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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February 2005, 20:41 GMT
Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website sent in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below.

You can also send your photographs to

This is the third page of appeals received:

My nephew Piers Simon is missing. His brother and friends have survived the tsunami in Koh Phi Phi, but Piers was washed away whilst saving his brother's girlfriend. His brother Luke is now in Phuket organising a search for Piers. We think it may be possible that he was in a hospital in Krabi. A name has appeared on the casualty list that could be interpreted as Piers Simon, he was the same age and was English. However this man has been discharged and we think he could be in shock and unable to contact us. He was last seen wearing blue O'Neill board shorts and a red t-shirt. If anyone has seen him please contact me.
Rebecca Marsh, Yeovil Somerset United Kingdom

A lot of my friends (the Townsend family and their friends and co-workers) were on holiday in Thailand. Honor, Sarah, Carolyn... if you read this, please email me and let me know you are safe!
Vanessa Peters, Dallas, Texas

Am trying to find out any information anybody has of Debbie or Tommy Ackers from Blackpool who were backpacking in Thailand.
Sam Bell, Notts

Looking for Mark Sweetman from Warrington.
Pete Heston, Cheshire

I am looking for information about Nina Ilic Urumovic, Aleksender Ilic Urumovic and Vladan Urumovic in Thailand, Khao Lak.
Maja, Beograd, Yu

I returned back from Koh Phi Phi Island three weeks ago and have left a lot of friends there. Any news on a Lillian Moyle would be much appreciated. She is Australian and is due in England in the next few weeks.
Rebecca Shaw, Nottingham, England

We are looking for Eilis Finnegan from Dublin, who was separated from her boyfriend Barry Murphy in Phi Phi island. Barry is OK but Eilis is still missing. She has mad, curly hair - you can't miss her! Please email any news.
Steve Katon, Nottingham, UK

We are looking for news from our friends Christian, Inge, Christopher and Torben Murach, who were holidaying in Thailand. Any news about them, thank you.
Nicolas Corona Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico

Looking for news of Linda and Phil Webster. Father - Peter Guy from Grantham, Links, UK wants desperately to hear from his daughter.
Paul Williamson, Clearwater, FL

On 25-12-04 my sister in law went to Thailand for a two week holiday with her friend Martin. As far as I know they were in south Thailand. Her name is Marilyn Kartopawiro. She looks like a Thai because her parents are from Indonesia. Her length is 1.68 meter; she is 36 years, about 60 kilogram. She speaks English and Dutch. Her nationality is British. Please send me a mail if you've any news.
Humphrey Dindajal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Seeking news of Mick Cooke of Cumbria. He is a work colleague and he spends every Xmas in Thailand. Any news of him would be appreciated.
Martin, Cumbria

We are desperate for news of our nephew Chris Mullen and his new wife Gaynor who are in Thailand on their honeymoon. Both very tall, Gaynor is blonde and Chris fairish - Chris late 20s and Gaynor early 30s. Please advise if you have any news of them.
Sheila and Gordon Spiller, Cheshire

I am looking for my sister who is in Thailand, no-one has heard from her here name is Sarah Wilkinson. If any one has seen her please ask her to ring me.
Kim Whitehead, Cheshire, England

I have a brother Kevin Duberley in Phuket of British and Australian citizenship looking to hear of his safety.
Elaine Cornish, Hereford, England

Has anyone heard from Simon Albury and his family from London who were spending the Christmas break vacationing in Thailand?
Arnie Reisman, Boston, MA, USA

I am concerned about my cousin, Elizabeth Byrne, from USA, spending the winter in Phuket. Any information would be much appreciated.
Kimm Warren, Hamden, CT, USA

My friend's German parents are on Khao Lak. Their names are Gisela and Heinz Linke (unfortunately they don't speak English all that well) and they are in their sixties. If anyone knows anything please get in touch.
Jackie Chilton, Berlin, Germany

Have you any news about John Irving. Age 65. His children and Bernard would like to know if he is ok.
Mary Irving, Poole, England

I am looking for my brother, Stephen Baker who has been backpacking in Thailand since September. He was last known to have been teaching somewhere in Thailand. He is known as Mr Paul at the school. We last heard from him on 13th Dec. Anyone with any information please contact me.
Sharon Helyer, Horsham, England

Looking for news about Dave Stansfield on holiday with friends in Phuket.
Tim Bond, Bicester, UK

Ron & Hilde Harris, staying on Phi Phi Island. Friends for over 40 years - we are desperate for news of them.
Gerald Kushler, London, England

I hope Jackie Cranie and his family are safe in Phuket.
Daisy Kennedy, Wimbledon, London, UK

If you know of the whereabouts of Gordon Lee Brandt, who was a scuba instructor on Phi Phi let me know. Thanks.
Phil Bebout, Portland, OR, USA

I am looking for any information about my sister Rebecca Clark. She was working at the Golden Buddha Beach Resort on Koh Phra Thong Island.
Alia Bathauer, Maryland, USA

My friend Letitia Bobb is supposed to be in Thailand for the holidays. I am not sure if she is ok and I cannot contact her. Please let us know if she is safe and well.
Rachel Lewis, Trinidad, West Indies

I am anxious to hear about my brother Russell Thompson, from London holidaying in Thailand. Russ please get in touch. We are all very worried and desperate for news.
Christine Campbell, Carlisle UK

I am looking for Fiona Pease and Niall Leahy, who are currently backpacking in Southeast Asia. Unsure of their location at the time of the tsunamis. If you read this, or if some one knows of their whereabouts please please contact me.
Caryl, Milton Keynes, UK

Any news of Yuki Kushida on holiday in Thailand.
Luke & Ben Horohan, Rochester, England

Trying to find Mark & Michelle Rooks/Dawson party on holiday in Koh Samui.
Rick Bryan, London, UK

