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Asian quake - Responses

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their responses to appeals for news of missing persons.

Here are the responses received so far:

To all our friends from Natalie Joshua and Zack Kilmartin! We are safe and well, but still in Sri Lanka. We hope to fly home next week and will contact you all when we get back.
Natalie Joshua, Enfield, England

A message for Sonya. Pithipura infants' home is awash with mud but all staff and kids are fine but in temporary accommodation, mostly at Anandapura I think. It is possible to phone the home.
Alison, living in US

Message for Ron and Kay Abbott. I'm writing on behalf of Tilak and Srimathy Selviah. They are both safe. All members of their staff plus all the guests who were at Eden Resort and Spa on the 26th were safe. They would like to talk to them as soon as possible.
Sonia Marzuki, Singapore

Re: Christine Harris' enquiry for Ian Hatfield. They were guests at our hotel Taru Villas in Bentota on Dec 26 and are safe and well and have continued on their tour round the island. Our hotel was not touched by the tsunami thankfully. Another enquirer wanted info on Tim Isaacs and his kids. They too are safe.
Leana, Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is a reply to Val Thomas in Perth, and E Robshaw in Wakefield. I have just spoken to Ellie's sister and she says that Ellie, Smith, Helen and Abagail Hartley are all fine and are enjoying the rest of their holiday as much as they can. I hope this news puts your mind at rest as it did ours. And I hope everyone has as much luck as we have.
Sam and Lindale, Skipton

Further to my appeal and that of Evelyne Zoude, I am please to report that the Fuchs family are safe and well. I understand they were caught up in the disaster but were flown back to Germany some days ago. This family did not appear to be on any of the lists I saw so I hope more of you have good news too.
Lynda Mitchell, Swindon, UK

Great news! Mike Kirkham and family are safe and well. They returned home to the UK yesterday. Thanks to all.
Lorraine, Halesowen, England

Tharanee Ravindran and her family in Sri Lanka are all right.
Madeleine Youmans, Huntsville, AL, USA

The owner of the Blue Deep dives centre in Hikkaduwa is OK. All their boats are ruined though and most of their equipment lost. Hikkaduwa was very badly hit but the people are working really hard to recover and already some guesthouses and restaurants have reopened.
Rosie Hogsflesh, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I am alive and well, one of the lucky ones.
Rosie Hogsflesh, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Message for Leila Daniells in Hobart Tasmania. Henry, Ana and family are safe and back in Braga. They were all caught in the wave and are very lucky to be alive. They have no major injuries. I am so relieved
Wendy Stubbs, Cheltenham

In my previous message I was looking for information on Mr Nigel Duke. I am pleased to say he is safe and has made contact. Thank you.
Sandra Walters, Swansea

We have read the message from Helen Garnham of Pembrokeshire, S. Wales, UK on your "Asian Quake-Missing Persons" Sri Lanka website. Please inform her that we are fine and she can contact us.
Pam and Leana Pieris, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Answer to question of Laura Dawson: Kandy area was not affected.
Ranjith Chandrasiri, Avissawella

Referring to my appeal searching for Henny Ginsburg from Sweden, please take notice that today Jan 6th. I got her mail telling me that she is back in Stockholm and ok.
Walter Blass, Buenos Aires, Argentina

To Helen Sternfeld. Opanayake has not been affected but Kalutara yes, but no deaths appear to have been reported.
Denzil J. Gunaratne,

Message for Mrs Jacquie Bartley, London and Dave & Maggie Howe, Kent re staff at Serendib Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka. We have heard from the hotel - all staff and guests are safe. The hotel suffered damage to the ground floor and beach area but hopes to reopen in February - without rooms on the ground floor. Their e-mail address is: Sharin@serendib.lanka.net. Hope this helps. Thank you for putting out my appeal for information, I am delighted to be able to tell you that although Alastair Lawson & his son were on the sea front when the wave came in, they managed to reach higher land & after a traumatic few days have returned safely to the UK - Thank God
Charlie Garnett, Paris, France

