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Asian quake - Missing persons

Thousands are missing and millions are homeless following the Asia earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Readers of the BBC News website have been sending in their appeals for news of missing persons, which are published below. C

This message board is now closed. You can still read the messages posted on this site. For up to date information on missing persons visit the website of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Here are the appeals received:

Click below to read or post information regarding missing persons by country

I am looking for any information on my Aunt Doris Larcher and her daughter, my cousin, Paula Larcher and her friend Phil. They were on holiday in Indonesia over Christmas.
Kathryn Larcher, Canada

I'm looking for a co-worker who went on holiday to visit family. Her name is Hengke Widja. Please contact if you have any information
Dan Rodriguez, Riverside, CA, USA

Any news of a close friend, Carrie Beckley who lived in Indonesia, mainly around Jakarta region? She is a missionary and any information would be gratefully received as we haven't heard anything from her since the tsunami.
Rachel Stroud, Trowbridge, UK

Looking for my friend Asnawi Ali, 25, from Banda Aceh. Please contact me if you have any information.
Chris Knight, Cambridge, UK

I am looking for my brother Tom Hsing, he lived in Banda Aceh. Anyone with any information please contact me ASAP. Our Mother is worried sick.
Mana Hsing, San Diego, California, USA

Any news of my relatives, Peter and Kathleen Philpott visiting their son in Indonesia over the Christmas/New Year period gratefully received.
Elaine Hall, Mereworth, UK

I'm looking for a close friend of mine, Meilani Mindasari and her family, from Jakarta, Indonesia. Please contact me with any information. Thank you very much.
Askarun Ali, Halifax, UK

I am looking for David Herbowo who was living in Jakarta, Indonesia with his family. I have called his home number and e-mailed since December 29 with no luck.
Anne Marie Dallaire, Manchester, NH, USA

I'm looking for my friend of 10 years Meilani Mindasari and her family, who are from Jakarta, Indonesia. If you know any of their whereabouts or how they are, please please let me know.
Askarun, Halifax, UK

Looking for Ruel Bernard who left for Indonesia on December 6th. Please notify immediately.
Tara Sullivan, Red Hook, New York, USA

I am looking for my wife's uncle Fr Antony D'cruz OCD from India stationed in Flores, Indonesia.
Joseph Aloysius, Toronto, Canada

I am looking for my friend Phillip J. Cawthorn. If anyone has heard from him, he was teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia but may have been travelling along the coast.
Vanessa Doidge, Brighton and Hove, UK

We are hoping to find Father Carl Sadsoeitoeboen. He was our pastor at Sacred Heart Church for 3 years. He left to go back home to Indonesia, we haven't heard from him since. Our church is praying for his safety.
Vanessa Stearnes, Del Rio, TX, USA

Looking for Mrs & Mr David Brown living Taman Pegansaan Jakartah/utara. Indonesia. Please contact me or let me know they are safe.
Sylvia Hunt, Norwich

Any information of David Bailey who was in Indonesia having a month's holiday
Michael Banks, Bletchingdon, UK

We are waiting to hear of a family member living in Jakarta Indonesia His name is David Brown and his son Jordan. Please contact with any info of any kind, thank you.
Maria M'Hiri, Norwich England

We would like to know if Bob (Robert Dapogny) and family are safe. Bob's family lives in areas hit by tsunami.
Mercy Gladstone, Russia

We look for info on Elaine Slamet & Gianni Serritella believed to be living in Indonesia. If you are safe please get in touch.
Mr & Mrs Ellis, Norwich England

We are looking for Dini Maharani and her 2 1/2 year old son, Benjamin (Fournier). Dini and Benjamin were our neighbours at our vacation home in Aruba and we believe they moved back to Indonesia with Dini's family in October 2004 after a brief stay in Holland.
Kim Grenon, New Hampshire, USA

