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Asian quake - Responses

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website sent in their responses to appeals for news of missing persons.

Here are the responses received so far:

My friends have made contact and are safe and well. Many, many thanks.
Jude Marson, Hayle, UK

Many thanks to the BBC. My British friends Liz Thomas and Graham Blakey have already arrived home safely.
Addy Choi, Macau SAR, China

I e-mailed for information about Paul Johnson and Debbie who run the yacht Ilala in the Thailand, Andaman and Malaysia region. I heard today that they are both safe and well, as is Ilala - after a few "hairy" moments they managed to get out to deep water.
Veronica Halliwell, Derby, UK

Jim Slater and Stephanie Pease have returned home and are alright.
Victoria Slater, UK

Our friend and colleague American photojournalist, Rubén Gamarra, travelling with his wife Renate, have returned safely to the US from Thailand. Thank you.
Ricardo Alday, New York, NY

Info for Catherine Luck.re Jamie Monk and wife and baby are fine, all staff at sunrise unaffected Jurirat is in fact pregnant.
Will, Canada

My mum put a message here last week asking for information on her friend Jenny Shepherd. Jenny has since been found safe and is now home. Thanks.
Hannah Greenslade, Surbiton, UK

I have just had news that my uncle and his friend, John Hardiman and Snowy, of Skelmersdale are safe. My thoughts are with the rest of you who are still waiting for news.
Hazel, Ormskirk, Lancs, England

To Jackie in London, Martin Higgins is alive and well! Heard from him yesterday.......
Claire Davies, Romford, UK

We have news that our mate Gav Harris is fine, thank God! Thank you for this service. Our thoughts are with those who are still waiting to hear from loved ones.
Mick Langford, Melbourne, Australia

Happy to say Joan and Tony Cooke have made contact with family in U.K.and are safe and well.
Maria Trickett, Larnaca Cyprus

To the person(s) who posted an appeal for the whereabouts of Liz Thomas, my sister and Graham Blakey. They phoned home on 26 Dec to report they are safe and well. A miraculous escape from their morning swim in Phuket.
Janet, Wirral, UK

I have tried to let the worried parties of the woman called "cecilia chavana" know that she is alive and well. She is with her husband travelling in New Zealand at the present. Jake her husband was in contact with another friend after the disaster.
Patrick Orchard, Plymouth

Eddie Martin age 57 male arrived home safely last night thank God.
Daren Pattenden, Romford England

Just to let you know that Kevin McDonell and children have returned safely to the UK from Thailand.
Peter Hampson, Rye, East Sussex

Hannes Bergstrom
We have received a large number of emails enquiring about 20-month-old Hannes Bergstrom from Sweden. He was reunited with his father Marko in a hospital in Phuket last Wednesday. His mother is reportedly still among the missing.

Re missing 15 year old grandson of John Bedford, Wokingham - Arun Khongsen, Trang, Thailand (posted 4.1). Have just received call from embassy that local police have confirmed he and his mother are safe and well. Our thoughts are with so many others yet to hear from loved ones.
Greg Elphick, Reading, England

I am delighted to say that Miss Sarah Pickering and Mr Rhys Barry who are on vacation in Thailand have both turned up safe and well. My heart goes out to the people who are still looking for loved ones.
Ray Anderson, Leeds, UK

Re: David, Michelle and Poppy Nesteroff - Do not worry, they are still on Koh Lanta island as cannot get ferry off island, boats are currently being used for emergency supplies in and out as a priority but should be able to get a boat off island 5th Jan and then back after that.
Judy Willis, Bucks UK

Just to let you know that Olwyn Humes and her partner Alan Buxton are safe and well.
Jacki Jackson, Liverpool, UK

Mary & Jerry DeVries & their family made it back to Okinawa safely. It was a great relief to hear from them. Thank you so much for hosting this forum. It offers a starting place & comfort to many--as it did for me.
Bitsa Burger, Guerneville, California, USA

I do not know Lesley Pearse (author) and her family but have heard from a friend of hers that they are safe and have been in contact.
Emma Heard, Dorking, Surrey

To BF Hunt from England: If your friend James can access Bangkok and Pattaya by short boat trips, it means that he is located on the eastern side of the Malay Peninsula and thus perfectly safe.
Lasse Pedersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Just received the news from Bangkok that Digital Ray and his lovely wife and daughter have survived the tsunami, not entirely unscathed, though. Reiner is seriously injured. Hospitalized in Bangkok-Rangsit. Gavee
reiner schooth, potsdam/germany

Attn Phil Price-Thank you so much for the info about Carol and Toy, please let me know any more info about Sasha and Carol's sister-any news about new baby? Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Missing everyone very much. What do you need other than my prayers? Thank you Phil.
Keli, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Chris Collins and Ralph Clauge have been contacted and are safe and well.
Chris Collins, Melbourne, Australia

Sue and Rob Ward were in Surin on the day of the Wave. They were reported as OK by Kenny Gibson. Kenny and his family were also OK.
John McCann, Brisbane Australia

Luke & Sue Fitzgerald listed under Thailand Page 2 as missing are fine.
Gavin Honeybun, Perh, Western Australia

FOR LISA FINDLEY: Penny and Steve and their children are fine. They arrived in Bangkok to help friends after the tsunami hit. I saw them yesterday at the hospital in Bangkok, and will pass on your message that you are worried about them.
Cheryl, Kathmandu, Nepal

For Stephen Foster, Berkeley, Calif: I was informed that Rob and Sue Ward are fine. I received this information on 26 December, from Rob's friend who lives on Phuket, Ken Gibson.
Frank Harrigan, Manila Philippines

Am pleased to say that have now heard from Angela, Richard, Alex and Sam Naish are home safe and well from Thailand.
Kate Williams, Wales