Please can you remove my comment regarding Mano Dharmarajah, posted yesterday, as we have just heard he and his family are safe and well. Thank you for your help
claire, Harrow, Uk

For Jim Merry from Somerset. Helena and Imco Flipse are fine. They are with their baby daughter Malou in The Netherlands at the moment. As far as we know the staff and guests of that moment at the Surfcity are fine.
Sandra Tesselaar, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

MIRISSA BEACH in response to enquiries re Mirissa and particularly 'SIRI'and his family at the 'OCEAN MOON'no info found about the family so far but www.wannasurf.com has a message board that is a useful source of info about the area
marie -louise, Derby UK

Nimal & Mia Rajapakse & their 2 children. News. They are well. Some property has been damaged but no loss of life. Due to return to England from Sri Lanka in the next week. Praise the Lord.
Mrs Pauline McKenzie, Guildford, England

Roger Wall and his girlfriend Jan are home safely from Sri Lanka
Kerry Thomas, Reading

Re: Lisa Cope and John. We got a text from message from Lisa, which said that both her and John are well and that they will be going to India.
Fiona and Hazel, London, UK

Viraj Manjuka of Galle has been located on my behalf by staff of the Sun House Hotel and he is alive. Thanks
Hilary Roberts, Leamington Spa England

This is for Jo of London. A friend of ours returned from the coast to Columbo just before the disaster. Columbo is OK, he told his mother by satellite phone. Hang on to this, Jo. Communications are very difficult but a message might get through.
Sue Roberts, Bristol

Just returned from Sri Lanka. Colombo is almost untouched by the tsunami, as are all inland areas and cities such as Kandy. We found the best way to communicate with people in UK was by texting (SMS). We had a pre-pay mobile phone and, even though we could not make outgoing voice calls, we could send and receive text messages to/from the UK. If you know a person's mobile phone number but can't get to speak to them, send them a text.
Philip Jones, Guildford, UK

Steve, Kate, Laura and Sally and I are all fine. We were with the Hackett family (Steve, Susie, Robyn and Frankie) from Ringwood, Hants, and the Jones (melanie, Phil, Rhiannon, Alice and Rachel) from Guildford (several enquiries after them in the list). We were all inland on 26th Dec. We all flew home yesterday as planned.
Fiona Ridley, Minchinhampton, Stroud, Glos

Katrin in Geneva - Sonali is with family in Colombo.
Douglas Reid, London, UK

In reply to queries - Pragash French Garden in Trincomalee was destroyed but the owner and family are safe; No one living in Kandy at the time of the tsunami was affected - Kandy is about 100 miles or so from the coast
William Knox, Colombo - Sri Lanka

To those who were asking about the staff at the Triton Hotel in Sri Lanka. Apparently everyone is safe. I am quoting "I have spoken to a member of staff, Chamal de Silva, and unfortunately, the ground floor has been destroyed. He says that all guests and staff on duty were OK . I hope the hotel is up and running shortly, as the staff don't have jobs now, and Chamal's house and village have been completely flattened.
Yelena, Boston, UK

Anne & Michael Biegler from Bosenbach Germany were after information regarding the Blue Horizon, Tangalle. Sudath & Bianca are alive but lost their youngest son Sanka. Their hotel and everything else has gone.
Jonathan, Bath, UK

This message is for Grace Brandt, Croton-On-Hudson, NY, USA. The Jones family; Phil, Melanie, Rhiannon, Alice and Rachel - from Guildford, UK are all well. They returned to the UK today and telephoned us. They were inland when the tsunami struck.
Mike Beazley, Bushey, UK

