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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February 2005, 20:41 GMT
Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website snet is their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

You can also send your photographs to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

This is the second page of appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

Kevin Beaumont (50) and his partner Jean Neelan (49). We have not heard from them since Xmas day. Kevin was going diving Boxing Day morning. Jean was going to meet him on the beach later that day. If anyone has any info on them please let us know.
Anne Beaumont, Romford, Essex

I am trying to locate my brother, Alan Burgess who is on holiday in Thailand. We heard from him on Christmas Day, but nothing since. Please let me know if he is OK. Thanks.
Sue Underwood, Stoke on Trent, England

Trying to locate Stewart Levy.
Vic Abols, England

Ethel (Effie) Siburn - Please does anyone have information about this person. She is 75 today (30.12.04) approx 5ft. 6ins in height. Wears glasses. Greying hair. Very kind person if you have met her you will remember her. Holidaying in Thailand. Her friends are very concerned. Please reply if you have any information.
Liz Dobson, Consett, Durham

Friends Reg & Barbara Burgar from Chalfont are on holiday in Phuket with their son, and as yet no contact from them. Can anyone help?
Mike Baughan, Chesham, Bucks

I am hoping for news of my sister, Penny Cushing. She flew to Thailand on 19th December for a two week walking tour. Is she safe? Please let me know.
Tina McGrath, Harrogate, U.K.

Looking for news on a friend called Chris Parnaby from Middlesbrough. Went back-packing around Thailand, not been able to get in contact to find out his whereabouts. Can anyone help?
Helen, Boston, Lincs

If anyone has news of Kevin McDonell, 36, Irish, who is holidaying in Thailand with his two children, please let me know. We are very anxious to hear.
Peter Hampson, Rye, UK

I am wondering about a wonderful family who live on Ko Lanta. They own The Last Beach Resort. One of the sons is probably around 15-16 years old. His name is Kacha Thongharm. I'm wondering if he and his family are OK.
Courtney Clark, Fort Jones, CA, USA

Looking for Angela, Colin, Eilidh and Ruaridh Weir. They travelled from China where Colin works for Foster Wheeler.
Jan Appleton, Krabi, Thailand

Looking for news of Steven W. Robinson of Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK. Tall, slim, fairish/brown hair, late 40s. Holidaying in Thailand. Has lots of friends there and visits each year, so could be in any location.
Jennifer Robinson, Kingston upon Thames, UK

Looking for Joe Reardon. He goes every year to Thailand for 4 months at least. Ian and Mel need to know if he is ok. Please reply if you know of Joe. Thanks
Ian Reay, Stanley, Durham

Looking for news about Jonathan Patten, staying at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan, in Thailand. He's from Northern Ireland, tall, muscular, and very handsome. Also David Malamatenios, in Thailand. He's a gentle solicitor from London, and a practising Theravada Buddhist. In Thailand with his girlfriend.
Michael Thorne, London

Seeking to know if Kevin Eels and friend are OK. They would have arrived on Christmas Day in Thailand.
Carl Jenkins, Bebington England

Need news of Richard (Ricky) Michael Hall last known living in Songkhla region of Thailand. D.O.B 5th Dec 1964, Height 5'9" blonde balding (poss shaved) hair. Any info would be grateful.
Rita Hall (Mum), Ruislip, Middx

Friends of mine Barry Stokeley and family were holidaying in Thailand. Just want to know they're safe and well.
Marc Whitaker, Milton Keynes Bucks

Has anyone any info - our son Steven Robert Graham is on holiday in Bangkok/beach chalet. He is a jet teacher in Tokyo, travelling with one male and two female companions.
Kenneth Graham, Carlisle, England

Last heard from my sister Hayley George (25) on Boxing Day that her and boyfriend Jay Reddington (30) are OK and are going to Bangkok from we think Phuket. Please can you get in touch to let Mum or anyone know that you are safe and OK.
Dawn Kennedy, Biggar, Scotland

Would love to know if our friend and neighbour Barry Tims (56 years) is OK. He's 5'11" and was on holiday on a beach in Khao Lak when the waves hit - any news greatly received.
Kevin & Laura Soer, Chigwell, United Kingdom

My uncle is staying in Thailand and I'm unsure where. His name is Graham Ridd and he is from South Wales. I would be grateful for any information as we haven't heard from him.
Ceri Boyle, Doncaster, England

Trying to make contact with Jenny & Mike Rothwell in Balakapan, Indonesia. Please let us know you're all OK.
John & Morag Robson, Bury, Manchester

My good friend Colin Berlin, please talk to me. Went to Phuket to collect his daughter, both are now missing.
Barry, Westbourne, Hampshire

I am looking for any news on Roy Grace (electrician). He moved to Phuket from Frome a few years ago. A few people would like to know he's safe.
Adrian Howell, Frome

I'm looking for a mate of mine James Tufts who was a scuba diving instructor in Thailand.
Leslie Webb, Bedford, UK

I am trying to locate my brother Alan Burgess who is on holiday in Thailand. Our Mum spoke to him on Christmas Day, but nothing has been heard off him since. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, phone or e-mail Sue if you have any news. Thank you.
Sue Underwood, Stoke on Trent, England

Just enquiring about a couple of dear friends who went to Bangkok for a Thai wedding and were getting married on 26th December. Their names are Vaew and Lee Oats. If anyone has any news of them, please let me know.
Hilary Dollman, Thame, Oxfordshire

I am looking for my nephew Robin Kimreus who was on vacation in Khao Lak in Thailand. If you have any information please let me know.
Vibeke Koszeghy, Hoboken, NJ, USA

No contact from Jane, David and Jonathan Coslett, who were touring the region for a month.
Roy Harvey, South Wales

Looking for news of Stuart Barnes, and Chantal Barnes (previously Rankin). Somewhere on one of the beaches of Thailand when I last heard from them.
Morag, Windermere, UK

Brian and Jill Thompson were on a 6 week holiday. If anyone has heard anything about them please contact me and let me know what has happened to them. Thank you.
Sian Thompson, Bradford, England