No news since the disaster from Naomie Laliberté, a youg woman, 25-years-old, brown hair, 135 lbs. She usually gives me news every two days.
André Laliberté, Verchères, QC, Canada

I am looking for my parents, Carl and Susan Kese who where vacationing on the coast of Thailand. Mom, Dad I love you!
Christopher Kese, Seattle, US

Looking for Brian Allen, age 33. White, male 5'10" Was known to be in the Phuket region on Christmas Day.
Ed Gardiner, Kingston, CANADA

I am looking for my dad Mr Christopher Halsey. He has got a bar in Phattaya or Phuket. He moved out there about 3/4 years ago, if you have any information on him please contact me.
Simon Halsey, Havant, Hampshire, UK

I'm looking for anyone who might know the whereabouts of Chris and Gabi Heimlich, from Wiesbaden. They were staying on at Krabi.
Steve Read, Denver, CO, USA

I'm looking for news about Tom Metters, he told me he was going to Phuket and Phi Phi for Christmas.
Kay, Osaka, Japan

Nathan Bowd. Any help finding Nathan would be a great help. Was backpacking in Thailand but may have moved on.
Steve Avery, Cambs, UK

We are surging for Dennis Barker and Ann. We are friends from Belgium and they are on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. I don't know which hotel he's staying. We hope that someone can tell us how they are or if they are ok.
Van Limbergen Ann, Belgium

Frank Rowland was holidaying in Thailand with companion Ingrid. We had a very broken call from him midday Boxing Day and have had no contact since. Please contact us if you read this.
Paul Rowland, Uckfield, East Sussex

Has anyone seen Steve Magson. His wife & her daughter are safe. Steve is missing. His friends in York are thinking of him.
Friends in York, UK

Our French friends Thierry and Fabienne Poyen, together with their teenage son Jimmy are in Thailand probably near Phuket.
Pete McKinley, Kenley, UK

Does anyone have any news about the whereabouts of Jennifer Prince and Darren Morris holidaying in Thailand near one of the beaches? We are friends and are concerned for them.
Andrew Deeprose, London UK

I have some friends, Richie Stevenson and his mate Dan, who I think are in Krabi or possibly the small island, Ko Jam, which is nearby. If anyone has any information about them or the situation on Ko Jam please let me know.
Martin Usborne, London

Did my nephew, Andrew Bransbury, leave Heathrow on BA009 on 22nd Dec, en route for home in Australia, staying for about four days in Thailand, catch his flight to Hong Kong on either 26th or 27th Dec? No-one has heard from him.
Fiona Buckley, Sutton, Surrey

Looking for any news on a Mel McConville and her boyfriend Ian on holiday in Thailand.
Susan Murphy, Oban

I am looking for my friend Di(ana) Wilson, mid-50s, Scottish, normally resident in Hamburg, and currently on holiday somewhere in Thailand. If anyone has any news please get in touch - thank you!
Bridget Leonard, Hamburg, Germany

Our friends were on holiday in Phuket, Graham & Rachelle Saunders with their two sons. Graham please get in touch and let everyone know you are ok.
Rob Beatty, Chatham

We have not gained contact from Connor Keightley, 31 from Tyrone, N Ireland. Connor was in Phi Phi Island over Christmas and we believe he was with friends from Liverpool that he met when in Australia. If you have any info about Connor or his travelling mates please contact us.
Martin McElwee, Gothenburg

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Michael Jordan, backpacking in Thailand?
Charles Jordan, Birkenhead, UK

Looking for any information on Ben Tegg, holidaying in Thailand - all at work concerned - if you read this, let us know you're OK.
Karyn Barua, Basingstoke, UK

Would like to know if there is any news of my Friends, David & Margaret Davis staying in Penang.
Pam Hall, Leicester, England

My nephew and his Thai wife John (Lenny) Nicholl and Nok (Rachnee) Nicholl are in Thailand they are visiting Phuket and Pattaya with his mother-in-law and father-in-law.
Jacqui Bennett, Brierley Hill, West Midlands

My son John (Lenny) Nicholl and his Thai wife Nok (Rachnee) Nicholl are visiting Phuket and Pattaya. I have not heard from them if you have had any contact with them please let me know.
Catherine Nicholl, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

I am looking for my boyfriend Damian Wade who was travelling through Koh Phangan with his friend Drew. They are from Leeds. Please let me know of any news.
Alexandra Armstrong, London, England

I've two friends who are currently on vacation in Krabi, Thailand and India. I hope they're both fine. Their names are Jocene (ITCZM student of Asian Inst. of Technology) and Brianne Johnston. I'll be praying for both of you.
Anna Villanueva, Bangkok, Thailand

I am looking for Ning, Banhbadnsa Dubhien.
Matilda Corral, Bangkok

My best friend and work mate in Japan was in Phuket. His name is Chris Wyle, from America. Any news would be most appreciated.
Chris Pickering, Nagoya, Japan

We are looking for Information on Anne and Paul Shackleton, who live in Bury, Lancashire, who we believe were staying at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket.
Phill Connell, Lancashire, UK

Any information regarding Rosie Phipps and her boyfriend who flew to Thailand on Christmas Day. Thanks
Colin Hagues, Greater London, England

I am trying to obtain any information I can about Clive Baron and Steve Le Roux from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe who were staying at the Princess Park resort on Phi Phi.
Ian Macdonald, Hermanus, South Africa

Please contact me regarding American David Sammann living in Khao Lak with his lovely Thai wife Oy and their precious little girl May. Praying that they are okay.
Diane Krieger, Tahoe, USA

I have looked all over the web and I cannot find anything about the effect on the Tsunami on Tarutao National Park off the coast of Satun province. My husband and I have spent a great deal of time in this area doing research and we are very concerned about the people living on these islands - specifically the island of Lipe which's home to a significant number of boat people. We are afraid the whole community may have been swept away. Please respond with any information you may have about these people or this place.
Annie Hommel, Eugene, Oregon, USA