Update for Mark Dowle, High Wycombe on Arthur C Clark. He says: Thank you for your concern about my safety in the wake of Sunday's devastating tidal wave. I am enormously relieved that my family and household have escaped the ravages of the sea that suddenly invaded most parts of coastal Sri Lanka, leaving a trail of destruction. But many others were not so fortunate. For hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans and an unknown number of foreign tourists, the day after Christmas turned out to be a living nightmare reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow. Among those affected are my staff based at our diving station in Hikkaduwa and holiday bungalow in Kahawa - both beachfront properties located in areas worst hit. We still don't know the full extent of damage as both roads and phones have been damaged. Early reports indicate that we have lost most of our diving equipment and boats. Not all our staff members are accounted for - yet. Arthur Clarke 27 December 2004.
Melissa Jones, Sawbridgeworth, Herts

Amy Hamlyn, my daughter, escaped the tsunami and is back in Columbo following delivery of supplies to refugee camps in Mutur
Hamlyn, Stourbridge

Thank God, my friend Demala Muni Danushka Sanjeewa and his family are safe and well. I just got an e-mail from the hotel in Bentota in which he is works telling me this. Thank you for your attention.
Shantil Pereira, Italy

To Sophie Radice. So pleased to hear that everyone was able to run up from the beach at Goyambokka. We have been so worried about Asoka and the staff at the Goyambokka Guest House above the beach where we stayed last January. It sounds as though they are OK, but if you have any news please let me know. I can imagine that you feel awful. So shocking for you.
Lynn Rimmer, St Ives UK

Kevin and Lynn Pulford send their eternal thanks to the staff of club Bentota and the local people for their kindness. The hotel was very badly damaged, we dearly hope it can be rebuilt asap. Hope the friendly policeman, tuk tuk driver and lady from tourist centre from Galle survived.
Kevin Pulford, Birkenhead

Have good news about friends Shrupti Shah and Jatinder Kholi. They had fortunately moved from their hotel on the beach in Sri Lanka two days before the tsunami struck and are ok.
Christine and Paul Drabwell, Luton, England

This is a message for Tanya Smart and her husband Jon. We met you at the paradise beach Cabanas near Tangalla. My husband was called Dan and we talked to you about watching turtles. We had two kids - a girl and a teenage boy. We are very pleased to hear that you are all alive. We were worried about you. Everyone was able to run from the beach up to the hill although so many died in Tangalla. I find that I feel worse now I am home. How are your children? Much love Sophie and Dan.
Sophie Radice, London

Lucy Munns and family arrvied home safely from Sri Lanka.
Sam Furness, Jersey

This is a message for Mr Steinmann Markus, Geuensee, Switzerland. I also stayed with this Mr I.M. Darmadasa and his family in Mirissa - Sri Lanka in November. I spoke with a British friend who lives across the road from the family on Sunday 2nd January - she has informed me that they are fine and the lovely boy Yasas is safe.
Vanessa, Ayles, Bucks

This is a response to Leila Daniells in Hobart Tasmania from Wendy. I have not heard anything from Henry Warren and family yet. I will let you know if I do. Can you please do likewise? They are due to return to Braga on 11 January.
Wendy Stubbs, Cheltenham. England

To Sandy Stockwell thankyou so much for your email, yes it has put our mind at rest could you forward the hotels email so we can send our best wishes to them thanks again.
Dave and Maggie Howe, Kent England

With Reference to Margaret Smith from Biggleswade, we heard today that she has now returned home safely. Hope others are as successful. Thanks
Philippa Lawrence, West Wickham, Kent, UK

my antie emma and dave are safe and well starting to move inland in india love and hope to all those not accounted for may god send them saftly home
holly dawson, bowness windermere

Yesterday I sent an email about my brother Jos Langeveld and Shiranie Langeveld - Boellaard who were missed in Habaraduwa Sri Lanka. Today we had contact with them. They are both alive. I wish all others lots of strength. Thanks for being able to use this possibility.
Conny Wijdeven-Langeveld, the Netherlands

This is a response to Christina, Bergamo, Italy: an owner of a hotel in Tangalle emailed me today - Chula Jayasuriya, Santana Guesthouse, and his family are in a refugee camp in Tangalle. Their house and all their belongings were washed away by the tsunami, but the whole family is alive. I want to help this family rebuild their house and get on with their life. Anyone interested in joining; please let me know so we perhaps can coordinate our efforts.
Kirsten Greiner, Oslo, Norway