Seeking information about Mr Pitak Pearl Village Resort & Mr Joseph at Nai Yang beach Phuket.
Jonthan Robbins, Weymouth England

I've recently come back from Thailand (Ko Samui) where myself and my partner met a lovely family who were going to Phuket over Christmas, Rod, his wife and their three children from Gravesend. I don't know them very well but can't stop wondering if they are ok. I hope they are. If anyone has heard from them can you let me know.
Yvonne, Sutton, Surrey

Looking for news on Tracy & John Andrews holidaying in Phuket. Friends of theirs have been found in hospital.
Vanessa, Hertfordshire, UK

Donna Crawford - our member of staff went to Thailand with friends. Any news?
John Adair, Belfast

Sean Arnold was holidaying in Bangkok area. Would be immensely relieved to get in touch with him.
Burgess, ID, US

Nova and Ben Mills missing from Thailand.
Antony Chaggar, Nottingham

We are trying to find out if our Thai girlfriends Wan & colleagues who work at Dolphin Bar, Patong Beach are ok - if anybody has any info we would be grateful.
Karen & Paula, Nottingham, England

Anyone seen our friend, Dr Robert Whitelaw, 80-year-old Scottish gentleman, vacationing in Thailand, whereabouts unknown?
Janice Aldrich, Portland, OR, USA

Looking for Hannah Shi. She was staying at the Phi Phi Princess Resort on Phi Phi Island in Thailand. She is 25, Chinese American, has two earrings in her right ear. Thank you.
Eddie Chan, New York, NY

We are looking for Cynthia Utterbach. She is a jazz singer & was performing at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. We haven't heard anything from her. If you can contact her, please have her call the Hankins family.
Vernice Hankins, California, USA

Trying to locate my mother's best friend who was holidaying in Phuket with her husband at Christmas. If anybody has any info on Diane (Di Di) and Glynn Rogers from Portsmouth, Southsea, England I would love to hear from them.
Mark Burr-Lonnon, Dallas, USA

Michelle, Poppy (12yrs), and David Nesteroff, who were travelling around Thailand and maybe sleeping on the beaches. Not sure what area they were based in. Any news would be appreciated.
Lynn and Tim Parker, London

Looking for Tony Divine and family from Portsmouth on behalf of friends. They were on holiday in Phuket.
Kali Smith, Littlehampton, West Sussex

Trying to find Mark & Karen Withers who were on holiday in Krabi.
Catherine Oxborrow, London, UK

My brother John McCarthy (age 33 & known as Sam) and his girlfriend Debbie Evans (age 31) were staying in Khao Lak Resort from 20th December. We last heard from them on Xmas Day when they were on a day trip to Phi Phi Island. Please contact with any news.
Clare Sellick, Penarth, Wales, UK

My next-door neighbour - Mr David Prowle flew to Thailand on xmas day. I am very worried about him, if anyone has any news please contact me.
Miss Atkinson, Erdington, Birmingham

I am worried about my friends who own a Thai restaurant in Norfolk they visit Thailand for xmas every year. I am aware that they were going but have no idea where or when they were coming back they are Nina Sri-insee and daughter Alisa Sri-insee.
Jo Taylor, Norfolk

Am desperately trying to get any information on whereabouts of my sister and her family - Isobel and Derek Nichols, their daughter Lindsay Nichols, son Jonathon Nichols, his wife Charlotte and their baby. Jonathon and Charlotte live and work in Bangkok but all family due to have a few days travelling together so unsure of where they are. Please contact ASAP if you have any information of any kind.
Iain Scott Rae, Edzell, Scotland

Looking for news regarding two people in Thailand at the time of the disaster. Tony Facer & Terry Tuft. If anyone knows if they are OK please let us know. Thanks.
Jacki Thomas, Thailand

Looking for news on Sally Swann, holidaying in Thailand.
Mel, London

I am looking for a family called Mr and Mrs Leppard. I am not quite sure what the names of the parents are but my friends name is Elliot and his sister is Saskia. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of these people then please can you contact me. Any news would be most grateful.
Ali Mather, Warwick, Warwickshire, UK

We are looking for Monique Boonman (32) and Wim Snoodijk (36). The where in Kao Lak, Theptharo Lagoon Beach hotel. Please provide any information you have.
Rima, Kortgene, Holland

A very close friend of mine called Scott Hedlen (16) has been in Thailand and since the tsunami I have been unable to get contact with him and fear for his and his families lives. If you have any information at all about his whereabouts, I will be extremely grateful. Thankyou for your concern.
Lucinda Bashi, Cardiff, UK

Looking for news of Michael, Polly and their daughter Jamie Harkin, holidaying in Phuket Beach Resort.
Jude Marson, Hayle, UK

Hoping for word on Bill Main, living in Phuket with his Thai wife and children. He was last known living on one of the beach areas there, for a number of years and is an American. Thank you for any help.
Tom Lueders, Golden, CO, USA

Mark Patton of Portsmouth England is currently on a back pack style break in Thailand - I have no way of contacting him or any of his friends and family over here and I am not sure if anyone can contact him - for all I know he maybe on the complete other side of the country and safe - I believe he is due to return to England on the 5th of Jan.
Dave Knight, Portsmouth, England

Looking for Janine Oberholzer who was working as a teacher and her boyfriend Wayne who was working as a dive instructor. They were both somewhere in Phuket.
Craig Chapman, Cape Town, South Africa

Any news of Joan and Tony Cooke of Larnaca, Cyprus who travelled to Thailand on Dec 18th and may have travelled on to Mymar or Vietnam would be much appreciated.
Maria Trickett, Larnaca, Cyprus

I'm looking for my cousin and her family Jennifer Marambio 27, Joakim 35, and Malcolm 20 month, Hausmann. The last time we spoke to them was the 24/12 and they were in Phi Phi island. If you know something or have some information please contact me. Jennifer has long, dark hair and Joakim is tall and bald. Both have a snowflake tattoo on their back.
Catarina Barraza, Stockholm, Sweden