Martyn Redman from brighton was looking for Claire Taylor, She managed to get to the other side of thailand with her friend & has emailed home.
Mike Escott, Plymouth, Uk

Message in reply to Choppy (Italy) looking for a Steve who was diving on Phi Phi. My sisters old school friend called Stephen Hunter (from Worcestershire)was diving on Phi Phi. I think she said he had been out there since October. He contacted his parents on the 26th December from Krabi Hospital. His dad has gone out to collect him so I do not know whether he will still be at the hospital. I hope this is the person you are looking for. If not I hope you find them.
Emma Lewis, Southampton

To Douglas Jamieson, Dharan, Saudi Arabia. Mark Sheila and Christopher Fox, all fine were on a dive boat, and wave passed under them, now in East Thailand.
Caroline Fox, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Great Britain

Have just heard from Colin Brady and he is fine, he was staying further North and wasn't affected. Please can you remove him from the missing persons list. Thanks.
Natalie Smith, Rainham, Kent

To Patric Clarke, Blewbury, UK Moth is alive and well in Bali. Moving on to Australia soon.
Juliet, Surrey

Message for Stuart, London regarding Joel Summerhayes. He Emailed me today to say that he was in Bangkok at the time and everyone else he knows over there are okay as well.
Graeme, Bath

Amanda Weare is found safe and well in northern India. I don't think you have yet posted her ad since I only sent it to you last night (Monday). Thank you very much! Kind regards, Michael Weare
Michael Weare, Malmö, Sweden

Please remove msg about Candice Bennett, who is safe back in Uk with boyfriend, many thanks
Miriam Fewins, Guildford, Uk

We have just heard from our flatmate Andrew that he is safely back in the UK.
Alison & Candice, Islington, London

In response to the Nightingale's (Leeds) request for information on the family from Top View, Kantiang, Ko Lanta - we were staying with them when the tsunami hit and you will be pleased to hear that they are all okay. Top View provided the ideal refuge as you can imagine. Now back in UK - its all beginning to sink in and we know how lucky we were. Best wishes, Kate Squires, Nottingham UK.
Katie Squires, Nottingham, UK

We were in Chiang Mai when the Tsunami struck. Thanks for all your concerns.
Jimmy Trivitayakhun, Chesapeake, USA

I put a message on here earlier regarding Joan and Maurice Heslop and family. I have heard today that they are safe and well still in Thailand, but on the East Coast. Thanks!
Karen Tomlinson, Stockton-on-Tees, England

Looking for any news on neighbours Sue Adams and George Piggott. Visiting friends in Thailand. Possibly in Phuket/Phi Phi Island.
Sally-Anne, Manchester, UK

For the attention of Sue Meehan. I am a friend of Adrian Lesters and am in regular contact with his mum and sister. Please email me.
Nigel Gregory, Cleveleys UK

My friends Karen and Greg Jillard are ok. They chose Saumi for their holidays and they are already in England.
Olinda Pereira, Faro, Portugal

I have just heard from Cathrine Nilsson and Tim Brown (both London residents) are both well. They are not in Phuket as planned but on the other side of Thailand.
Asa Schonbach, London

There was concern on the website about Donna Crawford but she is safe and well in northern Thailand
Arthur Strain, Belfast UK

Concern was expressed about Lesley Owens from Northern Ireland on your message board - she's safe and sound, still in the region on an island south of Phuket. Due home next Tuesday.
Arthur Strain, Belfast UK

Message for Steve Levine re Similan Pro Dive. I spoke to the owner last night and she said that everybody in the company is safe and well.
Matthew Lempriere, Bangkok, Thailand

We were on Bamboo Island on the 26 December and were rescued on the 27 December. We had to go to Phi Phi to collect injured and survivors. We were all taken to Krabi harbour so there may be a list that was compiled there. The injured were taken to Krabi hospital but those who lost belongings went to the Maritime Spa centre in Krabi. Hope this could be of some help. I don't have any names though.
Helen, England

I am trying to locate a Mr Thomas Lee - from Bolton,Lancashire, England - who went to Phuthai for his Christmas holidays. We have not been able to contact him since the tsunami and are understandably concerned. He should have returned home to England for the New Year, however he never arrived. We have been in contact with his friends and relatives in England but they have been able to give us any information. I would be grateful to anyone who may possibly know anything about him. Many thanks.
Joanne Boyham, Mazarron: Spain

Message for Steve Levine re Similan Pro Dive. I spoke to the owner last night and she said that everybody in the company is safe and well.
Matthew Lempriere, Bangkok, Thailand

We were on Bamboo Island on the 26 December and were rescued on the 27 December. We had to go to Phi Phi to collect injured and survivors. We were all taken to Krabi harbour so there may be a list that was compiled there. The injured were taken to Krabi hospital but those who lost belongings went to the Maritime Spa centre in Krabi. Hope this could be of some help. I don't have any names though.
Helen, England

I am trying to locate a Mr Thomas Lee - from Bolton,Lancashire, England - who went to Phuthai for his Christmas holidays. We have not been able to contact him since the tsunami and are understandably concerned. He should have returned home to England for the New Year, however he never arrived. We have been in contact with his friends and relatives in England but they have been able to give us any information. I would be grateful to anyone who may possibly know anything about him. Many thanks.
Joanne Boyham, Mazarron: Spain

News regarding Paul Compton and his girlfriend Joanne from Walsall. His parents say Paul and Jo are both safe in Thailand.
Michael Hancox, Tipton, W Mids, England

To Heidi Breeze: Noi of Gerd and Noi Khao lak bungalows is okay, as is her son Christian.
Steve, Bristol UK,

In response to our appeal on New Year's day for information regarding Caroline Leach and Tony Hudson - we have today discovered that they are both safe in Thailand.
Sharon Davies, Brighton, England

