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New Year Honours: What do you think?
Matthew Pinsent and Kelly Holmes
The New Year Honours list for 2005 has been published.

Sporting stars featured heavily this year, following the Athens Olympics in summer 2004.

Those working in the worlds of education, business and entertainment were also rewarded for their efforts, along with countless ordinary hard working citizens.

Are the right people getting the awards? Send us your thoughts about the News Year Honours list.

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

The honours system is a complete waste to time and space. it should be scrapped along with the monarchy
Paul, Worthing UK

I would like to have seen Ellen McArthur given the title of Dame - I feel she deserves it for putting England and Derby in particular onto the world media. Good for you Ellen.
Alma Lockley, Derby England

And what about Paula Radcliffe, doesn't she deserve recognition.
Mick Godfrey, Glasgow

I think it's about time the members of Queen to get recognition for contribution to music
Rikki, North Yorkshire

I think it's about time the members of Queen to get recognition for contribution to music. David Jason ought to get a knighthood and Rowan Atkinson for contribution to comedy.
Rikki, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

OBE, CBE, ABE, ZBE.. who cares? It's slowly becoming a laughing stock for the rest of the world and even for most Britons.
Zed, London

Sir Doug, 57, resigned from his post in November amid widespread criticism of the Child Support Agency's work, one year after a 456m IT system was brought in. YET HE STILL GETS A KNIGHTHOOD! Surely some mistake?
Dave, London, England

Eric Sykes CBE? What's wrong with a knighthood for this great comic institution? Comedians never seem to get the recognition they deserve. While not begrudging Kelly Holmes her Damehood (or whatever they call it) for services to running fast and Matthew Pinsent his knighthood for services to rowing a boat at great speed, surely making the nation laugh for decades deserves better than a manky little CBE - whatever that is.
A Bird, Lancashire

Where is Bruce Forsythe's Kighthood It is a disgrace!! One of the last legends.
Kevin Reed, Aalsmeer , Holland

Honours should be reserved for people who have a long history of selfless service to the community
Michael, Scunthorpe

It's ridiculous that people should be honoured for simply doing their job. I thought this charade had ended some time ago. The only worthy recipients are those who help others in their spare time.
Dave, Leeds, UK

The honours system is being devalued and discredited. Honours are being awarded to teachers, low level civil servants and quango employees. These awards should be reserved only for senior commercial, military and political figures who boost Britain's standing and presence in the world.
Jonathan Purle, Bromley, UK

Knighthoods and damehoods for Olympic winners show this is yet another populist list. Honours should be reserved for people who have a long history of selfless service to the community.
Michael, Scunthorpe

So career civil servants get knighted for doing their job but someone like Eric Sykes only gets a CBE? Surely after all the years pleasure he has given and the ceasless charitable work this man was deserving of a knighthood than someone whose main claim to fame is - I forgot whatever it was my minister wanted me to forget?
Mike Race, Bristol

What does Bruce Forsythe have to do to reiceive a knighthood?? The man is a living ledgend!
Kim, Newton-le-Willows

I was hoping that the unsung heroes of home care people might have had a mention for all the hard, hard work that they do.
John Hannon, Tyne and Wear

Yet again, far too many honours for sports men and women. Dame Kelly Holmes? Oh, please. Why don't we wait to see whether she'll actually do anything with the rest of her life other than pick up medals. I'm disgusted.
Christy, Newcastle, UK


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