We are looking for news of Ivan Baverstock and partner Rosemary, work colleagues and friends from Windsor, England who were on holiday in Thailand. If anyone has any news on their whereabouts and safety please let us know.
Dave Stone, Bristol UK

I am looking for Stuart Goldby from Norwich, he is in Thailand for christmas/new year he is 6ft3 tall, 40ish and a paramedic. If anyone has any news please contact. Thank you.
Rebecca Finn, Norwich, Norfolk

My father, Leonel Rodrigues, Portuguese citizen, is missing. He was last seen holding on to a tree inside the Meridion Resort/Hotel in Khao Lak, Thailand. He is 55 years old, 1m74, brown eyes, bald, white beard and moustache. He has a dark birth mark on the left side of his left torso and a scar about a hand's length from his coccyx up. He was wearing blue swimming trunks. Please help, please!
Filipa Rodrigues, Macau

Paula and Carina want to know what happened to John and Mary from Dorset, 65-years-old. We stayed together in Hotel Khao Lak Resort. Please contact me.
Carina Dickens Nilsson, Örebro, Sweden

Looking for news of work colleague Alan Hughes who is travelling in Thailand, thought to be in the Krabi area when the disaster struck.
P Gough, Denton, Manchester

Looking for my roommate and her family. Her name is Charisao "Green" Srisuthipornsakul from Had-Yai, Thailand. She is almost 21, her birthday is on 12/31.
Doreen, Oshkosh, WI, USA

Looking for Imran Hafeez Swiss citizen, who is lost in Thailand and hasn't contacted since the tsunami. We are all worried about Imran so much, please if you have any information, or Imran if you hear us, please write e-mail.
Sergei Denisenko, Maria Sartaj, Seoul, Korea/Toronto, Canada

We would like to know if our friends the Bonnython family are safe in bangkok.
Dave and Irene Claxton, Wendover, Bucks

Desperately trying to find out if my friend Richard Watts from Bristol is ok. Last contact was on Christmas Day. He is on a diving holiday in Thailand and may have been staying on Phi Phi Island. Has anyone seen or heard of him. Please help. Family and friends very worried.
Gary Pilbeam, Brixham, Devon, England

My cousin, Armine Kevorkian, was in Phuket, Thailand, with her boyfriend when the disaster struck. The last time anyone heard from her was on Dec 24. She has been living in Pasadena, is in her 50s, dark hair, Armenian.
Gloria Alvear, Long Beach, USA

We are worried about some friends who were on Koh Lanta for xmas. Was this island affected as I know it is close to Phi Phi. Colin Clifton and Darren Cartwright are their names. Colin was out there to teach English in Phuket and Darren was visiting from Australia.
Julia Wilson, Maidstone, UK

This is a message from Olivia Hill and Sacha Jafri who are in SA on holiday and are worried about their good friend James Low, believed to be on an island off Thailand with his family over Christmas. If James and family are safe please do let us know. Thank you.
Graham Hill, England

Does anyone have information on our friend Darren Shirley from Liverpool? He was in Thailand for Christmas staying south of Bangkok, not sure exactly where. Have tried to contact him but no response - very worried about him.
Kristy MacDonald, London

I have a good friend Nutnaree Seelagid (Noi) who runs Noi Bar on Sawatdirak Rd, Patong Beach, Phuket. If anyone knows if she is OK please let me know.
Darren Pitt, London, UK

I am desperately looking for my friend Karin Swarbrick, she is American and travelling in Thailand when Tsunami hit. She has long red hair and fair skin please let me know if you have seen her.
Evan Lewis, Dana Point, California, USA

Lyn and Tom Farthing and Lyn's father Peter Kiernander were spending Christmas in Phuket. We would appreciate confirmation that they are safe and well. Thanks.
Rosemeyer/Edwards families, Camberley Surrey, UK

I am trying to help a friend locate her dad, his name is Andrew McDermid. He is living in Thailand. If any body knows anything then please get in touch asap as we have not heard from him since it happened.
Lindsey Gauld, Surrey

I am looking for my uncle (Dylan Dersim aged 50) he is a Swedish national and he was living in Bangkok and moved to south of Thailand in summer 2004. We are very anxious to hear any news of him, please let us know. Many thanks. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.
Karz Mustafa, London, England

Ao Nnang - Poseidon Dive School. Dom and his girlfriend working there. Does anyone know how badly Ao Nang was hit and if these guys are okay?
Lisa Hardstaff, London, UK

Looking for Carly Smith (or Brinkley) an Australian living in London. Don't know which name she's travelling under. She's a skinny chick with short reddish pixie style hair. I last heard she was Island hopping but no word from her since the tsunami hit. Any news please email us.
Sharon Chapman, London, England

I'm trying to find information regarding a friend of mine which was in Thailand, her name is Sandra Gennai and she is Italian. Please let me know if you have any news.
Monica, London, UK

I am trying to find out if a Thai lady called Moh, her 7-year-old daughter Naule and husband Mr Norm are ok. They live and work on Koh Lanta. Moh has been working at the Srilanta resort in the therapist spa on the Island. Any news would be gratefully recieved. Thank you.
Jo Tooley, Peterborough, England

I'm looking for Akbar Hamid. He is 40 years of age, dark skin, approx 5'8" tall, normal built. He is originally from Bangladesh and lives with his family in Dakha. He had planned these festivities in Puhket at his sister's house. I have not received any replies to emails I have sent since Xmas. Please, if anyone has seen him or know of him be so kind to drop me an email. Thank you.
Antima , Birmingham UK

Hoping for any news on Frederik Jurriaanse 69. Receptionist at Paradise Pearl Resort, Phi Phi. Thank you.
Glenn Mrosek, Glasgow, UK

Toney Barnes III & family last see near Puangnapa Penkratoke. Last contact 12-23-04. Please if anyone knows or has seen Toney and family please please contact us.
Raymond & RaChelle Bradford, Jacksonville, Florida

I am looking for my good friend Colin Jarvis. He is the Founder of Thai Arts Foundation. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact me.
Collins Boakye-Agyemang, Milton Keynes, UK

Looking for information about Eric David Sowden last known to be in Thailand. He is my brother and would welcome any information anyone may have.
Andrew Sowden, Blackpool, UK

