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Asian quake - Responses

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their responses to appeals for news of missing persons.

Here are the responses received so far:

We would like to thank you for your quick response in posting our request to find our friends who reside in Maldives - Fauziya, Adam Yoosuf, Yoosuf and Liusha. We are delighted to inform you that they are safe and well. Thanks.
Linda Kumar, Dubai, U.A.E.

Responding to Jan Griffin, Hong Kong: We are all fine - our departure date was on evening of 26th Dec, so the holiday was cancelled.
Peter Thornton, Harpenden, UK

Eve Sherman and Sue Gascoigne have been found and have returned to the UK
Paul Watts, Exmouth

Arrived back from Kuredu, Maldives on 3rd Jan. The island is fine. A bit of flooding, but thankfully not too serious. Hope all who were evacuated got home ok.
Ian and Tracy Ramsden, Yorkshire

We have news that Frazer Simpson is alive & safe & thank everybody for their help. God Bless
Anne O'Keeffe, Australia

Graham and Denise Wheeler, who were on holiday in The Maldives, have returned home safely. Great News!
Adrian and Judy Wilson, Ashorne, Warwickshire

My cousin Jacqueline Watson and her husband are safe and well. I hope everyone else with loved ones still missing is as fortunate as my family.
Lesley Bunt, Adelaide, Australia

We were in the Maldives for Christmas but are now back home safe and well.
Nick & Ann Bennett, Essex, England

Garry Wilkinson and Ann Tomlin alive and well and back in the UK from the Maldives yesterday.
Garry Wilkinso, Edinburgh

Mayaafushi is fine - a couple of rooms flooded but fine other than that! I had friends out there when this happened.
Kim , Staffordshire

To Rex, who is looking for Jan McLucas. She is safe and sound. Thank God.
Christina Payne

We are back safely and unscathed. Our island (Meedhupparu, Raa Atoll) was hardly affected. Thanks to all our friends who have been so concerned.
Andrew and Gloria Marshall, Stafford, UK

Message for Dave and Janice McLucas holidaying in Maldives from 26 December in relation to postings by Melanie Johnson and Rex Hall. They travelled with Kuoni and according to the Kuoni website all Kuoni guests in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia have been reached and are safe.
Sue Davies, Chester, UK

Anne Tomlin and Garry Wilkinson, holidaying in the Maldives, have been reported as being safe and well and will be returning to the UK on 5 January.
Margaret & Brian Duncan, Edinburgh, Scotland

Just read an email from Julie Baston from Exeter. Mike and Lorraine Shepherd are both OK and are back home. Thank you.
Joanna Aston, Exeter, UK

We now know that Andrew and Gloria Marshall are safe in the Maldives.
David Goodman, Stafford, England

Message for Leisa in Manchester. Sky.com reports that Emma Simcox and Matthew Oliver are alive and well.
John Balch, Poole, UK

To Niel Young. I'm doing OK and so are my family in the Maldives. But I'm not in the Maldives at the moment. I'm in Norway but will be going back to the Maldives very soon. Please email me if u see this.
Ibrahim Yasir, Male' Maldives

To Sarah Santiago, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may already know but I met a Walther Kaufmann on Meerufenfushi in the Maldives. When we left after the tsunami hit he was well. There were no serious casualties on Meeru.
Alison, Bucks

Message for Wendy Nield. Garry Wilkinson and Ann are OK. They return to Scotland on 5 January. Thank you.
Marie-Annette Hamlett, Weert, Netherlands

Matthew Vaughan-Williams and his girlfriend are safe and well. Arrived home on 3 January. Thank God.
Richard Skinner, Sudbury, Suffolk, England

Concerning my attached request I got the Info, that Vel and her daughter are fine! Thanx for your help!
Christina Joho, Wiesbaden, Germany

To Alex, Melbourne, Australia. Requesting news of Paradise Island... Check out the website www.villahotels.mv. They last updated 28 12 04 saying they were not too badly hit. Good luck x
Sarah Pyke, Telford, Shropshire

Dear Anna Antignolo. Hilton Resort and its staff are all OK, I've already communicated with them. And also Alex from Melbourne - we have people back from Paradise Island, they said all of the tourists and the islanders are ok on the island.
Ceren Karaden, Turkey

To Bryony, Braintree, Essex, England and Simon and Monica Tan, Singapore. According to the forums and guestbook at www.kuredu.com, neither Kuredu or neighbouring Komandoo was greatly affected by the tsunamis, so your friends should be fine.
Nick Draper, UK