Just to let you know that our neighbours, Paul Nadine and daughters Remay and Chloe are safe and well and back in England. Thank you.
Julie Rattenbury, Abbey Wood, England

Have received news that my uncle is safe & well in Bangkok. Our thoughts & prayers go to everyone else searching.
Alison Beauchemin, Weston-s-Mare, England

Rosie Phipps and boyfriend reported safe and well 4 January. Thanks BBC and everyone.
Colin Hagues, Greater London, England

My earlier request for information regarding Ron and Amanda Griffiths from Hampshire holidaying in Thailand - I can confirm that news has been received that both Ron and Amanda are safe and well
Judie Tallack, Fareham

Someone was looking for news of Daniel Meury General Manager of The Chedi Hotel in Phuket. We stay at The Chedi Hotel regularly and today received a fax from him stating that he and none of his team members or guests were seriously injured. Regards Sheila
Sheila Allum, Colchester, United Kingdom

Nigel Jordan and his partner Mark are safe and well and are now back home.
Bob West, West Wickham, Kent

Paul Christy (originally from Saffrom Walden but now living in Sydney) has returned from Thailand and is safe in Sydney along with Melissa.
Simon Preston, Sydney, Australia

This is a message for anyone who's concerned about the Railay/Tonsai area. My friends living there say that it wasn't hit very hard.
Evelyn, Winchester, England

For the attention of Sue Meehan. I am a friend of Adrian Lester's and am in regular contact with his mum and sister.
Nigel Gregory, Cleveleys, UK

Mark Holmes has been identified. Please remove our appeal. Thanks.
S Hobbs, Taunton, England

Mamad Harighi is safe and well in Pattaya.
Farhad Harighi, Gosport, UK

We asked for information on Richard Watts from Bristol who was on a diving holiday in Thialand we have since heard he is safe. Thank you
Gary Pilbeam, Brixham Devon England

Just to let anyone who has relatives in Phuket or Phi Phi know that we have spoken to our daughter who is on Phi Phi. Managed to get through on her mobile for a couple of minutes. They have no communication with the outside world but can receive texts sent to mobiles. They can't make any calls out on either mobiles or landlines. So text your loved ones and they'll receive it. She said there is some panic as they don't know what's going on as no news coming through. They are afraid of another shock coming. They have all been told to stay in their hotels. Her main concern was that help was on its way so I told her it is. So if you can't get to friends or family at the moment, don't worry too much.
Andy and Jackie Waterfall, Guildford, Surrey

Many thanks to all those who answer my plea for info on Hodges family from UK, who were in Thailand. They are all safe, now back in UK. One happy ending in such a tragic time. Thanks to all who tried to help, too many to list.
Lynn Drew, Cayman Islands

We have heard from our cousin Hidenobu Shimizu - he is safe and well. Thank you BBC.
Koji and Miho, Nagasaki, Japan

Hilary and Bob Honeyball are both safe and well back in the UK. A few people have posted e-mails looking for them.
Janine Taylor, Somerset

Barry Huddleston, Nathan and Natalie Lunn are safe and well.
Barry Huddleston, Lindfield, West Sussex, UK

My sister, Penny Cushing, is safe and well. She is returning home tonight, Monday 3 Jan.
Tina McGrath, Harrogate, UK

Posted a message earlier today re Joseph Maguire. About 3 hours later he finally phoned us. He was in Krabi and is ok. Many thanks.
Andy Soffe

We've found our uncle Aeneas Quinn alive and well.
Lisa Moloney, Ireland

In reply to Luan Richards, Exeter, UK. Lisa and Audrey Mitchell are fine. This is a friend of theirs from HK. We heard from them a few days ago. They are fine - they were not in Phuket when the tsunami happened. I think Lisa will be back in HK next week, I will tell her to contact you.
Debbie, Hong Kong

Happily, I have now made contact on the phone with Ioannis Freres. Many thanks for this site. I hope many others are able to have similar good news.
Chris Henden, Luton, Beds

Just to confirm all Viking Divers Staff survived the tsunami. Becky injured but will be ok. Unfortunately Per lost his wife. Thanks to all for their concern.
Viking Staff

Thanks for posting, BBC folks. My dear friend Diane Melendez was located safe and sound.
Casey, Northern California, USA

My friend Stephen Fry and his fiancee are alive, thank you to all who read my posts.
Lindsay Nelson, Tokyo, Japan

Hi all, Go to www.tsunamithailand.com to find out information on your loved ones. They have lists of the people missing from each country and what happened to them (e.g. missing, went home, dead etc). Good luck
Kate, Western Australia

To Megan Jeffries, Nottingham, UK. As regards Bruno Hanson, I saw a "post tsunami" interview on American television station NBC (National Broadcasting Company, 30 Rockefeller Center, New York City, New York) on a show called "Dateline NBC" less than 40 minutes ago. He seemed in fine and healthy spirits to me Megan.
Steven Botscheller, Coconut Creek, Florida, USA

Pete Heston has been asking about Mark Sweetman and Amanda. Theyn are OK, I have spoken to his daughter
mark sweetman, hazel grove, stockport, cheshire

Message for Ceri Griffiths from South Wales! Tiwi is ok, she wasn't on Phi Phi the day it happened.
Marcella ( Cella), Amsterdam, Holland

A message for R. Johnson from Coalville looking for the Magee family, I had an email from Laura this morning saying they were all ok. They are staying further north from where the Tsunami hit so were unaffected.
Paul, Bristol, England

SUSAN HICKS, Ontario, Canada

Wayne Walker has just been in touch. Is safe and well. Thank you for the chance to look for him
Margaret Millgate, London UK