We are frantically searching for our family member David Blaine Carr, US citizen from Orlando, Florida who was travelling in Thailand and Malaysia during this disaster. All that we know is that he was visiting beach areas. Please help us find him. He flew from Orlando to Bangkok on December 22nd.
Glee Wheeler Suntrup, St Louis, Missouri, USA

I am trying to find news of my friends, Matthew and Hannah Tugwell who are holidaying in Phuket. Also, I cannot contact their parents but would like to tell them my thoughts are with them through this dreadful time.
Mark Reece, Ashford, Kent

I want to find out if my friend Karen Dodd and her friend Becky travelling around Thailand since 7/12/04 are ok. I have no idea which region they were in. If anyone has seen or heard anything about them, please let me know.
Debbie Kennard, Utrecht, Holland

We are desperately trying to contact Melissa Hofland and Donnevan Moesman. Last seen at Phi Phi Island. Please provide us with any information you may have.
Caroline Noothoven, The Hague, The Netherlands

My work colleague, Ray Mulholland was due to head out to Khao Lak on 26th December. Need to know if he is OK.
Matt Evans, Cardiff, UK

We want to know whether Dennis Ross and Alexa Ross are safe. They have been on holiday on the islands around Samui. We sent them a text message but have still had no reply.
Nick and Judy Marriott, Bangkok, Thailand

We are desperately trying to locate Philippe Griveaud, French national, age 41, gone missing in Phuket.
Lida, Netherlands

Gwen and Barry Turner going to see Gwen's brother in Thailand flew out on the 19/12/04 for two weeks, not staying at a holiday resort as brother lives in Thailand. Any information would be grateful.
Sharne and Natalie, Stoke on Trent

I am looking for information about my sister and her husband, Ann and Mike Chadwick. Please contact me if you have any news.
Steve Howarth, Radcliffe, UK

Can anyone confirm my good friends Andrew and Catherine McArdle from Kent are safe and well? They were in Thailand but I'm not sure where they were staying.
Laith Al-Janabi, Woolwich, UK

I have many friends in Thailand now, if anyone finds college students from Kansai Gaidai, Japan - Daniella (Italian); Raphael (Ecuadorian); Stephanie (German); Belli (Italian); Spencer (American); Maria (Argentina). Please let me know!
Mary Shannon Teague, Osaka, Japan

We are looking for Elin Lilja (Swedish) and Cyril Lommaert (French). They arrived on 25 December in Bangkok and were planning to go to Phuket vicinity.
Kristyn Mitchell, London

I am concerned about John Andrews from England who was on holiday in Thailand, also my very dear friends Alwin and Gek Zecha who live in Bangkok. Any news would be welcome. Thank you.
Tricia Martin, Marchington, England

I am looking for Justin Ledingham and his fiancee Seda who were last heard from at the Phi Phi Princess on 25/12/04?
Bob Prevost, Tadley, UK

I have been thinking about Carl, the caretaker at our apartment building in Castelfield, Manchester. He is holidaying in Thailand for four weeks and left on 4th December, I would like to know if he is safe.
Edd Mercer, Manchester, England

Looking for friends Julian Aubrey & Callum James on holiday with Thai friend. Grateful for any news.
Judy Miller, London, UK

Is there any news of Laura Rex, aged 16, holidaying in Thailand with her Mother?
Gill Brown, London

Any news on Laura Rex aged 16, holidaying in Phuket, Thailand?
Ann Brown, London, UK

I am looking for my sister Gordana Bliss and her boyfriend Martin Hay from London. They were in Thailand in Phuket Island. They called on the day of the disaster, but I haven't heard from them since. Please, if you know anything about them, help.
Nevena Covic, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

I am trying to make contact with my friend Saaw Koen, a Thai girl who may have been working in a dive shop in Koh Lak. If anyone has any news on her I would be grateful to know how she is. Thank you.
Sadie, London, UK

I'm looking for news about my friend Dave Smith, he's from New Zealand and was on holiday in Thailand. He's about 6ft 3, thin and has a tattoo of a shark on his hip. His friends in Sydney are worried sick and we want to know if he's okay.
Sharron, Sydney Australia

I am looking for members of the Tarnanen family from Finland. Three of their children attend our International School of Estonia. All of our staff and our families are worried for them. The family was believed to have been vacationing at Khao Lak and Phuket.
Don Fitzmahan, Tallinn, Estonia

I am looking for my friend Tanja Wiess from Germany, 28 years young. She was on the Similin islands north of Phuket, Thailand. She may have also been on Koh Lak?
Bobsy, Hong Kong

My Father, Mark McKelvey, is in Phuket, Thailand. If anyone knows anything about him please contact me asap. Thanks.
Laura McKelvey, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our friends John and Viv Grime live in Thailand. Are you ok?
Andy Harris, Hove, UK

I am concerned about a group of 20/21 yr olds currently in Thailand including Dean Rennie and Craig Wall, would be good to hear any news, hope they are well
Lou, Essex

Looking for information on Mike (Michael) Watkins and his girlfriend Eleanor. Mike is a PADI staff dive instructor, who last I know was looking for work around Phuket Island, Thailand, for the UK winter season. They were also travelling with Sarah Cyprus who would have been looking for a Divemaster job. Any information most welcome.
Ian Steel, Chichester, UK

I am searching for two friends missing since Christmas Day. They are both white, 31 years old and were staying in Khao Luk. Luke Puddy is about 5'10" tall with short reddish blonde hair. Alice Claypoole is about 5'6" tall with long wavy brown hair. Any information about there whereabouts would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
Stephen Isaac, London, UK

We our looking for our friends Luke Puddy and Alice Claypoole both from London. Last known to have been in Khao Lak on the 24th December. News would be great. Thank you.
Charlie Gramolt, London, England

We are searching for my cousin, Samantha Archer Fayet (dual French-British citizen) born 5.1.72 and her beautiful baby RubyRose - only 6 months. Last seen in the Baan Khao Lak resort. Any news gratefully received.
Alexandra Mackenzie, London