We're trying to find out if Zoe Parker from Leeds is OK. She was staying in Phi Phi and haven't been able to contact her.
Mark & Rachel, Leeds, England

Does anyone know if there were any survivors at Rantee Bay (on Phi Phi), namely Dee and Mr Tong.
Rich Enion, Derby

I am awaiting news of my daughter Heidi Rebecca Simpson from Brighton, Age 29 and with her boyfriend Scott and three other friends. They were on holiday in Phuket.
Ken Simpson, Bournemouth, UK

We are desperately trying to find out any news about my brother Bryn Muller and his girlfriend Elizabeth Lalanga who we believe were travelling in Thailand. If anyone has any news please get in touch.
Alison Mcloughlin, Henley, UK

Sophia Michl is 10-years-old. She is German. She is looking for her parents in Phuket, Thailand. Mr Norbert and Mrs Edeltraud Michl.
Elliot Finn, Japan

We are trying to find information on Michelle Fenton and her partner - Keith who were holidaying in Phuket over Christmas. We have heard nothing from them and are unable to contact relatives here. We are all very worried.
Steve Burgess, New Brighton, Wirral

I am trying to find the whereabouts of my brother, Hugh Reid, who was on holiday in Thailand. I have already spoken to the British Embassy in Bangkok and it appears he has failed to check in for his flight home. If you have seen Hugh (even before the tsunami as we are not sure exactly where he was) and have any information about him please do not hesitate to contact me.
David Reid, Lyon, France

We are searching for Joanne Holder and family, who were on holiday in Phuket at the time of the disaster. Joanne, if you are reading this, hope all is well and contact us ASAP!
Janice, Gary & Asia Gorton, Northampton, UK

An old friend, John Whelan aka 'Willie' is in southern Thailand, last postcard from Maya Bay, Pee Pee Islands, Krabi. Any news, please let us know. Nik, and everyone from Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich Village.
Nik Moore, Beckenham, Kent, UK

I am looking for my friends who were staying at the PP Princess resort on Phi Phi. My friends names are Mr and Mrs McLeish, Andrew (Andy) and Natalie (Nat). They are both from Sheffield, in England. Andy is 31, and has ginger hair, Natalie is 27. She speaks with a South African accent. They were on their late honeymoon, having got married in May of this year.
Paul Drayton, UK

Our best friend Adrian Lester 37 missing along with his dad and sister Amanda were staying on Phi Phi Island. His mum, sister Claire and brother James are safe. Desperate for news.
Nigel Gregory, Leveleys, Lancs

I am looking for my friend Ali in Thailand.
Naveed, Pakistan

My best friend is missing. She is called Asami Takekoshi and she is Japanese aged 32. She was in Ko phangan on December 22nd, and that is the last time I had contact with her. She may have returned to Phuket. I am very worried about her. Has anyone seen Asami since the earthquake?
Mark Jull, Hull

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dickie and Beth Balsamo of Krabi? Thanks.
Midge Wilson, Chicago, IL, USA

I am looking for a friend in India on holiday, his name is Kevin Borg a Maltese guy, I haven't heard any news from him, family and friends are worried. Please anyone who knows him or met him, ask him to get in touch asap.
Christopher Debono, Malta

Seeking information on Pat Sepe. White male, late 40s, 5ft.10in., long hair - brown, possible beard. He is from Anchorage, Alaska, USA. He is in Thailand, whereabouts unknown.
Don A Middleton, Cooper Landing, Alaska

Trying to find information on the whereabouts of Paul and Tracey Gravestock, holidaying in Thailand. All news greatly received. Thank you.
Phil Spicer, Welwyn Garden City, UK

I am trying to find any information about my dad's friend Tom Stephensen and his son Darren Stephensen. They were in Phuket and had moved there around a year ago. We haven't heard anything about them for three days and getting worried. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
James Middleton, Reigate, Surrey, UK

I am awaiting news about my friend Rutger van Halder who was on vacation in Thailand with his parents. However, I don't know the resort where they were staying. Rue, I hope you made it through safely.
Kristian M, Virginia, USA

Our friends went for vacation to Thailand; their Christmas letter said they will be spending a few days in Phuket, Thailand. I am worried about them. Their names are: Todd, Roxy, Mykolka & Ania Morrill. Please let me know if you are safe.
Nella, USA

We are looking for a Mexican girl from Monterrey whose name is Linda Garcia Garcia - she was at Thailand when this happened. She is 23 years old. Her parents are looking for her, they sent her on this trip as a graduation gift. Contact the embassy if any news...
adriana, Mexico

If anybody has news of Catrina Nilsson and her boyfriend Tim on holiday scuba diving in Thailand please let me know.
Lewis Foti, London, UK

Michael and Pat Lock, they are on holiday in Thailand, Michael is my mum's brother. My aunt and my mum have not heard anything from their brother and are very worried - please if you are okay let us know.
Sian Roberts, Cardiff, Wales

David Wattam travelling independently in Thailand. Does anyone know if he is safe.
Jill Wattam, Doncaster, UK

I am looking for information regarding David, Ivette, Ian and Camille Hobson. They are in Thailand but I don't know where they were last. If anyone has information please contact me. Thank you.
Erica Hobson, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

My friend Elaine Hayward (nee Brown), her husband John, mum Joyce and baby Jordan are living in Kamala Beach area. Any information about their whereabouts please get in touch. Thanks.
Gill Hamilton, Halstead, Essex

I am looking for Mrs Lenne Anja, 35 years old, who is a diving professor in Phuket.
Duveau, Marly Le Roi, France

I'm looking for Bruno Hanson, originally from South Africa, who has been living on his yacht off Thai coast.
Megan Jeffries, Nottingham, UK