This is an email for Cliff Smith from Johannesburg, South Africa. Cliff, I am a colleague and friend of Christian Abt. Christian is recovering in Jhb but sadly Lisa is still missing. Any news, I will email. Kind regards, Helen Davies
Helen Davies, Cardiff, Wales

Many thanks for putting my message on screen about Peter Sheard and Sue Thompson we have now heard from them and they are safe and well, we are now desperately seeking Peters son Joe Ricahrdson we have not heard anything if anyone knows anything please let us know asap. Again many thanks x
Lisa Foreman, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

To Jacki Thomas, Thailand: To let you know that my son Terry Facer and his friend Anthony Tuft both safe and well in Koh Samui.
Pat Facer,

Response to Ian Macdonald, Hermanus, South Africa - News is Clive Baron has been found in a hospital but Steve Le Roux is still missing to my knowledge as of 2.01.05
Debbie Glen (nee Bernstein), UK

We have found Robert (Bob) Merrell he is safe and in good health.
Vic and Vivian Leclerc, Prince George BC Canada

My Uncle Robert Scott has finally contacted us and is safe and well, thank you BBC for the service you provided and the best of luck to everyone in this difficult time. Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott, Scotland

My daughter Madeline Warren travelled out to Thailand with her boyfriend Duncan. She rang on Sunday to say that she was alive and okay and hading out of the evacuated area and wanted to let her friends know. As she is not due back until 12th January I am anxious hearing for further news as I have not heard from her since. If anyone else has had contact since please e-mail me, thanks and God Bless to anyone reading this.
Chris Deefholts, Wantage, UK

We believe Zoe Baginski (nee Glover) is safe. Thanks.
Siobhon Hogan, Perth, Western Australia

We posted a note about Frank Rowland, English of Melbourne , Australia. We have now found him safe and well in Singapore. Thank you for giving us hope.
Paul Rowland, Uckfield, East Sussex

Further to my previous message for news have just heard that Jennie Walmsley, Simon Glendinning and their 2 children are all fine and continuing their holiday in Thailand returning uk 8.1.05 Natalie Evans, Dorset, UK
Natalie Evans, Dorset, UK

For Rebecca Marsh Yeovil, Somerset, UK. There was a report on BBC News earlier today, showing a man looking for his brother who sadly was found dead. His name was Piers Simon. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Gordon Phillips, Swansea

Click here to read the story

We are both fine and well and avoided the disaster by sheer luck
Jim Rendell and Annette, New Zealand

Roger Lenthall my brother has been traced and is back in Brisbane Australia. All is well.
Russell Lenthall, Grimsby UK

We were looking for Karen, Kirsty and Jamie Rees who were somewhere in Tailand, thankfully there arrived home this morning safe and well (31/12.
Sue Edgeworth, Morden Surrey

Regarding Barry Hessenius: reported to be found OK.
Sharon Hester, Marin Co. USA

Have found a newspaper report saying that Frederik Jurriaanse in Phi Phi has survived and is fine. Thanks again!
Glenn mrosek, Glasgow, UK

Reply to Jacki, Thailand Re Terry Facer and Anthony Tuft. I am Terry's mum and last heard from him 26th Dec. He is at Koh Samui and OK. Don't have any info re Tony.
Pat Facer,

My entry seeking info about my brother Randy Bridgens can be discontinued. Turned out he was in a different part of Thailand and we are in contact with him. Thanks.
Paige Bridgens, Northampton, MA, USA

My Uncle Devaraj and his family returned from Thailand safely. Thanks a lot for BBC service.
Purushothaman, Hamilton, Canada

Thanks to BBC for the help. Thank you Mr.Renshaw for the news that my friends are safe.
Sujatha Muthuraj, Bristol

For anyone who is looking for news from Jennie Walmsley and Simon Glendinning and their children Stanley and Martha (from London) who were on holiday in Thailand for Christmas, they are well and were not on the coast when the Tsunami hit. They are back in the UK the week of the 3rd.
Maria Balinska, London UK

Good news!! Steve parker, Stoke-on-Trent, has been located alive and well in Bangkok.
Vicky, Burntwood Staffordshire

I submitted a query yesterday on my friend Jocelyn Rosos who was in Thailand. Good News she was able to contact her son last night. First time she has been able to make contact so we know she is fine
Fiona Macpate, Toronto, Canada

We have heard from my cousin Stephen Long, he is safe and well. Thank You BBC.
Michelle, Liverpool, UK

Attention of: Charles Jordan, Birkenhead, UK. Have seen this message on the safe list on Sky news website: Michael Jordan, from Birkenhead, is safe in the Gulf of Thailand. Hope this helps you out.
Amanda, Gosport, England

Greg Fox, my son, has now rung home. He was in Northern Thailand and not Phuket but his friend, Fabrice Cousins, from France did go to Phuket. He is now missing. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please let me know. Greg is safe however.
Terri Fox Mitchell, Reading, Berks, UK

I have heard from Sarah Lagden and Richard. They are safe and back in Switzerland.
Sarah Lagden, Britain and Switzerland

Never been so pleased to hear somebody's voice! Our friend is safe in Phuket - although his bar took a battering. Thanks for calling Lindsay and letting us know you are OK!!
Peter & Sarah Ward, Nottinghamshire

Great relief at finding my best friend Julie Green safe, decided to stay north of Bangkok that day. Many thanks to response from her friends. Our hearts go out to those still waiting to hear any positive news.
Sean Jones, London

I posted a message (not yet published) yesterday re the whereabouts of Nicole Warden and family. Very glad to report they are safe.
Carolyn Aish, Maiden Bradley, UK

To Brigette, Amina and Cosmo from Copenhagen, Tina, Wayne and Sophie are listed as safe on the sky news website, their family name is Jenkins
Helen, England