A member of our team, Ary Putera, left the US on Christmas Day for Jakarta, Indonesia with his immediate family to visit extended family. We have no additional information on his whereabouts, and are trying to contact him so that we know he and his family are alright.
Judi Paval, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Looking for Mr. Francis Harry Doraisami Simon living in Indonesia. Please contact me or let me know he is safe.
Rochelle, Chennai, India

Our family have not heard of four of our family members living in indonesia
Ralph Courage, ohaji Nigeria

We would like to know if anyone has any news of Mehandra De Silva of Aghangalla, Sri Lanka. We met him when getting married there in the Triton Hotel - can any one tell us the condition of the hotel please?
Val McCarthy, Belfast, Northern Ireland

We are looking for news on a friend of ours that lives in Taskikmalaya, Indonesia, his name is Yadi Rohyana.
Andrew & Shonah Shearer, PORTMAHOMACK, By Tain, Scotland ,UK.

I am looking for LYLE JOHNSON. He is South African and was teaching and surfing in Indonesia. He is blonde, blue eyes, 5'8'' & muscular. Please let me know if you have any news on him. Thanks
Natalie Hostombe, London, UK

We are looking for news about our Australian friend Ingrid. She may have been in Aceh during the time of the quake/tsunamis. She's in her late 30s - early 40s and blonde. We have not had word from her since early December.
Hodges , California, USA

Declan Cooper, would like to know you are safe and well,Love Mum
mum, UK

I am looking for Beth Carpel.
sara berumen, spring creek Nv

My best friend Ovie Ester Pangemanan went back to her home country Indonesia for Christmas. She normally resides in Madrid, Spain. Please let me know if you have information regarding her.
Victoria Lo, New York, USA

Could anyone tell me if the province of Medan was affected by the earthquake and tsunamis?
Toni Martinez, California, U.S.A.

I' m looking for my friend Vienna Chang, she live in Peunayang, Banda Aceh. She and her Husband have two daughter. i will very greatfull if anybody can send any news about my friend.

i heard my brother, his wife and children were vanished. they were living in sumatra, originally from jakarta. the children's bodies were found, however him and his wife are still missing. if you have any information please contact me. Thanks azweni antico
gatot kurniawati saimun, new york- usa

Looking for my friend Peter Nelson, may have been diving. Peter is 5'10", has red hair and is 59 from Oregon, USA.
Pam Elgar, New York, USA

Looking for Wallace (Walt) Hemmer, a 50ish American living in Bali or Jakarta, possibly a restaurant owner in Jakarta. Call Ellie or Glenn or contact your cousin Anne (AnneElk@aol.com)
Anne Magill, San Diego, USA

Nancy Khong (malaysia) and Sukwasa Pintarat (Thailand)I hope you are ok, please email me if you can - just so I know you're safe.
Suie Nettle, Alford, Lincolnshire, UK

I want to find a girl name Delima binti Maksam at Indonesia.please help me find that person because she so important to me
max, Sarawak

I am looking for news of my cousin, David Turner from Nottingham, aged approx 40 yrs. Travels in the far east evry year at this time. Not heard from him. If anyone knows of him please contact me.
Wendy Young, Sheffield, England

Erna-Dia-Maya-Gustun from Lombok was a penfriend of mine up to a few years ago. If anyone knows she is ok please let me know. If poss get a contact where we can write to.
Jenni, uk

Tall muscular long dark hair in a pony tail dan was visiting his youg son alexander aged 18 months his partner has her own business maybe a salon he currently studies at southampton city college
daniel tucker, southampton

Fred Fraser worked for many years at the International School Bangkok.His last known address was;P.O. Box11-1513 Nana Post Office,10112 Bangkok,Thialand
Fred Fraser or Frazer, Bangkok, Thialand

I am extremely concerned about old friends from the island of Pulau Weh, just north of Banda Aceh. In particular, if anyone has heard from Suryani (Isur) and any other locals from Ibiohs beach, please let me know.
Sean Scatchard, Oxford, England

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