Nicola Massey and husband Janaka and son Janu from Sri Lanka are safe and well.
Angela, London

Ananda Jayadewa from Paradise Beach Club in Mirissa has survived. He went up to the temple. The hotel is totally destroyed and he will need help.
Nicole Mattern, Berlin, Germany

To Debbie Solari in Sydney, Australia: Thalawatugoda is an inland suburb of Colombo and was not affected by the tsunami: on 27/12/04 I rang a friend who lives there, so hopefully your friend(s) were not visiting the coast at the time. To Luara Dawson in Stockport, UK, Kandy is in what is known as the hill country in Sri Lanka so your friend(s) should be safe if they were not visiting the coast.
Trevor Meares, Melbourne, Australia

Udaya Silva has been in touch to say he is alive with some injuries. He will be ok. Thank you for your help.
Sally Humphrys, Chippenham, England

I am so very relieved and happy to say that Colin Lloyd is back safe and sound in Limasol, Cyprus. Thank you, and my thoughts and hopes are with those still searching.
Sue Macey, Croydon, UK

Gisela & Bertrand are back! They arrived this morning in Kuwait! I am so happy that they are safe and sound!
Katja Conrad, Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait

To Paul Jago of NSW, Australia. For information on people in Arugam Bay see the website www.arugam.com - click on Help for local news. This site has been set up by local hoteliers.
Nicky Sheehan, Glasgow UK

Message for Dave and Maggie Howe who were enquiring about the safety of staff and guests at Serendib Hotel, Bentota. We have received an e-mail today from the hotel. All staff and guests are safe. The ground floor and beach front area of the hotel was damaged but the hotel will be operational again from 1st Feb without the ground floor rooms. Hope this reassures you.
Sandy Stockwell, Verwood, Dorset

Sam Sultan and wife Mareena are fine and currently in India.
Nanda Nair, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mr Desmond White, former park warden Yala, called my brother Bernard. He is alive and well.
Tania Perera, Sri Lanka

To Camille Ma in Bangkok: Andre,Ano and 3 boys are fine - they were upcountry in Bandarawela with Andre's parents when the wave hit.
Maria Chanmugam, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I sent a message yesterday about my friend and colleague Fiona Gordon. Im happy to say she arrived back today safe and well
jane sherlock, ho chi minh city vietnam

We sent an email earlier today requesting information about the safety of KR Anura and his family in Aluthgama, Sri Lanka. We have just heard that they are okay. Thanks
Steve and Ingrid Freeburn, Belfast

The Cronin family - Mary, Nick, Sam & Tom are safe and well and are now thankfully back on English soil.
Sarah Ward, Kelowna BC Canada

We have had a text message from Rangi from the Chill Out Surf Cafe behind Mambo surf shop Galle Rd, Hikkaduwa to say him and the shop workers and his surf friends are all safe.
Jo Dissanayake, Melbourne, Australia

We just heard from our friend Andy Beer, who is safely back in England. His mountain biking group was in the highlands when the tsunami hit. Thank you for your support, and especially to the BBC, which made this service available to everyone, even those not living in the U.K.
Michele Radcliffe, El Cerrito U.S.A.

Tim Read, Jo O'Reilly and family are confirmed as safe and sound.
malcolm hawthorne, london uk

The answer for Fr. Stuart Crevcoure, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA Fr. Charles Hewawasam and Fr. Lalith Fernando are fine. They are working at the bishops house in Galle right now.
Nicole Mattern, Berlin, Germany