Pauline Craig and Suthep are ok, we heard from them 2 days ago.
Michael Williams, Bangkok, Thailand

Kath would like to hear that Lesley Marsh of Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne on a golfing holiday with friends in Thailand is safe and well.
Kath, Tynemouth, UK

Rory Jackson and family are home and well but still concerned for my friend Sanda Maung and Family who are in Burma.
Sarah Chenery, Basingstoke, England

Leigh Rawnsley, PADI instructor, Phuket based, is alive.
Russ, Bangkok, Thailand

Re Viking Divers Koh Phi Phi. Just had contact from Phil, he and the team are all ok. A couple hospitalised but no fatalities.
Paul Bannister, Newcastle UK

Ivan Baverstock and partner Rosemary of Windsor found safe and well. Will be flying home to the UK in the next few days.
Dave Stone, Bristol UK

Pauline Geroge has turned up safe and sound and will be returning to the UK shortly...
Joelle Wood, Brussels, Belgium

Received a text message from Zoe Parker, 02/01/05, saying she is fine. Thank you BBC.
John Joyce, York, England

Charlie Milsom is OK. He left a message on his dad's mobile. Many thanks to all who have been concerned on his behalf - and all the help I've had. Thanks. Jan Milsom.
Jan Milsom, York, England

This is a message for Steven LeVine of Oakland California. My brother is over in Khao Lak at the moment looking for his friend Benjamin Hofer - the guy that runs the Similian Divers company - I think its the same one as you mentioned. He hasn't found him yet but I'm sure he's spoken to members of his staff. If you email me at jamesheff@yahoo.co.uk I can send you my brothers email address
James Heffernan, Birmingham, UK

I have now sent 3 emails to try and set the mind at rest of my nephew's friend who is worried about him and his family. You have not published any of them and I have no way of contacting this person other than through your site. In response to his plea for information, Ali Mather - your friend Elliot Leppard and his family are all safe and well in Phuket. Returning home soon. If you have passed this message on to him directly I apologise. Thank you.
Sarah Leppard, Uckfield east sussex uk

I would like to give more specific information about which places were affected in Thailand. The tsunami hit only the south west coastal areas of Thailand, with the Khao Lak area suffering the most fatalities, according to the 'The Nation' newspaper. The figure for Phuket, the main tourist destination, is much lower. Many hotels were not badly hit there. Koh Phi Phi was badly hit, but the rest of Krabi province less so.

The south east coast islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao were not affected by the tsunami. Likewise, Pattaya and Koh Chang island in eastern Thailand,Hua Hin, Bangkok, Chiangmai were far away from the disaster, so don't worry about people who were there. Hope this helps.
Brian Savage, Chiangmai, Thailand

Message for Steven Levine from CA. Steve, I was on the Similan Pro Dive boat with you in the Similans, I have been trying to get hold of their office without any luck. I will keep trying and will post again when I have some news.
Matthew Lempriere, Bangkok, Thailand

Carol and Troy from Chilli House are ok, but I'm afraid their daughter Sasha and Carol's sister are both missing. So sorry
Phil Price

I have got contact with Charlott and Clare. Thay are safe in Bangkok.
Henrik Anderson, Ostersund Sweden

Have been in Thailand...I am fine. Living in Saigon, Vietnam.
Steve Kinlough, Vietnam

Thank you for having this forum to track friends and loved ones. I have heard from Karin Swarbrick's mother and she is fine and coming home soon. Thanks again. Evan Lewis
Evan Lewis, Dana Point, California USA

I sent a missing person request for the name Benjamin Koyejo and his wife Lojisola from Watford for Asian earthquake disaster. We have received some good news this evening about him, as he has been found and he has contacted us.Thanks.
Ashley & Karen Smith, Eltham, London

Nicolas Rosenbaum is OK. He answered e-mail. Thanks.
Belen, New York

To check some dead cases and patients inThailand, please use www.vachiraphuket.go.th
Chittiwan Ratanapeanchai, Bangkok, Thailand

I can happily report that all the persons I was looking for in Thailand (Mike Watkins, Eleneor and Sarah Cyprus) have turned up safe and well. Thank you for publishing my appeal however, they did get to see it and got in contact soon after.
Ian Steel, Chichester, UK

Message for Saila Tasker from Rajamaui, Finland. There is a photo of a young boy being circulated by the Phuket Inter Hospital. They are trying to indentify him, he was found in Khoa Lok. They can be contacted at info@phuket-inter-hospital.co.th
Nicky, Lancs

For Susan Athill, Antigua: Debbie, Cal and Giverny are safe and well.
Kerry, Halford, Warwickshire

Terry Ellingsworth and Ian Denley. We have just heard that they are safe and well. Thank you. My thoughts are with everyone still searching.
Kirsteen, Eastbourne England

I've heard from my brother Dale Fairclough. He is safe and well and in Hatyai City, where they only felt the tremors. Our thoughts are with everybody waiting for news.
Jackie Henry, Great Harwood, Lancashire

Delighted to hear that Jacqui, Edmund,Patrick and Connor O'Leary are safe and well in Phukett
Lynn Plomp, Bray Ireland

Anri Webster safe and well in Thailand
Sean McReynolds, Hinckley UK

Barry Tims. Barry was on the beach with Neil Coates when the waves struck. Neil got out but lost Barry. Neil has returned to Phuket/Khao Lak for a two day search before returning to the UK. Not good news, but I hope it helps.
Barry Hunt, Faversham, Kent, UK

My brother Herman van Alkemade is safe and well so can you ask the authorities to take them of the missing perons list? Many thanks.
Wulf Van Alkemade, Amsterdam

Message for Jeremy Johnson, KL Malaysia. If is the same Ruth (don't know her surname ), doing dive master's course at Moskito , we had a message from her, she is ok!!!!