Jesica is a Spanish/American teacher, in her twenties, loves to dance Salsa and we are very worried.
Jesica Varco, California, USA

I'm trying to get confirmation that my brother Roy Smith is ok. He moved there this year and owns a bar on the coast.
Rachel Leigh-Hamilton, St Austell, Cornwall, UK

I am looking for my sister-in-law Margo Coad and her sons Ian and Gareth Coad all from Seattle, Washington holidaying somewhere in Thailand.
Christine Ruhstorfer, Munich, Germany

I am trying to contact my fiend Michelle Jones (34) - teacher in Bangkok - from Manchester England. Her boyfriend Andy and friend Steve who were to be in the Phuket/Khao Lak area over Xmas and New Year. Please let me know if you have seen or heard from them.
Glen-Maree Sloan, Manchester, UK

Piers Simon aged 33 last seen on Phi Phi Island. Family and friends want any news or information please.
Mark White, Yeovil, UK

I'm looking for news of two 31-year-old Canadians, Joanna McElhinney and Carmen Hertzenberg, both of Toronto. They were on holiday either on Rai Lay Beach or Ton Sai, near Krabi, or else on Ko Phi Phi. Joanna is about 178 cm, medium build, long brown hair. Please contact me if you have any information on the whereabouts of either of them.
Graydon Hazenberg, Thunder Bay, Canada

Trying to trace my step-brother, Robert Harris, 23. Last known to be on Phuket, but may be travelling anywhere in SE Asia. Please let us know you're alright Rob, we're so worried.
Liz Mawer, Wirral, UK

My Godfather and his wife, Roger and Wendy Dowle, live on Koh Samui. I have heard that the island was not hit by the wave, but I have not heard from them. I wonder if they are helping in the area.
Debbie Evans, Slough, Berkshire

I'm looking for news of Alberto Cirio, who was on his way to Koh Lipe, according to his last email sent on the 23rd.
Max, Italy

Wanting to know if my good friends Bow, Carol, Thoy, daughter Sasha and new baby and the rest of the crew at the Chilli House restaurant on Phi Phi island are okay and alive. If anyone knows please contact me.
Keli, United States

We are searching for our brother Jim Schulein from the Netherlands. He is on holiday at the Hotel Patong Villa in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. We have not heard from him.
Bob Schulein, Netherlands

Ciaran Coyle, can you please let us at RSA know that you are alright.
Alison, Bristol, England

Please let me know if you have any news about Miss Danielle Metayer. She's French, 31-years-old. She went on a hiking holiday to Thailand with two friends. I'm desperate for news.
Jackie Valles, St Savournin, France

I am urgently seeking any information of my cousins Hania and Barrie Cannings from Birmingham who were spending Christmas in Thailand. Please help if you can, their family and friends are frantic with worry.
Krysia Szmid, Manchester, England

We are missing family members in Thailand Pam and Lisa Boyle, Dave, Denise, Todd and Russell Watkins. Would be very grateful for any information.
Pail Gowers, Rochester, Kent

Our cousin, Hidenobu Shimizu was backpacking in Thailand (possibly Kurabi but could have been travelling) please let us know if you have any news.
Koji and Miho, Nagasaki, Japan

My friends, Debbie and Cal Mercier from Warwickshire, UK went on holiday in Thailand with their daughter on Dec 23. Just want to know if they are safe.
Susan Athill, Antigua, West Indies

I'm urgently seeking information on my Uncle Michael Anthony Scott, a Swiss National who is missing in Khao Lak. Age 57, Height 193cm, Weight 98 Kilos. Please advise if you know his whereabouts.
Sarah Harvie, Melbourne, Australia

Rubina Wong is missing since she was last seen on Phi Phi Island, vacationing with boyfriend Mike Lang and his sister, Christine Lang. Mike and Christine are fine. We are still searching for Rubina since Dec 26. She was swept away by the waves. She is Chinese, 25yrs old, 5ft, 100lbs, tattoo on lower back, and one on shoulder.
Grace Wong, Hong Kong

Liz and Paul were holidaying with son Mark. Please advise if any news of them.
Elizabeth and Paul Chertkow, Krabi/Phuket

Todd Ferguson where are you. Friends and family in Oregon want to know.
Rick Lindquist, Springfield, Oregon, USA

I'm concerned about the two Thai girls Lee and Ta, working at the Ciao Bella restaurant at Ko Phi Phi. Does anyone know if they are alright and how we can reach them?
Amber, The Hague, Holland

Trying to find a friend who lives in Bangkok, but was holidaying in Phuket, his name is Alan and he is half American/Japanese, may also go by the name of Akioshii Ishii. Let me know if you have any news.
Kelly, Bangkok, Thailand

Looking for Steve, from UK he was on Phi Phi doing dive master course at Moskito, if u know anything please let me know.
Choppy, Italy

I am trying to find my friend Robert Rowbottom from Yorkshire UK. He was near Phuket on Boxing Day. Any info very much welcome!
Jodi Magi, Perth, Australia

Francisca Cooper is missing, she was in the Princess hotel, which is located in Phi Phi island. Any information please respond to Chile embassy please, all their family and husband are very worried.
Francisco Sotomayor, Santiago, Chile

Looking for news of Steve Le Clerq, Penny Dawson and their children Emily and Ariane spending Christmas at their place in the Thai islands. They live in Kathmandu but have a house in Thailand.
Lisa Findley, Oakland, California, USA

Jeanne Debons and her husband Simon were on holiday in Penang and we (her classmates) have heard nothing, nor her workplace. If anyone knows anything please contact me.
Mary Ellen Taylor, London

My son Caillin and I would appreciate any news of his dad, Irish national Mike Wyse, aged 60, who may have been in Phuket on Sunday.
Linnie Marquardt, Nicosia, Cyprus

