban, South Africa

Looking for Jim Slater and Stephanie Pease.In Phuket area.
Pete, Birmingham UK

We are looking for Eve Massin and her boyfriend Carl Savade, they were on Kho Phi Phi Island on the 26 December, please let us know if you have any kind of information about them, even before the tsunami hit the island.
Lecuyer, Lyon France

I' looking for Robert Walter Stone who is from Canada and was in Phuket
Ali , Luxembourg

Future Faces Theatre School are keen to contact the family of Ross Baker missing in Thailand. We would like to pass on our message of support to his family. Many thanks.
Nick Campbell, Benfleet, Essex.

Missing: Anthony Murphy aka Tony from Edinburgh - visiting his girlfriend in coastal area of Thailand - last phone call received Christmas Eve to Mum Irene - due back in Britain on 27 January. No communication received since. Tony is in his 50s - If anyone knows what happened to him to contact us as Mum Irene who is in her 80s is frantic. Thank you.
Frances Stewart and Pauline Austin, Edinburgh Scotland UK

I'm looking for my brother Robin Lovell, 54 who moved from Bristol and has been living in Thailand for the last two years. His last known address is in Pattaya. Anyone with any information please get in contact. Thank you
Alan Lovell, Minehead, Somerset

I'm hoping for contact regarding Dominic Rannie from Edinburgh. He was a diving instructor in and around Thailand. I had correspondence from him in the days before the tsunami, but nothing since. He is in his late 20's, slim with dark shaved hair.
Iain Reynolds, Quito, Ecador

I am looking for my uncle, Peter Schwenzer, from Berlin, Germany. He lives in Thailand 6 months out of the year and is normally found to be visiting in Phuket, Thailand. If you know that he is alive, please let me know asap. Thank you very much.
Tracey Herzog, Martinsburg, WV USA

We are hoping someone might be able to tell us if some friends we made in Phuket, Patong Beach are ok. We are hoping to hear about Don and Deer who work at the Kangaroo Bar on Bangla Rd Patong and also if the members from the band Red Hot Potatos - Joe, Neil, Paul and Mike who play at Scruffy Murphys on Bangla Rd in Patong are also ok. We are very worried and have no other way to find out. Thanks.
Michelle, Taryn, Emma, Michelle, Helen and Shannon, Perth, Australia

Our Norwegian cousin Kirsti (36, blond) her daughter Shyrin (8, dark curly hair) and partner Ole (40, tall and thin, blond)were last heard of on 24 Dec in Koh Phi Phi. Does anyone have any news of them? - we have heard nothing at all since Christmas. Thanks for your help.
Karen, Anne and Kirsten, UK

I have no means of getting in touch with my friend Mrs Joy Grimmer and her partner Ted of Bracknell, Berkshire, England who went on holiday to Phuket, Thailand on the 12 December, if anyone know of their whereabouts please get in touch with me. Thank you for your help.
Joy Butler, Wiesbaden, Germany

Looking for a friend Nolan Pickering living in Thailand for 6 months when the tsunami struck have not heard from him
Lyndsay, Coventry, England

A friend of mine is looking for news about David Harfoot in Thailand Cambell Murie in Phuket
John Bevan, Cowbridge, Glamorgan

Any news on Mrs David Lowe and her 3 sons all in their early 20s - they were somewhere in 5 star hotel on Beach in Thailand
Janie Lowe, London

Seeking information about V. Dass (male, aged 27-30 years)from Rameshawaram, Tamil Nadu. Tourist guide who meets many visitors arriving at the train and bus station and offers snorkelling and swimming trips, home-stays etc. His house is 1km north on the beach road out from the temple, past the Tamil Nadu Guest House. He looks after his parents and sister in a small cottage 100m from the beach. He is the only bread-winner for his parents and sister. We have befriended him and now seek his whereabouts. Many thanks for any communication regarding him and his family.
John & Josie Keys, West Malling, Kent

I am looking for Kevin Stalley who is known to be in Thailand at the moment. Does anybody have any recent news of him?
Clare Jones, Colchester, England

I am seeking news of John Butterworth of Frimley. I last heard from him as I drove him to Heathrow. He is about 66 years of age and a large man.
Barry Millard, Bagshot, UK

Looking for an English friend Leon Vaughn, he went to Thailand for Christmas not sure of his whereabouts, be glad of any information.
Caroline L, Dublin, Ireland

Message from Bob Pulling from Drumlish Ireland and June Smith From Watford - I'm also wanting news of John Frith of Hazlemere Bucks who may be in Thailand - grateful for any news.
Peter Sims, High Wycombe, Bucks

I would like to know about Nongkhran Camshay. The niece of To and Oil - a Thai couple with a young daughter who live at Khao Lak just up the beach from the Nang Thong bungalows. They are ok but I don't know about their niece and would be grateful if anyone could help.
Steve, Bristol, UK

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