Message for Andrew Richards USA. Moskito staff all good , I was working at Moskito, but I don't know any Kenny. Heinz not found.

Message for Sue Binns, Yorkshire. I think Marco from Viking is ok . Don't know his surname, so not sure if is the same person .

To: Tom Lueders, Golden, CO, USA. As far as I know Bill doesn't live on the west side of Phuket where most of the damage occured. He and his family are more than likely safe and sound. Sorry I don't have his e-mail or contact info.
Bill Main's friend, Taiwan

Had a call from my darling brother Kevin Hoye, he is safe and well. Thank you God I love him so much.
Sally Cripps, Hanworth, England

Allan Beasley has been found. Pattya seems to have been ok. There are people there who have been moved inland from Phuket to safety.
Lynne Beasley, South Wales

Mark Dearden and Lucy Prendergast are OK in Thailand.
Gavin Neale, Hong Kong

Mark, Dorothy, Jen & Stef Newbury/Birch are all safe & well. Dot & & Jen went to Kho Samiu - which is on the eastern side of Thailand. Mark & Stef are currently in Cambodia.
mark newbury, Tynemouth

I have received an email from Jeffrey Ashburn and Aidan Ashburn-Higgs and they are fine in Bangkok. Thank you for having this board as a way for families to communicate internationally!
Jaclyn Higgs, California, United States

Lynne Price (Wirral). All staff at the Cape Panwa Hotel are ok. The resort was not badly affected due to its hill top location. Brian from Plymouth
Brian Cross, Plymouth England

To Jeremy Johnson - you were asking about RUTH OWEN. There is a RUTH OWEN listed as being at the Krabi hospital. Website address: http://hospital.moph.go.th/krabi/ Good luck.
Suzanne Wicks, Essex

Andrew Hedges (+ girlfriend, Clare) are okay and in Phuket, Thailand as of 31/12/05. Both are UK citizens.
Andre Lovatt, Singapore

To Mark Reece. Matthew Tugwell is safe and flies home Sat 1st. Unfortunately my cousin Hannah is still missing.
Chris Prowse, Finchampstead, Berkshire

Just to update that Christine Kime & boyfriend Craig are both safe and well.
Hayley, Lincoln, UK

George Marks has been found safe and well. Good luck to everyone else who are searching for loved ones.
Natalie, Rochester, Kent, UK

Have heard from Steven Robinson of Leigh on Sea Essex that he and his friends are safe. Thanks for listing service. PS. Have not been able to post this good news on icrc listings if any searchers are cross referencing.
j Robinson, Kingston upon Thames UK

My Brother is safe and well he contacted me last night. Thank you for the chance to use your email service to help find him. You are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work. Regards Tanya Goetsch
Tanya Goetsch, Logan Australia

Just a quick note to let you know that Trevor Renyolds from Lincolnshire has arrived home today safe and well. Thank you.
Susan Clarke, Manchester- England

After my appeal for news of my friend Nina Prodywus,I am pleased to say that she is safe and helping in Kerela.
Anne-Marie Boyce, London, England

Received news that Terence Gisby is safe in Bangkok. Thank you BBC
Peter King, Enfield, UK

Thank you. Russell Thompson safe on Koh Phangan on the east coast. This island is apparently unaffected and anyone there should also be safe.
Christine Campbell, Carlisle UK

COMMENTS: Response for Jill Wright who has posted on behalf of Julie Davies who is looking for Lyn Blackmore. We have heard from Lyn's daughter Alyson that Lyn is fine.
Nick White, Hitchin, UK

To Helen Abraham in UK: I saw a picture of tourists leaving Phi Phi on the CBC Canada news site. One of the men strongly resembles your son. go to this site: http://www.cbc.ca/news/ and then click on the 'Map of Damage' on the right to get the interactive map. Click on 'Thailand' and then 'Slide Show' and you should see the pictures. I really hope this helps you.
Kevin Thomas, Fukuoka, Japan

Abby McNaughton & Brendan Boyd are ok. They were in Koh Phangan Island when it happened. It is the eastern side of southern Thailand. They are now (Dec.30th 10p.m.)at the Bangkok Airport trying to get out of the county. They met up with a man named Alwin from Austraila (sorry no last name) and he is fine.
Jody Shannon, Peterborough Ontario Canada

To Denise & Barry of Harrowgate, North Yorkshire. John & Naa Lunn of Phuket are both safe & well. I have sent John an e-mail asking him to contact you to confirm this himself.
Richard Jupe, Hong Kong

Payab Vichaya has been found and is okay. Thanks!
Lindsey Foster, Austin, TX, USA

Message for Sue Binns from Yorkshire and a previous male poster (29/12/04) There was a posting yesterday on the following website from a group of Viking divers from Phi Phi and it mentioned the name Becks as one of those who was safe and well. I am really sorry have gone back to the forum today and can't find it but the title was divers ok. The website is http://www.p-h-u-k-e-t.com/forum/
Caroline, Darlington, Co Durham

Grant Sykes is currently at Bangkok Phuket hospital. Was admitted on the 26th December.
Nick Coggon, Sheffield,England

I have just heard my friend Rupert Bryant and his freinds are all fine. Thanks anyway. Please give generously to the disaster appeals for all those who weren't as lucky.
Spike Hull, Tunbridge Wells, England

My nephew John (Lenny) Nicholl and his Thai wife Nok (Rachnee) Nicholl have made contact and are safe and well. Our thoughts are with those who are still searching.
Jacqui Bennett, Brierley Hill West Midlands

In response to Mitzi Yao from Hong Kong who asked for Gérard and Carole Proszowski and Sebastian, I have called the French ministry of foreign affairs and they told me they are well !! Two persons - Yipah Bokbhut and Cécile Merse have called the foreign affairs to inform about Gérard and Carole.
Florent Berlet, Bussy, France