I have a friend named Niklas Sundtedt, 34 years, who is missing in Thailand. Niklas is a tour leader of Apollo Travel. He's a Swedish and comes from Stockholm.
My Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I am looking for a friend Graham Blake from Wales. The last I heard he was living in an apartment at the end of Soi Bangala St in Phuket with his girlfriend Deng. Any info would help.
Terry Carter, Auckland, New Zealand

I am trying to contact Steve and June Harrison who have a house in Thailand. I haven't heard how they are.
Cathy Thomas, San Francisco, USA

Trying to find information about Rob and Jan Wood, two British citizens on holiday in Phuket. He is in his mid 50s, she is in her late 40s. They both live and work in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Simon Baronowitz, Jakarta, Indonesia

Missing Charlotte Jones (also referred to as Charlie by her friends) age 24, born on 5th February 1981. She is 5' 4" with distinctive blonde dreadlocks and has a tattoo of the "all seeing eye" of Egypt on her lower back. She was last seen by the friends she was with whilst on the island of Koh Racha Yai. Her parents, Liz and Allen Jones are on their way to Thailand.
Colin Jones, Bangkok, Thailand

We would be grateful for news of Susan Mahy and Iain Russell who started their holiday in Krabi and were moving to Royal Lanta Hotel on Jan 1st. Thanks
Conni Richardson, Cyprus

Trying to locate/find a Ms Lisa Makanet (Thai National). Was Working as Manager for The Summerbreeze Hotel, Patong Beach, Phuket. Tried email and telephone to known location. If you know her or her location please advise me.
Trevor Harper, Richmond. BC, Canada

My cousin Graham Goodwin - from Bexley, Kent, UK - is missing, somewhere in Thailand. If anyone has any news, please let me or anyone in his family know. So many people hoping for the best. Thanks.
Paul Collier, Adelaide, Australia

My father, Pedro Salcido, is an American military retiree living in Thailand. He is 66-years-old and is from Tucson AZ. He may be known as Pete or Sal. He is of Mexican/American descent. Please let me know if you have seen him and if he is OK.
Gracie Salcido Rubio, Seaside, CA, USA

Looking for Connor Keightley last known to be on Phi Phi Island. 31 years old, Irish, 5ft (ish) shaved dark hair, new tattoo, very jolly, friendly man. Please advise if you have seen or heard of his whereabouts.
Tracy Cheetham, Cairns, Australia

My son Ashley Pelham Vaughan was on Phukar at the time of the tidal wave. He is 32 yrs old 6'3" black hair.
Linda P Vaughan, Garrison, NY, USA

I am unable to get in contact with my brother Stuart Hanson he has been living in a Monastery in Chaing Rai but left last week to see more of Thailand. Please be safe. Any information greatly appreciated.
Tanya Goetsch, Logan, Australia

My friend, Meggie Hayes and her family, her brother Matt Hayes, her mom Leslie Harris, and her father were on vacation in Thailand for the holidays. I'm not sure where in Thailand the family is staying at, but it would be great if I can get any word on their condition. Family friends are extremely worried
Shaheen Kazmi, Chicago, IL

Looking for any info on my friend and co-worker Henry "Todd" Aase, was on vacation in Phuket most likely when the Tsumnami hit. None of his family or co-workers have heard any word from him since the disaster. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Marcus Lowe, Las Vegas, NV, USA

My very good friend Fern Powell and her boyfriend Jonathan Green flew into Phuket on Christmas Eve and I've not been able to contact them since. If anyone knows anything about their whereabouts or has any information. I'd be grateful if you could leave a message here.
Sean Kelly, Sydney, Australia

We are anxious for news of our good friend Reiner Schooth, known as Digital Ray, website designer from Bangkok, and originally Stuttgart, who was holidaying over the Christmas period in Kao Lak, Phangga Province. We have left messages on his websites and e-mailed him too. He is with his wife Nok and his little girl. If anyone knew of his whereabouts before the Wave, please let us know so we can follow up our enquiries on Thai sites, which we are searching daily.
Stephen Whitby, Koh Samui, Thailand

I'm looking for my friend Tim Kiln, whom I believe went to Phuket for Christmas. Please can someone let me know if he's Ok.
Terry Howells, Hong Kong

We are desperate for news of Nick Brewster and his fiancée Christina Bulow who were staying at Khao Lak, Thailand.
Sandy Barnes, Johannesburg, South Africa

Please could somebody help me. My name is John Robinson, I am very worried about Mr Raymond Veverines and his family. They were reported to be travelling to Phi Phi from Phuket the morning of the Tsunami. He is a British National working for Lotus Engineering Malaysia, His wife is called Kenya she is a Brazilian national, they are on holiday with twin 1-year-old girls.
John Robinson, Kuala Lumpur

I am a friend of the Kositkun family Araya, Komkai and Kevin who were visiting relatives in Phuket. Please let me know that they are safe.
Ally Muller, Chico, California, USA

We are worried about our friends who are in Thailand for Christmas. Rachel Carvosso and her friend James said they were staying on an island there. Not sure where. Rachel is an English teacher in Japan but is from the UK originally. Please let us know if you have any news.
Kelly and Megu, Tokyo, Japan

I am looking for my uncle Brian Bateman. He was somewhere near where the tsunami hit. He is with his wife Jean Bateman. Please if you know where he is let me know. Linda, Sue, Joan, Michael and Ashleigh are worried about you. We love you.
Ashleigh Renouf, Toronto, Canada, Kent, England

Concerned about Corrie (Dutch) and Patrick (English) O'Shea travelling out of Bangkok over Christmas. Please advise.
Tom Walker, Dallas, Texas