In response to Rachel of Cornwall and her request for information about staff at Koggala Beach Hotel: I was staying with my family at the Koggola Beach Hotel when the tsunami struck on 26 th Dec. As far as I understand, all staff and guest at the hotel are safe and accounted for, except for a British family of four who left the hotel 15 mins before the big wave and were traveling by mini bus to visit the Elephant sanctuary. Most of the hotel guests were taken to a local Buddhist temple where we were looked after with great dedication by hotel staff and the monks. We were bussed out on Monday morning to catch an evening flight to Gatwick. Landing early Tuesday morning. We feel lucky to have escaped so lightly. Our hearts go out to all those who have suffered. I sincerely hope you have been able to make contact with your friends and that they are safe and reunited to their family. Bede Mullen
Bede Mullen, Hebden Bridge, UK

For the attention of Brenday Brady of Sydney: John McCarthy and girlfriend did not travel to Sri Lanka as planned and are safe and well in Australia.
Nicky Sheehan, Glasgow UK

Delighted to report we have located Steve & Pat Stubbs at the Apollo Hospital in Colombo. They are bruised and battered, but thank God, still with us.
Pauline Fanning, Stockport, Cheshire

Just to let you know following earlier post the Jonathan, Etik and Yasmine Burrows are alive and well in Colombo Sri Lanka. Many Thanks and my thoughts go to everyone.
Nicholas Gane, Royston, UK

Jean LLoyd -previously reported as missing - has been located and is well and safe in Sri Lanka
P.C.Bagshaw, London, UK

Email message received from TaJ Exotica in Bentota yesterday, all staff safe and well.
Janet Simpson, Shetland, UK

Regard msg posted by K Speller, Hornchurch, England regard Colin, Binal AND Irani _ all are safe and well in Sri-Lanka. Gerard Pandian (Friend Of Colin from Brunel
Gerard PANDIAN, thornton heath united kingdom

To Glenda Truscott, New Milton, England: Niroshan and Lakshman are both safe. I got this information from Nanda, the Sports Manager of the Mermaid.
Nina, Vienna, Austria

message for Gillian Bowditch. I have heard that Tim Read and Jo and family were staying in land over christmas and are OK
susan bracey, plymouth

Message for Roger Gill - hopefully you will already know. Look at http://www.contactsrilanka.org/Found_People020105.xls and at the bottom of the UK list there is a Denis and Dorothy Clark and a Sally David and claire Leach. Hope they are your friends. Jen
Denis Clark, Hebden Bridge

To Tanya Smart & Jon Walter from Lewes. I have an e-mail from Palm Paradise in Tangalle. All their guests from 26 December are ok, and they have 18 cabanas outof 22 surviving. Contact them on ppcabana@sltnet.lk, or e-mail me for their contact nos.
nicola Medlik, guildford, surrey

In reference to my friend Sophie Walker she is safe and well in Bali with her Dad.
Natalie Clowes, Burgess Hill Sussex

The Saddington, Paul and Jane, and her sister Anne, her husband, and her brother Peter are all well and safe.
margaret pinsent, abingdon, England

To NEIL PARRAY, Newmarket Canada. ROGER ELY is alive and well.Has just spoken to his good friend Mike Scott in London. Escaped from the hotel in time and is now in Colombo awaiting flight back to China .
Aileen Colhoun, London England

Have heard today that Roger Ely & Fenella Bosomworth are both fine along with half of the guests at Rogers hotel.
Russ Godwin, southwark

John Davidson has been found and is ok! Thank you for your help. - JEA
Jane Evelyn Atwood, Paris, France

Message for Sandy Stockwell. Ranjith Wijewardhane and his family are all OK. I am in email contact with Sunny Kularathna, one of his colleagues, who phoned him to check, so's I could let you know. Email me at ann@catsup.co.uk for Ranjit's mobile phone number if you'd like to ring or text him. In case anyone reading this knows them, Sunny and his family are also safe and well.
Ann Dickinson, Whitley Bay, England

Message to Tara Allen, London. Roger Ely & Fenella Bosomworth are safe and well in Colombo, staying at the Galadari Hotel. I left them there on Thursday 30 Dec. They escaped from the hotel in Hikkaduwa with us on Sun 26 Dec and got out safely. Roger's email is: rogerely52@hotmail.com From Nicky Sheehan
Nicky Sheehan, Glasgow UK