Steve Magson of York was with his wife Denise and daughter India in Phi Phi. Steve is missing. Denise and India are safe. Hoping for any news of Steve. Thinking of them all. Ali and David, York, UK
Ali Brindley, York UK

In response to Holly Baker. Koh Samui is on eastern side of Thailand and was not affected. My sister was there, now returned. Your friends should be safe.
ER, Guildford Surrey

Penny Thomas & Paul Osman on holiday in Thailand our safe.
Andrew Hollis, Cambridge UK

I have a list from Phuket Hospital of outpatients. On the Australian list there is a Christian Pasterk - is this one of the people that Andy Hodgson from Los Angeles is looking for?
Angela McCardell, Corfu, Greece

To Colin Whorton asking after Tony Cattrell. We have heard through some mutual friends that Tony is ok and that the bar was unaffected.
Steve Cole, Bloxwich, West Midlands

Two of my friends were on Phuket when this happened. Their names are Zach Gibson and Bren Garahan, both of California, USA. We have received e-mails from them that they are alive and well. I saw their names on a website as missing. They are okay.
Courtney Clark, Fort Jones, CA USA

In response to an earlier post. Julie Brock is looking for Mark and Tammy Wyton from Great Yarmouth. I have been in contact with Mark's cousin and they are both OK. Hope you get this message.
Jane, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

For those looking for their friends or families in Thailand, don't forget to check the website run by Thai authorities which is www.missingpersons.co.th
Warren, Bristol, UK

Any info on Trevor Syrad from Weybridge, Surrey would be greatly appreciated. Trevor has not been seen since 26/12 in Phuket. He is 6' tall slim, with cropped hair and glasses. Family are frantic.
Jon, Chertsey, Surrey

Trevor Syrad has been found alive but obviously traumatised. Many thanks to all who helped.
Jon Moon, Chertsey, Surrey

In response to Lynn and Tim Parker in London. We have just heard that Mich, Dave and Poppy are all OK. They were staying on Lanta Beach in Koh Lanta and were able to get into the hills. We don't know any more but hopefully Michelle and Poppy will be arriving home 2nd Jan.
Judy Willis, Bucks, UK

To Edward Hanrahan, Sydney, Australia who posted a message on your site, looking for Sean Sweetman and his girlfriend Lucy Coyle, staying at Princess Hotel on Phi Phi. I noticed their names and a photograph of them on a TV news bulletin. I think their photo and details were on a MISSING board run by the British Embassy. Might be worth contacting the FCO in that case.
Lucy Cairns, Southwater, West Sussex, UK

Jacqui, Edmund and 7-year-old twins Patrick and Connor are believed to be safe in Bangkok, please contact us to confirm you/they are ok.
Lynn Plomp, Bray, Ireland

Message to Colin Jones, Bangkok, Thailand and family re missing Charlotte last seen Koh Racha. Have you seen the recent report on this website by a guy staying there? He seems to be saying that everyone was ok despite the damage and mentions no casualties. We have just returned from the Racha prior to the tsunami and it is difficult/near impossible to get a signal by mobile. Plus the only way on and off the island is really by speedboat so communication will be difficult. Hope this helps and you find her safe and sound soon.
Claire, Fleet, Hampshire

I have just received an email from Laura Beat and friends - she is safe in Thailand.
Paula Creffield, UK

Thank you for your help. Margo, Ian and Gareth Coad from Seattle have responded and are safe and well.
Christine Ruhstorfer, Munich, Germany

Response for Jackie Chilton, Berlin, Germany. Listed on a survivors board (link below) is a female Mrs Gisela surname unknown - number 3421. I hope this is a help and that this is her. My thoughts are with all family and friends. http://www.phuket.psu.ac.th/phuket/phuket/...tart=0&disp=100
Sian, Cardiff, Wales

This is a message for Alison Thomas. We've been in touch with Lopa Shah and she is fine. She was planning on going to Phuket but hadn't left Bangkok. She is now going to Chang Mai.
Vanessa & Tim, London UK

Louise Nagle & Tim Mockford are safe and well in Ko Samet.
Wendy Nagle, Lightwater, UK

This is a message for James Pankhurst in Manchester looking for Rebecca McCall of Viking diving. There is a message posted on the following forum to say that a Becky of viking diving is ok. I really hope this is her for you!!! The link is: http://www.p-h-u-k-e-t.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1859&st=0&#entry2711 My thoughts and wishes go out to everyone looking for their loved ones.

My friend Ning - Banhbadsa Dubhien is well. I talked to her. Thank you so much. BBC.
Matilda Corral, Venezuela

Hi Serina, I am Mai from Thailand. I have found Mr Paul Rogers. He's in a hospital in Surat Thani.. I dont' know if you know already or not yet! Hope it can help you.
Mai, Bangkok, Thailand.