I've been trying to contact my friend Jo Archer, on holiday with her boyfriend Craig from Northampton, UK, holidaying in Thailand. Please let me know if you've heard any news.
Jane Sinnett, Wellington, New Zealand

Parents of my son's friend went to Phuket and I know that the husband Harry is alive, but he is searching for his wife Rhonda Butler. Has anyone seen her, or seen her name listed anywhere. I pray for you all who are suffering. God Bless you all.
Lynda Davies, Penang Malaysia

Trying to find information co-worker, Javier Enriquez. Everyone at work is worried. He was travelling throughout Thailand and the surrounding islands.
Kathlynn Delong, Orange County, California, USA

I am looking for word about my friend Lyn Ford. She is in Thailand visiting friends over the Christmas holiday. I pray she is safe. Thank you.
Janie Henderson, Anchorage, Alaska

I'm looking for my brother John Le Breton.
Alisha Welch, Marlboro, MA, USA

Trying to contact a friend. 25 y/o John Scott from Edinburgh who was understood to be in the Phuket area. Please if you have any info get in touch.
Davie McRoberts, Edinburgh

I am looking for two old friends of mine and have lost touch. They both had businesses in Phuket Gavin Kidd had a Cycle Livery and Helmut Sweinberger who owned a bar. Any information?
Karen Harrison, Southampton, Bermuda

Since Christmas Day, I have received no contact with my cousins Bridget and Vanessa Chan from Northern California. They were on vacation on the coast of Thailand. They are American citizens of Asian extraction. If found, tell them that their family is looking for them and that we love them very much.
Hannah Pang, California, United States

My friend's father named Jurgen Steeg, who is from Germany, was vacationing in a beach house in Thailand. Any news would be appreciated.
Barbara Jozefowicz, Gladwin, Michigan, USA

I am trying to reach my mate Dave Easter who lives in Thailand. He is mid 40s, English, and silver haired. Any news would be welcome.
Alan Cave, Zele, Belgium

We are looking for information on my brother, James (Jim) H Barnett. He spends about half the year in Thailand and his home base is Pattaya. However, he spends a lot of time travelling down along the coast and in Phuket.
Catherine Manske, Fair Oaks, California

Two travelling mates missing, Aidy a mad English bloke and Susie his crazy Austrian girlfriend, both live in Brighton UK. If anyone knows if they are ok please let us know - we are worried sick.
Nichola & Scotty, Melbourne, Australia

Looking for Dumri Sivatisalee; visiting Phuket area and now missing. Aged 69, approx. 5'9" - bald. Slender build. Family very concerned. Any information would be helpful
Jaitken, Cambridge, Canada

I am trying to locate my brother Berne Flower, aged 18 who arrived in Thailand on Christmas Day. Berne was travelling with a Thai national called Jack.
Andrew Macgregor, Perth, Australia

Looking for Pete Guajardo and Rose Marie Guajardo, from Houston, TX staying in Thailand. If any one has heard please let me know.
Hector Hi, Laredo, TX, USA

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Clive Bannerman (from the UK) supposed to be in Thailand at the time of the disaster.
Kellie Draheim, Suwon, South Korea

I am looking for information about my brother, Reed Resnikoff. He lives in Thailand, but was travelling on holiday, and I don't know where he is. Any information would be so appreciated!
Stacey Krantz, New Jersey, USA

Please I am looking for my best friend; her name is Linda Anabel García. She is 24 and she was on vacation in Puhke. She has dark brown hair, tall, she was travelling with Canadian friends. If someone could help me please.
Gustavo Coronel, Monterrey, México

Would like to hear from cousin Einar Meling who ran Scandinavian Divers and Viking cruiser for divers. Thank you.
Nina Meling, Sydney, Australia

Seeking any news on Charlotte Jones, female, 23 years, bleached blonde dreadlocks, lip & tongue piercing, daughter to Allan and Liz Jones, Petersfield, Hampshire, UK. Last seen on Island Racha Yai (south of Phuket) on 26th Dec.
Joe Brooks, Petersfield, Hampshire

I am looking for a friend who's cellphone went dead on me while he was talking to me on Karon Beach, Phuket. His name is Sophorn and he's Cambodian-American. I need to know if he's survived.
Dave Costanza, Jr., San Francisco, CA, USA

I am looking for my friend James (Jim) Wallace who is holidaying in Thailand with his girlfriend Viv - can you please help.
Dawn Franklin, Carshalton, Surrey

If you have any news of Stefania Gatti, her brother is trying to contact her. His name is Ivan Gatti (Mantova, Italy) Stefania is a nurse and is in her late 30s. If you have any news please let us know.
Roberto Dal Santo, London, England

Has anyone seen Amanda? She went to Khao lak just before Christmas and I'm really worried about her. Please let me know if she is still alive. Her full name is Amanda Burefalk.
Lisa Oellig, Stockholm, Sweden

We have not had news from Bob Baldwin of Cambridge who is working in Thailand. We pray for news of our friend.
Curtis and Linda Bell, Portland, Oregon

Searching for my friend Stephen Fry, his fiancée Sandra, and his friend Neil, all UK citizens (Sandra and Steve are living in Tokyo) vacationing in Thailand, possibly in the south.
Lindsay Nelson, Tokyo, Japan

I am hoping for news of Brian Rae, he is a yacht owner based in Pukhet, also other boats from the cruising world, please let me know if your all ok or news of anyone.
Roger Gilroy, Australia

Hoping Gordan and Martin are safe.
Phil, Cambs, UK

I'm looking for Matthias panning. His last station was Kao Lak. He is 44-years-old and 1,82 tall.
Christian, Hamburg, Germany

Colin Douglas Carlsen from Middlesbrough later living in Vancouver, Canada and now living in Thailand. Contact if ok or any news from others.
Trev Newton, Middlesbrough, UK