Nick Evans and Gabrielle Hadley are safe after their trip to the Maldives - response to Charlie Pepper's posting on this site.
Nick Evans, Bishops Offley

Sonya Brown is fine. Very little impact on our Resort. We were very lucky.
Sonya Brown, HuvafenFushi, Maldives

The website: http://www.tsunamimaldives.mv/ has information about electricity supply, damaged buildings, extent of flooding, number of deaths and food supplies on each of the Maldives islands although it doesn't seem to include and Tourist resorts. However, it might be useful for people wanting information about friends/relatives on residential islands as it gives clear ideas of how badly each island was hit. I'm sure this could be helpful for some people if only to ease their minds. Thoughts and love to all affected xx
Clare, London, UK

I have heard from our friends, Colin and Elizabeth Robinson and their three children, and they are all safe. Thanks for your help.
Francine Lorimer, Copenhagen, Denmark

Recently returned from Fihalholi Island. Just to let you know although we did have a wave and there was a problem with the dive group everyone is well. The telephone connection is now up and running on the island. Kind regards.
Melanie Kurdash, Hatfield, Herts

The Wennen family are safe and well and will be returning home on bank holiday monday.
Michelle, Brentwood Essex

To Sarah Santiago in Kuala Lumpur: Walter Kaufman is the manager of Meeru Island Resort. Everyone there is OK. For more info., see www.meeru.co.uk.
Judith Jesch, nottingham, uk

A reply to Mike Buckley, Solihull. Chris and Lesley are fine and well.
Scott Russon, Herts

Reply to Kay McGaw, Surrey, UK. I am a friend of Tracey Hughes holidaying with her husband David and family. Her brother heard from her - they are all ok but nothing further as yet.
Helen, Hampshire, UK

Clint and Anoushka Brownley are fine in Sri Lanka, they made it to higher ground. Thanks for all the help.
Wemi Peters, Washington DC, USA

Further to my recent email concerning missing relatives in the Maldives (Doug Gregg, Rachel Gregg, Martin Gregg and three partners), I am pleased to tell you that they are all now home safe and well. I would be grateful if you could add these to your posted survivors list. Thank you,
Tony Beasty, UK

In response to Tim Pang, Hockley, Essex - I have heard from friends that Phil Coulthard and Debbie are fine - I hope you receive good news of your other friends soon.
Roz, Kent

Confirmation from friend on Fesdu (Fesdhu) North Ari Atoll. Some damage mainly to store area but no casualties or injuries. Local islanders left stranded on boats for 2 days with no permission to land.
Angela Stones, Dunstable UK

Just to let you know that I have information from the southern islands in the Maldives. Our friends Carole and Peter Godfrey that I posted a message for are safe.
Neil Blaikie, Swanley, UK

Contacted you earlier today re Kim Beaumont and his partner Jessica. Pleased to advise they quite safe. Their flight to the island was cancelled on the 20th Dec resulting in their having spent the whole time on the Indian mainland. Thought that Kim may have had enough nous to contact his Mother though! Very relieved at the outcome but also pretty cross with the two of them! Thank you for your service and please accept my apologies for having troubled you. You must all have more than enough to contend with already.
Watson, Hornchurch, UK

Further to my recent email concerning missing relatives in the Maldives (Doug, Rachel and Martin Gregg and their three partners). I am pleased to tell you that they are all now home safe and well.
Tony Beasty, UK

We have heard from the management of Komandoo island that evryone is fine, no damage and all running OK now. Kuredu is also fine
Fiona Patterson, Bargoed, Wales

Re: Carol Edrich. She is fine and still on Veligandu island. There was little damage on this island.
Alan, London

We were at Taj Coral Reef Resort, Maldives, when the water hit. Everyone on the island is fine. No injuries, all guests, staff are accounted for. Water was up to chest height but subsided after 20 to 30 minutes. Secondary waves were less intense. Most guests have now been moved to other islands or flown home. Some staff are being flown out by Thursday. Island is being left with minimal cover staff. New generators are being fitted so that water & power can switched back on. All in all, very lucky.
Karen and Mike Reid, Petersfield, Hants

Anyone here who may have been worried about my mother Pauline Barber and her partner Malcolm Crofts, I can confirm they are now waiting to come home and should get back 5am Thursday. They seem very shaken and were apparently very lucky to still be here. My thoughts go out to all those who like me spent a long time trying to contact my Mum and I hope you all have as much luck as me.
Alex Lye, Crawley, UK