Friends and colleagues concerned about the whereabouts of Annika Forsander and family of Helsinki, Finland. Any news appreciated.
Anna Storgårds, Helsinki, Finland

Please advise if you have news of our family friend, British man Stephen Pettigrew - who is holidaying at resort in Phuket. We are concerned to know he is ok.
Sharon Johnston, Kingston upon Thames, UK

Rob Wood and his wife, from Jakarta, were in Phuket and haven't been heard from. Grateful for any news.
Ann Bostock, Jakarta, Indonesia

Alan and Gail Rawson (plus son Jon who is visiting over Xmas New Year). I have tried to contact their relatives in UK no luck, Not sure of their address, they are ex-pats, any News would be great!
Dave Dodgson, Newcastle, UK

Any information on Colleen Allan-Burns.
Viv, Rugby

A friend & his wife were staying in Phuket and we haven't heard from them. His name is Karl Krausnneker, Austrian, very tall and in his seventies. Please advise if any news, very worried.
Steve F, London, UK

My friend Chris James from Warwick was on holiday in Thailand, but I am unable to contact him, if anyone has any news, I would be grateful. Thank you.
Martyn Soar, Luton, England

We are hoping to hear that our friend John Pope who is in Thailand is safe and well. He was going to Phuket for part of his stay.
Simon Craven, Nerja, Spain

Looking for our friend Ezgi Ozen Gumusoglu, female, in her 30s, Turkish citizen. She was taking a taxi ride with her husband Cetin Gumusoglu in Phuket when the waves hit. Cetin is now in hospital, but Ezgi is missing. Every bit of information will be appreciated. Thanks.
Altay Atli, Istanbul, Turkey

Searching for news of my uncle, Anthony Royle. I am desperately worried about him and would be grateful for any information at all.
Laura New, London, UK

Very concerned for the whereabouts of Lindsay Turpin as we are unable to make contact with him. He owns a bar near Phuket. Any info would be greatly appreciated
Peter and Sarah Ward, Nottingham, UK

Our recently married friends are on holiday in Phuket Christian Iversen (Danish) Roberta Gualandi (Italian). We think they are with another couple Nick (British) and Karin (Swedish). We are really worried and hope they are safe.
Louisa and Jon Hopwood, Brighton, UK

Trying to contact my daughter Em and her mother Dao Boonsamak from Khorat, Thailand who might or might not be in Phuket area. Also Mick Ball from London W14 whom I have tried to contact but is often in Phuket this time of year. Any hearings or sightings?
Alastair MacDowall, London

We are waiting for news of our friends Kieran and Florence Sharkey who were in Koh Phangan on Christmas Eve. Please let us know if you have any news.
Paul Stevens, Worthing, UK

My friend Rory Jackson is 16 years old he was on holiday in Thailland at the time. Any news of him would be greatly appreciated by me and his many other friends in this area! Thank you.
Daniel Smith, Basingstoke, UK

Searching for news of Ian Betteridge and Dulcie Cormack, thought to be on Koh Phangan, on holiday from Tokyo. If you've seen them, let us know. Thanks.
Alan Betteridge, Bicester, UK

Looking for news of Steve Westgate, friend and former work colleague who moved out to live in Thailand earlier this year, possibly around Koh Samui area. Would like to know if he is ok and/or is need of any help?
Sue Frampton, Hull, England

I would like any information on Sarel Brummer and family, currently believed to be on holiday in Thailand, possibly in Phuket. Sarel is a South African working with me in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
Jeremy Schaffner, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I am looking for information regarding a Ms Caroline Rosso. She arrived in Phuket on the 26th Dec at 0835 from Tiger Airways flight 152. She was to spend the day in Phuket and then join a group for a diving trip with the Dragon Dive Centre. If anyone has any information please pass it on as we are desperate to hear from her. My heart goes out to all involved in this tragedy.
Gianni Vaiente, Brisbane, Australia

I am trying to find out any news about my close friends Angela and Richard Naish and their two sons Alex and Sam who were holidaying in Thailand. They have been reported as missing to the foreign office by a close family member, I do not have any contact numbers for any of their family, if anyone reading this knows anything about them please contact me.
Kate Williams, Wales

I'm looking for my very good friend Tristan Stern. He is in Thailand, I'm not sure where but I know it's on the coast. Please let me know if you hear or know anything. I have tried contacting him but had no reply.
Tanya Grimes, Peterborough

My brothers Jamie & Lewis Finch live in Bangkok but were going to the coast for Christmas. They both speak fluent Thai so presume they are out helping if they are ok. Please contact if you have any news.
Michelle Finch, Swindon, Wiltshire

All our family are waiting for news of Dominic Stephenson and girlfriend Eileen, from Edinburgh, UK. They were staying on Phi Phi.
Josie Breen, Glasgow

We have a friend called Rob Dawson in Thailand. Please can anyone give me any information?
Donna Farragher, Stoke on Trent, UK

I'm searching for Déborah Maximo Ribas and Pablo Fernando Moura Ribas. She is 25-years-old, white colour, eyes green, straight hair black and short, Brazilian girl. He is 29-years-old, white colour, straight hair brow, Brazilian man.
Juliana, Campinas, Brazil

I am looking to find out if Paul O'Reilly and Steve Hillier are okay. They are travelling together and I have no way of getting hold of them. Please help if you can!
Stacey Charitou, Worthing, West Sussex

I am looking for news of my son - John Middleton (who is in his late 40s). He has been on holiday in Thailand for the past few weeks, and was travelling with a male companion... any information would be gratefully received.
Vera Middleton, Battersea, London

We are trying to find our brother Keith Arnott. Keith is an expat who lives in Thailand and co-owns a bar in Phuket. If any one has any news of Keith please let us know. Thank you.
Janine Arnott, Manchester

We are looking for our dear friend, Megan Hawley who was in Phuket the morning of the earthquake. She is 20 and brunette. Desperate to hear from her.
Nancy Olson, Lodi, CA, USA