Let us know please if you have seen or heard anything about our friends Judi and Tonny Codd. They are English from Paphos. They went to Thailand 18.12.04.
Galinahartley, Paphos, Cyprus

Lincoln Abraham
Lincoln Abraham, missing in Thailand
This is a recent photograph of Lincoln Abraham missing in disaster from Princess Hotel Phi Phi island, Thailand. Please advise if you have any news. Helen Abraham Mother
Helen Abraham, UK

I am trying to make contact my friend Amanda who went to Khao Lak just before Christmas. Please, let me know if you have seen or heard of her.
Amanda Burefalk, Stockhom, Sweden

I have a friend, Helen Greenham, who is working as a diving instructor in Phuket. I need to know if she is safe and well.
Scott Margison, Knebworth, Herts

We are seeking news on our cousin, Jennifer Sticher, who is from Switzerland and on vacation in Phi Phi.
Nader and Brenda, Orlando, Florida

My friend Stacey Finn, who is from Salisbury, and his brother were backpacking in Thailand and believed to be in Phuket. If anyone has any news, please let me know. Thanks.
Charles Byrne, Poole, England

We are looking for George from Ipswich in Suffolk, England. He owns the up2u bar in Patong beach. please let us know if you have any news.
Chris, Halberstadt, Germany

Rebecca McCall is a diving instructor on Phi Phi. I know she was there on Christmas day and working for viking divers. Please reply if you have any info.Thoughts are with you Becks.
james pankhurst, manchester england

I have a cousin, uncle and auntie in Thailand. We are unable to get in contact with them. Their names are Sean, Eleanor and Paul Dickey. If anyone knows them could they ask they get in touch ASAP.
Vince Curry, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

We have friends who are retired and working in Thailand, Mary known as M and Pete Rogers. Please let us know if you have any news.
Kelvin Foster, Hampshire UK

Looking for Tammy and Mark Wyton, from Great Yarmouth, staying in Phuket. If any one has heard please let me know.
Julie Brock, Torquay Devon

My brother Jonathan (Jon) Hughes (33) from Leeds, UK, was staying at the Charlie Beach Hotel on Koh Phi Phi Don with his girlfriend, Sally Shearing. Sally has been found and is well. However Jonathan is still missing. If you know of his whereabouts please let me know.
Mark Hughes, Leeds, England

Missing contact with brother Peter Ramsey and his wife Noi (Thai National. Believed to be in the area of Phuket but unsure as their plans were flexible. Any news of where they have been since 17th Dec would be good.......just praying and hoping!
Paul Ramsey, Hull

Sophia Michl is 10 years old. She is German. She looking for her parents, Mr.Norbert and Mrs.Edeltraud Michl. Thank you everybody for your concern.
Nitny, Thailand

My best friend Patrik Nevalainen is missing. He is 16 years old. If you find him or someone other from family Nevalainen please contact me. I just want to know is he dead or alive.
Tuukka Tarkkinen, Helsinki, Finland

I am looking for my daughter and her husband Natalie and Andrew McLeish from the Princess Diving Spa Resort Phi Phi
Sandra Bell, Legbourne, Lincs.

We are urgently seeking news of Rachel Quinn, 34, medium height, slim build, who was on Khao Lak beach near Tukua Pa and was separated from her husband, Kevin. He is safe in one of the hospitals. She would be wearing a distinctive emerald and gold engagement ring. Please help if you can, her family and friends are frantic with worry.
Helen, London

My partners sister Blandine Boutry from Lille France is still missing she was with her husband on the island of Phi Phi he has been found. Please anyone with any information please inform us.
Robert Brown, London uk

We have a friend called Lisa May (25). We are unable to get in contact with her. Last seen on Phuket Island. Any information greatly recieved.
Dave & Chloe, Cheltenham, UK

We have friends who were holidaying in the area - Eric and Julie Lloyd. We are worried about them and would like to know they are safe.
Gill Owens, Redcar / UK

I am looking for any information on my Father; Jesse L. Adams. He is an American citizen and is retired living on South Pattaya Beach. Please contact me with any information as I have no way to find or communicate with him right now! Please help me find my Dad!!
Cheryl Boehm, Houston, Texas, USA

I am desperately trying to contact my four-year old son Aidan Ashburn-Higgs and his father Jeffrey Ashburn who both flew into Thailand on Sunday. I have not heard from them since they left the airport in San Francisco. If you see this, please let me know you are safe.
Jaclyn Higgs, California, USA

I am seeking information about my friend Fritz Schaumann. He is German, 57-years old, blond haired, about 185 cm tall and resides in the city of Bremen. He was to be in Phuket, Thailand from the 25th on.
Randy Williams, Bremen, Germany

Has anyone got any information on the whereabouts of Sarah Bent, she was staying on Phi Phi island when the wave struck.Please come forward if you do
Sarah, Yorkshire

If anyone has any information about my Danish friend, Hans Gylche and his brother, Claus Gylche, please contact me. They were at a Phi Phi Island beach in Thailand at the time of the wave.
Mickey Beyer Clausen, Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm concerned about Steve Coleman from Nottingham - now a diving instructor in one of the resorts. Let me know if you have any information. Thanks.
Janet Shipton, Nottingham

I haven't been able to contact my Thai friends, Atima & her mum Sumali Diloksri, who live & work in Patong in the Phuket Travel Shop, near the Sala Thai hotel. I hope they're safe. If anyone came across them on their holiday, please let me know.
Lauren Juggler, London

A friend of ours, Jim Anderson, is a diving instructor in KoTao, Thailand. Any word would be great.
Tom and Pam Moss, Bowling Green, MO, USA

Does anyone have any information about James Scott ("Jim" "Jimmy"), working at Sarasas Witaed Bangbon School in Thailand who may have been on holiday at the coast over Christmas with his girlfriend Satoko Taguchi. His family are desperate to hear from him.
Francesca Trevelyan, Birmingham,