Our organisation - Locators Online, has volunteers in all of the countries affected. Those trying to contact a loved one can e-mail: emergency@locators-online.org with the name, telephone number, description, last known location and if known travel plans. We will do all we can to help. Also a form can be filled in at http://www.locators-online.org
David T. Thomas, Northern Cyprus

To Tony Beasty - Assuming you mean the Martin Gregg who is an Air Wales pilot, I received a text message from him saying that he was OK.
Gary Howell, West Wales

To Andy Smith in Toronto. www.meeru.co.uk now has first-hand accounts that all in Meeru are safe and well.
Robin Thomson, Edinburgh, Scotland

Andy Smith from Toronto is asking about his friend on the Meeru Island Resort in the Maldives. My two friends have just returned from Meeru and they confirmed that there were no casualties on Meeru Island Resort. I have also spoken to a Maldivian Police officer whose nephew works on Meeru and he also confirmed there were no casualties on the island.
James Taylor, UK

To Sarah Leatherhead, England. Lynn and her son Daniel are safe and are in a hospital in Male, suffering from some minor cuts and bruises. Her fiance suffered from some broken ligaments, but even he is feeling better and they are hoping to catch a flight back to England tomorrow. They ask to tell you not to worry. And say that they are lucky to be safe and sound after their resort took a hit from the waves.
Shazu, Male, Maldives

Message for Nichol Thompson in Sheffield. We met Evan and Anna while they were on honeymoon. Have been in contact with the island (Maayaafushi) and spoke to the general manager, who says everyone is OK. Hope this puts your mind at rest.
Eve Sargent, Kent

Reply for Steven Sommerville re: Gill Carter - Explore Holidays have said that the six people who arrived in the Maldives on Sunday are OK, but no news of when they are coming home. I was on the Explore Sri Lanka trip with Gill.
Mary Shaw, Redditch, UK

To find out how which islands are affected, the following news links may be useful (ignore the politics - the information is the important part) http://www.dhivehiobserver.com/index.html and http://www.minivannews.com/news/news.php?id=142
Guy Mullings, Zug, Switzerland

Just a note to say that John and Bev Pottinger have been found safe and well and are now back home. Thanks
Tony Pottinger, Rochford, Essex

In response to Craig Dilleys' message, Alex and family are staying on Kurumba in the Maldives, its website kurumba.com confirms "Facilities and services at our resorts are functioning normally. All our guests are fine."
Michael Feakes, Herts

Daniele Cowan and Mark Bainbridge are safe and well in the Maldives. Continuing their holiday will ba home an 2 January - great news!
susie bennison, chester-le-street, county durham

An update on our appeal: Lynn, Keith and their son Daniel Gilliam, from Basildon, Essex, are home safe and well. Thank you to the BBC for this service. Victoria Alexander, Maidenhead
Victoria Alexander, Maidenhead

For Mr Skinner of Sudbury. Matthew Vaugn Williams and his girlfriend are safe. Have spoken to the family who assure me they are fine.
Paul Holland, Bury St Edmunds, UK

Responding to Karen Woods, Chichester: The Figgis family are all fine. They are a bit cut and bruised, and due back in the country on Sunday. Regards, Mike (Sue's brother)
Mike Drew, Tring, Herts

Further to Malcolm Robert's message, We have heard that Steve and Barbara Vanstone and family are all ok.
Lars Huntley, Hitchin Herts

Confirmation from Victoria Torrance and Sharon Davies on one of Maldives' islands. They are safe and well.
Gavin Turnbull, Preston, Lancs

In case this is of use to anyone, have received e-mail confirmation on Wednesday, 29 December, from the Manager of Lily Beach Resort in Madives that their island was not affected badly as it was on the west side of Maldives - no casualties, very little damage and life goes on as normally as it can.
Adam Ball, Fetcham, UK

In response to Maria Cummins, Harwich: See this site for updates on the universal studios chain of resorts, it seems that Laguna, Kurumba and Kuramathi are all ok. It doesn't mention the dive teams though. Hopefully they are ok.
Steve Higgs, Romford, Essex

Message for Paul Brooks - I am a friend of Andra and Martin Forde and they are okay but I don't have any other news. Still anxiously waiting. I have been in touch with Martin's brother.
Gill Clarke, Horsham, West Sussex

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