John Race, London, UK - 73 yrs. Supposed to stay on Karon Beach - Phuket. Anyone knows about his whereabouts? So sign/trace of him.
Jaap van der Linden, Bussum, The Netherlands

Trying to find out the whereabouts of my friend, Sam Weller. He is in his late 60s, and has been in Thailand since the beginning of December - not sure where he was spending Christmas but it may have been Phuket. Please advise if you have seen or heard of Sam.
Helen, London, UK

Looking for any news of my friend Senara - a Samoan currently living and teaching in Korea. She went to Phuket for Xmas with a friend - all of her friends are very worried! Thanks.
Melanie Justice, Cheongju, Korea

Missing Ms Ting Wang. Her mobile is off so I can only assume the worst! Any news would be gratefully received then I can try and make contact with her father.
Paul Gilligan, London

Does anyone have news of Ewan and Laura Michie, on honeymoon and travelling in affected region - not sure where they are. Please advise if you know anything. Many thanks.
Saralynn and Paul, Watford, UK

I am looking for my friend Lopa Shah whose exact holiday movements are unknown but she was travelling to Thailand. She arrived on the 22nd December and is due home on the 7th Jan, but there are a lot of friends worrying about her.
Alison Thomas, London, UK

Relatives unaccounted for in Thailand, believed to be in the Cha Am region. Deborah Simpson and Anthony (Tony).
Tracy Bircham, London, UK

Does anyone know if Cape Panwa on the South Coast of Thailand, was hit by the disaster, we returned from the Bay Inn and Cape Panwa Hotel, there 3 weeks ago and are worried about our Thai friends working at the hotel and beach.
Lynne Price, Bebington, Wirral, England

Looking for any word on Alan Scrimger, not sure he is in Thailand but was planning to stop through at some point on his trip and is not answering mobile.
Charles Howlett, Jersey, UK

I am seeking information about Paul Carter on holiday in Thailand from Norwich, England. If anybody has any information as to his whereabouts please contact me. Thank you.
Stuart Robbins, Alresford, England

My brother Stephane Hayball (British) and his girlfriend Lesley Owens (N Ireland), whom I have been unable to reach since the weekend, are thought to have been on an Island off the West coast of the Satun Province of Thailand (I have nothing more specific). I am well aware of the devastation in all the areas surrounding Phuket but have very little information about the conditions in regions further South. Does anybody know anything about this area? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Simon Hayball, UK

Steve Keeney and friends in Koh Lanta. Steve if you read this, please email back so that I know you are all safe.
Lucy Favell, London

I am seeking information about Terence Cecil Gisby, aged in his late 50s on behalf of his elderly father, Len. Terence lives in the Tridos City Marina, Klongsam, Bangkok, but Len is worried that he may have visited the affected coast for the Christmas holiday. Please would he ring Len or respond to this message. Thank you.
Peter King, Enfield, London, UK

My school friend Lauren Sandler and her family are in the area. She is 12-years-old and is very tall for her age and has long red hair which is very distinctive. I am worried about her.
Katya Creed, London, UK

My friend, Julie Davies, is very concerned for her friend Lynn Blackmore and her son Mark Coyle who were staying on the island of Phi Phi. If at all poss please could anybody let us know.
Jill Wright, Hitchin, Herts

I'm trying to find out about a friend and ex-colleague Kelly Thompson, from Hatfield, Herts. She was planning to scuba dive in Phi Phi just before Xmas, I'm desperate to know she's ok.
Shane Wilden, Watford, UK

Searching for information on Tony Cattell of Bloxwich who recently opened a bar in Phuket.
Colin Whorton, Birmingham, England

Looking for grandson James Hurran. Please send message if you know where he is.
Lew Bush, Great Yarmouth

Frank, 43yrs German citizen, work in Thailand and live in Paknajol, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Murari Aryal, Kathmandu, Nepal

I am looking for any information on Viking Divers on Phi Phi. Phil Price and his Thai wife Boom (who ran Rimkao store), Laura Snelling, Marco Hyde, Richard (Roc) and his girlfriend Emily, Evian and his girlfriend Amy, Becks and Perre. Joost Blaauwhof, the videographer. Please let me know if you have any news.
Sue Binns, Yorkshire

Looking for two friends, Roger Corrigan, US citizen originally from Rep of Ireland living in the Karon/Kata beach area of Phuket. Also Thai native June (Puangnapa Penkratoke) of Nai Harn beach area Phuket. Was out on a diving boat between 25 and 28 of December.
F McKeown, USA

I'm desperately seeking news of my brother Kevin Hoye. He is somewhere in Thailand with a Thai family. I've not heard from him since he flew out on 17th Dec, he's not due back until 17th Jan or thereabouts. Please help me find him.
Sally Cripps, Hanworth, England

Please, any news about the Diamond Cliff Spa in Phuket? I have lots of friends working there and I want to know if this place is affected or not.
Maha, Egypt

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I am looking for any news of Sean Sweetman and his girlfriend Lucy Coyle, staying at Princess Hotel on Phi Phi. Has anyone seen or heard of either of them?
Edward Hanrahan, Sydney, Australia

Please, please if anyone knows anything, anything at all, of my best friend. Her name is Julie Green - part of a trekking party that arrived in Bangkok, from Nepal, on the 21st, then heading out to one of the resorts.
Sean Jones, London

Looking for news of Bob Wilde - local journalist and writer now living in Thailand.
David Smale, Cornwall

I have a dear friend from Bangkok named Nada Khongsom and I believe she was in the town of Songkhla with her family when the wave hit... I have not heard back from her. Does anyone know where she is? Please help.
Davod, New York City, USA

I am looking to see if my Thai friend is ok. His name is Charlie or Chai Cowboy. He runs the Old West Bar in Krabi. Does anyone know? Is his place destroyed?
Kevin Roper, Nashville, TN

My brother Randy Bridgens was travelling in Thailand & Laos. We seek information about his whereabouts & well-being.
Paige Bridgens, Northampton, MA, USA

My friend Suzi Green from Finsbury Park London hasn't been heard of since the disaster. She is blonde, blue eyes and tattoos on wrist and ankle. Please let me know if anyone has any news about her.
Samantha Rowe, North London