This is a responce message to Gustav Bala regarding Patrica Caudle and Yasmine. They are both safe in the north west of Sri Lanka carrying on with their trip, they are due to return on the 7th January. Best wishes from Trish's friend Jenny x
jenny emery, Chorleywood Hertfordshire, UK

Shane Pereira today spoke with the MacDonalds in NZ.He and his family are safe and well.Thank you,hope others have good news.
Jill Brown, New Zealand

Just want to let you know that we have heard from Alexanber Boyd who is safe. So happy to hear that Vicky Parsons, Westcliff on Sea, UK has found her family who were staying at the same place. Thanks for this service.
Susan Tereba, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

Message for Ingrid Konzack. I was in Hikkaduwa at the time of the disaster. Only the first part of the Baddegama Road, from the town to the council offices was affected. Hopefully her friends are ok.
Maggie Muldoon, Mt Lavinia Sri Lanka

The Nathan family from Freshford, Bath, and the group of friends they were holidaying are all safe and are making their way back home.
anna, Bath, UK

Mika Hashimoto and John Cross are safe and back in the UK. I have just spoken to them on the phone.
Mark Shrosbree, Hadano, Japan

Colin Beale is alive and well
Dries Verdenius, Andraitx Spain

Iam pleased to report that we have spoken to the Mawalagedera family and they, and the rest of their party are all safe and well in Colombo. They arrive back in Australia on Jan 4th.
Helen Bowden, Staffs UK

Hi Pierre, I am fine. Thanks for your concern. Thanks a lot. We are also very much saddened by the loss of life and devastation in other regions as well. Our very sincere condolences for them as well. Again thanks a lot, man. You can contact me on the following numbers. I will be in London on Sunday and NYC on Tuesday night.94 114 515141 / 94 7777 24240. Nimal Clare Holman and Howard Davies are OK - they were in the hills inland. No more information...
Maria Evans, London

To Alison & Mike Rix who wanted to know about staff in lighthouse hotel in Galle its levated position means it miraculously seems to have survived with all in it: See www.carecanada.ca/work/emergency/ tsunami/DirectorReport_e.shtm
Susannah Morris, London

Anne Beresford - Verena LaBrooy and hubbie Steve Connolly are safe and well, they contacted my mother yesterday from SL on a friend's mobile. They managed to escape to higher ground and are with friends. We have relatives trying to get aid to them this weekend and await news on a day to day basis.
Lucienne Fernandes, Croydon, Surrey, UK

To Jane Steele - re: Chase Roberts family. I was working at the tourist shelter in Colombo and though I did not meet this family, I saw that they had registered there. I don't know if they have returned to the UK, but they are safe.
Sarah, Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is a reply to Christina Dos Santos in Zimbabwe. Dilly and family are safe and sound in Sri Lanka.
Mohamed Zavahir, Harare, Zimbabwe

Alexander Boyd found. For Susan Tereba's enquiry about Alexander Boyd in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. He is bruised but safe.
Charles Anderson, Saigon, Vietnam

Dean and Susan Greenberg are fine. Apparently they were on the highest point of Sri Lanka without any access to TV or Internet and so they were unaware of the catastrophe. They have been in touch with a colleague at school.
Susan A., Massachusetts, USA

Correction - the persons found list for Sri Lanka is at this page: http://www.contactsrilanka.org/namelist.htm
Juliet, US/UK

Message for Ann Cullis (Swindon). John Porter returned to Sri Lanka from Vietnam/Cambodia on 29 December. He is now trying to reach Marakolliya on south coast to look for Nihal and family - desperately hoping they have survived.
Alison McKay, Glasgow, UK

Louise Neary and her family have returned to the UK safe and mostly OK. Thanks for your advice, regards Flo.
Florence Deadman, Faversham, Kent