I am looking for my sister Sarah Wilkinson who travelled to Thailand on the 23 December. She is 28 years old. Please contact me if any news. Kim Whitehead, her sister.
Kim Whitehead, Cheshire, England

Leslie Crabtree, friend in Thailand visiting sister, if your okay, please email me. God bless
Richard Pti, Ft lauderdale Florida

Would like to hear news from Jo (Chiswick) and Neng on koh lanta with family on Phuket and Phi Phi.
Kate and Gee, London

Has anyone any news on Paul Gardiner, Helen Gardiner and Frankie Gardiner holidaying in Thailand. We're all anxious to hear any news.
Helen Williams, Bristol, UK

Looking for news on my friend and his family. Simon, Tracey, Heidi and Harvey Parsons who are on holiday in Phuket. Any news gratefully received.
Simon Tunaley, Ashford, UK

I am trying to contact friends in the Patang area of Phuket. All locals. Names are Neil, Sharpe & Jacki. Any news from anyone, PLEASE let me know. Many thanks
Andre Cairns, London, U.K.

I am looking for information on the whereabouts of Charles Ramble, the Tibetologist from Oxford University.
Richard Jandovitz, New York City, USA

My friend Payab Vichaya is a Thai American. He was travelling throughout the country and is supposed to be scuba diving this week. He's 23 years old. Please send an e-mail ASAP.
Lindsey Foster, Austin, Texas, USA

Any news on Gary Littlecot, staying north of Phuket. He hails from Wareham in Dorset but is resident in Japan.
Simon Bennett, Southampton, UK

I am looking for my dear brother Chris Cannon from Oxford. If you have seen him or know if he is safe please contact me. We are desperate to hear he is ok. Thankyou
Sandra Gray, Bradford, England

I am looking for Timothy Edward Tucker (Tim), 38 years old, back packing to Thailand. He left on christmas day from London.
Vaibhav Shukla, London, UK

Family of 4, Cynthia Lam(daughter) and Veronica Lam(mother) are missing last seen in Sofitel Phtong Hotel. Son and father are alive and well. Please contact if any news known
Louise Ma, London, UK/Hong Kong

I am concerned about Ruth Hooker and Patrick Hooker who are on holiday in Singapore but was going to visit thailand.
Sujatha Muthuraj, Bristol, UK

Has anyone news of Heinz Oswald and family /staff mosquito diving Phi Phi also staff at Phi Phi Princess Koh Phi Phi. has anyone any news PLEASE
Peter, Newcastle, UK

We are looking for my cousin Stephen Long who is backpacking in Thailand, he was last heard from on Christmas day. We are all very anxious lease can you help. Michelle Irene & Jo
Michelle, Liverpool

My friends son is missing in Thailand his name is Ian Hammond he is with his dad Colin Hammond
Gill, UK

Please can anyone let me know if my dad, George Marks is ok. He is in Thailand (possibly Pattaya but could have been travelling) but I have not heard from him, thank you.
Karen Mcdermott, Kent, UK

Trying to locate New Zealander, Chris Berry. Based at Ao Chalong Bay, Phuket, Thailand.
Chris Sanderson, Bangalow, NSW, Australia

My mate Lee Buss lives in Thailand. I last heard from him just before Christmas. I have tried emailing him but have had no reply and would be grateful for any information.
Martin Brown, Birmingham, UK

I am very concerned for my friend Aymar De Rugy . I pray you are safe and well. Please contact Val in Brisbane.
Valter Di Girolamo, Brisbane, Australia

I'm looking for a co-worker who went surfing in Sumatra - Cristian Bettler
Ava Thomas, Los Angeles, USA

I am looking for information about Mik Jennings from Rotherham, studied in Leeds - he is a diving instructor based in Phuket.
Fiona Mannion UK, Leeds, England

I am searching for Zuzana Sadkova and Mark West. They are a married couple, he is American and she is Czech. Please let me know if you have any information on either of them. Karen Gamble Seattle WA.
Karen Gamble, Seattle Wa. USA

I am looking for Kurt Shrout, he was working on the island of Phuket in Thailand. Please advise it you have ANY information.
Denise Pilsworth, London, United Kingdon

I am looking for information about Dan Noll and Audrey Scott in Thailand for the holidays. If you read this, let us know in Prague that you are safe.
Megan King, Prague, Czech Republic

Any information on my cousin Paul Rogers backpacking in Thailand lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire
Serina Abrahams, Calne, Wiltshire

We are looking for news about Roderick Gunn ("Ricky") and his friend Guillaume Kunn, who were holidaying in Thailand. Any news at all about their whereabouts, please.
Greg Hawes, Windlesham, UK

I am concerned about a Mr Anri Webster approx 22 years old who is somewhere in Thailand, possibly on Island.
Sean McReynolds, Hinckley/ UK

I'm looking for Alice Macgill and her family - They were in Krabi, Thailand and I'm desperate for some news. Any help is welcomed.
Marie, Reading

One of our friends, Sam Webster, is travelling around Thailand and was planning to do his Dive Masters in either Koh Tao or Phuket. If you read this Sam, let us know if you are sound and well.
Nick, Newcastle

We are desperately waiting for news of our cousin Jason Rigby from Preston Lancs who was holidaying in Thailand
Denise Aldridge, Wigan, Lancs, UK

We would like to hear from anyone who has heard news of Peter Sheard and Susan Thompson. They were staying at the Patong Merlin Hotel, Phuket. They were last heard from on boxing day at 12.00pm but we haeard nothing since, please help.
Lisa Foreman, Wakefield West Yorkshire

Does anyone have any news about the whereabouts of Susan Dallas and her boyfriend Scott, travelling in Thailand? Everyone at work is anxious to know they are safe and sound.
Rik Roberts, London, UK

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