Looking for Holly Coombs and her boyfriend Blair. They are based out of Jakarta and went travelling to Sumatra over the Xmas Holidays. Haven't heard from them since they left.
Devon Bovenlander, Hong Kong

I am looking for the Sitton Family. Richy, Donna and their three daughters on holiday somewhere in Thailand. WE are all very concerned. Please let us hear from you.
Julie Kirk, Austin, Texas, USA

We need news about Gabriel Hutchens Machado, Australian, who was to be in Thailand for Christmas holidays. His Brazilian family, father, sisters, uncles and grand mother are anxious about him.
Geraldo Machado, Brazil

Anyone know the whereabouts of the ships Starflyer/Starclipper? Friend onboard and they are based in Phuket.
C Svensson, Canada

Missing two Australians: Christian and Moi, staying on Khaolak. Friends from Australia going to find them arrive tonight. Please help with any information.
Andy Hodgson, Los Angeles, USA

I am looking for the whereabouts of Myra D'Souza, her husband Hillary and daughter Dielle who flew into Thailand from Auckland, NZ on Christmas Day. Any info would be much appreciated.
Darryl Dennis, Auckland, New Zealand

Please let me know the whereabouts of Mr Helmut Schomberg, a German friend, who was in Thailand on a vacation at the time of disaster. Until now, we have not heard a word from him yet. Thanks. God bless.
Tommy Chiu, Cebu, Philippines

Looking for any information on John Lunn and his wife Naa living in Phuket. Just need to know they are safe.
Denise and Barry, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

My uncle Mumtaz Ali Bhatti was in Thailand. Citizen of Australia but originates from Pakistan.
Adil Bhatti, New York, USA

My friend Enda O'Dea from Ireland went to Thailand for Christmas and I don't know if he is ok. Please let me know if you hear about him!
Ela, Warsaw, Poland

Any news of Moskito Diving Crew on Phi Phi island and Scottish Kenny the diver. Get in touch asap.
Andrew Richards, USA

Name: Marjo (44) and Sea (17) Rinne, Hotel: Blue Village Pakarang Khao Lak, Nationality: Finnish
Reijo Ström, Helsinki, Finland

We are friends of Luke & Sue Fitzgerald, we are very concerned & hope they are safe, if you have any news please let us know. They flew into Phuket Xmas night. Thank you.
Kevin and Sharron Cozens, Perth, Western Australia

Work colleague on holiday in Thailand, Carol Rigby and family Please inform if ok.
D.Hunt, Bristol, uk

My nephew is missing, Christopher McGlynn. Age 25. He was teaching in Thailand. He was with four friends - they were airlifted to safety. Any info would be very much appreciated. Please could anyone provide any information? Thank you.
Katrina Spurs (nee McGlynn), Sunderland, UK

I am trying to find out information on Carole and Gerard Proszowski and Sebastian. They usually stay in Krabi on Railay Beach. They are French Nationals. Neither I nor their family has heard from them yet. There is also a chance they may have been in Sri Lanka on that day. Please let me know if anything is known about them.
Mitzi Yao, Hong Kong

My father went to Thailand on the 25th of December. We have not been able to speak with him. His name is Martin (Marty) Solomon. Please ask him to call me. Please advise me of any news about him. Any and all help is appreciate.
Nicholas Solomon, Lafayette, LA, USA

Please email me ASAP if you have any information on the following person: James Willis Hsu; 25-years old; Height 5' 9" or 1.7526 Meters; Black hair; Brown eyes; Slender but muscular body and long fingers; Asian (Taiwanese appearance) American citizen; Identifying marks moles on face, one between the eyes. He was at the PP Charlie Resort, Phi Phi when the Wave hit. Many thanks for any information.
Christine, California, United States

My uncle Devaraj, Leelavathi and their daughter Nivetha have gone on a tour to Thailand from Singapore. We wish to know about their safety. Please contact us ASAP.
V Purushothaman, Hamilton, Canada

We are unable to make contact with our friends, V and CR Ratanna (Thai-Americans), and their children Anna and Wyt. They were last heard from hiring a motorcar to the beach area two hours before the earthquake.
Erle Craven IV, Winston-Salem, USA

I am trying to contact my brother-in-law, Brendon Stuart McKenzie, usually known as Beau. He flew to Bangkok just before Christmas but don't know where he was going after that. He works as an English teacher in Japan. He is tall and slim, brown hair, 30-years-old. The family is very concerned and would appreciate any information.
Adrian Lamont, Patumahoe, New Zealand

I am looking for Ruth Owen, she is teacher from London that was staying on Phi Phi Island. She is a very close friend and any information regarding Ruth would be very much appreciated.
Jeremy Johnson, KL, Malaysia

My wife and I visited Phi Phi Island this past June. We met some wonderful people and are specially interested in finding about Evan Fowler, Managing Director of the Andaman Excursions, and the Phi Phi island school kids to whom we taught English.
Andy Ortiz, Japan

We are looking to locate our daughter Laura Johnson 21 years and her friend Janine Beaulieu, 21 years. They last contacted us from Bangkok on Dec 25th & were headed to a small island on vacation.
Ralph & Bonnie Johnson, Winnipeg, Canada

My brother Mario, his wife Maria, daughters Ana, Angeles and Ariana Farrulla were vacationing at the Holiday Inn Resort in Phuket. No news about them since they left Korea. If you have any information, please contact me.
Annie Farrulla, Puerto Rico

I'm looking for my friend Pongtida Santayanon. I don't know where in Thailand she lives in so I don't know if she is okay. She hasn't emailed me since the earthquake. Please contact me if you have many information.
Pongtida Santayanon, Thailand

My brother, a UK citizen is missing, Anthony John Royle. He flew to Thailand for Xmas and has not been heard from since. Has anyone heard from him? He travels all over Thailand.
Lawrence Royle, Toronto, Canada

Nicole-Ann Maharaj is travelling. I am a family friend who is concern about her whereabouts. Please contact me.
Hameed Shaqq, Canada