Response to Shirley Betts, Norfolk: Two Britons, Ian and Anna Betts, are mentioned in an Asia Pacific news report as helping with the clean up of Hikkaduwa. See http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_asiapacific/view/125176/1/.html
Dushy Large, Lewes, UK

My brother Pat Campbell, (formerly of Brighton) has emailed us: he and Fiona McIntosh who are in Sri Lanka are ok. Thanks for phone calls - please let others know.
Clare Campbell Morgan, Glasgow, Scotland

Try this site - it has full list of people found so far www.contactsrilanka.org.namelist.htm
Tracey, Bradford UK

Hoping to hear from Clare Holman and Howard Davies who left for holiday in Sri Lanka about the 17th December.
Lucy Tregear, London

To Lucy Tregear, London looking for Clare Holman and Howard Davies on holiday in Sri Lanka, they were in the hills at the time and are safe, not sure when back but due this weekend.
Andrew Holman, Bury St Edmunds UK

Wonderful news - Basil Fernando is on the Bandos Island in The Maldives and safe, his wife Ruchira and daughter Tiny are safe in Sri Lanka. They escaped to high ground in time!
Wendy Fulgoni, Glascoed, Nr. Usk, Monmouthshire

Chamila Somaskandan from London but holidaying in Colombo is safe - Jasmine from London, you left a message of concern - we are all glad she is ok.
Claudine Ratnayake, London UK

Simon Woolley and Julia Casson have made contact - they are safe and well.
Tim Cawse, Winchester, England

I am seeking news of my friend and third cousin Rachel Nathan (nee Williams), her husband Bevis and their three children. I believe they were going to Sri Lanka for Xmas. I would be very grateful for any news; obviously I and my family are worried about what might have happened to them in Sri Lanka. Piers Benn
Piers Benn, London, UK

To Piers Benn. Rachael, Bevis, Charis, Gabriel and Leo Nathan are all safe and well and returning to UK on January 1st. They were very lucky, thank God
Sarah Thorn, Bath, UK

I am worried about my friend (housemate) Steven Peiris (30, British) and his parents, who left UK before Christmas for holiday in Sri Lanka. They planed to stay with their relatives in Shi Lanka until to January 2005.
Irina Garmash, London

FOUND! Steven Peiris of London, and his parents have been found alive & well! Thank you for your help.
Irina Garmash, London

I emailed asking for information on the whereabouts of David and Sheila Cox in Sri Lanka. I am happy to report they are safe and well and have today returned to the UK.
Anne Flint, Knutsford, Cheshire

We saw your pictures and eyewitness account of the floods and the Triton Hotel, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka. We wondered if anyone has information regarding the village of Ahungalla, in particular Palitha De Silva and his family who live along the Rajapaksh road. We cannot get through to the Triton Hotel where he works. Many thanks
Keith and Ann Taylor, Kent

With the help of a local Sri Lankan family we have now managed to contact our family in Ahungalla and we are delighted to say that they are all well. Thanks for printing our email, and your great website.
Keith and Ann Taylor, Kent, England

Found - safe and sound! My friend Alison Bunch and her family, husband Tony, children, Naomi, Sarah, Adam, and Simon, are safely home. They lost all their personal possessions and are very shocked, but are now safely home again. They said that the help and support of the Sri Lankans was amazing and they are very very grateful.
Amanda Bate, Radlett, Herts, England

News has just come through that the Gillow family from Cambridge are safe, thank God.
Caroline Stone, Cambridge UK

We have had an email back from Neptune Hotel in Beruwala, all staff & guests were removed from hotel, no injuries. We have no further news on Beruwala or Bentota, if anyone has any further news please foward details. Many thanks.
Dawn and Ash Poole, Wombourne, England

Just a quick message for to let all friends and family know that I have heard from Roger, Rosie and Lucy Bent who are all fine and well. They luckily left the coastal area on Xmas Day and are currently staying in the hills near Sygiria. Roger can be contacted intermittently on his mobile.
Simon Bent, Bewdley, Worcestershire