I've read your topic missing persons and help searching for people on the list there. I found the name Paul Roger, British Nationality on the injury list who is currently at the Klong Tom, Surat Thani, Thailand.
Suwanee Howell, Folkestone, Kent

Just saw Mik Jenning's name on web site saying he is ok. http://www.p-h-u-k-e-t.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2692
Andy, Sydney, Australia

I wrote last night about my friends Sam Black and Richmond. I've found them. Thank you.
Hazel Naughton, Petersfield, Hants

Follow this link to hospital web site in Phuket. It contains list of patients being treated there by nationality:-
Hope this helps someone. There are other hospitals in the area and we are trying to find them, so don't be discouraged if your loved one's namer is not on this list. They may be at another hospital.
Jack Ryan, Bankoko, Thailand

This is a response to Peter from Newcastle who was looking for news of Heinz and the Moskito staff. I'm sorry to tell you that Heinz and his two daughters did not survive, but Oiy and Dino are alive as are all the rest of the Moskito staff. I was working there when it happened.
Alison, Canada

In response to Cheryl Boehm, Houston, Texas, USA plea for her father, Jesse Adams. Cheryl, if your father is living on South Pattaya Beach, I think that he will be ok, as Pattaya is far away from the area around Phuket where the Tsunami struck. I hope that your father gets in touch with you soon. I hope that this message has been of some help to you.
Brian Sharman, Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand

For Cheryl Boehm worried about her Dad in Pattaya. Pattaya is on eastern side of Thailand and so completely unaffected by the Tsunami. Please don't be concerned!
Andrew Medhurst, Bangkok, Thailand

Just to let you know that Rebecca (Becks/Bex) McCall is in hospital in Krabi - injury to her leg, back and buttock - she is serious and they are looking to move her to Bangkok soon, but she is doing fine and will recover.
Meredith, Kansas, USA

About Rebecca McCall - Don't know if this is her, but found a Becky who works at Viking divers, on website it said the following were confirmed ok. All staff at Barakuda
Per, Joost, Marco, Phil, Becky at Viking
John, Rob, Bridget, Carl, Gob at pp scuba
Milton, Doo, Holger at West Coast Divers
Joni ex-Barakuda now living on Phuket.
S Taylor, Austin, Texas, USA

My brother, James Davis, his wife Esther and her family are safe and well in Phuket.
Andrew Davis, Leicester, UK

Charlie Northfield and his family who live in Phuket are all safe.
Linda Duffy, Dorset, UK

I've seen the name of Paul Rogers in the list of people who got injured. http://www2.manager.co.th/home/searchInjured.aspx Relative please contact your embassy.
Jewel, Bangkok, Thailand

I am not sure this is the right Paul Rogers that Serina Abrahams, Calne, Wiltshire is looking for. If yes he is a little bit injured at Satun. You can contact at Satun Rescue Center. Check http://www2.manager.co.th/home/searchInjured.aspx
Manager online, Bangkok, Thailand

I was at the Krabi Town Hospital two days ago and talked with a Mr Sandip Chowdhury, a British Citizen. He had been rescued by Thai authorities from the island of Koh Phi Phi. At that time he was wounded but OK. He had become separated from his Japanese girlfriend, Shione Yamada.
Robert Spencer, currently in Krabi Town, Thailand

To Tom & Pam Moss: Koh Tao is an island off of the east coast of Thailand and unaffected by the tsunamis.
C Svensson, Canada

Attn: Ms Pivy (Helsinki, Finland) your sister Mrs Paula Sinltoinen (from Finland) was brought in from Khao Lak and is admitted at Wachira Hospital in Phuket. Her husband Marko age 36, son Perito age 7, daughter Iida age 5 and son Leo age 2 are still missing. If anyone has any info please contact the hospital.
Reena (Volunteer), Phuket, Thailand

There is a boy, found in Phukhet, right now in Phukhet International Hospital. He is white, 3-4 years old. His parents are missing. I have a picture of him. If anyone is looking for a boy of that age, please contact Dr Anuroj Tharasiriroj of Phuket International Hospital.
Souvik, Bangkok, Thailand

In response to Sujatha Muthuraj's post: I work in Singapore with their son and can confirm that they did not travel to Thailand and are safe.
Ben Renshaw, Singapore

A list of survivors who have taken refuge at Dulwich College may been seen at http://www.dulwich.ac.th/tsunami.asp.
Arun, Bangalore, India

I left a message earlier about Brendon McKenzie - we have found him alive and well. Regards.
Adrian Lamont

Anyone who knows Drew Wright and knew he was travelling this is just to let you know he is alive after surviving the earthquake which hit Phi Phi where he was staying. Thank God. Our hearts go out to all those unfortunate people who have not been so lucky and to those who have not had the good fortune to hear from thier loved ones yet. We can only imagine the absolute anguish you must be feeling and we pray for you.
Andrea Ridgeon, Felixstowe, Suffolk

Message for Gill Owens Redcar: Please email me re Eric & Julie Lloyd.
Julia Daykin (nee Lloyd), Grantham, Lincs

News about Eric & Julie Lloyd received here at 1105 GMT Wednesday. Both are alive and they are staying at a hotel in Krabi and they will be flying home on Sunday. I pray the same news reaches other people across our globe who are worried about loved ones. Our thoughts are with you.
Julia Daykin (nee Lloyd), Grantham, Lincs, UK

Dan Noll and Audrey Scott are safe in the north of Thailand. Thank you BBC.
Megan King, Prague, Czech Republic

For all of you that have been asking about Trevor (aka Spider) of Phi Phi Island - the good news is that Trevor had flown back home before the earthquake so is safe and sound in England.
Gina, Luton, Bedfordshire

For anyone worried about Elizabeth Cooke from Brighton, we have had an email saying that she was rescued but is ok.
Clare, Brighton

My sister Caroline & her husband David were at La Flora in Khao Lak. They were separated when the wave hit the beach, but have been found alive. David in Bangkok and Caroline in Songkhla 1,000 km apart. Have courage and keep sending positive thoughts. Thank you.
Louise Player, Bristol

For Steve Katon seeking info on Eilis Finnegan. She is not listed as missing but again nothing has been heard from her according to the Irish Foreign Affairs Dept. (see www.u.tv)
Paul Turner, Belfast

To Pail Gowers: Lisa Boyle and family are all safe and well, I have just spoken to someone who knows people who have rung their hotel.
Ruth Rocket,

We have heard from Susan Dallas and her boyfriend in Thailand, they are both safe and sound.
Rik Roberts, London, UK

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