Three members of my family are missing in Koh Phi Phi area of Thailand. Of a party of eight, five are being treated in hospital, but Amanda Britton, Adrian and Keith Lester are still missing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Claudio Martinoli, Brighton, UK

We are looking for any word on my aunt, June Horvath, who left for holiday in Thailand on 12/23. She lives in Stoke on Trent in the UK. We are sending thoughts and prayers to all of you on this list.
Paula Horvath Finestone, Philadelphia, PA

Please inform me if you have information about Peter Hoffmann who vacationed on Koh Samui; Thanks.
Helmut Peter Steiner, Boca Raton, USA

Looking for James Arthur Le Chasseur who resides in the Phuket area of Thailand.
David & Lucy Wallis, Courtenay, Canada

I am looking for To and Oil, a Thai couple with a young daughter who live at Khao Lak just up the beach from the Nang Thong bungalows. Any word about them or Nang Thong or about the hotel owner called Noi of Gerd and Noi would be very much appreciated. I am so worried for their safety!
Heidi Breeze-Harris, Seattle, Washington, USA

Andrew Lynch was in Phuket when the tsunami hit. We have not heard from him and are quite worried. If anyone has any information at all, please contact us here. We are all so worried.
Tracy, Japan

I am looking for my friend Juraiporn Prapan from Patong, Katu Phuket. She could be alive and well but I can't get through to her. I searched for her name in the sites but it may be written in Thai (which I can't read). If can help please contact me.
Kevin, Toronto, Canada

My name is Bao, I have friend named Blandine Boutry from Lille, France is still missing she was with her husband on the island of Phi Phi, he has been found and currently cared in Bangkok hospital. Please anyone with any information please inform us.
Bao Vinh Nguyen, Hochiminh city, Vietnam

I have a friend, Adrian McCollin from Hull, he's been in Thailand for the last month, not sure where, have tried emailing but no reply, can anyone help?
Duncan Ivin, Berkhamsted, Herts

Wayne Velestuk is missing in Thailand. He was speaking to his sister at the time the tsunami struck and the phone was disconnected. His last known whereabouts before Christmas was in Surat Thani, although he may have been in Phuket on Christmas day.
Alice Davis, Grand Forks, British Columbia

My nephew Dean Passallaqua lives in Thailand and has not been seen or heard from for a week. if you know his whereabouts please let me know.
Paul Evans, Brisbane, Australia

Has anybody heard from Andy Tompsett or David Massey, who were on a beach in Thailand.
Graeme Thomson, London

Here is one finish little boy who is missing. I do not know him, but wanted to put this appeal here so if anyone could help their family. If there is any news. One year old finish boy is missing in Khao Lak, his parents Niina Sirparanta and Jari Vesalainen have survived and are desperately seeking any information about their son. Little Paavo has learned to walk and knows his first name. He was lost when the tsunami waves hit the beach.
Saila Tasker, Rajamäki, Finland

I have a friend named Frank William Worcester and his wife Pashminder Kaur with two kids currently spending a holiday in Thailand, appreciate any info.
Rolly Bayker, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I'm looking for my friend Constance Zaremba, 31, and her husband, Mikihiro. They were vacationing on Phuket. Please tell me if you've anything about them.
Suzette, Nagoya, Japan

I am looking for Ross Turvey. He is from the UK, and he was travelling with some friends in Thailand, Possibly on the island of Koh Phangan.
Sraddha Ferry, San Francisco

I am currently travelling in NZ/Sydney and am unable to reach a friend of mine in Phuket, Thailand. I would like to know that he is safe. His name is Andrew Milsom. Please could you confirm that he is not on the injured list? Many many thanks.
Lesley Fayers, London

Trying to find info on Dillay Findlay missing from Phi Phi]. George and Sahra - husband and daughter apparently safe.
Mike Wills, Cape Town, South Africa

My friend Chin-Hao lives in Thailand. I am just wondering if he and his family are alright. He attends Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA.
Neil Morgan, Illinois, United States

I am trying to find out if my friend Karen Bone is safe. She is English but lives in Thailand but the email I sent her was bounced back as undeliverable.
Janet, London, UK

I was wondering if anyone knows if any Tanglin Trust school students were injured in the earthquake.
Student from TTS, Singapore

Looking for Peter and Gudren Phillips. Both were in Phuket and we haven't heard anything at all from them which is very unusual. Please if anyone can help.
Alan Keetley, Nottingham, UK

Looking for news of Sahawat Sornmai, of Bangkok, Thailand or family or friends thereof. Please advise if any know any news?
Tasman Stewart, Brisbane, AU

Dave and Sandra Stacey from Poole in Dorset are visiting their son and daughter in law and grandchild in Phuket - Marion and Gary would like to know if they are OK.
Kim Campbell-Stacey, Bournemouth, UK

I am concerned about my friends Kara Kirby (32, medium build, blonde hair), her husband Babaa Zulu and their 3-year-old daughter Rehema. They were in Thailand over Christmas and I don't know if she travelled to the coast or Indonesia. If you've heard where they are please let me know.
Kate McAlpine, Arusha, Tanzania

After news on Dave Rogers (Liverpool UK ) - old mate from backpacking days in Phuket and his Thai wife Sompong - last I heard they run a bar along the beachfront just outside Patong. Please let me know if they are OK.
Julian Bardsley, Sydney, Australia

Albert Municino where are you? Please let us know if you have heard from him, his friends in Seoul are worried and knew he was travelling, last heard from him on the 25th.
Albert Municino, Seoul, Korea

I am looking for Leo Marvel, living in Thailand with his wife May. I have sent him a text message but haven't receivd a reply. Does anyone have any news please?
Jo Mcrae, Thaxted, Essex

I am looking for information on my friend Jeremy Stephens (29). He was staying on the Island of Ko Phi Phi. Known to everyone as Jez.
David Buxton, Norwich, England

We are desperate for news of the whereabouts of Eilis Finnegan from Dublin who was separated from her boyfriend Barry Murphy when the tidal wave hit Ko Phi Phi Island (Barry is thankfully ok).
Steve Katon, Nottingham, UK

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