Paul Candler and Emily Adams are home safe. We were in Yala National Park. Our hotel, Yala Village Hotel, had suffered some damage but was not reporting any casualties at the time we were evacuated from there are 11.30am (local time), 26 Dec. We were flown home by the Italian Government on one of the first flights leaving Colombo on 27 December. At that point hardly any people had made it to the airport, and it was very quiet. The Italians were the only foreign representatives we saw during a 4 hour wait at the airport. They opened their emergency Alitalia flight to Rome to all Europeans - Germans, Swiss, French - we were the only Britons. They even flew us home from Rome to London. Thank you!
Emily Candler (nee Adams), London

A group of ten friends who where in Unawatuna, near Galle, Sri Lanka when the wave struck, are safe and well. The group includes Emily Burns, Cristian Perez-Fernandez, Penny Saunders, Ralph Saunders, Jim White, Mel, Hayley and Martin, plus two others. (Sorry I don't know all names). They are presently in refugee accommodation in Colombo having lost most of their possessions.

They are being provided with safe water and food, and money to buy clothes. A flight out may take several days as the injured and people with children are being given priority. Hope this is of use to anyone who may not have heard from a member of this group.
Arthur Burns, Manchester UK

If you are worried about missing friends and family, please use all the websites available, eg www.familylinks.icrc.org. A couple of days ago, I registered my missing friend (who’d been in Hikkaduwa) on that website. Last night, I got a phone call from a complete stranger in Lancashire saying he had seen a story in some Scottish newspapers (via www.google.co.uk/news) that said my friend’s party was safe in Colombo. (All 40 from the Sunbeach Hotel at Narigama beach, Hikkaduwa got to Colombo OK, thanks to the hotel’s owner Neil Butler’s resourcefulness.) From that, I managed to trace and make contact with Neil’s sister, and I have just received a text message from him to say my friend is OK and on a flight home.
Ruth Ling, London, UK

I emailed yesterday as I was concerned about my German friends, the Kuenzel family, visiting Sri Lanka. I am happy to report they are safe.
Mickey Aronoff, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Peter Etheridge is alive and in a hospital in Columbo waiting to be reunited with his wife Patricia who is also in a hospital outside of Columbo, all our love goes to them both.
Jo Etheridge, Southwater, UK

Cecily & Adam Sumner from Godalming Surrey are safe and well in Sri Lanka.
Karen Barham, Godalming England

This is in response to the posting I put in yesturday asking for any information on a British man named Nuwan. He emailed me so he is doing well. Thank you so much!
Renee Shank, Florida, United States

I have been reading the online edition of daily news (for 29th December) at www.dailynews.lk . It has given the phone numbers 94-11-2437061 and 94-11-4740220 as 24-hr hotlines set up by the tourist board of Sri Lanka to provide information on foreign tourists in Sri Lanka to their relatives and friends abroad. I thought this may be useful for anybody who is looking for missing friends or relatives in Sri Lanka.
Kumari, UK

Message for any friends of Nicky Maxwell and Mike Smith from Aberdeen, on honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Both are ok - they are trekking through the hills and away from the devasted coastline.
michelle clarke, cardiff, UK

Shirley Betts - posted message seeking news regarding Ian and Anna Betts. NZ Herald (NZ newspaper) has copied story from Independent newspaper - where names Ian and Anna Betts appear. I quote.." Those benefiting from his bravery (hero Nanayakkaka who saved a number of people) was a Brtitish visitor Ian Betts, and his wife Anna who had joined the terrified throng fleeing the area as the waves began to hit the exposed resort. "The water started coming into the hotel and we just had to run" said Betts (35) from Norfolk. From the news story Anna and Ian appear to have survived the disaster.
Andrew, Hamilton, New Zealand

In case anyone is search for Lesley Dick and her mum Chris. I have received a short email, to say that they are ok. Chris is returning to Scotland today or tomorrow. Lesley will try to return to Unawatuna to her dogs and home.
lynn, glasgow

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